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Bucky’s Girl |Series| 3/?

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Summary: You’re dating Bucky Barnes, it’s good. It’s beautiful. Steve, his best friend has had a crush on you, wayy before Bucky returned. (Series)
Warnings: Angst/ inspired by that one story in Love Actually but kinda not/
Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Wade Wilson, Negasonic, Colossus, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Peter Parker & Sharon Carter.

Inspired by the song Jessie Girl - Rick Springfield

Part One * Part Two * Part Three * Part Four * Part Five

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Steve knew listening to Wade was a bad idea, worse than listening to Stark. Yet, his idea was stupidly great. It was bullet proof in a sense, there was no way it would fall back on him if he did it correctly. He just had to wait till you and Bucky started wedding planning to act, which he didn’t have to wait long at all because you were so excited to start. In fact, within a week you were already looking for venues because they were always the hardest to grab.

“We have a year, even longer to plan anything,” Bucky practically whined one morning jog to Steve, making him chuckle lightly through the puffs of air. “And she’s already looking at venues”

“She’s excited, Buck.” Steve glances at him, “Aren’t you?”

Bucky all but grinned and chuckled. “Of course I am, I just think it’s a little early, ‘tis all. She’s acting like we have to get married next month; we got the rest of our lives together.” Steve nodded in agreement, “I have to go look at three places this weekend.”

“I thought you and Nat had that Russian poker night this weekend?”

Russian poker night was usually, drinking and intense games of cards. Steve, honestly, hated them. He couldn’t play that’s why but it was the betting, plus Nat’s competitive trait that made the whole experience awful. He loved Nat, he just didn’t like playing games against her, always preferred to pick her for teams; considering she was hell bent on winning whatever it was.

Bucky exhaled, “I gotta take a rain check because we’re leaving town to look, plus having to end up staying a night and looking the next day because of the appointments.”

Steve nodded and looked ahead, Sam jogging in front. Steve’s eyebrows furrowed in thought as he contemplated his friends’ dilemma. He really did want to help Bucky; he knows how much the time with Nat and Clint means to him. He loved them both, especially Clint. Sharpshooters, it was destined for friendship.

He also saw this as a great opportunity to start the plan. Wade would want him to take this chance, is he really listening to the devil on his right shoulder, right now? The voice of reason could be faintly heard in the background, it sounded a lot like Sam. Maybe because he is yelling at them both.

“On your left”, “On your right.” Both super soldiers yell as they pass their other best friend, who continues to yell obscenities at them.

Steve lets the silence sit between them as he thinks over how to word his thoughts. “If you want, since I’m the best man, I could go instead.” Bucky looks over at him, bringing his jogging to a stop and Steve does the same. “I mean if you want me to. I’m happy to step in and help, plus Y/N is my friend and it’s not like she’s picking one then and there. It’s looking; I’ll come back and tell you my opinions. I don’t know it’s a suggestion.” Steve shrugged, scratching the back of his neck out of nerves.

Bucky thinks over his best friends’ suggestion, shrugging also. “I don’t see why not, I trust your judgement better than anybody’s, heck it’s why I’m dating Y/N.”

And that led to the hour car trip with you singing in the passenger seat travelling to the first appointment.

Which the first appointment was extravagant, Tony had booked you to view The Plaza Hotel, a grand building that held luxurious events and overpaid Wedding ceremonies. Yet, he wanted you to look at it and see if you actually liked what they offered, although Steve knew you preferred something smaller. Fewer chandeliers and ballrooms, well that’s his opinion anyway.

“Bride and groom, I assume?” A woman greeted with a smile as you entered.

You shake your head lightly, “No, Bride and Best man, the groom had other obligations today.” You explain light-heartedly, Steve smiling with his hands in his jean pockets.

The woman named, Rachel, nodded and led you towards the room where the ceremony is held.  Giving a few little tidbits of information along the way; how Bridal suite is complimentary, how valet is offered and at $65 per car. Steve was stunned with how much this wedding would cost at this venue alone just from the price of fucking parking.

Both rooms shown were stunning. Grand halls, filled with chairs and tables, looking straight out of a movie scene. Steve let his eyes drift over to you, you were glancing up in awe as Rachel told you about the chandeliers, explaining every detail if you were in this room. You looked mesmerised, yet he didn’t see that twinkle. That urgency to have this venue, you didn’t feel this place was right and he knew that.

