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Robb x Female Reader

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Imagine being betrothed to your life-long friend, Robb Stark, and having an awkward conversation about your future wedding night.

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Hey, loveeee! Are your requests open? May I have a one shot/imagine with Robb? Maybe he and S/o being friends, like really good friends, but get awkward around each other after some alliance or being betrothed? And please, with happy alive Stark family?? Love your writhing! S2s2

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As a society we don’t show enough images of curvy/fat people eating food and enjoying themselves. We don’t show enough images of “no makeup” and “double chin” bliss.

I woke up this morning. I ate food, I laughed and my hair was a nest for last nights dreams. I exist even if the imagery in the media is minimal… And so do you.

Dan and Phil Preference

You and one of the boys are celebrating your one year anniversary.


You stand in front of the mirror making sure your make up looks absolutely perfect. You were wearing a brand new dress that you absolutely loved. It was a beautiful pale blue, it clung to you in such a classy way that made your body look flawless. Your wore huge bold heals and your make up was dark and flirty. You looked like you had stepped out of a magazine. Dan was going to take you out to an amazing place that had just opened and you wanted to look exceptional for your man. You heard a knock at the door of your apartment. You made one last look over in the mirror and then went to open the door. You took a deep breath and opened it. Dan looked like a million bucks. A brand new charcoal black suit, and a silk black shirt underneath. “WOW” you both say at the same time with the same enthusiasm. You both chuckled and kissed each other sweetly. He stepped into your apartment and handed you a gorgeous bouquet of white and red roses. You take them realizing you didn’t even notice them when you first saw him. You lead him into the kitchen to put your flowers in some water. Neither one of you could take your eyes off each other. “When did you get this dress babe?? It is stunning… You look gorgeous.” Dan wraps his arms around your waist from behind as you filled a crystal vase with water. You start to answer as he began to kiss your shoulder and neck causing your breath to catch in your throat. Dan steps away from you abruptly and clears his throat. “Sorry sorry… I need to calm the fuck down or we will never make it to our reservations.” He puts his hands to his face and takes a deep breath holds it in and then lets it out slowly. “Damn you look so good…” he sighs and holds out his hand to you. “Come on lets go eat and then hurry back here so that I can express my love to you… If you know what I mean…” He winks.


Phil leads you into his living room while you are blindfolded. You were nervous. For your one year anniversary Phil thought it would be a good idea to surprise you. He sat down on the couch first and then had to you sit between his legs. “You ready??” he asked you as he put his hands on the tie of the blindfold. “Yeah… I think so…” You let out nervously. “One… Two… Three!!” Phil lifted off your blindfold and you gasped. In front of you on the table were lots of cute little memories of your’s and Phil’s first year together. There was pizza from the restaurant he asked you to be his official girlfriend at. There were candies that you two binged on during Valentines day. There were Japanese sodas from the time you and him had got each other the same thing for your sixth month anniversary (Japaneses foods and goodies). On the TV was the movie you two had seen on your very first date and first kiss. And lastly there was a beautiful necklace laying right in front of you. It had two heart charms on it with the words “Now” and “Forever” carved on them. You covered your mouth with your hands as Phil hugged you tightly from behind. “What do you think?” He asked. “Did I do a good job??” You nodded your head and turned around to give him a huge hug knocking him backwards. “I love you so so much Phil.” You say with your face buried in his sweatshirt. “I love you too (Y/N) now and forever” He says back as he kisses your head. 

"Trust me" (Luke Hemmings)

Requested : Yes

  • Hey babe. I was wondering if you could do a smut where y/n feels insecure and he tells her everything that is beautiful about her and then he SHOWs her how beautiful she is. Thanks in advance hun take your time i love your blog and writing btw thanks for everything Luke
  • wAiT could you write a luke smut where the girl is super insecure and she won’t let luke go down on her because she thinks she’ll be gross, even though they’ve had sex and she’s given him bjs and stuff. But since he’s friggin LUKE and he’s sweet as hell he’s like no i want you to cum so he ties her hands and eats her out and its super hot.
  • IN LOVE WITH FLAWLESS can you write a similar luke one? Not necessarily smutty, but really intimate. And sweet. And lovely. And oh I need Lucas now
  • I saw a this somewhere and i thought you’d be perfect to write it! “Can you do a smut/imagine or anything where you are really insecure about your tummy/body/stretch marks and he leads you infront of a big mirror, strips you naked, stands behind you guiding your hands on your own flawless body convincing you that you are utterly perfect for him then he makes you watch as he takes you then and there. pleaseee pleasee” ;) and also Love your writtings!! xoxo
Rating : R
Word count : 2 546
Story line : Luke tries to make you realize just how beautiful you are

I didn’t even give Luke the time to close the door behind him before throwing myself at him; my arms wrapping around his waist as I buried my face in his neck and inhaled his sent. The bag that was hanging from his shoulder fell to the floor and he started laughing as he lifted me up and started spinning me around. I couldn’t even believe he was really there; he was just back from tour and it felt like I hadn’t seen him in years.

