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A little Peeved / Tom Drabble

Pairing: Reader x Tom

Featuring: Tom Holland

Warning: None

Request - can you do one where Tom does something stupid and the reader is pissed at him??

Originally posted by spiderholland

You stood staring at the tall bookshelf the lined the wall. You were in the mood for something dramatic, but also something science-fiction. You thought hard about what could be both when a loud sound rang through the living room. It sounded as if glass had shattered. Turning your head in the direction of the kitchen you listened.

“Oh shit.” You heard your boyfriend say loudly. Oh no, you thought. What did he do this time?

Quickly dismissing the bookshelf, you scurried to the kitchen where your boyfriend stood, gaping at the floor in a panicky way. Your eyes followed his as you saw it. Hot water spilt all over the floor, a single tea bag along with it. The shards of glass littered everywhere. The colours evident. It was your favourite mug. Shattered into a million pieces.

Tom looked up at you then, his eyes wide. His hair had grown long enough to just reach his eyes, making you focus only that. Anger boiled inside of you, annoyance. You were completely peeved at the sight. Leave it to Tom to smash your one true, favourite mug.

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can someone send me to the osomatsu-san merch director?? i have some gadget ideas that id like to make into reality as:

-a toilet that cheers you while you shit in your favourite matsuno voice
-karamatsu sunglasses that upon wearing them blind you permanently
-a fire alarm with voice samples of jyushimatsu that is always screaming except when theres fire
-a ichimatsu plushie that poops real poop (you gotta refill it)
-a real breathing todomatsu that drinks all your pepsi and calls you a bitch
-whatever you can find in osomatsu’s ass at the moment

Ring of Fire

Imagine Thorin working at your family’s forge and slowly falling in love with him.

The market square was bustling as you set out a row of tarts along the counter of your stall, the awning above flapping gently with the summer breeze. Your sister, Raina leaned against the post next to you, gazing into the crowd with latent interest. Ever the gossip, she reveled in market days and the opportunity to savour the rumours swirling among the townsfolk of Ered Luin. Despite the staunch character of the dwarven race, many could not help wagging their tongues about the latest histrionics in the lives of their neighbours.

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Romeo and Juliet (Archie Andrews x Reader)

Pairings: Archie x Reader

Warnings: Grief, Loss of a character

Word Count: 1,394


“We don’t know how long he has left, we’re sorry.” A single tear slipped down your cheek as the nurse spoke. The surrounding doctors and nurses blurred in your vision, the low muttering and distant beeping of machines falling silent. You let out a shaky breath and resumed your position in the hard plastic chair in the waiting room. The nurse’s steps brought you back to reality and the harsh truth that your father was losing his battle. Your mother turned to face you and reached for your hand, your sister remaining silent on the opposite side. Monday was going to be so difficult.

Here it was, Monday. The first steps into school were almost painful, and the only way to get through the halls was to put in your headphones, block everybody out and head straight to your locker. As the day continued, it got progressively easier to handle, the novelty wearing off and people finally stopping their incessant, judgmental staring. When lunch finally rolled around, you took your usual seat with your friends that Cheryl like to refer to as ‘the sad breakfast club’. You slid into a seat next to Betty and removed one of your earphones, turning to face the rest of the group with a sad smile. They all responded by asking how you were holding up pairing the phrase with sympathetic looks. After noticing your silence, they quickly changed the subject, which you were grateful for. You’d rather not have the attention on you at a time like this.

Your phone buzzed in your pocket and you pulled it out to check it. Once the screen showed it was from your mum, you prepared yourself for the worst and unlocked the device.


You need to get here immediately.

Your breath caught in your throat and you froze.

“[Y/N]? Is everything alright?” Archie’s voice pulled you from your panicked state, and you looked up into his kind eyes.

“I have to go.” That was all you could manage to say in response to your concerned best friend before the inevitable tears began to burn in your eyes.

You spun on your heel and headed straight for the large doors at the entrance of the school.

Meanwhile, Archie’s expression displayed sadness, worry, and a hint of something else. Unconditional adoration and love. Unfortunately, this particular emotion didn’t go unnoticed by the group. Of course, Veronica was the first one to speak up.

