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Does anybody else remember a time, long long ago, when you could just enjoy things?

You could watch a movie and just appreciate it instead of over analyzing every single scene to make sure there’s nothing remotely offensive about it.

You could have a favorite character and just like them and appreciate how great they were written and portrayed, without being told you’re terrible because they’re a villain. Even though they’re FICTIONAL and most likely were deliberately written to be likable. (Even if they were written as an evil character, I still think you have a right to like them, but maybe that’s just me)

You could love and be a fan of the actors without having to go full on FBI agent, looking into their backgrounds to make sure they are 100% perfect and had never made a mistake ever.

You could post about said actor without some busybody little fandom cop, slithering into your inbox to tell you(all too happily) that your fave is “problematic” (god, I fucking hate that word), and you’re disgusting if you still like them.

I’m in my 30’s so I remember those good ole days and it’s kind of sad to know, that most of you will never truly know how great that was. That’s a time long since forgotten. Bummer.

Am I the only one that reads sambucky/Samsteve fic and get that feeling that it’s always the writer’s love for Bucky bleeding through Sam?

Don’t get me wrong, I like Bucky I do, but I feel like all the fics are about how amazing, and funny, good looking and smart Bucky Barnes is, and how Sam never ever had a chance of resisting it, and understanding it all. How Steve is amazing and bright and holds the whole world on his shoulder, blá blá blá.

Just once, just THIS fucking once I want to read a fic about how amazing Samuel Thomas Wilson is.

How good looking, and caring, smart and funny he is, how even tho he doesn’t have white boy’s hair, his hair is well kept and soft, how he smells nice, how his cheekbones are sharp because hell they are. How capable of fighting he is, because he is the guy who took a knife to a gun fight.

He’s a guy capable enough to hold Captain America’s shield; strong enough to question his authority becase he doesn’t follow blindly; smart enough to point out the best tatical way of dealing with the enemy; human enough to see more than the all american hero, to see the men behind the shield. Badass enough to deadpan and snark a king and well trainned assassin.

For once just this once I would love to read Bucky or Steve talking about how important and amazing Sam is, and not the other way around. See them apologizing and swallowing their feelings, see them blushing and stammering because Sam outshines the Sun itself.

See the writers understand that yes you write for yourself, for free but if you share it you also want us to like, and writing for a interracial ship, maybe just maybe it’s important for the people of color who read it feel like the character of color is getting the love he sure as fucking hell deserves.

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dr. k: the little girl who destroyed the world.

i have too many feelings about doc k. while the internet was out i figured i’d rewatch power rangers RPM, and good god, tears everywhere for this girl. best character, your fave could never, etc.

urbangoutfitters  asked:

binch im too indecisive to jus have one fave soo🤔👶🏻🙃

ur, like, all the emojis tho the indecisiveness is understandable!! also wow binch i’ve been meaning to say that ur choice for ur icon is 15/10 that was such a good day for selfies!! it’s your best look!! and your blog is my favorite combination of aesthetic shitposting and awareness 11/10 good content and the +1 bonus for keepin’ ya url for years bc i could never

Send me your favorite emoji for blog compliments!

additionally, i’ll never understand antis who think louis did the bullshit tweets but also have him as a fave like that is so blatantly homophobic idgi are you actually going to be overtly homophobic in 2015?

you’re going to say your fave, the person you look up to and respect the most, is someone who promotes bullying and is a homophobic and clearly insecure asshole? that’s what you want to defend?

Just fuck me up SHINee.

That MV was everything.  The choreo was on point.  They all looked good as usual but Minho looked hot as fuck.  Holy shit. 

I already liked the song to begin with but the MV made me like it even more.  Being young and having fun.  Having a wild, unforgettable day with friends, even possibly breaking the law.  Eternal summer jam. Perfection.  But it’s SHINee so that’s to be expected.

So refreshing to see $$$ be spent on a teaser and actually relevant to the MV.

Onew knew to tell that girl to talk to the hand when she tried to kiss him because he knows I was gonna have questions when he came home.