your friendship is perfect

  1. Swim in a lake
  2. Go to a museum
  3. Head to the beach
  4. Do a cartwheel
  5. Get tan
  6. Float in an ocean or lake
  7. Vlog an entire day
  8. Build a sandcastle
  9. Take cool pictures
  10. Say YES to everything for a day
  11. Browse a book store
  12. Write a short story
  13. Roll down a grassy hill
  14. Hold a yard sale
  15. Have a clothing swap
  16. Vist a public garden
  17. Build a cozy fort
  18. Explore a new neighborhood
  19. Watch the sun set and rise
  20. Start a look book
  21. Print and frame pictures
  22. Write a letter to a friend
  23. Go for a walk
  24. Make something new
  25. Do something artistic
  26. Organize your space
  27. Plant something
  28. Drive somewhere
  29. Hang Out with the fam
  30. Spend some time outdoors
  31. Invent a recipe
  32. Start reading a new book
  33. Pitch a tent and sleep in it
  34. Go on a day adventure
  35. Take a hike
  36. Introduce yourself to someone new
  37. Break a Law
  38. Sneak into a movie
  39. Play the ultimate truth or day
  40. Make a senior year bucket list
  41. Clean out your Refrigerator
  42. Spray paint something
  43. Start a Youtube Channel
  44. Make a flower crown
  45. Take a picture of breakfast 
  46. Hang out with friends
  47. Penny Board
  48. Buy a summer hat
  49. Drink detox water or tea
  50. Go to church
  51. Take a group picture
  52. Buy a cactus or succulent
  53. Take a road trip
  54. Have a picnic at the park
  55. Dance in the rain
  56. Get a photo worthy Fro-yo
  57. Make Dinner
  58. Eat outside
  59. Have a TREAT YO SELF night
  60. Cut a watermelon in half using rubber bands
  61. Bike someplace new
  62. Finish Wreck This Journal
  63. Buy a matching summer outfit with your Best friend
  64. Spend a whole day at the mall
  65. Make a friendship bracelet
  66. Create the perfect summer playlist
  67. complement a complete stranger
  68. Eat something new
  69. Get a temporary tattoo
  70. Spend the weekend with a friend
  71. Give someone a makeover
  72. Try to go without netflix for a day
  73. Go to the cinema
  74. Swim in a pool
  75. Bake something
  76. Have a water ballon fight
  77. Rope swing into water
  78. Tie-Dye something
  79. Run a marathon 
  80. Have a food fight
  81. Write a note and leave it somewhere public
  82. Carve initials into a tree
  83. Try invisible rope prank
  84. Yoga challenge with friends
  85. Get a new pair of shoes
  86. Do something fearless
  87. Draw with chalk outside
  88. Burn something (Like old school work)
  89. Play hide and clap at night
  90. Make an inspirational board or collage
  91. Go to a friends house
  92. Try five new starbucks drinks
  93. Create a handshake for you and your friends
  94. Play catch the egg
  95. Bathe a dog
  96. Sing at the top of your lungs to your fav song
  97. Face a fear
  98. Make an instagram friend
  99. Watch a sad movie and cry
  100. Memorize a movie’s lines
  101. Paint yours and someone else’s nails
  102. Wear a dress in public
  103. Lay in the middle of a road at night
  104. Sneak out
  105. Go on a midnight adventure
  106. Brainstorm potential Halloween costumes
  107. Tell a restaurant its your birthday
  108. Count all of your change
  109. Go an entire day without complaining
  110. mentos + Coke explosion
  111. Leave a note on a strangers car
  112. Tell your parents that they are the best people ever
  113. Play a scary game
  114. Dress like a store worker and go to the store i.e. Target, Walmart
  115. Wave at strangers while passing them in a car
  116. Play tag at the park
  117. Make breakfast for the family
  118. Run through an empty field 
  119. Text a random number
  120. Do something that scares you
  121. Catch a fish and set it free
  122. Donate to charity
  123. Make a paper crane
  124. Concoct a list of words you like and dislike
  125. come up with some personal goals
  126. Try a new look
  127. Find the perfect quote
  128. Take a dog for a walk
  129. Give something up that you love
  130. Get someone’s digits
  131. Do the best friend challenge
  132. Feed the seagulls or birds
  133. Get Ice cream
  134. Give something to a friend
  135. Buy a bath bomb
  136. Go a day without make up
  137. Forget what day it is
  138. Have a photo shoot
  139. Jump into a creek or pond
  140. Host a sleep over party
  141. Become a morning person 
  142. Take a picture with a pet 
  143. Draw or paint something
  144. Write a letter to your future self
  145. go thrift or antique shopping
  146. Clean out your closet
  147. Press leaves or flowers in a book
  148. Make a time capsule
  149. Appreciate the little things 
  150. Eat completely healthy for a day
  151. Laugh until you cry
  152. Have the BEST sumer ever
  153. Compile pics and vids into one summer themed movie
  154. Complete This Entire List
Dropping By (3/?)

Helping hunters with research and patching them up brings them to your house at all hours of the day & night. But what happens when your close friends , the Winchesters, are the ones showing up? What happens when a certain Winchester crawls into bed with you ?
 Warnings : swearing, flirting, slight smut.

Pairings :  Dean x reader

 It’s been a couple hours since you had your little show for Dean. It’s been normal since, he hasn’t made his move yet , which scares you . Within the last day you’ve grown slightly addicted to Deans attention. Now that he wasn’t giving it to you , you’re starting to miss his lingering touches & random winks. You settle onto your couch , cup of tea and remote in hand . What a perfect way to spend my night You relax into your couch, sipping on your tea , when Sammy enters the room, he flops next to you . He stays silent for a couple minutes, watching greys anatomy with you . One of the things that makes your friendship with Sam so perfect is that he likes the same things as you . Even if he doesnt, he’ll atleast give it a chance, & you do the same for him. The peaceful silence is broken when Dean strolls in .

“ This really what you two are going to do tonight?” Sam rolls his eyes at his brother , while you let out a little laugh. “ What else do you have in mind Dean , its a tuesday night . Not exactly a thrilling thing.” It comes out a bit full of attitude. “ Come on, get up , we are going for drinks. I’m not letting you two act like you’re 90 years old tonight. Its 6pm & you’re both in your pajamas, watching a show for middle aged women.” I cant believe he just refered to Greys as a middle aged women show. What a douche.
Sam laughs, but you throw Dean a glare. “ Don’t hate on Greys anatomy Winchester, it’ll get you a black eye .” You warn him, resulting in a grin on his face. “ Oh sweetheart, i’d like to see you try” as you open your mouth , Sam cuts you off ,“ Alright, knock off your guys weird foreplay . Im going to change, y/n I suggest you do the same. He wont let this go .” Sam slowly exits, leaving you with Dean. Why is he being so pushy about this, usually he doesnt mind sitting on the couch with .WAIT, maybe this is part of his move. But how?“ What are you up to Dean ?” He sends you a wink , 

Originally posted by iwontchangetheworld

“ Nothing sweetheart, just want a drink .” Mhmm, hes lying, I know him too well. Instead of calling his bluff, you play into his game. You go and change into a pair of yoga pants, with a tight maroon v-neck, that shows off a little of your midriff and a little bit more cleavage . You check yourself out in the mirror, Not to shabby, I look pretty damn good. You settle with your hair in waves , & apply a little eyeliner & mascara. When you step out into your front room , you see both boys already ready to go . Sam’s in a green flannel with a white shirt underneath , paired with darker jeans. When you look at Dean , you automatically pull your lip between your teeth . Damn. He was in a tighter black shirt, showing off all his muscles, and a lighter pair of jeans. When you finish staring at him, you notice both boys eyes on you. “ Well boys, how do I look ?” You ask , twirling yourself in a circle. You hear a whistle, assuming its from Dean , but when you look to see , you find out it was from Sam. “ Damn Y/n, you look great !” Sam says ,sending a wide smile at you . You feel a blush crawl over your cheeks. “ Ah thanks Sammy, You guys ready to go ?” Dean doesnt respond ,just goes for the door. Weird, he seems annoyed? You make your way outside , deciding on seperate cars incase someone wants to leave sooner than the other. When you get to the bar, you go get the first round ; Beer for Sammy , whiskey for you and Dean. You all settle at a booth , talking about the case they just came from . You talk the boys into staying for the rest of the week, they don’t really put up a fight about it though. Dean was up for the second round when you catch Sammy staring at you. “ Can I help you with Sammy , or you wanna just keep staring at me ,i mean I know I look -”“ When are you and my brother going to stop acting like teenagers?” What the hell? “ What are you -” “ Dont even deny it y/n, the sexual tension is ridiculously visible whenever you guys are together. What was up with you two this morning when I came back from my run? Why can’t you guys just tell eachother how you -”“ You’re wrong Sam ,we arent like that. Dean doesnt see me like that .” I hope he does, Sam rolls his eyes, “ yeah okay Y/n . You guys are such babies.” You realize Sam is right, but you arent going to admit to anything until you know forsure on Deans end. You turn to look for him , realizing its been a while since he went to get your drinks . Your eyes land on him, with his hand on a blondes waist ,keeping her against him, while she whispers in his ear. You feel your heart drop, you rip your gaze away I knew this was just a game, nothing to get upset over. Just relax ,and have fun with Sammy. “ You think so Sammy? Where’s your brother right now?” Sam takes a minute and looks to see what you did. He just shakes his head, cursing under his breath . “ y/n ,-” “ Sam , it’s nothing . Just drop it .” Your phone starts ringing , you look to see a familiar name appear on the screen. “ I gotta take this Sammy , give me a minute .” You answer the phone, while you slide out of the booth to head outside.You don’t miss the way Dean watches you as the blonde has her lips on his neck, but you dont even acknowledge him. “ Chris ? “ You ask, “ Yeah y/n its me, are you home right now?” Chris is a hunter you patch up and help from time to time. “ Not at the moment, but I can be . Whats wrong?” “Could I stop by, I need to take a look through some of your books for my hunt. ” “ Of course, I can be home in 10 minutes. Meet you there .” You hang up ,starting to make your way back inside. When you get to the booth , you grab your purse and keys from the table, when you turn back around to look for Sammy ,you walk right into someones chest. A arm wraps around your waist to balance you , you finally look up to see who you ran into .Of fucking course it’s Dean . “ Where you going sweetheart? "You roll your eyes, pushing yourself away from him . As you walk away , he shoots his hand out ,grabbing onto your wrist to stop you . ” What the hell do you want Dean? “ You spit out, shocking him. His eyes widen at your reaction, a smug smile blossoms on his face. ” Something bothering you Y/n? “Before you respond, Sam finds his way to you . ” Are you leaving y/n? “ You sigh , you barely ever get annoyed with the boys, but you can feel yourself about to snap right now.” I’m meeting a hunter at my house, he needs help with his hunt. You know where they spare key is, let yourself in IF you decide to come home.“ You direct the last part at Dean , letting him know you saw him and the blonde, and that you weren’t amused. You all but storm out of the bar. 