“Oh my god you’re in love with her!” The shock of her tone prompted the whole group to turn around, staring at Archie in concealed excitement. Archie dropped his head down towards his lap, his silence communicating the answer although no words came out of his mouth.

“What are you waiting for Romeo, go get your Juliet.”

He raised his head in surprise and turned to Betty, who was giving him a small grin.

“Not right now. She’s going through a rough time.”

“Exactly, she needs you now more than ever Archie.”

No matter the amount of encouragement and convincing that the group gave him, Archie stayed put in his seat.

He was gone. The angel of death had whisked the most important man in your life away and there was no way of bringing him back. You forced yourself to leave the room as the long, never ending beep begun to ring throughout your ears. You didn’t get far before collapsing against a wall and sliding to the floor in utter heartbreak. You pulled up your knees to your chest and gave in to the overwhelming urge to cry. Once you finally began to even out your breaths, your phone buzzed once again, and you lifted it to see Archie’s name light up on the screen. You unlocked it to see his message.


How’s your dad doing?

His concern made you tear up again and you almost threw the device away in confusion. Your dad was the last person who deserved an attack by a complete stranger and lose his life because of it. You had so many emotions built up inside of you, with no idea how to take them out. You wiped away the salty tears rolling down your cheeks and stood back up as your mum and sister approached.

“It’s just the three of us now,” your mum stopped and pulled you both into her embrace. “I love you both with all my heart and I need you to promise me that you will always be there for each other no matter what.” You both nodded and let a tear fall onto your widowed mother’s shoulder.

That night was even more difficult than you could have ever thought. First, you had walked past his study and nearly cracked, and then again when you saw your family photo in the living room. You couldn’t stay out there while everything reminded you of him. You came to the decision to stay in your room for the rest of the night until you heard a light knock at your door.

“Hey [Y/N], did you want to come get some dinner? Mum made our favourite.” Your sister’s voice pulled you from the memories you had been reminiscing over. You sat still for a few seconds as you contemplated your hunger levels.

“I might get some later, thanks [Y/S/N].” She didn’t bother to reply, leaving you lying flat on your bed. You didn’t know how to feel or what to do anymore, and everything seemed pointless.

When your mind finally gave up and you escaped from the endless supply of memories, you were shocked by the realization that it was raining. With a quick glance at the clock, you figured you had been zoned out for a while, as it was now 2am. You had also received another message from Archie.


I was texting your mum earlier to see if you were ok and she told me what happened. I’m so sorry, please come get the door.

You rose from your position for the first time in hours to head for the door in confusion. When you reached the front door and turned the doorknob, a drenched yet unbothered Archie Andrews was revealed. He didn’t let you get a word in before he launched into his speech.

“You and your family don’t deserve this; I know your dad was a great man and probably an amazing father.” His words made you hurt. He was right. The man you just lost was astonishing, he raised you to be the person you are today and you never had the chance to thank him for everything he did for you and your sister. Although you wanted to say all of that, you couldn’t, the words wouldn’t leave your mouth and all you could do was nod.

“I’ve needed to tell you something for years but I’ve always been too scared of rejection or losing you.” You looked at him and said nothing, hoping to hear what you have wanted him to say for what felt like forever.

“I’m in love with you [Y/N] [L/N] and I don’t need you to say it back or anything I just needed you to know and-” he began rambling and there was only one way to cut him off. You threw yourself out of the door and at him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and collided your lips with his. He instantly melted into the kiss and placed his hands on your hips to slightly pull you back and look directly into your eyes.

“Archie Andrews, I’ve loved you since our first day in kindergarten when I first laid eyes on you and nothing changed in all these years.” You smiled, mirroring his expression before he dipped his face down to yours to reconnect your lips.

The rain was long forgotten as the soft droplets mixed with your salty tears. You finally pulled back for air and he took your hand in his, making you smile for the first time in a while. He pulled you back inside your house and quietly up to your room in the darkness. When he reached your bedroom, he gently shut the door behind him as he headed towards your bed. You laid down beside him, and instantly he took you into his embrace, coaxing you into the best sleep you had experienced in weeks.

