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First Dates

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x reader

Prompt: none lmao I just wanted to write this

Author’s note: enjoy something extremely self gratuitous which I felt like writing despite having several prompts in my inbox (which I will 100% get around to writing)

Word count: 1,074

Warnings: couple of swears

A sigh left you as you dragged yourself off the couch after realising you had only an hour left to get ready for your date: one of the first ‘first dates’ you had had in a very long time. Using a significantly more refined technique of choosing an outfit as opposed to your daily method of ‘reach into the closet with your eyes closed and pull out the first thing you touch’, you managed to pick out something you were happy with. Pulling out a black silk playsuit with an open back and generous neckline, along with your favourite pair of matching lingerie - you never knew what could happen after dinner - you proceeded into your bathroom.

You turned the tap once. No water. Another turn. Still no water. Of fucking course your shower would break now. What more could be expected from a shitty room in a shitty college dorm? Having already taken off and discarded your clothes you wrapped your towel around your body, tying it securely to save you from any future indecency.

Gathering up your clothes and toiletries you steeled yourself, taking several calming breathes as you approached your door. Opening the door to your hallway you turned your head left and right, checking to see if the coast was clear before stepping out barefoot, and walking the short distance across the hall.

You reached Philip’s door, and hoping beyond hopes that he was in his room, you knocked quickly. Relief flooded over you as you first heard footsteps inside, preempting the opening of the door.

“Philip,” you began, not busying yourself with meaningless greetings. However, the look of confusion that immediately appeared on Philip’s face after he looked you up and down prompted you to give him an explanation. “My shower’s broken.” You stated simply, as if that would completely enlighten him.

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Another World – Thranduil x (human) reader

Part 1/?

Could you do an imagine where Thranduil somehow gets transported to the present day, and you have to explain everyday things to him?

Yes. Yes I can.

Another boring day. Summer holiday, nothing to do, no one to see, no one to be. All you had to do was watch season after season of your favourite shows, which could never get boring really, but when everyone else was posting photos of sunny holidays, and you were laid in your pyjamas, you knew you needed to find something to do.

“Okay, that’s season 2 finished,” You said to yourself “Let’s make a snack, then watch the next one.” Again, to yourself. You prised yourself off of the sofa, and headed towards the kitchen, busying yourself in trying to reach a bowl from that just-a-little-bit-too-high cupboard. You knelt on the surface, grasping for the white bowl.


No, that wasn’t the bowl. That was from upstairs. You loved your cat, Tom, but why must he always break everything. With a sigh, you trudged up the stairs. As you reached the top, Tom ran past you. Must have been running from the crime scene. You followed the direction that they came from. Your spare room was the only room with the door open, slightly ajar.

Pushing the door open, you stepped into the room. The cat wasn’t running away from an accident, they were running away from a man.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” You shrieked, he looked just as shocked “WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU IN MY FLAT?” He lost the look of horror, and now watched me with a superior look. “I am Thranduil, King of the Mirkwood realms.” He lifted his chin slightly, “Now, mortal, tell me where I am, and how I can get back to my kingdom.” Okay, so now he was claiming to be a fictional character. Great. Not only did he just turn up in my house, he was mad.

“Um, no. Tell me the truth. No fictional characters, no lies.” He scowled, and drew himself up higher. Not that he wasn’t already a lot taller than me. “HOW DARE YOU! I should have you killed for that!”

“Ah, but then I won’t be able to take you to the psychiatric ward.”

“What on Middle-Earth is a sy-key-atrict ward?” He exclaimed angrily. Okay, maybe he was real. No! What am I saying! Of course he’s not real.

“Okay, cut the cosplay shit, tell me what is happening.”

His eyes darkened, and he took a step closer. His hand went to the long silver dagger protruding from his robes.

“You see this? This is what I use to get rid of the people who do not obey my command as King.” He paused for a second. “Now, are you going to stop speaking in riddles, or do I have to use it?”

You gulped, and his (rather large) eyebrows raised, waiting for an answer. “Y, Yes, m, m, my lord.” You shakily replied.

“Good.” He placed the dagger back in its holster. “Now, how do I get back to Mirkwood?”

Shit. What do you say now? Sorry but that doesn’t exist? That would go down well. “I don’t quite know how to get there.”

“But you know where it is?”

“Errr, no.” You slowly replied.

He looked down at you, clenching his jaw, as he let out an exasperated gasp.

“But you can stay here until you find a way.” You quickly said, before he could get angry again.

“Fine. Now tell me where I am, mortal.”

“You are in a land we call Earth, and I am pretty certain that it is a completely different world to yours.”

Maybe you should have worded that better.

“Well I saw that from all this witchcraft you keep here.” Thranduil answered rolling his eyes. “Now. I require assistance in getting back, so you must first teach me the way of your world.”

Dear God. Isn’t that just amazing. Well it’s not like I have a choice.

“Okay, first you need to blend in. Let’s get you something to wear, and what the hell are we going to do with your hair?“

“You will not go anywhere near my hair!”

“Fine! But you can’t walk around in those robes.”

You turned, and he followed you out of the door, muttering under his breath.

As you entered the kitchen, he gasped. “What is this!?”

“This is a kitchen, and these are magical tools for creating food.”
He stared about the room, and you carried on around the house, showing and explaining the various items.

“And what does this do, mortal?”

“Firstly, don’t call me mortal, my name is (Y/N), and secondly, that is a light switch. Press it.”

He suspiciously looked at you, then lifted his finger to the switch, cautiously pushing it. His mouth dropped as the room lit up. He pressed it again and again, watching as the room flashed. He suddenly remembered your presence, and cleared his throat, standing up straight.

“Well, I suppose this place is nice enough for now.”

I will definitely be adding more parts to this, but I hope this is okay for now.

motherslittlehelpers  asked:

what are your favourite pulp songs?

oooooh ok SO i could never pick the One Tru Pulp Song (they r all Too Good) but my faves are (in no particular order)

do you remember the first time, babies, razzmatazz, disco 2000, feeling called love, my legendary girlfriend, mile end, monday morning, inside susan, something changed, mis-shapes, this is hardcore, party hard and like a friend!

i realise that that’s like half their discography but what can i say my love is Too Strong basically i love everything except the stuff on Freaks where Russell gets A Bit Carried Away, bless him


Moment of appreciation for how Breaking Bad’s top director, producer and writer are all women.

Michelle Maclaren (director), Melissa Bernstein (co-executive producer), Moira Walley-Beckett (writer)

petitechristoph  asked:

3, 4, 20, 36, 50, and 53 :)

3. do you miss anyone? / actually my ex 😅 but not bc I want him back i just miss him as a person
4. what are you looking forward to? / doing things with Simon Minter 
20. what is your favourite song at the moment? / Alex Aiono - work the middle; Sarah Close - Call me out (omg these youtubers and their songs) 
36. 3 dreams you want to fulfill? / reach my body goals, marry Simon, travel to the places I want hehe 
50. favourite picture of your idol / are you kidding me I could never decide haha 
53. 5 things that make me happy / gym, food, tumblr, handsome men (cough Simon cough), family

Thank you Ash 💜 if you don’t mind - reblog this with your answers as well, or just comment. Bc I’m too lazy to go to your inbox since I’m half asleep and using my phone, sorry 🌞😂


Delta Goodrem - 90s Medley