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a list of my favorite moments from the percy jackson musical

i went to see the percy jackson musical on the 31st and !!! it was so cool ohmygods !!!

+ so in the first song the entire cast (all like, nine of them) were on stage and being all ‘so u think ur a half blood’ and then fuckin percy comes rolling out and there’s smoke and he goes ‘look, i didn’t want to be a half blood’ and !!! i almost screamed it was so cool

+ sally spraying febreeze after smelly gabe wherever he went

+ percy singing about annabeth and how pretty she is and when he saw her he was like ‘you’re my dream girl!’

+ annabeth calling percy sexist after he asked her who her father was 

+ ‘i’m not sexist, i love girls!’ and grover shaking his head with wide eyes

+ the entire ‘put you in your place’ song it was so good !!! clarisse’s high notes were on point

+ everyone bashing on their parents at the campfire song and percy singing abt his mom it was so sweet

+ when percy acted like he was gonna jump off the metal thing when he sang ‘all you get are bad grades and a bum rap and a bad rep and a good smack’ i actually cried

+ percy, annabeth, and grover being all hyped up to go on the quest during ‘killer quest’

+ ‘my grand plan’ it was so good !! and the lil knife movements she does are v cool and i’ve had this song stuck in my head since i heard it


+ he was so COOL like ,,, leather jacket and sunglasses and his voice is just !!! amazing !!!

+ percy dreaming abt tartarus that was amazing like it actually sent chills down my spine when kronos’s voice came over the loudspeakers

+ grover singing about thalia and crying and it was jsut so emotional !!

+ annabeth disarming luke when he asked her to join him

+ annabeth almost kissing percy

+ the dam jokes ohmy


+ i laughed so hard and grover and annabeth just stared at percy before grover was like “you offended him”

+ percy having to apologize to the squirrel

+ “Tartarus? Like….. THE FISH SAUCE?!?!?!?!?!?!?”  

+ Mr. D ohmyog

+ “we’re not turning him into a dolphin!”

+ he was so grumpy it was amazing

+ percy sending the gods medusa’s head

+ “they’ll think we’re impertinent!” “…we are impertinent” 

+ sally and poseidon seeing each other again and percy being all disgusted

+ the entire musical and cast it was so beautiful. seriously, if you have the money to go see it, you need to. it followed the book p well and the songs are incredible and the acting is just amazing and it was just great

Great Comet x Things I've Heard In Improv
  • <p> <b>Pierre:</b> This Wine tastes oddly like Apple juice.<p/><b>Natasha:</b> What if, I don't go to my own wedding?<p/><b>Marya:</b> You irresponsible child how could you think summoning satan at school is a good idea?<p/><b>Sonya:</b> My best friend is better than your best friend because my best friend has 7 boyfriends.<p/><b>Anatole:</b> Hi, You don't know me but I'm here to ruin everything.<p/><b>Hélène:</b> Boys are hot. Girls are hot. I'm hot. Why doesn't everyone just love me?<p/><b>Dolokhov:</b> Listen, listen. We've been friends for years. You know I'm gonna support all your bad ideas, right?<p/><b>Bolkonsky:</b> *throws glasses across room* I realize now I need those.<p/><b>Mary:</b> My brother may be the worst man I've ever met. But, he's also very much out of your league.<p/><b>Andrey:</b> I'm just gonna... Bye.<p/></p>
Preference “How they react to you going down on them for the first time” (NSFW)

(Woooo more nasty preferences 😏😏 Yay for our faves being more than happy 😏 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

Negan-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d get overly turned on and excited and would let you have your way with him. He had always wanted you to suck him off, so when you would eagerly offer it to him one night, by getting on your knees, he’d smirk and teasingly chuckle and whisper to see you. He’d let you take control for a while before getting to into it and reach in your hair to conduct you, only to make you look at him and swallow everything. “Y/N…Baby girl…You’re getting yourself dirty tonight..Fuck…Y-You’re really good at this aren’t you, you little cocksucker…Shit! Look at me…You’re gonna swallow all of it aren’t you…Good…”

Daryl-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d at first deny that he liked it as he somewhat feels bad but as you’d encourage and turn him in with your words and all, he’d gradually just get into it. He’d feel like he was forcing you into it at first so he’d just try to get you back on your feet so that he can be the one to give you a special treatment, only to give up as you would wrap you lips around his cock and suck him off slowly. “Babe…I’m okay…You don’t have to…No…You want to? Alright…I’ll be honest…I feel like you deserve it more than I-…Y/N…Fuck…Shit…You’re…Perfect…”

Rick-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d just enjoy it and would have no problem to show you that he does as he’d let you do whatever to him. Just seeing you sink down to start sucking him off would turn him on even more and he wouldn’t hesitate to teasingly praise you. He’d make you look him the eyes, tucking your hair away, only to gradually lose control and grip your hair. “Y/N…I love your mouth…It feels really good…Keep going…Yeah…Like that…Just like that…Yeah…Fuck…”

Merle-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d just love seeing you on your knees for him and cheer praise you for it while just letting himself loose to feel you. As you’d slide down his body to sink on your knees, he’d smirk and bite his lips to see you and just flirt with you. He’d touch and feel your lips and cheeks for a moment before losing control as you would wrap your lips around his cock, making him grip your hair to hold himself. “Y/N, baby…You’re gonna suck my cock? Yeah…Good…Oh fuck…Baby your lips are so beautiful…Sh-shit! Yeah you like that…You like sucking on daddy’s cock? Yeah…”

Glenn-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d have a hard time hiding his smile to see you on your knees and just praise you. He’d enjoy every bit of attention that you would give him and softly tuck your hair away to get a good look at you. He’d stroke the side of your face softly and smirk to see you to work before gradually losing control and promise you to return the favor. “Y/N…You’re so beautiful…And you love me so much…That’s so lovely of you…Look at me…Fuck…Fuck…Yeah like that…Keep up like that and you’ll have to let me have my treat…”

The Governor-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d just feel so overwhelmed with pleasure that he’d have a hard time to find the right words to say. To see you on your knees and obeying his orders would have already turned him on so much but seeing you just want to suck him off would make him nearly lose his mind. He’d encourage you even more and grab your hair to hang on and gently thrust forward. “You’re such a good girl, Y/N…Doing everything I ask of you…Mmhh…Like that…Just like that…Don’t stop…Do you hear me? You don’t stop until I come in that pretty mouth of yours…”

Abraham-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d look at you lustfully before smirking and chuckling. He’d tease you with his words and jokingly tell you that it’s okay if you don’t want to, referring to his size, only to suddenly be caught up by your lips. He’d be impressed and would just praise you and grab you softly to pull you closer to him. He’d just enjoy to see you down on your knees and would order you to please yourself. “Oh Y/N…You’re so sexy cutie…But i’ll be honest with you, I don’t mind if you stop…I get it i’m pretty big…You probably can’t- Oh…Fucking shit…You’re takin’ it all…Wow…Fuck…”

Eugene-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d lose complete control and just start to talk dirty about you. You’d see a completely different side to him and be impressed by how he can go from being innocent as to what was happening to suddenly just begging you to not stop. Slowly, you’d feel his fingers grip your hair and him thrusting, showing you that he doesn’t want you to stop. “Y/N? W-what are you doing? Why are you on your knees? Y-you’re…Fuck…You’re taking in all of my dick…Shit…Yeah like that..don’t stop…Like that…more…”

Jesus-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d just be enamored by you and be glad to have you in that moment. He’d touch you gently and let sweet words of encouragement to let you know that he appreciates you and how much he loves you. He’d keep looking you in the eyes and would be surprisingly gentle with you as he wouldn’t want to rush anything. “You have such pretty lips, Y/N…I’m so lucky to have you…and i’m just so grateful…Grateful to-…to have you like this…So pretty…I-I love you…Fuck…”

Dwight-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d just feel like a sense of relief and enjoy every instant of it. He’d feel as if you were accepting him and get even more turned on by the idea of it. He’d enjoy seeing you sink to your knees and touch him all over, that he’d start to ramble on about how dirty you are as he reaches to grip and tug your hair. He’d make sure you’d keep looking up at him and that you’re pleasing yourself as well. “Yeah…That’s right, Y/N…on your knees…Opening your mouth for me, already? You dirty little girl…Fuck…Just like that…Yeah…Shit…Let me see you touch yourself…Do it…”

