your fuzzy hair is growing back

okay y’all, i’ve been thinking. yes, Dorian maintains his appearance with meticulous care, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he keeps bottles of magical nair around and hunt down every body hair with red-hot Fade tweezers.

i submit for your consideration: Fuzzy Dorian.

Dorian with hair on his chest, dark, thick and soft. Dorian with five-o’-clock shadow and– the morning fuzz. oh man, the fuzz. a mustache that luxurious can only grow from a stable and plentiful base. Dorian with hair on his arms, on his legs, maybe even a couple on his toes. he’s no Fereldan mountain-man, but he’s got a decent smattering of hair on his back and stomach, under his arms. pubic hair, naturally, well-maintained and maybe he even conditions it like the nerd he is, but it’s absolutely very present.

and of course, please consider as well: Bull loves how soft Dorian is. he loves running his hands through the fuzz on Dorian’s chest, and stroking up and down Dorian’s legs. he loves  it when Dorian nuzzles against his face first thing in the morning, all prickly and soft.

(anyways, Fuzzy Dorian should be a thing)

shy2shot  asked:

Could you do #73(Height Difference Kisses Where One Person Has To Bend Down And The Other Is On Their Tippy Toes) with Kylo (or Matt the Radar Technician if you write for him), please? I know I don't comment much, but I really do love your writing! :)

73. Height Difference Kisses Where One Person Has To Bend Do Wn And The Other Is On Their Tippy Toes

A/N: Thank you so much! And thanks for the request. I’ve never written Matt before so this was a fun challenge. I’m sorry it took so long! I started writing it right after you requested, but I had a specific place I wanted this to go, so I had to think about it for a bit. Enjoy some Matt/Kylo! (1600+ words)

The new technician on your department caught your eye, quickly. Almost as fast as he appeared, and he seemed to have done so out of thin air. He claimed to have been on a different ship entirely, recently transferred. It was all a load of bantha shit, and you knew it. He was probably demoted, used to hiding that mussy blond mop under a trooper helmet. If that’s the case, he was lucky to not be dead.

But you weren’t going to push the point with him. He was cute.

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Woc Series: Our Little Secret

Hey guys!! This imagine was requested where Y/N has nipple piercings!! As always, comment, give feedback, and ask questions! But most of all enjoy!!


It was nearing midnight, an old Drake song was reverberating through the air, and you were drunk.

You were holed up in Harry’s London flat in one of his black sheer tops, a bralette peeking through, with your favorite jeans on; a flute of champagne was set on the coffee table next to you, and you were sitting on the carpet across from Harry, both of you locked in an intense question game.

You bit at your bottom lip, tasting the bubbly liquid on its plump surface before narrowing your eyes and thinking of a question that you genuinely wanted to know the answer to.

“Favorite memory?” You finally asked before reaching for your champagne to take a sip, eyeing your best friend from over the brim.  You watched carefully as Harry’s face turned pensive, his green eyes becoming clouded with thought.

“Mmmm… good question, love. To be honest, I have so many great memories….” He hummed as he brought a hand up to rustle his short hair.

“I’m not gonna let you off the hook.  Come on Styles,” you teased, giggling lightly when he made a face at you.

“Probably when mum married Robin.  Seeing her so happy.  I often think about the joy on her face, and I use it kind of as a reference point…. I ‘ve been able to put that look on her face a couple of times before,” Harry nodded his head lightly, the green of his eyes becoming light as he told you.

You immediately smiled at Harry, feeling your heart lighten.  He was just so pure and genuine; a true gentleman.  You didn’t know why you thought he would say some memory with his old band, but you found that the one he told you was so much more him.  He was a family man in its truest form and it was no secret that he absolutely loved and adored Anne; you weren’t surprised by his answer.

Stuck in your thoughts, you caught yourself staring at him, at the way he smiled softly to himself causing his dimples to appear lightly and the way in which he crinkled his nose after messing with his hair. You quickly looked away and grabbed the glass again to take a long sip of the bubbly liquid, finding that it made your head lighter.

Harry reached for his beer bottle before taking a long swig of the brown liquid, no doubt thinking of a question.  You fixed him with a tipsy smile, your mind swimming as you watched Harry’s adam’s apple bob as he swallowed.  He was quite tipsy himself and you felt a blush flower across your cheeks as Harry set down the beer bottle before darting out his tongue to collect the excess liquid on his lips.

“Your turn,” you prompted, your voice coming out light and airy.

“Let’s see, poppet,” Harry scratched at the corner of his mouth with his thumb, a small smirk appearing on his lips.

“Favorite member of One Direction?” Harry grinned as he tried to hold back his laughter, his green eyes dancing impishly.

You rolled your eyes, giggling under your breath before adjusting Harry’s sheer top, letting one side fall off your shoulder.

“Definitely Niall,” you said, your tone and face serious.  You watched amused as Harry’s eyes bulged slightly and his mouth parted in surprise.

“I’m wounded…”

You laughed, covering your open mouth with your small hand. “You shouldn’t ask those type of questions, Haz.  You know how much I love to mess with you,” you giggled.

Harry eyed you carefully before shaking his head, chuckling slightly.  You watched as he took another long pull from his bottle, grimacing slightly at the sharp taste.

The song changed to an old Rolling Stones ballad, and Harry nodded his head lightly to the opening notes. His eyes were becoming more and more clouded by the drink that was in his hands, and his smile was broadening with every sip.

“Ok, Haz… are you going to grow back your hair?” You asked lightly, your mind fuzzy and your lips moving slowly.

