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*summersaults into ask box* can I get a head-cannon with reaction pictures to mc trying to stop the bidders from drunkenly getting into fistfights lol? (cuz we all know eisuke would get REKT)

I love this and I love u


  • MC found this lil shit trying to fight someone in the casino
  • Cue long sigh from MC
  • She tries to take him by the arm but she shrugs him off
  • Oh hell no
  • Immediately puts him in a headlock and starts dragging him away
  • The men Eisuke are trying to fight give up because they’re laughing too hard
  • “You’ve never won a fistfight Eisuke PLEASE CHILL”


  • MC sees Soryu getting into a headed discussion with Inui
  • Knows Soryu will break that boy like a twig
  • Tries to calmly step in to diffuse the situation 
  • Seeing her, Soryu instantly forgets what he was angry about and playfully squishes MC to his chest in a hug
  • “As much as I like your hugs.. I can’t breathe, Soryu”


  • MC finds Baba getting into a fight with another dude at a party for insulting his suit
  • She told you it was tacky, you nerd
  • She runs up and tries to calm Baba down before he starts swinging
  • He dodges MC and tries to swing at the dude anyway
  • Since drunk people have no balance, he misses and falls over. Totally takes MC down with him
  • “Great, the whole party saw that mess”


  • There’s no stopping this man when he’s on a roll, so MC just stands by to make sure he doesn’t get killed
  • She cautiously tries to lead him through the crowded bar without him lashing out at anyone
  • It’s going fine until someone bumps into Ota, spilling his drink
  • NOW IT B  E  G  I  N  S
  • Ota snaps his head up and stares down the culprit
  • “Oh God, not again”


  • She and Mamoru were coming out of your favorite bar when MC gets a call
  • Looking away towards her phone for two fucking seconds, and her drunk boyfriend wanders off
  • MC cuts her phone call short when she hears him arguing with another man
  • Before she can make it to stop the fight, the other man swings
  • She sees Mamoru slump onto the ground, and she rushes to his side
  • MC totally thinks he’s dead but he’s okay, just clearly embarrassed 
  • “That’s what you get for picking a fight with the biggest guy here”


  • MC was buying food for her and Hikaru after their night of bar hopping
  • Hikaru was waiting outside to sober up in the cool evening air when someone bumps into him
  • When Mc hears getting, she rushes out of the restaurant with the food to see Hikaru getting ready to square up with another man
  • She steps in between them and manages to calm everyone down
  • Apparently exhausted, Hikaru decides the sidewalk is an excellent napping spot
  • “I’m going to eat all of your fried rice if you keep sleeping, dumbass”


  • He and MC are leaving a restaurant where Shuichi has clearly had too much to drink
  • As they’re walking back to the hotel, a car full of people nearly cuts the two of them off
  • After exchanging a few harsh words, Shuichi is ready to throw some hands
  • Shuichi n o
  • MC tries to restrain her drunk boyfriend but the little shit keeps slipping out of her grasp


  • This tall bun gets very happy when he’s drunk, so the fact that he wants to fight someone is surprising
  • He mutters something to MC about the bouncer’s collarbones being ugly before he saunters off
  • Terrified for her lanky boy’s safety, MC gets in between him and the bouncer of the club
  • He acts like it’s the first time in ages he’s seen MC, because he gets excited
  • Luke starts dancing around and twirling while MC is 110% done
  • “Please don’t wander off while i’m calling a cab”


  • If this guy gets into a fight, it’s not his fault
  • He isn’t used to being out and drinking, so he makes the grave mistake of spilling his drink on the biggest guy in the bar
  • MC sees this and P A N I C S, grabbing his arm
  • Rhion is all too happy to be lead away by his precious girlfriend, so they head outside
  • He decides he must look up at the stars right away, so Rhion lays down outside the bar and starts pointing out made-up constellations 
  • Exasperated, MC makes sure nobody has followed them before she gets on the ground with him
  • “So that’s the White Rabbit up there, huh?”
  • Yoosung: I can make any sandwich of course! What's your favorite MC?
  • MC: A Choi sandwich.
  • Yoosung: Choi? Lolol Saeyoung and Saeran's surname is--
  • MC:
  • Yoosung:
  • MC: ^^
  • Yoosung: Omg.
  • ----------
  • Inspired by: random RP chats in

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Rfa reaction to MC being an underground rapper?