   You made it home, it takes you longer to get there since you had to deal with the boys. When you pull into your driveway , Chris is waiting for you , with a man you’ve never met. You get out , saying your hellos, and lead  them into your home.  You show them to the room you store all your information ,

&begin helping them search for what they need.  You all sit around your table, looking for weaknesses for vampire-werewolf hybrids, when you hear your front door open.  Chris stands, hand on his gun, but you shoo him away . ” It’s the Winchesters, I was out with them when you called me you doofus. Put the damn gun away.“ You laugh, the boys make their way to you & the other two men. You introduce everyone, Sam offers to stay& help research  . You take his offer , deciding to go grab beers for everyone . You find Dean on your couch , playing on his phone. You don’t say one word, just keep on your path to the kitchen . You feel his eyes on you the entire way ,  Why the hell is he watching me. Why didn’t he go home with blondie.   He shows up in the kitchen behind you , still watching you . ” You know, watching someone is a little creepy Dean. You should probably get a new hobby.“  Your tone is cold, no trace of humor anywhere in it. ” You didn’t seem to have a problem with it earlier today sweetheart.“ Without looking you know he is smirking. You let out a scoff, moving past him with the beers in your grip.  He lightly grabs onto your elbow as you pass ,” Whenever you’re done playing this game, the fun can really start Y/n.“  Yeah right asswipe, not after what I watched at the bar.  You put the beers down on the counter , turning so you’re chest to chest with Dean, barely anyspace between you. Have it your way Deano. You start to trail your fingers up his chest , until one hand laces through the hair on the back of his neck, pulling a moan from his mouth. You use your other hand to cup his cheek , pulling his face down to yours so that your lips are almost touching. He pulls your body tighter against his as you speak .” If you want to have fun ,” you trail your lips up his jaw until you reach his ear, “ why don’t you go finish what you started with Blondie back at the bar, Sweetheart. “  You pull his earlobe between your teeth, then release it. You push yourself off him, grabbing the beers and going back to help the guys research .

   It took a couple hours, but Sam finally discovered some helpful things for Chris and his friend.  They left soon after, thanking you with a kiss on the cheek.   As soon as the front door closes behind them, Sam excuses himself to bed, and you do the same. 

  You walk in your room, stripping as you make your way to the bathroom. You take off your makeup and brush your teeth . You hear your door open, but dont bother to look ,you know who it is . You’re leaning against your counter now, only in matching maroon bra and underwear. Deans now leaning against the doorway , just watching you.

 “ The couch is that way Dean.” You point towards the front room.

“ Im aware of where your couch is sweetheart. We both know i’m not sleeping there.” Oh yes you are. Jackass. “ If you dont want to sleep on the couch , I suggest you either go snuggle up to your brother, or find the blonde from the bar . I’m sure she’d be thrilled to let you in hers.” You realize how jealous you sound, but you dont care. He was all over another women, and now he wants to sleep in your bed? No way .
A devious smirk plants itself on Deans features. “ Do I hear jealousy in your voice sweetheart? “ he moves closer to you , boxing you In against the counter. You roll your eyes, “ I’m not jealous . Fuck off Dean.” You return to getting ready for bed, Dean wraps his arms around you, resting his head in the crook of your neck , leaving kisses against it. “ it looks like my move worked sweetheart, You’re all worked up .” You’ve got to be kidding me. What a fucking ass. Anger is boiling through you , Its time to step up the game. You turn yourself around in his arms, snaking yours around his neck

“ You’re plan was to make me jealous ? For what? Angry sex , Dean?” His smile brightens, meaning you were right.

You lean up, hovering your lips close to his, but not quite connecting them . You gently place your lips on his, baiting him. He pulls you closer, smashing his lips to yours. You feel fireworks exploding within your body as you melt into the kiss . Holy Hell. You feel Deans tongue licking along your bottom lip, you open your mouth letting him have access. When he does, he moves his hands under your knees, you instantly jump into his arms.  Your lips dont leave his until he drops you on your bed. You bounce a little, letting out a small giggle as you do. Deans stripping out of his clothes,while you do the same. In record time you’re both 100% naked, Dean catches your lips with his again in a heated kiss. You pull him on top of you , he leaves your lips, trailing kisses down your neck until he gets to your boobs. He takes one in his mouth , swirling and nibbling at your  hard nipple while his hands massages the other. Moans are slipping out of your mouth, loud and needy . He starts moving again, kissing down your stomach to your clit. He licks at your clit once, then sucks it into his mouth.  A whimper escapes your mouth before you can stop it. “ you have to be quiet sweetheart, Sammys not too far away.” He dives back into you , alternating between sucking & licking at your entrance. He inserts two fingers, rapidly thrusting them into you as he eats you out. You lace both hands in his hair, holding his head against you as you slightly move your hips against him. He gets you to right on the edge, and then pulls away. His lips and chin glistening , he leans down to pull you into a deep kiss, you can feel yourself giving into it . Almost just forgetting your plan, and letting this happen.

   Dean breaks the kiss , as he does a scent catches your attention . It smells like strawberries, and something else you can’t place your finger on. Then reality sets in, If that isn’t my scent, and its not Deans. It’s Blondies. You instantly feel anger bubbling in you , Fuck this, I have to stay with the plan, im not sleeping with him when he smells like her.

You push him over, rolling on top of him. He looks shocked at first, but quickly recovers. You take his dick in your hand, proceeding to rub the tip through your soaking folds.Holy fuck, he might fucking break me with this thing. “ Dean “ you moan , “ Oh God, y/n please stop teasing me and do something sweetheart.” A dirty smirk makes its way to your face ,

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  “ Is that what you want Dean? You want me to fuck you?” You ask in a flirty tone.

“ Yes , I want you to ride me Baby .” Oh Dean, you poor,poor man. With the smirk still on your face, you sink yourself down onto Deans hard cock. You slowly start to pull yourself up ,doing that couple times until you stop. Leaning forward, almost pulling yourself completely off him you place your mouth next to his ear“ You think im going to fuck you after that little stunt at the bar ? That girl was all over you ,  I can still smell her perfume on you. The games only going to get worse from here .” You pull yourself completely off him, making your way back to the bathroom to put on your pajamas. Before you close the door, you catch a glimpse of Deans face. It was angry , mixed with confused & upset. Did I go to far? How did I even do that, he felt so good. I should of kept going , dammit. You change, going back to bed you find the lights off already , and Dean turned facing the other way . You crawl in bed, pulling the covers up. Dean moves after a couple minutes, he turns to you ,& pulls you toward him, Exactly how you two were laying last night. “ I may have went a little too far, and I’m sorry  . But believe me when I tell you I never planned on leaving with her, she isnt the one I want. If we are still playing this game, I don’t plan on losing darling.” You ignore what he says , slightly pulling away from him. You know you two are just playing, but seeing him with another girl bothered you more than it should.You’ve been able to keep a lid on your feelings for him this long for a reason, Dean Winchester doesn’t get attached. If he wasn’t interested, would he even be playing this game?  ” Y/n?“ Dean whispers, like he was making sure you were still there. ” Goodnight Dean .“ He plants a kiss in your hair,  ” I’m sorry .“ Its barely above a whisper, but you still hear him.  He wouldn’t be sorry if he didn’t care. Right? Oh my God, maybe Sam’s right.  You finally make a decision on your next move.  I’m not quitting this dumb game until I can figure out if this is more to him .




I’m Home
[This was previously uploaded in a different tumblr account, but she deactivated (and I miss her soooooo! :( ) so reuploaded it here. I submitted this for a Christmas drabble challenge wherein we right a fic based on a Christmas song. Mine’s Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.]

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader ; Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader got sick so Steve decided to put her out of a mission, but reader doesn’t like it and ended up having a fight with his best friend, Steve. Steve asked Bucky to take care of her (bringing all the fluff into the story).Eventually, feelings were revealed. (Whose feelings? You’ll know once you read it ;) )


 Three, Four then Five
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Summary: Sebastian Stan AU, where Sebastian Stan is your childhood friend. You can seem to hide secrets from your best friend even if you try to. You ended up telling him something more than your secret. 

Love and Let Love (Complete)
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 (End)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary:  Steve Rogers AU. You discovered that your boyfriend, Derek (OC), cheated on you with your best friend, Aleesha (OC). You were devastated, helpless and dejected but then you met Steve and then suddenly everything fell into place.

James (Drabble)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary:  University AU. You’re not really a fan of parties, so you sneak out of the graduation ball, where one of your close friends, Bucky Barnes or James, found you. 

Not All Friendships Are Perfect  (Request)

Pairing: Dick Grayson x Reader

Request:  ‘For the request, maybe something with Dick and the reader where the reader slept over at Wayne Manor (totally in a nonsexual way) and they wake up in the morning and it’s just really fluffy because they woke up next to each other? And the other batboys tease them at breakfast even though they’re happy for the two of them?’

It’s Summer! (Request/ Drabble)

Pairing: Dick Grayson x Reader

Request:   ‘i dont know if your requests are open, but if they’re don’t feel bad about ignoring this honestly!! i was wondering if you could maybe write something about being best mates with dick/mates with all the batboys and being a lesbian?? i love uuu x’ - Anonymous

Objects and Feelings

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Summary:  Chris Evans, has been pretty bummed about the things recently happening in his life. And as much as he loves his work and his fans, losing the people he loves because of it has taken a toll on him. It is your duty as his best friend to comfort him.


But soulmates don’t have to be the guy that you have been waiting your whole life for. Soulmates can be right there, your best friend, the one that has been through all of your heartbreaks, happiest memories, the one that’s up with you at 2 am watching scary movies and drinking coffee with lemons. The one that finds random beautiful quotes on Instagram that describe your life perfectly. The one that understands how fucked up your life actually is and can actually relate to it. The one that finds the perfect birthday card describing your friendship together. To be honest most people spend their whole lives looking for their perfect soulmate thinking that it’s the opposite gender that your supposed to marry. Maybe that’s true, but maybe that’s not always the case. True friendship will always be there for you when most guys won’t look twice at you. It’s the friend that’s as wild as you are and finds travelling around the world as fun as you do. It’s the best friend that’s afraid of all bugs especially spiders and will freak out and wake the whole house up just for someone to kill it. The one that let’s you take her food when you’re still hungry. The one that agrees that both of you will become fat if both of you keep eating so freaking much. The one that calls you her Queen because honestly you both are Queens and boys should realize how special you actually are. She’ll be the one that’s your bridesmaid at your wedding when your marrying the perfect guy saying he’s the love of your life, but she’ll still be your soulmate. She’s that one bestfriend that’s more like a sister. A soulmate, partner for life.

By: E.V. ( breathtakingem)

Soulmate/ Partner for life gabaaalicious

Secret (Hercules x Reader)

Word Count: 2,328

Warnings: none? Language (Maybe, I swear without knowing.)

Authors Note: First time writing for Herc, and boy was it a pleasure. Thank you to anon who requested, I hope this lives up to what you wanted. If it’s not let me know! Made it a little angsty, because lets be honest, If you’re on this blog you are guaranteed angst like 89% of the time. I LOVE YOU GUYS, PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW I DID WITH THIS FIC AND YOUR FEEDBACK. I LOVE HEARING FROM YALL. 

