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our wedding day|| matt murdock

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It’s your wedding day with Matt Murdock. 

More Matt fluff, but believe me, there’s going to be angst in here somewhere. I’m glad so many of you enjoyed my first Daredevil oneshot! Once I know more about Frank Castle I will most likely be writing for him as well!

* everything with an asterisk is a flashback 

* Forgive me if the song lyrics don’t fit - it’s Turning Page by Sleeping At Last

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Night Out

Castiel x Reader

Summary: Castiel takes you out for a date.

Warnings: none

Word count: 1322

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Dean did a quick double take as he walked past Castiel’s bedroom, his eyes widening as he noticed all the clothes Castiel owned were spread out on the bed. There weren’t many garments there, the usual suit, trench coat and some sweatpants and hoodies from when he was human. The hunter stepped foot into the same room with curiosity, not expecting Cas to be half naked as he stood in front of the mirror. “What the hell are you doing?” Dean asked. “Why aren’t you wearing anything?”

Cas turned around, a sheepish look on his face as he looked down at the white dress shirt in his hands. “I don’t know what to wear.” He mumbled, his eyes wandering back to the clothes laid out on the bed. 

“Pants, for starters.” Dean replied, shaking his head. “Why does it suddenly matter what you wear?”

“I-um, Y/n and I are going out tonight.” 

The hunter’s face twisted in confusion and shock, not sure whether to be proud of Cas or jealous. “How’d you manage to get her to say yes?” He asked, his mouth agape as he watched Castiel’s mouth twitch into a smile. “Okay, okay. I can’t let you go there looking like a dork, I’ll help.”

Dean easily picked out Castiel’s normal attire, but disregarded the trench coat that usually covered up most of his muscles bulging out of the suit. “I always wear this.” He frowned the slightest, looking at himself in the mirror.

“No,” Dean shook his head, smoothing out the creases in his jacket. “You always covered yourself up with that coat, it’s time to show yourself a little, Cas.” He turned the angel around to face him and started fixing his hair.

“I don’t understand why that’s necessary.” Cas murmured. 

“Because girls like to check out their dates, the same as guys do.” 

The angel turned back around and looked into the mirror after Dean had finished with his hair. “There, all set.” Dean said, clasping a hand on Cas’ shoulder. “Use protection.”

Castiel tilted his head in confusion, wondering what he meant by that, but Dean had already left his room. He picked up his truck’s keys and left the bunker without a single goodbye, the eagerness getting to him rather quickly.

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Bonnie & Clyde: West Coast (5)

Bucky x reader modern day AU

Notes: smut, fluff, swearing, alcohol

This is all smut. smutsmutsmut, nothing but smut. so.. there you go. 

(Bonnie & Clyde inspired AU)

Lana del Rey - West Coast (the lyrics don’t have much to do with it, but it inspired me to write this nonetheless)

Summary: Your husband, James Buchanan Barnes, is trouble. Beautiful, dangerous trouble. After a prison sentence of 34 months, he is finally released and seems to have taken his time to think about what is truly the most important thing in his life.

TAGS: @jjlevin​​ @starstar1012​​ @stephvera​​ @styleswift1989​​@amf71010​​@heismyhunter​​  @a-small-independent-princess​​ @bxckytrxsh​​ @incadinkadoo @buckyismybbz@seabastian-barnes@number1fantrash@verycoolveryunique@snowwhiteslays@tesseractbucky​ @popsxerox@the-one-and-only-vampcake @akiiiiiiiiiii @fallingpanickedkilljoys@moonraeblack @hip5t3r-m3rmaaidd-biitchhh @ikathy98@themanwiththemetalarm@vickybhutcherson @lostinspace33 @pale-alien26 @httpstainme 

“I want you to think about that night. Because I’m gonna top that, and then some”

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Cole Imagine for Taylor

You Guys Are Gross

“Mrs. Pendery … I still cannot get used to this” You heard Cole say, as he hopped up on the counter beside your standing figure, where you were stirring the pasta sauce. “Me either.. We’ve been married what? 3 months, and I’m still not used to walking into places and being called Mrs. Pendery..” You giggled, his shoes falling from his feet with a bang against the cupboard beneath him. “Well, you better be getting used to it soon, my love. That is your permanent name from now on” He grinned, as you moved the pot of pasta sauce onto a kitchen towel on the counter. “It smells absolutely delicious" Cole grinned, as you smiled to him, bending down and reaching into the cupboard for the packet of pasta. "I just hope the boys are okay with eating pasta.. We have nothing in the house but this, and I haven’t had time to go shopping” You sighed, standing up, knees cracking. “You could have called me.. I could have popped by the supermarket on the way home” He said, as you placed a hand on his knee, showing from under his baggy basketball shorts. “It’s fine.. I was craving some pasta tonight anyway” You grinned, as he swung his legs around your waist and pulled you to him.

Your arms rested on his chest, as he wrapped his arms around your waist. “I love you” He smirked, looking down at you, lust deep in his eyes. “I love you too, babe” You grinned, as you moved one of yours hands up his shoulder, through his Light brown locks. “You know… I’ve been craving something all day” He said, cheekily, as you gave him a questioning look. “Oh, really?” You asked, egging him on. “Yeah.. It’s sweet, and very juicy, it’s my favourite thing to snack on” He smirked, your arms resting on his shoulders, fingers laced at the back of his neck. “Oh, and what’s that?” You asked, as he leaned down, so he was nose-to-nose with you.

“You…” He whispered, his breath warm on your lips.

You blushed, brightly, giving out a nervous giggle, making Cole chuckle. “You are a dirty bastard” You giggled, as you tried to move back in front of the cooker. “But.. I have been craving you.. Just.. Let me have a small taste?” He asked, winking cheekily. “I dunno…” You giggled, as he kicked your thigh with his socked foot. “Maybe, I guess.. Just let me cook this” You said, as he sighed. “But pasta takes like 4 hours!” He groaned, over-dramatically. “Oh, don’t be melodramatic, my darling husband…” You giggled, as he hopped off of the counter. “I’m going to have a rest.. I’ll be done whenever you call me” He whined, as he stomped his feet out of the kitchen, leaving you to giggle, pouring the pasta shells into the saucepan. ——- “Oh, Mr. Pendery… I need you to come down here…” You said, a hint of seduction in your voice. “No.. I’m gonna take a shower” He called back, like a hormonal teenager. “But your wife has needs! Get your cute little ass down here now!” You cried, as you walked towards the stairs. “No.. I am going to shower, so I am ready for when the boys get here” He called back, as you giggled. “Then let me join you?” You asked, as his naked body came into view at the top of the stairs. “No, you turned me down. So I’m turning you down” He grinned sarcastically, as you ran up the stairs. He ran into the bathroom, quickly shutting the door, as you pounded heavily with your fists. “Cole, you fucker! Let me in!” You whined, kicking at the door gently. “Nah-ah!” He called back, locking the door. “I hate you..” You whined, as you heard him chuckle over the running water. “I love you too, babe!” He called, as you scrunched your nose up. “You suck..” You whispered, hitting the door one last time and walking back into the bedroom.

