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Ok, is anyone seeing The Dark Tower tomorrow?

I’m going to the first showing of the day because there will be fewer people… I am no fan of a crowded theatre.

Plus, school’s already back in session, so there really won’t be that many people there for a 9am showing. :)

Who’s planning on seeing the movie in the theatre? Who’s gonna just wait until you can rent it?

However you plan to see it, I just know I’m excited to see it and the fact that I’m going opening day says something because I only do that for Marvel movies :)

Bring it.


Hey what’s up everyone! 

It’s your friendly neighborhood Admin 🍌 here bringing you Part 1 of the AOMG chat request!

It’s a mess y’all. 😂  Jay Park is always a riot to write but this was just incredible all together lol 

Find Part 2 here.

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Hello! This is A-kun, your friendly admin for Positive-ROTG. I would like to thank all of those who submitted to this tumblr, and reblogged from it - spreading positivity within our fandom. I would like to make a statement in reference to recent posts in our tags.


Our fandom may be smaller than what it once was, but we are still alive and thriving. We are still creating artwork, reading, writing, talking. We are still here - and we are family.

anonymous asked:

So, I have a question for Levi. (I never knew I could do this before so this is amazing.) Since Moblit is Hanji's assistant, she probably spends a lot of time with him and they're probably really close. Have you ever gotten jealous because of that, or gotten mad because of something Moblit did?

(The ask box have been open for everyone, which where you can ask me, *your friendly admin for anything LeviHan related*, Levi and our Mama Hanji. Gosh, I’m so awful I didn’t know you guys didn’t know you can ask the three of us, lmfao)

And wow, another one for Levi! Hey!!!

Ugh. Another brat. 눈_눈

I see. Well, yeah. I think so. Moblit being sticky and icky for Hanji since the beginning of everything. 

its even back when I was just starting to apply for the survey corps. Tch.

And its not my fault he’s always there. and heck, why would I be jealous just because of a stinky, shitty old woman? He can have her!

*tosses Hanji to Moblit*

and if I’m ever gonna be mad because of something that the “drunk” bastard have done? it would be the fact where he always sticks to Hanji.

Stinkin’ bastard. Tch.

Anonymous-san: isn’t that b-being jealous…?

Welcome to Brofest!

Hello everyone.
Just a little note to say that we’re almost closing sign-ups for Brofest.
If you want to join, please make sure to enter before midnight PST, March 7th (today!)

If you’ve already joined: Welcome!
So far we have 71 participants for a total of 87 fan fiction pieces.

  • 15 signed up for Flash Fiction Tier
  • 30 for Rookie Tier
  • 19 for Apprentice
  • 13 for Master
  • 5 for Champion
  • 5 brave souls signed up for God

Ideally, by the end of two months,  we will ideally have collectively written at least 655.750 words (which is Insane!).
Please note that participants have another month to change tiers. Changes to tiers close on April 7th to give you some time to figure out your schedules.

As a good luck charm and some extra inspiration, have the bro-est bro pics from our stash.

Please consider:

Wall bros

Life saving bros

Protective bros

Spectating bros

Proud bros

Intimidating bros

Good luck! 
-your friendly neighbourhood admins

Hey everyone, and welcome to OC Appreciation! This blog is dedicated to celebrating original characters. Your friendly admins are @roan-kom-azgeda, @missjanuarylily, @susiesamurai@eleanoraargent, @nixdragon and @thechantelroyal

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We also have a page listing OCs - if you’d like yours added, inbox us with their name, faceclaim, fandom, title and story link (if applicable).

We’re really excited to share this new blog with you all, we believe in recognizing OCs and with all the work you put into creating them, yours deserves it!

A message from your friendly neighbourhood admin Nicola (aka enigmaticpenguinofdeath) -

Hello! Several years ago I offered to do a bit of blog-sitting for a previous Fuck Yeah Mark Gatiss admin who was going to be away for a few months. One thing led to another, and I’ve been sort of running the blog ever since. I now find myself spending less and less time on tumblr, just with life the universe and everything. So rather than let the FYMG blog dwindle away due to lack of attention, I was wondering if anyone else was interested in taking it on? 

While I didn’t set up the blog, I tried to keep to the general spirit of how it was when I adopted it and don’t use it for personal commentary or shipping stuff; just for sharing interesting and pretty posts related to Himself and his work. Ideally that’s sort of how I’d like to hand it on, but obviously it would be up to whoever took it over! You might have all sorts of jazzy ideas for it and hey I say knock yourself out.

So tl;dr if you might be interested in taking over the admin responsibilities for this blog, please drop me a message either here or at my main blog. :-)

Heyyyy, it’s your friendly neighborhood admin! Submissions are low, and I would love love love to have more diversity on this blog! Please please please reblog our posts! I want to see 5 submissions by this time tomorrow night!