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What about dating Fireman!Bucky and Doctor!Steve, though?

“Y/N?” “Y/N?” you hear your two favourite voices call to you as they walk through the house. 

“In the kitchen” you reluctantly give up your location despite knowing what’s about to happen. The smoke had finally started to clear but both boys still coughed as they found you. Steve carried his medibag, glasses hanging from his front pocket while Bucky stood in his fireman pants and blue tshirt. 

“Are you okay?” “What happened?” “Let me see it” the questions come at you at rapid speed and you have a hard time answering any. Your concerned boyfriends moved you to the living room and sat you down on the couch. On either side of you, they asked again. 

“What happened?” Steve asked and you recognised the voice he used with his young patients.

“I may have left a teatowel near the burner and I panicked and grabbed it to put it out” you mumbled, showing him the burns already starting to blister on your fingertips. 

“You should leave the firefighting to me, sweetheart” Bucky teased, kissing your temple softly in reassurance. 

Steve carefully covered the blisters in ointment before finding you a bag of peas to ease the pain. Bucky cleaned up the kitchen and all you could think was how happy you were that they were your boyfriends. 

//sidenote: I kind of want to make this a series now?? 

Spinoff Saturday

Take Care Of You

Genre: Fluff (?)

Characters: Jaehyun x Reader

Word Count: 700+

A/N: This is my first scenario, so I apologize in advance, since it’s cringe worthy and SUCKS. Aish this is so bad! 🙈

Originally posted by sichengz

“Y/N~” Jaehyun called from the living room, “Where are you?” He called once again, but you didn’t bother to reply from your comfortable position on the bed.

Jaehyun walked in to the room a minute later, his eyes showing concern when he saw you bundled up in blankets up to your neck, “What’s wrong baby?” Usually whenever he called out for you once he was in your apartment or you even heard the slightest creek of the door signaling someone was opening it (It was always Jaehyun), you bounded to the door and embraced him in a warm, loving hug and he would return the gesture with a kiss on the cheek.

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Riverdale Imagine: The Playbook (Jason x Reader)

Requested by @pottersnitch : Could you please write something about Jason Blossom? Like he and the reader are dating and then she finds out about the playbook and have a huge fight but make up because of Cheryl.

 A/N: I had to type this up on my phone so there may be some spelling errors and I couldn’t put anything in bold/italics so I’ll edit it on my computer and add it to my masterlist when I get home from holiday. 

Approx. 2200 words 

As you rolled over in bed, the nausea you had been experiencing throughout the day threatened to resurface. You groaned and clutched at your empty stomach, it churned as if it was filled with a nest of slimy eels. You were drenched in sweat from fever, you knew that your bedroom was cold because it was the middle of winter and you could see the cloud of your breath escaping from your chapped lips as you exhaled, but the sickness-bug had trapped you in a permanent humidity. At some point during the day, you had even opened your bedroom window, and frost was beginning to creep onto the window sill. Hearing a gentle knock on your door, you forced yourself into a sitting-position, resting on a mountain of cushions. 

“Come in” you called weakly. 

“How’s the patient?” you heard your favourite voice tease. You felt a smile spread across your face as a familiar red-haired boy peered around your door, his brown eyes regarding you with concern, making your heart flutter involuntarily. The few months that you and Jason had been together had felt like a dream. You had been pining after him for the majority of your high-school life, and you still couldn’t quite believe that he was yours. As he almost glided into your room and cautiously sat down on the edge of your bed, a lock of his silky hair fell onto his forehead and you couldn’t help but think that he was beautiful. He didn’t have Archie’s muscular frame, or Reggie’s charming smile, but somehow he was much more attractive than any of the other boys at school. He looked delicate, like a porcelain doll with his pale complexion and angular features, and his muscle was lean and wiry, clinging to his lanky frame. He was just as strong as any other boy on the football team though, he would always carry you around at any opportunity, gathering you up like a princess in his arms. You watched in fascination as his long white fingers danced over the skin of your arm, the sensation of his touch sending what felt like an electric current through your body. You wondered if you would ever get used to this, or would his touch always make your heart lurch. Suddenly, his concerned expression turned into one of disapproval as his attention was caught by the open window, he frowned. 

