your form is fragile



Desc: Reader is a newly turned vampire struggling to control their hunger and heightened feelings for Kai.

Blood sharing & smut included

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“I’m so hungry,” you growled softly, a network of veins crawling to life beneath your eyes. Your whole body ached with a hunger only blood could satisfy, your fangs piercing lightly into your dry tongue. 

You stood in the forest, surrounded by bright green trees, your boots sinking into the rich soil beneath your feet. It smelt of pines and fresh air, but all your mind could do was spin with the urge to feed. Rays of feeble sunlight trickled from the dark clouds that hung low in the grey sky. You tried to be good because you didn’t want to hurt anyone, but you were a newly turned vampire, and animal blood only soothed your cravings slightly. You’d promised everyone you had everything under control, and they’d all bought it. Everyone except-

You heard the whoosh of somebody appearing behind you, and turned to face a cocky looking Kai.

“You can always try the human diet,” he offered. “Running away from me won’t make you any less hungry.”

His lips twitched slightly, forming his familiar & smug smirk. His blue eyes glimmered, his defined cheeks rosy, brown locks smoothed perfectly atop his head. He was stunning, yes, but…

“Kai, you hurt people, and I can’t do that,” you replied firmly. 

“Oh don’t play so innocent,” Kai teased. “I know you’re not the perfect girl you pretend to be.”

You felt your heart miss a beat momentarily, and you swallowed the lump in your throat with a little shake of your head.

“Leave me alone, Malachai.”

“But you’re so much fun, princess,” he smiled, licking over his pink lips.

You rolled your eyes and turned away, waiting for Kai to leave.

“Look, I know why you might not trust me,” he started softly, with genuine concern.

Your eyes fluttered closed, while you tried to block out the sound of his voice.

“But I promise you I can help you through this. I won’t tell anyone that you’d been lying to them, (Y/N). Just, please…let me be the good guy for once.”

You took in a deep breath, the veins under your eyes fading momentarily. 

“You don’t get to be the good guy, Kai. Because you’re not a good guy,” you hissed under your breath, refusing to look at him.

In a second, you were thrown backwards, your back thudding roughly against the sharp bark of the tree behind you. You yelped out, Kai pinning you firmly in place, his aroma overwhelming you, his eyes dark with anger.

“You know what, you’re right,” he breathed over, his voice low. “I’m not good, but neither are you. And don’t give me any of your bullshit, because I know the girl you are, the one you’re scared to show to anyone else. You’re a vampire now, and vampires kill. And as much as you might deny it, I know your pretty little mouth wants to be engulfed with the flavor of warm blood, and with your emotions heightened, you must be dying to try all the dirty little things you’ve never tried before,” he purred huskily.

Your chest rose heavily, eyes flickering over Kai’s annoyingly perfect features. It was impossible to think straight with his chest pressed so hard into you.

“You’re wrong,” you lied.

“Awh, really?” Kai murmured, his blue eyes drinking you up. “So if I did this,” he said, trailing his slender fingers between your thighs, “you’d feel nothing?” 

It was insane how much electricity you could feel through just the whisper of his fingertips, and how you noticed each individual goosebump arising under his touch.

“N-no,” you stammered, with little result.

“And this?” Kai hummed, his hands firm on your waist as he brought his lips gently to your neck. His mouth grazed over your skin, tongue gently swiping over your exposed flesh. Something inside of you stirred, and you involuntarily released a quiet moan.

Kai stopped, squeezing your hips lightly, his lips coming to your earlobe.

“That’s what I thought,” he whispered.

He released you at once, his blue eyes alight with lust. Without a word, he moved to leave you, his point proven. You vamp sped up to Kai, grabbing his wrists from behind, and slamming his body straight into an oak tree before he could react. His back hit the tree trunk hard, but he wasn’t phased at all, the look in his eyes knowing. Your hands trembled slightly, strands of your tangled hair toppling across your eyes. You stared at the malicious bad boy, feeling stupid for the way he made you crumble so easily. You bent forward, touching your forehead to his, eyes locking with his blazing blue ones. You breathed in Kai’s overpowering scent, dark veins crawling across your face as you inhaled. Your heart thrummed loudly, the only thing you could focus on being Kai’s fresh warm blood.

“Do it, (Y/N),” he dared, as if reading your thoughts. Kai raised a wrist to your parched lips, and your fangs sprung back out at once. “You know you want to.”

Without a second thought, you seized Kai’s wrist, bringing it straight up to your hungry mouth. Your fangs sunk deep into his flesh, and the taste of him instantly flooded through your lips. Both your hands came up to pin his arm harder into you, and you groaned in pleasure, your hands trembling from the need for more.

Kai brought his right hand up, and pushed your head gently into the crook of his neck, where he held you lightly. You could feel his cool rings against you as he brushed his fingers through your locks softly, cooing, “that’s right, sweetheart, keep going.”  

You nuzzled into him, the taste of his blood like a drug, the hunger inside you somehow only growing, not yet satisfied. Kai’s mouth hung open, and he let out a soft moan, the sight of your fragile form in his arms too much for him. His eyes grew dark with hunger, veins crackling beneath them. You whimpered against Kai’s wrist before releasing him, your eyes black, his blood leaving a red mess all over your mouth. Kai looked over you with adoration, a lopsided smile on his lips.

“Are you hungry?” you asked him when you saw his eyes.

“Not for blood,” he grinned, his tongue flicking over his fangs.

Kai seized you by the waist and flipped you onto the leaf strewn forest floor, so you grabbed his ankles, throwing him down beside you with a laugh. You whooshed onto his chest, straddling his body and bending over his lips to kiss him before he could react. He responded at once, hands flying up to grab your ass, tongue sliding into your mouth and fighting for dominance with yours. Kai sucked the excess blood from your mouth, a growl emanating from his throat as his lips worked with more force. His faint stubble brushed over your skin, and he squeezed your backside roughly as his lips molded perfectly against your own. You could feel Kai’s large bulge growing beneath you, and your hands instantly reached for his belt buckle. You tossed Kai’s pants off, and then literally ripped his shirt from his chest, your mouth peeling from his to dive into his rippled front. You trailed your tongue down across Kai’s chest before leaving sloppy kisses all over him, brushing your fingertips teasingly across his boxer line. Aggravated by your control over him, Kai flipped you onto your back, peeling off your own clothes, his breath heavy as he delved into your breasts. His name toppled softly off your lips, your head rolling back as he squeezed, sucked, and bit at your flesh. His lips attached around your nipple, and your hands went sliding into his hair as you held him there. The knot in your stomach grew tighter, the wetness between your legs increasing with every second. Every little thing he did to you was filled with so much more intensity as a vampire, and it felt good. Kai removed his mouth, leaving little kisses all down your belly and to your underwear. He hooked his teeth around the lace, removing the fabric easily before taking off his own boxers. Your eyes drifted down to his length, your eyes widening, the lump in your throat growing. Kai caught you staring, and did another one of his smug smirk’s. 

“Ohhh,” Kai sighed, two of his fingers rubbing circles gently against your clit. “I’ve wanted to fuck you senseless from the moment I laid my eyes on you.”

You trembled slightly, eyes flickering over Kai’s sculpted features, “so do it.” 

Kai’s eyes flickered back to your face, and he chuckled with delight. “And I bet you’ve wanted that too,” he purred.

“Please Kai,” you begged with impatience. “Just-”

“Just what, babygirl?”

“Just fuck me,” you pleaded, mouth watering at the sight of him.

Kai smirked, looking pleased, “I’ve broken you, haven’t I? Why haven’t you shown me this side of you before?” he asked seriously.

You closed your eyes, “I-Kai…”

“Tell me,” he whispered.

“I’ve been dead for three weeks now, and your somehow the only one who made me feel alive. I didn’t want to let those darkest parts of me feel for you, but I just…can’t,” your voice cracked at the end. “I need you so much, Malachai Parker.”

He looked you over, his eyes softening with adoration. And then, slowly, he gave you what you wanted. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as he entered you, his length stretching you wide open. Kai’s hands moved to your hips as he began to mercilessly slam his hips into you over and over again. You cried out in pleasure, a layer of sweat gathering on your forehead. 

“You’re-so-” Kai panted, “tight for me.”

Just the sight of him and sound of his voice was enough for you to want to go over the edge. Kai dragged out the next thrust, pushing into you at an excruciatingly slow pace, his mouth hanging open as he groaned your name.

“More,” you begged.

Kai moved one of his hands to your clit, rubbing vigorously as he began to quicken his pace again, finding your spot in no time. Your hands flew to his back, nails dragging across his flesh as you bounced harshly beneath him. Your breathing got heavier, body convulsing as your screams hit a high, your words ragged.