Morgan-The first time you’d go down on him, he would’ve denied it a few times before letting you. He’d just feel like it was a dirty act to ask of you to do, so he had been avoiding it for quite a while until one night, you would surprise him by having your way. He’d end up not having time to stop you and just get lost in the pleasure you were giving him as you would feel him reaching to tug your hair. “No, Y/N, honey…I-I don’t need you to do this. I swear…I-I’m fine…I’ll take care of you…Please let m-…Y/N! Wait-…Fuck!…”

Shane-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d feel somewhat proud of you and just be completely into it. He’d talk even dirtier to see you on your knees and as he’d grip your hair, he’d end up tugging you to control the rhythm and all. He wouldn’t be ashamed of his groans and would get even louder as he’d feel your tongue swirling around. Eventually, he’d feel like he had no choice but to thrust into you and would keep at it. “You’re so good at this…It’s amazing…Fucking shit…Just like that…Do it again…Yeah…I-I can’t…Fuck take this…Like this…Yeah…”

Milton-The first time you’d go down on him, he would’ve pretended to not wanting you to but in reality would actually just feel excited to see you get on your knees. He’d deny you a few times, take your hands away from his belt and everything but end up giving it up and letting you win and just enjoy the feeling your lips and tongue all over, making him praise you. “Y/N…
No…I don’t want you to…No not that way, please…i’m serious…I-I can handle it myself…I-I’m- Fuck…Y/N…Baby…Please…D-don’t stop…”

Aaron-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d be pleasantly surprised and would just feel special about himself. He’d at first be stunned to see you get lower as you would kiss each other and ask you teasingly as to what you were doing but as you’d kiss his hips, he’d understand. He’d end up cupping your face softly and tell you to take your time as he wouldn’t want the moment to end too soon. “Y/N? What are you- Oh!…You’re doing that…I-I don’t mind…I-I do like it…Slowly…just like that…Take your ti-…time…take your time that’s what i meant…”

Gabriel-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d be shy about it and would put up a little fight for you to not do so, only to end up enjoying it a little too much. As you’d make out, you’d soon sink to your knees, making him realizing what was happening and try to pull you back up. However, as you’d have your way with him, his train of thought would slowly be cut off, making him groan at you to keep going while gripping your hair tightly. “Y/N, sweetheart…No don’t…I already told you…I-I don’t need you that w-…Y-Y/N! Please…Don’t stop…Yes…like that…Y-You’ll swallow everything, for me…right?”

The Wolf-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d find it amusing of you and just start to tease you for being so dirty. As you’d both make out, you’d feel his hands keeping to push you down, making you understand as to what he wants. As you’d lower yourself, he’d guide his cock to your mouth making you suck him off. He’d laugh and ramble on about how you’re his and such as his hands would creep up in your hair. “Oh…Y/N…You’re at this point now? Finally, sucking my cock for your pleasure…You’re such a dirty slut…my dirty slut…Yeah like that…wait…let me help you…Mhmm…more like this…”

Noah-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d feel amazing and wouldn’t want you to stop despite at first being reluctant about it. He’d be nervous about and would try to talk you out if it. as much as he could, saying he wants you to feel good not just only himself. However, as you’d be adamant about wanting to and you’d kneel in front of him with a pleading look to just start to suck him off, he’d forget about everything and let you. “No…Y/N…I-I don’t think it’s a good idea…I’m not sure…It’s just…I don’t see the pleasure for you…I-…Woah…Y/N…Fuck…”

Simon-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d have everything already planned and would just get an even bigger hard on than he already does. He’d just sit in anticipation and as you’d start to suck him off, he’d smirk and close his eyes in sheer pleasure of it and just your name would come to him. He’d then just love to give you orders on how to do it and look at you as you’d take each inch of him deeper, making him start to praise you and thrust into you. “Y/N…Y/N…Baby girl! Fuck! Yeah…like that! You’re so good…It’s amazing…Taking my whole length…Alright…Now give me a long lick…Keep stroking me like that…You’re such a good girl…”

Ezekiel-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d show you his usual kind side at first but as you’d gradually go on, his lustful and rough side would come out. He’d find it so lovely of you to want him that way, that he’d let you get down on your knees and start to suck him off. He’d stroke your hair softly while speaking to you in a sweeter tone, to make sure you were fine. However, the more you would go on the more he’d lose control and you’d feel him thrusting forward. “Beautiful Y/N…If this is really what you desire…go on…Such a sweet queen…pleasuring her king this way…Simply amazing…F-fuck…Yeah like that…Come on…”

Benjamin-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d be stunned and try to stop you, only to end up being amazed by you and want you to keep going. He’d feel awkward about having you do that to him, so he’d do his best to keep you from getting away from his embrace. However, you’d snake your way down to him and as he’d have no time to pull you back, he’d end up getting caught up with his words and in the moment, enjoying all of it. “Y/N?! W-what are you trying to do? Are you serious? You want to…No…Come here…Y/N…Oh fuck…Y-you’re really doing this…Oh…D-don’t stop..

Caesar-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d smirk happily and just want you to take your time. He’d tuck and stroke your hair as a way to encourage you and just compliment on you and on how you would suck him off. Gradually, his words would get dirtier and his soft touches to your hair would end up being a tight grip as his hips would occasionally rise up. He’d teasingly beg you to stop, knowing that it’ll probably make you go even faster. “Oh…Y/N…Please…S-stop…I-I don’t think I can handle this…Y-You’re just so good at this…Fuck…Please…I’m begging you to stop…”

Heath-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d be nervous about it and just try his best to keep a straight face so that you could change your mind and let him do it to you. He’d feel guilty to see you in that position and keep looking away to deny you, only for it not to turn you off but actually work harder. He’d end up giving up and lose control and just start to ramble on about how he actually likes it. “I’m sorry, Y/N but…I feel like I should be the one to do you…Not this…I-I’m just…F-fuck…I-I…I don’t hate this…Go on…”

Spencer-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d get even more turned in than he already is and just get slightly arrogant about his size. He’d guide himself into your mouth and jokingly pull away a few times saying that his size was too much for you, only for you to suddenly take control and have it your way. His attitude would change and he’d show his more vulnerable side that comes out when he loses control. “So you’re finally going to suck me…Good…But I warn you might not be able to fit it all in-…Woah! Y/N! F-Fuck! Shit…I-I’m sorry…Sorry please don’t go so fast…”

Richard-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d be more than glad to feel your mouth and tongue over him and just enjoy to look at you on your knees. From his eyes, you could tell that he wanted it so you made sure to give it to him properly. As you’d start to take him in, he’d let out sweet words about you and gradually they would turn into groans, encouraging you to keep going for him and ask you to swallow for him. “Y/N…You’re so beautiful…Your eyes…You lips…How do I even deserve you…Look at you…Y-You’re mine…All mine…That’s right…Like that…Please take of it…Swallow…”

Nicholas-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d be surprised for a few seconds before his arrogant behavior would come out and just let you know that you were his. He’d look at you wide eyed to see you sink down to your knees and ask you as to what you were doing but the instant you suck him off, he’d change completely. He’d let out some groans and just pull you to him by your hair and talk about how dirty you are. “Y/N? What are you-…Oh, fuck! Sucking me off is it? Yeah that’s right…You should’ve been doing that since the beginning like the dirty girl you are… ”

Gareth-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d suddenly get quiet and try to control his groans. He’d want to have the best of you so he’d keep in his reaction for most of the time to make you work harder before giving in and surprise you by pulling you by your hair tighter. He’d pull you closer and just whisper praises to you for it and end up telling you to swallow every thing. “Y/N…You finally understood…Good…See you’re actually really good at this…That’s what I wanted and that’s what you’re giving me…I hope won’t forget to swallow…”

Michonne-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d just be so seduced by you that she’d smirk and let you have what you want. She’d just whisper sweetly to you about how lovely you are like this and try her best to keep her eyes on you. As you’d get rougher and more eager, she’d end up losing control and just grip you to keep going. “Y/N…I love you so much…You’re so kind…and sweet look at you-…I’m so lucky…Lucky to have you…Oh my god…Y/N…”

Maggie-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d tease you about your abilities and jokingly make you doubt yourself, only because she wants you to prove her wrong. As you would do so, she’d still try to tease you and take everything casually. However, as you’d work on her, gradually you’d feel her rising up slightly and start to grip your hair as she loses control. “Oh come on Y/N…You? I don’t think it’ll be useful of you to do that…Let’s do something else…You don’t want to? Y/N, seriously? I don’t think that’s enough…Seriously-…Oh fuck…”

