your fencing makes me giddy

The Student Of Prague

I was so excited to find this on youtube (thank you, cinemaocd) that I may have been overenthusiastic with my screen capping. Extra excited that it had subtitles. imdb tells me that this is the first film the BBC ever showed on the telly, in 1938. I can’t imagine why, unless it was pre-war/anti-appeasement propaganda - look how evil/mad/dissolute/duplicitous those germans are! An effect surely negated by the swoonsomeness of Anton Walbrook fencing his way into madness.

*I can’t imagine anyone reading this at all who hasn’t seen it, but - spoilers*

How delightful he looks in his student uniform! Jaunty cap! Grin! Beer! 

 He fancies the birthday girl. She fancies him. Who can blame her?

Uh-oh. Time to insert some class issues. Opera singer trumps peasant anyday. But she likes slumming  in the student beer cellar, and will happily sing a student song for them. Student humour seems to have changed little. IDEK

Anton Balduin is delighted to duel over a slight to her. Not as delighted as I am to watch him fencing. FACE OF GLEE.

So…class issues, a love triangle, beer and swish swish clang (to steal a phrase from  the Merlin fandom). And thankfully, no actual opera singing. So far so good. 

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