“FUCK,” Kai groaned, his head falling forward as he gave a sloppy final push, his come instantly emptying into you and filling you up to the brim. Your juices mixed with his, your body still shaking. Kai moaned and pulled out, diving into you at once to clean up the mess. His tongue gave little kitten licks to your heat, his head burrowed between your open legs. Kai dipped his tongue gently once into your folds before releasing you, his chest heaving. He flipped over onto his back, his arms sliding under your body and pulling you close into his chest. You curled up against him, arm dipping under his protective hold as you listened to the strum of his heartbeat. Kai mindlessly started playing with your hair again, his eyes always on you.

“You probably think I’m weak for giving into you so easily,” you said after a long silence.

Kai’s eyes crinkled sadly at this. “No, (Y/N), you’re strong, and that’s why I admire you. You spent so long avoiding me because if we ever got even a little close, it would mean that somewhere inside of you, a part of you felt something for a monster like me.”

“What does it mean that my weakness is you?” you asked softly.

“I don’t know,” he said. “What does it mean that a ‘psychopath’s’ weakness is you?”

Demon | Vampire Starters

-“You’ve got a little blood right there.”
-“Let me lick that up for you.”
-“I’m only possessive because I don’t want any other man/woman to look at you because you’re mine.”
-“Can I have a bite to drink?”
-“Let me taste that delicious looking flesh.”
-“You wouldn’t mind if I took a bite would you?”
-“Allow me to introduce myself before I devour you.”
-“I could eat you up.”
-“I wanna sink my teeth into you.”
-“I’m too hungry for you to be near me so unless you want me to devour you back away.”
-“I haven’t eaten since yesterday night.”
-“Lets wait until the moons full to dance.”
-“Let me show you dreams of stardust and love paved with the reddest blood to show our love.”
-“You taste like how you smell. Sweet.”
-“Let me kiss that wound for you and make it better.”
-“I just want a taste.”
-“Your blood is rich and delectable.”
-“Don’t ever leave me.”
-“I’ll tear all your veins open and suck the soul right out of you.”
-“Give me a reason to let you go and not eat you whole.”
-“Such beauty- a shame I have to keep it to myself.”
-“You’re the only one who knows my true name. Tell a soul and I’ll kill you.”
-“Come here. I just want to take a taste.”
-“You’re far too beautiful to let you pass me by.”
-“Love me, fear me, and let me rule you.”
-“There’s perks that come with having my child.”
-“I could make you strong like me. Take away your fragile human form.”
-“I was nothing but an empty shell until you came along.”
-“You’re the reason why my existence contains some fascicle of light.”
-“I don’t want to let you go.”
-“Let me carve my name into your skin and brand you as mine.”

Batfamily x Reader - Warrior (Pt 1)


Requested: no

Song: none

Word Count: 1471


It was humid and dark outside around 3:30 am at Wayne manor, no stars shown through the thick clouds and smog. You would think that when it’s humid, the air would smell fresh and clean, but not here. The air smelled stale and compressed, like it was trying to suffocate you, but didn’t put in enough effort to actually succeed.

The house was quiet and dark, empty and silent. The halls were eerily quiet and no shadows were cast on the walls because the moon was buried deep behind the seemingly millions of layers of smoke. It was pitch black and silent, except for one room. The light in your bathroom was on and barely audible cries came out muffled through your hands as you sat on the floor next to the sink.

A razor covered in thick, red, fresh, blood sat in the sink along with all of your soul, poured out of your body with your blood, as well as your will to live, and by the bottle of pills spilled all over the floor, you already knew this, yet the house stayed silent, as if it was holding its breath, awaiting your next move.

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If I had the universe mapped
into the palm of your hand,
from every vein in your wrist
to the notches of your spine,
constellations forming the skin
over fragile bone,
oceans in lungs and planets in scars —
—  I’d wrap the stars in the softness of you | p.d (via p.d vulpe)
Two drops of water - Jacob Frye x Fem! Reader

Originally posted by assassinscreedstuff

I really tried to write something during my depression. So I apologize for the shitty end and all mistakes you find in the story. Just enjoy it, please :3

“I bet you can scare Starrick away with that grim face of yours, brother dearest”, you make your way towards the door swinging around the screwdriver in your hand amused. Alexander just ignores your comment about his bad mood, while he keeps writing in his little book about a bunch of dots and dashes, which result in a message.

The smile on your lips widens immediately as you see who your visitor is. Of course, you let Henry Green and his two companions in. “Ah, blast'em!”, your brother mumbles under his breath not noticing anyone around him.  

“Aleck?”, you call his name to get his full attention. “I have been intercepting nothing but poppycock propaganda about Soothing Syrup and what not. No, I swear to high heavens, if Starrick’s monopoly continues-”, he complains about the current situation.  

“-Aleck! We have guests”, softly you put a hand on his shoulder to make up the harsh undertone in your voice. With raised eyebrows he looks at you then focus his attention at Henry. “I beg your pardon, these are friends of mine. Evie Frye and her brother, Jacob”, the Assassin can introduce his friends finally.  

Almost a bit embarrassed about his rude behaviour Alexander lays away his book and pen to jump out of his chair. Swiftly he dances around his chair to stand right next to you, “Um… Alexander Graham Bell.” A slight smile on his lips as he crosses his hands behind his back, “And this is my lovely sister-”

“- [Y/N] Bell”, you tell the siblings your name yourself. “Linguists, inventors, and technical experts”, Henry adds to your names. “Too much praise, Henry, I’m almost blushing”, you make a dismissive gesture with the hand which is still holding the screwdriver.

“Aleck, [Y/N], I have something of a favour to ask of you-”, Mr. Green continues to talk. “Can you fix this?”, Jacob takes a few steps closer. Well, the man is definitely not beating around the bushes. The Indian Assassin seems to suppress to roll his eyes, while Evie lives her annoyance with every fibre of her body.

“That’s a nice little toy you have there. Nothing easier than that”, but before you can reach for the rope launcher, Aleck already has his hands on it. Both of you know he is a bit handicapped due to his injured hand. And still it doesn’t stop him.  

“Aleck”, your brother turns around pretending not to hear the warning undertone in your usually with sarcasm laced voice. “Hm… Looks like the casing is cracked”, Alexander looks around for the screwdriver in your hands. “Aleck…” Not caring at all about your protests he grabs a wrench instead. What a stubborn man you have to deal with.

Your brother gets creative with holding the rope launcher lacking a second hand to use. “Oh, it comes apart”, this time you are a bit faster than him taking a hold of the machine as it falls on the table. It wouldn’t take long to get rid of the problems, if you wouldn’t have another technical expert looking over your shoulder.

“You need to loosen-”, Aleck starts to give tips but you cut him off by pointing the screwdriver at him, “I swear if you end this sentence, your left hand won’t be your only injured body part.” He raises his arms in defence smiling, “Go on, sweet sister. I could have used one of these to fit my fuses on top of Big Ben.”  

You can feel four pairs of eyes on you. Especially Aleck’s, who would love to take care of the launcher himself. But he knows you will make your warning true. “Aleck and [Y/N] are installing a new telegraph line for our Free Press Association”, Henry explains for what you two need the fuses. “To combat the Starrick Telegraph Company”, your brother adds happily.

“If we can mend the fuses connecting independent lines from Big Ben, Starrick will be weakened”, he loves to talk about your projects, “Only, we are somewhat at a handicap.”  

You turn around toying a sassy smile on your lips, “We? I only see your injured hand, brother. Here, I removed the mechanism so it may works with your bracer. Easier to handle during a fight or whatever you are doing in your free time.”

You hold out the launcher for one of the twins to grab. “We’ve got a feisty one here. I’ll put it to use immediately”, Jacob won’t let pass a chance like this. He turns around as Evie stops her brother right in time, “Jacob, wait. Mr. Bell, allow me to help you with your fuses.”

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[#84] HOME || 01

Originally posted by jeonwuu

84:『 “the key is under the mat.” 』 

pairing: lee chan x reader insert 

genre: angst, fluff, post apocalyptic!au

word count: 3,920

notes: wowie!! i didn’t expect this to get so long but i rlly liked this req!!! im lowkey thinking abt… continuing it?? & making a fic maybe?? what do u think?? :oo

→ 100wtsily prompts | masterlist

chapter 02  → (to be continued)

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Imagine you're pregnant with an angel's baby part two

“You know,” you say, pushing your oversized lips into a pout. “If I wanted to learn I would have stayed in school instead of getting knocked up.” You tried to listen, you really did. But when your angel said he was going to “educate you about the changes to your body” you dug out your thigh highs and mini skirt expect a sexy school girl roleplay. What you didn’t expect was him actually sitting you down in the study and showing you a powerpoint.

“If you’re going to be my breeder you’re going to have to understand the ins and outs of nephilim pregnancy. Please, try to focus.” Your angel’s voice was patient, but you could tell he was starting to lose his cool. Focusing had never been your strong suit even before your brain cells were replaced with cupid magic and come.