“Of course.  Although I do quite like the short hair.. getting used to it.  But, I look better with the long hair, innit?”  Harry grew thoughtful causing you to laugh.  He was just so adorable with his furrowed brows and confused expression.

“I like your long hair better,” you confessed, reaching for your flute of champagne to finish it off.

Harry watched you as you swallowed it down.  “You want another?”

“How many glasses have I had?” You asked, trying to remember but not able to.

“I think you finished your third, love…” Harry pursed his lips in thought.

“Oh goodness,” you giggled lightly before shaking your head slowly.  “I probably shouldn’t.”

Harry simply shrugged at you before bringing the bottle up to his lips again and taking a pull of it.

“Ok, Y/N… Let’s see,” he hummed thoughtfully as he drew a hand through his hair.  “One secret that you never want your parents to know,” he gave you his infamous grin, his eyes lighting up.

You immediately began to blush from underneath your dark skin and you smiled sheepishly.

“Well…” you cleared your throat softly before looking around the room, your head spinning lightly.  “I sort of have some piercings…” you bit at your lip lightly, eyeing Harry as his face grew pensive and his eyes roved around the room.

“Okkkkkkk….” Harry drew out his response as he scratched at his eyebrow.

“As in like, nipple piercings……..” you whispered as softly as you could.

“I’m sorry?” Harry leaned forward towards you, his face alight with wonder; not sure if what he heard was correct.

“Nipple piercings,” you giggled, somewhat embarrassed.

“Jesus, poppet,” Harry’s voice deepened with an emotion that didn’t register in your drunken state.

“Yeaa,” you said sheepishly, feeling your face warm.  You pushed a few curls behind your ear, before bringing up your eyes to meet Harry’s. His eyes were wide with awe and his lips were curled up in a soft smile, his dimples popping.  He shook his head disbelievingly.

“That’s mental, Y/N. I’ve known you for years and yet somehow I didn’t know my best friend has nipple piercings,” Harry admonished, his tone serious.

“It was a secret.  I got them done my freshman year of college,” you rolled your eyes.  “Everyone was doing it and I thought they looked cute…” you smiled at the memory.

You watched lazily as Harry’s eyes shifted down to his sheer top, and the bralette underneath.  

“Are the piercings in now?”

You nodded slowly, your mind lagging from the amount of champagne you had consumed.

There looked to be a question on the tip of Harry’s tongue, and you waited a beat to see if he would ask it; however, he merely shook his head in disbelief before taking a large swig of his beer, tipping his head back to finish the bottle.

“You wanna see?”  You questioned softly, your voice barely covering the music playing in the background.

Harry immediately snapped his head back to face you, and his eyes took in your calm face, roving over your dark eyes to see if you were serious before his green orbs fell down to your lips, waiting to see if you would say that you were just joking.

It took him a second before he nodded slowly, his face turning a slight pink.

“Only if you’re comfortable though, love,” his speech was slightly slurred and the British tilt to his words warmed something deep inside you.

You nodded slowly at him and you found yourself smiling when you caught a grin making its way across his face.  “Ok,” you whispered before unbuttoning the sheer top all the way.  The air was warm around you and you ran a hand down your tummy, it was flat, but you still had love handles.  You quickly looked up at Harry again; he was entranced with your face, watching you; no doubt unsure if he should look at you yet.

With a slight breath in, you quickly took off your bralette; it was your favorite one, burgundy in color that complimented your brown skin nicely.  You sat up straight, bare in front of Harry, the metal of the piercings softly shining in the dim lights.

You heard Harry breathe shallowly and you raised your head to eye him carefully.  He was biting at his lips, his eyes trained on your nipples, his breathing ragged.

You took in a deep breath before huffing it out, looking down at your breasts.  They were of ample size, and the cool metal of the piercings accentuated the darker brown of your nipples nicely.  You tenderly brushed a finger over the nipple before cupping your breasts in your hands; they were perky but you still pulled them up a bit so that Harry could see better.

“Jesus Christ,” Harry muttered causing you to look up at him.  His expression was slightly pained and his chest was heaving up and down. There was something in his eyes that caused you to shift a bit from your position on the floor.

You watched as Harry brought out his tongue to dab at the corner of his mouth, and you blushed when he cleared his throat and looked away from your chest reluctantly.

“What have, um, your boyfriends thought of them?”  Harry’s voice came out rough and low as he asked you.

You brought your hands back to your sides, your bralette and Harry’s shirt thrown carelessly next to you. You chuckled lightly, your mind so fuzzy that you weren’t fully comprehending that you had no shirt or bra on.

“Well I’ve only had one boyfriend since getting them done…. Remember Bryan?” You watched as Harry nodded, his hand coming up to tug lightly at his short hair.  You cocked your head when you noticed that his hands had a slight tremor to them.

“Well… he really liked them,” you whispered before biting at your bottom lip, wondering why your body was growing hot.

“I’ll be honest with you, poppet. They’re sexy as hell,” Harry grunted out.  Hearing the rasp of his voice caused you to bring your arms around to cover yourself.  Your body was beginning to respond to his words and the tone of his voice, and even in your drunken state you knew that you were passing a crucial point of friendship.

“Thank you, Haz,” you fixed him with a crooked smile.

“I just wish you wouldn’t hide from me,” Harry nodded to your arms that were covering your chest. “I won’t bite unless you want me to,” Harry continued with a drunken smile.

“Are you hitting on me, Styles?” You giggled as you shook your head, feeling your curls swish around your shoulders.

“Possibly,” he shrugged, his eyes still dark.  He licked his lips quickly, causing you to look away.

“But yea so that’s my secret,” you said, your voice light.