Request:Omg but can I request Hercules Mulligan x Reader where the hamilsquad are doing like an arm wrestling contest and Herc is the champ and y/n decides to take him on and everyone is doubting her cause she is tiny but she destroys him and he’s like 😍


It was the weekend which meant only one thing, the weekly get together with you and the boys. You and the boys all lived in the same apartment complex and floor, and got to know each other quickly. Every Saturday you guys would rotate whose house to hold the weekly get together, and this week it was your apartment. You were picking up some trash on the floor when Hercules walked in. He stopped dead in his tracks seeing you bent over. You spun around and a smirk formed on your lips having caught Herc staring. “Enjoying the view there Herc?” you ask, walking over to the trash can. He managed a half chuckle hesitating, and before he could form words the rest of the boys came flooding in. “Hey, Y/N! What are we doing today?” John asked enthusiastically, finding his usual spot on your couch.”Well, I just ordered a pizza, and maybe we could watch a movie?” you suggested, making your way to your dvd collection.  You were trying to decide between she’s all that and clueless. The boys would deny it, but you knew they secretly loved 90s rom coms. Right when you came to your decision there was a loud thud on your wood table. You snapped your head back to see Herc and Laf sitting at the table, Laf rubbing the top of his hand. “Merde.” he said. “I was sure I could beat you.” he said shaking his head. “Ooh, lemme try!” John said taking Laf’s spot on the table. Within the first 5 seconds, Herc had won again. “You guys are so weak.” Alex claimed taking John’s spot now. “Try me.” Herc practically growled. There was a bit of a fight before Alex’s hand slammed on the table. “Damn it.” Alex said. “I am the championnnn!” Herc said getting up beating his fists against his chest. You made your way over to the table. “My turn.” you said taking a seat wanting to join in on the fun. All of the boys looked at you with knowing looks. You were small, but next to Hercules you were practically pocket sized. “What?” you said to their faces which talked for them. “We didn’t say anything!” Alex said still unable to wipe the look off of his face. “Am I supposed to be afraid of you?” you turned to Herc who looked unsure if he wanted to arm wrestle you. “I don’t know Y/N… I don’t want to break you.” Herc said rubbing the back of his neck. “Herc, I’m not a glass doll. I’m not gonna break if you slam my hand against the table.” you told him. “Besides, I highly doubt that’ll happen. So you don’t have anything to worry about.” you smirked knowing that would rile him up. “Fine. You’re on.” he said. You and him grabbed hands. You gave Laf a head nod and he counted down from three. “Three” Herc looked up. “Two.” you looked up to meet his gaze. “One.” Herc felt his heart skip a beat. You put all of your strength into your arm and pushed. Both you and him were stuck in the same position for what seemed like days when there was a sudden thud. You flinched and squeezed your eyes shut, ready to feel the pain on your hand but it didn’t come. Instead you heard a groan from Herc. You opened your eyes and saw your hand on top of Herc’s. “HA!” you exclaimed pointing your finger at the boys who had doubted you. They all looked at you with pure shock, before cheering you on! “Yesss Y/N!” Alex said, giving you a high five. You looked back to Hercules who had his jaw on the floor. “Holy shit, that was hot.” he said dazed. You raised an eyebrow at him unsure if you had heard him correctly. “Did I just say that out loud?” he asked, mentally face palming himself and pulling his beanie over his face to hide the blush that rose to it. You didn’t have much time to think about it as John pulled you into a hug. Herc had always thought you were gorgeous, smart, and kind. But you were strong too? He didn’t know how much longer he could keep his feelings to himself, and you were not helping with that. He was disturbed from his thoughts when you laughed at him. “Awww Herc, did I shatter your ego?” you teased peeking at his face, moving the beanie back up to his head. “Don’t worry, you’re still ‘the man’ to me” you said pressing a kiss on his cheek. You were definitely not helping, as a deep red flush rose to his cheeks again. However, nobody noticed because the rest of the boys were practically lifting you up and chanting your name.

The weekend came and went too fast, and you were back to going to classes. You were piled in homework, projects, and tests by the end of the week. You were about to text Alex and let him know that you weren’t going to be able to make it to his house that weekend when there was a knock on your door. You made your way to the door, but when you opened it there was no one there. You looked down and saw a white envelope with your name scribbled on it in Alex’s signature messy writing. You ripped open the envelope to find an index card with the words ‘arm wrestling competition’ written across the top line in red sharpie. Oh, there was no way you were going to miss this now.

You arrived at Alex’s house first. “Wow you really can’t handle losing well, can you?” you teased walking in. “Hey, I think I can really beat him this time.” he replied closing the door. “I’ve been practicing with John.” he said making his way over to you. “Well, I wish you the best of luck.” you said giving him a pat on the back. One by one, the rest of the boys filed into Alex’s apartment. Alex had set up a table just for the competition, and he marked the elbow spots with strips of duct tape. You giggled lightly at his efforts. “Here are the rules” Alex began once everyone arrived. “I’ll face off Herc, and winner will face John, winner of that will face Laf, and last person will face Y/N. At each round the winner can ask the loser to do one thing, and loser MUST oblige. Also no re do’s” he finished, getting off of the chair he had used to give him height over the other boys. Alex quickly settled in his chair, and Herc sat down as well. Laf had even brought an actual whistle. The loud ring of the whistle signaled the start, and soon after there was a groaning Alex, signaling his loss. Seemed like Alex wasn’t the only one that practiced. “NOooooo” Alex groaned, regretting his own rules. Herc smirked before giving Alex a command. “I want you to go make me a sandwich.” he said. Alex sat and gave him the stink eye. “Now.” Herc added. Alex made an exaggerated groan before going into the kitchen. Each of the boys wrestled Hercules, and each of them lost. John had to give Herc a back massage, and Laf had to do Herc’s laundry for a week. Now it was you and him again. “Come on. Win for us mon ami!” Laf cheered. The rest of the boys chanted your name. Hercules’s hands began to sweat, and it wasn’t because of the competition. Ever since last week, he wasn’t able to get you off of his mind. Every second of the day he wondered what it would be like to hold you, and be able to call you his. He quickly snapped out of his thoughts determined to win. You two lined up your hands and grasped onto each other. The whistle blew and you used all of your pent up frustration and stress into that one arm, and soon enough Herc’s arm was on the table. “I don’t understand how you do it!” Alex exclaimed, throwing his hands up. “What are you going to make him do?” Laf asked mischievously. “Hmmm.” you thought out loud. You hadn’t thought this through. “Tell me a secret.” you said, deciding to take it easy on him. Herc looked at you with wide eyes, it was like you knew his feelings and was waiting for him to tell you. And on an impulse decision he leaned into your ear and whispered.

“I think I love you.”

You slightly jerked back, a blush rising to your cheeks. Had you heard him correctly? “Ooohhhh” the boys said as they saw your reaction. “What’d he say?” the boys questioned, curiosity killing them. You were too shocked to even pay attention to them. You looked over to Herc. When Herc saw your reaction he instantly knew he had made the wrong decision. Why couldn’t he be happy just being your friend. Now he had ruined a perfect friendship. You looked at him, desperate to find some sort of answer but he looked away too quickly for you to be able to read his face. The rest of the night there was a tension between you two. You tried to grab his attention but he avoided you. Were you imagining things? Herc left first, excusing himself after the Chinese takeout arrived. “What’s gotten into him?” Alex asked with his mouthful, you shrugged and pushed your fried rice around unable to get him off your mind. The endless night finally came to an end when you arrived to your own apartment. You quickly changed into a silk slip to sleep in and were about to get into bed when you got a text. It was nearly midnight. You expected it to be Alex, thanking everyone for coming over but when you saw Hercules’s name on your lock screen you quickly fumbled to punch in your password. You were anxious to read his message, as you tapped the message icon on your phone. “Meet me on the roof.” was all it said. You practically fell out of the bed running to the door to get to the room. You needed to know what he said, and if he meant it.

When you got to the rooftop of your NYC apartment complex, you saw Hercules looking into the city skyline. You approached him hesitantly, placing a hand on his shoulder. He whipped around, and you could see relief flood over him. “I didn’t think you’d come.” He admitted. “Why?” you asked. “I thought I scared you off with what I said.” he said unable to meet your eyes. Herc was usually the loud one in your friend group, it was strange to see him so vulnerable. You were the only one that had that power over him. “What did you say Hercules?” you asked, needing to know. Your eyes pleading him to tell you the truth. “I lied.” He said. You felt your heart drop down to your feet. “I said that I thought I loved you Y/N. But I don’t.” he said turning to look at the lit city below him. A tear managed to slip from your eye. How was it possible for him to break your heart when you weren’t aware that he even had it. “I don’t think, I know.” he choked out still looking out at the city. You looked at him shocked. “What?” you said a whisper. “I love you, I’ve loved you since the moment I first laid eyes on you and- Oh screw it.” he stopped finally turning to you, he pushed your lips onto his, his arms snaking around your waist. You didn’t hesitate a second, you quickly kissed back just as eagerly. It felt like something you two should have done years ago. When you finally pulled back, you whispered to him. “I love you too.” you didn’t know, you were oblivious for so long. But now you knew, you did truly love him. He finally looked at all of you and his mouth opened slightly at the sight of your in your silk slip. “Like what you see?” you teased again, this time he didn’t hesitate to answer. “Shut up and kiss me.” he chuckled. You happily obliged pressing your lips to his, his arms grabbing at your waist tightly. You felt his lips form into a smile. You were cut short in your bliss when you heard someone clear their throat. You pulled away to see Alex, John, and Lafayette look at you two as if you had grown a second head. “How long have you been standing there?” Herc asked, a blush rose to your cheeks. “Long enough.” Lafayette responded. “Why are you even up here?” he asked again, slightly frustrated that they ruined your moment. “Well you were acting weird tonight, and we all heard you leave your apartment. We thought you were going to jump off or something.” John began to explain. “Well I’m ok.” Herc said smiling, knowing his friends cared for him. “You can leave us be now.” Herc added, trying to get them to leave. “We get the memo” Alex said wiggling his eyebrows, giving Hercules a pat on the back heading for the stairs. “USE PROTECTION!” Alex yelled just before they disappeared. Hercules groaned and you buried your face in his chest trying to hide your blush. A few moments later Hercules pulled away from you, using his pointer finger to tilt your chin up. “Now, where were we?” he asked. “I think you were like this.” you said innocently, leading his hands to the small of your back. “And I was like this” you wrapped your arms around his neck tightly. “And we were doing this.” you whispered millimeters from his face before you closed the small gap between you and him.

I don’t fucking care (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Hi! I don’t know if you do song request imagines but if you do I was hoping you could do one based off the song Closer by The Chainsmokers FT Halsey or Idfc by Blackbear. If you don’t that’s okay just wanted to see cuz your my fav spiderman blog! Lol sorry if this was weird! by @always-panicking

Song: (acoustic)

A/N: I totally loved writing this one. Hope you like this!! 

You looked at Peter, who had just entered his bedroom through his window. You had sent him a message minutes ago telling him you were waiting for him there, since you were supposed to have a movie night together at 10pm, and five hours later, you were still waiting.
You wanted to be mad -he had been ditching you repeatedly lately, not telling you where he was. You had always told him everything -that’s what best friends were for. There was only one secret you were keeping from him -the fact that you loved him; and that was something you weren’t planning on telling him soon.

Tell me pretty lies,
look me in the face,
tell me that you love me,
even if it’s fake,
cause I don’t fucking care at all…

You wanted him to tell you that he loved you. You wanted him to tell you he wanted to be with you, even if you knew that wasn’t going to happen.
‘’Peter,’’ you said, worried ‘’are you okay?’’
He nodded and smiled softly, leaving his backpack inside his wardrobe.
‘’Yeah’’ he told you. ‘’I was just out doing some shopping. You know Aunt May doesn’t like it when the fridge is empty and she would kill me if I hadn’t gone out’’ he said, stuttering.
You knew he was lying -it was 3am, and May didn’t actually care about the fridge. You didn’t want to fight, though, so you said nothing.

You’ve been out all night,
I don’t know where you’ve been,
you’re slurring all your words,
not making any sense,
but I don’t fucking care at all…

‘’Yeah, I know’’ you whispered softly. You wanted him to trust you, but you didn’t want to force him to tell you what was going on, although you thought you knew.