Mod Ace here- The most I know about rapping is Hamilton so please forgive me but I’ma try and write a tiny drabble. (The ‘rap’ is just gonna be a poem I wrote a while back. again sorry.) Also tiny surprise addition. 

MC snuck down the road pulling out her snapback from her purse and tucked their hair up into it as they slid into the building. 

“PLEASE WELCOME” MC swapped her sweater for a graphic t-shirt and a leather jacket. 

“YOUR FAVORITE” MC rolled her eyes as she pulled the mic off of the post and stepped into the camera’s view. 

“IN THEIR FIRST LIVE STREAM” MC. Pulled a remote out of her pocket and grinned keeping her eyes hidden under her snapback. 

“KAELIGTEO!!!” She pressed a button on her remote and the speaker went dead quiet before giving her a steady beat. 


“Hey Where’d MC go?” Yoosung asked frowning as he spun around the room on the office chair. 

“She said she had some business to attend to” Jaehee responded flatly, she held out a hand and stopped him from falling off. 

“Seven what is that?” Jumin demanded and Seven shoved him to the side before pulling up the video on Jumin’s flatscreen TV.

Take a good long look at your position

Then go and tell me about my religion!”

“That voice is familiar” Zen tapped his chin watching the video intently. 

“I found them a while back” Seven smiled his face revealing more than he was saying. “They’re pretty good but they’ve never been live before.” 

“What’s their name?” 


“Seven that’s just Character in Korean.” Jaehee stared at seven flatly. 

So you shove their words back down their throat

Mixed with your own, 

like a disgusting smoothie of bitterness”

“Hey maybe they’re not very creative you don’t know” Seven shrugged. 

“Where’s MC? I feel like she’d like this!” Yoosung whined” 

if the kids look up to me, 

Where do you think I got my tone from?” 

“I’ll send her the link later” Seven promised. 

My religion

Was not forced upon me. 

And even so

I accepted it willingly” 

“Ooh they’re almost done.” Seven leaned forward. 

“Why’s their face pointed down like that?” Jumin asked, “Wouldn’t it be easier to show their face?” 

“Yes but Kaeligteo is known for not showing their face. It’s a mystery air” Jaehee said turning her laptop towards Jumin who nodded understandingly. 

“Guys.” Zen hushed 

You can go and shove your opinions back in the hole they came from

And No. 

I don’t mean your mouth.” M.C. huffed keeping her head down not daring to look up at the camera as she approached the camera looking to Saeran who gave her a silent thumbs up turning off the mic. 

“Cut the film” She smiled, “I’ll buy the ice cream today.” 

Saeran shifted the camera a bit and M.C. relaxed and took off her hat letting her hair fall into her face. She laughed  

“WAIT” Zen sputtered

“NO WAY” Yoosung leaned forward.


“Uh M.C.” Saeran pointed to the camera his face nervous. M.C. stopped peeking through her hair at the red dot blinking on the camera. She yelped and shoved the hat over the lens. 

“Did you get my face?” M.C. asked

“I don’t think so.” Saeran whispered turning the camera off.

“Oh man this is bad.” M.C. whimpered leaning against the camera afraid to remove their hat. 

“Why?” Saeran asked. “Shouldn’t we be looking for publicity?” 

“NO” M.C. yelped. “NO I only wanted to do this for fun I- How many people were watching that?” 

“All 50k  of your subscribers.” 

“$#%@” M.C. cursed. Saeran chuckled and handed her hat back to her. 

“Come on let’s go get some ice cream before you’re too popular to even leave the apartment.” 

Meanwhile back at Jumin’s house Yoosung and Seven were fangirling while Jaehee and Jumin were trying to collect their thoughts. 

“GUYS” Zen shouted getting everyone’s attention. “Right Nice M.C. is Kaeligito real great. M.C. didn’t seem to want everyone to see her face though!” 

“Oh.” Seven stopped having a screaming contest with yoosung. “OH.” 

“Seven fix this best you can. Now.” Zen ordered, 

“On it Zenny~” Seven teased and Zen slammed sevens face into the computer. “ow” Seven whimpered. 

“Just help her.” 

“This is so cool!” Yoosung spun on the chair again. “Do you think she’d teach me how to rap?” 

“It is rather impressive.” jaehee admitted. 

“Perhaps I could assist her by getting her funded?” Jumin glanced at Jaehee who for once didn’t mind a project. 