Andrea-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d be even more turned on to see you want her that way, that she’d let her more vulnerable side come out. Although, she would still be lustful about it, you’d notice her words slowly change to more loving and encouraging ones. As you’d hold on to her, she hold you back and grip onto your hair. “Y/N…Yes…Like that…don’t stop…You’re so good at this…Amazing…I-I love you…”

Jessie-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d deny that she wanted you to do so and try to get you away, only to give up as you would give her your all. Her words telling you to stop would turn into moans, that she’d try to stifle but struggle to do so. She’d end up gripping onto the sheets and beg you to not stop. “No Y/N…I’m fine…I swear I don’t need you to do this…I don’t-…Y/N…Fuck…”

Beth-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d be nervous and shy about it and just push you away for a few moment. She’d feel embarrassed about herself and try to make you change your mind by paying attention to you affectionately, only to end up losing to you as you would have it your way. She’d enjoy it so much she’d then tell you to keep going and not let go. “Y/N, I’m fine…You don’t have to do this…Please…Let me taken care of you…Y/N…Oh goodness…Oh my god…D-don’t stop…Please keep going…”

Sasha-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d just feel so at ease, she wouldn’t have a problem to let herself loose. She’d enjoy to be in your care and seeing how eagerly you want to do so for her, she’d softly stroke your hair and let you have your way with her. She’d just encourage you to keep going and as she’d feel near she’d grip your hair. “Y/N…It feels really good…You’re amazing…Yes like that…Just like that…Keep going…”

Rosita-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d give you a slightly hard time for a moment by pretending to not care, only to give up and show you exactly what she feels. She’d make you work harder for her with her words but as soon as she’d feel you getting more into it, she’d thrust herself to you. Her words would then turn you on even more and as you’d hold her she’d let herself go even more. “Really? You think that’s enough…Wake me up when you’re done…Y-Y/N! F-fuck…I-I like it like that…Yeah…Yeah…Keep going just like that…”

Tara-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d just feel so loved and cared for that she’d smile looking at you. She’d stroke your hair sweetly and whisper to you kind words to make you know that she loves you no matter what and do her best to contain her excitement. As you’d go even harder at her, her words would turn into moans and groans. “Thank you Y/N…You’re so kind…sweet…and perfect…I-I couldn’t hope for more…I-I like it like this…I-I love you…”

Carol-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d act like she wouldn’t want it, only to feel herself giving up and letting you have your way. She’d try to pull you back up to keep kissing her but as you would be so adamant about it she’d sigh and just let you. She’d pretend to not care for it, only to suddenly be unable to contain her true feelings. “No…Get back here…Y/N…Fine whatever…Have it your way…Y-Y/N…W-wait…F-fuck…”

Arat-The first time you’d go down on her, she wouldn’t be shy about liking it and seeing you sink lower to her. She’d smirk and bite her lips, unable to keep her eyes off of you and just praise you. She’d pull your hair towards her to keep you in place and give you instructions on how to make it better, only for you to do it your way and make her breathless. “Yeah…Y/N…Just like that…You know I want this…Perfect…Her let me show you…Like this…Good…”

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Can you do TFP PTA autobots please?

Optimus Prime has totally got this. He’s polite and good at steering the conversation to only focus on important issues. The teachers love when he comes to the meetings because he pays no mind to any petty BS; he’s here to get business done in a timely and professional manner, and he’s such a natural leader that most people automatically listen to him. Bring him to PTA meetings.

Ratchet is gonna fight someone. Get your freaking kids vaccinated, Helen! His main concerns have to do with crappy school nurses (does anyone else have problems with just… really bad nurses??) bullying, and cafeteria food. Also, shouldn’t the kids be able to go outside more often? Cooping them up for seven hours a day isn’t good for their health. He’s the reason PTA meetings go for so late.

Bulkhead wants to know why Miko gets so much detention. These teachers obviously have it out for her! His little girl would never do the thing! “Psst Miko, did you do the thing?” Anyway, how is she doing in her classes? 

Bumblebee brags about Raf the whole time. ::Yes, he skipped grades and won the science fair two years in a row- did you know he can hack into the decepticon database? He’s a very smart boy!:: It doesn’t matter no one can understand him, he’s just so proud of his child.

Arcee sits uncomfortably the whole time. She lets June handle the meeting and tries very hard not to kill someone. The whole way home she’s having a salt-fest with Nurse Darby.

Wheeljack is getting hit on by all of the single ladies. He hangs awkwardly by the snack table, stuffing his face because Bulkhead said to let him handle this. Then someone makes a comment about Miko being a delinquent and he McFreaking Loses It. “YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH MY GIRL?”

Ultra Magnus is concerned. These textbooks are horribly outdated and some even include misinformation. He has a whole long list of flaws in the public school system and he and Ratchet have put together a POWER POINT PRESENTATION. All the students in attendance get up and clap at the end of it.

Smokescreen jumps onto the table and sings “Another Brick In The Wall.”

Who Are You?

Summary : The first letter you receive from Happiness Delight simply demands you to respond, and knowing full well you shouldn’t, you write one back. 

Word count : 5.6k

Genre: Fluff / Angst 

You stumbled up the stairs with your hands braced against Molls shoulder for dear life. The puddles your heels had had the unfortunate fate of meeting were lit by the orange glow of the street lamps, but still, you stepped into another. Molls nearly slipped on the cobblestone, but your hands were quickly at her waist.

“Shit, how are we gonna get inside!” she said. “Fucking wet stone. Who thought of this?”

Your hand aimed to place a finger at your lips, but the digit ended up somewhere along your cheek. “The neighbours!”

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Faking It

Paring: Bucky Barnes x reader

Characters: All the Avengers

After getting news about a family reunion coming up, the reader decides to set up a plan to make her look like she isn’t as single as she actually is. But when all her candidates can’t go, she’s left with the only person who she least expects to go along with the plan.

Word count: 1.3k

A/N: Okay, I’m terrible at summaries. Just read the imagine and tell me what you think. If you want to be tagged on all of my works tell me, please. And if you want a second part to this tell me, it’s still under consideration

All other parts are on the masterlist

Originally posted by stuckwithbuck

It was the annual family reunion. Well, not so annual. The last family reunion was two years ago and the last family reunion you attended was six years go. You were a teenager at the time and itching to leave home. Not to mention you were the definition of teenage angst.

Now, you were someone completely different. You were Y/N Y/L/N, an Avenger. You were badass and can take down a man in less than 5 seconds. You didn’t have any powers, but you were a skillful fighter. It was a dream when Nick Fury offered you to join the elite team. So much adrenaline and you absolutely loved the members of your team.

Your family didn’t know this, of course, they think you’re a secretary for Tony Stark. Which isn’t an entire lie. You and Tony came to an agreement and he allowed you to pass that small lie. He was a good friend and you always did favors for him, you didn’t mind of course.

However, now that you’re going back home after not seeing your family for so many years, your mother is gonna expect some things. Knowing your mother, she will either hope for a man on your hand, a ring on your finger, or maybe even a baby bump. You surely didn’t have any of those. You also didn’t want to seem like a complete loser. Your older brother was already married with a baby on the way. Your older sister was engaged. Which means that they will be nagging you about how you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

You certainly didn’t want to walk into that reunion empty handed.

An idea popped into your head, not a very good one, but an idea nonetheless. You were going to ask Steve if he can accompany you. The look on their faces when I walk in there with Captain America will be priceless! You thought to yourself.

“FRIDAY? Where’s Steve?” You asked the system.

“Captain Rogers is in the gym, Miss Y/L/N,” She replied.

“Thank you,” You added and walked down to the gym. Just like you were said, Steve was hitting the punching bag. The muscles on his back were visible through his tight shirt. His blond hair was disheveled and drenched in sweat.

“Steve,” You called.

He turned and smiled at you, “Hi Y/N.”

You waltzed towards him, “Stevie Wonder, Stevie boy, Steve baby.” You poked his firm chest at each ridiculous nickname you gave him.

He had an amusing look on his face, “What is it?”

“So listen,” You patted his chest one more time before drawing your attention towards his face. “I have this family reunion coming up next week and my mother is expecting me to walk in with a significant other, so I was hoping you could go with me.” You smiled widely.

