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           There is a long sigh left from flared nostrils and the lift of her attention
upon the stupid, stupid, girl. Why did she even allow for her to linger as she did?
What prompted Cersei to let this rat speak to her as he did? This useless, filthy,
rodent that sullied the kennels of Ramsay’s royal beasts. Even Reek had more
wits than she; he knew when silence meant survival.  

          “ I grow tired of your vicious idiocy- I have allowed you to slander, I have
allowed you to slip with your petty jabs.  I have allowed you to proceed simply
because I respect Lord Bolton.” Fingers interlock against one another and settle
at the front of her torso. “ I would have had any other man, woman, or child put
to the sword for less. ” Lips purse with the further lower of her brow with the turn
to take a flask of wine in hand to pour contents into glass.

            “ You will not sleep in the kennels tonight, Bastard, tonight you will see
a cell, and await your execution. “ She turns with the rest of the jug back along
the surface as takes her chalice in hand. “ Until then I will decide on whether or
not I will want to witness your tongue being ripped from your throat for every folly
you dared considered even thinking. “

            And it was now her head tilted, eyes flicked away, with two simple word
that triggered action.

          “ Take her. “