“What do you think, Stevie?” you called out to him, Steve looked up to see you and Rachel looking at him. “I trust your opinion, considering both Groom and Maid of Honour are off playing cards.” You gave a little shrug.

Steve chuckles and gives a soft exhale, stepping forward. “I mean, it’s beautiful,” he begins, “if you like this sort of thing.” Rachel frowns, “I don’t know, it’s flashy and big. Perfect for Stark, I personally wouldn’t pick a place this to get married but it’s not my wedding.”

“That’s right, it isn’t your wedding,” Rachel smirked and looked at you, “it’s yours and we have wonderful caterers. A wedding cake made by Ron Ben-Israel or Sylvia Weinstock,” she smiled smugly.

You let Steve’s words settle in and Rachel’s. “Well, what do you like?” You asked Steve suddenly and he took a long pause to think.

“I don’t know, I always pictured maybe a quaint little church, I’m traditional. I wouldn’t want the venue to take away from her beauty” he looked at you, you nodded once. “I’d want it just simple, yet modern. I’m not the same guy I was back in the forties, I have to adjust, and then I think the evening after the ceremony. Courtyard, I love the outdoors and I’ve had some of my best memories outside. Not too many people, on my side anyway. I’m a simple man, I guess.” He shrugged it all off, “plus, Laura Barton makes the best cakes.”

As Rachel begins to talk again you allow Steve’s vision of a wedding settle into your mind, honestly, it sounded so perfect. It sounded right. You didn’t want or need this flashy venue, it was beautiful but it wasn’t you. It wasn’t a place you ever pictured getting married nor was it calling out for you. So, you ended the appointment early and decided to find somewhere to have lunch.

“I didn’t put you off did I?” Steve asked sheepishly, you looked up at him as you crossed the busy New York street. “You seemed to really like that place, I don’t want to force my views onto you Y/N, I’d never want you to feel uncomfortable or that this day would be less important because of what I said.”

You smiled, always the worrier. “No, it’s the opposite. The Plaza isn’t somewhere I pictured myself ever getting married; I mean it’s gorgeous and grand. It’s just lacking that…” You trailed as you tried to find the words.

“Special something?” You nodded in agreement, “I’m sure you’ll find the perfect venue and you’ll know that that’s where you wanna get married.”

You shrugged with a small smile, “Hopefully, I think this is gonna be fun. You helping me, I should have picked you instead for my Maid of Honour.” You chuckled as Steve laughed; you linked your arm through his and led him towards your favourite sandwich place.

“Nat would have killed me,” you nodded with a little giggle.

*Last Venue Appointment*

“This is it.” You whisper as you glanced around the beautiful chapel, “I have that feeling; I want to get married here. This is where I wanna marry Bucky,” you grin at Steve who nodded as he looked around; he had to admit this was perfect.

Beautiful stainless windows, the sun casting perfectly, reflecting the beautiful pictures on the stone floor. Oak benches all lined and facing the altar; it was just classical and perfect. You had fallen madly in love with the place, only it was high demand and every Bride wanted traditional, that was unexpected considering Steve was said to be old-fashioned.

“They have next month or two years from now,” you sighed unhappily to Steve who wrapped an arm around your shoulders. “This is the place, Steve, I know it and it’s my rotten luck it’s gotta be either too early or so late.”

Steve held you and his mind drifted, well his mind shifted into Wade Wilson’s mindset. Bucky had mentioned how fast this was moving, how it was like you wanted to get married next month. He obviously hadn’t said anything to you about the pace, the nice metaphorical angel was screaming on his left shoulder to bite his tongue.

“I mean, if this is the place you should take it,” you pulled away and looked at Steve. “Either date seem fine; Nat can plan a wedding in under a month, especially with Pepper’s help! Or… wait two years, you’ll still love Bucky the same as you do now, considering you’re marrying him.”

Either option worked well for Steve. High pressured stressful environment between you and Bucky, rushing to plan a wedding in less than four weeks or two years to make you realise, you should be marrying him. It seemed to work well on either case.

“I should call Bucky,” you trailed and looked at your phone. “I mean, you’re right, right? Natasha has planned missions in under an hour; this isn’t any different to that. Plus I don’t really want to wait, has Bucky said anything about dates or?”

Shit. Think of something, Rogers.

“Uh-nope, not a thing about dates,” that wasn’t a lie. Bucky had never brought of dates, he had mentioned how fast paced this seemed but you didn’t ask the right question for that answer.

