your faves never could

Beyoncé is clenching her cervix with all of her might to hold those babies in until Gemini season. Lol now that’s a real astrology hoe bitch your fucking flop ass faves could never 


It’s no easy task being an ordinary parent to an extraordinary child. I failed in that task. And because of my prejudices, I failed you. I am haunted by how things might have turned out differently if I had been more willing to hear your side of things. For me, it’s the end. For you, a chance to grow old and someday do better with your own child than I did with mine. It’s for that child that I give you my ring. I don’t ask for your forgiveness or for you to forget. I ask only that you believe this: whether you are now reading this as a human or as a vampire, I love you all the same, as I’ve always loved you and always will. 

a list of quality ratonhnhaké:ton quotes that, in my opinion, deserve way more attention:

  • “will i get something for my troubles, aside from impressing a 12 year old girl?”
  • “fishing is a nice change of pace at times”
  • “stop. poking me”
  • “oh. OH! well, good for you!”
  • [falls out of tree] “what? i meant to do that”
  • “we don’t know what’s on the other side!” “we do now”
  • “i expect an apology when i return”
  • “how do i look?” “ridiculous”
  • [wins a bocce ball match] “victory is sweet”
  • “and instead you ask us to, what, shell all of new york?” “no of course not. only part of it”
  • “this next part you may not like” “as if i have liked the others?”
  • “recovered from your beating then?”
  • “is that so, old man? or perhaps we should step outside? i will gladly demonstrate how easily i could trounce… you”
  • “THAT’S IT” [bashes a guy’s face in with a checkers board]
  • “i will uncover this mystery myself!”
  • [finds norris in an outhouse] “oh… i will find you later then”

feel free to add more

  • Mabel Pines chose love over fear and bet the whole universe on the word of a con man and won.
  • Mabel Pines didn’t get the summer romance she was looking for but in the end she was okay with that because she learned to love herself.
  • Mabel Pines thinks that every woman she meets is beautiful, including herself, and if you don’t understand how radical that is you’ve never been a twelve-year-old-girl.
  • Mabel Pines met a creature she idolized and it told her she wasn’t good enough and she punched it right in its smug stupid face.
  • Mabel Pines was terrified of growing up because of everything she might lose, and the narrative didn’t blame her or break her for feeling that way.
  • Mabel Pines cared more about friends and family than magic and mysteries and not only did the narrative validate that, her scrapbook ended up being the most important object in the show.
  • Mabel Pines is glitter and sweaters and cheesy pop songs and blurry group selfies and the biggest smile in the crowd and she’s also so, so, so much more.

This isn’t a “your fave could never” because those are weird and needlessly combative, but look, I know what kind of narratives girls get. I thought that my fave could never. And then she fucking did.

anyway… mats zuccarello donated 12000 norwegian kr to tromsø’s ladies team so they could participate in NM for women (nationals)
they wouldn’t have been able to go if it hadn’t been for him and i just want you all to know that mats zuccarello is an amazing person and a great ambassador for norwegian hockey, that’s all


We hereby name you papal governor of Carbognano… You will make an outstanding magistrate.

Magnus is literally everything people want in a person:

•He’s loyal
•He’s caring
•He’s thoughtful
•He’s a good listener
•He’s gorgeous
•He has an amazing style
•He’s loyal
•He single handily saved everyone’s ass
•He not afraid to say what he feels
•He’s protective
•He’s a good lover
•He’s magical (pun intended)
•He mature
•He’s humble
•Again he’s fucking loyal.

I need a Magnus in my life.

Hey girlies just here to tell you that Grayson can carry Ethan on one fucking hand😍😍😩👏🏼👏🏼 wow King of strength ✊🏽😉😍❤️💀👏🏼👏🏼👑 no but really that means he can carry my fat ass with no problem. Wow I Stan a king!!!

can we all just take a moment to appreciate andrew garfield; he was literally fired for no good reason, had a character that he loved dearly, taken away from him and then SONY goes and REBOOTS the movies again. And he took it like a champ, you could tell he was so upset but said nothing bad about sony and showed no hate toward tom holland and even complimented his acting and wished him luck… your FAVE could NEVER. 

SONY never deserved him, he was and is a treasure!