your going away present even though you helped


Genre: smut?

Word Count: 2285

Jimin is a womanizing CEO. You’re his secretary. It’s time to teach him a lesson.

Part 2

Park Jimin was the CEO of his own company. Powerful, dominating, and intense. He commanded every room he walked into. Some said his power came from his strenuous work ethic, his drive translating into an arrogant and confident personality. Many more said his power came from his womanizing demeanor, from the way he knew he could win over anyone’s heart with even the slightest of glances, which is probably why he was so generous with his attention towards attractive women. His flirty remarks, smirks, even the way he would loosen his tie when he was stressed at meetings or run his hands through his hair were enough to make any girl swoon. So why not you?

You were affected by his charm just as much as the other women. So why did he never spare you a glance? The longest conversation you had ever had with him was when you were planning his meetings, running after him with coffee, or getting a list of errands from him. In fact, as his secretary, you probably knew the most about him. You were there when everyone else in the office had gone home for the day. It was always you sitting with your desk lamp on, the only light illuminating the office, right next to the tall double doors that led to Jimin’s office. No one but you and clients were allowed in that office. Jimin was almost an enigma. A man that won the hearts of women and clients equally. Everyone knew him and his talent, yet he would let no one in. No one ever saw the transition from Park Jimin: CEO to just Jimin, tie gone, the first two buttons of his shirt unbuttoned, sleeves rolled up to expose his toned arms, hair mussed up from the countless times he ran his fingers through his hair when he was concentrated on a deliverable. No one saw him except you. But even you couldn’t knock down the barrier Jimin held up.

It was 2 am. As usual you were sat at your desk, creating a detailed schedule for Jimin for the next day, full of meetings and a visit from Jimin’s biggest client. Tomorrow was a very important day.

“Y/N, can you come in here? I need your opinion on something. And bring coffee,” Jimin called through the intercom that sat on your desk. You made your way to the kitchen and made two cups of coffee, one with cream and sugar for you, one black for him. As you walked back to his office, opening the large wooden doors, you couldn’t help but feel proud of yourself that so many of his successful presentations were done with your input, even though you were just a secretary. Jimin trusted you.

You had seen Jimin in this state, his late night working look, countless times but he never failed to take your breath away. The scent of coffee and musk filled the room, fully varnished in dark wood. Jimin stood by his desk looking at a paper yet he filled the room with his presence. He was beautiful, manly, and so out of your reach.

“Here you go. What did you want me to look at?” You said as you handed him his coffee and sat on his large desk. He stood by you, standing a bit taller than you even though you were sitting on the desk, and showed you his notes.

“Which graph looks better?” he said as he held up two papers.

“This one,” you said as you pointed to the left one.

“I knew it. That’s the one I was leaning towards too. Great minds think alike, Y/N. I really need to promote you. You are so talented but I can’t stand the thought of you not being my secretary. Who else knows how I like my calendars color coded and my ties coordinated with my shirts?” he said with a lighthearted smile. You took a sip of your coffee to hide your delight at his statement. You both knew you could be elsewhere but Jimin kept you here and you weren’t unhappy. You took his tie in your hands, sliding your fingers down the smooth patterned silk appreciatively.

“I am a genius, aren’t I. But don’t worry, I like picking your outfits too,” you said with a light chuckle, letting his tie slip from your hands. Your eyes rose to meet his and you saw a side of him you had never seen before. His eyes were dark, focused, and almost lustful. These weren’t the same eyes that would wink playfully at every other girl wearing a skirt in the office; they were deep, intense, as if he was staring right into your soul. You bit your lip and shifted yourself on the desk, crossing your legs as a subtle attempt to quiet the feeling in the pit of your stomach that was heightening as Jimin inched closer to you. Your heart beat faster as he was only inches away from your face, his hands slid right next to you on the desk; you were trapped between them. His warm breath fanned against your face and you looked down as your cheeks blazed red.

“You’re right. I don’t appreciate you enough, Y/N. You’re so good to me,” he said in a low husky voice. He reached behind your head and pulled out your neat ponytail, stroking your hair and tucking it behind your ears. His lips inched closer to yours and you felt ready to explode.

“Wait, wait Jimin, what are you doing?” You could barely recognize your voice. It sounded so needy and weak, completely the opposite of your intentions. Jimin quieted your feeble protests with a finger to your lips, running his thumb over your bottom lip, before moving his hand to clutch your neck, meeting your lips with his. His lips were warm and soft as he expertly explored your mouth with his tongue. Your hands lay limply at your sides, still in shock, but you sighed into the kiss, sucking on his bottom lip as he brought his hands down to hold your hips. This was finally happening.

Jimin used his firm hands to separate your crossed legs, spreading them to stand between them, pressing his body against yours. His grip on your thighs caused your skirt to ride up obscenely. You probably looked so slutty, making out with the CEO on his desk, but the thought turned you on. Jimin broke the kiss, leaving you breathing heavily, your chest rising up and down and your lips swollen. His eyes were hooded and his lips glistened. He took a finger and traced your neck with it, drawing lines from your neck to your collarbone. You leaned into his touch, singeing your skin. He started to unbutton your shirt, exposing inches of your smooth skin with every passing second. Your heart rate shot up at the acknowledgement of what he was doing. You didn’t know where this was going or what would happen later but right now, you couldn’t focus on anything else except the way Jimin traced the curves of your breasts. Jimin gazed intently at your chest as he squeezed your breasts through your bra, leaning down to kiss them individually. You gasped lightly at the sensation and arched your back into Jimin’s touch wantonly. As his head rose you leaned in to capture his plush lips in another kiss, but just as soon as the moment started it was over. Jimin stepped away from you and in a flash he was shrugging on his blazer and walking towards the door with coffee and briefcase in hand.