You walked over to your Closet, opening up the doors, and looking at the Sweater and jeans you had stuffed in there. “Hmm…” You whispered to yourself, tapping your chin thoughtfully. You looked through your Sweaters, settling on a white, knitted one and a pair of blue, washed-out and faded jeans, your white converse  matching on your feet. “Well, doesn’t my missus look gorgeous?” You heard him ask, as you turned around, seeing him stood by the doorway, in a white towel with water droplets rolling down his bare torso. “Well, doesn’t my hubby look sexy?” You mocked, as he chuckled. “Have you seen my white shirt? I can’t find it anywhere…” He asked, as he walked over to you. “I can’t say I have.. I’ll go check downstairs” You said, kissing his forehead, ruffling a hand through his wet hair. “Hey… Leave off” He groaned, grabbing your arm lightly, and pulling you away. “Go and find my shirt.. I can’t eat dinner like this” He said, pointing down to his body.

“Did you find it?” You heard him ask, as he walked into the kitchen, still dressed in his towel. “I have.. I’m just about to iron it” You said, turning round to look at him. “That can wait..” He whispered, as he walked over to you. “Cole…” You gasped, as he pushed you against the table in the middle of the kitchen. “I need you, babe… Trust me” He whispered, as he looked towards his towel, a small tent showing where his crotch is. “Oh…” You said, quietly. “Yeah.. Just.. Not full on sex, just.. Let me lick you out, and then you suck me off…” He whispered, as you looked into his eyes. “Cole…” You mumbled, as he buried his head between your neck and shoulder, kissing and sucking at the skin. “Taylor.. Just please.. Do what I say” He said, frustration in his voice. “Okay.. Okay” You said, hands running down his bare back, resting at his hips, just above his towel. “If you do me first, I’ll do you next.. I promise” He smiled, as you sighed, a grin forming on your lips. “Okay.. So this needs to go then..” You said, whipping his towel from his hips, his cock on full show, hitting his stomach. “Still as big as I remember” You giggled, as you bent down on your knees, your hand resting at the base of him.

“Just… Now, babe..” You heard him sigh, as he gripped the table-top with his hands, knuckles turning white. “Calm down, babe.. We have half an hour” You said, as you rubbed the tip of him with your thumb, pre-cum dripping from his redened area. He hissed, your touch sending tingles down his length and into his stomach, giving the feeling immense pleasure through his veins. “Please, babe..” He whimpered, as you pumped your hand up and down his length, hardening under your touch. “That’s it, baby girl… Oh fuck..” He moaned, as you quickened your hand, the fingers on your other hand fumbling around with his balls. “Shit.. Fuck.. I want your lips, baby” He hissed, hips bucking forwards, his cock nearly thrusting into your face. “Calm down, superstar.. I’m getting to that” You said, seductively. “Just, hurry.. Fuck!” He cried, as you pinched at his redened tip, causing you to grin. “Shut it..” You whispered, dominantly, as you placed your lips over his tip, tongue swirling around at his slit. “Fuck, baby… Your mouth is wonderous” He grinned, his cheeks flaming red at the pleasure coursing through his body, eyes lustful and bright blue. You looked up, eye contact being made as you took him in further, as far as you could, pumping what you couldn’t fit in your mouth, with your hand.

“Shit, babe… Baby, more..” He groaned, as he hunched over, his legs shoulder-width apart, toes curling onto the tied floor. His knuckles were turning white from his grip on the table-top. He bucked his hips forward, thrusting his cock further into your mouth, making you gag slightly around him, causing him to groan louder. “Fuck…” He whispered, as you felt him twitch inside, the vein becoming more prominent on the under side of his cock. “Shit, babe…” He moaned, as he released his juices into your mouth, feeling your throat contract as you swallowed. “Shit.. Wow..” He breathed, swallowing heavily, his chest rising and falling. “Your turn now, baby girl” He grinned, as you stood back up, hands lacing around his waist. “I’m excited..” You grinned, as he grabbed his towel from the floor, wrapping it back around his torso. “Jeans off, now..” He said, as he popped the button undone, making the fabric of the jeans more looser to pull down. “My favourite underwear… Were you planning to tease me later?” He asked, giving a small wink. “Maybe… Maybe not” You giggled, bopping his nose with your finger, making him scrunch his face. He pulled your jeans down, along with your underwear, and helped you step out, before hoisting you up on the table-top.

“Are we really doing this here?” You asked, as he nodded, licking his lips. “Who cares? No one will walk in, babe” He whispered, as he kissed your lips, the taste of his juices were still fresh on your lips. He pulled away, and went down onto his knees, so he was eye-level with your clit, your red and throbbing clit. “Oh, baby… Did sucking my cock turn you on?” He asked, as you blushed and nodded slightly, giving him a girly giggle. “Yes, it did” You moaned, his hands prying your thighs open wider, as he rested his chin on the table, just in front of your entrance. “Please.. Cole, just.. Fuck” You moaned, as he placed a kiss to each thigh, his nose rubbing against your clit as he went passed to kiss the other.

“You’re so wet, baby girl..” He grinned, as he started to rub small circles at the top of your clit with his thumb. Your head rolled backwards, as he quickened, inserting a finger inside of you. “Shit… Oh fuck!” You cried, as you clenched around his finger. “Oh, baby.. Still as tight as I remember” He chuckled, as he placed his tongue where his thumb with rubbing, and started to lick around your folds.

“Shit, Cole… Fuck, more, please” You groaned, trying to buck your hips forward, as far as you could. “Shit…” You groaned, as he inserted another one of his calloused fingers in you, the knot in your stomach intensifying as he went quicker, your hips moving slightly, as you rode on his fingers, matching his finger thrusts. His tongue was working wonders as he licked at your nub, moving your orgasm on faster.

“Oh, jesus christ! Really!?” You heard someone ask, as stood at the door. The familiar voice sending your eyes flying open.


“Oh, crap! What the.. How the fucking hell did you get in?" Cole asked, as he emerged from between your thighs. "No one answered our knocks, so Dalton suggested the spare key.." Dana said, as he looked at the two of you, disgust all over his face. "How the fuck does Dalton know about our spare key?” You asked, as Cole pulled you off the table and into his body, hiding your bottom half. “I’ve always known.. You know.. For emergencies, you said!" Dalton called, as he looked into the kitchen. "Ah.. Kitchen sex, eh? This is the best place for it” He said, winking at you and Cole. “Piss off, Rapattoni! Why didn’t you call to say you were on your way!?" Cole asked, frustrated. "We did…" Gabe said, walking in with a smirk. "We knew you were busy too.. We could hear you in the garden” He added, as you blushed bright red. “Don’t worry though.. We didn’t need to spread the word” He said, as you gave him a stare. “The street already knew” He said, as Dana and David laughed.

“If you knew we were Fucking busy, why did you come in!?" Cole asked, as you rubbed his chest soothingly, to calm him. "We wanted to interrupt.." Dalton added, as he chuckled. "Get out, for fucks sake.." Cole said, as he grabbed your underwear and jeans. "You guys are gross though.. On the table? Where we are eating tonight?" dana asked, as he cringed slightly, following Dalton and Gabe out of the room. "Oh, like you never done it in the kitchen" Cole said, as he let you change. "Just.. Fuck off!" Cole said, a slight grin on his cheeks. "Fine, fine… Don’t fuck each other while we’re out here.. You know, a room away" David grinned, as you blushed, deeply.

"How embarressing..” You mumbled, as Cole changed into his black jeans and white shirt. “I knew we’d get caught, Pendery!” You cried in embaressment. “Oh well.. They should know now not to interrupt” He grinned, as he kissed your head, and looked into your eyes. “I love you, my lovely wife” He grinned, as you smiled, still a blush on your cheeks. “I love you too, my annoying yet lovable husband” You giggled, as he kissed your nose. “Now let’s go and chill before we eat..” He said, wrapping an arm around your shoulder, and following you into the sitting room.

