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The Bronx: Part 3

Pairing: Reader x Peter Parker
Word Count: 1.1K
Warnings: Angst, attempted attack/rape,

A/N: I’m planning on another part or 2!

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Part 1, Part 2

You hadn’t spoken to Peter in over 2 weeks, not for his lack of trying. He called and texted you every day, and had even resorted to emailing and DMing you. But you ignored him. You were still upset about him wanting you, and telling you, to stop using your powers to help people. What else were they for if you couldn’t save lives.

You were using your powers more and more, for hero stuff as well as every day convenience. You knew that your powers were growing more unstable every day - your bedroom carpet was now covered in vines and grass - but you were doing your best to ignore it. Trying to suppress your powers didn’t help to stabilise them, so you went about using them at will.

You were fighting crime and helping people almost every night, but nothing helped take your mind off Peter. You loved him, you couldn’t deny that, but if he was going to try to control you, then he didn’t love you. So you had to keep your distance for a little while longer until you’d come to a decision about what to do in regards to the relationship.

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A white crayon (Rap Monster Scenario)

Word count: 1436

Idol: Kim Namjoon (BTS)

Genre: Angsty but fluff

A/N: My first Namjoon writing ever omg I’m so excited lol. I also thought a lot about You Won’t Feel A Thing by The Script while writing this.
Thank you so much to the lovely anon for the request. I wrote this for all my white crayons out there. Even me. I hope you like it and take care xoxo.

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You walked into the Big Hit building and went straight to the elevator. While going up you were thinking about how awful your day had been. “You are as useless as a white crayon” he had said. Your boss had been all over you all day long telling you how useless you were and how couldn’t you do anything right. You didn’t think twice about it and you quitted.

You’d had enough with your ex-boyfriend, so living the whole thing over again with your boss had reminded you all those years of physical and psychological abuse that bastard gave you until you were strong enough to leave him.

Thankfully you learned the lesson and you were not going to let that happen ever again. Since that day you swore to yourself no man would ever make you feel worthless or would hurt you in any way.

The elevator doors opened and you shook your head to try to leave all those sad memories behind. This was not time to feel miserable. Jimin had invited you to watch the dance practice so the least you could do was look glad to be there.

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A wild Richard Harmon appears! He uses Good Looks and SpongeBob Nails!

It is very effective!

@TT_dana:Gary Barlow walking up the streets of NYC with open arms to greet me and then surprise the American GBarmy! It was fantastic. [x]

Gary meeting for dinner a group of US GBarmy/Thatters in New York hours before the opening night of Finding Neverland in Broadway 15.03.2015

Picture courtesy of @TT_dana