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Dance (Wedding!Taehyung)

Plot: A first dance with husband!Taehyung

Word Count: 712

A/N: so this is an old post I wrote and redid for this blog (click here for the original version) it’s got a soft place in my heart just like Tae does and wedding!Tae (here) makes me so fucking happy and soft and I just I think I need to be held rn he’s so beautiful he’s got me just wrapped around his lil finger I love him so much

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You walked onto the “dance floor,” your hand held tight in his. You turned to face Taehyung again, your hand going up to his shoulder as his went to your waist. It was your first dance as man and wife, everyone still watching from the sidelines as some cried, some only smiled and some did both. You rested your head on his shoulder as you began to slowly dance to the ballad playing in the background, keeping your focus on him rather than worrying too much about staying on beat.

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Charming your jewelries

I feel this works best on handmade jewelry or something you’re attached to. I also prefer charming copper jewelries because I feel it absorbs the energy better but anything of your choice is fine.

First, cleanse your jewelry. You can do it whichever method you’re most comfortable with. I personally prefer the smudging method or if the jewelry  has any crystal or gemstone, I cleanse it according to the element to which it is affiliated. Salt water cleansing is a pretty efficient and easy method too.

Second, bless your jewelry. You can either meditate or use a spell to bless your jewelry with your intents or it’s “purpose”. You can also light colored candles to represent different purpose like green for wealth, brown for protection etc. If you’re making your own jewelry (which I often do), focus your energy during the making process.

Third, charge your jewelry. After you have blessed your jewelry, it needs to be bound to your energy and emotions to fulfill it’s intended purpose. So wear the jewelry for the next week only taking it off when absolutely necessary (showering, swimming etc.). 

And you’re done! 

Relax, Be your truth, Be grateful

Among my life experiences, I’ve learned that these are the key ingredients to living a happy, fulfilled life. Together they each serve a purpose to our body, mind, and soul, and when these three areas of our lives are in perfect harmony, it creates a calm in our spirit, making us feel our whole and complete selves.

Relax – It probably seems like common sense, but relaxing is important for your health. Meditate, a lot, and then do it again. Relax your body, feel every muscle and cell release tension, feel your fingers become still, your toes. Close your eyes. As you think of stress, become aware of it, but let it go, imagine it floating away in a bubble. Listen to the quiet in your mind as your body becomes still, stay there. Time does not exist in this calm, the time is only now, focus on your breath as you release your thoughts. Feel the ground beneath you, feel your body become so light that it floats. Feel this existential calm and know it’s always there, it’s always a place you can go to relax your body, mind, and soul. When you are done, leave your thoughts behind, begin the moment as new.  

Be your truth – Something you’ll find when you’ve mastered the calm, the relaxation, is that your true self surfaces with ease. Your intuition becomes louder, clearer, overthinking ceases to exist. Who you truly are becomes the only way to be. What others think of you becomes obsolete.  Use this in your encounters, allow yourself to speak your mind when it feels right to you. Being truthful doesn’t have to mean being hurtful. Present your ideas with confidence, even if you are the only one. People don’t have to agree with you, and you don’t have to agree with them. This is the point. Become honest with everyone, and do so wisely. Some people aren’t willing to acknowledge your honestly yet, and that’s okay. Feel your truth, even if you don’t speak it right then. Be who you are, without fear.

Be grateful – This may be the most important aspect of living a fulfilled life. Once you’ve successfully relaxed your body, mind, and soul and your truth emerges, being gracious comes naturally. Be grateful that the sun shines on your skin and nourishes your body, be grateful that it exists and keeps us alive. Be grateful that rain falls from the skies to soak the earth, be grateful that it allows trees to grow, flowers to bloom. Be grateful that those trees exist, that they fill your lungs with air. Be grateful that you opened your eyes another day, that you have a bed to sleep, a roof above, food to eat, clean water. Others aren’t as fortunate, feel for them, understand their struggles, be grateful for what you have. Be grateful for your family, your friends, for love. Be grateful for their loyalty, for laughter, for sincerity. Tell them you love them, every single day. Share your feelings, be grateful to recognize them, to experience them. The difficult times always allows us to appreciate the good times, it always serves a purpose, even the really painful ones. Be grateful for your life, another day is never promised. Even among death, be grateful for your experiences with others, the humor you’ve felt, the love you shared. Be grateful that you knew them, and they knew you. Love your life.

I truly believe if you adopt these into your everyday lives, you will begin to see the positive effects. You will feel joy, contentment, and you will do everything with honesty, grace, and love. Things will become clear, things that matter will surface, and what doesn’t will fall away. You will become your best self and that will radiate to those around you. This is how we impact others, this is how we can change the world, for the better. 


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(1) I've decided that playing the violin is Damian's ultimate form of venting. We've seen him throw fits and get all violent when he's upset, and we've also seen him do really graphic drawings to release pent up rage. However, never once have we ever seen Damian playing the violin outside of that one issue with Talia. I just feel like the reason is because the violin such an expressive instrument you can throw your whole being into, that the only time Damian would play is if he were completely-

(2) -overwhelmed with feelings and everything. No amount of physical is enough, no where can he ever find a way to visualize what he feels, so then he just turns to the violin because you need to focus your entire being into playing an instrument. So then he just plays anything, could be actual pieces or he just plays something made from his heart and soul. I’d imagine that he could end up playing for hours on end, or until his fingers start bleeding and his neck is snore. Of course, the family-

(3) gets worried whenever this happens, but Damian’s just so lost in his own world whenever he plays like this so all they can do is take turns keeping watch until he’s finished. He’s probably exhausted after everything, so the family would just be careful around him. Also, Damian is probably really good at the violin. As nice as it is to hear him play, it’s sad how it’s usually only when he’s so far gone in himself.

oh yeah, I remember that! Though you’re probably right, as they did often show a violin in Damian’s room in the manor, though never played it.