“I have another question, my love…”

“Yea?” You swallowed.

“Did Bryan ever suck on them?”

“Excuse me?”  You were completely flustered.  You knew Harry was only being bold because he was so drunk, but it still caught you off guard.

You watched as Harry scooted over closer to you until his crossed knees were touching your own. You could smell the heady scent of him, and the alcohol on his breath.  His face was mere inches from your own and you could see the genuine curiosity splayed on his face.

You watched, frozen, as he leaned into you, placing one hand on your crossed arms, the other he placed on the apple of your cheek, caressing it softly.  Your breathing hitched and you watched as he gave you a crooked grin, his right dimple appearing.

“Poppet, I know you heard me…” he taunted you, his voice deep and smooth.  You breathed in a staggered breath, the musky scent of Harry invading your senses and leaving you in a stupor.

“I-I, Harry,” you whimpered quietly, your eyes locked on his.  You were entranced as his emerald eyes darkened and your breath hitched once more when they hardened.

“Did he suck on them, Y/N?” Harry asked you again, his voice soft.

You nodded, your stomach beginning to tingle and when Harry pulled softly at your arms, you gave no resistance, simply allowing him to see you again.

Before you could stop him, Harry moved your hair back from your neck.  He then immediately attached his mouth onto the side of it, right below your ear.  An involuntary moan worked its way from your mouth at the warmness of his mouth and his wet tongue as he tongued small circles into your neck.

“Harry,” you breathed heavily.  He pulled back to blow lightly onto your neck and you jumped slightly before feeling a tingling sensation just below your tummy.

“I won’t suck on you, Y/N. Because then I’ll want to do more,” Harry whispered into your ear.  You closed your eyes and surrendered to the feeling residing low in your belly and when he placed a chaste kiss underneath your ear once more, you whimpered.

“Poppet,” Harry’s said drunkenly, “tomorrow when we’re both sober, we’re going to have a serious conversation….. This was the last straw; I need to have you as my girl.”  Harry breathed loosely.

“We’re not in our right minds, but I’ve wanted to be with you for a long time now.  Are you listening, my love?”

You nodded fervently, his words seeming to slice through the drunken stupor that you were in.

Harry then reluctantly pulled away from you to grab his sheer top.  He lazily helped you put it on.

“Wait my bralette..” you said drunkenly.

“No, love.  You don’t need it.  I wanna see your piercings some more,” Harry told you earnestly.

Once the shirt was on Harry stood up before pulling you up which took a couple of tries because you were unsteady on your feet.

“Let me walk you to the guest bedroom…” Harry murmured softly, his voice still gruff.

“Carry me, please,” you demanded with a pout.  Harry rolled his eyes playfully before grabbing you slowly to pick you up bridal style.  You giggled slightly as he walked down the hall, his path shaky and curved.

“We’re so drunk, Haz….” You laughed aloud.  Before he could respond, he tripped over his feet and the two of you came tumbling down. You grunted as you fell on top of Harry.

A long beat passed before you broke out into laughter.  “Are you okay?” You asked between chuckles.

“Owwwww,” Harry whined from underneath you.

“Shutup Harry; you’re fine.” You rolled your eyes with a grin before looking down into Harry’s eyes. There were some flecks of gold in them, and you smiled at the softness in them.

Before you could stop yourself, you lowered your face down on his and captured his lips with your own. He tasted of strong beer, but his lips were still impeccably soft.  You felt as he brought his hand up to grasp the back of your neck, holding you against him. You licked at his bottom lip before you smiled into him.

You didn’t know if it was because you were inebriated or if it was because you had been harboring feelings for him for so long, but you felt buoyed, completely afloat.  And as you deepened the kiss, you knew you couldn’t wait until the next day.


Pairing: Hotch x Reader

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Request: No

Word Count: 805

A/N: I just wanna day that this one shot is somewhat personal. I have suffered from depression and I just wanna day that you are not alone, and please do not let it get to the point of suicide. Reach out to someone you trust and please get the help you need. You all deserve a life and please do not take your own. ❤️

Warning(s): Mild depression, Angst, fluffish


Originally posted by nevermindtheb0ll0cks

It was happening again. You were having one of your bad days that turned into a week. You spent most of your nights not eating and crying yourself to sleep. Your apartment had turned into a mess, clothes were piled up in corners, random objects scattered across the floor, your sink overflowed with dishes. Every so often some of your fellow team members would stop by, trying to talk to you, help you even, but you wouldn’t budge. You rarely let someone in, but Aaron came by for several nights and he brought dinner to try and cheer you up. To be honest, he hadn’t seen you smile for weeks, possibly even a month. It hurt you to see your friends worry about you, but you couldn’t help it. Sometimes you just can’t explain why you have depression, it just appears out of the blue. You came to work less and less, forgetting to set your alarm and staying in bed all day. You had also shut all the curtains and blinds because you refused to even glance outside, much less take one step outside your apartment door. You hadn’t realized it was morning, until you heard a soft knock at your door behind you. You held your head in between your knees, with your back against the door. You looked up and sighed as you let your head fall back onto the wooden surface.

“Y/N? I know you’re in there, are you okay?”

That seemed like a stupid question at this point. Of course you weren’t okay, Aaron mentally slapped himself as he thought of restarting this conversation with a different approach. 

“Knock twice if you’re listening.” 