A/N Taylor I hope you like this because I had fun writing this

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When i saw this outfit I thought it’d totally be your thing. So I gave it to you the only way I can afford! Drawing you in it! lol

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Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2) - Lazy Morning

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Masterlist here!

AO3 link here!

Summary: You’re a medical student and a hunter. Your parents died, killed by a demon, and you picked up where they left off. No one knows about it and you live a perfectly normal life. What’s gonna happen when someday you run into Dean Winchester, having no idea, that he’s a hunter, too?

Timeline: Let’s say that after John Winchester gave his soul for Dean’s life they came back to Lawrence and tried to start a normal life, but they were still hunting.

Word count: 1581 

Paring: Dean x Reader

Warnings: none, completely ;) 

Beta: @manawhaat - Thank you very much sweetheart <3

Tags: @balthazars-muse , @ilostmyshoe-79 , @pada-ackles@icecream-and-gadreel , @latinenglishfandomblog , @ellen-reincarnated1967 , @the-mrs-deanwinchester , @angelwingsandspookythings , @cassgracie , @kingcasifer , @superwholock56 , @plaidandwhiskeydean , @dreamingbeauty @kittenofdoomage , @deanwinchester-af , @docharleythegeekqueen , @flyin-down-a-backroad (it didn’t let me tag you :c) and @rusticbellamy 

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The buzzing sound of the phone alarm pierced through the air and you turned it off before the second chime. You’d been awake for a couple of hours already,  replaying events from the previous night countless times in your mind. You still couldn’t believe that someone like Dean noticed you. He was practically the lead in a romance novel; how did you get so lucky?

You crawled out of the bed and sat on the edge of your memory foam matress to strech out your stiffened back and arms, feeling cold tiles under the soles of your feet when you entered the bathroom to brush your teeth. Jutted wildly in all directions, you pulled your hair into a a messy bun and changed from your PJ’s into gray sweatpants and baggy T-shirt.

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anonymous asked:

I just love your stories and the way you write~ ^^ Could you please write a scene where in the reader and Yoosung finally meets face to face. Then the reader comes out as shy and introverted unlike in chats when she's really quirky XD Thank you!

Hope you enjoy!  Now, a fic featuring MC and Yoosung, aka Townspeople A and B. - Mod Z

You’d always been the brightest one in the chat, when you were there, it would light up his whole world. 

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Pairing: Brett x reader

Prompt: Song: Gone Gone Gone by Philip Phillips 

When enemies are at your door I’ll carry you away from war If you need help, if you need help. Your hope dangling by a string I’ll share in your suffering to make you well, to make you well.

You were always serious when you said that you would do anything for Brett. Even if that meant taking a bullet for him. You loved the beta with all your heart and soul. But one thing was always running through your mind. Would he do the same for you?

Give me reasons to believe, That you would do the same for me.

You stood next to Brett during the pack meeting. Although this meeting was different in a lot of ways. You were helping the McCall pack, not Satomi’s. And everyone’s lives were at risk. Including yours. “You don’t have to help (Y/N).” Brett said as he grabbed your jacket off the chair.

“I want to, Brett.”

He inhaled and exhaled out of frustration, “I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Who says I’m gonna get hurt?” You stepped closer towards Brett and laced your fingers with his. “It’ll be okay, I promise.”

He smiled still unsure about the situation. But he pulled you in for hug and breathed in your scent. “I’ll keep you safe.” He whispered in your ear and followed the pack out of the house.

When you fall like a statue I’m gonna be there to catch you Put you on your feet, you on your feet.

While in the car on the way to the school, you were reminiscing about the things you and Brett had done. Your favorite memory was when you were at his lacrosse game, cheering him on and he had scored the winning goal. You ran onto the field but couldn’t find him. Your clumsy self tripped and was about to fall, before Brett caught you in his arms. “Walk much?” He asked and you smacked his chest. “It’s okay, I’ll always be here to put you on your feet.”

You couldn’t help smile and look into those gorgeous blue eyes of his. “And I’ll always do the same for you.” You whispered and stood on your tiptoes so you could reach his lips.

“What’re you thinking about?” Brett asked and snapped you out of your daze.

“Just about us…”

He smiled and placed a hand on your thigh and gave it a gentle squeeze. “My heart never stops beating for you.” Tears threatened to spill over your eyes but you blinked them away.

“I don’t wanna fight Brett. What if you get hurt? I can’t live without you.” Your voice cracked and instinctively he put an arm around your shoulder and brought you close to him.

“I can’t promise that one of us won’t get hurt. But I’ll always love you, okay?” You nodded your head and sniffled. He quickly wiped away a tear that fell. “Are you ready?” He asked as the pack scampered out of the jeep.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Was your response before hopping out of the car.

I surrender honestly, you’ve always done the same for me.

It all happened so fast, one second you and Brett were doing just fine fighting off the one doctor then another one came. You had no idea where Scott went, Liam was lying on the floor and Malia was already wounded. You stood right beside Brett, you weren’t going anywhere without him. “We do this together, okay?” Your breath was shaky and Brett didn’t answer. You knew what he was thinking. “Brett! We do this together!” You yelled louder and when you looked away from him the doctor was about to hit you with his knife before Brett stepped in front of you, taking the hit right to his chest.

“BRETT!” You screamed and knelt down beside him. You looked around and the doctors had left, you guys had lost this one. “Can you hear me? Were gonna get you help!”

“There’s no use.” He smiled weakly and you let the tears fall.

“Don’t say that Brett. Don’t you leave me like this!” You let out an ugly sob and he reached his hand up and touched your cheek.

“I love you so much (Y/N)…”

“Don’t leave me, please.” You cried out in pain and the pack could sense the anxiety and sadness. “Y'know, I always said I would take a bullet for you. And I always wondered if you would do the same for me. Now I know that you would.” You confessed and Brett’s eyes began to water.

“I would do anything for you, my dear.” And then his eyes shut, and his chest stopped rising and falling. You trembled beside him and let out a scream, a scream that was filled with so much heartache and pain. Scott knelt down beside you and tried helping you stand up but you just screamed even more. Your pleas and cries echoed through the night.

And I’ll love you long after your gone, gone, gone.

War of 1812

Anon (I really hope you were anon, I’m so sorry, I don’t remember), I apologize deeply for how. long. this. took. I hope you like it. I have no idea if I did it right. I researched it a little bit, and I apologize if it’s not as good as you hoped or if it’s just a total let down.

Zayn (just an idea I had; women always have role in war :)

Of course they were fighting. Again. It’s all England seemed to do. Ever since the Americans won the last war, they wanted to make sure everyone knew who the real power was in the world.

It didn’t help that England was at war with France at the same time. It’s like they couldn’t do anything without starting a fight. Zayn was keeping post as instructed. If anyone got off that boat he was ordered to kill. No Englishman was to get into America.

He didn’t really want to. He wondered if they would find out.

Zayn didn’t kill anyone. But no one got off that boat.

But more importantly. No one got on the boat.


It was late…or early. It was really gross either way to be up this late or early.

Zayn was half asleep keeping watch on the harbor. He was infuriated he was here. He just wanted to go home to his mum and sisters. But that would take more than a month to get home in the first place.