“I wonder if she’d collab with me” Zen thought aloud. 

“She’s been planning on asking you since she started this” Seven smiled back at him his fingers moving along the keyboard. 

“How long have you known!?” everyone demanded. 

“Hold on!” Seven held up a hand. “Okay. Done.” He closed his computer. “Since day one.” he held his hands out smirking. 

“SEVEN!” Everyone shouted and M.C. looked up from her cone concerned. 

“What is it?” Saeran asked her

“I thought I heard Someone call for seven.” 

“the Gods have come to take him at last” Saeran preached quietly and M.C. smacked him playfully. 

In This Lifetime (LI x MC)

Summary: Imagine your favorite Choices LI x MC pair finally realizing they were meant for each other, and finally acknowledging that they’re more connected than they think. This is the story of that budding realization that soulmates do exist and they may just be each other’s. In the world of Choices pairs, this works best for me as a Jake x MC piece.

Author’s Note: This is my entry for the tenth round of #ChoicesCreates with the prompt “Do you believe in soulmates?” and hosted by @lauraotaku2234.  This was written to the Eurovision-winning song Amar pelos Dois - Instrumental version. I suggest playing it while reading the poem. :)

“In This Lifetime”

Let us meet by the bougainvillea-lined path, we’ll go for a walk uphill

Where we’ll take in the postcard views, a panorama of sunset-ambers opening to us like a pop-up book.

Let us meet by the hidden courtyards the way old romantics do

Where time rewinds and reconnects the star-crossed (I feel like I have loved you before.)

Let us meet by lush camellia groves sprinkled with history and fairy dust

Where running streams wash away our whispered worries and let only a calming longing flow.

Let us meet in walled secret gardens fringed with flowers 

Where our fingers first touch beneath begonia blossoms, when we realize we’ve touched each other many lives before.

Let us meet by the picturesque coastline, under the sky’s cerulean blue

Where, sun-kissed, we are warmed not by the honey glow of the sun but two hearts quietly set aflame. 

Let us meet by pastel walls and cobbled streets, speckled with the stardust we are made of,

Where in a river-facing room, lit only by the Latin moon, our hearts croon to the same old love song, and finally, finally!, in each other’s arms, come home.

Daily Doodle No 1~ The world’s shabbiest talk show

In which the hosts dress up in stange clothes, randomly wake up napping guests, bring them out into the freezing cold night, and proceed to ask them strange, irrelevent questions. Feat. your favorite MCs, Dorkbaek and Kyungsoo.

Heehee, I’ve wanted to draw this for a while. I’m going to try and make this a more art-oriented blog, so I’ll doodle a little thing every day or so this summer! <3

Choices con instead of Comic con?

I’m not a comic person but I have to say this would be an amazing idea I’d be down for. All the fandom gathered in one place, dressed as your favorite character or MC. The booths for TC&TF, TRR, ES, TF, etc, pixelberry there to take questions and interviews, all of our face claims dressed as the characters, things for sale like bluebell dresses and LBD, food stands selling cronuts and coffee. I may be dreaming a nerdy dream but to me… that sounds AWSOME!

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what about rfa and v reaction to mc who only listens to like... music from the 20s-50s? artists like elvis, sinatra, ella fitzgerald, etc etc etc.

Sorry this took so long my wifi kept dying and I kept having to redo it:( 


  • You two were on a road trip together, which he was quite excited for 
  • And since it was going to take awhile to get to the hotel, you both decided to play some tunes
  • But since Yoosung isn’t really big into music, he only has LOLOL instrumentals on his phone, so obviously you get the AUX 
  • And soon he learns that the only music you seem to have is older music
  • Which?? Surprisingly he is really into it?
  • It’s all so diverse and unique, each song holding a different meaning
  • All songs these days are either about love or sex, so it was a nice refresher to listen to some silly music along with serious music 
  • When you reached the hotel he was kinda disappointed that it was over because he was really getting into it
  • “The more I learn about you MC, the more I love you!” 