And this whole thing has led to Steve having to awkwardly leave the apartment as you and Bucky argued over your rushed behaviour when you returned home that Sunday evening. He met Wade at the bar, where his friend Weasel tends. Sat on the bar stool, hoodie on and baseball cap, he glances at Wade after spilling the entire weekend story to him and Weasel.

“Well, fuck,” Wade says through his suit and looks at Steve who just nods. “I, honest to god, didn’t think you had it in you.” He pats Steve broad shoulder and points to Weasel, “He deserves a drink on the house.”

Steve sighed as Weasel hands him another beer, “I didn’t either but the little devil on my shoulder wouldn’t shut up!”

“I am the voice of reason,” Wade holds his glass high, probably grinning under his mask.

“You mean stupidity.” Weasel counters, “Why did you listen to him? He refused to talk to Vanessa because of his ugly mug, understandable but still, dating advice from a fuck-face.”

Steve chuckled and shrugged, “Desperate.”

They nodded at one another, “stick with me kid and you’ll be banging Bucky’s girl in no time,” Wade patted Steve’s shoulder as Weasel rolled his eyes and Steve exhaled loudly.

(Sorry that it takes me forever to update this series, I was just trying to format how the other parts would pan out if I decided a certain thing. a lot of rewriting, I am undecided on the ending of this, yet. - Rosalee)

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pure-magnus  asked:

favorite harry things: all the half harry/half magnus bts pictures 👌👌👌👌👌💯

sjkafjkgsdhkfgjd yes!!!! i love them so so much idk why but i do!!!! and these are all giving me so many human!au magnus vibes (the first one is just plain rude because hair and make up + arms????) but really, he’s just so pretty i can’t even wrap my head around it. and the last one with magnus’ clothes but his own hair and no make up??? so adorable (and such long legs what the…)

what’s your favourite harry bts moment? come talk to me about it



A couple months ago, my favourite podcast (The Orbiting Human Circus Of The Air) held a contest to its listeners, and I won!

The prize was a pillowcase from their online shop, signed by the main character, Julian the Janitor himself!

I can’t believe this arrived on Valentines day… With love indeed, sweet Julian, and love from all those you picture in your audience Xx

if you like weird, creative, mildly dada-istic and charming podcasts, with captivating stories, beautiful music, the most colourful cast of characters you’ve ever seen AND the worlds sweetest and most mysterious little Janitor, I would HEAVILY reccomend this podcast. It is very very unique and heart warming, while still being funny and dramatic!

@orbitinghumancircus, thank you so much for this lovely prize, it’s already on my pillow, ready for bed in just a couple hours. Thanks for making this an extra special valentines day <3

Can’t Sleep

Pairing: Lin x Reader

Words:  926

Summary: Lin dances with you when you can’t sleep. 

Warnings: Dad!Lin, god awful proofreading (as usual), and that’s it! Pure fluff.

A/N: A slightly senseless drabble. This honestly doesn’t really have much of a plot, but I liked it so here you go :) - Skye x

“Teach me to dance,”

Lin turned over to face you, pulling the covers off you as he did so. You frowned and pulled them back. He had a sleepy look on his face, which was really your fault - after all you had jost woken him up at like two in the morning.

“Y/N, darling, it’s the middle of the night.” he groaned, rubbing his eyes while he spoke.

“Please? I can’t sleep.”

It hadn’t been a great week for your son, Sebastian. First, he’d lost his favourite teddy (which your husband had found about five minutes after Sebastian had fallen asleep), then he’d spilt ribena all over his favourite blanket, and for nights on end he’d woken up crying from nightmares. Every time he had a bad dream, Sebastian would run through to you and Lin’s room and crawl in between the two of you. He’d cuddle into his dad’s side while you ran your finger through his hair to calm him.

And so your messed up sleeping pattern droned on, leaving you wide awake and envious  while your family slept soundly. Lin didn’t always sleep, but he was out like a light whenever he did. Which left you awake and alone, groaning as sleep escaped you.

“What if Seb wakes up?” Lin asked, trying his best to keep his eyes open. You almost felt bad for waking him up. If one of you were getting sleep it was great, but Lin had married you six years ago and unfortunately for him, that meant he dealt with your childlike whining. And with you making him stay up when you couldn’t fall asleep.

“Then he can join in.”

You could see your husband giving in. His movements were delayed by his grogginess, but you didn’t mind. You watched him as he threw the covers off himself and sat up, sighing deeply before yawning.