‘Cause I have hella feelings for you,
I act like I don’t fucking care,
like they ain’t even there…
'Cause I have hella feelings for you,
I act like I don’t fucking care,
'cause I’m so fucking scared…

I’m only a fool for you,
and maybe you’re too good for me.
I’m only a fool for you,
but I don’t fucking care, at all…

You didn’t want to ruin your friendship by telling him how you felt. He was perfect -funny, handsome, kind, intelligent. You were just you. His best friend. He would always see you as that, no matter how hard you tried.
He walked to the couch, putting on a movie, not paying attention to the time it was.
‘’You’ve been with her, haven’t you?’’ you asked as he sat next to you, not being able to contain yourself any longer.
He had been telling you about how Liz Allan had been taking to him for months, how he thought she was the prettiest girl ever. You had always tried to ignore it, but it still hurt.

And you’ve been out all night,
I don’t know where you’ve been,
you’re probably getting fucked, you’re probably getting head…
And I don’t fucking care at all…

‘’What do you mean?’’ he asked you, furrowing his brows.
‘’With Liz’’ you told him, making you sound obvious. ‘’I’m not stupid, Peter’’ you whispered, trying not to sound hurt. ‘’I know you’ve been with her. You have been talking about her for months. I know what’s going on. I’m just hurt that you didn’t tell me.’’
‘’I don’t understand’’ he said, sounding confused. ‘’Tell you what?’’
You grew frustrated -was he doing this on purpose to hurt you?
‘’That you have been sleeping with her, Peter!’’ you shouted, not containing your anger any longer. ‘’Do you think I didn’t realize? I may not have the best GPA, but I’m not oblivious to the world around me. At least not as oblivious as others’’ you said, looking at him, trying to get him to notice the way your eyes showed love even if you were mad at him.
He opened his eyes and mouth wide, looking like a fish out of the water.
‘’You think…’’ he started. ‘’You think I’m sleeping with her?’’
‘’I know you are sleeping with her, Peter’’ you said. ‘’I’m not stupid.’’
‘’But I am not sleeping with her’’ he told you. ‘’I wish I could just tell you the truth, but I can’t. I’m sorry, [Y/N].’’
You wanted to punch him, to scream at him. You just wanted him to realize how much he was hurting you. Did you believe him? Yes. You had no reason not to. But if he wasn’t sleeping with her, what was he doing every night?
‘’You know what, Peter?’’ you asked him. ‘’I have only kept one secret from you in my whole life,’’ you said, getting up from the couch and picking up your stuff ‘’and I did it because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship; but if you are going to be keeping things from me, I guess there is no friendship any longer, so I can tell you my big secret’’ you told him, tears in your eyes, your voice breaking. He looked at you, not understanding where you were going. ‘’I love you’’ you told him. ‘’I always have. I love the way you furrow your brows when you don’t understand something, or the way you mess your hair when you are frustrated. I love the way you smile when you do something right, or the way you hold my hand to help me relax. I love everything about you, and I’m tired of you not trusting me enough to tell me what the fuck is going on. I have hella feelings for you. I act like I don’t fucking care, like they aren’t even there, and I do it for you. I’m always so fucking scared. I’m only a freaking fool for you, and you are just… You are too good for me. I don’t fucking care anymore. Whenever you decide to trust me again, look for me, because I don’t fucking care about anything anymore’’ you told him before leaving his house and closing the door with a bang, not caring about the fact that it was 3am, walking home with a broken heart and a gone best friend.

Infinity ; Jason Todd x Reader

Title: Infinity

Words: 1,487

Fandom: DC (BatFam)

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: One of the characters is smoking and the other tries to stop it.

Warning/s: Kinda angsty??? And a few swear words??

Legend: Y/N - Your Name ; Y/E/C - Your Eye Colour


You found him, in the balcony, leaning on the railings.

    His back was to you but you knew he’s smoking. You can see the wisps of white wafting as he shakily exhales.

    “Jason,” you said, softly but loud enough for him to hear and notice the seriousness in your voice.

    Your heels clicked on the floor as you walked towards the guy who meant a lot to you. It was the only sound that could be heard in the vicinity; everyone else was left on the ballroom, dancing and having fun.

    The moon was almost hidden in the clouds tonight. It was a starless night which made the sky looked like an expanse spreading towards infinity.

    Jason took a breath of his nicotine induced stick once more, blatantly ignoring your presence.

    You took a few steps forward until your body was pressed to the railing and were beside him. He didn’t even spare you a glance despite of your physical closeness; smoking was the only thing in his mind at this moment. It seemed like even though you were side by side, you both were far apart. So close, yet so far.

    And that worried you.

    When you met him, he was a cloud of smoke- literally and figuratively. He was with his signature black leather jacket and jeans of the same colour. Sunglasses perched on top of the bridge of his nose- the lenses hiding his piercing blue eyes -and a fag in between his long fingers. His lips blew out the smoke and it clung on the air with a desperate hope of staying longer.

    He had stood behind the convenience store your aunt owns, releasing his sorrows through the fag. You found that way several times and you were intrigued by him. He always had a leather jacket on and usually a beanie adorned his head when the weather was cold. He would buy fags at the store with some other nick nacks and head to the parking lot. You would often find yourself staring through the small window at the Manager’s office to look at the man who eventually became someone special in your life although at first glance the people already close to you disapprove of him.

    The reason you liked him at first glance was the reason they disliked him.

    It was raining when you both actually interacted with each other for the first time. No, you quite remembered it wasn’t just normal, light rain. It was a full on heavy rain that pounded on windows and roofs. You swore it could’ve been a storm but none of the news stated that.

    You had been at the mall for a few hours to help a friend out with a dilemma. You were quite sure the unnamed mystery leather jacketed person then would not be there at the store since it was raining hard as fuck and you were past the time he commonly arrives there. So, the shock that ran through you was great when you almost ran over the guy you found attractive and appealing at the parking lot.

    “Goddamnit!” Jason had yelled. The cigarette he had been smoking on fell to the ground as he unexpectedly shouted. You could say that he was surprised too.

    As you immediately got out of the car, apologies rolled off your tongue. He definitely was handsome but he looked like someone you didn’t want to fight with. Your bodily strength was only used to lift up a book or open a bag of something that is food. It was seriously a joke. You couldn’t match with him. Plus, the good side of his was something you aspired to be on because you wanted to get close to him. He had been sparking up your curiosity for days already and you wanted to crack the mysterious aura of this man with a beige beanie protecting his black hair from the rain.

    “I didn’t get resurrected to be killed again… And by a fucking car no less,” he mumbled after accepting your 99th apology. That made you more interested in him, instead of brushing off that odd remark people would typically pass for something as an irrelevant comment.

    Later, after two weeks of meeting up in the parking lot of your aunt’s store, about twenty five bags of crisps, five bottles of Jack, and 16 packs of cigs (his, obviously), you learned Jason was his name and that he’s been smoking since he was nineteen. He had an addiction that started because of his attempt to escape the desolation his life brings him due to reasons he said that were too messy to be untangled and understood.

    He told you he wanted to stop but felt like couldn’t because it was his release.

    “I smoke to forget the sadness and anger,” he had claimed which means he felt this negative emotions everyday because his smoking a daily habit.

    He stopped smoking when you both became close friends. You distracted him with your talks about Nirvana and their front man Kurt Cobain, dragging him to video game shops, discussing about a certain book that the two of you enjoyed and going restaurant hopping to buy loads of food. They were measly attempts but for some reason, it worked.

    He went from smoking a pack a day to none at all.

    Seven months and two weeks of not lighting one stick and he relapsed today. Out of all the days, the relapse happened today. Bruce would not be happy.

    He let out another shaky exhalation of smoke.

    You placed your hand on his forearm before facing him.

    “Jay, stop it.” You said to him. You received no response but only wisps of smoke.

    “Please, Jay… It’s almost eight months. Jason- you’ve been doing so well,” you pleaded. In those months where you spent time together, you developed feelings for him. It’s pathetic because he has enough burdens to carry and you did not need to add more confusion. Maybe your steady friendship was fine and perfect just the way it is. It would be something constant in the ever changing world of his.

    It’s saddening to see him stress and relapse.

    “Look, at me.”

    He turned his head to you, still leaning on the railings, finally some getting response from Jason.

    Jazz music from the party was heard even from here outside the balcony.

    “Old habits die hard, Y/N” he calmly stated before discarding his finished stick and whipping out a whole pack from his pocket.

    “Don’t do this. I thought you were happy now. I thought you were okay, Jay. Please, stop wallowing in your sorrow. I’m here. Talk to me.” You pleaded to Jason. Your whole body was turned to him and you were staring at his figure.


    His black hair framed his face so well and the little white streak added a depth of something mystifying. The blue eyes of his expressed thousands of emotions and buried secrets. Soft, pink lips that you found yourself looking at for a long period of time that is considered to be not the norm was pouted a bit at the moment as he an internal conflict with himself.

    He dipped his head down. He stared at the fags he had while you stared at him. You saw him making a move to light up one stick.

    This had to stop. You can’t let him be a slave to his emotions and what his past is doing to him. He deserves a life with no demons torturing him.

    He was an angel.

    Jason Peter Todd was a rare wingless angel that deserves goodness and happiness.

    Contemplating a minute or two on the fag or not, he decided to light it and get more nicotine in his system. He raised his hand to light the stick. You had to think quick.

    You need him to not smoke another stick or he’ll get back to finishing a pack a day. Or possibly even more than that considering what was going on with the present times.

    His fingers moved to the little wheel at the lighter to spark up a flame when you gingerly picked his fag and threw it.

    “What the-?” He started to say, fingers itching away from the tiny wheel of the thin lighter.

    You slipped your finger under his chin and forced him to look up so your eyes will meet. Blue eyes met with Y/E/C ones.

    ‘A girl shouldn’t be doing this but fuck it.’ You thought. You desperately needed him to know someone cares and loves him genuinely and wholeheartedly.

    You leaned forward and pressed your lips to his. Fearing rejection, you moved away but only to pulled back by Jason and kissed you back deeply than before.

    You heard a thud of the pack falling to the ground and smiled into the kiss knowing it wasn’t only that pack of fags falling tonight.


Note: My first reader insert!! I hope this wasn’t too blah and et cetera. This is also the first time I wrote Jason Todd so I profusely apologise if there are any out of character-ness and mistakes in him. I am hoping to write more in my blog especially about our well loved Jaybird.

-Mika the Fangirl x

Friends with benefits

knightofthefandom, 2 down, one to go
AN: Modern AU where Murphy and the reader have a ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement, which works fine until feelings develop.
Characters: John Murphy, Harper
Pairings: Murphy x reader, Murphy x Harper
Spoiler(s): None
Warning(s): Swearing, mentions of smut
Prompt: “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it”

“Fuck,” John Murphy moaned into your neck as the aftershocks of his orgasm rushed through him, “fuck Y/N, that was amazing.”

You laughed breathlessly as you climbed off the boy’s body, flopping down next to him.

“Bitch please, I’m amazing.” You responded, shooting your friend a tired smile.

His returning smirk carried a hint of care that John had always reserved for only you, “That you are,” he said, throwing his arm over your naked waist and placing a quick kiss on your cheek, “you always have been.”

Not for the first time, you felt your heart warm under the heat of your friendship with the naked boy lying besides you.

“Thanks Murph, you gonna stay over tonight?”

John nodded, his eyes sending you a message you couldn’t quite decipher. The boy pulled you close and pressed a gentle kiss to your shoulder, mumbling something sleepily into your skin. Okay, this was weird, usually by now Murphy had pulled on his clothes and rolled away from you, but hey, you weren’t gonna complain. It was cold after all.