“Uh, did you forget that I have hands on experience with popping out cherubs?” You gesture vaguely to the baby drooling and babbling, strapped to his father’s chest in a small and admittedly hilarious looking carrier. “We already know how good I am at making the cutest, squishiest lil brats. Aren’t I handsome?” You slip into baby talk at the last half of your sentence, wiggling your fingers at your son in a way that would have nauseated you a few years ago. Customizing a baby carrier that fit around wings was quite the ordeal, but you thought it made them both look cute. Your next goal is getting them coordinating outfits. You find you fit into motherhood well.

“I understand but I fear…” He stopped for a moment, pausing to find a way to reorganize his words, clearly trying not to worry you. There was an urgency to him lately, a severity that marred his usually untroubled face. It made him look older, and you suddenly feel a pang of guilt for making things harder on him. “I just think this time is different, that’s all. I want to be prepared.“

You nod, pretending to understand his motivations. He had abilities to sense things you didn’t even know existed, so if he thought there was something off about this new pregnancy it would certainly be in your best interest to listen. You put a gentle hand to your gut, and your voice is softer when you speak.

"I know, and I trust you. I just- I’m no good at learning like this. I haven’t heard a single thing the past hour. I’m much more of a…. hands on learner.” You slipped from the armchair and advanced towards him, a hungry look in your eye and your pussy already throbbing with a pulse of it’s own. “Maybe there’s a way we can both win….”

You can tell he’s into it, he always get this goofy half smile when you’re playful like this. Plus you hadn’t fucked since breakfast and you seemed extra horny lately. Maybe it was how light and unburdened your body felt. After carrying around a thirty pound angel egg your womb felt so empty it ached. He was filling you before you even cut the cord of your firstborn, and thanks to his angelic abilities he was able to sense the moment new life began growing inside you. But it had only been a week since then, and your tummy’s gentle curve was nothing more than your hearty breakfast of come sloshing around in your stomach. For now.

“Fine, but we’re still doing this my way.”

“Whatever you say Professor.” You say, half teasing but also acutely aware of the way his hardening dick jumps in his pants. You unhook the carrier from him, bouncing your baby and kissing his fat little cheeks as you place him in one of the playpens that litter your home. He really is the most perfect thing to ever exist. He’s got his father’s big curls, but your little nose and dark eyes. You can’t wait until your whole world is filled with dozens more little cherubs- and if you have to sit through a couple lessons on anatomy to make sure they’re all as perfectly healthy as him, then so be it.

You’re bending over to set him on the soft floor of his crib when suddenly there’s your cupid behind you, his dick rubbing insistently against the crotch of your underwear, despite still being trapped behind a zipper. His arms come around you effectively locking you in place. You don’t even hit five feet on a good day, so he’s got at least a foot and a half on you, making it all too easy to pin you against the side of the playpen. You son coos up at you, all smiles.

“Really? Right here?” You grimace, the huge bulge almost crushing you against the rails. But you have to admit, the friction is exactly what you want, and your pussy lips drool in anticipation. He must be able to feel the wetness seeping through your thin panties, because there’s a smirk in his voice.

“I’m hoping being in this position will force you to focus.” The top of his long member is springing out of his waistband, impatient with small talk. You start grinding on the outline of it, slotting it between your fat lips and letting him fuck up between the curve of your ample ass. It’s a vulnerable position, bent over at the waist, forced to look at the product of your sluttiness. It’s a long moment where you two simply grind together, rutting like desperate animals and letting out small curses as you fall into a rhythm. For those few seconds you think you may have distracted him from his lesson, but your self congratulations are premature. He seems to collect himself and places a large hand on your back to stop your movement.

“Let’s begin.” He moves his hands to your tits, squeezing them firmly through your flimsy button up. The shirt is instantly soaked, the warm angelsmilk falling from you in rivers. A bit even sprays onto the baby, but he seems unbothered. It’s certainly not the first time he’d been covered in fluids. “For the past nineteen or so months you’ve been consuming a special cocktail designed to help make you a picture perfect breeding partner. This magical mixture changes a number of things about your human body, as angel pregnancies, and cupid pregnancies specifically, are very demanding on such a fragile form.” As he speaks, he kneads your breasts more, effectively milking you through your clothes.

You almost want to berate him for wasting milk, but you both know you produce more than even ten babies could drink. You’ve been consistently leaking for so long you hardly noticed it. And it feels good to relieve some of the constant pressure. Plus, if you’re being honest, you do feel focused. His voice seems to cut through the haze you feel yourself drawn into. It’s a perfect, warring juxtaposition, the clarity and detachment in his voice only heightened by the sensation of his thick fingers groping at you. You hang on his every word, trying not to interrupt him with a moan.

“The first thing to change is actually inside. What you’re creating isn’t actually human milk. I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s slightly sparkly and thicker in consistency, almost a goo or slime, and is much sweeter scented. That’s because it’s more than 70% angel come, which makes sense considering that’s your diet as well. Not does the product change, but the amount. You’re producing up to 15 times more milk than another human would, making regular milking a necessity.” Finally, he pushes the fabric aside and rolls your bruised nipples between his fingers, pulling and tugging on them, and you can’t help but cry out. Milk pours from you in a flood, and deep inside your core a desperate need takes root, forcing your breath into something like a hitching sob. God you’ve become such a whore.

“The second change is the teat itself. Due to the thickness of the liquid, the mouth of the breast must open to allow it to pass through.” Without warning, his hands curl under your perfectly round watermelon sized tits, and he’s able to slip an index finger into your nipples. They open like a small, pink, pussy mouth, throbbing painfully but allowing him to press further until he’s in up to the knuckle. The sudden pain of stretch is a shock, and you jerk further back into him, seeking some escape. You’d tried this a few times before, but it always got too painful. With his fingers acting as plugs there was nowhere for the milk to go, and your boobs swelled, tight enough you feel as though you could burst. You say nothing this time though, gritting your teeth through it. He takes this as a sign to keep going, and when he speaks again he begins slowly finger fucking your massive tits, playing with the jiggling weight of them.

“This genetic mix is detrimental to the health of a nursing cherub, and will set the building blocks for how they’ll feed when they’re grown.” You were light headed now, moaning loud enough that if your angel wasn’t so close you wouldn’t have been able to hear him. Once you got past that ache, the unbelievable pressure, the stretch was amazing. This was deeper than he’d ever gone before, and he was setting off nerves that you had never known you had before. He was quiet for a good few minutes, letting you ride the high. You could feel your body contracting, working itself up into a frenzy. Orgasm was imminent, and you both knew it, your body spasming and throwing itself as if you were a slut possessed.

Suddenly, he ripped his fingers out of your stretched teats. The gentle pop sounds they made as your holes were freed was lost in your sudden babbling. All at once you came, yanked over the edge of pleasure as your dripping pussy and abused tits both squirted thick, milky come.

“Oh jesus fuck oh jesus fucking christ holy shit I’m coming from my tits. God what a whore you’ve made me, I’ll come from any hole you feel like fucking. Holy fu- ah- ah fuck babe it got all over the baby oh jesus fucking christ-” Your vision blurred and gravity seemed to shift for a few moments before settling back down to earth. You were grateful for your angel’s weight keeping you pinned, otherwise you were sure you would have fallen to the ground with the intensity of your orgasm. When you finally opened your eyes you had to rub the cum and milk out of your long fake lashes first. It had gotten all of your face and in your hair, spraying halfway across the room and absolutely drenching everything in the playpen. You wondered only for a moment if that made you an awful mother, but the baby seemed perfectly content at the fact that he was getting a second helping of breakfast, and it was so conveniently raining from the sky.

“Oh if you think that’s good,” your angel says slyly as he unzips his pants. “Just wait until you hear about the belly button thing.”

anonymous asked:

sm brothers reactions to a s/o who's 5' tall?

Anon, you just struck a chord in me. Congrats, it’s very rare that people do. Yours truly is only 5′1″. ;-; I’m gonna do headcanons, if you don’t mind.



  • Likes to pinch his s/o’s cheeks as if they were a baby or a kid.
  • He finds it easier to wrap his arms around you and hold you closely to his chest when he wants to sleep. 
  • He will occasionally tease you and ask if you need to carry a step ladder with you wherever you go. 
  • Refuses to let you go anywhere alone. He wants to protect the person most precious to him, and your height worries him from time to time.


  • Annoyingly demands to have all of your clothes tailored and fitted to your size. Doesn’t accept “No” for an answer.
  • He has to bend down to kiss you and it hurts his neck and back. Prefers to sweetly kiss you hello and goodbye when you’re standing on stairs and facing him.
  • Complains that you should have eaten properly as a kid to reach your full potential height. Doesn’t realize it’s genetics and that this gene could be passed on to his children as well.
  • Might have a fetish for small hands and feet. He finds himself worshiping these parts of your body more often.


