your flawless body!!!!

Dan and Phil Preference

You and one of the boys are celebrating your one year anniversary.


You stand in front of the mirror making sure your make up looks absolutely perfect. You were wearing a brand new dress that you absolutely loved. It was a beautiful pale blue, it clung to you in such a classy way that made your body look flawless. Your wore huge bold heals and your make up was dark and flirty. You looked like you had stepped out of a magazine. Dan was going to take you out to an amazing place that had just opened and you wanted to look exceptional for your man. You heard a knock at the door of your apartment. You made one last look over in the mirror and then went to open the door. You took a deep breath and opened it. Dan looked like a million bucks. A brand new charcoal black suit, and a silk black shirt underneath. “WOW” you both say at the same time with the same enthusiasm. You both chuckled and kissed each other sweetly. He stepped into your apartment and handed you a gorgeous bouquet of white and red roses. You take them realizing you didn’t even notice them when you first saw him. You lead him into the kitchen to put your flowers in some water. Neither one of you could take your eyes off each other. “When did you get this dress babe?? It is stunning… You look gorgeous.” Dan wraps his arms around your waist from behind as you filled a crystal vase with water. You start to answer as he began to kiss your shoulder and neck causing your breath to catch in your throat. Dan steps away from you abruptly and clears his throat. “Sorry sorry… I need to calm the fuck down or we will never make it to our reservations.” He puts his hands to his face and takes a deep breath holds it in and then lets it out slowly. “Damn you look so good…” he sighs and holds out his hand to you. “Come on lets go eat and then hurry back here so that I can express my love to you… If you know what I mean…” He winks.


Phil leads you into his living room while you are blindfolded. You were nervous. For your one year anniversary Phil thought it would be a good idea to surprise you. He sat down on the couch first and then had to you sit between his legs. “You ready??” he asked you as he put his hands on the tie of the blindfold. “Yeah… I think so…” You let out nervously. “One… Two… Three!!” Phil lifted off your blindfold and you gasped. In front of you on the table were lots of cute little memories of your’s and Phil’s first year together. There was pizza from the restaurant he asked you to be his official girlfriend at. There were candies that you two binged on during Valentines day. There were Japanese sodas from the time you and him had got each other the same thing for your sixth month anniversary (Japaneses foods and goodies). On the TV was the movie you two had seen on your very first date and first kiss. And lastly there was a beautiful necklace laying right in front of you. It had two heart charms on it with the words “Now” and “Forever” carved on them. You covered your mouth with your hands as Phil hugged you tightly from behind. “What do you think?” He asked. “Did I do a good job??” You nodded your head and turned around to give him a huge hug knocking him backwards. “I love you so so much Phil.” You say with your face buried in his sweatshirt. “I love you too (Y/N) now and forever” He says back as he kisses your head. 

As a society we don’t show enough images of curvy/fat people eating food and enjoying themselves. We don’t show enough images of “no makeup” and “double chin” bliss.

I woke up this morning. I ate food, I laughed and my hair was a nest for last nights dreams. I exist even if the imagery in the media is minimal… And so do you.


K I’ve never had my skin look this flawless before…I have a new favorite foundation 👌🏻

Lemme tell ya I may not be today’s societies model of supermodel thin (which is 100% ok if you are btw you do you) but back in the renaissance I would’ve been all these famous painters’ muse and a highly sought after model to be painted on church roofs and shit because girl I got them thick thighs and body rolls that would make da Vinci weep so own those curves and remember that if you’re feeling down about how you look, it has nothing to do with you or your flawless body, it’s all reliant on how we’re being perceived in the environment around us

this girl is rocking in look at her

body rolls and thick thighs these girls are beautiful 

like, just look at these fab ladies. So please please please don’t let what any one says get you down or start feeling bad when you look at your cellulite in the mirror because YOU ARE A FUCKING BEAUTIFUL RENAISSANCE MUSE.