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I am so scared to meet Levi again and see the man he has become after 4 years. I do not want him to go on well with the recruits, they do not deserve his time, not after the way they treated him. :( I hope he has turned into a darker character.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to having similar thoughts Anon.  I’m really apprehensive about the next chapters.  I mean obviously I’m desperate to see Levi again, to find out what he’s been doing for the last four years, but still…. I can’t say I’m too thrilled by this subproduct of titan science business, that has all sorts of potential to go horribly wrong.

I’m trying to hold out hope though.  Yams plot and pacing may leave us shaking our heads, or yelling incoherently at our screens but, Ymir aside, he’s been relatively consistent when it comes to characterization.  So I’m hoping that when we see Levi again, he’ll be the same miserable bastard that we’ve grown to know and love.

As far as getting on with the remnants of the 104th goes, I think that if Levi is still a captain of the Survey Corps and they are still his soldiers, then he will continue to treat them as subordinates.   Whether they respond as such and respect the chain of command is anyone’s guess. I don’t expect Levi to treat them with kid gloves, and we’ve already seen that.

But at the same time, Levi is not a cruel man.

One of the things that has always fascinated me about Levi is that he is such a mess of contradictions.  He has an innate capacity for violence and will not hesitate to use it, but at the same time, he is defined by his loyal and compassion. Levi has consistently been one of the most selfless characters in the series.  He isn’t motivated by a personal dream or goal, but by his relationship to other people.  Perhaps it’s all part of the Ackerman thing, but if so, it manifests very differently in the three Ackermans we’ve seen.  The loyalty is always there for sure, but much as I love Kenny, compassion and selflessness were hardly his thing. For the sake of avoiding drama, I’d rather not comment on the other Ackerman.  

So I think the darkness has always been there in Levi’s character, but it’s been tempered by his compassion and selflessness, and to be honest I’m not sure if I expect that to change, unless someone or something prevents him from fulfilling his vow to Erwin.  If that does happen then all bets are off.

Of course having said all that, if Levi appears in the next chapter with his hair tied back and “Erwin Smith – Flame of Hope” tattooed across his chest, I’ll forgive Yams everything :P

Prediction 7

My initial plan was for this season prediction to start at episode 1 but with everything I’m seeing on social media, I’m guessing all of this is going to be later. Either way, I’m leaving it as I originally wrote it, but if this one does even become semi-true I’m willing to bet it won’t be until later down the road because you know how the writers hate Gallavich fans…

Episode 1–Mickey is found in Mexico and Ian finds out from a news report while at work on break. Ian looks devastated. His partner asks what is wrong. The TV footage of Mickey being taken into custody is on a loop alongside his mugshot. Ian points to the TV and only responds, “that’s him…” She seems to understand.

Episode 2– Ian goes to the prison to visit Mickey. He isn’t allowed visitors due to his escape. Ian writes a note and begs the officer to give it to him. To get him to take it, Ian lies and says Mickey’s mom died and he should find out from family. To Ian’s shock, the officer takes the note without reading it. At the end, Mickey receives the message from the guard who offers his condolences. Mickey knows to act like something devastating happened, even though he is confused as fuck, and after reading the note acts macho-sad. 

^ That. After the guard walks away, he reads it for real, the camera showing the note:

        “Write me when I can visit. I miss you and still love you.”

In the next several episodes we may get some glimpses of Mickey in prison as Ian continues his own plotline. Around episode 5 or 6, Ian gets a phone call from Mickey in prison to let Ian know when he can visit (Ian topped off Mickey’s commissary shortly after writing the note because he still loves him so of course he did. I’m not stretching!!)

Episode 7–Ian gets to visit. Mickey catches Ian up on what he did in Mexico and how he got caught. He also reveals that some lawyer was going to try to get the charges dropped for emotional disturbance and lack of evidence (because this is Shameless so in this AU legal world this is totally possible) which would get him out early but he’d still have to serve for the escape. He doubts the appeal will work because of the breakout. Ian tells him to either let him know or ask his lawyer to let him know when the hearing/trial is and he’ll go. Ian touches the glass for a parallel from season 1 and this time, Mickey touches it too. Ian tells Mickey he loves him and when Mickey looks panicked (because let’s be real “I love you” is officially a PTSD trigger for these two by now), Ian tells him it’s okay not to say it back, but if he wants to, write it the next time he writes.