Steve raised his eyebrows, he looked surprised and flattered at the same time. A small blush rose on his cheeks, “Y/N, I’d love to, really I would, but I’m busy next week. Upcoming mission with Sam.”

You groaned, “Sam was my second choice.”

He laughed, “Sorry Y/N. If you asked me sooner, maybe I could’ve gone.”

“My mother called me this morning, it was all news to me too,” You paused. “Alright gotta find another date.”

“Ask Tony,” He asked, though it came out like a sarcastic comment.

“Tony is old enough to be my dad,” You said.

“And I’m old enough to be your grandpa,” He joked.

“Right you are there, gramps. But no, my family thinks I’m Tony’s secretary so it would be a bit questionable to be dating your boss,” You explained as you left the gym. The doors slid shut behind you.

“Okay,” You said aloud. “Steve is out, so is Sam, Tony definitely.” You gasped. “Thor!”

You went in search for Thor and found him in the lounge area. Mjolnir sat on the coffee table in front of him. Thor was balancing a book in one hand and using his free hand to hold a Poptart. His blond locks were pulled into a bun. His eyes narrowed down at his book. He looked so concentrated that you almost didn’t want to interrupt him.

“Hey Thor,” You greeted.

“Lady Y/N!” he looked up and bellowed.

“Just Y/N, remember? Whatcha reading?” You asked and plopped down on the couch next to him.

“A very interesting book, lots of death,” He smiled and showed you the cover of a book you didn’t recognize. “Hey Thor, I have this family thing coming up and I was wondering if you could go with me. It’s next week.” You said hopeful.

“I have Asgardian business to take care of,” He replied. “But why would you need me to go? Does your family want to see a real life Asgardian god?”

“Kind of. They’re just having high hopes of me being in a relationship. Considering the fact that all my other siblings and cousins are married, dating someone or engaged. I am the only single cousin that I know of.”

“Just tell your parents the truth. Say ‘Mother, Father, I have no one.’” Thor smiled and shrugged. “Simple as that.”

“You don’t get it, Thor, I can’t say that.” You whined and buried your head in a pillow.

“I’ll never understand your Midgardian ways,” He frowned.

Your shoulders slumped once again, you stood up and left.

The rest of the day you asked everyone who was a worthy candidate. Natasha said that she was busy of course. She was going on that mission with Steve. Wanda didn’t feel comfortable to be around so many unknown people. Pietro would not go anywhere without his sister because he didn’t want to leave her alone. You didn’t want to ask Vision because you knew he’d say no and you’re convinced he has a thing for Wanda.

You slid down in the chair and mumbled miserably to yourself. You had checked off everyone on the list. No one could go. You banged your head against the island as you tried to come up with another plan.

“Hey Y/N,” Bucky entered the kitchen.

It’s as if the gods spoke to you and brought Bucky to you. How could you forget him! He’s your last hope.

“Bucky, Bucky, Bucky,” You clung onto him.

He gave you an alarmed look, “Y/N.”

“Bucky, I have a family reunion coming up and my mom and pretty much everyone is expecting me to go with someone. A spouse, of course, and I don’t have one. I already asked Steve and he’s going on a mission with Sam and Natasha. Thor can’t go because he has Asgardian business. Tony is my boss. Clint has a wife. Wanda can’t go because she doesn’t feel comfortable and Pietro doesn’t want to leave her alone. I can’t take Vision because everyone will flip their shit when I show up with Robot Jesus. I’m freaking out because you’re my only hope and I completely forgot about you and if you can’t go I’m gonna be doomed. I’ll be the butt of everyone’s joke and I don’t like being the butt, Bucky.”

“Y/N,” Bucky grabbed your shoulders and shook you a little. “You’re talking so fast and so much.”

You breathed, “Sorry, I’m just freaking out!”

“Calm down,” He said. “When is it?”

“Next week,” You replied.


“Back home in California.”

He nodded, “I’ll do it.”

You perked up, “Really?”

He nodded once again and smiled, “Can’t be too bad? It’ll be fun, besides. I’ve been stuck in here for too long doing nothing good. Also, I’ve always wanted to go to the west coast.”

You squealed and threw your arms around him, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” You repeated. “You saved my ass.”

“I think I’m gonna be doing plenty of that these next few days.”

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six feet under — part two.

 summary: you meet him at church, he might just be satan | au

pairing: biker!bucky x reader

word count: 2749

warnings: smoking, mentions of religion, swearing

a/n: tags are at the bottom. also if you wanna be tagged just ask and i’ll add you to the list :)

previous parts: part one

Sky the colour of exhaled cigarette smoke greets you as you walk down the street, you look up eyes fixated on the grey clouds that remind you of plumes of smoke. It seems as if everywhere you go a reminder of the leather-clad man follows you. You can’t help but gaze up at the skies praying to the God your mother made you both fear and love that Bucky would return and when he did he would finally press his chapped lips to your own soft pink ones. He’s temptation walking and you’d do anything to give into it, give into him.

Your thoughts full of leather jackets and motorcycles turn into a reality when the deep bellow of pure American muscle rings through the air; it’s so loud you’re sure the entire population of the small town you reside in must be able to hear it. You turn your head painfully quick to the road beside you hoping to see the devilishly handsome man of your dreams but instead, you see the religion to which he belongs to.

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Old Tattoos

Warnings: birth (!!!) (not in detail obvi), your teeth will rot from the amount of fluff in this part.

Summary: Your girls are here and they couldn’t be more perfect.

Word count: 4.6k

A/N: if you read this and you like the fic, send me an anonymous confession of anything

Beta: @hazeleyedcat

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4


37 weeks pregnant…

“Hey, you ok?” Matt asked, walking into the kitchen. He stood behind you and put his hand on your lower back in worry. 

“Oh, I’m fine. Just 9 months pregnant, you know?” You chuckled sarcastically.

“You know what I mean.” He groaned, rolling his eyes.

“I’m fine, Matt. Go have fun with your best friend. I made him have a barbecue thing for a reason. I know, first hand, how little you’ve seen him.” 

“I don’t care if I see him once a year, as long as he’s taking care of you. My friend. His very pregnant wife.” 

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Going for a Ride- Jun Imagine (M)

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Request: Since you’re new at it I just have a really general request just like Jun + Car Sex? Maybe… you don’t have to write it obviously 😂

Member/ Group: Jun from SVT

Genre: Smut

Author: Admin Cloud

A/N: Guys, I’m super sorry I haven’t been active. I just started High School as a freshman and I am in marching band, so ya’ll can probably infer how busy I am. Hopefully this year you guys will be able to see my writing improve, as I am taking an AP English class to see if I can improve. Anyway, enjoy this little piece of filth, and I love you guys! Also, sorry it is so short, lol.

 The trees outside were nothing but green blurs outlined in the soft glow of street-lamps, passing by quickly as Jun pressed his foot into the gas pedal. He bit his lip, and every time you looked over a new flood of warmth rushed over your lower half at the mere thought of his soft lips.

 “Y/N, stop staring. Tonight, I’m in charge of you.” The anger in his voice was evidence that your little plan to get him jealous had worked. Your tight black dress had caught more than just his attention, and now you knew you would have to pay the price.

 “Baby, I didn’t make them look at me. I wore this just for you.” Every word came out like a purr, causing Jun’s jaw to tighten and his grip on the steering wheel to tighten further.

 Your warm hand crawled over the console, finding purchase in the form of laying across Jun’s firm length that was still confined by his pants.

 “Fuck it. I’m pulling over.” The car came to a complete stop, and his grip went from the wheel to your thin wrist. “You are being a very bad girl, aren’t you?”