His drawing was almost completed, he was adding the rising sun to his picture of the ships in the sea. He smudged his thumb over the drawn waves and wished more than ever that he could just be asleep in a nice warm bed.

He almost ruined his whole landscape when a loud scream sounded through his ears. “HELP!” Someone, a female voice, shrieked. Zayn looked up, he was saddened to see two of his own men dragging the female onto the ship. She was kicking and screaming, but it was as if no one heard her.

Zayn was so grateful he was there. He could only imagine the fear she felt–he could only imagine her brother worried about his sister the way he worried.

He dropped his sketchpad and sprinted down the path to the ships. He grabbed one of the soldiers by the shoulder and shoved him back away from the girl. Tossing the man aside Zayn threw his bayonet around his shoulder and placed the tip against the man’s throat. “This is not how we treat women,” he snarled at the despicable person.

The second soldier was still holding onto you tugging you back into the ship. You were sobbing as you looked at Zayn, silently pleading to help you again. Zayn looked vicious and that slightly terrified, but you figured dying would be better than the other thing you thought they had planned. Instead, Zayn grabbed the soldier by the wrists that were gripping you and he squeezed. The man gaped and gasped, terrified for his life. Because Zayn squeezed hard and he wasn’t letting go until he let you go. He released you and you fell flat with a thud and scrambled behind Zayn. Zayn shoved him back onto the ship. “Never touch her again,” he snapped then scooped you up and set you on your feet.

“Are you alright, Miss?” He asked quietly carefully pulling you away from the ship.

You nodded and sniffled shyly. “I…thank you, sir,” you curtsied.

He took his hat off and bowed deeply before you. “My honor, Miss. I am so sorry, these hooligans touched you. I will be sure they get the proper punishment tomorrow morning,” he nodded. “May I ask what you’re doing out here?” He asked. “This early in the morning, you should be safe asleep.”

It was then he finally got a good look at you. His eyes roamed up from your toes to your waist, further over the slight curve hidden beneath your dress. He took note of your collarbones and how they seemed to beg to be kissed. But his eyes had never seen such beauty until he reached your face. The curve of your lips, your small nose, and your wide eyes. Your hair reminded him of the waves he just drew and he couldn’t believe you were real. “I work at the camp, not far from here,” you gestured toward the direction you needed to get to. “I was heading home when–”

Zayn shook his head and held his elbow out. “Please allow me to escort you home, safely,” he suggested.

“I really–”

He interrupted you, taking your arm and looping it through his elbow. It was a bit aggressive, but he meant well. “Miss, I am going to walk you back,” he said softly. “I want you to get home safely,” he murmured. 

It was hard not to trust hazel eyes like Zayn. Your dark-haired angel that saved you from two men who had plans for you. You nodded. “Thank you, sir.”

“My name is Zayn,” he whispered quietly as he walked toward the camp. You introduced yourself and gently squeezed Zayn’s arm. Zayn was the perfect gentleman as he walked with you. When mud puddles gotten in the way of your path, Zayn lithely lifted you over and set you down settling right back into your stroll. He told you about his family back home and how much he hated this war. You explained how much you loved your job at the camp, even if it was for all the wrong reasons. What you longed to do was read and write and become informed. Zayn admired you already and he just couldn’t believe how gorgeous you were.

You were almost to the camp when you paused walking. “I can make it back on my own from here–” you told him quietly.

“Miss, I promised you that I would get you there safely. All the way there,” he said gently.

“You needn’t do that…My father–”

“Shush,” he shook his head and took hold of you again and continued walking. “It won’t be that bad.”

It wasn’t. Once you quietly explained what could have happened and how Zayn saved you, your father held the knife away from Zayn’s throat as he eyed him in the American uniform. “If you need help at some point, I wouldn’t turn you away,” your father told Zayn lowly. “But only you.”

Zayn nodded. “Thank you, sir,” he said kindly and tipped his hat. “My honor to save your daughter,” he said quietly.

Your father nodded then walked away. You turned to Zayn. He was from the other side. But he still saved you. You found it shocking. “This is good bye then,” you said quietly, and a bit sadly

He shook his head and grabbed your hand, pressed his lips to your hand letting his mouth linger gently on your skin. “Not good bye. I will see you,” he whispered. You blushed and he leaned forward, pressing his lips to your cheek and began his trek back to his post.

He had something beautiful to add to his picture.

Louis (Based on the idea of British sailors and the impressment of US merchants.)

Louis was feisty, to say the least. He talked a lot and was loud. The problem with being loud and feisty is that you didn’t always know when to shut your mouth. Which Louis often did not when to do.

“When I get off this ship, you are going to have a living nightmare to deal with,” he snarled as he tugged on the ropes pulling on his arms.

“Keep struggling, and when we get off this ship, you can be quartered. You would be half way there already,” he snapped back.

“You made a huge mistake taking me from my ship, sir,” Louis said knowingly.

The other problem with Louis is that he never knew when it was too far. He only knew he took it too far when he was hit over the head with the butt-end of a bayonet.


Louis awoke groggily in the very city he left as a young lad. He opened his eyes to find he was laying, untied on the boarding plank. The captain of the ship smiled widely. Like he didn’t just attack Louis and knock him out the few hours that were left to England.

Louis was aboard an American ship starting for the Mediterranean, just below Spain. But apparently his ship strayed to close to England. The Brits boarded and took Louis and his shipmates captive.

But Louis wasn’t going down without a fight. That’s just the kind of person Louis was. Louis kicked and fought and struggled as he was taken hostage. But he wasn’t going to be a hostage for long. “Good, now that you woke, you can start bringing that cargo aboard,” the captain gestured to the stacks of wooden crates aside the ship. Louis took note that he could push them into the sea and block his path if he ran away. He looked around and saw it was him and the captain.

“I will not take orders from anyone but my own captain, Captain,” he said knowingly and began running. Following his plan exactly: he threw boxes in the water and in the Captain’s path.

He zipped through town dodging people and avoiding carts. He turned and realized with an overwhelming sense of dread that he needed a miracle or he was about to be hung. He took a quick turn down an alley making sure no one saw and was blind to the other person cutting through.

He smacked into you and you almost fell over, but he caught you half way to your descent from the ground. He had milliseconds before he was going to die. And now he was sure because he was staring at an angel sent from heaven in the form of the most breathtaking girl he’d ever seen. If he could, he would have his friend Zayn draw you, just so he could prove he met an angel.

You flushed and looked down at your feet. Because the blue eyed boy was gorgeous and had feathery brown hair pushed back with a black cloth. He was too handsome and you could hardly breathe–whether or not he knocked the breath out of you.

The footfalls were getting closer and Louis, and his marvelous ideas decided that he had no other option. He still had you up by your waist, his hands resting on your hips. Your hands touched his muscular forearms for support and he bit his lip as he pulled you back against the wall with him. Your body flush to his with barely enough room between the two of you. Then his mouth was against yours. His hands holding your waist and your hands covering his face so no one could see his face.

You were startled, but Louis tasted like sunshine and adventure. You wanted more. You knew it was wrong, but all you craved was adventure. Louis was adventure, you were sure of it. No one went running through London alleyways unless he was adventurous. Louis was stunned to find your mouth so gentle and warm and he would have moaned if it wouldn’t have drawn attention to him. Luckily, you moaned for him.

Louis heard snickers and either way he decided if he was about to die, kissing an angel would be the most desirable of deaths. But soon the snickering ended and then the footsteps sounded away. He pulled his mouth from yours (begrudgingly). Quietly you panted and Louis would be lying if he said he wasn’t happy his mouth left you breathless.