  • Zen likes planning birthdays and surprises, it’s just who he is
  • So when he was planning on buying you concert tickets for your favorite band, only to learn that your favorite artsits either don’t sing anymore or are, well, dead
  • He was at a loss
  • But!! He soon came up with a fool proof plan! So, when you went out for work, he spent the whole day setting up the house for your big birthday surprise
  • When he heard you open the front door, he flicked on the lights and hit the play button, starting to sing your favorite song from your favorite band
  • “Happy birthday, MC!” he laughs, dancing around with you 
  • “Zen, what is all this?!” you laugh, dancing with him
  • “Well, I was going to buy you tickets for your favorite band, but then I figured this was a more doable option,” he laughs, and continues singing
  • You two dance and sing the whole night, and it was really really fun
  • 10/10 birthday


  • she loves that kind of music too?? 
  • When she found out that it was your favorite, she was elated! 
  • You both spend long hours gushing talking about your favorite bands, and the individual members in them
  • Honestly you’re too perfect for her.
  • On valentines day, to surprise you, she decided to play only Elvis, Sinatra, and all your other favs at the coffee shop
  • Even if it did confuse the costumers
  • But you were happy and kept jamming out, and that was her goal in the first place :)


  • Now, Jumin doesn’t really listen to music, like, at all 
  • But when he does, it’s all orchestra’s and symphonies. He even has a personal orchestra in his building!
  • Jumin does know what your favorite type of music is, so he decides to do something special for what he’s planning 
  • Which he is planning a  l o  t 
  • One evening, he takes you down to the orchestra, and you both sit in the back and listen to them play soft music
  • But then? you start hearing familiar notes? Are they playing your favorite love song by Elvis???
  • You look at Jumin to ask for the occasion, only to see him down on one knee with a ring in his palm
  • “MC, I know this is out of nowhere, but-”
  • “Yes, oh my gosh yes!” you squeal, hugging him and successfully knocking him to the floor 
  • 11/10 marriage proposal tbh


  • Agent 707, as we all know, can be a dick sometimes
  • But this time he crossed the McFreaking line, okay?
  • So naturally you hide yourself in your room, and he knows he went to far. And he’s having a hard time making it up to you
  • “MC? Please come out… I’m sorry…”
  • You just stay silent, to angry to even speak
  • But then an idea comes to his mind! What a genius he is, right? 
  • Good thing you didn’t take your phone with you
  • He hacks into your phone and looks at your playlists, and smirks to himself
  • Surely this would be a good way to apologize
  • You spent a few hours in your bed, trying to forgive Saeyoung, but it isn’t easy…
  • But then you hear your music playing from the other room
  • “He hacked into my phone, that little assho-!” you jump out of bed and swing open the door, only to reveal a dimly lit room with a fancy table set up in front of the couch, with candles and two plates filled with Honey Buddah Chips and phD Pepper in crystal looking wine glasses
  • Your love song playlist plays rather loudly, and Seven smiles, holding up a rose
  • “I’m awfully sorry MC…”
  • You smile and roll your eyes. “I guess I can forgive you, you big dumby.”


  • V is blind, so music is kinda one of the things he loves
  • One of the things he has left 
  • He wakes up one morning to hear some older music playing softly from the kitchen, and he gets up and makes his way over to you
  • “MC, I didn’t know you like this type of music,” he smiles warmly
  • “Oh, yeah, it’s my favorite,” you giggle, kissing his cheek. “The only kind I listen to.”
  • He chuckles, and says, “follow me… I have something to show you.”
  • You follow him to the bedroom, and he reaches into his closet, feeling around
  • He pulls out an old record player, and some vinyl’s of your favorite bands
  • “I’ve had this for awhile but I never really use it.. So here, I’m giving it to you.”
  • “Whoa, seriously? V you don’t have to, this is-”
  • “No, MC, I want to,” he smiles. “It’s the least I can do.”
  • You giggle, and attack hug him to the floor. “I love you too much, V. You’re too good to me.”
  • He grins and hugs you tightly, “I hope so.”
Send me a Number Voltage Style.
  • 1. Top Voltage Guy?
  • 2. Voltage guy you hate.
  • 3. Favorite CG?
  • 4. Besides your tumblr friends, does anyone else knows you play Voltage Games?
  • 5. How often do you play?
  • 6. What is your first Voltage Games?
  • 7. What are your first impressions on Voltage Games?
  • 8. Recent Voltage Game you played?
  • 9. Why do you like your favorite Voltage Guy?
  • 10. How many Voltage apps do you have?
  • 11. What would you do if your favorite voltage guy was real?
  • 12. What route would you recommend from any voltage game and why?
  • 13. Is there a route that you refuse to play, if so then who?
  • 14. Who is your favorite MC?
  • 15. Who is your least favorite MC?
  • 16. Who is your favorite minor character?
  • 17. Who is your least favorite minor character?
  • 18. Which voltage guy would be your best friend? (Not lover)
  • 19. If your favorite voltage guy was your boyfriend, how would your parents react?
  • 20. How would your friends react?
  • 21. Does their age matter when playing a route?
  • 22. Favorite plot out of all the games?
  • 23. Do you use your actual name or an alias?
  • 24. Which voltage guy has the best hair?
  • 25. Which voltage guy has the best clothing?
  • 26. Is there an MC you find relatable, if so then who?
  • 27. Is there any voltage guy that reminds you of someone?
  • 28. How would you react if your favorite voltage guy visited you at work/school?
  • 29. Would you trust your favorite voltage guy to cook?
  • 30. Who do you think is the meanest voltage guy?
  • 31. What are your expectations when playing a route?
  • 32. Which MC has the best job?
  • 33. How much did you spend on voltage games?
  • 34. If you haven’t played a Voltage game, how do you choose the guys you play first?
  • 35. Do the guys you play first end up being your favorite?
  • 36. One thing you hate about your favorite Voltage guy?
  • 37. Who would you go shopping with?
  • 38. Do you play voltage games in public?
  • 39. Ever got angry playing?
  • 40. Ever got sad playing?
An Interview With Michael Cera And Kieran Culkin As They Play “Mario Kart”