“Y/N/N?” The teenage boy asked.

“Mmhhmm?” You replied with sleep tugging on your eyelids.

“What are we?” John Murphy finally asked, his heart racing.

You shrugged, half delirious with exhaustion, “What we’ve always been, friends who occasionally screw.”

That had been what he’d wanted right? You could still remember the look on his face when he’d asked you, an adorable mixture of cockiness and embarrassment. It had seemed like the perfect situation, you got to preserve your friendship while still giving in to the sexual chemistry that had plagued your relationship since high school. Everybody wins. And it didn’t exactly hurt that your best friend was amazing in bed. He knew you inside and out, every little preference and kink, everything you liked, everything you didn’t, it made for a hell of a night.

But recently, something had started to change. Your kisses had become less desperate, your touches less frantic, you’d started staying over at each other’s places after particularly wild nights, maybe cuddling every now and then, swapping kisses in the night, and it was nice. You were definitely still just friends though; it wasn’t like any of this meant anything, right?

You faintly heard your best friend sigh.

“Night John.” You mumbled, letting sleep carry you away on it’s velvet wings.

“Yeah, nigh Y/N.” he responded.

Maybe if you hadn’t fallen asleep, you would’ve noticed the hollow look in John Murphy’s eyes, or the way his face had fallen, or maybe you still would’ve lain there, oblivious as always. As John held you, he tried to remember every detail of this moment, your butterfly breathing, the smell of your body mixed with his, the touch of your bodies, the way the moonlight made your hair glow, everything that he may never see again. He felt a deep ache in his chest, like a stab wound, and he instinctively drew you closer, burying his head in your hair and breathing you in. You were his best friend, he wanted this to just be meaningless sex, for the sake of your friendship, it had to be. Well, if this was what you wanted, he would push his feelings aside and give that to you.

Slowly, he disentangled himself from you, and imagined for a moment that he heard you whimper at the loss of contact. Then, he clambered out of the bed you shared and started to pull on items of his scattered clothing.

Once fully clothed, John paused in the doorway to watch you for a moment longer, to bask in the afterglow for a few more seconds and to try and build up the strength to leave and pretend that it didn’t get harder and harder each time.

“Sleep well darling.” He whispered.

And then, he closed the door.


When your eyes fluttered open the next morning, you were rather disappointed, but not altogether surprised to find your bed empty and all traces of John Murphy wiped clean. This was how things had started off; contact wasn’t any longer than it needed to be, but for some reason, the aloneness still bugged you, after all this time, you’d thought you were past that.

You shrugged, trying to shake the lingering feelings of abandonment and started to go about your daily business. You washed your hair, threw the spoilt sheets into the wash and started your trip to university.

You were a second year Law student so you basically lived off coffee and hope, and occasional visits from John to help…relieve stress. You knew today was gonna be a stressful day, you had three tests, a paper due, you’d barely slept the whole of last night and you hadn’t eaten breakfast. Just to punctuate your sentence, your stomach growled. Yup, you were definitely going to struggle.


John’s eyes involuntarily searched the crowd for you as the student traffic began to pick up. You had a busy day today, and knowing you, you’d be late. John checked his watch for the millionth time, yup you were officially late. John Murphy gave an exasperated sigh, if he wasn’t so busy being hurt, he’d laugh at how well he knew you.

“Shit,” he heard someone say, “shit, shit, shit, shittidy shit shit.”

There you were, clambering up the stairs in a time induced panic.

“Hey loser.” John called out, admiring the way the sunlight caught your hair, “Nice of you to show up.” He held up the coffee and take out McDonald’s he was 95% sure you’d forgotten to get yourself.

Your face lit up when you noticed the boy, partly because you were reminded of how well he knew you and partly because, for the first time since he’d snuck out, the emptiness that had followed you, vanished.

“Oh my God John, you are a lifesaver.” You gushed, grabbing the food with a grateful smile, “Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without you. Also, here,” You continued, handing the boy a small rectangular object, “you left your phone at my apartment.”

John’s face broke into a relieved smile, “Oh thank God.” He gushed, “honestly I’m pretty sure I’d have died years ago if it wasn’t for you.”

This was a ritual for the pair and John would be lying if he said that forgetting stuff at your place was an accident, and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t purposefully ‘forgetting’ your breakfast each morning. Together, you started to walk towards your first class of the day.

“Did you finish that English Lit paper you were working on?” You asked with a mouth full of food.

John nodded, “Just barely, it’s pretty shit though. I basically bullshitted the whole paper.”

You giggled, “Wanna meet up after school and drink our troubles away? Because I’m gonna fail at least two of these tests.”

John smirked and gave your shoulders a friendly squeeze, “Come now Y/N, do I ever say no to drinking our troubles away?”

“Nope,” you answered with a smile, “because you’re not a total idiot.”

John threw back his head and laughed, the laugh that made you smile, just because he was happy.

“Stupid enough to be a Literature major, but not stupid enough to pass up on getting drunk with my stunningly sexy and outrageously talented best friend, I can live with that.” John eventually responded.

You felt your face warm as John realized what he’d said, and he slowly removed his arm from around your shoulders.

“Um, I-this is your class.” John said, scratching the back of his neck.

You nodded, trying to ignore the pleasant tingle in your stomach, “So, after class at our usual place?”

John nodded, shooting you a grateful smile, “6:30 sound good?”


“Oh and Y/N?” John called as you walked away.


“Don’t worry about the tests, you’re gonna do great.”

“You’re probably right. They probably won’t be as bad as I think.” You replied, growing in confidence, “I’ve got this.”

You were right, they were worse. By the end of fifth period, your brain felt like it’d been put through a blender, and you were looking forward to that drink.


John, on the other hand, couldn’t focus on his work. His mind was occupied with daily routines and gentle touches and an infuriating law student who he’d known his whole life. Well, most of it. You two had met in middle school, the sex hadn’t started until the end of first year.

“Psst, John?” A passably cute blonde named Harper, in the row in front of him called, “You busy tonight?”

John’s first instinct was to say that he was, but he reconsidered, after all, you guys were just friends. Friends were allowed to bring dates to get togethers with other friends, right?

“Nope, wanna get drinks? I know a place.”

Harper’s face lit up and John waited for the familiar rush of euphoria to hit, and wasn’t surprised when it didn’t. Something inside told him that particular rush was reserved for you.

“Sure! Where should I meet you?”

John smiled; this was going to be interesting.


As you sat by the bar, waiting for John, you were almost nervous. Your nights out drinking often led to taking one another home, and some part of you wanted that, more than you’d care to admit. Your hair was washed, combed and blow dried, your make up flawless, your outfit toeing the line between casual and dressy. You felt good, you felt sexy.

And then you saw him. Your face lit up reflexively and you were glad to see his eyes widen as they met yours. Then you saw his arm around a pretty blonde’s waist and the smile practically ran away from your face.

“Hey Y/N/N,” John smiled, “this is Harper, she’s in my Lit 1 class.”

“Hey!” You said, in a voice that sounded fake, even to you, “I’m Y/N, it’s nice to meet you.”

Harper pulled you into a hug, “It’s so nice to finally meet you, and John’s already told me so much about you!”

You raised your eyebrows at your best friend. Your look very clearly asked; who is this girl and why is she here? John shrugged and pulled you to the side.

“She asked if I was doing something tonight and I wasn’t.” He explained, “So what’s the harm in having her here?”

“Except that you were doing something Murphy, you were getting drinks with me.”

John’s eyes softened slightly with guilt, “Look, I should’ve told you, but I haven’t been on a date in months, I guess I just got excited. Forgive me?”

You sighed, knowing you could never deny him anything when he looked at you like that.

“Fine, but you owe me.” You said, moving your body closer to his.

Murphy’s breathing escalated and his eyes narrowed as he picked up on your not so subtle signal.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make it worth your while.” He said with a wink.

You gave the boy a smirk and flounced away, hoping he hadn’t noticed how hard it had been seeing him with Harper. He was your best friend, he was yours.


John hissed as fingers wound their way into his hair and a hot mouth sucked on the smooth skin of his jaw. He pictured the scent of you, the taste of your lips on his and, for a moment, he could almost pretend that this didn’t feel wrong, like he didn’t feel as though he was cheating on you.

Stop being ridiculous, he thought, you weren’t a couple, he could do as he pleased.

With renewed vigour, John attacked Harper’s lips, hoping she couldn’t hear the way his moans sounded like your name.


You were awoken from your restless sleep by a frantic knock on your door. Sleepily, you stumbled your way through your apartment, unlocking the door with a mumble of ‘I’m coming, I’m coming.’

John stood on your doorstep, dishevelled, panting and looking desperate.

“Y/N.” he said, your name sounding like a prayer being answered.

The exhausted boy stepped towards you, cupped your face with his hands and pulled your face to his. The kiss was intense, passionate and filled with an unspoken desperation. Not a need to have sex, just a need for closeness, a need to feel that connection again.

“Woah, woah, woah. Is everything okay John?” you asked breathlessly, your hands still clinging to the fabric of his shirt.

Your best friend’s eyes were watering as he inspected your face, “I slept with Harper.” He finally said, “I’m sorry, I just-”

You raised a hand, signalling him to stop talking. You felt like a horse had kicked you in the chest, or like all the air had been sucked straight out of your lungs. You rested your back against the wall, using it to keep your body upright.

“No-no need to apologise.” You said with a fake smile, “Nicely done, she was cute.”

John sighed and stepped closer once more, “I slept with her and it just felt so…so wrong. I needed to see you, so that I could make it right.”

“There’s nothing to make right John. We’re friends, we’ve always been friends. You don’t owe me anything.” You replied, trying to push past the boy.

John grabbed your wrist, and pulled you to face him once more.

“We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.” The boy said fiercely, “Y/N, I like you. I like you so much that it’s ruining my life. I thought that this whole ‘friends with benefits’ thing would help, but it’s just made me like you more. I thought Harper would be a distraction, and yet all I could think about was you, the whole time! I’m pretty sure I called your name more than once, it’s ridiculous.”

By this stage, you were trying not to giggle at the furious blush creeping onto your friend’s pale skin. The ridiculousness of the situation was more than you were expecting, and your laughter slipped through your lips before you could stop it.

Your best friend looked over at you, a loving smile sliding onto his face.

“What’re you laughing at? You think this is funny? I’m standing here, pouring my heart out to you, and you’re laughing? Wow, I’m really starting to rethink this whole, childhood best friend turned crush situation.” The boy joked.

“Okay,” you admitted, “I’m not gonna lie, seeing you with Harper killed me. I want to be with you John, in whatever way, shape or form I can.”

“Really?” the boy smiled, squeezing your hand.

You nodded, taking John’s other hand in your own, “So, you wanna go on a date sometime? Like, a proper one? One that doesn’t start and end with sex maybe?”

John pretended to be hurt, “No sex? That’s just cruel and unreasonable.”

You laughed, “I didn’t say that. Although you’re getting checked before I go anywhere near you, I don’t know where Harper’s been.”

“So, dinner and a movie tomorrow night? My treat.”

“You’ve got yourself a deal.” You smiled.

“Nah, what I’ve got myself is a girlfriend.”

Jamie Benn #3.1

Requested by Anon:  Would you please write a story where you and Tyler Seguin became unlikely close friends since you are shy and the furthest thing from a party girl. However, it still happened after he hit on you and you turned him down. Little did you know somewhere over the course of your friendship, Tyler decided you and Jamie Benn would be perfect for each other, so he sets you up on what turns into the most perfect blind date ever.

