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since you're so good at reblogging lol , could you mention some of your favorite blogs to reblog from? (im trying to find new nct blogs to follow!!!)

Boii are you in for a ride



And probs many more but to just name some

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hi I love your blog! Can you list your top 10 favorite blogs? 💕

omg hi tysm that’s so sweet of u to say! ♥ and of course! these are in no particular order: @faheys, @vlkyrie@homesickstars, @glenflowers, @gansaey, @nikolaiislantsov, @perspective, @mendlergf, @vercna, @sobertwo, @chaneldesi, and @dirkqently

(uhh this is slightly above ten but tbh i lov every blog i follow so u should also check out my blogroll too if u want)

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Who are your favorite blogs?

ugh this is hard bc i don’t ever keep track of mutuals or anything and i don’t wanna come across as creepy by tagging someone who has literally never heard of me but here’s a list of people i either talk to or follow and really enjoy seeing on my dash, no creep intended pls 

@henohenomoheji is my best friend of all time and i love her. @birdieonmyshoulder @flykarth and @tilmyfeetarewet are people i love and love talking to. i love following @atldiscourse and @ban-lisex bc i’m a messy fan. i recently followed @later-elio and @timotheetea and enjoy both of those blogs. i love @daniellecampbelle and @liamflopayne a lot. @odypromeiii and @killjoybambi are two of my favorite irl friends. @kawaiilo-ren and @yukipri are two amazing artists where i get most of my fan yuri on ice content (if you have the money and you like yuri on ice you should consider becoming a patron to one of them. i could only choose one but it was a great decision.) @thelyssymarie @ocalaghan and @themainband and i have a lot of the same interests which is cool and i love seeing their posts on my dash. @howlforyouandme and i both love armie and need to talk more i’m calling u out publicly trina. @harquinzel is a good source if u like movies, tv shows, models, or her yelling at u. 

i can’t think of any more off the top of my head but i follow a lot of people (475 to be exact) and i think a lot of those are blogs specifically dedicated to content instead of like personal/multifandom blogs. if i left someone out i’m sorry lmfao i’m trash!! 💕 

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The other day I was sitting on a bench with no trees nearby and this random squirrel came near me. Is this a sign I should become a devotee of Ratatoskr. It seems to me like Ratatoskr reached out to me in that way. I'm not sure and I wanted your opinion on it. Btw I've said before your my favorite Norse blog and you seem so sweet!🌟💖🌟

I don’t know man, the dudes a little dick and it’s not my place to speak for him.

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are there any ace blogs on her that you would recommend

Oooooh my gosh there are so many good ace blogs out there. I have no idea where to begin, so I’ll leave this up to followers! If you could reblog or comment with your favorite ace blogs, that would be awesome!


I think all content creators can relate to this.

In my opinion, I don’t think followers really understand how much your requests/likes/reblogs/etc. and random asks mean to me. It’s just so refreshing and nice to know that people enjoy what I’m doing and support me.

People that go the extra mile and send an ask or message letting me know they liked my stuff honestly makes my day. I love reading tags and stuff…it’s honestly so cute….

And people who ask about how I’m doing or send me random questions or cute asks….I just want you guys to know it honestly makes my day. I just love all the interaction and such. It makes running a blog so much more enjoyable.

And Fanart/Fanwork? Honestly that’s one of the greatest things to receive. To everyone that draws or writes, please don’t feel too insecure to send it end! No one is going to criticize you over quality. It’s so sweet that you even thought about making something…I will always appreciate it no matter what, and I’m sure all other content creators feel the same.

So, in conclusion, don’t be afraid to talk to your favorite blogs and show them some love, guys! We always appreciate it! ☺️

It’s been ages since I’ve seen someone do this but I was scrolling through old posts and came across this beautiful unfinished gay piece that I forgot had existed. So I tried to complete it or something? They’re a relationship I never considered before but now I’m in love 

Anyway I really love @drawbauchery uwu <3 (Original)

please reblog if
  • you’re a buzzfeed unsolved blog 
  • you’re a blog about the mcu/mcu actors (especially Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston and Tom Holland)
  • you’re a stranger things/stranger things cast blog 
  • you post any kind of imagines 
  • your post about bands or make lyric-posts (especially The Killers, Imagine Dragons or Fall Out Boy)
  • you blog about Doctor Who, Sherlock, Criminal Minds or Code Black
  • you blog about positivity
  • you just want to chat with someone on tumblr (whether or not you are interested in any of the stuff listed above) or you are into this kind of stuff too, but don’t post about it

or just recommend your favorite blogs to me so i can check them out - i am very much new on tumblr and looking for things to “start with” 

Thank you have a nice day ♥

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