As you tried to catch your breath, you looked down and noted the uniform Louis was wearing. “Oh no,” you whispered quietly.

He bit his lip. Louis and his ideas always seemed to get him in deeper trouble than he intended. “M’lady, I am most sorry for kissing you, touching you, and not introducing myself,” he said kindly. “My name is Louis Tomlinson, I am from America, and I have been taken hostage by a British ship. And most likely I am a wanted man,” he explained quietly.

“Sir, I am so sorry but I must–”

“My angel, you have spared my life for a few moments. I hope to live a long happy life. Especially after a kiss like that,” he said cheekily. You bit you lip and he gazed at you with those eyes that reminded you of the very sea he sailed on. “I understand if you cannot or do not want to help me. But I need to get back to America, I cannot do that in these clothes,” he explained. “If you walk away I swear to you, our kiss will be nothing but a secret between you and I,” he promised and sealed his lips–the very red lips you just felt against yours.

“Sir Louis,” you said softly. “I am most sorry, but I truly cannot–”

He nodded in defeat. “I understand m’lady,” he tipped his hat and walked the opposite way down the alley. “Sorry for the trouble,” he whispered.

You watched him walk away. Perhaps it was because you had felt his plump lips on yours and he simply just reminded you of the adventured you yearned to have, but you couldn’t let him walk further. He could get hurt…and you had the sneaking suspicion that maybe, just maybe, he was your ticket out of England. It was also a bonus that he was beautiful beyond compare. “Sir Louis,” you called. He paused, turning on his heel and looking back to you. “Are you going to harm me?” You wondered.

He shook his head. “Never,” he vowed.

You sighed and nodded. “How can I help you?” You whispered.

He grinned.


You returned to the alley an hour later. In your hands you had a basket and some things for Louis to use until he could get you out of here. He sighed with relief. “Oh, m’lady,” he hummed and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “Thank you…keep watch for me?” He asked and turned away from you. You bit your lip and waited looking down the alley. Louis gently took hold of your wrist when he was finished. “Thank you,” he said graciously again and pressed a kiss to your hand.

“Do you have a plan?” You asked.

He smiled gently. “M’lady, I always have a plan,” he promised. “Unfortunately, this plan requires us to be married.”

You could have fainted. “Oh…”

“You can back out at any time, my darling,” he said quietly.

You weren’t supposed to like him. He wasn’t from England. But his eyes were hypnotic and he could get you to America… Louis was adventure and he literally fell right into your lap.

“You have to ask my father then…” you mumbled.

“But of course,” he nodded. “Is that something you would be okay with?” He whispered.

You bit your lip.  “Yes,” you said softly.

He smiled. “Well,” he said offering his arm to you. “Once we’re wedded, I have a friend from Ireland, an old pint buddy,” he told you with a smirk. “I can have a message delivered to him and then he can come sail us…he has a new boat, the one with the engines in it and he has been aching to try it out,” he told you. 

You nodded and smiled gently as you listened to Louis resting your head on his shoulder. Good news was no one would know if you found the love of your life in an alley while he was escaping British sailors.

For all you knew, you met Louis long ago at the morning cafe.

You grinned softly as you listened to Louis tell stories of America. He was charming, witty, and just lovely. He listened carefully as you spoke and was really happy to listen to you. If he had met you in other circumstances, he would have fallen just as hard. And you couldn’t agree more.

Liam (yeah, so I’m gonna have a throwback movie in here. I’ll be surprised if any of you recognize it, it’s going to be subtle, so no judging if you can’t find it). This story refers to the Battle of Frenchtown.

December 1812

My dearest love,
I cannot tell you how cold it is…we are on our way to Canada, and I swear it could not be colder if it wanted to be. I wish I could be home beside the fire. I would never complain, because I do love this country…but my love, I long to see you. As I write this, it’s our six month wedding anniversary and I miss you so very much. I hope this letter finds you well, and to ease your worried mind, I will be coming home. I have to because you’re not here.

Do you remember the first day we met? Well, that wasn’t the first day I met you. The first day I saw you was about a week before. You were on a stroll through the meadow as you hummed and spoke to your youngest sibling. I thought I was dreaming, my love. You were too beautiful for words to ever describe. I am so very sorry or my attempt to depict how beautiful you were (and are). I noticed your smile first, because it shined so brightly and it was the easiest to spot in the meadow from so fa away. Next came your hair. Tresses, like a princess, and I swore in that moment, I would make it my life’s goal to make you my princess. I had never wanted anything so terribly in my whole life. I was overcome with it. The look of you, my beautiful love, was so powerful, I almost lost my balance. I am so sorry I have been away so long. I cannot tell you how much I look forward to seeing you again.

All my love and more,


You covered your mouth as you tried to hold back the sobs. You missed Liam so dearly. Everything ached. You couldn’t even begin to wonder how cold he was and you wished you could send him something, but you just didn’t know how. But you figured, in the grand scheme of things, someone would be warm.

So you found a soldier who looked as if he was going off. You asked where he was headed. “South, ma’am,” he tipped his hat. You pouted and thanked him. “Can I help you find someone?” He questioned as you turned to look for the next soldier.

“My husband is in Canada, I have this for him,” you gestured to the basket in your hands.

The soldier grinned. “I believe Harry is headed this way,” he nodded to the solider on the horse a few feet away. You looked at him and decided it was the best thing you could do.

“Sir Harry?” You asked. Harry hopped off his horse and he bowed before you.

“Ma’am, how may I help you?” He wondered.

“Are you heading to Canada?” You asked. He nodded. “Can you take this?” You wondered. “To my husband?”

He smiled. “Of course, the name?” He asked.

“Payne. Liam Payne,” you said gently. “Thank you,” you said with the deepest graciousness you could muster. “And this too,” you mumbled and pressed a kiss to Harry’s cheek. He chuckled.

“Won’t be the same from me, but I will send him all your love,” he promised.

“Be careful,” you said kindly.

“Always, ma’am,” he tipped his hat.

January 1813

My love,

You are the most wonderful lady to have ever graced my life. The other soldiers are so jealous that I am now warm in the coziest wool. I love you. I love you to the ends of the Earth and more I can never tell you how much I absolutely adore you, my love.

I would never purposefully alarm you, but I am a bit nervous…we are to be engaged in a large battle in a few days time. In my opinion, I would imagine there are better plans…but I have to follow orders.

I will be safe…I promise, to ease your mind, I promise. I will be home soon. Sir Harry said you had something to give me when I return. I cannot even tell you how much I look forward to seeing you. I am sick with want.

Until we meet again.

All my love and more,


You smiled happily as you read his letter. He was warm. He was safe. He would be home.


News traveled quickly. You had heard that there was a massacre in Canada and you could barely stand the thought. You stomach ached and you were saddened that you had not heard from Liam in weeks. You were petrified, in all honesty. Your family and friends tried to reassure you…but any day, you were sure someone would knock on your door and deliver the worst news you would ever receive.

You prayed every day for Liam’s safety and all you wished is to have some kind of notification that he was alright.

Harry returned and he had wounds, an arm in a makeshift sling and he looked withdrawn. You started to cry. “I did not see his body, my dear,” he whispered to you. “I have no confirmation for you, all you can do is hope,” he murmured.

“He’s dead,” you croaked. “My love is dead,” you sniffled.