There was a long silence between the both of you. You figured there was no other choice, you lifted your arm behind your head and knocked softly two times. Aaron sighed with relief and he explained how the team misses you and that they want you to come back to work. You’ll admit it, you miss them too. Deep down, you actually want to go to work, but your depression refuses you to. You don’t want to spread the negativity and bring others down. You wish that someone would comfort you, hold you and tell you that everything would be alright. You quickly wiped the tears threatening to fall as Aaron heard the faint sound of you sniffling. He frowned at the noise, he hated to see you like this. he wanted to help you in any way he could, but you shut him out. You heard footsteps retreating from behind you, several sobs escaped your lips as you ran your hands through your hair and once again curled into a ball, blocking out the world around you.

A few days later, you yet again turn your head towards the door as a knock is heard from the other side. Aaron was about to speak until he was surprised you opened the door. You looked like you’d been through hell and back. Your messy bun hanged just above your shoulders, full of knots. You just wore a tank top and some pajama pants along with a robe and fuzzy socks. From lack of sleep, he could see the growing bags under your eyes. 

“Can I come in?”

You didn’t say anything as you stepped aside. Aaron glanced around your apartment as he carefully stepped around the books that were laid out on the floor. You shut the door behind him and you turned towards him and crossed your arms.

“What?” You rasped. You hadn’t spoken to anyone in days. You cleared your throat and asked again. 

“I brought some movies, and I figured I could keep you company for a few hours.”

You shrugged as you move to sit down on the couch while Aaron puts the movie into the DVR.

After the second movie in, you both ordered pizza. Before you took your first bite, you set the plate down and faced towards him.

“Look Aaron, I appreciate the gesture, but I don’t think this is helping me.”

Aaron sighed deeply as he turned to you and grabbed your hands, making you look up.

“Listen Y/N, I don’t know what’s happening to you, but I want to help you. I hate to see you so sad and distant yourself so much from me. You can always talk to me about your problems or anything. I’m just a phone call away. I know what you’re going through must be hard, and sometimes you can’t explain it, I get that. But I want you to know that you don’t need to put yourself through this. You don’t have to shut me out. You are a very strong person and please ask for help.”

Aaron squeezed your hands comfortably and for the first time in weeks you genuinely smiled.

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Dead Beat

Word Count: 1588

Genre: Soulmate!AU (Reader X Jimin)

|| You have felt his strong emotions, you have shared the same heartbeat, you have shared the same breath. Everything he feels, you feel. Everything you feel, he feels. By sharing the same heartbeat, you could feel each other’s excitement and happiness. But it could also mean that if his stops, so does yours.

A/N: i pulled this out of my ass tbqh Please enjoy this fic~

Originally posted by jeonmp3

12:38AM. You woke up again, drenched in sweat. Your shirt’s neckline was heavy and wet along with the back. Sighing, you figured your soulmate was having another nightmare. Feeling utterly helpless, you felt a wash of fear drown you. This was the third time this week, and your heart couldn’t take another shock. You felt so bad, so horrible that your soulmate was going through this and you couldn’t do anything. You didn’t even know who in the Hell your soulmate was. You ran your fingers through your hair, the roots stuck to each other from sweat. Falling back onto your bed, you felt your heartbeat start to slow down; maybe he was calming down. You closed your eyes, hoping to give him the wash of calm you felt. Your breathing started to pace itself, and you could feel him calm down.

While you were fast asleep, there laid Jimin, restless and afraid. He didn’t live in the best part of town, but what put him to sleep every night was your paced heartbeat and your feeling of calmness. After seeing one of his close friends nearly die in a drive-by shooting, Jimin couldn’t fall asleep soundly anymore. His chest had a heavy weight, feeling guilty over making you lose sleep as well. Every time his breath quickened, every time he felt uneasy, you would feel it too. Unfortunately for him, Jimin couldn’t sleep somewhere safer. Despite his horrible situation, he remained hopeful, praying that one day you’ll find him and that you’ll take away the pain he was feeling. He ran his fingers through his faded orange hair and turned to his side, eyeing the clock and letting sleep take him away.

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yayrandomjunk  asked:

I identify as gender neutral and really don't like how quickly my facial hair grows back. It's almost impossible for me to shave every day, and I don't have the money for laser hair removal, nor do I have the commitment to completely remove it. What's your advice?

As someone who has really bad sensitive skin. I feel you on this. I’m still not smooth every day. Even after so many sessions of laser its stunted the growth to where I can spend about a day and a half smooth before hair starts going back. And hair grows so slowly that I can't’ shave for a few days, which means there are a few days of fuzzy Izzy. 

The bigger issue for me isn’t the site of hair but the physical touching of face and feeling hair. My roommate has noticed a cycle of happy clean shaven Izzy to depressive its been a few days and she’s fuzzy Izzy. But here some tips and tricks I’ve done.

Selective shaving + Make Up

Shaving certain sections. My neck is the sensitive spot, I can shave my chin and up and not get any razor burn, but my chin below really be red no matter what. Sometimes I’ll have every but my neck, and use foundation and concealer to make the hairs less noticeable. Most people won’t notice. 

Selective shaving + Creams

Now I am currently going through laser hair so I can’t use waxing, threading, or plucking. They need the follicles intact to efficiently kill them. But I had previously used depilatory creams for my neck and shaved everything else. Any spot that the depilatory cream missed I would pluck.

Depilatory creams need a lot of attention. Read the box and don’t leave on any longer than recommend it, or you’ll chemically burn yourself. But this lead to less razor burn for me. I just can’t do this at the moment.

Shaving Tips and Tricks

Alcohol - It hurts so fucking bad, I hate it. I cry. But after shaving, if you use alcohol on your face it, it’ll dry up the open pores and reduces razor burn. Its straight up Home Alone every time, but it does the best results for me. It does dry out your skin. 