“You are so lucky I love you. You know that, right?” You grinned, taking his hand and leading him into the living room. The two of you slowly crept past Sebastian’s room, careful not to wake him up. It was one of the first nights in a week that he wasn’t crying and screaming - a moment you weren’t willing to destroy.

In the dark hours of the morning, your home was illuminated by the moonlight that streamed through the windows, casting itself over bookcases and the pictures hanging on the walls. While you and Lin didn’t have masses of photo’s on display, some of your favourites did adorn the creamy walls of your home; the photograph from the night you first met his parents, his arm around your shoulder as you both grinned at each other (Luz had taken it without either of you knowing and decided it was one of her favourite photo’s), the photographs from your wedding day, the one from the first day you brought Sebastian home, a picture of Lin and Sebastian on Lin’s first Father’s Day as a dad (he spent the whole time smiling like it was just his face and you really hadn’t complained), a few family ones here and there, and (your favourite) a photo of you and Lin taken way back in 2004 when you’d first met. His boyish grin and your shining eyes, and a look that was only ever seen by one another.

“So, you put your left hand on my shoulder,” you followed his words and placed your hand on his shoulder. “I put mine on your waist.”

Looking at Lin right now, you were amazed by him. Even after twelve years, you couldn’t help but fall for him all over again every time you looked at him. You knew your place was a spot next to him. That a room was easier to be in when he was there, that silence wasn’t awkward when it was the two of you alone, that everything led back to him. Everything led back home, back to Lin.

Lin began humming a tune, snapping you out of your daze, and started to dance. It was slow, almost like he thought going too fast was going to throw the world off balance. You melted into him, stepping closer and resting your head on his chest; listening to his steady heartbeat.

The two of you kept moving like that for a while. Everything felt clearer with just you and Lin. Without everyone’s prying eyes and without any rumours and without anyone, it felt like the whole world was just you and Lin. And then it wasn’t just you and Lin anymore, the silence broken by a soft padding noise.

“Mommy, Daddy?”

Sebastian was rubbing at his eyes, blindly making his way over to you. He didn’t seem to be crying, making you think he’d just woken up from nothing.

“Hey, Seb,” you said, the soft tone filling the room. Lin bent down to pick Sebastian up, and you leaned onto his shoulder.

“Do you think we should take him through?” Lin whispered to you as your son yawned loudly. You nodded softly and began walking back through to your bedroom, Lin and Sebastian following behind.

You took Sebastian from Lin and crawled into bed. Pulling the covers up, Sebastian wrapped his arms around your waist as he yawned again, Lin laughing gently.

“Goodnight, don’t let the bedbugs bite.” you murmured, no longer trying to keep yourself awake.

“Goodnight Mommy,” came Sebastian’s quiet voice.

“I love you, Y/N.”

A few days later, a photograph of you and Sebastian cuddled up and sleeping appeared on the wall.

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Being in a fandom and living in Europe is tough shit.
You go to sleep like a normal person and wake up in the morning feeling like goddamn Steve Rogers. You just slept for 70 years. Meanwhile 500 new pictures and 86 videos with your favourite cast are online, there are 4350 new posts on tumblr about it, the show it’s already on its 13th season, your OTP is still not canon, US changed 3 presidents and we won the damn war!!

anonymous asked:

I love your modern au les mis colour... Edits? And I love your face claims, could you tell us who your fan casts are for the Amis?

Thank you, dear! ♥ I’m glad you like them!

And alright, face casts, I often have more than one but for the sake of space I chose the one that I currently have in mind with the story I’m writing and just linked the others.

Starting the triumvirate with Greg Nawrat as Enjolras (my other fan casts are the absolutely stunning Vickie Sorensen or Michael Lockley, check them out, they’re amazing). Then we have Jackson Hale as Courfeyrac (second favourite is Tyler Posey), and literally just this picture of DJ James with glasses as Combeferre (but of course I’m not going to say no to Nathan Steward Jarret because I AM WEAK).

Adonis Bosso and his smile is my Bossuet, Kentaro Sakaguchi with glasses is the most adorable Joly ever and Markel Williams is Feuilly (and also so beautiful I want to cry) even though I could happily go wih Rami Malek as Feuilly as well.

Nitin Chauhan makes an absolutel perfect Bahorel (or Giaro Giarratana), George Hard is my one and only Jehan and Frederico Lima is my Grantaire (even though I am very, very fond of Oscar Isaac since Inside Llewyn Davis exists as well, I mean, who wouldn’t be?).