“Y/N! No wonder you’re ill, it’s like Narnia in here!” Jason groaned, hastily closing your window. 

“No JJ!” you wined, “I’m too hot!” He sighed and opened the window again, but only slightly. 

“I brought you some ginger tea” he said proudly, pulling an enormous flask from his school bag, smiling like a child who had received a gold star. “It’s supposed to help with nausea.” You groaned internally. Your mum had practically been force-feeding you ginger tea for two days and you weren’t sure how much more you could take. You smiled graciously at Jason though, it’s the though that counts after all, you could always pour it down the sink later. 

“Thanks babe, that’s so sweet of you” you enthused. “Also, could I possibly borrow your English book so I can catch up on today’s notes?” He quickly dug through his bag and handed you the typical dark-green notebook that everyone used for English, before checking the time and muttering something about extra football practice. He leant towards you and kissed you sweetly on the cheek, his long lashes brushed your temple and his warm breath on your skin made your cheeks blush pink. He smelled like pine-wood and maple syrup and you wondered if you would ever stop loving this boy, you thought it was unlikely.

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What Friends Are For- Jungkook (smut)

Your night had started off with a text. There wasn’t anything obscure about that. ‘I’m on my way over’ It read. That was a normal message that you would receive on a Friday night after a long, tiresome day of university classes that had you only being able to see your best friend for 50 minutes during lunch time. So since you started university a year ago, your Friday nights consisted of you and Jungkook lazing around in your dorm, watching a movie and talking about each other’s day.

But the moment he walked through your door, you could tell by the way he was acting that something was up. At first you thought it was just because of the cold weather, knowing he hated the cold, especially when it was snowy and icy outside. He had greeted you with a soft hello, a smile on his slightly blue lips as he shrugged his coat off and kicked his shoes to the side before coming to sit beside you on the sofa, reaching over to give you a quick hug before turning his attention to the programme you had on the television, muttering a comment on how cold it was outside . He soon settled in burrowing himself beneath the blankets and resting his head on your shoulder. You asked him if everything was all right, knowing Jungkook would only tell you his problems if you asked, but all you received back was an ’I’m fine’, so you didn’t question him any further. Maybe he was just having a bad day, you thought and let it slip from your mind for the time being.

If you were new friends, maybe the lingering touches on your thighs or hands beneath the covers would have gave it away. Maybe the shaky breaths that kept getting caught between his lips whenever you moved a little too much to have the skirt you were wearing raise a little would have gave it away. Maybe if you had paid closer attention you might have even been able to hear his heartbeat increase as you rested your head on his chest, or see the little droplets of sweat accumulate on his forehead beneath his messy hair. But you weren’t new friends. You had known this boy since the both of you were in diapers, growing up on the same road in Busan, your parents being close friends, so inevitably you and Jungkook became friends. He was the first friend you ever made, and honestly, the only friend you ever had until university forced you to expand your friendship group as Jungkook and you were apart more than you saw each other due to the differences in your timetables. Because you had known him so long, you paid no attention to the shy touches and lingering glances that you felt as you focused on the small television in front of you.

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jejublr  asked:

62&91 DK ANGST. Can you please make in an open end?? Please make me cry. Thank you so much!! 💕💕💕 Also congrats on your 2k!!!

62. “How are you so pretty?” (Very Nice)

91. “If you can hear my heart, please come back to me.” (Don’t Listen Secretly)



Genre: Soulmate!AU, angst
Word Count: 997
Warnings: description of injuries/bloodshed

You fell in love with him the moment you heard his voice echoing through your head on the day of your eighteenth birthday.

It had been a simple, tentative “H-hello?”, the sound of a silvery voice causing you to shoot up from your covers in bed, reeling from a rush of delight and pure adrenaline. It is truly a feeling to behold, when you first discover a telepathic connection with your soulmate.

It was a phenomenon that seems to transcend science and logic, the concept of it all baffling even the most decorated of neuropsychologists. Most just accept it as a marvelment of destiny.