BuzzFeed caught up with Broadway’s newest stars, Michael Cera and Kieran Culkin, where the real-life best friends are making their debut in Kenny Lonergan’s This Is Our Youth. Before hitting the stage at the Cort Theatre, we chatted with the duo during their pre-show ritual — playing a heated game of Mario Kart — where we talked video games and life on the Great White Way, and a whole lot about Nintendo.

The rules: Michael and Kieran must play four rounds of the Mushroom Cup — Luigi Raceway, Moo Moo Farm, Koopa Troopa Beach, and Kalimari Dessert — all while yielding questions about their show, their friendship and a slew of questions about Mario Kart 64. The equipment: the Nintendo 64 currently residing in their shared dressing room inside the Court Theater. Winner gets bragging rights, loser must answer painfully awkward “Would You Rather” questions. Let’s see how they did! 

First things first: do you two really play Nintendo 64 every night before showtime?

Michael Cera: Nearly.

Then let’s get to it. Who’s your favorite Mario Kart character?

Kieran Culkin: Oh, come on, Luigi.

MC: I use Wario even though my father was Luigi.

KC: It’s true.

Who’s the most annoying character in the game?

KC: Wario when he’s being controlled by Michael.

What’s your favorite Mario Kart level?

KC: Wario Stadium.

MC: The most popular level around here is the Rainbow Road.

KC: Oh yeah.

MC: Which is really fun. But no, Wario Stadium is really great and I like the beach. I just like to soak up the rays.

KC: You’re also really good at the beach. You always win at the beach.

MC: Thank you.

What’s the crappiest item to get in an item box?

MC: A single banana doesn’t do much good.

KC: Also the fake item.

So what’s the best item?

MC: Lightning is great. The ghost is great.

KC: The star.

MC: The star is kinda good.

KC: The star is the best because it defends against the lightning —

MC: — but so does the ghost. And you can take away someone’s lightning.

KC: Yeah, but the star also makes you drive faster. It’s basically like having a boost for 10 seconds where you can kind of cross … like what I’m about to do right now. I’m cutting across and also impervious.

MC: This is funny, like, we’re treating this like it’s a new game. We’re talking about it like it’s some new thing.

KC: But! There’s still debatable things [about it], like, “What’s the best weapon?” and I think for sure the star. Oh, I got the lightning too, that’s great. The Bowser shell is great too.

Be honest. Do you find Princess Peach to be attractive?

MC: Obnoxious.

KC: Obnoxious, but attractive, yeah. I’d hit that.

Which character would you like to have as your roommate?

KC: Luigi.

MC: Why?

KC: I just think we’d get along. He’s pretty cool.

MC: I think Luigi’s masturbation schedule would really conflict with yours. You’d go to the bathroom and he’d be like, “I’m in here!”

KC: Yeah, maybe. But I’d respect it. I’d have to respect that he’d need to, um, jerk it a little. We’d come up with a system, like a bulletin board or something.

MC: Isn’t he kind of neurotic?

KC: Yeah, you’re right. Well, are we talking about who I’d be friends with or roommates with?

