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Rules: list ten of your favorite female characters in ten different fandoms and then tag ten people.

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  1. Mazikeen (Lucifer)
  2. Inej Ghafa (Six of Crows)
  3. Eve Dallas (In Death)
  4. Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter)
  5. Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones)
  6. Sienna Lauren (Psy/Changeling)
  7. Pandora Ravenel (Lisa Kleypas)
  8. Tessa Grey (The Infernal Devices)
  9. Emma Swan (Once Upon a Time)
  10. Marinette Dupain-Cheng (Miraculous Ladybug)

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For your viewer consideration...

GLOW (Netflix)

Insecure (HBO)

Jessica Jones (Netflix)

Orange is the New Black (Netflix)

Claws (TNT)

Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family)

Jane the Virgin (CW)

Archer (FX)

Sense8 (Netflix)

Mad Max Fury Road 

Pitch Perfect

Rought Night



Inside Out

The Descent

Pop culture media properties with at least 50% main characters as female

Rules: list ten of your favorite female characters in ten different fandoms and then tag ten people.

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In no particular Order:

Diana Prince/Wonder Woman | DC

Chise Hatori | The Ancient Magus Bride //

Mahou Tsukai no Yome

Rey | Star Wars

Sakura Haruno | Naruto

Luna Lovegood | Harry Potter

Eowyn of Rohan | LoTR

Sarah Williams | Labyrinth

Sucy Manbavaran | Little Witch Academia

Okukawa Minako | Yuri!!! On Ice

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THE WALKING DEAD ASK [send me a number]

1. Favorite female character and why

2. Your favorite BROTP

3. Least favorite character and why

4. Hottest male character

5. Character you hope will die soon

6. Favorite walker

7. Character that deserves a break

8. Four characters you’d want in your group during an apocalypse and why

9. A character you hated but now love

10. Most disgusting moment in an episode

11. Least favorite episode and why

12. Most complex character and reasoning for thinking so

13. Favorite actor/actress from the show and why

14. Character you never want to die

15. Rank the seasons 1|2|3|4|5

16. Your favorite OTP

17. Favorite male character and why

18. Favorite walker kill

19. Unpopular opinion about the show

20. Saddest show moment and why

21. Three headcanons you have about the show

22. Character you are most like and why

23. Send in three character names for a fuck, marry, kill

24. Hottest female character

25. Favorite scene in an episode and why

26. Actor/actress you would love to see guest star

27. Send me a character and I will give you my opinion of them

28. Character you’d hope to be like during the apocalypse

29. Two favorite episodes and why

30. Your NOTP

31. Would you rather play a survivor or a walker and why

Day 2: Your Favorite Female Character

The Queen👑👑 Michonne is my female character and overall character because I love how different (and better) she is from her comic counterpart and Danai portrays her in a way that nobody else could. Michonne is so strong, I think a lot of people forget that she lost her child, she was broken and lost and she came back from that. She became a mother figure to Carl and Judith and Rick’s other half. She helps him lead and make tough decisions and they wouldn’t be where they are if it wasn’t for her tbh. Anyway she needs to get the respect she deserves

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pretending kairi is the most precious perfect character and the strongest girl to ever exist in the KH universe is not progressive. blindly accepting kairi and her canon characterization just bc of a few headcanons circulating tumblr doesn’t make up for how square treats her as a plot device and a sexual fantasy for purity and innocence.

by accepting kairi’s canon characterization and not discussing the extreme flaws in the canonical writing of her character lets square get away with this mistreatment of a female character yet again. they’re just gonna keep making female characters like kairi. kind of like aerith: square reduced aerith to basically nothing and they are continuing to do this with her character in KH but fans either pretend that she’s always been like that or that nothing has changed. either way, it’s still ignoring the problem. 

just bc kairi and aerith are women and characters that you personally love doesn’t mean you can’t talk about the flaws square forces on them. ignoring these flaws does not make you a beacon of progression. tumblr is making it seem regressive if you don’t accept every female character that steps out of the tired old gendered stereotypes machine square uses to create their female characters. this taboo that tumblr has placed upon discussing flaws in female characters needs to stop. advocating for a female character is not defending everything about her while applying headcanons to her story (or lack thereof).

loving a female character who happens to have these flaws is not the problem. the problem is accepting this to be a female character’s fate and resigning to writing headcanons about her to give her some actual characterization. and that said, writing headcanons about kairi having actual characterization is not the problem - it’s just kind of sad that we as fans have to make up for shitty canonical writing. but headcanons on tumblr do not and will not make this mistreatment go away. square will continue to damsel kairi (and who knows if we’ll ever see aerith’s weapon again) bc fans are letting square know that they’re okay with it by ignoring the problems in these female characters. also, not being able to talk about this on without being labeled misogynistic is the problem. calling out these flaws in a female character is not hating on her because she is a woman - it’s standing up for her. no longer blindly accepting that aerith’s weapon and characterization vanished into thin air is way more progressive than just blindly accepting an aerith that has been reduced to nothing but a mother complex.