You were washing clothes in the river. You tried not to think about this time last year. But it was next to impossible. Because you were getting married to the most wonderful man in the world. And you couldn’t even begin to describe how much you missed him. You were so close to losing hope. A flicker of it was left. But it was close to going out.

“Mrs. Payne!” Harry shouted. He came running to the river. He yanked you from the rivers edge and he pulled you toward your home.

“Harry!” You yelled at him angrily.

“Mrs. Payne, please,” he begged. “Come with me,” he ordered and he pulled you toward your house again. You couldn’t imagine what he wanted to show you. Why it was so dire.

When you got into the house you realized what the hurry was. Liam was standing there being hugged by your families. You nearly fainted. You gripped the table for support. Harry smiled brightly and pulled Liam away and pushed him toward you.

Liam’s eyes practically glazed over as he looked at you. “Did you get more beautiful?” He whispered.

You choked out a cry and he pulled you to him. You felt so weak to be held by him. It had been almost nine months. “You’re supposed to be dead,” you cried into his chest.

He stroked your hair down and held around your waist. Nothing had ever felt so good. “But I love you,” he hummed. “I could never die if you love me,” he murmured into your hair.

“Why did you stop writing me?” you questioned. He lifted your face up to stare into your eyes.

“I never meant to,” he let his lips touch your forehead. “I was captured…twice,” he said with a weary sigh. “They should have killed me.”

“Please, never say that,” you said breathlessly.

He kissed your forehead. “But I told them not to…I begged them not to…I wanted to come home to you,” he mumbled. “They took pity on me,” he told you. “I said you were beautiful and that I was in love,” he murmured.

“And they let you go?” You asked.

He smiled. “Some people enjoy love stories…” he brushed his thumb on your cheek. “And I think we have one of the greatest love stories.”

You blushed and smiled at him happily. You pressed your lips against his and he pulled you closer to him and then dipped you back as he slowly worked his lips against yours. “That was better than the one you told me to give him,” Harry murmured.

You giggled and pulled away to smile at Harry. “Very thankful for that,” Liam pressed a kiss to your temple.

Niall (yeah, this adventure is unrealistic, just deal, please. Thank you. I realize Niall probably would have died in a Great Lake, but it’s fine. #fiction). Battle of Fort George (Niagara Falls).

Niall was not a fighter. He was grateful for such. He was grateful that he could do as he pleased without worrying if he was going to get in trouble. Because sometimes he did things he shouldn’t be doing. Like taking his friend Louis and his newly-wedded wife to the Canadian-American border when he wasn’t supposed to be anywhere near America.

It had been a long journey. But it was fun. And Niall, seeing the happy couple only wished he could have that kind of love. Especially Louis’ girl. She was feisty, like him. And since it was such close quarters, it was nice to see her give him the same attitude he gave to pretty much everyone.

Niall brought them through St. Lawrence River, and through the Great Lakes. It was dangerous, but interesting and overall, very worth it. He just got them off the boat in a frenzied newlywed glow–an effort to start their lives just as soon as they got back to New York with Louis’ family.

Niall was deciding what to do. No part of him wanted to take that trip back alone. Sailors and the like bolted onto his ship to see the steam engine. He stayed a while. A few months while. There was no trouble, he was even paid to take some people out and cruise around the harbor.

Then one day something in the air changed. He strayed to close to Niagara Falls, which was fine, because water (especially a scenic place like the Falls) was pretty neutral. He was coasting up and down the harbor showing off his boat. Eventually he docked and looked near the falls. They were really pretty.

But nothing was as pretty as the girl who sat near the falls drawing couples for money. You smiled so sweetly brushing your hair out of your eyes as you drew watching couples for a few moments and sketching them for a half hour. They were incredible in likeness. Niall ventured over one day. His boat was docked and he was looking around for something to eat when he saw you had a free moment. “Afternoon, Miss,” he said softly and bowed before he sat before you.

“Oh, I am so sorry,” you started to get up. It was only to curtsy to the gentleman. He shook his head however.

“You needn’t get up,” he said resting a hand on your wrist. “I’ve…watched you for days,” he admitted. You blushed and looked shyly at your feet. “Look up, please,” he said softly. “Your eyes are too beautiful to be cast-down,” he mumbled.

“Thank you,” you whispered and quietly told him your name.

“My name is Niall,” he told you.

“I know, most everyone knows you,” you told him looking at his ship.

“Would you like to see it?” He asked.

“Um…sure,” you whispered. You gathered your things and set them in your carrying tote. When you were finished one of your papers had slipped out and Niall grabbed it for you.

It was a drawing of him. “How did?” He asked as you blushed violently.

“It was just–”

You were knocked over by a man. You startled as your pencils went sprawling across the deck. As you looked at him, you saw Niall’s eyes turn from the pretty light blue you had seen from afar to a deep navy blue, he was angry, and he did’t care who knew.

No one was going to push his girl over. He pulled you to your feet then grabbed the America soldier and turned him to you. “That was a bit rude, lad, don’t you think?” he asked.

The soldier recognized Niall’s accent. “Ah, the drunks finally showed up,” he mumbled.

Niall’s eyes narrowed and you grabbed his arm. “Sir Niall–”

“What a little whore you found,” the soldier said grabbing your wrist. Niall didn’t like what he had to say or do. He pulled you away and shoved the man to the ground. Niall snagged your tote and then stole your hand against pulling you toward his ship. His drawing completely forgotten.

You panted as you reached the ship and you noted the man either got tired or gave up. “Thank you,” you whispered.

He smiled gently and bowed gently. “My pleasure, my love,” he told you and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “I am so sorry he did that to you. I will let you get home now,” he nodded.

“Will I see you again?” You asked shyly.

“My life depends on it,” he promised placing a kiss on the back of your hand. “Until next time.”


Next time came about in a mysterious way…

Niall had finished cruising the harbor and he noted you were deep in thought as you sketched. He wondered what you were drawing. He was enraptured by you. He was so enraptured that he didn’t notice the change in the temperament of the atmosphere. There were more boats in the harbor and seemed to be a lot more people on shore.

It clicked quickly. But Niall was worried it wasn’t quick enough. He bolted to you and quietly ordered you to follow him. “I am not sure–”

He pressed a finger to your lips. “Come quick,” he said softly and tugged you toward his ship. You kept hold of his forearm as he walked you toward his ship. Your heart was pounding but you trusted him anyway.

“Sir,” you started.

“Shush,” he hissed. Just then a gun was fired. You shrieked. Niall pulled you in front of him and pushed you forward quickly. A cannon shot off and it seemed to rain bullets. Niall pushed you to the ground and began crawling as the bullets sailed over the two of you. You screamed. Niall looked back and saw that your leg had taken a bullet. You started whimpering but you kept crawling and Niall couldn’t believe how strong you were. Anyone else would have melted in their spot and just about given up.

He continued crawling, and he listened to your soft crying because of your pain. When he was just about to the ship he grabbed around your waist and hauled you onto his boat. He brought you to the helm and began to steer away from the harbor and the fighting. When he was a ways away he anchored and wrapped his arms around your weak figure again. He seated you on the counter of the galley and he lifted your skirt up. You blushed and Niall began cleaning the wound.

You hissed at the sting and moaned at the pain. He placed your hands on his shoulders and ordered you to squeeze as hard as you could while he pulled the bullet out of your wound. You screamed and Niall pulled it out, cleaned your wound again and wrapped it in a bandage. He stood up.