I feel like in those moments of extreme emotion though, he’d only play if he knew/thought he was home alone? Like he wouldn’t want others to hear. But since he’s so lost in the music and emotions, he wouldn’t hear them return, and then they’d probably just listen from outside the door.

I feel like Dick or Jason would be the first to actually go into his room while he’s playing. He might stop and go to start putting it away, but they’d be like ‘No no, I understand. Keep going.’ and so he’d slowly restart and they’d just sit there and listen, and maybe try to interpret what he’s truly feeling through the chords and key he chooses. Jason probably becomes really good at it. 

Table by the Window

WC: unknown

A/N: I’m in my favorite cafe and someone took my table by the window…

You stepped into your normal cafe, longing for the second you could set down your heavy backpack and start working. You were stopped short in your tracks when you saw someone sitting at your normal table by the window. Today was just not your day. You found another table, one that was in the center of the bustle of the little cafe, but your eyes kept wandering to the bearded man sitting at your table. This wasn’t the first time you had walked into the tiny cafe and found someone at your table, but this was the first time they hadn’t left as you arrived. You furrowed your brow, trying to focus on the homework in front of you.

“Change of scenery today?” Someone slid into the chair across from you, placing their coffee cup on the table. You noticed it was another regular of the coffee shop, a dark haired and bright eyed young man who always seemed to have his headphones on and his nose in a notebook. Due to your regularity, you both would have a usual nod hello, but other than that you had never said a word to the man.

“Someone’s at my table,” you practically growled. The man’s eyes glanced over to your usual spot, seeing the cause of your distress.

“I see. Well, now that you’re not as far away, I figured I’d introduce myself. I’m Lin,” he said.

“(y/n),” you gave him a curt smile.

“You know, sometimes changing things up a bit helps with writer’s block,” Lin mused.

“Well I’m not a writer, so it doesn’t matter to me,” you answered. You knew Lin was just trying to be nice but at this point you just wanted to finish working on your homework.

“If you’re not a writer, what have you been working on so furiously all semester?” Lin asked.

“I’m a scientist. I’ve been working on a research proposal and article. I can’t graduate if this isn’t done well,” you explained.

“Well, if you’d like to come work on the other side of the cafe, I’m writing a musical,” Lin grinned, standing up. You sighed, deciding that you’d rather go work with Lin instead of brooding over your lost table.

The next day, you went back to your regular table by the window, but when you and Lin found yourself next to each other in line for a muffin, you were able to strike up happy conversation.


Sugar: Although it’s possible they just gave up on CC and are planning to focus on your new baby instead. You two should be careful.

Apricot: Ugh, I don’t want to think about that. Especially on my wedding day!

Sugar: I’m sorry, you’re right. You look beautiful Apricot. So happy and glowy.

Peppermint: That’s mostly due to the pregnancy, but I’d like to think I had something to do with it as well.

Apricot: Ha!

Sugar: Yeah, yeah- ah CC! Don’t get too close to the fireworks!


170902/3 `ㅂ´ SHINee WORLD 2017 ~FIVE~ Special Edition in Tokyo Dome
Tell Me Your Name (full Key focus)
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You probably hate getting boy drama but I have a crush on this guy and he found out that the girl he likes doesn't like him back and I want to tell him I like him just so he knows and I won't have to worry about it but I feel like he won't like me back and I'm way to anxious to do this... And I'm just overthinking this whole situation and i feel so dumb :(

i dont hate anything really and i overthink way way too much take a deep breath okay? dont tell him just to boost his ego do it when youre ready take it slow and focus on your gut feeling

anonymous asked:

This is the anon who sent the ask about if your next fics would be more chubby!Bucky haha, ah, I wasn't really wanting to try to influence you or anything, I was just curious because it seems like that's still a focus of your blog, but it feels like there's more talk about other characters lately and I think I vaguely remember some talk about the idea of another chubby Steve fic a while ago. So mostly I was just wondering! I'm sure whatever you write will be great :D

You’re very sweet, thank you!

Chubby Bucky will always have my heart, but there are a few other things in the works right now, for sure. I’m honestly thinking of just showing up uninvited to a few new fandoms and being like hi hello I’m here to clutter up your fandom with chub kink garbage. Everyone’s fat now, you’re welcome!


#so much tongue #so little time

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hi Ally,,, as some one who's trying to get the hang of drawing expressions and faces in general I was wondering if you had any tips as to how to make it more natural?? like I find myself drawing the same expression every time on different characters and I feel like it's hard to change it up with out making it look strange :/

this is a very psychological barrier that i also face!! sometimes we’re in the mindset that oooo gotta draw our characters glamourous/pretty that dramatic expressions that stretch the face feels like it’s ruin that, so you have to start with an open mind and be ready to stretch that mouth a little longer, raise those brows a little higher, etc.

having a mirror beside you to reference from your own expression is very helpful as well! here’s my tag for expression tutorials and refs