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“ Losing him/her was blue like I’d never known. “
” Missing him/her was dark grey all alone. “
” Loving him/her was red. “
” Forgetting him/her was like trying to know somebody you never met. “
” Remembering him/her comes in flashbacks and echoes. “
” But moving on from him/her is impossible. “
” When I still see it all in my head, in burning red. “
” Loving him/her is like trying to change your mind. “
” Fighting with him/her was like trying to solve a crossword. “
” Oh, losing him/her was blue like I’d never known. “


“ Nice to meet you, where you been? ”
“ I could show you incredible things. ”
“ You look like my next mistake. ”
“ Love’s a game, wanna play? ”
“ I can read you like a magazine. ”
“ I can make the bad guys/girls good for a weekend. ”
“ So it’s gonna be forever or it’s gonna go down in flames. ”
“ Cause we’re young and we’re reckless. ”
“ You’re the King, baby, I’m your Queen. ”
“ I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream. ”


“ Cause, baby, now we got bad blood. “
” You know it used to be mad love. “
” Now we got problems and I don’t think we can solve them. “
” Did you have to do this? “
” I was thinking that you could be trusted. “
” Oh, it’s so sad to think about the good times, you and I. “
” Did you have to ruin what was shiny? “
” Did you have to hit me, where I’m weak? “
” Still got scars on my back from your knife. “
” All these things will catch up to you. “


“ I go on too many dates. ”
“ At least that’s what people say. ”
“ Can’t stop, won’t stop moving. ”
“ Cause the players gonna play. ”
“ Baby, I’m just gonna shake. ”
“ Won’t you come on over, baby? ”
“ I’m dancing on my own. ”
“ I never miss a beat. ”
“ That’s what they don’t know. ”
“ You could’ve been getting down to this sick beat. ”
  • ‘ people can live 100 years without really living for a minute. ’
  • ‘ as long as everything is the way i want it, i can be totally flexible. ’
  • ‘ this thing we’re doing here, you me. i’m in. i’m all in. ’ 
  • ‘ everything’s magical when it snows, everything looks pretty. ’
  • ‘ when a woman gives birth to a crack baby, you do not buy her a puppy. ’
  • ‘ people are particularly stupid today, i can’t talk to any more of them. ’
  • ‘ if you’re gonna throw your life away, he better have a motorcycle. ’
  • ‘ am i crying or laughing? ’
  • ‘ i have no patience for jam hands. ’
  • ‘ i love you, you idiot. ’
  • ‘ i’m afraid that once your heart’s involved, it all comes out in gibberish. ’
  • ‘ it’s all any of us wants, to find a nice person to hang out with til we drop dead. Not a lot to ask. ’
  • ‘ that’s going on your tombstone. ’
  • ‘ i only want to see you happy. ’
  • ‘ i just take a book with me everywhere, it’s a habit. ’
  • ‘ i’m sorry. have i ever been mistaken for a patient person? ’
  • ‘ i’m fine. i’m great. it’s a big fat happy sunshine day for me. ’
  • ‘ who cares if i’m pretty if i fail my finals. ’
  • ‘ jesus, mary, joseph and the camel. this is really bad coffee. ’
  • ‘ mom, you’ve given me everything i need. ’
  • ‘ i’m fine. i’m just being dramatic, it’s what i do. ’
  • ‘ am i more beautiful today than i was yesterday? ’ 
  • ‘ i wanna be good, life’s just not letting me. ’
  • ‘ what she tackles, she conquers. ’ 
  • ‘ nothing says coffee more like 6 in the morning. ’ 
  • ‘ that’s going on your tombstone. ’      
  • ‘ a little nervous breakdown can really work wonders for a girl. ’
  • ‘ i’m gonna have to quit drinking coffee and i love coffee. ’
  • ‘ you’re full of hate and loathing and i love it. ’
You’re Late

Summary: Reader’s late and Dean’s not happy about it…

Square Filled:  Free Space

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,000ish

Rating: explicit (smut (daddy kink), language)

A/N: Written/created for @spnkinkbingo

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Daddy's girl


Pure smut, children.

Enjoy 😏


Your pov

You were laying down in bed tired from a busy day. Work had you super stressed so you were happy to be resting. Your phone started to buzz and you groaned

FaceTime ‘Baby ❤️’

You quickly accepted it. “Hey, baby girl” he smiled. You’ve missed him so much. Jaebum has been doing shows. Although you both have busy schedules you always manage to work your relationship out perfectly. “Hello” you leaned against the headboard. “How are you?” You closed your eyes. “Ah, tired and stressed. You know I don’t like seeing you like that, baby”

You sighed. “I’m sorry, Jaebum. I have a huge project I need to get done. All of my workers have been acting up lately” he put his headphones on. “I miss you a lot. You’re so gorgeous. I really need you with me” he said while making a weird face. You giggled. “Music to my ears”

“Where are you at?” You asked him. “In New York. Our tour has been going great so far” “You enjoying it there?” You moved into a comfortable position. “Yeah, it’s nice and the food is-” he stopped talking and you raised your eyebrow. “Something wrong?” He licked his lips. “Besides you being in nothing but my favorite panties and a shirt where your boobs are out. I’ve got a problem now” you looked down and quickly fixed your shirt.

“Mmm, don’t be shy now, baby girl” he bit his lip. Your face was still red from embarrassment. “Look at me” he softly demanded. You looked up. “You’re gonna do everything daddy tells you too, okay?” You nodded. He raised an eyebrow. “That’s one punishment when I get home, baby. You use your fucking words. You’re not going to be bad girl for daddy are you?” He cocked his head to the side.

“'N-no, daddy. I’m a good girl” he smirked. “Take your shirt off” he leaned back and watched you. You slipped it off and tossed it to the side. “Set your phone down in a place I’m able to see your body” you grabbed pillows and put your phone on it. “Good, put your arms to your side and listen to everything daddy is going to tell you” you did as he said and looked at him.

He already had his shirt off. “We’re going to play a little game, baby girl. You’re going to stay in that position and not move an inch. Simple, right?” You nodded. “Oh baby girl, I’m going to have so much fun when I’m home again. You know our rules and you broken them twice. Hmm, maybe daddy will finally get to play with your ass. You never let me. But punishments have no boundaries”

You internally groaned. He was right. You didn’t want him anywhere near that area. You watched him while biting your lip. “Spread your legs for me” you followed his order and waited. “I would be kissing your hips and make my way down to your thighs. My fingers would tease your wet pussy over your panties. I know you’d be dripping because you’re such a slut. I can tell you the simplest things and you’re soaked. Daddy loves the effect he has on you” your fingers gripped the blanket beneath you.

“I’d suck your little wet pussy over your panties to tease you. I know for a fact I would have to tie you down for you to stop moving. You react so well. I’d be impatient with the teasing and rip off your panties. My tongue would be deep inside of your tight hole. My fingers would flick over your sensitive clit. I know how crazy you get when I touch it, baby” you teeth tugged at your bottom lip. You were afraid it would start to bleed from bitting it so hard.

“Mmm, spread your lips for daddy” you quickly followed his order. He bit his lip and rubbed himself through his boxers. “So wet, just as I expected. Does my dirty baby girl want daddy’s cock? Do you want me to fuck you so hard you’re not able to walk for a week? Do you want me to fuck you over and over until you literally pass out? I’d have you beg me to quit fucking you because it would be too much for you”

You moaned and wished he would magically appear right now. “I think that’s exactly what you want” you looked down to see the sheet has a wet spot from your dripping center. “Daddy, can I please touch myself? I need it so bad” he pulled his boxers off and leaned back in his chair. “I don’t think you deserve to. This should be your punishment. Suffer, princess” you groaned just wanting some relief. Your clit was throbbing and begged for attention.

His hand started sliding up and down his length at a slow pace. “Mm, I wish I was fucking your throat. When you’re so submitting. You have no choice but to take everything I give you. Daddy needs you” his hand started moving faster. You whimpered. “Finger yourself, baby. Imagine it’s daddy’s fat cock shoved deep inside of you, fucking you so hard you’re screaming” you immediately shoved two fingers into your aching hole.

You moaned loudly and arched your back. “Faster” Jaebum grunted. You followed his demand and fucked yourself faster. Your head fell back from the much need pleasure. Your other hand was pressed against your clit. “That’s it, baby. Show daddy you can be a good girl” you looked at him through hooded eyes. It was enough to make you orgasm on the spot. His head was thrown back, his hand was made into a tight fist while he fucked his has fast.

“Are you close?” You moaned louder as you hit your g-spot. “Yes, daddy. Oh fuck” you shouted. “I am too, princess. Cum with me” you fingered yourself faster and squeezed your eyes shut. “Now” you body twitched as your orgasm ran through you. “Daddy, oh my god” you moaned. You rested your head against the headboard. You were regaining your breath. “I need to hurry and get home already. I need you so bad” you smiled at him “I need you, too”

“This month will go by so fast, princess” you did miss him a lot. “I miss you so much. I’m excited you’ll finally be back home” you said while grabbing a towel and cleaning yourself. “I miss you, yn. It’s been so long. I appreciate you being understanding and still being here with me” you giggled. “You’re living out your dream and I couldn’t be any happier, Jaebum. I’ll always be here. I love you” “I love you, baby”

A/n request away 👀

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anonymous asked:

Heeello, I love the style of your writing I will buy your book if one day you write one lol. Can I ask for a reaction of BTS as jealous boyfriends? It can be fluff and a little smut or how you like it ♡

Oh my gosh ahhhhhhhh thanks!! Lol, I used to want to be an author more than anything (lil fun fact ) And YES ! ! ! ! I hope you enjoy it!!