“Are you alright?” he whispered. You nodded and looked at him nervously. “I would never hurt you,” he promised.

You bit your lip. “Thank you, Sir Niall,” you whispered.

He smiled gently and helped you off the counter. He steadied you. “Where can I bring you?” He asked.

You sighed and shook your head. “I…not sure, really,” you murmured.

“How’s that?” He questioned stroking your hair softly.

“You see, I am without a home. I just make my earnings through drawings,” you explained.

He stared at you and bit his lip. “Well,” he mumbled. “Not any longer,” he said and took toward the helm. “The next stop, we will take food and gather some belongings for you and we will set sail for Ireland,” he told you.

You limped behind him. “Sir Niall–”

“Niall is just fine,” he said simply.

You blushed. “Niall,” you repeated.

“I won’t let you say no. Give me a few days to earn your heart. I have plenty of money and when we return you can continue drawing until your heart is content,” he promised. He took up the anchor and wrapped his arms around your waist and gazed into your eyes. “My sweet, if I cannot make you fall in love in three days time, I will let you go as soon as we arrive in Ireland. I just want you to be safe,” he told you.

Your heart fluttered and you bit your lip. “Okay, Niall,” you said softly.

He grinned and pressed a kiss to your cheek.

You figured, there were worse people to be stuck with. Besides, you had a better view of someone you wished to draw.

Harry (I don’t even think this is realistic for this war either, but I can dream.) The idea is War of the Six Days Campaign (closing in on Paris).

Harry found her sitting outside the Palace of Versailles. He was stunned to see just the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen gazing at the palace. He was an American soldier who came over to help with the land battles taking place. There weren’t many Americans willing to fight in France. But Harry only felt it was right. They had helped the Americans in the past…it was only fair.

He hadn’t expected to see a beautiful girl in the gardens outside the place. She rivaled the flowers and was more gorgeous than the prettiest of ladies Harry had ever seen. He had to speak with her. “Bonjour, Mademoiselle,” he bowed before you.

“Bonjour,” you smiled gently at the gentleman.

“Parlez-vous l’anglais?” He questioned.

“Oui,” you giggled. “I am from England,” you told him.

He pursed his lips,  a bit embarrassed by the slip up. “Then what are you doing here?” He asked.

“Oh, originally,” you murmured. “I have stayed in America for quite a few yeas. My brother is here, and I asked to come along,” you explained.

“I see,” he responded and looked at the seat beside you. You moved over and Harry sat beside you. “What brings you to the palace?” He wondered.

“I think it is one of the most beautiful places in France,” you told him. “I want to see all the beautiful things in France,” you whispered as you looked at the palace walls. Your eyes held the structure and Harry saw how much you appreciated it. He hoped you would appreciate him as much if he got the chance to vie for your attention and affection.

Harry was pretty sure you were the only beautiful thing in France. “Yeah?” He mumbled. “Surely there are other places…”

“Well of course,” you nodded. “There’s so much history behind the buildings the people who built them and inspired them,” you said softly. You felt a bit awkward talking about this. It wasn’t your place; especially to talk to a strange man without your brother present. But once you started talking you couldn’t stop. “It’s wonderful and I am not so sure, it has a romantic quality to it,” you told him.

“If you wouldn’t mind me asking, what class are you from, my love?” He asked sweetly. You would have told him where to get married if he asked.

You blushed at the handsome soldier. “Upper,” you said softly. “But I don’t really care for it,” you told him with a slight shrug.

“And why is that?” He wondered.

“Some people don’t like me because of my wealth..and I wouldn’t mind having less money. If I could, I would just travel,” you told him.

“Why?” He continued. You had never told anyone your dreams. Now, there was this beautiful, random angel. He took interest in you and wanted to hear about your plans.

“Um…” you bit your lip. “I have four older brothers who travel everywhere and keep me a bit sheltered. I know there is so much to see and I want to see it all,” you told him. “And, what good is wealth when you are just a lady,” you mumbled.

Harry tilted his head at you. The spark in your eye to conform but also explore conflicted harshly in your beautiful eyes. Harry saw into your soul, and he adored what he saw. He wanted to make the conflict disappear, much like this war. “My love,” he said softly. “There is more to you than just being a lady,” he murmured. “I would never let you say that about yourself,” he took your hand off the bench and pressed his lips to your skin. “If I were looking for beauty and history, where would you be tomorrow?” He wondered.

You blushed. “The Cathedrale Notre-Dame,” you told him. “It’s a four hour walk,” you told him.

“Where is your brother?” Harry asked. “I would be honored to escort you with his permission,” he smiled kindly

“He is discussing strategy with a lieutenant,” you told him as your cheeks turned redder. “I think he would allow you,” you whispered.

“Then, until tomorrow, my love,” he said bowing before you and then heading away.

“I never got your name sir,” you called after him.

“Harry. Harry Styles, my love,” he smiled.


He found you in the gardens again standing near a man that had to be your brother.

“Do you know Liam Payne?” The boy asked.

Harry blinked. “I do,” he nodded.

The boy smiled. “Liam Payne was given a letter by you from his wife. She trusted you to get something to someone she loved. Will you be able to get my sister, someone I love to somewhere she wishes to be?” He asked.

“With precision and caution, sir,” Harry promised.

“Louis,” you hissed at him. “Stop,” you grumbled.

Louis smiled gently and kissed the top of her head. “We are returning to America very soon, I have a wife to get back to,” he said. “My friend Niall will be taking us and he is bringing his wife and our other friend Zayn, you are welcome to tag along if need be and you don’t kill her,” he offered.

You couldn’t even dignify Louis with a response so you grabbed Harry’s hand and pulled him toward Paris.


“Is your brother always like that?” He asked.

You nodded as you held onto Harry’s arm. The two of you had stopped to rest a few times. The walk was nice and you rather enjoyed it. Harry was what you needed. He had seen the world, and you lived through his tales.

Harry was smitten–more so than yesterday because he told long, boring stories and he wished he could be more interesting but you looked so intrigued. He couldn’t get over you. You and your…perfect ways. Your hair flipped just so, you were just so dainty. Your skin was fair and your eyes were bright. You were perfect.

“State your business,” a soldier said to the two of you just outside Paris. Harry pushed your behind him protectively.

“We’re going to the Cathedrale,” he said quietly. The man eyed you and Harry pushed you more behind his body. “For a visit.”

“You cannot go through,” he said turning away.

“Why not?” you quipped. The soldier turned to glare at you. “S-sir,” you stammered.

“We are going to war,” he said.

“What?” Harry murmured. “That’s–”

“If you know what is best, you will depart quickly,” he sneered.

Harry looked at you.He closed his eyes and groaned. “Stay put,” he said and pulled you to the side of the road and hid you behind a tree. You peered around and watched Harry leave the soldier unconscious. “We have to get you somewhere safe now,” he mumbled. “Your brother is going to kill me,” he whispered. You looked on nervously as Harry pulled you to the Cathedral. “Stay here,” he whispered. “I’ll come back.”

“Harry,” you said softly.

He turned and pressed his lips swiftly on yours. “I will be here just a few moments,” he promised. “I promise,” he whispered.

You blushed nervously and watched as he ran out the door. You waited. And waited for hours. You prayed for a bit as you hid in the church listening to the fighting outside.