Coochy Shaving Cream - It’s for women’s crotches, but it works on all skin. It also reduced razor burn for me. After a hot shower rub it into the skin, and let it soak in. Then rerub it to foam again. 

Conditioner - Use conditioner to soften facial hair while in the shower. 

Women’s Deodorant - After shaving coating, your skin with women’s deodorant helps sooth the skin and prevent bumps. 

Razors - Women’s razors are low quality. I recommend the dollar shave club razors. I’ve enjoyed their 4xBlade but the next month I’m trying their 2xblade. You don’t really want more than 3 blades. Every blade against your skin increases your chances of razor burn or cutting. 

My Current Regiment;

Shower in hot water, and exfoliate with conditioner. After shower immediately put on shaving cream and let it soak for a few minutes. Then I use a dollar shave club razor and shave. Immediately wet my hands with alcohol and use frozen vegetables on my face. Finishing with deodorant as a post shave balm.
This results in like 2 or 3 red spots for me.  

anonymous asked:

Heey, your blog is soo great! <3 Can I ask for a J-Hope fluffy smut where y/n and Hoseok are classmates (high school) and she goes to his house so he can help her with maths but they end up... You know xD but his sister/parents are at home so they have to be quiet! Haha thank you xoxo ~~

Thank you for your request! Please Enjoy :)

~~ Admin Abbie

Xx Smut xX

Jhope x Reader

Feel My Lips 

You waited in front of the door to the house of your friend, You had your book bag on your back full with math books. Today you were going over to Jhopes so he could help you with math.

You rang the door bell and you soon heard footsteps rushing towards the door and you suddenly got nervous. You had to admit that you actually really liked Jhope but you didn’t want to ruin your relationship with him so you never told him your feelings. Even so you still wanted to make an impression on him so you tried to make sure you looked decent today! You were wearing a pair of light ripped jean shorts and a black sweater your hair was in way curls and you had a little bit of makeup on.

The door opened and Jhope came out.

“Y/N! You made it!”

“Of course!”

“Come in!”

He moved aside and let you enter, He introduced you to his parents and his younger sister. Then he guided you to his room upstairs.

You walked into his room that was surprisingly big! He had his desk to study and his bed was at least a queen size maybe even a king! His room was black and white mostly with some red here and there.

He had a loud stereo for his music and even a wall that was all a mirror for him to practice his dancing. His room was exactly like him, It was full of all the things he loved!

“You can put your stuff here on my bed and go ahead and get out what you want to work on first, I’m going to go grab some snacks and something to drink. You want something?”

“Water please!!”


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anonymous asked:

I started growing a bit of facial hair on my chin recently and I'm really proud of it but my friends keep telling me that I should shave it because it looks weird and so that it will grow back stronger but every time I shave it makes me super dysphoric and it still grows back as soft fuzzy hair. When I don't shave, I feel like people judge me because I still don't pass and I end up looking like a hairy woman (which is not seen as a good thing in society). Should I keep shaving it?

You should do whatever makes you comfortable. Whatever you think is right for you.
If shaving it makes you dysphoric, don’t do it. It’s your body and you can do whatever you want to do with it -Matt


Can you do a one shot where Matthew and the reader are dating, and she can’t handle scary stuff at all. Matthew scares her a few times through out the day and does one big one at night. Matthew goes a bit too far with that last one and it causes her to cry. With a very fluffy ending. Thank you for maybe doing this story <3 <3

Originally posted by 0laura0

By this point in time, you are tip-toeing around the house.

Your apartment was being bug-bombed because of a massive spider issue, and your boyfriend, Matthew, was kind enough to agree to let you stay with him until everyone was sure the building was safe to reside in once more.

What you didn’t realize was the insanity that would ensue during his favorite holiday.

Your boyfriend was crazy-town for Halloween.  Granted, you enjoyed it as well, but only to a certain extent.  You couldn’t handle the haunted houses or the gory, scary thrillers that he did.  You enjoyed the dressing up and watching Hocus Pocus on rerun throughout the day while enjoying a bit of Michael Jackson and candy corn.

But today Matthew was dead-set on making you his entertainment.

He had grabbed your foot this morning as you stepped it off of the bed, he had put on a clown mask and darted his head into your shower, he had put…of all things…a fake spider in your eggs when you had turned your back for the hot sauce, and he had popped up from your backseat in the middle of driving down the highway when you were making your way in town to have some coffee!

At this point, every time you turned a corner your hands began to shake.

And you had tried to laugh it off, swatting at him and throwing your head back in fake laughter as he smiled brightly at you and continued to enjoy your presence.

But the sun was starting to set behind the house, and you were getting very afraid.

Matthew kept reassuring you that he was done.  He kept telling you thank you for being such a good sport about it, and that he had various ways that he was going to make it up to you tonight.  So, in an effort to be ready for said efforts, you had hopped back into the shower and started shaving various parts of your body.

It wasn’t that you didn’t groom regularly, you just wanted to make sure you were baby smooth for the places you were envisioning that he would touch.

Midway through a swipe you hear the power shut down in the house, the bathroom going completely black as the last bit of light streaming through the small bathroom window sets behind the brush of his backyard.

“Matthew?” you call out.

But you heard absolutely nothing.

You felt the hairs on the back of your neck stand at attention.

“Matthew, sweetheart?” you call out, your voice trembling a little bit as you continue to try and feel around with your soapy hand, finishing off the shaving of your leg as you place it back down into the bottom of the tub.

“Shit…” you murmur, running your hand over your sensitive area between your legs, feeling the light scruff that had begun to grow in your bikini area as you sigh heavily.

