your gorgeousness kills me

okay so i wanted to write this quick for jinyoung. on this blog, i realize that i use jinyoung to portray a sassy persona sometimes. ik it’s just a joke and ik he gets enough shit and he’s already underrated (for absolutely no reason he’s perfect) so this is for him. park jinyoung i honestly hope you realize how amazing you are. you have absolutely amazing vocals that could melt a gal’s heart. i’m so fookin proud of you and jaebum for your BEAUTIFUL jj project comeback. but anyways your visuals oh my god kill me now. utter gorgeousness. like stop. that eye smile, your fashion sense, your personality i love you omg. pls now how handsome you are. and for your personality, i love your occasional sassiness and your intelligence. to wrap it all together, your smile and laughter fits perfectly. okay i’m done now bUT JUST KNOW YOURE LOVED AND I LOVE YOU PARK JINYOUNG