And Bonus Round Number 1 for Fionn Creber as Marius because he’s beautiful and adorable and Jacob Morton as Montparnasse (have some more compelling arguments here x, here x  and here x - you’re welcome.) Other favourite for Montparnasse is Lee Soo Hyuk.

Aand Bonus round Number 2 for the ladies because I couldn’t possibly leave them out of this with Adowa Aboah as Eponine (or Emily Bador even though she’s also an amazing Azelma face claim in my opinion), Fernanda Hin Lin Ly as Cosette and the absolutely ethereal Avril Guerrero as Musichetta.

ngonhan When you meet not one, or two, but THREE cast members from one of your favourite TV shows! We even sat beside each other a bit for dinner too! Such lovely people! Definitely got my happy fairytale ending tonight: @onceabcofficial @jenmorrisonlive.  #onceuponatime #vancouver #vancity #abc #tv #celebrities #starstruck #vsco #vscocam #downtown #dinner (x)

Jen, Ginny, and Josh eating dinner 1/30/17

I’m sick in bed and bored and I was just thinking how wonderful it would be if you could watch your favourite fics as movies - with the original cast of course. Ugh, I can picture it so clearly. Dear fic authors, please make it happen. 

My Top 6 wishlist for a respective movie edition would be:

Also I’d be fine with the movies being 18+ because I fully understand that the artistic authenticity would have to remain top priority at all times.

Bold what applies to you: WTNV edition

Long-ish survey for welcome to night vale fans. spoilers for ep.49b are marked as such. have fun!

In general:

  • You have been listening to the podcast right from the start.
  • You have fallen asleep while listening to wtnv.
  • You listen to the podcast in bed most of the time.
  • You have found wtnv through tumblr.
  • A friend has introduced you to wtnv.
  • You would support a wtnv tv show.

Live shows:

  • You have been to a live show.
  • You have been to the second anniversary live show.
  • You are going to attend a live show later this year.
  • You desperately want to attend a live show but don’t have the money.
  • You desperately want to attend a live show but live too far away.
  • You have received an autograph from or taken a picture with our lovely cast.


  • One of your favourite weathers is “Waiting for the bus”.
  • One of your favourite weathers is “This too shall pass”.
  • One of your favourite weathers is “Jerusalem”.
  • One of your favourite weathers is “These and more than these”.
  • One of your favourite weathers is “Peanuts”.
  • One of your favourite weathers is “Call off your ghost”.
  • One of your favourite weathers is “I made a promise to the moon”.
  • You like every weather.
  • You have skipped weathers before (do not do that. no.don’ me.)

Night Vale:

  • You like Night Vale better than Desert Bluffs.
  • You support Hiram McDaniels in the mayoral election.
  • You support The Faceless Old Woman in the mayoral election.
  • You think Pamela Winchell shouldn’t have stepped down as mayor.
  • [Spoilers ep.49b] You think Dana Cardinal is going be a good mayor.
  • You think Tamika Flynn would have made a good mayor.
  • You think that the Man in the Tan Jacket is up to something.
  • You ship Cecilos.
  • Your favourite character is Khoshekh.
  • Your favourite running gag is “huddle with us”.
  • Your favourite running gag is “john peters, you know, the farmer”.
  • Sometimes storylines that remained unresolved haunt you.
  • Your favourite part of the podcast are the sponsor words.

Desert Bluffs:

  • You like Desert Bluffs better than Night Vale.
  • You like the entire Strex Corp story arch and its message.
  • You would like to learn more about what has happened to Desert Bluffs.
  • The unravelling of all things and the smiling god make you feel concerned (joke intended).
  • Kevin is your favourite character.
  • You think that Desert Bluffs is somehow connected to Night Vale’s past or future.


  • Cecil’s voice is able to make you shiver.
  • You think his voice acting improved much since the first episodes.
  • You enjoy Dylan Marron as Carlos.
  • You enjoy Jeffrey Cranor as Carlos.
  • You are Joseph Fink, creator of Welcome to Night Vale.
  • You follow Joseph, Jeffrey, Cecil, Dylan and the others on twitter/instagram.
  • You think Hal Lublin’s voice is perfect for Steve Carlsberg.
  • You have known a member of the cast before you started listening to the podcast.
  • You know one of the members of the cast personally.
  • You like Jasika Nicole’s voice.
  • Meg Bashwiner (“proverb lady”) is cool.
  • You really enjoy Disparition’s music.