  • Always throwing you over his shoulder when you’re not paying attention to him. It’s effortless for him.
  • Likes to hug you from behind in silence and bury his nose in your hair. It calms him down when he’s stressed.
  • To tease you, Ayato is more than willing to lean down to your ear and whisper in a husky voice what he wants to do to you. It drives you wild.
  • When you’re both sitting together, he likes to lay his head on your shoulder. For once, he feels the sensation of serendipity.


  • Has a tendency to pick out your clothes for you and dress you to his liking. You’re the perfect still doll.
  • When he’s in a good mood, Kanato will brush your hair for you or feed you a slice of his cake. You’re too cute for him to tell you “no.”
  • Holds your hand whenever you’re out and about. He comments that you’ll get lost like a child if he’s not at your side.
  • Finds it adorable that he can make you blush quietly by simply pressing his forehead against yours.


  • This Sakamaki can’t stop caressing your face. He likes to stare down at you with a loving smile as his thumb gently brushes your cheek.
  • Thinks you’re the perfect dance partner for him. He particularly likes waltzing with you because of your height.
  • Constantly wants to cuddle on the couch with you whenever you’re alone with him. He truly can’t get enough of you, and he knows that.
  • Teases you often and finds amusement in holding your stuff above your head as you reach out to grab it from him. 


  • Deathly afraid of breaking you. You’re just so delicate and important to him; he finds it difficult how to handle you sometimes.
  • An avid kisser to your forehead or the crown of your head. If he can’t reach your lips, those places are his next best bet.
  • Subaru likes to wrap his arm around your shoulders when you sit next to him. He’ll pull you in closely to either drink your blood or confess his hidden feelings.
  • Has a habit of calming down the moment you place your small hand on his cheek. You can visibly see him lose his pent up anger.



  • Likes to have you sit on his lap while he reads. You fit perfectly into his body, and he can’t pinpoint any other reason for it besides it being meant to be.
  • Scolds you when he sees unknown bruises forming on your legs. He thinks you’re too fragile for the world sometimes.
  • Will sometimes sit you up on the kitchen counter while he’s cooking just to receive a kiss from you. Kisses from you are second best to your blood.
  • If your hair is long enough, he will grab strands of it and bring it to his lips to kiss. He knows how it will make you weak in the knees as he compliments it in his smooth voice too.


  • Kou is always buying you new shoes. He likes to personally slip them on your dainty feet before you go out with him for a night of fun. It makes him feel like the prince to Cinderella.
  • He likes to annoy you by smothering you in tight hugs. He’d squeeze you to death because of how small you are.
  • Before he kisses your lips, he cups your cheeks softly and stares deeply into your eyes. Your height allows him to further venture into the depths of your soul.
  • Teases you by stating how scandalous it would be if people or his fans thought he was dating a child. You punch him for jesting about your height.


  • Scolds his s/o when they can’t carry big items into the house. Kind of forgets how small his s/o is. Yuma pls.
  • If you’re tired, he’ll offer you a piggy back ride. He wants you to trust and rely on him, just as he trusts and relies on you.
  • Likes to carry you bridal style and kiss you from that point. He always wants to show you how strong and protective he can be for you.
  • When he’s upset, Yuma will pull you into a crushing hug in hopes of conveying his current feelings to you. You’re a source of comfort for him. 


  • Azusa treats you like a flower and understands the disadvantages of your height. He does his best to accommodate to your needs.
  • Has a poor habit of babying you and really tries to remember that you can make your own choices and be independent from him.
  • Mischievously teases you by hiding your things and placing them on top of tall places. He likes watching you try to retrieve them.
  • Azusa likes kissing your nose. He finds it adorable when you wrinkle it after he plants a kiss on it.

-Admin Yuuzuki


“Imagine that a self-proclaimed enemy of Loki who he’s never actually heard of decides to summon a demon to kill the Trickster Prince and prove themselves the better sorcerer (they’re not). The demon they intend to call is actually quite weak, but you, an extremely powerful one, happen to be around and, after disposing of the pitiful creature, answer the summons out of boredom. Not knowing what they are actually dealing with, the would-be sorcerer orders you to kill Loki. Amused, you pretend to be compelled and go to meet your intended target, who immediately realises what he faces and prepares to defend himself as best he can until help arrives; instead you suddenly declare you like him and want to stay with him. He’s more than a little wary but agrees, knowing that he really doesn’t have much of a choice and it would be safer to play along until he can get away from you.“

taken from this post from @imagine-loki

@astraothia requested to be tagged.

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Warning(s): demonic entities, gore, violence, alternate universe where Loki was imprisoned on Earth instead of Asgard

Character(s): Loki Laufeyson, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner

Originally posted by passionfangjrl

In the deep we’re falling further
Vacuous faces in the dark
And we are the next mark
Don’t look down

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Never Trust a Fox

Author: sumcp

Title: Never Trust a Fox

Word Count:1126

Warning: swearing and threats

This is for @teenwolfdramaqueen‘s writing challenge. 

Prompt: “The best part of believe is the lie” -Void Stiles (it’s in bold)

Comments always welcome :)

Your life wasn’t always great, especially since your two best friends decided to go roam the woods one night during the start of your sophomore year and then one of them ended up getting bit by a were-wolf. Yeah, did that sound as crazy as you thought it did? Of course. It was fucking insane. It was a lot to take in, but you quickly became a believer. Everything that you and your boys had been through made sure you didn’t find anything surprising anymore. You came to terms with the fact your life would be thrust into danger, no longer worrying about your safety, only for your friends despite their protests. Scott and Stiles both called you reckless, but you preferred the term ‘proactive’. Despite being human, you always made sure everyone was okay except for lately. 

Life had been as sweet as a chocolate-chip cookie since Scott became an alpha and defeated the Darach, along with sending the ‘death, destroyer of worlds’ blind Alpha Deucalion fleeing Beacon Hills with his tail between his legs, but of course you and your pack couldn’t catch a break. Something had to go wrong, and that something came in the form of your 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile boned best friend Stiles. He wasn’t himself, he was possessed by an ancient psychotic fox spirit hell bent on causing as much chaos he can get his skinny fingers on.

You stared at your best friend sitting on the couch in the McCall living room. You refused to leave his side, even though you knew it wasn’t him. Starring at the boy you have way more than platonic feelings for felt like there’s a cookie cutter hole right in the center of your heart. His eyes weren’t their normal honey brown, they were almost black, dark red circle’s etched under them making his appearance ten times more terrifying. You glanced at the people gathered around the dining room table, trying to come up with a plan to save the mole faced boy in front of you.

You didn’t bother joining them, knowing you couldn’t offer any sort of help to them. You were too distracted with your heartache to help him. You wanted Stiles back so bad, that you let your eyes play a trick on you as you glanced at him. His eyes were no longer dark, and he was whimpering slightly. Stiles.

You rushed to him so you were directly in front of him. You sat on the coffee table as you stared into the caramel orbs of your first love, hesitant to ask the question because you were afraid of the answer. He whimpered again, and your mouth worked faster than your brain, “Stiles?” He nodded his head slightly, a tear slipping from his eye was the release valve for all your stress. It’s him.

You gently peeled back the duck tape, but when you did you immediately regretted it. His caramel eyes instantly swirled, the darkness in them frightening your core. You swore you saw curled tendrils beckoning the unknowing into to the realm, as chaos danced behind them in tune with Menace, and madness. Stiles normally pink lips were pale, but they still formed into a smug smirk.

“Really DD… Really? I shed one tear and that’s all it takes?” The air is so brittle it could snap, and if it doesn’t, you might at the nickname. Stile’s nickname for you, daredevil. DD for short. You clenched your fist, refusing to be intimidated by the fox in his body. “Come on now DD, you can’t crumble that easy. How are you going to hold up when you lose him forever?” He taunted, a sick smile on his face.

“You don’t get to call me that, not now, not ever.” You spat, staring into his eyes.

“Oh that’s right… only Stiles get’s to call you that,” Void laughed, laying his head on the back of the couch while he stared at the ceiling, “Oh he’s so mad that I’m talking to you. I haven’t seen him this angry yet, it’s delicious.”

“Stiles I know you’re in there, I know you can hear me. Hang in there okay, we will get you back.” Void snapped his head back to you, the smile not leaving his face. He leaned his head as close to you as he could with the kanima venom still coursing through his body.

“I’m sorry Stiles can’t come to the phone right now, would you like to leave a message?” He cackled, a deep evil laugh erupted from his chest as he caught your eyes again. “I will admit, hearing him beg for your life is adorable. You don’t even know how utterly in love with you he is, do you?”

Anger boiled deep in your system, as hot as lava. It churned within, hungry for destruction, and you knew it’s too much for you to handle. He was lying, it was what void does, but the glimmer of hope that Stile’s liked you back was enough to send your heart in a frenzy.

