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Zach Werenski - Childhood Crush

anon request: Can you make a Zach Werenski one. Maybe about him taking that puck to the face during the playoff game. And can it be really cute and fluffy

@faithmikami requested: Hi there! I was wondering if you could write an image where a girl is dating Zach Werenski and attends the third playoff game against PIT. She’s in the crowd and sees him get injured and is allowed to go to the locker room to see how he is. Thanks! :)

anon request: can i have a zach werenski imagine about his injury and you going to the next game to watch and then coming home and taking care of him/cuddling him

anon request: Can you do a Zach werenski imagine please? Maybe about the injury if you need inspo :)

anon request: Can you do an imagine about Zach Werenski? Maybe like being in the crowd as he got hit kind of thing? Thank you!!!

an imagine about zach werenski’s injury was a very requested imagine and i still have more requests about this. i do love zach werenski though so i have no problem writing these!! XD i decided to put a cute little twist to it so i hope you like it

requests are open:))

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“yes y/n zach would love if you came and visited us here in colombus!” mrs.werenski gushed into the phone. for me it was just hitting the end of exam time and for my best friend zach it was the beginning of playoffs. well soon to be the third game.

“i don’t know mrs.werenski, i want to but i have so much to do” i babbled on about why i shouldn’t go. “y/n zach hasn’t seen you in forever, he would love it if you came to watch” that’s where she had me. i haven’t seen zach in so long. i used to always watch him play hockey at the joe, he truly was a talented player.

zach and i were always best friends, the dynamic duo. i was always by his side and he was always by mine. he supported me in my hockey and i always supported him in his hockey, even till this very day. throughout the years i manages to develop feelings for zach that a best friend shouldn’t feel and i’ve tried pushing them away but they always pop back up. he’s never really shown an interest but maybe i just never looked.

“fine” i fake sighed but was quickly followed by a overly girlish squeal. “i’m so excited too see him!” i laughed to his mother. “trust me y/n, he’s gonna be happy to see you too!” she joined in on my laughing. “when should i book my flight?” i asked. “oh don’t worry about that hun, we have it all covered. ill send you an email and print the ticket that’s in it, and there is your flight” she explained.

i could hear the loud sound of zach from the other side of the phone, “zachs coming but ill see you soon!” she said in a hushed tone and hung up. i smiled before putting my phone down and quickly opening up my email. the flight leaves tomorrow at 9:00am. oh boy. it was already 6:30pm and i haven’t even started packing.

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ELI5:Why do airline passengers have to put their seats into a full upright position for takeoff? Why does it matter?

You’re most likely to have some sort of accident during takeoff and landing. This is also why your tray tables have to be up and you can’t have laptops during these times: ease of evacuation. If your seat is back, and something happens and the plane needs to be evacuated quickly, you just made it harder for the person behind you to get out.

Extra: I’ve gotten this message lots of times, and as has been beautifully explained, your window thing has to be up so, in the event of an emergency, emergency personnel can see into the plane/you can see a fire, should there be one.

Explain Like I`m Five: good questions, best answers.

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What do you think will happen with Sizzy in tales from the shadow hunter academy???

I am hoping for them to get back together. Simon will obviously remember nearly all of the events of TMI and once he’s a Shadowhunter it’s like BAM! He remembers everything. And then the most glorious thing will happen…

Simon could still feel the power rushing through his veins, a new found purpose to protect these ones who couldn’t protect themselves, who had no idea that demons existed. But when he looked through the room, looked at all the Shadowhunters who had come to witness his Ascension, his eyes were drawn to a tall and proud looking young woman. Isabelle Sophia Lightwood. His friend? Girlfriend? Simon didn’t know what she was to him, but he knew he wanted to have Izzy in his life. No, he needed her to be in his life. She hadn’t been around a lot and when they had talked, it seemed like there always had been something that had held her back. Clary suspected that Izzy was afraid to have her heart broken because she could remember everything that had happened, could remember every single word, every single kiss that was shared.

Well, Miss Isabelle Lightwood was in for a surprise. Because now that Simon was a Shadowhunter, he could remember as well. He remembered everything.

His determined walk didn’t falter when he strode over to Izzy, took her hand and smiled at her.

“Iz, I remember.”

Hope shone in her eyes but was immediately shut down. “What do you mean?”

“Tell me what you were too afraid to tell me in Edom.”

Isabelle wanted to tug her hand out of his but Simon held on. “Please, Iz. Just do it. I swear on the Angel I won’t hurt you. I swear on us.”

Us. Because Simon wanted them to be an us. Izzy still looked doubtful and he could feel his heart sinking. Maybe it was too soon, maybe he had been too forward.

Just when he was about to take a step back, Isabelle mumbled something.

“Sorry? I didn’t quite catch that.”

Her dark eyes glared at him but she repeated what she’d just said.

“I love you.”

A grin split his face in half.

“I know. I know everything about you.”

The gasp that escaped her was swallowed by Simon’s lips and then they were kissing and he knew that everything would be fine.

Happy New Year.

It’s almost 2016 here in Holland, only a couple hours left. I don’t want to make this a really long message, so I’m gonna try to keep it as short as possible! But, knowing me, it’ll end up being not-so-short. Anyway,

Thank you all for the fun moments we’ve had so far. The second half of 2015 has been amazing thanks to all of you! I could never have imagined so many people showed up at the Fire Emblem livestream earlier this year when Fire Emblem: IF came out, nor could I ever have imagined to be where I am now. I’ve met the most amazing people, had (and still have!) a lot of fun talking to you all. I’m truly grateful for all your support, and hope to get to meet even more of you all in 2016! Thank you all for everything so far. It’s always a blast reading and replying to your messages, reading and answering your questions and seeing what amazing things you creative people can come up with!

I want to wish all of you the best for 2016. Don’t lose sight of who you are. What other people think of you doesn’t matter. Do more of what you love to do, do more of what makes you happy, do more of what you think is good for you. You’re important, you matter. Don’t let others say you’re not. Continue to strife for greatness, and continue to pursue what’s important to you. Don’t give up. It’s okay to take a break, it’s important to take care of yourself. 

Surround yourself with those who’re important to you, those who make you feel happy, those who you feel safe with, those who believe in you and bring out the best in you. You’re loved. There are people who care about you and love you for who you are. If you have any skills that are important to you, but not to others, don’t let that get you down. What’s important to you, is important. It’s your life, don’t live your life by someone else’s moral standards and rules. 

I hope 2016 will be an amazing year for all of you. I hope you all go through the year in good health and that it’ll be filled with happiness and joy. Make it your best year yet!

Happy New Year.

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when did cassie say sizzy was going to have kids???


When I interviewed her for TMI Source:

From the beginning I thought that by the end of this series, Simon is going to have to become a Shadowhunter, because that clearly is what he wants and where he is going, but it felt too easy just to have at the end everybody be like, “And we won the war and Simon’s a Shadowhunter! For some reason!”

So it had to be for him to sort of get the thing he really wants which is to be a Shadowhunter, to be parabatai with Clary, to able to really be with Isabelle, to have a life with her, to have kids. You know, to have all of those things, he has to give up being immortal and being a vampire and become a Shadowhunter, but he has to do it at a price.

Unless Cassie has also mentioned this on tumblr or twitter and I missed it (please send me a link if I did).