A power outage was a perfect advantage for beautiful times.

So you made a very bad decision.

Feeling around in between your legs, you put the razor to your skin and begin to slowly shave, feeling the fuzzy hair fall to your hand as the shower quickly turns cold.

“Fuck me,” you murmur, shivering as you pick up the pace with your shaving.

You had been so concentrated on not cutting yourself that you hadn’t heard Matthew inch the bathroom door open.

Finally getting one bikini line smooth, you move your razor over to the other side, your nipples puckering painfully at the cool-running water as you will your hand to stay still.

“Just a little longer…” you murmur, clenching your jaw as you try to concentrate.

And that’s when you look up and see it.

A shadowy figure holding up a knife.

Screaming as the razor ricochets across your skin, you feel a very painful sensation run along the lip of your vagina as your razor drops to the bathroom, feeling liquid trickle down your leg as a throaty growl emanates from the man behind the curtain.

“Matthew!!  Matthew, help me!!  Please!!  Mattheeeeeeeeew!!”

Clamoring at the shower wall, your legs give out from under you as you plummet to the bathroom, your dropped razor catching your butt cheek as you feel it fillet your skin open, your eyes crying out as you continue to scream in horror.

“Matthew, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!” you roar.

“Whoa whoa whoa whoa…” Matthew breathes, ripping the mask off of his face as he throws the curtain of the shower back.

“No!  Please!  Don’t hurt me!” you cry out, your hands covering the top of your head as your body visibly shakes in the dark.

“Y/N!  Y/N!  It’s just me!”

Grasping your hands as he helps you out of the shower, you combat against him as he helps you to the bathroom floor, dashing out of the room as he goes in search of the circuit breaker.

Feeling on the ground for anything, you come across the knife that the mysterious man had left.

And you realize that it’s rubber.

Squinting your eyes as the lights flood into the house, you feel your blood boil as you attempt to stand up, unaware of the stream of blood trickling down your legs from the gash on your vagina and the fillet on your butt.

And when Matthew rounded the corner, he stood in his own horror, his eyes wide as he locks his stare onto your legs.

“Please…tell me that’s fake…” he breathes.

But all you did was charge him.

“You sorry sack of shit!” you yell, thrusting your hands into his chest as he goes stumbling into the room, falling back onto the bed as you leave a light trail of blood behind you, “I’m in the fucking shower shaving my stupid ass for you because you told me that we were gonna have sex!  And now look at me!!”

Hitting his chest as the pain in your body begins to slowly register in your mind, you feel Matthew wrap his arms around you as he slowly lays you on the bed, your sobs wracking your body as he runs in search of a first aid kit.

Hearing him panting lightly, he comes back into the room as you cover your face with your bloodied hands as he begins to get to work, wiping alcohol wipes over the gash on your vaginal lip as you twitch and whimper at the burning.

“Why did you do this to me?” you whine lightly, curling your lips back into your mouth as you try to stifle anymore sobbing.

“I’m so sorry…” he whispers, wiping the blood away with more alcohol wipes than the thought necessary as he tries to keep his own tears at bay.

“You know I hate scary things…” you whisper up to the ceiling as you close your eyes.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry,” he murmurs lowly, his fingertips dancing some salve over your gash as he takes the butterfly closures and slowly begins to shut the gash in your most sensitive areas.

Feeling his large hands grasp your thighs, you move with him as he tilts you to the side, his eyes dancing over the filleted skin on your buttocks as you feel something wet drip onto your skin.

“Matthew…?” you breathe.

And then you heard him sniffle.

“I’m so…sorry…Y/N,” he hiccups as you feel him begin to wipe alcohol wipes along the tiny slits of skin.

Your muscles kept jumping under his swipes.

Feeling your tears leak onto the bed, you feel him put some salve on your wounds and cover them with some gauze and tape before he gathers everything up and walks it back into the kitchen.

But you just continue to lay there.

Then, you hear him rummaging around.

Closing your eyes, you don’t know how long you nodded off, but when you open your eyes, you feel his bare chest pressing into your back, his body curling up to you as he pulls a large blanket over you both.

And then you hear a TV start up.

Opening your eyes, you see Matthew’s portable DVD players sitting on your nightstand, your favorite Halloween movie playing on the screen as you feel him snake his arm around your waist.

Hocus Pocus.

“Matthew?” you ask as you look at the clock, seeing it tick to just past 9 as you feel him press kisses along your shoulders.

“I won’t do anything like this ever again.  I promise,” he whispers.

“Don’t you have a party to go to?” you ask.

After all, it was the night before Halloween.

“I’m right where I need to be,” he murmurs, continuing to press warm, wet, sorrowful kisses all along your collarbone and in between your shoulders.

“Are you in any pain?” he croaks.

“No,” you lie.

“That’s good,” he whispers, tightening his grip around your waist as the movie intro finishes up.

And as your hand finds his, snaking your fingers together as you slowly shift back into him, you sigh contently as his free arm slowly snakes under your head, allowing you to feel more of his skin against yours as you smile lightly to yourself.

Your boyfriend was an absolute mess.

And you were in love with him.