Fan stuff:

  • You have drawn fanart.
  • You wish you could draw fanart.
  • You have written fic.
  • You read fic regularly.
  • You publish meta or theories on tumblr.
  • You have taken part in one of the shirt design contests.
  • You have cosplayed somebody from Night Vale.
  • You have created something fanart-related in any form (fashion, crafts, etc.)
  • You have an rp blog.
  • You own a campaign poster for one of the two mayoral candidates.
  • You own something from the online store.
  • Wtnv is quite popular where you live.
  • You know at least one person (irl) who listenes to wtnv as well.
  • You have donated to the show.
  • You have received a “special audio thank you from Cecil himself”.
  • You have a headcanon for most characters.


  • The scariest epiode is “The woman from Italy”.
  • The scariest episode is “Faceless Old Woman”.
  • The scariest episode is “Company Picnic”.
  • The scariest episode is “Cassette”.
  • The episode you find scariest was one not listed here.
  • You find none of the episodes frightening.
  • You have listened to “Condos”.
  • You have listened to “The Debate”.
  • You like “One year later” (one year anniversary) better than “Old oak doors” (two year anniversary).
  • You like live recordings better than normal episodes.
Thank-you Carmilla

This feeds in from my original post

So here it is -the official post for a video project dedicated to our favourite cast and crew of Carmilla. These guys have put in so much effort to giving us something amazing, something that started off small and became huge. Season 3 is approaching and I know it’s very sad for everyone but I want to do something good, something to share the love we all feel. 

I am making a thank you video, with lots of little videos that people can send in. Videos no more than a minute/a minute and a half long. Tell us your favourite thing about Carmilla, how Carmilla has affected your life, why you love the cast, why you’re thankful, anything you want about Carmilla and it’s cast/crew 

What I need:

-Videos from fellow Creampuffs talking about what Carmilla means to them

-Thank you messages to the cast/crew

-Any fanart people want to send in

-Messages of love and support etc

-Personal stories

-Signs, posters and/or pictures of anything Carmilla related or in any way a thank you or appreciation for the fandom, the cast, the crew, Carmilla itself.

*If people just want to take selfies wearing Carmilla merch that’s good too! :-)

-For people to spread the word and try to get as many people involved as they can

If you do not feel comfortable speaking in front of the camera then you can write a message and hold it up or take a picture of the message and send it to me. If you make a video and then want me to blur out your face then I will do so. No-one will be pressured into doing anything you don’t want to do for this project. It is something fun and something that I feel like I need to do so if you want to contribute then please do, if not then that is perfectly fine and it is your choice!

You can send me your videos, fanart, messages etc from now onwards. The closing date will be the 12th of September. (This is because I am on my summer vacation from university and I will need the footage to edit with during my time off!)

Please send all things to my email address (below) or submit it to my tumblr, or message me on here sending me your pictures and such.

My email address: 

I have already spoken to some of you and I’m really excited to see people feeling so positive about my idea!



Thank you to anyone who has already sent me things, I appreciate it all! Please remember that I may have a lot of people’s things to edit so try and make things as concise as possible. Messages can’t be too long and the same with videos. So just try and make them relatively short :) Also if people could send in things as soon as possible that way I have more time to sort through everything and organise it so I can edit efficiently!

Hope that’s okay, if there are any more questions then let me know and try to submit mainly or email me your stuff!

Thanks again!


the maze runner appreciation week day five -favourite cast member/moment

“You know we always have to hate eachothers on sets. We like to get the peeves back then”
“Oh yeah… Uh.. Good talk Dylan”

(not my gifs, I just added the text, and yes the text is not completely accurate but it’s good enough. If you know the owner of the gifs please let me know and ill credit them)

(please don’t remove caption or repost)

Hey FSOG lovers! We’ve decided to make a Fifty Shades challenge so that we share our love within the fandom!

☞ Each day, there’s a different topic for a different character. When you post anything that is within the categories you should put in the description something like this.