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We probably won’t see much of Mickey again until the end of the season. Maybe episode 9 or 10 shows the trial/hearing and Ian does attend. Then, around episode 11 when Mickey is either guaranteed early release (because this is Shameless and if Fiona can get out of prison in less than a week for child endangerment and drug charges, Mickey can get off on temporary insanity or lack of evidence). He just has to serve a couple more weeks for everything to process.

Episode 12–Mickey is released at the very end of the season to Ian’s custody where he will be on house arrest in the Gallagher household (because let’s face it, the Milkovich residence would NEVER pass an inspection). They have a good long talk about their future and end with a Gallagher family dinner (because I’m a fucking dreamer, sue me).

  • me: *leaving work* *squinting* that cloud is looking very ... hook-like
  • me: *squinting more* it also appears to be ... rotating
  • me: pretty sure the freeway is a bad idea right now
  • microburst: *literally two minutes later* aaaaahhh! you got me! you win a downpour with a side of nonfunctional street lights, flash floods, overflowing storm drains, thunder that makes your ears ring, and not being able to see 20 feet in front of you! good luck getting home! look out for those manhole covers popping up!
  • me: yay?

youve got some of these tags @floralgardenswitches but heres the full list. I still need to do kim and steve though and i think Rex x Payne!


“What can I do for you, y/n?” Professor Winchester rose from his seat and approached you from behind his desk. You saw him bite his lip as he looked you up and down (you had pulled your shirt down, exposing more of your breasts, prior to the lesson, and your skirt was… well, short and tight), possibly concealing a remark.

The classroom was cleared after last period, and, oh, God, you’d never been so nervous in your life. He was the hottest human being you’d ever laid eyes on, and he looked at you like he wanted to positively devour you sometimes, you knew that much, but he was your teacher.

You were both adults. Just about. And how the hell else were you gonna get your predicted results?

“I, er…”


“I know what this is about.” the professor decided after a moment. “Your grades aren’t what they’re supposed to be right now.”

“Exactly.” you breathed an internal sigh of relief. 

“And what do you propose we do about that, y/n?” he asked perfectly seriously, sitting down in his desk chair and motioning to the nearest seat, indicating that he was determined to change this. 

Oh my God, okay, this is it. You’ve got nothing to lose. Nothing. Just do it. Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God.

You didn’t sit down opposite Professor Winchester as he had requested. Rather, you slowly clambered onto Dean’s lap, bringing your lips to his ear. “Well, Sir” you spoke in a low voice. Dean grunted when he heard you say the word ‘sir’. “We could always use more… hands-on methods.” your breath was tickling the professor’s neck slightly, you knew, and your lips had been brushing the shell of his ear.

You felt Dean’s hands move to your ass, squeeze it, and suddenly become shy and guilty. He immediately took them off once he realised what he’d done, yet he didn’t resist when you pressed your lips to his neck fully.

“You know, sir” you said against his skin. “I’m not wearing anything under my uniform.”

“Fuckfuckfuck” Dean muttered, his breath heavy.

You smirked, knowing your parents wouldn’t be disappointed… Well, as long as they didn’t find out.

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…shhhh… hshhhsshh shuushhh… shh…. let me ease your worries (tho I have had similar thoughts. I’m just not going to think about ahaha…) This was something that I believed to be a strong possibility before, but then Catch and Release happened and now I’m having predictions about the show (I’ll get to those later in the post). For a long time we weren’t even positive Peridot was going to get a redemption, it was just something many people wanted. And then evil sugar cube released this

and, well, yeah she could still get a redemption, but seeing her standing with the (seemingly) main baddy just put more doubts in my mind. And it made it seem like Yellow Diamond was going to show up at any moment and Peridot was just going to go back to her and that’d be end of that.

But now Peri is small, stuck, and without her limb enhancers, so she pretty much has to rely on Steven for help. So they’re going to become closer. 

Now, I’ve made some predictions about the show and future episodes. Basically, she’ll find a way to fix her old broken robonoids that were left behind and so she’ll be able to go back to Homeworld, where we might get our first glimpse of Yellow Diamond in “Same Old World” and “Hit the Diamond”. And now I’ve been thinking more and more about it.