“Oh my god, I missed you so much” I said as he finally put me down and smiled down at me. He looked at me dead in the eye and cupped my face before slowly leaning in and gently pressing his lips down on mine. He was so careful, as if he was scared I was just going to disappear and I felt my heart start to beat faster as he brought me closer. 

He eventually pulled away and took a step back; one of his hands finding mine as he looked at me from head to toe. 

“Look at you; even more beautiful than I remembered” he complimented as he attempted to make me swirl but I hurriedly grabbed his waist and hugged him instead. He wrapped his arms around me once more and we stayed like that for a while; our chests heaving up and down at the same time. 

I lifted my head up and looked at him in the eye; then trailed my gaze down to his lips and I got on my tiptoes to kiss him. His right hand went to the back of my neck and he deepened the kiss; his tongue tracing over my bottom lip and I parted them to get a proper taste of him. 

His fingers traveled up to the top of my blouse and I stopped breathing as he started undoing the first button. I pulled away and took his hand in mine before smiling up at him. 

“What’s wrong?” he frowned and I tried to smile wilder as I shook my head.
“Nothing!” I immediately answered before turning around and walking toward the living room; “what do you want to do, baby? Movies?” I asked and he hesitated for a second before cautiously following me.

“Huh… I haven’t seen you in months; I know what I want to do” he stated; his eyes racking up and down my body and I felt myself getting embarrassed as I sat down on the couch and waited for him to join me but he just stood in front of me and waited for me to say something. 

“What’s going on?” he asked as he took both my hands in his and made me stand up again. I looked at my feet and bit on my bottom lip. I really didn’t know how to say it; a lot had changed while he was away and as much as I hoped seeing him would make me forget everything; I couldn’t shake the feeling away.
“Is it about me?” he asked; his fingers brushing the skin under my chin as he forced my head up so that my eyes met his. I shook my head and I felt tears appear in the corner of my eyes as pain filled his. 

“Is it about you?” he tried and the look on my face was probably enough of an answer because he wrapped his arms around my waist and brought me closer.
“What is going on?” he asked worried; I took a deep breath and tried to swallow the lump that had formed on my throat. 

“I don’t feel that good about myself anymore” I confessed with a weak voice; my eyes dropping to the floor again as I didn’t want to see the look on his face in that moment. 

“What?” he whispered; his hands squeezing my sides and when I finally looked up, I noticed that a frown had formed on his face. “Why wouldn’t you feel good about yourself?” he asked and I shrugged before pressing my cheek against his chest. 

“I just don’t feel beautiful; I feel… I don’t know… kind of gross. I’m sorry Luke; I know tonight was not supposed to go that way but-” I started but he stopped me with a kiss; his lips crashing onto mine with force and passion as I fought to keep my balance. 

“Please, let me show you something?” he pleaded and I nodded before pecking his lips. He took my hand in his and led me to the bedroom. He turned the lights on; took his jacket off and put it on the chair in the corner before turning to me.
“Can you please just… trust me for tonight and just listen to me really carefully; just tonight?” he asked; his hands coming to my hips and I placed mine on his forearms as I nodded hastily. 

“You know I trust you, Luke” I answered and he smiled at me before grabbing the back of my neck and kissing me passionately. 

“Good” he answered before kissing my nose and he slowly undid each and every button of my blouse; his eyes never leaving mine. I tried to push all my insecurities aside as he let the material fall from my shoulders and trailed his gaze to my cleavage. He then ran his fingers down my stomach and to the button of my jeans; he undid it and pulled the zipper down before crouching down in front of me and pushing the material down my legs. 

He stood up again and placed his cold fingers on my sides before turning me around and slowly walking me toward the floor length mirror in the corner of the room.

“Luke-” I started to protest; I was starting to understand where that was going but I really didn’t want to do it. 

“Just trust me” he repeated and I let out a small sigh as I let him take my hands in his own. He intertwined our fingers and placed them over my stomach; he left them here. He waited for me to look at him through the mirror before speaking.
“Do you find yourself beautiful here?” he asked and I shook my head; my fingers digging into my flesh as I tried to ignore the fat under my palm.
“I do” he said as he let go of my hands and only let his own on my skin. “Please look at you” he murmured against my ear and I focused my eyes on his hands. He caressed my skin; goose bumps forming under his fingertips as he slowly trailed them up and down on my stomach. He then grabbed my hands again and placed them on my thighs.

“And there?” he asked and I shook my head again. He repeated his actions; letting go of my hands; caressing my skin; making me feel like a treasure; and repeating that he thought I was beautiful.

He trailed his fingers to my back and unclasped my bra; his eyes locked with mine as he brushed the straps off of my shoulders and let the material fall to the floor. There was something really sensual about the way he was touching me and I felt myself blush as he wrapped his fingers around mine and brought our hands to my breasts. He made me cup them and gently squeeze the two globes. 