“I can see the gears working in that gorgeous head of yours, you want to believe me don’t you. You want to believe that he loves you, and your love is enough to bring him back and defeat me. I can smell the desperation coming off of you Y/N, but do you know what?” He raised his eyebrows, gesturing for you to come closer to him. You leaned in and he smiled as he caught your gaze again. “The best part of believe is the lie.”

Fires of fury and hatred were smoldering in your small narrowed eyes as you weighed the pros and cons of the various and creative means available to you for exacting revenge. You put on your best smile, a smirk forming on your lips to match his.

“You think I’m scared of you? You think there is anything that scares me Void?” You leaned in so your breath was fanning on his face. “The pack doesn’t call me reckless for no reason, I will find a way to send you back into the nemeton even if it kills me,” his eyes widened at your words but you didn’t give him the chance to interrupt you, “I will get Stiles back. You wanted pain, chaos, and strive? Fine. I’ll give it to you.“ 

You put the duct tape over his mouth before he could speak and turned around heading to your friends. If he wanted a battle for Stiles, you were going to give him a war.

Sex W/Samoa Joe Would Include 1/?

Hope y'all like this lol, comments are always appreciated! I didn’t include the smut blurb at the end because this is the first time I’ve written for Joe & I’d rather do it when I’m more familiar with him.

- Joe is 100% dominant, no doubt about it.

- I totally feel like he’d leave love bites all over your ass

- Spanking

- Public sex when he’s feeling possessive

- Speaking of jealous sex, he’s totally the type to hold you up against a wall while he fucks you in a hotel so the people next door will hear you.

- I really feel like he’d tie you up & use toys on you to edge you.


- Sensory deprivation kink, he loves knowing he has pure control over you in the best way.

- God, he loves edging you!! He especially loves fingering you under the table while you’re having dinner with your friends or family. He loves pushing you over the edge & making you come, all while you can’t make a sound.


- he would fuck you through each orgasm into another, having you near to tears the whole time.

- “Look at all the mess you’ve made, babygirl.”

- Y'all would rarely have “vanilla sex”, it would almost always be very rough & intense.

- It would be full of spanking, sometimes thigh riding & obviously choking.

- “kitten,” “princess”, “babydoll” & “babygirl”!!!

- Ass play 🙈

- Oooh he loves watching you lick cum off of him after you’ve already gone for a round or two.

- Going down on you is one of his favorite things, he loves feeling you come undone with just his mouth.

- He likes to suck your clit while fingering you. 

- Choking!!!!

- Daddy kink

- He likes when you dig your nails into him; knowing that he’s fucking you good. 

- Rough & passionate making out.

- He’d grab a handful of your hair & use that as a handle while he pounds into you from behind.

- MAJOR marking kink. He’d make it his priority to get you covered in bruises & bites so his claim was on display for everyone to see.

- Shower sex

- oooh size kink, both ways!! The powerful, dominant, alpha vibes he gives off is a major turn on for you. Joe loves being rough with your small fragile form especially when he’s fucking you into the mattress.

- “You like this big dick inside of you, don’t you (Y/N)?“ 

- “Look at you, soaking wet for me”.

- He gets off from you begging, “Use your words, babygirl. I can’t give you what you want if you don’t tell me.”


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Love gives your enemies a perfect target



Paul x imprint!reader

Warnings: Swearing, kidnapping, torture

Request: “can u write a paul imagine where he imprints on the reader but doesn’t tell her but since it’s so obvious, some vampires kidnap and torture her to get back at him and he saves her and it’s super angsty and paul being a mess and a fluffy end? thanks!”

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anonymous asked:

Enma, Tsuna and Dino falling in love with someone they greatly underestimted? I love you guys so much and excited for the new admins!!


admin adelheid


Enma stared at you some more and honestly thought you were a prank, a joke, a twisted little trick designed to insult him. How can you possibly help with finding the embezzler who was robbing him blind right under his nose when you were so frail and fragile looking? You weren’t even a hitman! You were nothing but a glorified pencil pusher! How could you possibly help with this problem?

Still Tsuna recommended you and his best friend knew this incident needed to be kept discreet of the Shimon will be a laughingstock. Spurning you would be similar to spitting into his best friend’s eye so he allowed you to do as you will. He decided to give you everything you asked for even as he swore to keep an eye on you at all times.

Luckily you didn’t ask for much. You were quite content working in a tiny little table in the corner or Enma’s office poring through the ledgers he had personally hauled for you and dumped on the floor by your feet. He was a little hesitant when you asked for a computer but he shrugged and gave in eventually after a few terse warnings to not steal any of the information.

You were never offended his subtle little accusations and as the days pass by Enma noted how you treated him and his Family with sincere respect and not just out of fear or duty. You had ever gotten fond of Rauji and even Kaoru was becoming quite protective of you. Shittopi approved of you by floating by your workstation with food whenever you forgot to eat because you were working so hard since you weren’t judgmental nor cirtical and Adel found you quite likable. Enma had caught his right hand woman conversing with you pleasantly or dragging Julie off by the ear when he came by just to flirt. Hell even Koyo was opening up to you by showing off.

Enma was quite convinced you had his whole Family in a magic spell.

On the other hand he could not help admiring how dedicated you were. He found you working on that same corner as soon as he entered his office and left you there still working late at night. It was as though were working like a machine.

It had gotten so bad that he had to carry you to bed a few times when he came by in the middle of the night to check on you when he couldn’t sleep and saw you sleeping on the table.

You asked for nothing but the barest of necessities and had been sincerely grateful for anything extra they provided. It made him wonder how you could be so happy over something so small.

He couldn’t help but be amazed at your dedication and the strength of your will and determination even though you possessed no Flame. He couldn’t help but watch you and take note of the fact that you were… beautiful. And most of all he couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to have all of that intensity and dedication focused on him.

The day you found the culprit you approached him with no joy on your face despite your success. In fact there was only sadness there and sympathy as though you knew this betrayal would hurt him. And it did. Because the embezzler they were after was one of the first captains who have sworn loyalty to him when the Shimon started gathering power again.

The night after Enma had to kill his subordinate and stayed inside his office to get drunk and brood you came to him and offered your condolences. And the genuine compassion in your eyes did him in. Before he knew he was in your arms and he was clutching you to him desperately as you welcomed his sadness. As you shared the burden of his pain. You refused to let go of him till morning.

You triggered something needy in Enma’s heart and before he knew it he had grabbed you around the waist and buried his face in the crook of your neck as he made you sit on his lap, seeking comfort in your scent. And then he was kissing you, ignoring your surprise.

When Enma woke up to find you wrapped around him and stared at your face he only had one thought in his mind.

He called Tsuna as he stared down at your form sleeping on his bed to tell him you won’t be coming back to the Vongola anymore.


It had been a complete puzzle to him that Reborn would even allow you to be a part of his personal set of bodyguards. Guards that would be with him when his Guardians can’t be. It was supposed to be an elite group handpicked by the greatest hitman himself to shield him from any sort of harm.

So why in the world was someone so small and frail included in this handpicked group?

He fought the urge to ask his old tutor because the way the hitman cocked his brow at him basically dared him to ask so he didn’t. He chose to ignore you existence altogether thinking he might have to protect you instead when the time came. It was a troublesome thought.

He bonded well with his other bodyguards. They were all very confident and easy going people who were all fond and loved their Decimo. As with everyone who came close to him they were all drawn to him like moths to a flame. He ignored your existence but you never seemed to mind. You always stood in the outskirts of the group like an oddly placed thumb. But you never complained. Never.

Tsuna kept on ignoring you until one particular incident.

It was a Don meeting, supposedly peaceful. This Boss was supposed to be a long-time ally so Tsuna was prepared for a few laughs and drinks. He had been joking and laughing about it with his other bodyguards when suddenly, the men this other don brought slowly brought out guns with a few more men hidden in the false walls carrying more fire power.

By the time Tsuna noticed something was wrong he was almost too late.

And then suddenly you step in front of him and the other bodyguards calmly, shielding them all with a thick, dense, Cloud Flame that neutralized all the bullets shot at them. Tsuna’s eyes widened at the sight of your Flames coming out of your back like a par of wide, purple wings shielding him from harm.

The sight of your power made you stunning but the fragility of your face and form made you look like an angel. Tsuna was stunned at your utter beauty.

And then chaos ensued and the other bodyguards made short work of the enemy. After interrogating their Don it seemed as though the man was forced into it by an enemy Famiglia who had kidnapped his heir. His initial refusal was met with the delivery of his son’s hand the next day.

Tsuna sent Yamamoto and Ryohei to search and destroy and eventually rescue the hostage.

After that Tsuna found his eyes following your every move. He made a point for you to always be by his side and talk to you more, curious about uncovering everything there was about you.

You weren’t exactly talkative and the more you answered it seemed to Tsuna that you became more mysterious as you did so. Every day he discovered something new about you. Every day you became an obsession.