square will not change the treatment of kairi if fans continue to act like she’s perfect. to square, that means kairi is perfect bc she holds her hands out to the sides and cocks her hips when she’s supposed to be just standing normally. to square, perfection is the box of dainty flower persona they’ve shoved kairi into alongside basically all their other female characters. to square, kairi is perfect bc she swung her keyblade once, fell down and cried for sora. to square, it’s perfectly fine for sora to pick up a keyblade and instantly be able to use it, but not kairi. to square, it’s okay for kairi to have no personality of her own bc she giggled once and fans fell in love with her and deemed her precious. it’s fine for kairi to be a plot device bc it’s not like square has very many women in the plot anyway so we as fans are gonna accept what we can. all of this can also communicate to other fans that because this is acceptable to you then it’s fine. like, “this one feminist blog i follow is fine with it, so it must not be a problem” (your headcanons aren’t always transmitted to other fans).

loving kairi as a character is not the problem. having her as your favorite KH character is not the problem. having headcanons about her to make up for shitty writing is not the problem. the problem is not discussing the huge flaws in her characterization bc tumblr has made it taboo. the problem is acting like kairi is the greatest character in the world just bc you feel like you have to since KH doesn’t have very many women. telling other fans that they’re misogynistic for pointing out these flaws is the problem. acting like you’re the best KH fan bc you picked all the female characters to be your favorite yet ignore how they’re canonically treated is the problem. it’s not progressive in terms of feminism to blissfully ignore how kairi is treated canonically, and it’s not progressive to the fandom either. just bc there aren’t very many women in square games doesn’t mean you have to accept the scraps they throw at you. love kairi, and let square know that this treatment of her is not okay. demand more from them. demand more from her. don’t let square continue this mistreatment of female characters just bc you want to love more female characters. love them by demanding a better canonical treatment.

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Rules: List ten of your favorite female characters in ten different fandoms and then tag ten people.

1. Miss Marple (Agatha Christie’s novels)
2. Anne Elliot (Persuasion, Jane Austen)
3. Hildegard of Meaux (Cassandra Clark’s novels)
4. Gwen (Merlin)
5. Lottie Wilkins (The Enchanted April, Elizabeth von Arnim)
6. Vera Stanhope (Ann Cleeves’ novels)
7. Gill Murray (Scott & Bailey)
8. Pike Trickfoot (Critical Role)
9. Emily Byrd Starr (Emily of New Moon)
10. Maite Ribelles (Gran Hotel)

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A stand that’s a superwholock who constantly fetishizes gay men’s relationships and calls itself an lgbt ally despite being “”“"uncomfortable”“”“ near lesbians. Its requiem form not only does this but also screams about how much it hates your favorite female characters because your favorite female characters are somehow getting in the way of its gay ships


Here are some signs to know if your favorite female character is into girls!!

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I dunno if this has been asked already but who are your favorite male and female anime/manga characters?

Top 10 Male Characters:

10. Tao Ren (Shaman King)

9. Sanji/Zoro (One Piece)

8. Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

7. Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

6. Vegeta (Dragon Ball)

5. Light Yagami (Death Note)

4. Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto)

3. L (Death Note)

2. Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

1. Lelouch Vi Britannia (Code Geass)

Top 10 female Characters:

10. Hakaze Kusaribe (Zetsuen no Tempest)

9. Shinobu Oshino (Monogatari Series)

8. Yuno Gasai (Future Diary)

7. Risa Koizumi (Lovely Complex)

6. Shana (Shakugan no Shana)

5. Hanji Zoe (Attack on Titan)

4. Esdese (Akame Ga Kill)

3. Annie Leonhart (Attack on Titan)

2. C.C (Code Geass)

1. Rem (Re Zero)

Top 10 Characters Overall:

10. Esdese

9. Annie Leonhart

8. Vegeta

7. Light Yagami

6. C.C

5. Sasuke Uchiha

4. Rem

3. L

2. Spike Spiegel

1. Lelouch Vi Britannia

Fannish disappointment in a nutshell:

  • When your whole dash is blowing up about something and you’re so excited to finally check it out… only to discover that there are no female main characters.
  • When you finish watching a really cool show… only to discover that the entire fandom is dedicated to making fanworks exclusively about the dudes.
  • When you think you’ve found a fic about your favorite female character… only to discover that it’s really just an excuse to showcase the angst of a male love interest.

Fannish triumph in a nutshell:

  • When you get into a popular show… only to discover that the show has fantastic female characters that are treated well by both canon and fandom.
  • When you ship a femslash pairing… only to discover that it’s being helmed by a particularly impressive and prolific bunch of writers and artists.
  • When you find a fandom with very little content for its female characters… only to discover that your contributions are extremely well-received and your enthusiasm is contagious.