*Here it is!! Enjoy! :) I had to establish that the reader is close to Tyler so this is a very Tyler-centric drabble but this is a multi-part imagine and part 2 will be all about Jamie. Yay!!*

Word count: 1, 038

Originally posted by kanersmulletisperfect

You gave him the bowl of lasagna you just heated and sat in front of him. You are currently eating leftovers in Tyler Seguin’s new, state-of-the-art kitchen in Dallas. If someone told you eight months ago that you would be here, eating with Tyler freakin Seguin and be actually friends with him, you would have punched them in the face.

You hate hockey – absolutely deplore it – because it’s confusing and you feel like it promotes violence to the kids, you hate playboys and Tyler Seguin is probably the poster boy for casual hookups in the NHL, and you hate leftover food.

Needless to say, here you are and you’re actually really happy to be here.

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anonymous asked:

Hi can I get a gif reaction to you (their best friend) never crying in front of them (because you always bottle it up) and one day you cry in front of them for a silly reason??😋 sorry if that didn't make sense! Thank you!!

Sure! No problem ^^

Bts reaction to you crying in front of them for the first time (Best friends)

You were finally going to apply for your dream job. When You were getting ready, Jin was at your house giving you pep talks. “Don’t worry y/n, you got this! I’m supporting you one hundred and ten percent!” You laugh at his statement and head off.
When you got accepted, you were so happy that you felt tears welling up in your eyes. Jin was picking you up and was just waiting in his car. He was thinking  of what he should say to either congratulate you, or to comfort you if you didn’t get accepted.
You came outside with the happy tears in your eyes, when Jin saw, he immediately bolted out of the car and ran up to you, “Oh my god, y/n are you okay? what happened? Were you accepted?” He bombarded you with questions.
“Yeah, I did. I did it Jin, I got my dream job” You say, wiping tears away. He smiled and laughed. “I knew you would”

Originally posted by kim-taehyvngs

You and Namjoon are having a “Sleepover” at his place. More of a movie night if you preferred to call it that.
You were sitting on the couch preparing the movie. He was making popcorn. While you waited for him in the other room, you checked your phone. Your friend sent you a picture of what you loved and you were smiling at how cute it was. Then she sent you a funny photo. And I mean, a REALLY funny photo. It made you laugh so hard that you were rolling on the couch. She then sent you more photos and a video that just brought your laughing tears out. Namjoon came up to you with the bowl of popcorn. Namjoon couldn’t hear you through his sound proof walls. So when he came into the room and saw you wiping your tears with a bright red face, he couldn’t help but question, “What the hell just happened? Are you okay?” You looked up at him, swallowing the laughter.
“Th-This thing” You showed him the pictures and the video which made you crack up again while he was sitting there with the most disgusted face ever.

Originally posted by the-rap-man

You and Jimin liked to play with each other. With each other’s emotions. Sometimes he would mess with your feelings and tell you that he had a crush on you. It was a very “Love-hate friendship with him.” This time, it was your turn. You had the perfect plan. You would “cry” and see his reaction to it. You had no reason behind it, but you were one hell of a good actor. You refused to cry in front of anyone. But Jimin was the only one you were okay with. When you were over at his house he was in the bathroom doing who knows what.
When he heard sniffling he came out. He only saw your back. He joked with you, “why are you sniffling so much? are you sick or something?” when he turned to face you he realized you were crying. “Oh shit.” He sat down on the on the couch and put his arm around you. “What happened? Are you okay? I swear if it was another one of those thirsty ass guys i’m gonna-” You faced him, trying to hold your composure. But you couldn’t. You started laughing. “Wait what?? What’s goin- Oh no..”
“Oh yes” You said. Your sad tears forming happy ones.
“You little shit.”

Originally posted by oh-suga-suga

Let’s just say, crying would have no effect on him.. Actually, that’s a lie, that’s mean xD Let’s say he can tell whether it’s fake or not xD

Originally posted by chaneoyl

Sorry, food’s got me hyped.
He would tickle you so much that when he stopped, it felt funny. (Like those vibrating chair things)
You cried tears of laughter. Your face was tomato red. “Aww y/n is crying” he would say while wiping away your tears.

Originally posted by averageoppa

You told him that you weren’t afraid of anything. Even though you jumped at the slightest thing. Even though Hobi wasn’t the biggest fan of horror either, but he really wanted to prove you wrong. You and Hobi were really close. Even though you were best friends, you would hug and cuddle and hold hands. All for fun. You wouldn’t kiss or anything like that, but the skinship was there.
You two were at the amusement park when he saw a haunted house the boys dragged him into countless times. He knew what would be coming, But you didn’t. “Let’s go in there!” He says, grabbing your hand and dragging you. You looked up at the creepy tower standing in front of you. You gulped, “In.. there?”
“Yeah!” He tugged you more.
“W-Well.. I thought you didn’t like horror Hobi..”
“I don’t, but I want to prove you wrong.”
“Prove me wrong..? Of what?”
“That you’re scared y/n! You don’t know how many times I’ve seen you jerk when something popped up.” He dragged you inside. There were 4 floors. Each one with scares worse than the others. You held on tightly to Hobi’s arm. “See, I told you that you were scared..”
“No I’m not!” You say, letting go of his arm. At the same time, his face went white. You turned around to see zombies starting to chase you. You both screamed and ran out the exit. You fell into his arms. “That was a new addition” He said.
“I-I hate you”
He looked at you and saw your tears. He instantly wiped your tears and hugged you. “Aw, you’re so cute, I’m sorry… But.. I still proved you wrong.”
“Shut up.” You said, hugging him tighter.

Originally posted by jimiin

He would honestly just be so worried that you cried. It didn’t matter if it was for a stupid reason. He would still ask you if you were okay every time, jokingly or not.

Originally posted by ofzico

I’m sorry it got shorter and sloppier at the end, I’m really tired and I still have someone waiting for a Jin and Jimin fluff >.< (Which I am SO SORRY FOR, But it will probably be up either tomorrow, or Halloween. Please don’t hate me ;-;)
Hope you liked though!

~Admin Luna

thekpopbitch said: You and GD are dating and he takes you to meet his sister at her shop for the first time. She ends up walking up to yall,you and GD making out. Him sitting on his lambo you standing between his legs,his hands on your ass and giggling between kisses.

I got a bit carried away with this one. It turned out a little longer than I thought it would. I had an idea so I kinda just ran with it. Not sure if it is what you wanted or had in mind, but here you go :) 

I know it doesn’t really reflect reality in some ways (i.e. his sister), but I kinda just thought it would be cute to warp it a bit. I got super into this one and it has the potential to be developed so might carry it on in a part 2. Let me know if you guys want that !

Originally posted by radsam

The car roars to a stop, Jiyong’s foot pumping the brake dramatically as he pulls into the empty space behind the shop his sister had owned for the past three years.

‘I don’t know what I’m more nervous about… meeting your sister or your shit driving.’ You shoot at him.

‘I forgot how feisty you get when you’re worked up.,’ He shoots a smirk in your direction, turning the ignition of the car off, slamming the gear into park. ‘It’s cute.’ His comment causes you to let out an exasperated sigh as the engine shuts off.

‘I’m already nervous as it is, don’t make it worse.’

‘Okay, I’m sorry baby.,’ His hand shifts from the gear stick to your leg, giving it a gentle squeeze. ‘I’m just a little excited. I don’t introduce many girls to my sister. She’s even pickier than my Mum, would you believe it.’ He chuckles more to himself than you. His excitement had been evident since this morning, and it was growing by the minute.

‘That isn’t helping.’ You object.

‘I didn’t mean it like that. She will love you, I promise.,’ His hand gives your leg another reassuring squeeze. ‘She’s seen photos of you, anyway. She’s let slip that she thinks you’ve got style.’ The way you’d heard Jiyong talk about his sister, you knew their relationship was close, and you knew that he really cared what she thought about you. It was endearing, but also extremely nerve wracking at the same time.

‘Is that meant to reassure me?’ He nods at your question, before planting a gentle kiss on your lips. He doesn’t say anything more, before shifting his hand to unclick the seatbelt he’d been wearing. He opens his door, exciting the car, before shutting it again. You reach for your bag, fingers shuffling to grasp your hand mirror to quickly check your make up was still intact. Your car door opens before you get the chance to find it, and Jiyong holds a hand out to help you step out of the low wheel base of his Lamborghini. You unclip your seatbelt before taking his hand, your shoes stepping lightly out of the car, before delicately shutting the door

‘Is this the skirt I bought for you when we first starting dating?,’ He spins you slightly, his back now facing the car. ‘You haven’t worn it in a while.’ His eyes survey your outfit. You’d tried to keep it simple. Black tights, black oxford shoes, a neat caramel pleated skirt, a white shirt and a thick woolen navy coat to fight out the cold Seoul winter. His hands wrap around your waist, pulling you towards him.

‘Jiyong.’ You protest lightly as he rests his weight against the car, tugging you between his legs.

‘What?,’ He questions with a smirk on his face. ‘I’m just trying to relax you a bit, baby.’ His mouth meets yours, his tongue pressing past your lips, caressing you.

‘Jiyong.’ You pull apart with another pout. He chuckles slightly at your expression, his hands slipping lower, positioning themselves at the edge of your jacket where your skirt begins – directly on your butt. He gives it a gentle squeeze, and despite your best efforts a giggle slips from you.

‘See, you love it.’ He winks, his eyebrows raising in suggestion. He kisses you again, tongue pressing into yours, his hands remaining on your ass.

‘Yah,’ A sharp voice cuts the cold Seoul air. ‘I came to open the back door to let you in, but it’s too cold for me to stand out here waiting for you to finish touching her ass, Ji.’ You know immediately who the voice belongs too. You distance yourself immediately, a deep blush creeping into your face.

‘Be a little patient, sis.’ His calmness rattles you. His hand takes yours, pulling you gently towards his sister.

‘Hello.’ You manage a flustered bow.

‘Pradas… the black oxfords… I love a girl who can wear a thousand dollars on her feet.,’ She looks you up and down. ‘Especially when they pull it off so well with something as cheap as an eighty dollar Uniqlo jacket.’ She smiles approvingly, stepping aside and allowing you into the store, any hint of disapproval at your previous indiscretion gone. Jiyong’s hand rests on your back to guide you gently through the long corridor. You glance back at him, a reassuring smile flashing on his face when your eyes meet. He guides you right, pausing to allow his sister to come forward. She keys in a code on a key pad attached to the door, and it springs open, allowing access to her decadent office. You’re struck by how similar it was to Jiyong’s apartment – minimalist, lots of glass and large art paintings hung on the walls.

‘We don’t get to see the water bar?’ Jiyong complains as you both follow her through into the office.

‘You know where I keep the wine, and it isn’t at the water bar.’ She replies smoothly. You’d never seen Jiyong in this kind of relationship before. Usually, he was always the leader whom had influence on others. It was surprising to see him being spoken to by his elder sister, but he seemed to accept the role without hesitation. ‘Besides, you’ve got introductions to do before you go showing off my shop.’ She gestures to a white couch set near a large window, overlooking a view of the blustering cold of the day. You follow Jiyong obediently as he works his way towards the couch. His sister walks to her desk, pushing an intercom button.

‘Moet and three glasses, please.’ She says abruptly. A crisp voice responds, but you don’t catch the words.

‘Take a seat, Jagi. Do you want me to hang your coat?’ Jiyong motions you to sit down. You shake your head gently, your clammy hands, and Jiyong drops next to you. His sister crosses the room, coming to sit across from you. 