                    △ You need to tag it as 50shadeschallenge △

☞ Posts tagged under 50shadeschallenge will be reblogged on 50shades. Our blog does not reblog, but we are only going to do this for the challenge. Your editions will be shown to over 50K bloggers ☜

☞ We really want more blogs to join us, so if you’d like to take part not only by creating content, reblog this post and do the challenge in your blog!!  ☺

◎ Day 1 - Favourite Jamie Dornan (Picture/GIF)

◎ Day 2 - Favourite Dakota Johnson (Picture/GIF)

◎ Day 3 - Favourite FSOG scene (Picture/GIF)

◎ Day 4 - Favourite scene from other projects (Picture/GIF)

◎ Day 5 - Favourite book quote (Picture/GIF)

◎ Day 6 - Favourite cast {Rita Ora, Luke Grimes…} (Picture/GIF)

◎ Day 7 - Favourite Damie moments (Picture/GIF)

It would be amazing if many of you guys participated so that we can all spread our love and passion for FSOG with many many people ♡♡♡

▽ We hope you like this idea we’ve created with lots of love and imagination △

Vote For NU'EST Ren At Soompi’s Ideal Type World Cup.

In light of the world cup fever, Soompi has started off their Ideal Type World Cup for some fun and a chance for fans to support their favourite artistes. 

NU'EST’s Ren is also on the list in Group C (orange coded in the picture above) and is currently in last place out of the six names. While he may be pitched against strong competitors like Exo’s Tao and Super Junior’s SiwonL.O.ㅅ.Es can still continue to try and show support by casting a vote for Ren!

Just head on over to page 3 and cast your vote. Remember, each vote counts!

Source: Soompi

Ladies, gentlemen, and everything in between, welcome to the first annual Victim Icon Awards. If other bandoms can have their own awards then why not us? As long as someone is foolish enough to try and organize it and I’m just that stupid. We’ve got all we need; the greatest band in the world? Check. A frizzy haired guitarist? Check. Access to social media? Check. Knowledge that the band will never find this because they avoid social media like the plague? Check. A fanbase so thirsty we belong in a Capri-Sun advert? Check. Let’s do this.

So what the hell am I talking about?

The Victims Icon Awards are something I’ve thrown together to help celebrate the Victims and to help us maintain whatever scraps of sanity we have during the hiatus. It’s something fun to round off the year with as we welcome the new year and 2014. There are categories (which we’ll talk about below) and then once we’ve decided on the nominees it’s just a case of all the Victims voting until we have winners. To spice things up I’m going to arrange prizes (which may or may not be shit, depending on what I can organize and get my hands on) for the winners of the ten categories. 

So what do I do?

Here are the ten categories:

.Funniest Victim

.Most Creative Victim (GIF’s, art, edits, fanvids, all that jazz)

.Friendliest Victim

.Best Icon Picture

.Best URL

.Best Dynamic Duo (Your favourite Victim pairing or friendship)

.Best Mother/Father Figure in the fandom

.Most Sarcastic Victim

.Best Newcomer to the fandom

.Honourable Mention (Vote your favourite overall Victim blog)

I’m going to open my submission box ( and then it’s down to you guys to pop onto my blog and cast your votes. All are private and will not be published and you can vote for absolutely any Victim as long as they’re on Tumblr, yourself included, BUT you can only vote ONCE for each category. Hey, if you really want to win the title you can have little campaigns to win votes… Or you can just reblog this to spread the word to as many people as possible. Just make sure to drop in to that link and send the names of the people you want to nominate for each category. Simple, right? Damn straight.

Voting is open until 12:00am on the 10th of January 2014 and then I’ll create a huge post and message the winners when I’ve double checked the votes. As I said, there’ll be some sort of prizes and I’ve got some great ideas but as for what it’ll be, I can’t say yet. It may be terrible, who knows. If you’re willing to help create some prizes then please come and give me a hand! I’ll also mention all the people who were nominated for each category so you know that someone voted for you.

I’ve tried to make it as inclusive as possible for all the Victims. Some Victims have fewer followers but this is the perfect opportunity for you to make a little campaign to get you talking to more people, get you included in the fandom, etc. The last thing I want is for anyone to feel excluded or isolated from the fandom but although I have tried to account for that, you also need to actively make an effort to get involved. Three cheers for compromise… Sound good? Then get voting!

anonymous asked:

Your favourite pictures of Louis with suspenders. x

From the butt plug interview because it just makes me sentimental

I wonder if suspenders have ever been involved in their sexy times. Gonna go with yes. 

Who the hell does he think he is????

He looks like he belongs on the Titanic. They should remake the film and cast Louis as Leo’s brother. Who agrees

*incoherent mumbling* Just put me out of my misery please

Like a dapper little pixie

Sweetheart :(