You were scared. You didn’t scare easily…you couldn’t scare easily. If you scared easily, you could get hurt easily. That wasn’t an option. But right now, you were terrified. You had no choice. There was a legitimate war battle happening on all sides of this cathedral. You were alone. Realistically, in the next few hours you could die.

More importantly, Louis was going to kill Harry.

Then the door rattled. You were sure you were about to die. You almost cried as it burst opened. But Harry was there. He was covered in dirt and he looked awfully drained, but he was still, just…there. And that’s all that mattered. You jumped into his arms as soon as he got close enough and he squeezed you close.

He cupped your face. “I heard the name Zayn,” he said. “He’s on his way out of here,” he kissed your forehead. “I told him I had you and he not only offered, he ordered me to take you out of here or Louis would kill me,” he smiled gently.

“Why are you–”

“My love, you don’t get out of a battle without a bit of dirt,” he told you and hurried you out. Fire sailed over your head, so did bullets and a few cannon balls.

Harry pulled you close to him, keeping you blocked. He ordered you to cover your mouth from all the dust and he all but dragged you to Zayn in his horse drawn carriage a ways away from the battle.

You sighed with relief. “Close one,” Zayn smirked at Harry.

You leaned against him and sighed with relief again. “I got you,” he said softly. “I won’t let your brother kill me without a fight,” he joked. You giggled and looked up at him. His eyes were hooded as he looked back down at you and set his eyes on the one thing he wanted: your lips.

And you couldn’t have agreed more.

FanFic (Pietro x reader)

You glare angrily at Clint. You had enough of his controlling nature, especially since you were old enough to make these choices yourself. “Why can’t I go out tonight?”

“Because I know Pietro will be there,” Clint says, in a self-righteous manner that makes you very irritated indeed. You were in the Stark tower, all dressed up and ready to hang out with your friends, so what if Pietro was going to be there? He hadn’t made a move, and despite all the sexual tension, you were pretty sure he wasn’t interested.

“So will Wanda, Natasha, Steve and Tony! This is my first night out since the accident! You know I need this.” You turn on your heel and stomp away; making sure your brother can hear every step. Soon you hear Clint’s footsteps following, and you know you’ve won this round.

“Okay, fine. You can go. Are you happy now?” Clint huffs and crosses his arms as you grin in response.

“Thanks big bro! I love you!” You throw your arms around him as he begrudgingly hugs you back. You’re about to grab your purse and run out, but a long sigh makes you turn back.

“You have to promise me, no funny business with the quick one, okay?” Clint smiles as if to elicit a better response that way.

You groan, but nod anyway; you know Clint is just trying to look out for you anyway. “Only if I get no curfew,” you bargain, and Clint nods slowly.

“Okay, but take care of yourself. Do you have the pepper spray I gave you?” You grin and nod, fishing it out of your purse to show to him. You exchange goodbyes as you head for the lift. Getting in, you finally uncross your fingers. You want to be doing all the funny business with Pietro, if he’s up for it. You’ve liked him ever since he saved Clint’s life, and you don’t understand why Clint has so little faith in the speedster.

You quickly adjust your outfit in the mirror of the lift, knowing that if your brother knew what was underneath your coat, he wouldn’t have let you leave. Yes, you dressed slutty, but Nat and Wanda said they would head to the clubs after the movie, and you’re hoping Pietro will come too.

You still feel like a celebrity stepping onto the red carpet that leads from the lift to the entrance, while a chauffeur holds your limousine door open. You can see the others inside and you rush to greet them, but you misjudge a step and almost fall flat on your face. You’re blushing beet red, and cringing from embarrassment, and then you realise you didn’t actually fall on the floor.

Pietro smirks at your obvious embarrassment as he places you carefully back on your feet. “You look… absolutely gorgeous,” Pietro compliments as he stares in amazement at your get-up. This time you blush from the look in his eyes, before raking yours over his attire and whistling in appreciation.

“Not so bad yourself, Mr Fancy,” you say, taking in his formal grey suit that looks jaw-droppingly handsome on him. Pietro grins back as he rolls the sleeves up self-consciously.

“Get in the limo, lovebirds! The sexual tension, I swear!” You hear Natasha yell. Like chastised school children, you both blush again and head over to the door. Pietro gestures for you to go in first and you comply.

The whole ride there, you and Wanda crack jokes and Natasha flirts half-heartedly with Steve, but you know she secretly fancies Clint, and you ship them hard. Tony and Pietro talk about the latest tech, some sort of awesome running app, and you want to join in, just to get Pietro to look at you, but you don’t really know what they’re on about.

Thankfully, the limo soon reaches its destination and you all jump out at a really nice looking club. “I thought we were going to see a movie?” you ask Wanda, but she just smirks and links arms with you and Natasha, pulling you into the club.

The lights dazzle you, but your eyes soon adjust to see all the well-dressed people dancing to some upbeat song. Natasha orders three appletinis and you gratefully sip the sweet drink.

Pietro and Steve get beers, and Tony gets a scotch on the rocks. You raise an eyebrow at Pietro’s beer.

“What? It’s not as good as the ones from back home, but it’s better than an appletini!” he replies, indignantly.

You slide him your glass. “Try it, I dare you.” You smirk as he takes a gulp and frowns.

“That’s actually really good! Hey, Steve, try this drink.” You and the other girls laugh as ten minutes later, all three boys are also sipping the brightly coloured appletinis.

Steve, decidedly tipsy at this point, pulls you and Natasha onto the dancefloor. You find out that, weirdly enough, Natasha is a great dancer, and so is Wanda, and you feel decidedly stupid, as you have never had the opportunity to dance before, and you feel very self-conscious.

“Dance with me?” Pietro takes your hands and places them on his shoulders as the song changes to a slow one. You thank him for not leaving you to dance on your own, and he just smiles and sways with you.

You find yourself slowly enjoying the dance, letting Pietro spin you a few times, and are disappointed when it ends. The DJ plays another fast one, but instead of letting you go, Pietro turns you around, so that your back is facing him, and wraps his arms around you.

“Relax, Y/N, enjoy it.” Pietro whispers in your ear, making your insides squirm. You decide to be daring, and grind your butt into his front, dropping low and letting the beat take over your body.

Pietro just joins in; letting his hands explore your body before resting on your hips. He places distracting kisses on your shoulder and up your neck, pushing your hair out of the way, as you lean into him and run your hands through his silvery hair.

The song ends, and Pietro spins you around and kisses you on the lips, a tender, fleeting kiss that you enjoy too much. He then takes your hand and leads you to a secluded corner you saw earlier. You let him kiss you, but he kisses lightly again, and your hormones have had enough.

You push him roughly against the wall and kiss him, hard, letting your hands roam all over him. He smirks through the kiss at your urgency, but doesn’t fight it, instead he kisses you back wholeheartedly, tangling his fingers in your hair and pulling you closer.

You hook one of your legs around his and pull yourself closer, feeling the evidence of his interest in you pressed against your stomach, and it is your turn to smirk through the kiss at the obviousness of his arousal.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” You break apart from the kiss, and turn to see your brother looking thunderously angry. He storms over and grabs your arm. “We’re going home, right now!”

You turn and kiss Pietro one more time before Clint pulls you away, pushing through the crowds of people and into a waiting car. You turn back, but Pietro is gone.

hey youu! STOP SCROLLING and look here a sec!!!

i just wanted to remind you 

  • youre so damn gorgeous
  • your feet look cute in socks
  • your hair looks nice like that
  • if no one told you today, you’re a great person