‘This is my older sister, Dami.’ Jiyong offers. 

‘Call me Unnie.’ She smiles, offering a hand across the distance, and you knew she liked you. 


‘Two gin and tonics.’ Seungri offered proudly.

‘Yah!’ You protest loudly, your hand reaching up to shove Seungri’s shoulder. ‘She said she wanted wine. What is this shit?’ 

‘Yeah!’ Dami’s eyes furrow in mock anger. You both exchange ill covered looks of amusement. You knew Seungri had heard your order for gin and tonics perfectly, but you wanted to mess with him regardless.

‘Don’t treat my sister like that! Dami unnie get’s what Dami unnie wants, okay?’ You look at her, and you both burst out laughing. You have no idea how you’ve ended up in this club. You couldn’t remember the taxi ride. The afternoon has passed in a blur of too many glasses of expensive champagne, but they’d served as the perfect foundation for your now solid friendship. You had vague memories of ordering fried chicken to the store, and of Dami picking out a dress for you from the racks of her store to wear to the club, but the finer points were a blur. All you knew was that you loved Dami, and she evidently loved you too.

‘Hyung, sort out these two girls.’ Seungri complained, calling to Jiyong. He glances over at you, and you flash him a warming smile.

‘I’ve been trying to all afternoon. I’ve given up.’ Jiyong shrugs ambivalently. He glances back at you, evidently not impressed. Seungri sighs, placing the two drinks on the table in front of you.

‘If you want me to get wine, I’ll order some Dom Peri…’ 

‘Don’t order them anything else, Seungri. They don’t need it.’ Jiyong interjects.

‘It’s not like we can’t order our own drinks.’ Dami responds quickly with a sharp laugh. Seungri sighs again, giving up. 

‘Well… Jiyong has spoken, ladies.’ He bows deeply, leaving you alone with Dami. 

‘My brother can be a real ass sometimes…,’ Dami sighs, picking up her drink and taking a long sip. ‘You’d think he’d be happy we are getting a long so well…’ 

‘I’m sure he is. He’s just… looking out for us, I guess. We are pretty drunk right now.’ You feel an automatic need to defend Jiyong. 

‘Ahhh, y/n. I can see why he loves you… But you don’t need to stick up for him.,’ She chuckles, causing a blush rising in your cheeks. ‘You know… I was watching you in the parking lot before I opened the door today. He isn’t usually that sweet with people. He doesn’t open doors. He doesn’t kiss in public. He doesn’t guide people like he did with you. I know you’re different.’ 

‘I’m sorry about that. I didn’t know… I mean… I tried to stop him…’ You stutter, trying to apologize for what she had seen.

‘Y/n, I’m not his mother. I know you’re in a relationship and that stuff like that happens. It’s only natural.’ She shrugs, dismissing your embarrassment with a simple shift of her shoulders. You remain silent, your eyes glued on Jiyong. He must sense your gaze, because he turns his head, his eyes meeting yours. A small pout forms on his lips. His eyes flick behind you, distracted, and his hand raises in a small wave of welcome. Before you have the opportunity to turn around, you hear Youngbae’s voice.

‘Hello, ladies. You both look stunning tonight.’ He greets you both as he rounds the couch you are sitting on, coming into full view. You’d been so drunk you had barely noticed he hadn’t arrived. 

‘Bae, we’re not talking to them.’ Jiyong warns sharply. 

‘Oh, fuck off.’ Dami counters back. A smirk appears on Youngbae’s face, a chuckle leaving his mouth, and you catch a fleeting moment between him and Dami.

‘I show up late and it’s world war three…’ His sentence is directed at her.

‘My younger brother is just jealous his girlfriend likes me more than him.’ She quips. Her tone has shifted ever so subtly. Was she flirting?

‘They’ve been drinking since lunch and they’re being sloppy.’ Jiyong responds. 

‘Sloppy?’ For some reason, the word offends you more than Jiyong has intended. The moment he looks at your face, he knows the utterance was a mistake.

‘No. Not you. Just her.’ He quickly covers himself. 

‘You called us both sloppy.’ Dami raises an eyebrow, the idea of Jiyong in trouble evidently amusing her.

‘I didn’t meant you, Y/n. Jagi, come here.’ Your bottom lip juts out in annoyance and you refuse to reply to him. 

‘I am going to get a drink. Do you want one, Dami?’ Youngbae offers tactfully despite her half full glass. She looks up at him, that same flicker of flirt running across her face.

‘If you’re offering.’ She picks her glass up, draining the remaining gin and tonic, before standing to follow Youngbae to the bar.

‘Jagi… come here.’ Jiyong tries again. You don’t respond, your anger bubbling slowly, before he gives in himself, standing. He crosses the distance quickly, coming to take his sisters now empty space next to you. 

‘That was very insulting.’ Is all you can manage. He sighs deeply. 

‘You’re drunk. You won’t remember this in the morning.’ His arm comes to rest on your shoulder. His words only worsen your mood. You brush his arm off.

‘Jiyong, stop. You insulted me and now you’re telling me it doesn’t matter because I’m drunk.,’ You turn, your eyes scouring into him. ‘I’m just having a good time with your sister and making an effort to get along with her. We are genuinely having a good time. If you think I’m sloppy and it’s embarrassing for you, then I’ll just leave.’ His hand runs through his hair. 

‘Okay. I’m sorry for making you feel that way. I didn’t mean it as an insult. It is just a jab that came out. That’s the kind of relationship I have with my sister - we tease each other about stuff like that.’ You nod at him. 

‘Well, I am not your sister, and I don’t appreciate the way you spoke to me. So don’t forget that.’ Your eyes lock on his, and a small laugh breaks from his lips. 

‘I know you’re not my sister. Again, I’m sorry,’ He reaches forward, his mouth meeting yours, the taste of his last cigarette lingering on his tongue as he gives you a soft kiss. ‘It’s just that you’re so cute when you get sassy with me.’ He murmurs against your lips. 

‘Apology accepted.’ Your lips curl into a gentle smile, and Jiyong kisses you again. He leans back on the couch, and you snuggle into his side, moving your body against his. Your eyes focus on Dami, now at the bar, taking in her interactions with Youngbae. Her hand rests on his shoulder briefly as she leans closer to him, a laugh escaping her lips.

‘She gets on with all my friends. Her and Youngbae have a great relationship too.’ Jiyong comments, his own gaze settling on Dami. You don’t have the heart to tell him that there is more to their relationship than meets the eye, his naievity causing him to be oblivious. 

‘She’s amazing. I’m glad you arranged this.’ Is all you manage. 

Truly, Madly, Deeply

Member(s): Sehun x Reader
Type: Fluff
Words: 1187
1. “Did I say that out loud?”

》 FAQ // Masterlist

A loud clap of thunder got him jumping out of his seat, despite he had never been afraid of it. But he couldn’t sit still - not when you were somewhere out there during this horrible storm. He was sure you didn’t mind it, though, but your fearlessness sometimes terrified him and made him constantly worried about your well-being. And despite the fact that you were already an adult yourself, he couldn’t stop himself from taking care of you like you were just a preschooler – just like when you were kids.

With both of your parents being childhood best friends themselves, it was only natural for you two to start hanging out as well. Sehun was a year older than you and despite his aloof personality, he had always been keen on taking care of you like an older brother.

“Y/N, your hair is all covered in mud!”

“That’s because you don’t know how to play properly!”

“… I should fix it for you, then.”

That continued later on. Even after he joined SM Entertainment, despite his rigorous schedule, he always managed to find some time to check up on you – he’d ask if you had eaten well, taken your vitamins if you were sick and so on. Those were small things, but they always meant the world to you.

“Jesus Christ, Sehun, you’re not my mother!”

“Shut up and eat your soup.”

The sound of annoyance in your voice had always managed to amuse him greatly. Looking out of the window, Sehun laughed at the memory.

When you were old enough for university and your parents didn’t have enough money to pay for your own place, Sehun was the one who offered you his help. He had his own apartment and didn’t mind sharing it with you, not even the slightest bit. It was an excellent decision - you lived in peace and harmony, you rarely fought and one would think, upon seeing you, that you were a couple.

The truth was, as the time passed, Sehun had found himself falling more and more in love with you. Unlike what most boys would do, he didn’t even consider distancing himself away from you, knowing it would bring suspicion and stain your perfect friendship – or even worse, end it. Instead, he kept it a secret and tried to act as normal as possible. Luckily for him, you misread his over-protectiveness as something an older brother would feel upon seeing his little sibling growing up. So up until this day, he didn’t have to worry about it.

The familiar sound of the front door opening was an answer to all his prayers. Before he could even comprehend what he was doing, he was already rushing to the hallway to greet you. Seeing you struggling with your coat, he helped you take it off and hung it onto a stand hanger near the door.

“Where have you been until now?” he asked, worry lacing his voice as he spoke, “I was just about to go search for you.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you worried.” you spoke apologetically, taking your beanie off with one hand, the other one holding a small box tightly, “I was held back by a professor and my battery ran out in the meantime.”

“It’s okay. You’re here now, that’s all it matters. And I’m glad you remembered to bring an umbrella with you.”

“I know, right? It probably caused all the planets to align, but oh well.” you shrugged nonchalantly, “You haven’t had dinner yet?”

He waved his head silently, too lazy to say anything more. You understood and motioned for him to follow you to the kitchen. Simple things like these were usual and accepted by both of you as sometimes neither of you was in a mood to speak too much. As you entered the small kitchen together, he couldn’t help but notice you kept on clutching the box close to your chest as if you were afraid someone was going to snatch it away from you and it made him very curious.

“Why are you carrying the box like that? What’s inside?”

You smiled like Mona Lisa, as if keeping a little secret, while Sehun frowned.

“Wait. Do I even want to know?”

You let out a chuckle in response and carefully placed the box on the table, slowly taking off the lid to expose its content.

At first, Sehun couldn’t believe his eyes, as the sight wasn’t anywhere near what he expected – three grasshoppers and two ladybugs.

“They were all together in the building, curled up in one spot… having a party, probably.” you explained, “So I thought it would be shameful if they were cold and had no food on their party.”

“But, how did you manage to catch them all?”

“Oh God, don’t ask!” you pressed your hands on your cold cheeks and shook your head wildly like a little kid, “The old lady next door, Mrs. Son, chose a perfect moment to get out of her apartment and just watched as I chased grasshoppers through the building like a lunatic. That woman surely thinks weird of me now.”

He laughed wholeheartedly at your story, without actually believing what he just heard – he thought that it was impossible for someone to be such a good person, so pure and so innocent, but then again, there you were. Maybe guardian angels existed, after all…

“Can you please take care of them for a minute or so?” your voice snapped him out of his thoughts and he immediately looked your way, “I have to find some leaves to feed them.”

He shrugged and nodded, taking the box in his hands. There was nothing really that he could do against the job he had been given, but he couldn’t help but ask, “Y/N, are you actually planning on keeping them?”

“Oh no, no!” you laughed, “I won’t keep them. Actually, I will, for now! I’m just going to wait this storm to pass and then I’ll let them out.”

There it was again, your gentleness and love for all living beings that got him into liking you in the first place.

“I think I want to marry you…” he thought and lowered his head to prevent you from seeing the smile that overtook his face, his feelings sincere, as if he never had any doubts about them.

A soft giggling sound made him raise his head a moment later, just to see you standing in the doorway, fiddling with a beanie that was in your hands as you bit on your lower lip with indubitably flushed cheeks. Upon realizing what happened, he licked his own lips, feeling a wave of embarrassment engulf him whole.