You wrinkled your eyebrows as you try to get used to the unfamiliar (yet strangely pleasant) sensation of having someone present in your thoughts. “Are… you my soulmate?” you nervously project into your head, and you wait with bated breath for his response.

His subsequent reply was so bright, the sun could have risen up at the sound of his voice.

I’m Seokmin! I’m so happy to finally meet you, soulmate!

Months have pass since your birthday, and even in that short time, you’ve established such a strong connection with your soulmate, both mentally and emotionally. You didn’t know that you could ever feel this close to someone you’ve never met face-to-face. Your relationship with Seokmin is one to be desired, your friends often whining about how they wished to be in your shoes.

You’ve exchanged numbers on the first day, but that ceased to be of use quickly when you both realised how much more convenient it was directly talking through your mind. Seokmin is nothing short of sweet, checking up on you ever so often to make sure you’re okay, always respecting your privacy, never crossing any boundaries to make you feel uncomfortable.

You have lost track of the number of late night telepathic conversations you’ve had with Seokmin. To others, you’d look like a lovestruck fool, grinning giddily to yourself alone on your bed. But between you and Seokmin, you’d talk about everything under the sun till daybreak: his favourite music, your hobbies…

There are times where he’d sing to you too (by god, those were your favourite nights), his soothing voice reverberating through your head in the most beautiful of ways. You love him so much already. You can’t wait to meet him.

It was a Saturday afternoon when it happened. You were on your way to your weekend classes. Seokmin too, was going about his average schedules. You both promise to chat later over lunch, planning his visit to your city when winter break rolls around.

So, later at one?” he asks while you sweep a glance across the busy road.

I’ll try to be on time, I have to make a trip down to visit Grandma Song at the park. She usually forgets her meals when going about her cleaning duties…” you told him.

It was silent for a moment, and you frown in concern. “Seok?

Then a sigh, “How are you so pretty?

You couldn’t help but laugh, earning some confused, others knowing, glances from passers-by. “What would you know, you never even seen me. Dork…

You’re so pretty,” Seokmin continued as you stepped off the pavement to cross the road. “You have such a pretty heart and soul. Gosh, I’m so lucky to have you…

You were halfway across the road, smiling.

… to call you my soulmate…

A screech hit your ears, and you whipped your head to the left. The sight of what greeted you drains all colour on your face, rendering you rooted to the ground.


That was the last word Seokmin would ever hear from you.

Hurts… Everything freaking hurts.

You couldn’t move. Each miniscule shift of your body sent a thousand superheated knives stabbing through your skin. A weight on your chest crushed any breath left in you. You can only lie there, your body shattered like the glass around you, in a pool of your own blood. It flowed… and flowed…

Baby… Baby! Please!” Seokmin cries, voice shrill and cracking with panic, “You’re scaring me! Please answer me!

Seok… you wanted to call out to him, to soothe him. But every attempt to connect with your soulmate subjected your head to excruciating pain, like having an axe hacking through your skull. The more you tried, the more it seemed harder to reach him.

BABY!” Seokmin was beyond hysterical. “Please! If you can hear my heart, please come back to me… Please give me a sign that you’re okay!

Panicked voices surrounded you, and along with the incessant ringing of your ears, Seokmin’s voice became barely audible.

No… Seokmin, no…

Everything grew fader and morphed into a blur before your eyes. You black out, Seokmin’s heart-wrenching sobs pulsing through your head.

It’s your third week since you’ve woken up from the accident. You’re not quite recovered, but the bandage around your head still proves to be an uncomfortable pain in the ass. You sit up on the hospital bed, immediately going about your morning routine.

You’re not well enough for visits yet. The doctor did allow your parents to see you a few times a week during your physical therapy sessions, but even then they hardly spoke to you.

Not since the day the doctor asked you for the year. Not since you’ve replied, “2016” with difficulty.

You still wonder why your answer made your mother break into tears.

Your doctor kept your friends at bay, insisting that he’d stop once he’s certain you’re ready. Your phone had been crushed beyond repair during the accident, cutting off any connections to the outside world.

Maybe that’s why you’ve been feeling like you’re missing something in your life, the hole in your heart potent and irreparable.