“Thanks for the coffee, Y/N!” he said cheekily, smirking as he eyed you one last time, half naked and panting on the desk, before slamming the door and leaving the office.

No. No. You had not just become one of Jimin’s targets. You sat in a daze, shirt unbuttoned, skirt ridden up, and hair disheveled as your lust turned into anger. He did not just use you. Under the flaring rage you felt a twinge of hurt in your heart, disappointed because you thought you were special. You thought you were above all the other girls. But Jimin saw you as no different. You wouldn’t let him win this game, though. Revenge is a bitch and it was coming for Park Jimin.

The next day you walked into the office, wearing a sexier outfit with your makeup impeccably done. You were going to play dumb for most of the day, giving Jimin the satisfaction of thinking he had played you, then you were going in for the kill, right before his crucial client meeting. You had to stop yourself from staring at the clock all day, waiting for 4 pm to come so you could give Jimin a taste of his own medicine. He had given you a list of tasks to complete, as per usual, but there was a hint of humor, a mocking smirk on his lips whenever he spoke to you. You were going to wipe that smirk right of his handsome face.

The clock read 4 pm and you strode into his office to give him a rundown before his client meeting. When you walked in you internally rolled your eyes as he sat leaned back in his chair, feet on the desk, hands behind his head as he turned to you and smiled cheekily.

“The CEO of Big Hit Entertainment is coming to see you so I just wanted to give you some information about the topics that you will be going over at the meeting,” you said emotionlessly. Jimin completely ignored what you said. “Y/N, no hard feelings alright? Yesterday was just a bit of fun. Nothing serious, you just looked so damn cute in that skirt I couldn’t help myself,” he said. Even when he was a cocky asshole he was still attractive, you thought and hated yourself for it. You walked over to him slowly, the heels of your shoes punctuating the heavy silence between you two. He looked up at you, an eyebrow raised as you approached him, moving his feet of the desk and sitting on his lap. You were being forward and that shocked him, since he usually took charge of everything he did, but that was your intention. You grabbed his tie roughly and placed open-mouthed kisses down his jaw. His lips parted in stunned silence but he didn’t stop you.

“You know what, Jimin? I felt the same way. Yesterday meant nothing to me. It’s not like we were going to fuck right?” You hissed, kisses punctuating each word. You ground your core against his growing erection. You secretly enjoyed the way his muscular thighs offered friction to your pussy, growing wetter by the second. He groaned at your movements and moved his hands to stop your hips, holding you firmly in place.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing,” he growled, grabbing your chin to look at him. You glared at him and threw his hands off your hips, falling to your knees and palming his bulge roughly, never breaking eye contact. He jumped at your sudden touch and let out a low hiss when you unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock.

“I’m just finishing what you started,” you retorted before wrapping your lips around his cock and sinking your head down.

“Fucking shit, Y/N,” he cursed, voice octaves lower as he watched your lips slide up and down his cock. His mouth fell open and he rolled his head back, fighting the urge to just grab your head and fuck your throat raw. You swirled your tongue around his length and moaned around it, sending vibrations down his cock that made his hips thrust up suddenly. You felt his cock leaking with arousal and mentally pat yourself on the back for being able to ruin Park Jimin. You watched his face scrunch up in ecstasy, biting his lip to hide his moans. You had never seen him so vulnerable, so open. You felt his cock twitch in your mouth and you swallowed to amplify the sensation.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum. Y/N, where the fuck did you get such a slutty mouth. I fucking love it,” he gasped as he started thrusting into your mouth, gripping your hair. You stopped your movements immediately and let his cock fall out of your mouth with a lewd pop, a string of pre-cum still connecting your lips to his cock.

“Wait, no, Y/N, I was almost there. Don’t fuck with me,” he threatened in a husky growl, eyes shot from pleasure.

“The CEO of Big Hit Entertainment will be in your office in about,” you looked at the clock,” 2 minutes,” you said with a haughty smile as you wiped your mouth, smoothed down your dress and hair and walked straight out of the office.

“What the fuck, Y/N! Fuck you,” he yelled after you, struggling to zip his pants back up and straighten out his hair, cock still straining in his pants and leaking profusely.

As you sat at your desk you smiled at the Big Hit CEO walking in, perfect timing, you thought to yourself. You couldn’t stop grinning as you thought of Jimin conducting the meeting sexually frustrated and unsatisfied the whole time. You had triumphed over the great Park Jimin. You made him putty in your hands. You weren’t going to be his bitch any longer. You smiled as you signed your letter of resignation and slid it under his door. You were onto bigger and better things and would let no one stand in your way, even sexy motherfuckers like Park Jimin.

Misunderstood (Part 4)

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After your last encounter with the soldier himself, you hadn’t seen him for a week. You knew you shouldn’t have been disappointed since he clearly didn’t really care about you but you couldn’t help but think that his words were actually sincere when he said he loved you. After a week that was spent waiting, you gave up on him. He was the one who played you after all.

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