MC: Roommates.

KC: I’d be able to live in a much nicer place if I lived with Princess Peach.

MC: I’d live with Mario. Just cause he’s, like, the guy. You could be like, “I live with Mario” and people would be like [impressed].

KC: Mario can pay the rent. He’d be obnoxious, though. He’d be like, “Use the coaster, woohoo!”

Round 1 tally: Wario (Michael), 1st place; Luigi (Kieran) 2nd place.

MC: We really better get some free Nintendo stuff for this.

KC: I’d like to say for the record that Mario Kart 8 is an amazing fucking game. Have you played the Wii U version yet? You haven’t?

MC: You’re livin’ in the past.

KC: I was doing this until I got that game and it made me buy a Wii U. Now I’ve gotten really shitty at this version because that one is so goddamn good.

MC: My mastery of this game makes me feel like I’m a typist or something.

Do you think your characters would have played Mario Kart if it existed in their day?

KC: [To Michael] Oh, you would’ve. Warren would’ve.

MC: Yeah, I would say.

KC: I don’t think Dennis would’ve.

MC: You don’t think he’d get really competitive with it?

KC: It’s like that thing, then if I started losing I would totally be like, “Yeah, Warren’s really amazing at Mario Kart.”

MC: Yeah.

KC: Like that fucking matters.

MC: Yeah, take that to the bank.

Why did you guys decide to do this play?

MC: Why? I just really liked the play, to be honest.

KC: I’ve been pressing it for like 12 years. I got to do a version of it 12 years ago and I’ve been wanting to do it again since. I don’t exactly know why, it’s just great.

Are there any ’80s bands that you still listen to?

MC: David Bowie. Tears for Fears is great.


What’s your favorite ’80s cartoon?

MC: The Real Ghostbusters.

KC: Oh, that’s good. Thundercats.

MC: That’s ’80s?

KC: Yeah, ‘87 I think or something like that.

Favorite Brat Pack movie?

KC: The Breakfast Club.

MC: Am I going to hit myself with my own green shell?

KC: Oh, that’s the end?

MC: That’s the end, baby.

KC: You motherfucker.

MC: That’s it.

KC: I thought it was the end of the second lap.

MC: It was the lap that counted.

KC: Damnit.

MC: Breakfast Club was great, Sixteen Candles is really good. Ferris Bueller is really good.

KC: Ferris Bueller is great, that would be a close second for me.

Round 1 tally: Wario (Michael), 1st place; Luigi (Kieran) 3rd place.

What video games did you play as a kid?

MC: Super Mario 3. Gyromite.

KC: Gyromite’s great.

MC: Super Mario 3 I got into but —

KC:Solomon’s Key! That’s a new one. I never played that growing up, you introduced me to it.

MC: I had Solomon’s Key. It’s great.

KC: I never knew it existed for regular NES. So good.

MC: It’s intense.

KC: I grew up right in that fuckin’ sweet spot of Nintendo. I was born in ‘82, so by the time it was a household thing I was about 6, which was perfect for when new games came out.

MC: Duck Hunt.

KC: Contra. Castlevania.

MC: Ninja Turtles.

KC: Castlevania is my favorite Nintendo game.

M: See, Michael tends to use the sand bar when he doesn’t have the boost, which, he’s about to use the boost now so… Motherfucker.

What would be in your own suitcase of important childhood toys?

KC: The Thundercats Nintendo game.

MC: I had some Ghostbusters.

KC: Wrestling toys.

MC: I had the Martian Manny, is that his name? This green guy who was fantastic. I found him on the road.

KC: You did it without the boost! You motherfucker.

MC: Yeah, I did it without the boost. With, without — the important thing is to pull ahead.

KC: God, you are such an asshole.

Round 3 tally: Wario (Michael), 1st place; Luigi (Kieran) 2nd place.

Since your characters in the play seem to, have you ever actually hung out on the Upper West Side?

KC: I grew up on the Upper West Side.

MC: I’ve been up there. Yes, I have.

How realistic were the sets? Were your characters turning off and on the lights to the apartment and playing records or did it just look that way?

MC: It’s all a bit of movie magic.

KC: Well, you know, the turnstile, it moves.

The stage’s New York City apartment is hyperrealistic. Have you ever lived in a one-bedroom apartment like that here?

MC: I have not.

KC: It looks exactly like my friend’s apartment.

