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Favourite Albums - From Under The Cork Tree, Fall Out Boy (2005) (Part 1)

(Part 2) 

I don’t think I’ll ever look at Yamori the same after seeing Finn’s portrayal. I can’t tell what’s more prevalent, the sadism or humor. <3 || @tortorem


“It was such a cool energy walking through that crowd. People are crying, and I love excitable people, so it was one of my favorite things. I just… I hug a lot of people over the course of that song. I show extra love for the little kids, that I know in their first concert. It was really important for me to go out there and actually say hi to people and thank them for coming and be right there next to them because I’m always gonna wanna go the extra mile for them because I can’t believe the extra thousand miles they’ve gone for me. That’s one of my favorite things every single night.”


you know that part where he tells you to get rid of all your negativity before I Can Lift a Car? turns out he looks pretty funny while saying it hehe

Everyone's Waiting

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Part 19 [penultimate chapter]


It had been one of those nights.

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