He started bristling every time someone even came near you. Your non-existent presence became his whole world. Afterwards he didn’t care if you were an elite. The thought of you being hurt had become unacceptable to him.

You try to keep things professional between you but Tsuna wanted none of that. And you couldn’t do anything about it when he took you to bed and claimed you.

He should know that there was no way you could deny your Sky.


The first time Dino saw you he had thought you were nothing but a misinformed fool of no consequence or power.

For sex, Dino uses a paid, professional escort. He never uses a Family member for sex because he didn’t want internal disputes coming up.

This professional escort turns out to be your sister and she falls in love with Dino despite the waiver he had her sign about never becoming emotionally involved with him. When she starts making demands of his time he pays her a significant amount of hush money and discards her.

Heartbroken, your sister comes to you claiming she was pregnant by Dino and that he paid her money to get rid of the child. You react with furious righteousness, takes the money and doubles it with your own savings to throw all that cash at the Cavallone don’s face when you found him. “We don’t need your money. I will raise her child myself.” To which you earn Dino’s interest. Your protectiveness and the strength of your will attracted him.

Dino had Romario hunt down your personal info and casually bullies your Boss into calling you in his office before kicking your Boss out. You come in surprise at finding him and your sister in the office. Moments later he makes your sister tell you the truth that the pregnancy was false and what her job really was.

At first you thought he was just forcing your sister to tell you all this but then your sister bitterly tells you the truth before walking out in a bad temper.

“I apologize for the accusations, Don Cavallone, I’m sorry if I offended you,” you look him directly in his golden brown eyes staring steadily right back at you making you shiver because it felt like he was stripping you down on the spot. “But she’s my sister. I will take full responsibility for her wrongs.”

Dino then tells you the only way he’ll accept an apology is if you become his new paramour.

Seeing your hesitation he exploits your sense off honor and family until you give in. He makes you sign the same waiver your sister signed but you added a time constraint on the clause that you would only agree to be his sex toy for a year and that you will be allowed to keep your present lifestyle. After the contract then you will be allowed to sever all strings with the Cavallone don. Dino agrees in amusement thinking it wouldn’t matter.

Dino’s sex was surprisingly tender. It took time before you allowed yourself to enjoy him. Your hesitation only fed his interest in you. You would never know that, while he had had only paid your sister a visit once every other month, his visits to you were as often as every other day. And if he found he could afford to do so, he would never let you leave his side. You have had to remind him that he agreed to let you keep your job.

He becomes obsessed with you and frustrated that he couldn’t pin down your will other than when he had you beneath him. It led him to making sure he knew where you were and who was interacting with you.

When he finds out that a coworker had asked you out on a date and you agreed thinking it would be better to build a real relationship other than the contracted one purely physical one you have with Dino he goes coldly berserk and finds the bar the coworker took you to. You stare in shock when he wordlessly punches the man’s teeth in and drag you away.

The sex after that bordered on violent but thrilling in the way that he placed you under a crippling amount of foreplay before shoving himself inside you so deep all you could do was scream out his name.

He is now trying to get you to sign another contract. A marriage one.

I’ll Be Good

Summary: You’re gone and Bucky’s past and failures come back to haunt him.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: angst, blood, violence

Word Count: ~1,776

A/N: This is a completely unasked for one shot inspired by the song I’ll Be Good by James Young and this post by steviebucks.

Why did I write this? For the glory of Satan, of course.


Originally posted by theseromaniansarecrazy

The breeze swept through the trees, dancing with Bucky’s hair. He moved to brush it out of his face, but something stopped the movement.

He glanced down at his hand and was surprised to find there was someone else’s fingers intertwined in his own. His gaze traveled up until it landed on her face. She was smiling up at him, love clear in her eyes. Bucky studied her every feature; from her lips to her gorgeous, shining eyes to her hair which framed her face just so. It was odd, though. Every time he blinked her clothing or makeup subtly shifted and for some reason he didn’t seem to care.

“Hey, Baby,” she murmured, voice sounding far away even though she was right next to him. “Do you wanna head back?” she asked kindly. It was like she was talking to him through a door.

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Prompt 6 - Animal Soulmates

Jason is a grey wolf and the reader is a red fox.

This is really bad, I’m so sorry for butchering this great idea.

@somethins-gotta-give ​and I came up with this amazing idea, but I’m pretty sure I fucked it up!! So sorry!


You darted through the woods in your fox form, trying desperately to get away from the lion who had been chasing you. You had accidently stumbled upon the hungry cat when they were in the middle of their meal. You had run into wolf territory, trying to deter the big cat, but they just kept chasing you. You burst out of the tree line and into a large clearing where a whole pack of wolves was resting.

Intruder” you duck down as the smallest wolf stands up, teeth bared.

Please, I’m sorry, I’m just trying to get away from…

Suddenly the lion bursts out of the trees, snarling. The creature is completely rabid, he hasn’t been human in a long time. The two largest wolves stepped forward growling at the cat. The lion didn’t have the common sense to flee in the face of an entire pack of wolves. The largest wolf was the one who attacked the lion, the fight was quick and bloody. The wolf clawed the lion across the face, blinding it, and then the lion fled.

You look up at the second largest wolf, who was standing over you. For some reason you felt safe with him, you crawled forward until you were underneath him, curling up tightly, trying to hide from the rest of his pack.

Hello, my name is Y/N

You could hear the large wolf let out a husky chuckle, “Hello, Y/N. I’m Jason

Thank you for helping me” you whisper, “I will leave now, I’m really sorry for intruding” But when you stood up to leave Jason grabbed you by the scruff of the neck and picked you up, “What are you doing?!?

Jason, let her go” the alpha growled.

Sorry Bruce, but I think I want to keep her

Bruce growled, “I want everyone to shift right now

All of the wolves obeyed, even Jason, but you were scared. You could feel the connection that you already have with Jason, he was your soulmate, and you knew that he could feel it too. Your souls were trying to merge, had already formed a fragile bond.

Instead of obeying the alphas command you twist around and snap at Jason, not really making contact, but getting close enough to startle. He drops you and you take off back into the woods. You can hear shouting and a small scuffle from the clearing, but you didn’t hear anyone follow you. With a sigh you begin the long journey to you apartment back in Gotham.


You shifted back into your human form when you got back to the apartment. Immediately you went into your bedroom and stood in front of the full length mirror.

“You know, this really doesn’t do him any justice” you murmur, gently running your hand over the tattoo that takes up the majority of your leg.

Everyone has a tattoo of their soulmates animal form somewhere on their body. Yours was a huge black wolf with a white patch a fur on his forehead, just like Jason in real life. When you were younger you had always been excited to finally meet your mate, to live happily ever after. But then when you were a teenager, the tattoo faded, your mate had died. Immediately your health also began to fail, people believed that soulmates were actually one soul always looking for its other half, and when one half died, the other was soon to follow. You were dying without ever having known the one who was killing you, suddenly a month or so later you got better. The color went back into the tattoo, now with the white mark on its head.

“That really wasn’t the way I wanted to meet my miracle mate! He was so hot! He would never go for someone like me!!”

“I thought foxes were supposed to be clever”

You scream when you heard Jason talk. Diving for the covers, trying to hide your naked body from your mate.

“Don’t worry! I didn’t see anything” he calls from around the corner of your bedroom door.

“How did you even get in here?! How did you find me?!?”

“I followed you of course”

“I didn’t even hear you!” You scramble for cloths, grabbing your pajamas from the night before. You storm out into your living room to face your soulmate.

Jason’s face breaks into a huge grin when he sees what you are wearing. “So you like the Red Hood, huh?”

You blush, “He’s hot, what can I say“

Jason chuckled, “I’m sorry I scared you, but you fucking ran away!! I couldn’t just let you leave!”

You sigh softly, “Fine, time for a proper introduction! I’m Y/N, this is my apartment, and you are kinda creepy! I mean really you could have just knocked on the door!!”

Jason shakes your hand, “I’m Jason, you are really hard o track when you don’t want to be found, and I really am sorry for scaring you. Will you go on a date with me?”

You burst out laughing, “Yeah, definitely!”

The smile that Jason gives you makes his entire face light up, it makes him look so much younger. “Great!!” He glances at the time and groans, “I didn’t realize that it was so late”

“You can stay here for the night if you want” You already felt like you could trust this man, you could feel your souls growing more attached.

You were really grateful that your wolf had been stupid enough to stumble upon a rabid lion. As you curl up in bed with your mate you can feel both of your animals practically purring in delight. You had found your mate, you had found the other half of your soul. feel both of your animals practically purring in delight. You had found your mate, you had found the other half of your soul.

You could tell that Jason had secrets, there were parts of him full of insecurity and anger, but the two of you would work through everything. You would have no secrets between the two of you, but that was a concern for another time, right now you were just going to enjoy being with the man you would grow to love.