MC: I had a friend that lived in a studio apartment with a pull-down bed and it was disgusting. It was the kind of the place where you rent by the month that you live in and treat it like a hotel. You’ve got dishes and stuff. And one time he made a pot of Dinty Moore stew and he dropped it on the carpet and and he was just went, “Eh, whatever.” And it was just there for the rest of the time he lived there.

KC: Really?

MC: Then he just moved out. He was like, “Oh, they’ll figure it out.”

Your characters in this show have many vices. If you had to pick for yourself between weed, booze, or cigarettes, which would you pick?

KC: Definitely not cigarettes. That’s immediately eliminated.

MC: I choose weed. It’s the least harmful of all three.

KC: It is the least harmful but I like booze too much. Booze.

MC: Oh god, the train!

KC: Did you get hit by the train? This is, like, your level too.

MC: It’s not over.

What one food can Michael not live without?

KC: Hold on. I can think of this…

MC: Dude, I’ve TOLD you what food I can’t live without.

KC: Oh, bacon.

Which one of you can go longer without showering?

KC: Michael’s got some B.O.

MC: And I have a very inactive lifestyle.

KC: That’s true. So do I, though.

MC: It takes a lot to generate B.O. for me.

Which one of you is more likely to break on stage?

KC: We’ve done a couple times, but always evenly.

MC: Yeah, it’s [true]. We kind of keep our cool.

KC: If one of us breaks, we both break.

MC: If Peach takes away my perfect Grand Prix…I’m not gonna be able to stay cool.

If you two were to do another play again, do you have any idea what it would be?

KC: Something by Kenny Lonergan.

MC: Yeah, that would be great. … Wait, she pulled right ahead! Where is she? Oh, there she is.

MC: She’s dead now!

Would you ever consider doing a musical?

MC: Uh, no.

KC: I don’t know how to sing.

MC: OK, now it all comes down to what Kieran gets right here.

KC: Well, I could have turned this into something useful but this bitch just passed me so I’m going to get second place.

MC: Awesome.

Round 4 tally: Wario (Michael), 1st place; Luigi (Kieran) 2nd place.

KC: Whoa, almost! You almost got me with that shell.

MC: Really? That would have been a great finish.

KC: You got first all four times. I got second, second, third, second.


Final tally: Wario (Michael), 36; Luigi (Kieran) 21.

Kieran, since you lost you’re now subjected to two round of “Would You Rather.” So: would you rather sweat mayonnaise or poop a softball?

KC: Oh, poop a softball! That’s easy.

MC: No, it’s not that easy. You’re not really thinking about the anal stretching.

KC: You can get really drunk, and you go to the hospital and shit out a softball…

MC: So you can define the terms and conditions of this [game]?

KC: OK. So I’ll go to the hospital. It’ll be like the worst day of my life and when my wife eventually has kids she’ll be like, “You don’t know what this is like!” I’ll be like, “Yes I do. I shat a softball.”

MC: What about your softball-sized asshole for the rest of your life?

Final round: Would you rather be sexually attracted to fruit or have Cheeto dust on your fingers for the rest of your life?

Both, in unison: Sexually attracted to fruit.

MC: It’s everywhere.

KC: Yeah, but still, when I’m alone and nobody’s around I find a pomegranate…

MC: You’re not, like, uncontrollable, right? You don’t have, like, I Have to Have Sex With Fruit Tourettes? Where you, like, see a banana and lose your cool.

KC: And so what if I’m sexually attracted to fruit? If I wanna fuck a pineapple — actually, I don’t know why I said a pineapple. That would be the worst.


MC Appreciation Week: F.A.Q.

Okay there has been a few asks sent my way, and a few tags indicating that there’s a bit of confusion on what I meant in my original post, so I’m going to clarify a few things related to the MC Appreciation Week.

The MC:
One of the biggest things is that people seem to be confused as to what I mean by the MC. Which can sound a bit silly, but I don’t fault them for being confused. This week is basically meant to celebrate the main character of whichever Voltage game you want. This can be the MC Voltage gives us, or one that you created.
Example - I have five MCs posted on my OC page. Some follow what Voltage has given us, while some have different backgrounds and personality traits. I could choose to talk about one of them on any given day, or I could talk about the general MC we see in game.

The Days:
I’ve gotten several questions about what certain days mean. I was planning on making a post about it next week (which would also serve as a reminder of the events coming up) but I can do it here and now.