“Did I say that out loud?” despite already knowing the answer, he had to ask. Just to make sure.

You turned your head to look at him. He had known you his whole life, but the way you were smiling just now was something he had never seen before. Before he could react, you put the beanie on and headed outside on the pouring rain.

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anonymous asked:

could you recommend any good canon fics or at least one? I'm dying to read something but I don't know what.

Untangle Me
Louis finds himself out of place in LA, unable to get at an itch that’s been bothering him for years. He supposes back in the early days, home hadn’t been a place. It’d been a person. He’d etched it permanently into his skin for fucks sake.

It was always him and Harry. Stuck to each other like super glue. Pulled together by some magnetic force, existing in their own bubble. Everyone could see it, but that was half the problem, wasn’t it?It’s not like Louis can pinpoint the exact moment in time when him and Harry fell out of sync. There wasn’t really one at all. It had been a gradual slip, like the tide wearing away at a sandstone cliff. Chipping the solid foundations until there was nothing left to stop the structure falling to the waves below. It’s not like he spends all of his time sitting around moping over a lost friendship, he’s good at distractions. But LA only seems to accentuate the distance between them. Two separate planets, not even in the same solar system.

Or the one where Harry and Louis finally get it right.

Through the Darkest of Your Days
“Harry thinks he might not really know what okay is, but Louis is warm next to him, solid and constant and questioning. He’s all wide eyes and nerves and vulnerability. And this feels alright, this might be some sort of okay, Harry thinks.” Future!fic, roadtrip!fic, OT5 friendship!fic.

The Sound of Your Voice From Far Away
It’d be perfect, he convinces himself. Things with Lou are – well. They’re the way they are, and there’s no point dwelling on why it’s got that way. But he thinks this would help – not fix them, because they’re not broken. They don’t need to be put back together, they’re just. Out of sync, maybe. It would help. He thinks it would, anyway, if they could just be the two of them again, to be alone together with no outside influences pressing claustrophobically in on them, just for a bit. And driving down an empty highway with nothing else but Louis beside him is the best way to do that that he can imagine.

Or, after the U.S. leg of the Take Me Home tour, Harry and Louis drive from L.A. to NYC. They figure some things out, like how to deal with the distance that’s been growing between them.

Even Though My Dizzy Head is Numb
Harry is sick and Louis is rebellious. 

Nothing You Can Do (But Learn How to Be You in Time)
A Canon Compliant Semi-AU. Louis braids Harry’s hair. There are good times, bad times, fancy houses, supportive bandmates, secret boyfriends, small rebellions, bigger revolutions, some nail varnish, ribbons, cute clothing, and a Pinterest.

wild flower, my face of love
It feels like a lifetime’s worth of adoration when Harry kisses him – just to kiss him, just to feel his lips, because even 15 minutes without them is 14 minutes and 59 seconds too many – and when Louis holds him back, wraps his arms and legs and lips around him, it’s like an inexplicable familiarity between their souls that just four years can’t explain.

Or: the one where Jay gets married.

Phosphenes n. the stars and colors you see when you rub your eyes. 

“I miss you, Lou.” Harry says.
“’M right here.” Louis answers.

Every Arrow That I Aim Is True
“I can see you don’t believe me,” Harry says, pretending to be stern. Louis chuckles a little but doesn’t get out of the bed. “Anyway, I texted Liam and told him you’re with me. He said to stay here as long as you need, and he’ll deal with the show over there until you want to come back, all right?”

Louis doesn’t say anything again so Harry whispers, “Just stay here with me for a while, yeah? I’ll take care of you.”

Louis is quiet. He never picks his head up, but Harry can see the pillow move from where he’s nodding and his fingers tighten around Harry’s. “Yeah,” Louis says. “Yeah, all right.”

the dark and the dentist
“I know this song,” Louis whispers, and Harry has to lean his ear toward him to pick up what he’s saying. “It was written for people to dance to it. We should be dancing.”

We can’t, Harry almost spits, but it’d be stupid of him. Louis knows they can’t. Even if he looks like any regular Parisian in their twenties, and Harry looks like any hipster Parisian in their twenties, they can’t anyway. To be fair, they probably wouldn’t do it even if they were out. But if they were two uni students, both in Paris for an exchange, meeting over fallen books at the library, or because of mutual friends, or watching Monet’s Water Lilies?

“How would we dance?” Harry murmurs, mouth almost pressed to Louis’ cheek, so close he can feel his warmth. What a picture they must make, two millionaires freezing in a park and dreaming of a different life.

An account of the events of November 2014. Canon-compliant. 

Headcannons for dating Philip

- I guarantee you were either good friends before-hand, or someone he didn’t know that he started flirting with and then went out on a date with. No inbetween.

- He’s super flirty, you saw him with those girls in Blow Us All Away that boy will make you blush redder than a goddamn tomato with his pick up lines a compliments.

- If you’re flirty as well you’ll have ‘flirt-offs’ where the two of you will just throw pick up lines and compliments at each other until the other breaks into laughter or blushing, winner gets to have as many kisses as they want for the day.

- But if you’re not very flirty and kinda shy he’ll respect that, it might take him a while but he’ll get a lot more sincere and sweet with his compliments, making sure never to overstep your boundaries.

- This boy would give you the world if he could, but for now he’ll settle for cute little poems sent to your mailbox and random bouquets of flowers he sends to your door.

- Eliza and Ham would love you, anyone who manages to turn Philip into a happy blushy mess like you do is more then welcome in the family, so long as you don’t break his heart.

- You’re welcome over at their house whenever and usually spend a lot of time reading with him or playing with his younger siblings.

- All in all he loves you, and nothing can change that. Your relationship is a perfect balance of mutual understanding, friendship and young romance and it’s perfect in every way.

Love Isn’t a Four Letter Word  (Steve Rogers x reader)

Prompt:  Can I make a request where the girl who’s an avengers is best friends with Steve but he secretly likes her and so he keeps drawing her secretly but then the girl finds his drawings? Thanks so much I love your writing :D


The first puzzle piece that you found wasn’t hidden very well. It was hastily taped to your morning coffee mug.  The drawing was of a hand holding a book.  It was elegantly drawn despite its simplicity, and you knew who put it there.

Steve had been your best friend almost immediately after he was found in the ice.  The first SHIELD agent to see him as he woke, you took a personal interest in helping him to acclimate to the modern world.  In those first months, you were spending every day together.  You taught him how to survive in this new version of New York, and he taught you to slow down for the simple pleasures around you.  He was the perfect gentleman, and never once were you concerned of his intentions.  In fact, you’ve recently begun to wonder if he would ever find that ‘special someone’ and settle down.

“Hey, Cap.  Sleep well?”

All you could make out was a low mumble as he dropped himself into the chair next to you, head in his hands.  “I don’t think I slept all night.”

Reaching over to him you ruffled his hair, but he quickly sat up straight into an uncomfortable posture.  “I’m sorry, (Y/N), guess I’m just jumpy this morning.”  He grabbed his coffee and quickly exited.  

Yeah, that wasn’t weird at all.  

The next few puzzle pieces were scattered around the tower for you to find.  Each one became harder to find than the one before, but also with much greater detail in the drawings.  As each piece was found, you built the puzzle on your bedroom door.  So far you had much of the form, but never any hair or facial features.  What was Steve doing?  You hadn’t seen much of him lately, and when you did he was quick to find a reason to leave.

Finally, you were down to the last piece of Steve’s puzzle. It was the body of a woman, graceful and soft, but so far unrecognizable.  The face was all that was missing.  It suddenly occurred to you that it could be Peggy.  Was he struggling with dreams again?  Is that why he isn’t sleeping?  Frantically searching the tower, you began to lose hope that you would find the final piece to unlock Steve’s message. Exasperated, you laid back on the couch in the common room, hoping to clear your head.  Two hours later, you woke to a dark room.


The faint sounds of Steve working in the gym caught your attention.  You were going to figure this out once and for all.  Just go up to him and ask.  He’s your best friend; if something is bothering him then he should know he could ask you for help.  When you entered, the gym was dark, with a small light in the back of the room. Feeling your way towards it, you recognized your puzzle on the far wall; it looked complete.

It was you.  It was exquisite.  And suddenly you couldn’t breathe.  

“Hey, (Y/N).”  

You jumped, turning around to find Steve behind you. He was as gorgeous as you had ever seen him.  Even in the dark room his blue eyes shined.  He actually looked rested and happy, something you hadn’t seen for days.  He gently smiled at you as you regained your composure.  “Steve, what’s going on?”

With a deep sigh he began, “(Y/N), we’ve been friends, best friends, for a long time now.  I see you every day and still I miss you the moment the day is over, and I can’t sleep because I want to get to the next day with you.  But each day gets harder and harder because I want nothing more than to tell you how much I love you.  And I’m terrified that you don’t feel the same way, but I’m even more scared to not try because I may be missing out on starting the best part of my life with you.  I didn’t know how to say it, so I tried to draw you so that you could see the way I see you, and hoped that you would just know.”

You didn’t realize that your mouth was open, a look of shock on your face.  “Steve…I…”

“I know, I’m an idiot.”  His face dropped a bit, his arms lowered to his sides.  “Anyway, here, these are for you.”  Tears filled your eyes as he handed you a bouquet of your favorite flowers, starting to slowly back away.

Rushing forward, you threw your arms around him, standing up on your toes to kiss him.  His hands moved to your hips, pulling you closer until there was no space left between you. For just a brief second, you had worried that this first kiss would be awkward; the end to your friendship.  

But it was perfect, and you wondered why you both had waited so long.

Your Love Story

Pairing: Mark Pellegrino x Reader
Word count: 1,592
Warnings: None. Cheesy 
Written for Wayward-Mirage’s Mark Pellegrino Day
Request: ( @fayemenelmir) Hey. I have a request for the Mark Pellegrino day. What about the Reader and Mark knew each other before he became successful and both had a crush on each other but never told each other. Then they haven’t seen for 6 years and both had a few relationships, stuff like that and when they meet again (both successful actors?) on a con or on a new set, they “remember” their feelings and after MONTHS being Friends they finally kiss thanks to Mark’s SPN Cast Members (R2M).
Authors Note: I really wanted this one to turn out better than it did. I had it planned out in my mind but I don’t think it executed right.

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Almost is Never Enough Part 4

Summary: When things feel like they can’t get any worse, you end up confiding into someone surprising about your problems with Jinyoung.

Genre: Angst

Length: 2520

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Jinyoung woke up with a throbbing headache. How many drinks had he had last night? He lost count after ten, but JB just kept buying more and more. After the fifth drink, Jinyoung had finally been able to let go a little and have fun. It wasn’t like he had forgotten about you or anything, but he was actually able to push it to the back of his mind for a bit, which was nice. This whole situation with you had been plaguing him for far longer than was healthy, so a moment of relief had felt nice, but that’s all it was. A moment.

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Imagine watching the stars with Newt on the astronomy tower.

You both sat silently enjoying the flashing gas balls above your heads feeling very small in the world. You were shoulder to shoulder enjoying each others warmth while the cold nipped at your exposed noses.
You didn’t need to say anything because that’s how your friendship was. You knew what each other was thinking. You were a weird, quiet couple of people and that’s how you liked it. You didn’t need to shout your friendship to the world because you were each others world.
It was perfect, and that’s how it was going to stay.

“Newt!” A voice came climbing up the stairs frantically, startling you both. “Newt please help me, I’ve done something wrong.” Leta Lestrange, Newt’s best friend, sobbed.

Perfect was about to change.