 Group & Member(s): Got7′s Jackson 

Genre: angst-ish

Warnings: brief scene of physical violence, mentions of blood and hospitals 

You enter hour 2 of your six hour shift at the coffee shop you work at. Time is moving at a snails pace and the shop is dead, the lunch rush just ending. You’re still at the counter and play with your hair when the familiar ding of the door bell sounds as the group of 7 familiar boys walk in, shaking the snow from their shoes and jackets.
“Hey! Y/N!” they say in unison, all seven smiling at you.
“Hey boys! how is practice going? on a break?” you ask to no one in particular as you get up and start making their coffees. There is no need to take orders any more, you know what each of them want already.
“Ahhh it’s going okay, but JB hyung keeps messing up with the choreography!” says Yugyeom, laughing and hiding behind Mark.
JB pushes Mark away from the maknae and gives him a soft punch
“Not everyone can be a dancing machine!” JB retorts as the boys sit down at their usual table. They soon start a conversation on their own, leaving you to get their coffee’s situated.
you are in your coffee making zone when you hear Jackson call from behind you
“Need help, Jagiya?”
The way he used that nickname made you jump.
“Jackson, how many times do I have to tell you to not call me that? it’s not appropriate if we’re not dating!” you say, trying to sound serious but staring at his puppy eyes you can’t help but not smile at him.
“Ahh but you like it don’t you?” He asked, batting his eyes at you and making a heart with his hands. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi, lovely! I was wondering if you could do a MGG imagine where the reader and him have to film a sex scene but they both end up turned on (but no smut) and they realise they have feelings for eachother? Just ultimate fluff & angst. Your writing is amazing!

Oh, I can do this!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

“Alright, now remember.  The two of you are hesitant about each other’s feelings, so this should be bumbling at first, but ultimately end in a very passionate sex scene where the two of you finally tell the other you love them.”

Nodding at the director as you take in Matthew out of the corner of your eye, you find your hands shaking as the costume direction taps you on the shoulder.

“Let’s get you set up in your gown,” she says as she leads you over to a dressing room, your head craning back to take in Matthew staring at you as you walk away.

“Hey,” the director says as he elbows Matthew lightly, “You ok, cowboy?”

“Huh?” he asks, his head whipping over, “Oh, yeah yeah…I’m alright.”

“I know she’s nervous because she’s never done a scene like this before, but you look like you’re about to go on stage for the first time and dance the Macarena.”

Chuckling lightly as he shakes his head, the make-up artists urge him to sit down as they put the finishing touches on his face, his eyes drifting over to the bedroom set as his heart begins to race.

“So…what happens if I actually get aroused?” he asks, his eyes panning up at his director.

“It’s a natural reaction,” he says, brushing it off as he walks over to his assistant, “And she’s a grown woman.  She’ll understand.”

“I just don’t-”

“Don’t what?” you ask as you walk around the corner.

Whipping his head around as the make-up artist curses under her breath, Matthew’s jaw drops as his eyes slowly pan up and down your body, taking in your silky nightgown with your hair big and curled.

He always loved your hair down.

“I’m just worried about you, is all…with how awkward this scene could get…”

“It’s alright.  It might need a few takes, but we’ll get it,” you say reassuringly, coming over and patting his shoulder as he smiles weakly up at you.

“Alright!” the director claps his hands as the two of you take in deep breaths, “Let’s get this show on the road.  Once this scene is over, you guys have your weekend!”

As Matthew goes over and sits on the bed, you stand off-scene as you shuffle on your feet, waiting for the director’s cue.

“Aaaand…action!” he whispers.

As you watch Matthew perform his monologue, supposedly talking just to himself, a camera pans around your face as you stand off screen, your character taking in his profession of love as you smile lightly graces your cheeks.

“…but how could a woman like her ever love a monster like me?”

That was your cue.

Slowly slipping in to the room, you clear your throat as you stand there, the lights dim and the cameras panning in every direction as Matthew’s character whips around, a startled expression giving way to one of shock as you feel your cheeks physically flush.

What the…?

“You’re not a monster,” you say, shaking your head as you slowly walk towards him, your fingers trailing over the comforter of the bed as you catch his gaze, “At least…not to me.”

“You should be frightened,” he says, jumping up as his tall stature careens over you, his eyes fierce as his tongue darting out to lick his lips.

You felt your knees begin to tremble.

Stay strong, Y/N.

“Just because you say so?” you question, your eyebrow cocking playfully.

Watching as he slowly bends down to you, his hand slipping lightly around your waist, his lips dip lowly in to your ear as you hear a camera roll close, panning in to his lips as he mutters, “Yes.”

And that’s the cue for the scene.

Rubbing your cheek lightly against his, your eyes fluttering shut as he lets out a sigh in the crook of your neck, his character’s hand grips your waist, his hand fluttering up your spine as he braces the back of your neck, his lips finding yourself as he buries his face into your warmth, your tongue quickly dancing around as you cock your heads to the side.

You could feel a burning sensation churning within you.

Leaning back lightly as you gasp, his character leans his forehead against yours as his breathing becomes shallow.

“Are you afraid?” he asks, his voice low and his hands trembling.

Looking up in to his eyes, the strings of your gown slowly slipping off of your broad shoulders, a playful grin plays on your lips as your hands slip down his chest.

You never realized how strong he was.

“No,” you whisper.

And that was the next cue.

Feeling his hands cup your ass as he throws you on to the bed, he rips his shirt off as his body dips down, his large hands hiking your legs around him as he shoves your silky nightgown up, your hands fumbling with his belt buckle as your breathing becomes ragged.

Frantic, the script said.

Clumsy, the director had instructed.

Lustful, the end of the scene had designated.

Shoving his pants down off of his legs, his character kicks them to the floor as his mouth attaches to your neck, his hands sliding your gown over your head as your breasts bounce free, your red pasties covering your nipples that were threatening to stand erect underneath.