When she goes back, Yellow Diamond most likely will not be happy. At all. She might see Peridot as a complete failure, she even lost her limb enhancers. But she probably won’t just shatter her, she has information. And even better, what if she brought Steven with her? My thinking here is Peridot is hoping she’ll go home and things will be back to normal and fine, but then being rejected and possibly punished, she’ll realize how bad Homeworld is, especially after being treated so kindly by Steven. Also maybe seeing them treat Steven badly will make her realize she cares about him and doesn’t want Earth to be destroyed anymore.

Yes, there is a bit of a sacrifice theme going on in this show, like with Pearl and Lapis, but I don’t think this will end with Peridot’s death/shattering. Steven will do everything in his power to keep everyone safe and alive. That seems to be another important point in this show, that people don’t need to sacrifice themselves for others. If people work together, they’re stronger and more likely to succeed, as shown in “Sworn to the Sword”.

Listening to a Supernatural podcast (those exist?). The commentators are talking about John Winchester’s journal and they say:

“It’s the only book [Dean’s] ever read you guys.” “(Laughs) It probably is.”

I LITERALLY SCREAMED “WHAT!?” That is so painfully inaccurate.

Off the top of my head I can think of these books that according to canon I know Dean has read:

Slaughterhouse Five by Vonnegut

Cat’s Cradle by Vonnegut

Dr. Sexy the book series (probably)

And Dean knows other authors too, throwing out the random reference to them here and there.


Then the guy goes on to describe a post he saw on Tumblr and I knew exactly which one he was referring to, even while he misquoted it saying that Jensen’s vision was “Sam going off somewhere and being happy and getting a normal life and [Dean] would give him the car.” … WHICH MADE ME CRINGE BECAUSE NO. Jensen’s dream was that Sam dies, and that’s why he doesn’t need the passenger seat and he gives away the impala and rides away on a motorcycle. I MEAN COME ON, IF YOU’RE GOING TO QUOTE JENSEN ACKLES AT LEAST GET IT RIGHT.

Here’s the video of the actual quote.  And here’s the post with the same. Like, good Chuck, it’s not even difficult to find.

This just kills me because there are over a thousand views on this video just on youtube and they are saying all of this stupid stuff and I know for a fact that we can talk more knowledgeably about this show than these guys.

What do you think guys? How about we make our own podcast?

EDIT: I ended up making my own! Listen here!

Fic: Signs

Based off the HP!AU idea: we’re partners in divination, and i’m reading your tea leaves, and i don’t know what i’m doing, so i just am guessing on images, but somehow every image i guess ends up having a romantic connotation, i swear i’m not doing this on purpose

~1450 words, PG

Kurt had regretted not paying more attention to which electives he had chosen ever since the first day of third year, when he showed up at Divination and promptly developed a headache due to the potent combination of the incense scenting the air and Professor Trelawney’s heinous fashion sense. He had tried to beg Professor McGonagall into letting him switch classes the next day, but apparently Hogwarts didn’t have that policy, proving that the magical world wasn’t always better than the Muggle.

He’d managed to survive two years of that hellhole, though, and his stubborn streak wasn’t about to let that streak die any time soon, so he reluctantly stepped away from the Gryffindor table once he finished his breakfast and started slowly plodding up the stairs to the North Tower, cursing whoever had decided that the fifth years’ all needed to start the week with Divination,.

One more year, Kurt thought as he climbed. You can give up this useless subject once you finish your O.W.L.s, Hummel, just get through one more year and you’re free as a house-elf with an ascot.

The smile that had started spreading across Kurt’s face at the thought of a house-elf rocking a silk scarf evaporated when he reached the classroom and saw where the only open seat was.

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Taurus 2016 Prediction

Career: You were floundering to find your footing with your current position. The tide has shifted and you have become more aware of how to act and react. Take this current to master what you are not best at. Although it is a bother, the benefits greatly out pay the sacrifice. Keep working hard, the results speak for themselves.

Love: For those who are committed, the ending of last year gave a much needed spark to your relationship. Your partner has been more receptive to your wants and needs and in return you have been able to provide much more love and support. Be grateful for the good with the idea of making it through the bad. It is predicted that your relationship will become stronger in the coming year.

For the single Taurus, you are becoming more and more centered. This is good. You have been patiently waiting for the right moment to be out and about. This is good, yet do not wait too much as the person who is right for you might be searching for you as well. Make it a goal to step out of your comfort once in a while to see what the world is like. 