“And there?” he asked again and I didn’t answer; I was mesmerized by the way he was looking at me; his eyes never leaving my chest as my hands slipped under his and hung on each side of my thighs. He pressed his chest against my naked back and his breath hitched in his throat as he started playing with my nipples; rolling them between his fingers as they started to harden under his touch. 

A small moan left my mouth and I pressed myself harder against him; my backside brushing against his crotch as he stopped his movement and wrapped his arms around me. His left hand grabbed on my breast as his right one slid under the elastic of my panties and cupped my sex. 

“And there?” he asked and it was a barely a whisper; his low voice coming out hoarse as my eyes widen. 

“No, I’m gross here” I said as I tried to get out of his grip but he only held me closer. 

“No you’re not” he disagreed before sliding my panties down and taking a step back. He walked around and stopped in front of me before hurriedly undressing himself until he was naked. He looked at me in the eyes and kissed me passionately before getting on his knees. I started to panic and tried to take a step back but both his hands came to rest on my backside as he made sure I wouldn’t move. 

“Please, baby. Just trust me; you have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this and I know you’ll enjoy it” he murmured and I shook my head and closed my eyes tightly as a small voice in my head kept reminding me just how gross I was. 

He stood up again and took my face in his hands; his eyes looking right into mine as he calmly spoke.

“Do you trust me?” he said and I let out a small sigh.
“I do, Luke but-” I started but he cut me off by placing his index finger on my parted lips. 

“No buts; you trust me, that’s all I need to know” he said before walking to the wardrobe and taking something I couldn’t yet recognize. He came back behind me and gently took my hands in his before placing them together against my backside; I then felt a soft material wrap around my wrist and I understood he was tying them together with one of his ties as I felt his cool finger tie the knot.

“There; all you have to do now is trust me; it’s as simple as that” he stated before kneeling in front of me again. He placed his hands under mine and looked up at me as he slowly inched his face closer to my sex. He wrapped his lips around my clitoris and I closed my eyes as I tried to focus on the pleasure that immediately started running through my veins.

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I was feeling sort of dark and girly today so I paired a pretty floral dress with a black t-shirt and heels.  The dress is entirely too short for me and I constantly have to yank it down so that my bottom doesn’t show, but damn, it is cute so it’s worth it!  Tall girl problems.

Dress- Torrid size 2

Shirt- Old Navy size XXL

Shoes- Mossimo size 11

Lemme tell ya I may not be today’s societies model of supermodel thin (which is 100% ok if you are btw you do you) but back in the renaissance I would’ve been all these famous painters’ muse and a highly sought after model to be painted on church roofs and shit because girl I got them thick thighs and body rolls that would make da Vinci weep so own those curves and remember that if you’re feeling down about how you look, it has nothing to do with you or your flawless body, it’s all reliant on how we’re being perceived in the environment around us

this girl is rocking in look at her

body rolls and thick thighs these girls are beautiful 

like, just look at these fab ladies. So please please please don’t let what any one says get you down or start feeling bad when you look at your cellulite in the mirror because YOU ARE A FUCKING BEAUTIFUL RENAISSANCE MUSE. 


K I’ve never had my skin look this flawless before…I have a new favorite foundation 👌🏻


I don’t like to wear animal print, but I love this.  If there is a print of a whole animal on it, then I love it.  It is strange, because I don’t think I’d wear something with zebra print on it, but I was SO happy when I found this with zebras on it!  I also love the little details.  The buttons are small studs and the collar also has studs on it.  The shirt is pretty sheer, as you can see in the third picture which was an accidental self timer selfie that I included to show the details.

Shirt- Julie’s Closet purchased from Ross size 3x

Skirt- Old Navy size XL

Shoes- Deb Shops size 11


Sometimes I wear things just to feel cute and this is one of those times.  This is yet another dress that is entirely too short to wear without leggings but when I’m just putting it on to wear in my yard, it isn’t a big deal.  I have a large collection of Chuck Taylors that I really don’t wear enough. I prefer low tops so my high tops don’t always get much use.  These are super neon pink and it doesn’t really read well in the photo.  The whole photo looks kind of hazy and I think there was something on my phone to make them look funny.

Dress- Torrid size 22

Shirt- Forever21 size 3x

Shoes- Converse Chuck Taylor high tops size 8


Finally I had a reason to wear my bikini!  I went to a pool party  today.  I also tried to do simple makeup that would match what I was wearing over my suit.

Bikini Top- Torrid size 3

Bikini Bottom-Torrid size 4

Dress- No Boundaries


Black Eyeliner- Mac fluidline in black track mixed with a little Inglot duraline to thin it out.  The consistency of the liner was too thick for the tiny brush I wanted to use.

Lower Lashline- Neon green from the Sleek Acid Palette

Brows- Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade in Chocolate

Blush- Tokidoki Siberia