your fun to talk to!!!


oh god im sorry i stalked your blogs for references for like 2 hours 

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so uh… how do i words , uhm… a lot of you dont know me– hell i think only three people here know who i am, but i really really like your art (and art styles) and i look up to all of you a lot, and i look for inspiration from you guys almost every day so uhm… oh my god everyone is just so beautiful, the style, the colors, the line density, the face shapes– I COULD KEEP GOING ON AND ON REALLY—- but i cant because this post is long enough as it is

there’s so many more people i want to add and thank for being such a wonderful sources of awe and inspiration but my shoulder is killing me and its currently an ungodly hour of the wee mornings so i ask for pardon

ah– anyway, bottom line, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING AN INSPIRATION keep doing what you’re doing and i hope you continue to grow and be happier with your art every new day that comes your way!

-Celi <3

P.S. btw if you’re uncomfortable with me putting up your style there please message me and i’ll take it down im sorry;;;;;


Happy Holidays Brien @whatabodtit ! Here are some Reigisa wallpapers for you. Hope you like it!  (◕ᴥ◕)


The Dork Captains | Kuroo & Bokuto |
 - Happy Valentine’s day to my cute @sexuallyfrustratedjellal
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What was your favorite part of PAX?

Well, it was super fun getting to talk to people in real life, Ethan’s a real cool guy to hang with and it’s always a good time seeing Jack and Wiish! And it was fun talking to “the animator gang” as well! But experiencing the reaction to the Anti-video first hand, and meeting Kellie has to get a shared #1 spot :)


The best way to get over drawing insecurity is to redraw older stuff.

I started to try digital art this year so Kuroo on the left side is from early May 2015 and the other from late October this year.

hello guys 🌻 so, i just finished my A-levels *cheers* and basically i have not the slightest idea what to do with my free time but i’m determined to stay productive, hence this is the reason for this masterpost. hope you all enjoy it too!!

stuff to do after exams

  • treat yourself!!!
  • get into a bath and chill
  • play your fave songs
  • get back to watching that series you stopped watching before exams
  • meet up with your friends and do something fun [and try to avoid talking about exams as much as you can]
  • get back to doing that hobby you loved doing
  • plan a trip [even if it’s just in your own country, have fun and act like a tourist!]
  • organise a sleepover with your friends + play some board games [be safe if you’re drinking please!!]
  • check out local events, there is bound to be something you like [for example, we have a nature festival soon here + i’m rly excited to go!!!]
  • download some new apps yay!!!
  • do new things! [read new books, watch new tv shows, find a new hobby, do anything]
  • spend time with your family and friends
  • exercise maybe idk!!! find a new workout you like + try to stick to it
  • meditate
  • try finding a job [check my job tag for tips + resources]
  • try out new restaurants + coffeeshops + so many other things!!
  • volunteer omg!!
  • help out around the house
  • visit relatives you didn’t have the chance to visit during exams
  • cute june quote!!

academics + learning

where to get motivation

+ my masterposts

hope this helped you guys, enjoy your summer!!

- helena xx

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Jason Calls Batman "Dad"
Waiting4Codot (written by the-mistress-morrigan)


Bruce: good job.

Jason: thanks dad

Thugs and riddler: …

Jason: what?

Thug: you just called Batman dad.

Jason: no I said said thanks man.

Bruce: do you see me as a father figure?

Jason: if anything I see you as a BOTHER figure cus you’re always bothering me

Riddler: don’t talk to your father like that

This was fun to record, and it’s been a long week, so it was a nice way to cap it off. I just added a bit at the end, because I think the villains would find a slip up like that to be HILARIOUS. Also, that is a legit Riddler snort. Total accident, but I’m keeping it in there. It can be the little piece of me that I work into these recordings.

family members

All muses have a family of some sort, whether it be a biological one or an adoptive one, and usually muns aren’t able to talk much about them. However, this meme will allow you to expand on your family headcanons! Have fun~

  • Send me a ♠ to have my muse talk about their parents.
  • Send me a ♡ to have my muse talk about their siblings.
  • Send me a ♢ to have my muse talk about their cousins/nephews.
  • Send me a ♣ to have my muse talk about their children.
  • Send me a ✎ + a family member that wasn’t mentioned in this post ( grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc ).

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So, you posted the quick history of Olexians quite a while ago, but I'd like to ask what it means by hoofed feet and animal heels?

there’s your arbitrary lieutenant fact of the day 

Sometimes I wish I let that girl have her way with me and she probably have made be sleep with her…
So I have a better reason to want to die… But I won’t because I care too much for the people around me

dating is supposed to be empowering. it’s supposed to make you feel good. it should be about two people, enthusiastically wanting to get to know each other and spend time together. it’s supposed to make you feel good and add joy and fun to your life

if talking to/dealing with/dating/getting to know a person isn’t like that, it’s probably a waste of time

I think I’m seeing stuff about writing more dark themes and here’s my two cents about it I guess.

It’s OK to write about those things. You can write it, develop it, and go as in depth as you want! Terrible things happen and people read about it because either it makes for a good story or helps people cope with their own situations.

What’s not okay is glorifying bad behavior and horrible acts. You don’t condone, excuse, and encourage this stuff and you really have to drive home that this stuff is deplorable. Don’t write that stuff in a good light or make it seem like it’s a good thing.

And please please please  do your research. If this work is going to have an audience then do your homework. Whether you’re talking about victims, survivors, mental health, etc. Just take the time to be respectful and mindful about it!



i know halloween was yesterday but i didn’t get to post this over my own excitement. so here you go :3

* ↓ that passage where i talk about my thoughts on this whole Anti thing comes below this way ↓ *

I don’t want to get this too long so I’ll go straight to the point.
Thank you Jack (and Robin, props to that guy) for an amazing Halloween experience! I loved it to bits! I seriously had so much fun searching for clues on your social medias and I was talking about it with my friend every day and it was the most exciting thing I did in a very long time.
I am really glad and kinda proud that you’re interacting with us this much, that you even take something from us and implement it into the content of the channel, it’s the best thing a youtuber could do for his fanbase. I’m seriously proud I’m part of this community, it’s the best one i ever saw and had a pleasure to join.
And to be honest, idk what i will do now with my life XD I’ll miss Anti and all this hype that was going on, i feel like it once again brought the comunity together. I hope something like this (or even Anti) will come back in the future, it was too much fun to let it go c:
But i must admit, having you and your normal posts back is nice :) It’s nice to see your normal feedback again c:
Thank you
(at this point i have no idea if this makes any sense…oh well, you get what i wanna say)
god that was still long…

((Anyway, now that i said all i wanted, there’s one more thing. Can we just about how much we want to see the unedited Anti clips?! XD I mean, still funny and quality content right? XD))

I hope you like my little Jack’o’Lantern and Anti’o’Lanter Jack X3 (so original i know)
Have a lovely day~
- RIP Gerald, the Brave Pumpkin -