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Jin: You two stood in line at a cafe, holding hands and smiling, whispering back and forth with giggles mixed in. Just as he leaned in to kiss you, a familiar voice called out.

“Y/n?” The deep voice laughed incredulously and both you and Jin look up to see your ex standing there with open arms and a big smile. Things ended on good terms between you two, but you still hadn’t seen him in the last two years since you broke up.

“H/n!!” You smile and walk out going to hug him. Jin’s lips purse into a tight line. He keeps a pleasant but bored expression on his face, and puts his hands in his pockets, bunching and unbunching his hands into fists. 

The two of you chat and share laughs as you catch up on your lives and joke about old memories. Jin knows you obviously weren’t gonna get flirty with this guy, but he didn’t know the guy’s intentions. He can’t help but watch how your ex keeps touching your forearm and leaning in, his hands “accidentally” bumping yours. At one point, he even leans in to whisper something in your ear. There’s a line, and Jin snaps when this guy’s lip brushes your ear as he whispers. 

“Hey! Y/n! Our turn to order. Hi, Kim Seokjin, Y/n’s boyfriend for the last year and a half, nice to meet ya!” Jin smiles but his eyes send a warning as he wraps his arm around your shoulders pulling you against his side.

“Jin we aren’t even ordering yet-” You start, glancing back at the embarrassed figure of your ex retreating. 

“Y/n, he was so into you, and I can’t help but get jealous when other boys want my girl! So stay by my side, and we’ll have our own little chat when we get home, k?” He says pleasantly, but his eyes promise something else and you feel a slight blush creep up your cheeks at the thought, and he squeezes your shoulders gently, holding you against him. 

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RM: You were out at an awards show with Namjoon when Jackson from GOT7 comes over to talk to you. You guys happily chat, and you’re excited to see your friend. Namjoon watches from a distance, noting how Jackson’s eyes roam your figure as you wear your breathtaking evening gown. Jackson leans in to hug you, and as he pulls away, he keeps one hand on your lower back, as if temporarily claiming you. Namjoon can be shy, and is mature, but at this he feels his jealousy harden his heart as he swiftly walks over, sliding his arm around your waist pulling you against his side.

“Jackson! So good to see you!” Namjoon’s hand tightens around your waist and Jackson’s eyes harden at the small gesture. 

“So good to see you too! I better get back to the boys. Bye Y/n,” He casts you a smile and kisses your hand before walking off. Namjoon growls and tilts your head up, his lips brushing your ear as he whispers: “Bad move baby girl, bad move. Daddy’s gonna have to show you how to behave tonight, and punish you for letting other boys touch you and look at you like that. Got it?” His fingers tighten where they lay on your waist, and he pulls away, his eyes dark. You nod breathlessly, heart pounding.

“Good girl. Lets go back to the boys,” He leans down to press a light kiss to your neck, and nips at the tender skin making you gasp and blush as he walks you back.

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J-Hope: The two of you are at his dance studio, him dancing and you waiting and watching. He prides himself on how he captivates you with his moves, your eyes wide with awe and never leaving his form. It makes you look so innocent, and shows to both him, and everybody else how much you admire and love him. As he dances, he occasionally casts you a smile, getting a warm bubbly sense of joy to see you staring, but the next time he looks over you aren’t looking at him, you’re talking to one of the backup dancers. He can’t help but feel hurt at the sight. 

“Hey, Jagi, wanna dance?” He’d come up shyly and smile, when you say yes he’d send the backup dancer a smug look as he pulls you off.

“You know I love you more than anything right?” He’d smile at you.

“Of course I know Hobi, you know I love you more than anything?” You’d smile and kiss his cheek, making his smile widen.

“Of course I know.” He smiles and pulls you in, nuzzling your neck.

“I guess I’ll have to show you how much I know when we get home anyway,” He smirks against your neck and trails kisses upwards to your lips, squeezing your hips and making you blush.

“Hobi,” You giggle and push him off before he grins and gets the dancers in order.

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Suga: You two had been out with the boys, and you’d been messing with Taehyung and Jungkook all night since you were closest to them, aside from Yoongi of course. He’d been casting glares at you all night as you three giggled and pushed and shoved. He’d looked most annoyed when Taehyung wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you against him to tickle you. You all finally got back to the dorm, and Jungkook grabbed your hand and pulled you to the couch and into his side. Yoongi rolled his eyes and grabbed you, pulling you up next to him.
“She’s my girlfriend, yeah?” He glares at Jungkook who raises his arms innocently. Yoongi pulls you upstairs roughly, and slams his bedroom door behind him, shoving you against it. He growls in your ear and presses himself against you, his crotch roughly grinding onto your sensitive area. “I didn’t like those games you were playing today Y/n,” You whimper in response and he slides his hand down, rubbing over your clothed core aggressively, sending waves of pleasure through your body, sending your mind into a haze. 

“What did you say? Hm? You’ll have to speak up,” He growls, unzipping your pants and pulling you out of them quickly, his hand sliding under your panties and into your core. You yelp in surprise and he smirks, holding you tight to the door with one arm while fingering you quickly with the other. You whimper and moan, gasping and gripping the edges of the door for support, and squeeze your eyes shut. “That’s it baby, let them hear how good you feel..”

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Jimin: You two had been out to eat, and you’d ran into your ex. He knew you were over him, and it’d been like two years since you’d been together, but he knew that look in his eyes. He was looking you up and down, grabbing at your hands, leaning in close, pulling all the moves. Jimin wanted to give you space because he knew you’d be that courteous to him if he were in that position. But when your ex says the telltale line, “Yeah, we definitely need to go out sometime!” He steps in. He smiles and kisses your cheek, “Darling, the paparazzi are here, we should go. Hi, Park Jimin, Y/n’s longtime boyfriend. And you are?” He smiles, but his eyes are dark and bitter. Your ex smiles and struggles for words before introducing himself.

“Well isn’t that nice, wonderful to meet you. Y/n? Lets go.” He smiles pulling you outside where no paparazzi are waiting. 

“Jiminie were you jealous?” You laugh and he smiles and rolls his eyes pulling you into his chest and kissing your head. 

“How could I not be jealous when my baby is so beautiful and everybody wants her? I gotta step in sometimes jagi. Sorry we didn’t finish dinner, but we can always have dessert at home.” He licks his lips and grins making you laugh and he pulls you off down the sidewalk heading back home. 

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V: You two had been out, and a number of your guy friends had run into you. Guy after guy after guy you saw one after another. Tae was goodnatured at first, happy to meet your friends, but after number 5 he was done. Why do so many guys know you and feel the need to talk to you? How close are you to them? Where do they come from? He started being more possessive as more said hello, keeping a hand on you or around you at all times. He wasn’t worried you’d leave him, or replace him, but he still felt a little insecure for your attention. 

 The real kicker was when a couple store attendants flirted with you, and Tae sneered at them in response. Right after the second store attendant flirts with you, Taehyung pulls you into the dressing room and locks the door.

“I think I need to remind you who you belong to, yeah?” He growls and attaches his lips to your neck, pressing himself against you. You gasp and moan a little, trying to stay quiet, but that only encourages Taehyung who smirks on your skin.

“Need any assistance?” The attendant calls.

“I can take care of it on my own, thanks,” Taehyung snaps, his lips quickly reattaching to your collarbone. 

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Jungkook: You two were out with the boys, and for some reason you and Jimin had been attached at the hip all day, laughing and sharing secrets and telling stories. Jungkook just silently watched and felt sad. He didn’t want his hyung to hate him for asking him to stay away from you, and he didn’t want the same from you. He didn’t want to overreact, so he stayed quiet, but felt his anger and jealousy boiling up all day. When you were out to eat, Jimin grabbed your hand and pulled you over by him to sit, and that’s when Jungkook couldn’t stay silent any longer. He grabs your hand and pulls you back into his chest.