But some boys they just can't eat it whole.

So this is a bisexual Pearl/lesbian Violet fic that I’ve been playing about with. It’s smut and fluffy and hopefully you guys like it! Please excuse any formatting fuck-ups, I wrote this on my phone smh. I’m also going to be writing a lesbian Trixya so keep an eye out - Vixen (your friendly neighbourhood admin)

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kekerockinrobin  asked:

Ok :) can I get a scenario where you and V have a big fight over something stupid and he storms out but when he comes home you're not there but your phone is and when you finally come home it's 4 a.m and you're drunk for the first time ever(cause you never touched a drink before) and he's waiting for you mad nd somehow you end up having angry makeup sex

A/N: RIGHT so this ended up being longer and angstier than I imagined, but ayyy! Angry make-up sex from your friendly neighborhood Admin Avery :) (Warning: lots of swearing.)

Originally posted by jinned

“Over” - V (Smut)

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ayooo it’s your friendly neighborhood admin here posting an ask meme to get the ball rolling for everyone. feel free to reblog this if you’d like some sent to you, and don’t forget to send it to other people. have fun!!

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Greetings hotmen and hotwomen,

With Smoke & Shadow now out and the Fire Nation fandom patiently waiting for December to come so we can all read S&S Part 2, your friendly admins have decided to host an ongoing event while we wait.

As many of you may know, Avatar storyboard artist Johane Matte ( also known as rufftoon) once created this fake storyboard: featuring Zuko, Mai, and Princess Izumi (formally known as Honora):

So, here’s the challenge:

We want you guys to take this storyboard and do something with it. You can write a small fan fic, make some art, color it in, do a redraw, or whatever

Get creative. Go crazy. It’s up to you.

Just remember to have fun doing it.

hesmiledlikeaweatherman  asked:

So I'm working on a comic and came up with the idea about two years ago. Its focus is a 17-year-old Asian-Australian girl, and I was wondering if you had any tips about writing her in a way that won't come across as whitewashed or racist? I have a rough idea of her characterisation but I know how sensitive writing POCs can be, especially for a white writer. Sorry if this is inappropriate - it just seemed like the best place to ask.

I just came across this very interesting tumblr that may help you:  writingwithcolor

“Welcome to Writing with Color, a blog dedicated to writing and resources centered on racial & ethnic diversity. We share writing advice, character inspirations, guides, book recs. and more. We also offer Colorful Critiques Feedback Services for your diverse stories.”

I’ll finish with words of Author Gene Luen Yang on writing diverse characters

“I believe it’s okay to get cultural details wrong in your first draft. It’s okay if stereotypes emerge. It just means that your experience is limited, that you’re human.
Just make sure you iron them out before the final draft. Make sure you do your homework. Make sure your early readers include people who are a part of the culture you’re writing about. Make sure your editor has the insider knowledge to help you out. If they don’t, consider hiring a freelance editor who does.
Also, it’s okay if stereotypes emerge in the first drafts of your colleagues. Correct them – definitely correct them – but do so in a spirit of generosity. Remember how soul-wrenching the act of writing is, how much courage it took for that writer to put words down on a page.

Let your fear drive you to do your homework. But no matter what, don’t ever let your fear stop you.”

I hope it helps

- Your friendly neighbor Admin

Join us for a twelve-day winter holiday celebration of Jerza!

From December 21 - January 1, we will be posting a progression of short stories [written by us, your friendly admins] based on a list of winter holiday prompts!

If you’d like to participate or have questions please visit our about page and FAQ or send us an ask! The prompts are all listed here for your convenience.

We look forward to celebrating the 12 Days of Jerza with you all!

**This post has been edited to reflect the correct dates. 


Around the middle of spring quarter last year, the chemistry club at the University of Washington (which one of your friendly admins of this blog, @cyclopentadiene, was a proud officer of) held a Jeopardy-like trivia night. These are just some of the questions we came up with! 

These questions were designed so that even inexperienced underclassmen would be able to answer some of the questions, whereas the more advanced students and professors may have forgotten the details as taught in gen chem. Answers to these questions will be posted in the future; until then, anybody up for giving a shot at some of these?


Congratulations, folks! Your incredible style is keeping nasty piece of shit dudes who are desperate to uphold the gender binary and tell you what to do at bay!

From this useless article at The Huffington Post. Your friendly local admin is also pretty pissed off that in their “13 Trends We Hope Die This Year” list they included half-shaved heads, which (as proved by Natalie Dormer and myself) is a fucking banging look.