Label Reads: NO [Julian Devorak/Reader]

Title: Label Reads: NO
Pairing: Julian Devorak/Reader (gender-neutral)
Summary: When the label reads ‘no’, it obviously means ‘yes’.

A/n: so, I immediately jumped on the update they made to the game ayyyyy.


Beads of sweat trickled down the back of your neck, hair matting and sticking to your flesh. At every sound of the howling wind outside and the decrepit shutters cracking hard against the structure of the building, you flinched.

For all the tricks, magic, and gimmicks you had learned in your youth, as well from Asra, keeping your wit about you and staying one step ahead should’ve been a simple enough thing.

It wasn’t.

For you see, you were like any other human easily consumed by indulgence and sin. Essentially, it was a load of fancy words and phrasings you conjured up to justify most of the more superfluous things in life.

This was such a time.

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Maybe This is Where I Belong

Request: Avengers x teen reader where reader is a new hero Who has water bending powers like in avatar and she’s all socially awkward and shy but funny and she’s new being shown around avengers tower and meets all the avengers and its fluffy

Avengers x reader

Warnings: Anxiety, anger with yourself, lonely at first but turns to fluff

Things were going too quickly, but you didn’t mean to reveal yourself. Your life is never going to be the same. Your hometown was under attack and you used your power to protect your friends and family, but you didn’t know it would go worldwide. You kept asking yourself over and over, “Why are you so stupid? Why did you have to do that?” It took one recording of you using your water manipulation powers for your life to be destroyed.

You were only 17 about to turn 18 soon, you weren’t even considered an adult yet, but they came and said you could stay with them because nothing will ever be ‘normal’ again. You agreed, so you went with the Avengers to their tower. This was overwhelming, they gave you your own room which included a tv, the worst decision you made was turning it on. It was already on the news and they were calling you auquagirl. What kind of bullshit was that? You were helping and only helping, but it destroyed your life. Your picture was on every channel, they knew who you were. You crawled up on your bed curled up in a ball and began sobbing, you were having a hard time breathing at one point and everything was going black. 

“Hey, hey, y/n, listen to me, can you hear me, everything is going to be okay,” You felt a hand rubbing circles in your back, “You’re a part of us now, so we are going to protect you, we are family. You might not see that right now, hell, you probably don’t even want to hear that, but you are with us and we will help you.” You were finally able to breathe again and you could see it was Tony talking to you.

“Thanks Mr. Stark.” You said looking down at your hands.

“Call me Tony, but listen you got some wicked awesome powers. I think you’ll like it here with me and well the others.” He said laughing.

“Shut up Tony. Yea, listen y/n, we got your back and another cool thing I’ll show you how to use all the cool weapons.” Natasha told you with a smirk on her face sitting down on the bed next to you. At that moment Steve walked in.

“What you guys talking about?” He asked seeing your small fragile form on the bed, “Are you hungry y/n, let’s go eat and talk.” Smiling he grabbed your hand pulling you into the kitchen. Wanda and Vision were already in the kitchen, Vision looks at you and you can see the sympathy in his eyes.

They prepared a dinner for you and you all sat down at the table, Steve sits next to you. Once you all grab some food Steve starts talking, “So y/n, I know it seems tough right now, but you will like it here and you will always be accepted. Eventually you’ll even get to know the whole team, but they can’t be here right now. By the way you do have some strong powers, they are quite impressive.”

“What you mean Cap is badass powers, that might even be your nickname for me, screw calling you Aquagirl, you choose who you want to be, nobody else. When you pick your name let me know, I’ll tell the world and that’s what they’ll start calling you.” Tony says winking at you, “Welcome to the Avengers. Welcome to the family.”

You fit in with them well, and you soon felt right at home, you and Wanda got really close, she even helped you figure out your water bending powers more teaching you more control. Steve helped train you with fist fighting and helped build your strength, Natasha helped you figure out weapons and agility, then Tony helped build you a uniform. They all helped you so much and eventually it was your home, you went on missions with them and grew stronger everyday with them. 

“Thank you guys for all you have done, maybe this is where I belong.” You told them. These are your friends, no, this is your family. There is no other place you’d rather be.

Demetri Volturi X Marcus’ Adopted Daughter! Reader

Demetri Volturi X Marcus’ Adopted Daughter! Reader

Years 1-5

.From the very first moment he brought your swaddled up self into the throne room to introduce you to the rest of the court and guards, Marcus knew you were no longer his daughter. No longer the child that should’ve been his and Didyme’s. Instead, you were his – the vampire across the room with golden locks, angular features, and darkening eyes that locked on your tiny form. Demetri had found his mate in Marcus’ newborn, adopted daughter.

.Marcus’ eyes watered with venom as he watched your eyes meet Demetri’s, tilting your head to the side curiously. No one else seemed to notice… but he did. And it broke his heart. He had only had you for a few hours and already you were being taken from him just like his late wife.

.But then, as you smiled a toothless smile and the vampire it was directed at smiled brightly in return, he could feel a change. This bond that had formed between the two of you had already grown strong. Stronger than any bond he had ever witnessed before – more so than Edward and Bella’s, more so than even his and Didyme’s. And it brought a smile to his face for the first time and many centuries. If he couldn’t have his happy ending, then you definitely would.

.Marcus walked over to Demetri and handed you to him. You immediately clung onto Demetri’s form, choosing to show on his marble finger that stroked your cheek in awe. “I assume you’ll take good care of her, Demetrius?” Demetri nodded his head quickly, not even bothering to look away from his newborn mate. “With all of whatever’s left of my undead heart, master.”

.Ever since that moment, he would tote you around, close to his chest with your small head buried in the crook of his neck. Unfortunately, that drew a lot of attention from young women who would tour the castle. They would start to flirt with him, telling him he’s so good with kids. You would start to furrow your eye brows and pout each time they would approach. When they would nonchalantly brush against his hand with their or touch his shoulder, your usually quiet and calm self would burst. You would start to wail and scream, pulling at the girl’s hair roughly when she came too close. Demetri would pat your back with a fond smile, trying to calm down your jealousy.

.”Sorry, signora, but if my little (Y/N) here doesn’t like you,” he would turn his eyes away from you for the first time since to flash her a blinding smile. “I don’t either.” Each of the girls would stomp away angrily, cursing the small baby that seemed to have him wrapped around her tiny fingers. But, you wouldn’t have to worry about them for the rest of your life because each time, their blood was put to good use soon after.

.Demetri had also stopped drinking any female’s blood, considering it a crime to look at, let alone touch any girl but you. And he especially wouldn’t allow anyone else (especially other men) to hold you – except Marcus because Demetri didn’t really have a choice in the matter – but everyone else was forbidden from touching his mate.

.When Demetri was on missions and Marcus had his daughter back, he would allow Felix to play with you. “Wow, you don’t do much, do you, tiny human?” You would reply with tiny gurgles and clap your hands with a squeal. “Well, at least you’re better company than Demetri…..wait, don’t tell him I said that!!! …… oh wait – ha, you’re a baby, you can’t talk!” “Demeepitee!!!!” “AHHHHHH YOU CAN TALK!”

Years 6-12

.You were very well educated because your father wanted the best for you. So as a young child you would explain excitedly to Demetri about all that you had learned. Demetri would pretend that he had no idea about any of the things you learned, making you feel so smart. He would rest his head in his hand, staring at you with goo goo eyes as you pointed out things in your textbooks. He would ask all the right questions to keep you talking.

.But when you came back from one of your lessons sobbing, with a flushed face and trembling hands, Demetri automatically knelt down beside you, gently but firmly asking what was wrong. He had never seen his beautiful mate so sad. It turns out you were learning about Hitler and were horrified about all the people he had hurt and killed. Once Demetri heard your declaration of how you were so scared of people that would kill other people like that, the venom in his face drained down to the pit of his stomach immediately. He was horrified at himself, of what you would think of him when you found out the truth.

.He started to kill his victims as quickly as possible, not bothering to play with his food anymore because of the guilt. He wanted your approval, even if that meant you would want him to drink animal blood. He grimaced in disgust at the thought, but he would do it.

.Once you found out, when you were twelve, your father sat you down with himself and Demetri. Demetri slowly started to work you into the idea of vampires, but your father quickly ripped the bandaid off, so to speak. “(Y/N), we are vampires. We drink human blood.” Demetri hard core cringed. Especially, when your mouth dropped open with wide eyes, turning to Demetri for some sort of reassurance.

. “Yes, me too, Mia cara.” Demetri said sadly, awaiting your reaction. You fled. You knocked over stuff in your way, hiding in a closet in one of the unused corridors. Demetri was about to give up and go after you, but Marcus stopped him. “She needs more time. Everything heart breaking needs time, Demetrius.”