“Let me sit with my girlfriend.” He says shortly, and kisses your head shyly and sits you next to him, holding your hand tightly and sitting you on the opposite side from Jimin. He leans over and brushes your hair back, whispering in your ear, “I didn’t like how you acted today, ignoring me, so we’re gonna spend some quality time together when we get back to the dorm, yeah?” His voice is gravelly and low, and sends shivers down your spine and you nod, seeing the hot, dark look in his eyes.  

Thanks so much!! I really enjoyed typing this, and I hope you enjoy it too! Thanks for submitting babe :)

random bios (masterpost - 37 eng 37 pt)

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  1. eu não sou hetero, nem homo e nem bi, aqui é love yourself 
  2. nem tua mãe fala bem de você 
  3. mete mais o pau e se mete menos na vida das pessoas
  4. você é linda, no escuro
  5. te sigo de volta so pra ver os micão ao vivo na minha timeline
  6. não precisa ter medo de filme de terror pq nem monstro quer te pegar
  7. baixar a cabeça nunca, só se for pra pagar boquete. 
  8. levanta a cabeça princesa, o boquete já acabo
  9. que deus te elimine
  10. vamo se abraça com a lingua
  11. oi licença vc poderia me passar onde fez essa tatuagem de piranha na cara
  12. to pior que a lady gaga na era artpop
  13. acha bonito ser escrota
  14. my heart say yes but my mom sayVAI LAVA A LOUÇA GAROTA
  15. esse twitter hoje ta calmissimo, vamo causa minha gente
  16. aqui vcs vão ver os dramas vividos pela kardashian perdida
  17. tombei, mas gata cai em pé
  18. não piso em quem ja ta no chão
  19. more nao força
  20. vai com calma que tu só tem um cu viado
  21. toma aqui as vírgulas que eu não faço questão de usar ,,,,,,,, 
  22. vc já caga pelo cu não precisa cagar pela boca
  23. só entra heterofobik
  24. pede mijoooo
  25. mando nude com cachê
  26. nao gerem burburinho que estragariam minha imagem, deixa que isso eu msm faço
  27. hoje eu to pior que a lotus tour
  28. honrando a vagabunda que sou
  29. shokada em crysto
  30. eu nao acredito que inventei a raiva em 2017
  31. to aqui pra destilar meu veneno mortal
  32. talvez voce so esteja aqui porque deve ser aquela poeira que eu finjo que nao vejo quando faço faxina
  33. desnecessaria
  34. acompanhe as desventuras cotidianas dessa blue ivy perdida
  35. a + loka dos role
  36. e aí @PastorMalafaia seu bosta
  37. nois trupica mas nao breca


  1. im such a sarcastic bitch
  2. go ahead. do your worst.
  3. they say i act like i dont give a fuck, i tell them im not acting
  4. talents: sleeping
  5. this semester isn’t done but i sure am 
  6. i dont know whats emptier, my bank account or my love life 
  7. if you eat enough pizza it tastes like love 
  8. im 900% ready for summer vacation 
  9. please don’t waste good pizza on bad people 
  10. i just want to sleep forever because dealing with people is annoying as hell 
  11. 2010 me would literally be terrified of 2015 me and I love it 
  12. why be moody when u can shake dat booty am i right ladies 
  13. quick tip: fuck off 
  14. i wish i had dora’s parents they let that bitch go everywhere
  15. everyone is stupid except me
  16. dont be a dick
  17. if youre reading this send me nudes
  18. i got 99 problems but I’m gonna take a nap and ignore them all 
  19. I’m so cute why am I not dating anyone 
  20. baby girl please don’t trust these fuckboys 
  21. wear black and be gold.
  22. you can tell a lot by listening to a girl’s favorite song 
  23. who needs april’s fools when ur life is a joke
  24. sarcasm is my only defense
  25. i dont argue, i explain why im right
  26. she a good girl, but you know she bad though
  27. where are you now that i need a food????
  28. all the cocaine in the world in your nose still on my bussiness
  29. no hungry, no problem.
  30. she can fuck you good, but i can fuck you bettA
  31. you little shit
  32. bitch i will kill you with my kawaii powers
  33. just imagine how great life would be if pizza made u skinny 
  34. i say idk a lot but trust me i be knowing
  35. can u lose weight by running away from ur feelings 
  36. dropping out of school to become a princess 
  37. me and my mom gossip about u 
You’re the One (Leon Draisaitl)

Prompt: Sorry to be a bother! But I was wondering if you could write another Draisaitl imagine, where you’re insecure that he’ll find someone else while he’s on the road or something? Just something really cute and fluffy? Possibly involving the other Oilers players? :) Maybe he character thinks she’s inferior to the other wags or something? Whatever you wanna do! Thank you for your time, love! :) <3

Leon Draisaitl x Reader

Requested: yeah

Includes: some angst, happy ending

Originally posted by leondraiisaitl

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Haunted House Headcanons

I kinda already did this one with Cheryl on the Halloween Headcanons post here but I’m just gonna do more anyway.


• Both of you were really just planning on going for the hayride

• But somehow Archie convinced everyone that a haunted house would be a good idea

• You and Betty weren’t really enthusiastic with the idea of creepy guys and girls in costumes screaming murder in your face

• Tightly gripping each other’s hands even before entering the haunted house

• Once you were inside Betty muttered something about it not being so bad

• You were about to agree until a masked man jumped out of nowhere and screamed something

• Your first instinct was to bolt back the entrance but Betty was behind you so you two sorta just crashed into each other

• Looking in front if you to see that your friends were gone

“I’m going to kill them. They left us.”

“C’mon, Betts. Let’s just get through this.”

• Betty was nestled beside you in an attempt to shield her eyes

• But with her doing that you had to be the one looking where you were going 

• Hearing Betty comment something about hearing how loud your heart is beating

• Jumping and screaming bloody murder with Betty when some lady in white came up behind you

• Sprinting as fast as you could while Betty was gripping your shirt

• You and Betty giving Archie and the others a whole lecture about not leaving friends behind when you saw them at the exit

• You were pretty sure all the workers were laughing at all the curses, yelps and screams you and Betty had thrown at them.


• You and Cheryl go all out this Halloween

• So of course Cheryl would suggest going to a haunted house the next town over cause it was supposedly really scary

• You spent the day locked in her room watching scary movies until dusk when you decided to drive over the next town

• You didn’t really have to worry about the haunted house because you loved it and it was drilled into your head that none of it was real

• You also didn’t worry about Cheryl because hello, she’s Cheryl Blossom

• She’d probably burn the costumed people down with her eyes before being scared

• That’s why it surprised you when you were a few steps into the house and Cheryl jumped back a little and her grip tightened on you after a guy jumped out from behind a mirror

• “Wait, Cheryl, are you scared?“

• "No! That man just surprised me is all.”

• You decided to believe her because maybe it just shocked her a little.

• But the further into the house you went the tighter Cheryl’s hands gripped your arm

• "Cheryl, I love you, but I’m bleeding cause of your nails.“

• "It’s called marking my territory, (y/n).”

• Cue one zombie dude coming out from behind a painting

• Cheryl jumping with a small yelp and then letting out a string of curses

• Her burying her head in your chest (or shoulder if you imagine she’s taller)

“Okay, I’m done. You can take me home now, (y/n).”

• Laughing all the way through the house with Cheryl clutching onto your side, trying to shield her eyes

• Her hitting your shoulder because you were laughing and teasing

• "The great Cheryl Blossom is scared of haunted houses. That’s ironic since you’ve lived in one ever since you were born.“

• "Shut up, (y/n). Tell anyone and you get no affection from me until next year.”

• Still making fun of her on the drive home

• "How are you scared of those fake ass monsters? We’ve literally watched every scary movie there is.“

• "The real thing is different!”

• "But Cheryl, you live with a monster! Your mother scares me more than Jigsaw and those ugly ass hillbillies from Wrong Turn combined.“

• Her hitting you but not denying it

• Her coming home with you because she didn’t feel like being alone

• You didn’t mind. Cheryl needed cuddles for the rest of the night anyway. 


• For Veronica, October usually meant PSLs and fall shopping

• It was no surprise when you got dragged to the mall

• But on the way there you two passed a haunted house

• Being the couple who loved to have fun you two decided to go back when it was dark

• Surely you did and the two of you were so excited

• You tried to creep her out but it didn’t really work

• You two were the kind of people who didn’t really get scared by make up and special effects make ups

• Just a few steps in you could already tell that someone was hiding behind some curtains

• Someone was and you nudged Veronica towards the person

• Veronica ended up rolling her eyes when the person tried to scare her

• You pulling her along and expecting some of the props

• Judging the people who tried to scare you

"You know that lady could be scarier if she had more blood squirting out of her head.”