It’s always too quiet for your comfort in the room, and you can never quite explain why.

Oh well, maybe things would change once you found your soulmate.

You can’t wait for your eighteenth birthday.


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heyyy can you write a scenario where wonwoo caught you fangirling over another boy group and gets jealous? thankssss

Hi guys! Requests are currently open and we are working through requests at a random order! Usually scenarios take longer because we want to make them long and detailed for you guys but reactions and MLT’s  are posted quickly! Thanks for requesting and everything is welcomed!

Originally posted by bokdeongeori

After a long day at work, you finally managed to drag your tired body home! The first thing you come across was the sight of your boyfriend Wonwoo lying on the couch watching TV. You smiled to yourself while taking your shoes off, you could feel him coming towards you so you sat there waiting for him to approach.

“Hey baby, finally home? I’ve been waiting for you!” Wonwoo said while picking you up in his arms. “Yes… omg I am so tired, thank god you are home… but don’t you have practice today?” You throw your arms around Wonwoo’s neck and relaxed in his embrace. “I was at practice, but it ended early so I bought us food and came home straight away” he sat you down on the couch and pinched your cheek. “What did you buy?” You asked him with your dying voice. “Your favourite! I bought us pizza” Wonwoo smiled and watched your reaction. You were too tired to even react so you just nodded…

Your reaction killed Wonwoo’s happiness, he was expecting so much more than just a nod but he understood that fact that you are tired, therefore he didn’t make a fuss about it. He got up and grabbed a plate for you then served you  the pizza he bought. You thanked him and started to eat, your attention was caught by what came up on TV. It was BTS! They were performing their new song NOT TODAY. You couldn’t take your eyes off the TV as you scoff down the pizza.

Wonwoo noticed that your eyes were glued to the TV and decided to try and distract you. “How was work?” He asked, “It was alright…” you replied and screamed just a few seconds after which made Wonwoo jump! “What’s wrong?” He moved closer to you looking worried and then realised that you were screaming over BTS’ performance. “Oh my goodness! Suga looks sooooo good! Baby look! He looks so good” You pointed to the TV and fangirled.

Smiling at the TV, you gestured to Wonwoo for some more pizza. “He does look good huh?” There was a sour tone in his voice. “Yeah, his outfit is like… WOW” you complimented Suga without noticing that Wonwoo wasn’t pleased. “You wish he was your boyfriend huh?” Wonwoo glared at you waiting for an answer.

“Yeah…” there was a long silence and you finally turned your head to face Wonwoo. “Baby, what’s wrong?” Moving closer to Wonwoo, you tried to talk to him but he turned his head and ignored you.

“Did I say something?” It was obvious that Wonwoo was giving you a silent treatment. You didn’t know what you said that made him angry, but the reason for this was obviously because you weren’t paying attention to him and his questions. “Were you listening to me when I was talking to you?” Wonwoo’s tone was  deep and he avoided any eye contact with you. “Sorry, I was too into the performance” you admitted.

“Exactly… I hate it! Don’t look at other boys please! I hate it so much knowing you are attracted to other boys! You are mine, you belong to me and no one else” Wonwoo pinned you down on the couch and said. “Okay! I’m sorry babe… You know you are the only one I love!” You laughed knowing that he was jealous. “If you ever do that again! You will be PUNISHED~” Wonwoo smirked and leaned down to plant kisses all over your face’

Originally posted by chickenpanda98

Admin Mi. 

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hello, i really love your scenarios! i was wondering if you write for mxm, because if you do i wanted to request a youngmin scenario where his usually calm and collected gf acts cute or gets excited over the littlest things. thank you!

Will You Marry Me???

Originally posted by wooyoungbby

genre: fluff
member: im youngmin
summary: you’re usually the definition of calm, collected and confident but when youngmin has a “special” date night planned for you two you can’t help but get excited 
requested: yes! hey anon! i do mxm and i made this into a drabble/short imagine because it wasn’t something i could make a proper plot line out of hope you like it!!!