.It was even worse for Demetri, however. He could feel the heaviness of your tenor, weighing down with sadness and betrayal. With the fact that he knew exactly where you were hiding yet wasn’t allowed to go to you under your father’s orders, was unbearable.

.So he waited. Late into the night when everyone else was off doing something or another, Demetri would sit on your bed and talk to the teddy bear he gave you years ago. “She doesn’t love me anymore, Mr. Stuffington.” He would whimper as he cuddled your bear to his chest, breathing in your scent on the cloth Teddy as he listened to you erratic breathing as you still sat huddled in the closet.

Ages 13-18

.By the next morning, Demetri trudged off to his new mission, a horrible feeling in his gut. When he came back after a week of tracking down the delinquent, he came back to the Volterra castle in utter chaos. Demetri’s Princess had run away. Demetri immediantly set off to find you, however there was one problem. He couldn’t find your tenor. It was as if someone was covering it from him or worse – he gulped – you were dead. He didn’t want to think about it, no! He wouldn’t think about it.

.Three years pass and Demetri was still unable to find you. He had broken off from the Volturi in a desperate attempt to find you. He had grown a patchy beard and his eyes were now always a dark black, no matter how often he fed. He felt weak and vulnerable for the first time in his immortal life – as if he was but a petty human once more. But all that changed as soon as he could feel a tug at his heart and mind. It was his mate’s tenor, pulling him her direction. It was clearer than ever, as if it was just a figment of his imagination that you were gone in the first place. Within nano seconds, he sprinted off where your tenor pulled him.

.In a matter of hours and over thousands of miles, Demetri finally arrived at the Cullen household. You were bruised and bloody, quivering in fear. As soon as the Cullens and wolves saw him, they tensed for a fight. But you recognized your Demetri. You ran to him, engulfing him in the tightest hug your fragile human form could muster. His grasped you back, burying his head into your neck like you did to him when you were younger. He was shaking he was so releived. He finally had you back. He let out a shaky breath, grinning a grin so wide the Cullens and wolves were sure it would crack his face.

.Edward, being the mind reader, quickly filled your mate in. You had been kidnapped by the Romanians – they had come to the Cullens, wanting them to join their alliance to take down the Volturi while holding their precious human hostage. Thankfully, the wolves had already taken care of the Romanian coven (or at least what was left) and taken you in. (But that didn’t stop Demetri from wanting totear apart and burn their bodies all over again, and dance on their ashes). Carlisle had bandaged you up, Esme filling you up with good food, Emmett played games with you, Rosalie stroked your hair as Bella read to you and Edward played a soothing lullaby to lure you into sleep. Alice would provide better clothes than what rags you had managed to keep since the night you were kidnapped while Jasper made you feel calm and happy for the first time in years with his powers. All until your true knight in shining armor came to rescue you.

.Unfortunately, you were so scared from the torture and continuous abuse, that the only thing you could repeat was your hero’s name. “Demetri!” “Demi?” “DEEDEE!” All your emotions conveyed in one beautiful name throughout the next two years of therapy. During everyone of your session, Demetri would stay with you while Carlisle checking on your physical trauma and Jasper, a certified therapist, checked on your mental and emotional health.

.By the end of the two years, on your eighteenth birthday, you were finally reunited with your father. Marcus’ eyes were filled with unshed venom and a happiness you or the rest of the coven haven’t seen in years. He brought you into o a hug that Demetri had to resist breaking up so he could have you to himself.

. “I’m sorry for running away when you told me about your diet!” You sobbed, stuttering in between due to you having not been talking for years. Marcus just stroked your head with a smile. “It’s not your fault, my child. You were scared and heart broken. Just know that we will always love you, no matter what.”

.From that point on, they started a celebration on your return. Your father, and especially your mate Demetri, never letting you out of their sight. Even after Demetri changed you, he would constantly have to know where you were at all times. Even though you could now protect yourself, Demetri loved you with all his heart and would forever feel the need to be your only knight in shining armor.

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Can I ask for a scenario (or hc) where Saeran finds out that his gf, that is always supportive of him and helps him with everything that he has, has major depression and anxiety and its super hard for her to leave the house yet she still does because he needs her everyday?

I feel like i wrote something completely different from what you had asked for but i hope you like it! sorry it took me a while to write ;-;

Saeran should have guessed it the moment that short terrified look swept across your face when he had asked you to go to the super market for him. That look was so short he was half certain his eyes were playing tricks on him because you quickly flashed your trademark smile and nodded your head. How foolish of him to think you were actually alright.

Maybe, just maybe he should’ve thought twice about what he thought he had saw and prevented you from leaving the house, but he so desperately wanted to try that new flavor of ben and jerrys ice cream; he didn’t even think twice about stopping you. You were so brave for him, and he wished he could do the same for you.

Maybe you being brave was the reason why he was so surprised when as soon as you came home from the store for the millionth, you immediately stormed into your separate room and shut yourself in. Had someone done something to hurt you? Did you receive news you wish you didn’t hear? Just as he was knock on your door, he could hear your labored breathing and sounds of muffled sobs. To be honest he wasn’t really sure what to do. After standing in front of your door contemplating what to do for what seemed like forever (when in actuality it was just 3 minutes), Saeran finally gathered up the courage to walk into your room.

As soon as he saw your fragile form, he immediately knew what was going on. It was a sight that was all to familiar to him; you were having a panic attack. He was clueless on what to do, he was so used to be comforted, not being the one who was comforting. But he had decided to settle on doing what you did for him when he experienced this. He gently wrapped his arms around you and sang you one of your favorite songs.

His voice was low and husky, and at some parts his voice would crack slightly, but you appreciated it nonetheless. When you finally calmed down, the both of you silently sat next to each other, while you both tried to make up the courage to try and say something. You were the first person to finally speak up, which took Saeran by surprise but he still listened as you explained everything to him. You told him about your anxiety and depression and told him how you had a panic attack in the middle of the store. After everything he’s been through, with his own depression and anxiety, you didn’t want to add on to that list with your own problems; so you kept it from him, and helped him with everything he couldn’t do. Saeran was so shocked by everything you had told him, you feared he was going to be angry at you. Instead he pulled you into a tight hug and whispered, “Please never hide anything like this ever again,” into your ear.

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Hi hello i saw that someone requested a spankfic (and i love by the way) but see i thought maybe we could have some kind of aftercare maybe? Ik thats very ooc but i love the comfort scenes after spanking and maybe you could tack a little piece on with comfort? Or just an unrelated piece. It makes no difference to me. Thanks for hearing me out, love!

Hoo boy this one is actually strangely a toughie to work out, seeing as i’m not usually about the soft stuff in these sorts of situations. However after care is very important and it should be given the respect it needs in fanfics. I hope my interpretation of Pennywise trying to be gentle is okay, though i fear it may not quite be what most people would think of.

gonna write it from sort of his point of view as i feel it would explain his own reasoning behind the actions. 

He did not like the way you curled into yourself after he was done, your small fragile form seemingly wilting upon the bed or floor after slipping from his lap. How often he forgot how small you could seem by comparison to him, so frail and soft next to his own monstrous form. 

It was not guilt that made him lean down to brush the sweat slicked hair away from your four head. No. never guilt. you earned your punishment and you knew what you had asked for when you challenged him like you had that day. Still the hushed whimpers and muffled sounds of pain that slipped from you seemed to make him feel something he did not enjoy. 

As he moved to lay beside you, long gangly arms moving to pull your shivering body against him he wondered briefly if he had broken you somehow. Pennywise was no stranger to breaking things, especially soft fleshy human things like you. Such a though made him frown deeply, the uneasy feeling in himself that he couldn’t quite explain seemed to grow at the idea of having ruined you so soon.

Holding you carefully against his chest, careful not to agitate the welting bruises he had set upon your skin, he began to pet you gently. His touch was light, almost skittish, as he smoothed out your hair and carefully stoked down your arms. His touches grew more confident as your shivering began to calm down, holding you closer as he curled himself around you and began muttering things into your ear.

“Sweet girl, sweet sweet girl. Lovely thing did so well, yes you did” his voice was low but not his usual frightful growl, a warm and husky sound rumbling deep from his chest “Took it so well, So good. So good for me, all mine” the sweet babbling in your ear quietened your whimpering almost immediately as you moved to curl in closer to him, burying your self as close as you could to his warm comforting mass.

This was much better Pennywise though, the delightful press of your body against his made him purr contentedly. You were not broken much to his relief, not broken just hurting. He could fix that, could fix that easily, He could take care of his things when he wanted to. All he had to do was make sure to put you back together again after taking you apart.

He would continue to whisper soft words long after you had drifted into a peaceful slumber, his hands trailing over you like a child petting his favourite toy. 

And Pennywise always took good care of his toys


I tried so hard to make him not super mushy but still affectionate I really hope it showed. Sorry its so short as well, somethings come easily to me and I can just spew out words and write tons of but other things take more time and end up shorter.