As you close your eyes and press your head in to the pillow, his lips traveling down your torso as his lips stop shy of the flesh-toned hem of the panties covering your sensitive areas, you feel him linger a little longer than he should have before looking up and giving you his predatory stare that was written in the script.

Rearing up as you catch his gaze, the cameras panning in on you both as you try not to lose yourself in the moment, you watch as his body surges back up, a growl emanating from his lips as he crashes them in to yours, your hands throwing themselves in to his hair as you hear the whooshing of the cameras all around you.

Feeling him wiggle himself in between your legs, you slowly rake your hands down his back, trying not to pay attention to the camera that has emerged above the two of you as your hands run over his smooth, tight rear, your fingertips grasping him as he starts to thrust in to your hips, the fuzzy sock covering his manhood tickling the side of your leg as you bite down in to his shoulder, trying desperately not to laugh.

That is, until the fuzzy sock started to grow stout.

Feeling his muscles twinge with panic as your teeth let go of his shoulder, you bring your lips to his ear the two of you thrust and buck your bodies against each other.

“I’ve got you,” you whisper quietly as you feel his head relax in to the crook of your neck.

After a few more bucks, you see the director whirl his thumb, signaling the two of you to wrap it up.

Throwing your head as as your mouth hangs open, you feel Matthew’s character sink his teeth in to your throbbing vein as you gasp, your eyes flying open as you wrap your legs around his waist.

“I love you,” you character whispers desperately as his character stops thrusting, his eyes slowly coming over to meet yours.

“You what?” he asks, his hot breath panting on your face.

“I…I love you,” you say, tears lightly cresting your eyes as the camera above pans off to the side and moves closer.

And as his character slowly brushes a piece of hair out of your face, his hips begin to roll in to yours again as your fingertips dig in to his back, your body writhing underneath him as his lips encompass yours once again.

Climaxing together for the camera, the two of you shudder as he collapses on to your body, the two of you panting as he peppers kisses from your shoulder to your cheek before settling his eyes on yours once again.

“I love you, too,” he character says, a light smile crossing his face as he slowly leans his forehead on to yours.


Hearing everyone bustle around you, congratulating everyone on a job well done, you continue looking in to Matthew’s eyes as he gazes in to yours, a genuine smile breaking across his cheeks as the flush in your face deepens.

“You’re beautiful,” he mutters, his thumb lightly gracing your cheek as you giggle in your shyness.

“We should probably do that aga-’

As one of the cameramen puts his hand out, stopping the director in his tracks, he nods over to the two of you still on the bed, your legs still wrapped around him, as the two of you giggle and converse lowly to yourselves, oblivious of the commotion going on around you.

“I-I’m…I’m sorry, you know…for the uh…”

As his eyes motion downwards, you bring your hand to his cheek as you shake your head.

“It’s alright.  These pasties were hiding a bit of a surprise as well.”

As the two of you giggle self-consciously, Matthew starts to move as he shifts his body over, sinking down on the bed beside you as he pulls the comforter over your scantily-clad bodies.

“Could I ask you something, Matthew?”

“Anything,” he replies, his fingers finding yours as he slowly interlocks them within his.

“If I were to…say…ask you out for coffee, hypothetically, of course..”

“Oh, of course,” he says, nodding mockingly as you shake your head.

“And…that were to, say, lead to dinner…” you trail off.

“Uh huh,” he says, his fingers letting go of yours as they slowly make their way up to your face.

“Would you…how would you…”

“Y/N?” Matthew asks.

“Yeah?” you respond breathlessly, your heart pounding in your stomach as his eyes lock on to yours.

“Would you like to go get coffee with me after work?” he asks.

Sighing with relief as you bury your face playfully in the pillow, you nod your head as you peek out, a smile playing on your face.

“I would love to,” you say.

“Ahem,” the director says, clearing his throat, “We should probably do it once more…you know, for good measure.”

Closing your eyes as you smile to yourself, you nod your head as you turn towards him, pulling the comforter higher as he gives the both of you playful glances.

“That is probably for the best,” you say, swinging your legs over the side as Matthew helps you wrap the rest of the blanket around your body.

“Alright,” the director says, nodding as he turns his back, “One more shot!” he yells as he thrusts his finger in the air.

And as the two of you scramble out of bed, the make-up and costume designers coming over to prep you one more time for the scene, you glance over to Matthew, his gaze lingering on your form before letting the make-up artist grab his chin and whip his head forehead, leaving your stomach in knots for the evening to come.

The Ten Day Plan: Chapter Eight

It’s been a long time coming, I know! And I am very sorry. I’ve had a rough few weeks of being ill and then going through some personal problems. Then, for the past few days, I’ve suffered severe writers block. So, this chapter feels a tad rusty - let’s call it another filler before we get to the good stuff in chapter nine, kay?
Anyway, I hope you enjoy and stick with me and my little story. Message me, like and reblog as always - feedback is always appreciated :)

The rest of the school day passed in a haze. Scott had to tell Stiles several times to close his mouth as he stared over desks at the petite strawberry blonde that had just made his year.

’I want you Stiles.’’ Her words rang in his head, bouncing around with excitement and disbelief, ‘’and I don’t share.’’ Another strangled noise escaped from his throat as he recalled her words to him and Isaac muffled a snort of laughter behind his hand.
Their teacher glared at them. Scott smiled apologetically, nudging Stiles with the textbook, trying in vain to get him to concentrate. Four desks down, Lydia peered over her shoulder through a curtain of red curls – catching Stiles attention, (not that she had lost it since that morning) she winked.
The boy bit down the corner of his notebook, groaning in agony at the chuckles that erupted from Scott and Isaac.
‘’Do something about it.’’

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