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Your sinister knee struck the floor and you felt a violent pain on your wrist when your weight fell almost completely on it. The documents you had in your hands scattered in front of you and the gaze of three people were on you. You had to be used to walking on high heels after two years as a secretary in Park Corporation, but that day seemed to want to sink you with every possible means. 

“Wait outside please."  

Quick steps next to you and you were finally left alone in the same room with your boss. It wasn’t the first time you were clumsy in front of him, but this was your worst performance.  

"Wear lower heels next time,” his cold tone while helping you collect the scattered sheets, “stop being so clumsy, I can’t take care of you 24/7,” he added even more coldly and you nodded, standing up with fatigue. You took the documents and walked out of the room limping, trying not to get a single moan of pain out of your mouth.  

Jimin, meanwhile, watched you go out trying to understand why that sense of protection that he felt for you hadn’t vanished after all that time.  


“Next time avoids heels,” ordered you Seokjin, your best friend and future nurse, while he bandaged your wrist managing to get from you various moans of grief.  

The bell of your apartment prevented him from continuing his paternal and sighing he lifted, rushing to the door in hopes was the pizza he had ordered. Hope that you had too, as hunger was killing you.  

Seokjin returned to the room, his expression clearly amused, “no pizza.. But there is someone for you, ” he announced, running to his room and left you alone to face the unknown.  

Your heart lost a few beats when Park Jimin, CEO of Park Corporation entered in your living room. He was wearing casual clothes and looked much younger and almost relaxed.  

“Mr. Park..” You started, noticing not knowing what to say and you cleared your throat, embarrassed, “I didn’t know you had a roommate,” your boss filled the silence in your place, resting his jacket on the chair and came up to you.  

His presence in your house had no reason, your anxiety began to rise and the way he had talked to you that morning still burned. It wasn’t your fault you fell.  

He sat on the table in front of you, his gaze wandered over your body observing the bandage on your wrist and the ice resting on your knee. You jerked when he gently clasped your wrist and placed it on his lap, studying the bandage.  

“You haven’t wrapped it up, you’re too clumsy to do it. Your friend? ”  

“Yes, sir. He’s a nurse.. ”  

“Thank God,” he sighed, his voice filled with relief while his fingers caressed the bandages and shivers increased throughout your body, “the knee?”  

“Sore.. But.. Sir, why are you here? ”  

His soft and fleshy lips stretched into a smile, you were so close that you could grasp every nuance of that smile, and raise his gaze he looked at you carefully. The sweetness with which he was admiring you was overwhelming and soon you found yourself feeling your heart beating too quickly and your hands shaking and you knew that he would notice.  

“You always called me Jimin..”  

“Before I became your secretary and you my boss..” You pointed with a pinch of regret, feeling that he grasped perfectly, “Now it’s a habit..”  

“Stop Y/N.. Please, I hate when out of work you call me that way… ” He whimpered, clearly hurt by your behavior. You sighed and rested your other hand on his, starting to caress his palm with your thumb. “I don’t know what’s happening with you..”  

“Don’t overthink.. Jimin. We tried years ago.. It’s the past. ”  

“Tell me that you’re mine.”  

Your eyes were wide open and he intertwined his fingers with yours, in the same way of when you were a couple. “Please,” he pleaded you, “I don’t think I’ve ever stopped loving You, Y/N. Indeed, I know it.”  

“Even I know, Jimin.. And nothing has ever changed for me. I’ve always been yours. ”  

allisonrn2014  asked:

Hi! I'm a senior BSN student and I'm graduating in May. I want to do critical care when I graduate and I've had a total of about 5 months ICU experience. 9 out of 10 nurses I talk to say to do medsurg first. But ICU is what I love. Any suggestions from an ICU nurse?

OH boy I love this question.

To answer this question-it depends on MANY factors.  

Let me explain- there are too many factors that can influence yes or no.  

1.) Experience- do you have nursing assistant or paramedic experience?  or are you going onto the floor with tons of textbook knowledge  with no walk to back you up?  Many nurses say the “you should get two years experience in medsurg before going into a specialty” because most new nurses don’t have experience (clinicals do not count as experience).  I know in my nursing school we did not learn how to draw blood on real people (as well as other technical skills) and this is a HUGE disadvantage.  I was a CNA during school and this definitely helped me in transitioning to a nurse (I recommend that if you have this type of opportunity to take it).

2.) Orientation as a new grad- How long is the orientation for a new grad on the ICU floor at your hospital?  12 weeks?  longer or shorter?  This is important because once you’re on your own you won’t have that preceptor following you to make sure your critical thinking is in order.  Some nurses say that newbies should start in medsurg because then hey have a good handle on what ‘stable’ looks like so then they will have that background to better put critical thinking of unstable patients together.  As well as the experience of putting that critical thinking to use.

3.) The unit you want to start on- nursing school doesn’t talk about this- but here it is… how healthy is the unit?  Are there travelers/ agency nurses?  Are there a lot of new grads on the floor?  Is there a high turnover rate?  This will have a high impact on how you view nursing in general.  When the turnover is high on a unit  there is normally a lot of stress and lot of unhappiness.  Along with unhappy patients and everything is miserable.  When you do your share day observe the ‘culture’ of the unit.  Have people been on the unit for years and years or only a couple of months?  Is there a good skill mix on the floor?  The last thing you want to do is go to a unit where everyone has less than 2 years experience and your preceptor is new themselves (personally, for me this one is the biggest factor).  

4.) Long term goals- what are your long term goals?  Bedside nurse?  Nurse educator? Nurse practitioner? Nurse researcher? Nurse anesthetist? etc etc etc.  Whatever the case even if you want to be a planeteer then set your mind to it and go for it.  Find out what type of experience you need  for what you want to pursue-everything else shouldn’t matter.  New nurses often times have this negative stigma associated with being a medsurg nurse.  I cannot explain this phenomenon myself- perhaps it is because they aren’t necessarily doing CPR everyday.  Maybe it’s because we as nurses don’t give each other enough credit.  A nurse in a trauma center transfusing 20 units of blood to a Jane Doe doesn’t make them any more/less important than the school nurse watching over our youth.  ALL nurses are important in taking care of the patient through the stages of healing.  I think we should stop looking at nursing with this unspoken hierarchy and acknowledge each other at the round table of the community we serve.

SO after looking at these factors I hope I didn’t deter you one way or the other.  I hope I did help provoke thinking about your future in nursing.  It’s not impossible to start in a specialty area- but there are other things to think about besides just the specialty.

Good luck in everything!!! Let me know how it goes!

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