your favourite heroine

hi guys! right now i’m not very active due to college exams and lack of ideas, so i would love to hear some request from you that i will post as soon as i can! what scene should i gif or what kind of post would you like to see?

Send me a musical character
  • Elphaba: A musical character you relate to?
  • Che: Your favourite musical narrator?
  • Matilda: Your favourite musical heroine?
  • Simba: Your favourite musical hero?
  • Danvers: Your favourite musical villain?
  • Utterson: Your favourite musical supporting character?
  • Ulrika: Your favourite musical friendship?
  • Christine: Last musical song you listened to?
  • Maybelle: Your favourite cast recording?
  • Elisabeth: Your favourite musical solo?
  • Lovett: Your favourite musical duet?
  • Elle: Your favourite comedic musical song?
  • Chauvelin: Your favourite villain song?
  • Alexander: Your favourite opening number?
  • Sally: Your favourite 11 o'clock number?
  • Deloris: Your favourite finale?
  • Roger: Musical lyrics you relate to, or lyrics that hold a special meaning to you?
  • Nabulungi: A performance that has left a lasting impression on you?
  • Cosette: Describe your dream production of your favourite musical.
  • Rosemary: Your favourite musical comedy?
  • Maria: Your favourite musical with a sad ending?
  • Von Krolock: Your favourite horror or fantasy musical?
  • Donna: Your favourite jukebox musical?
  • Old Deuteronomy: Your favourite concept musical?
  • Desirée: An actor you'd like to see perform in your favourite musical?
  • Florence: A musical you have fallen out of love with?
  • Lucheni: Your favourite musical souvenir?
  • Adrian: Review the last musical you saw in three sentences or less.
Lorde Asks
  1. When did you become a fan of Lorde?
  2. What was the first Lorde song you heard?
  3. What was your first impression of Lorde?
  4. Favourite song from Pure Heroine?
  5. What is your favourite lyric from Pure Heroine?
  6. Have you ever seen Lorde live in concert?
  7. Has there been a Lorde concert in your country/state?
  8. What is your favourite Lorde tweet of all time?
  9. What has Lorde taught you through her music?
  10. Which Lorde song do you relate to the most?
  11. Who would you want Lorde to collaborate with?
  12. Favourite Lorde friendship?
  13. Favourite Lorde song from all Albums/EPs/Singles?
  14. Favourite Lorde cover song?
  15. Favourite Lorde music video?
  16. Favourite Lorde live performance?
  17. Favourite Lorde photo-shoot?
  18. Favourite Lorde red carpet/award show look?
  19. Favourite Lorde outfit of all time?
  20. Favourite Lorde interview?
  21. Favourite Lorde moment?
  22. Favourite Lorde quote? 
  23. Royals or Team?
  24. Tennis Court or Buzzcut Season?
  25. Any other question!

30 Day Disney Challenge.

Day Three - Your Favourite Heroine. 


Mulan. She is badass. She steals her father’s armour, sword and recruitment letter and runs away to join the army, in order to protect her father. She realises that if her father goes to the war, he will die and she doesn’t want that, so she is willing to sacrifice her safety and joins for him. Something pretty risky as if she is found out, she’ll be executed. Someone who takes that selfless of a risk, deserves to be honoured. 


Day 6: Your Favourite heroine
Kidagakash Nedakh (“Atlantis: The Lost Empire”)

To be honest, I watched Atlantis only for her. She looks awesome. She’s gorgeous. She’s strong. I liked this movie because of her.

And Disney is stupid. Why isn’t she an official Disney princess? She SHOULD be! Argh! So I put her as my favourite heroine.
And I like white-haired characters :)