Spirituality: Make it a goal to read books this year. Much of the questions you have been having can be answered through reading the right book. Keep your body and mind active to fulfill your spiritual needs.

Health: Those of you who have been working out. Keep it up, your body is becoming what you envisioned. What better gift can you give yourself than the gift of health. Make sure you stay on top of your dental hygiene as well.

Those who need an extra push, this is the sign you have been waiting for. Start off with 30 minutes of exercise daily. There is time for it, the excuse to not exercise comes into play by jeopardizing other aspects of your life. Do it for yourself and your loved ones, get moving. 

Prediction: Overall, this year seems to be a great one coming. Taurus will benefit from each circumstance. Remember, the good always outweighs the bad. Do not take an attitude of why me, better yet, say thank you, learn from it, and move on. If you are destined to forgive and forget, make sure you do both as forgiving but not forgetting dampens the soul. If you need help learning how to forgive and forget, read books, talk with someone trusted, or simply look into yourself to face the truth as to why it is such a burden to. It is also predicted that an advancement may be offered,that is if you’re willing to work for it. Keep up the good work, keep up being humble, keep up being loving, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses, or how I like to enjoy my nature, stop and stare at the clouds once in a while. Love and light my fellow Taurus, 2016 is our year.

*Side Note: As your power grows make it a goal to spread the love. There are close family members and/or friends who could benefit greatly from the support you give. This year is the year to give your time and attention to those who have been there for you. Utilize your time wisely. Not only will you soul flourish but so will someone else’s as well. 

Captain Cobra to the rescue! Operation: Dark Swan

I received the following ask about CS in S5 and it really got me thinking about what we will see for Hook and Henry in the dark!Swan story line:

Anonymous said:
Hiya! Your thought process/expectations for OUAT are really solid, so could I get your predictions on where season 5 might go, CS wise? And what part everyone else could play? I’m hopeful, because not only were Captain Cobra Swan the one’s who heard the reveal of the info about Merlin, but the fact that Emma’s love declaration was the last thing we heard, the very deliberate zoom in on Killian making him the last character we saw before the dagger fell, sets up a very Emma/CS focused season.

A&E have said this season is going to focus on Emma (FINALLY!!!!!!!). As she just told Hook she loves him  - it’s safe to say we should expect BIG things for CS in S5. As far as the roles everyone will play…well I do expect everyone to be involved in saving Emma from the Darkness - she’s got a lot of people who care for her!

But one of the things I am most excited to see is team Captain Cobra!

In seasons 3 and 4A we got a taste of Hook and Henry’s interactions - they were few and far between but VERY IMPORTANT - the sailing trips, sharing memories of Henry’s late father, Henry playing wingman and encouraging his mother to ask Hook out.

But in Operation Mongoose (4x21-22) the writers really set out to show us that their relationship is an important one:

  • Henry was able to get through to deckhand!Hook much as Hook was able to get through to Emma in NYC (and remember he invoked Henry to help convince her to drink that potion). It shows they have a bond.
  • Henry telling Hook he had a great teacher when it came to sailing showed that not only do they spend time together aside from Emma, but that there is genuine affection and admiration there that goes both ways.
  • Henry saw Hook willing to die for him and his mother - and he saw how his Emma reacted. He KNOWS they love each other. He knows he can TRUST in Hook. He knows Hook is a hero.
  • It was Henry and Hook that saved Emma, together they saved the Savior.

The writers could have written ANY scenario - but they choose to place Emma in a tower on an island…necessitating that Henry seek the aid of someone with a ship to rescue his mother.  They choose to have Emma rescued via a Captain Cobra team up because they wanted to establish that that dynamic is an important one.

And this is nothing new.  Hook has been heavily paralleled to Henry as Emma’s True Love.  Henry brought Emma home in S1.  Hook did the same in S3.  But in S4 they worked to bring her home together - as a team.

And it’s going to be that way moving forward. They are a family now.  

Hook and Henry being the two in the room that heard about Merlin was IMPORTANT.  It’s setting up their mission for S5. 

As I said at the top, everyone who cares for Emma will be fighting for her. But I think Henry and Hook will play a special role. They are the two who stand to he hurt most by Emma going dark.  They are the two who have the MOST faith in her.

And they have a history of bringing her home. Now they will do it together.