• “Only you would be judging how they do their job, Ronnie.”

• Laughing and joking around the place when you should be scared

• People who are in the house glaring at you two

• Deciding to head back in just because

• This time you decided to just have fun with everything  

“Oh no! A masked chainsaw dude is trying to kill me! Take my girlfriend instead!”

“(y/n) you dick that better not be your reaction when there really is a killer after us.”

• The staff having to kick you two out because you’re disturbing everyone with your sarcasm and Veronica’s comments at literally everything

• Laughing with your girlfriend because honestly it’s just times like those where you two get to have fun by yourselves and not worry about anything else in the world

• Just good innocent fun

• And after that you made sure to hit up every haunted place around town just to mess around with Veronica

a/n: Okay I know that I’ve been gone for like a week or so but in my defense I didn’t know I’d be busy like the whole week leading up to Halloween. Legit I still taste the different alcohols that have been poured down my throat and I am so done with social interactions with peers so worry not I am here now

Caught in the act (SMUT!)

Draco Malfoy x Reader

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Christmas break was unusual at this year. You always went home to your family, but now they went to America, visiting your aunt and her family. You’d loved to be with your parents, but being lonely at Hogwarts was far more better option than spending the holidays with your insufferable cousins. You said your mother that you have a lot of to study and she didn’t pressure you, but maybe it was just because she thought you’ll going to be with your boyfriend. You woulnd’t mind that too, but go and visit the Malfoy Manor was more than a little bit frightening to you.

You spent a lot of time at the library, so you didn’t really waste your time. After a long, all-day study session you retired to your room. Since you were bored and very much missed your other half, you undressed, lied down on your bed, and slowly started to playing with yourself. 

Maybe because you imagined it’s Draco beneath you, maybe because you were tired and stressed, or maybe because you haven’t slept together in a while, but you felt yourself growing wetter and wetter every minute as you pleasure yourself; fingers in and out slowly while your hips was moving eagerly. You let out a few quiet moan into your pillow, now playing with your clit when you heard a familiar voice.

„Need any help, love?”

You immediatly jumped up even if you recognized the voice. Draco sat down next to you with a big smirk on his face and a cocked eyebrow.

„What the f—what are you doing here? I mean, how did you get here? And why? A-and since how long you been there?” – you stammered nervously and a little bit angrily, knowing your boyfriend just sneaked upon you while you playing with yourself.

„I missed you. And, long enough to know you missed too…” – he kisses you deeply and you don’t resist. „My girl is horny, isn’t she? Lie down there, I’m gonna take care of you, yeah? Good girl.” – he says while you obey and lie down on the bed. He take of his shirt and jeans and you stare at him – the sight of his skinny, pale and muscular body always been a big turn on to you. He leans over and kisses your stomach, go down on you very slowly, driving you insane. He takes his time on your inner thigh, which cause you to let out an angry whine.

„Yes? You want something?” – he asks with an innocent tone. Yes, and you need it so bad. But that was Draco’s way, teasing you until you beg for him.

„Draco, stop teasing me, or-” but before you can finish your sentence, he already dive into your heat with all of his mouth. He can see that you don’t need to a slowly starting. You feel his tounge all over your pussy and inside you, before he adds a finger and an another one a moment later, doing it just the way he knows you love it. “Open your legs, you’re so tight. There we are. You taste so good.” You can hardly control yourself now; your eyes roll to the back of your head and your body tightened, before your thighs and stomach start to shake.

Draco presses a few kiss on your thighs, before lying on top of you, kisses your sweet spot and you can feel his hard member through his boxer, which made you instantly eager for more. „Fuck me.” – you whisper. You can feel his smirk on your collarbone.

„Ask nicely.” he commands with a slow, husky tone.

„Please, Draco, please fuck me.” – you breath.

„You beg me so nicely, how could I say no to you.” – And he thrust into you slowly but deeper, all the way, causing you to moan into his ear. „Good girl.” – he praises, slowly pulling in and out. Your whole body is so tensed up by now, you pulsate everywhere; you scratch his back, probably leave marks everywhere.

„Draco, faster.”  

„What did I tell you about asking for something, huh?” – he said with a made-up strict voice.

„FUCK, please, please faster, Draco.” – and he’s grinning, see you like this, completely obeyed to his will.

„M’good girl.” – he said and he’s going faster while your wrap your legs around his waist, pulling him deeper and deeper inside you. He cannot help himself either, loudly moaning into your mouth as he kissing you. Your hips moving beneath him when you start to feel a knot in your stomach - “Draco, I-I’m close.’ - you moan. 

“Let it go, love. I want to feel your cum around me.” - he says he going even faster; and your body tightened with a last, long, trembling moan. You feel him too, coming inside you before he collapses in top of you, trying to catch his breath.

“I should catch you more often while you’re doing that darling.” - he smirks.

“No need for that if you’re here though.” He chuckles, lie down next to you and pull you on his chest. “I love you so fucking much, Y/N.”

“I love you too.”


Everything's Gonna be Alright: The Common Room

Read the first part here

A sudden uproar woke Sero from his nap, startling him as he slammed his head against the back of chair. He rubbed his neck and stood from his chair and ran to the door. The shouting from the common room was growing louder, and as Sero grabbed for the handle, a smoldering scent reached his room. Burning fabric. But he hadn’t heard any explosions, not yet which meant…

He paused. If Todoroki was pissed enough to start use his quirk, his fire side… There was a serious problem.

He sprinted down the hall and nearly fell on top of Hagakure, who was running in the other direction. “Sero! I was looking for you! Let me get Kouda and Shoji and I’ll explain everything.”

Sero could hardly believe what Hagakure told them. What the fuck did Mineta think he was doing? Did he think the others would agree with him? And what if there were trans kids in their class, they must feel horrible!

Sero was a simple guy who tried to resolve conflicts. It was a helpful skill when your friends are all close with a certain Lord Explodokill. But all that went out the window the moment Mineta had opened his mouth. He waited for Hagakure to finish, then ran to join the rest of his class.

When people were angry, their quirks became more volatile, less controlled. Sero knew that. But he never could have prepared himself for what he witnessed that day. Todoroki was caught between a massive ice wall and smoking upholstery. Ashido was no longer surrounded by the room’s blue carpet, but the bare-bones wood underneath. Sparkles flew off of Aoyama’s stomach, like his laser would go off at the slightest greater provocation. But the worst of all, surprisingly, wasn’t using his quirk at all.

Kaminari was the only thing between Mineta and his violent death, barely holding onto Bakugou as he scratched at his arms and lunged towards Mineta. Kaminari glanced at the newcomers, a desperate look in his eye. “Sero, thank god! Tape him up, I can’t hold on much longer!”

Sero hesitated a moment, which nearly resulted in Mineta’s death, as Kaminari’s grip finally slipped enough for him to break free. He shoved Kaminari aside, nearly tossing him across the room, but was soon bound by a strip of tape that Sero quickly wrapped several times. He growled, still pulling, and Shouji grabbed Sero’s shoulders to stop him from being dragged away.

“Listen here, you little shit!” Bakugou roared with a ferocity beyond his own, sending silence through the rest of the room. “You act like a shitty coward, we put up with it. You act like a sexist perverted asshole, the girls somehow put up with it. I would’ve torn your head off already if I were them. But you tell someone to stop being themselves, you die!! You never stood a chance against me becoming a good hero, but now you’ll never be a hero at all! If you are going to look down on the people who look up to you, then you are just as bad a villain! Let me at him! I’m gonna kill you, you bastard!”

A hand landed on Bakugou’s shoulder, and he paused. “Don’t do it Bakugou,” Uraraka said. “He’s not worth the jail time.”

Though the murderous look in his eye never went away, Bakugou finally stopped struggling, and Sero unwrapped his tape. Mineta sat on the ground, too terrified to try and fight back, surrounded by the terrifying, disappointed glares of his classmates. They had no sympathy for him. He tried to say something, anything to argue his side, but he had been thoroughly beat. The room started to clear, and as he was left alone, Tsuyu walked by and told him what everyone was thinking, the reason he would never be allowed back in class 1-A.

“You brought this on yourself, Mineta.”