Dates: June 21-27

Day 1- Introducing Your MC
Tell us about your MC. What’s their name? Where are they from? What do they look like? What brought them to the events that start off the game they’re in? Anything you want to tell us about them, do it.

Day 2- After the Super Happy Ending
There’s only so much Voltage can show us after our MC gets together with their guy of choice. Some games we never get to see what happens beyond the first season. So, this is your chance to tell us what happens after the credits roll. Does the MC get married to her guy? Do they have kids? What does life bring for our heroine?

Day 3- Favorite Quote
This one speaks for itself. What is your favorite quote given by the MC?

Day 4- MC and Friends
This is your chance to tell us about the relationship the MC has with other characters. Does your KBtBB MC get along with Eisuke? Does your PiL MC love Alan’s attempts to woo her? Does the MFW MC think Saeki is a complete weirdo? You can talk about her love interest here as well.

Day 5- Favorite Scene
Just like Day 3, tell us what your favorite scene involving the MC is.

Day 6- What if?
On this day, we’re going into AU territory. What would happen if your MC replaced the MC a different game? How would the BMP MC handle being sold at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party? Would she pick the same type of guy that she went for in her game?

Day 7- Anything You Want
Did I not cover something you want to talk about? Do it here. Perhaps you want to make a post about fancasting your MC and her love interest. Or you want to share a song that you relate to the MC. As long as it is showing the MC love, you can do it :D

As I said before, you can tackle the topic of the day however you wish. Fic, graphic, fanart, fanvids, or even your own music.  It does not matter. You don’t have to stay with the same MC the entire time either. You can talk about the MFW MC during Day 1 and then go to the SitS MC on Day 2. 

If there are any other questions, or if I need to clarify something, do not hesitate in sending me an ask. I promise I won’t bite (unless you like that sort of thing). And thank you to everyone who has shown interest in this. I greatly appreciate it <3

[ARTICLE] 150227 Billboard: "Happy Birthday, CL: 5 Memorable Performances From the K-Pop Superstar"

Happy Birthday, CL!

The K-pop superstar is 24 today, moving into what might be her most exciting year of life yet. After nearly six years as the leader to Korean phenoms 2NE1, CL has established herself as an important front-runner in K-pop’s international expansion; breaking records and busting down barriers. This spring, CL will shift her focus to America with a full-fledged U.S. debut with Justin Bieber/Ariana Grande manager Scooter Braun. The singer/rapper told Billboard first about her itch to show not only herself, but all Asian women in a new spotlight.

“I have so many things I want to say,” CL said. “I have this other side of me that people didn’t meet in 2NE1…I want to represent Asian women. I want to break that typical Asian female stereotype. There’s this standard where they’re all calm. I want to break that. I want to tell the world that there are some badass Asian female girls.”

Ahead of her upcoming invasion, take a look back at five memorable performances from the past that continue to blur language and cultural lines.

1. “MTBD/Revolution/Dirty Vibe” With Diplo, 2014
If there was any doubt CL could do it all, well, check out her joint performance with Diplo at Korea’s 2014 Style Icon Awards. Kicking off her K-pop/rap track “MTBD” — featured on 2NE1’s excellent Crush album — the star then moved into a belt-heavy rendition of the super-producer’s 2013 single “Revolution” before ending with her English verse on the Diplo/Skrillex collab track “Dirty Vibe.” The crowd might have been subdued (it was a fashion ceremony), but no doubt CL killed it.

2. “Marvin’s Room/Did It on ‘Em/The Leaders,” 2011

The superstar medley featuring Drake, Nicki Minaj and CL tracks further showed her versatility early on in her career. 

3. “The Baddest Female/MTBD,” 2014
Tons of shirtless beefcake guys dance around, yet the only person you can keep your eye on here is CL. This mash-up of her two solo Korean tracks was a part of 2NE1’s 2014 All or Nothing Asia tour. 

4. “Intro” With 2NE1, 2012

Can your favorite MC spit with a parrot on their shoulder? Didn’t think so.

5. “Bad Girls/The Baddest Female” With Lee Hyori
Longtime K-pop fans know Lee Hyori as one of the queens of K-pop. When the K-pop queen shared the stage with CL it was almost a passing-of-the-crown moment as Hyori and CL sang their respective odes to badass females: “Bad Girls” and “The Baddest Female.”

(Source: Billboard)