  • you got a text at work from your boyfriend of 4 years youngmin
  • “hey y/n wear something nice tonight and meet me at the place we first met okay??”
  • you smiled at the text and you couldn’t help but think of the first time you guys met
  • it was at a gazebo in a park 
  • you and youngmin was sharing the same bench you were just reading a book for your class
  • and you couldn’t help but look over at what the good looking guy was frowning at
  • it was his composing book 
  • you loved writing music just as a hobby so before you knew it 
  • “a F sharp would work better than the A flat” slipped out
  • he looked at you with wide eyes and realised you were right
  • and out came a low deep soothing voice “thanks! maybe if it’s not too much to ask could you help me with the rest of my composition?”
  • “i’d love to” you said with a genuine smile 
  • and he couldn’t help but thinking how pretty you’re smile was
  • from there you became good friends, eventually girlfriend and boyfriend
  • and now you guys live in an apartment together
  • you couldn’t help but feel better after thinking about how you guys first met
  • you loved youngmin and he loved you and that was the way it was for the rest of your lives
  • you arrived at the park all dressed up but still somewhat comfortable 
  • and on the path to the gazebo there was your favourite flower hanging from each tree and you couldn’t help but squealing
  • you collected each flower and smelled a few of them and even spun around
  • youngmin saw you from his hiding spot
  • and he had the sweetest and biggest grin on his face
  • he loved seeing you like this 
  • happy
  • and the fact he was the one who made you happy made it so much better
  • with a bouquet of your favourite flowers tied together with string
  • you reach the gazebo and you gasp loudly
  • it was stunning
  • there were stringing lights and lanterns 
  • there was romantic jazz music playing 
  • and in the middle of it was a candle light dinner with all your favourite foods
  • “hey sweetheart” you hear your favourite voice in the world
  • you spin around and break out into the most heart warming grin 
  • and very unlike you 
  • you run towards youngmin with your arms open 
  • who laughs sweetly at you and picks you up spinning you around
  • it’s been a while since you’ve been like this he missed it
  • he kisses you on the forehead making you more soft than you already are
  • your eyes are twinkling and your cheeks can’t stop smiling
  • you whisper out in awe “what’s all this for??”
  • “ahhh thank you for asking so before we enjoy this amazing meal prepared i have something to ask you” he says with a cheeky wink making you confused but you had a small idea of what he was about to do
  • and that thought alone made your heart beat like mad and you started to blush profusely
  • and before you know it
  • youngmin was kneeling on one knee and you started to tear up 
  • you were going to say yes 100% any day any where you loved him so much
  • but with a bit of a nervous but sweet voice he asked you 
  • “y/n you’re absolutely everything to me and i really do want to spend the rest of my life with you so”
  • “Will You Marry Me???” 

hope you liked it!! i didn’t do a proper post cause didn’t seem like i should which is why i’m not adding to my masterlist sorry!

Favourite voice line

So I wanna know what your favourite voice line is in the game. Or maybe you have a few favourites.

My favourites are:
- Kaiju Sobek’s Curses “Aghhhh *Beep* Thats terrible!” (I love all that VP)
- Pirate Sobek’s I’m the greatest “Me booty is the best booty!”
- Foxy Amaterasu’s Woo Hoo “Wha Hoo!Wha Hoo!”
- Madame Darkness Nox’s No problem “Oh water under the bridge now momma”
- Athena’s Taunt “You remind me of an Angry….. MOUSE”

I love some others but these are my favourites.

Wait Time

Steve Rogers x reader

Summary: ‘wait time is the worst,’ the song says and you actually believe that since you go through many emotions while waiting for Steve to come back home after his missions.

A/N: I know this may be a cliché story, but I needed to write one of these; I enjoy writing this one so, I hope you enjoy it to :)

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The night falls on the city of New York and, although you had a busy day, you cannot even try to sleep because Steve is out there on a mission.

When Steve and you started your relationship, you knew the unwritten rules of dating an Avenger and you thought you would get used to them; but you were wrong. In moments like these, you even ask yourself ‘why am I in a relationship with a man whose life is always in danger? Why do I even dare to love him?’ You ask yourself these questions because you know yourself: you are a nervous and anxious person when it comes to the lives of those who you love.

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