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So how do you feel, 12 days from the UCL final were one of your fave is going to slaughter your other fave?

I don’t even get one day to celebrate both of my faves winning their respective leagues before this shows up in my inbox. Anyway. 

I’m going to take your question at face value, new follower, and assume you’re not just trying to imply that Madrid is going to “slaughter” Juventus, despite the fact that you’re a madridista.

So, first off: I feel pretty great! Two of my favorite teams are in the Champions League Final! Your faves could never, etc., etc. I am also highkey stressed because either way I’m probably going to see some of my favorite grown men cry, but that’s sports. I love them both, but I want Juventus to win. The team–Gigi Buffon in particular– deserves this trophy, and I do think they have been a more balanced and tactically sound team this season in the UCL.

I highly doubt that a “slaughter” is going to happen, whichever team ends up winning. Madrid, while an extremely strong attacking and counter-attacking team, has a very leaky defense. I love them but those dumb babies can’t defend a 1-0 lead to save their lives. Their way to win is to score a million goals to make up for when they inevitably concede, which will be very tough because… 

Juve has probably the best defense in Europe, if not the world. And with Higuain, Mandzukic, and Dybala (plus weird uncle Dani Alves and #1 underrated Alex Sandro,) on the attack they look pretty excellent going forward, too. They’ve already managed to shut out some of the best attacking teams in the competition, and score goals on top of that.

Either way, I’m hoping for  a scoreline something like 2-1 or 3-2 unless they drag their asses to penalties in which case it’s a 50/50 shot. I trust Gigi more but we saw what happened to the Italians during a penalty shootout in the Euros. 

In closing, unstoppable force meets immovable object and I win either way. And if you ARE implying that Madrid will “slaughter” Juve, just remember of the last time they met in the UCL.

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Characters whose popularity surpassed Fujimaki-sensei’s expectation.
Hanamiya, Haizaki, & Takao
Even though I drew Hanamiya and Haizaki thinking; readers will hate them!, they ended up gaining unusual popularity. Takao’s popularity simply exceeds my expectation. As for Hanamiya and Takao, I think Fukuyama Jun and Suzuki Tatsuhisa who lend their voice for them played a big role in affecting their popularity. Even then, for Takao to be so popular that he threatens Kiseki no Sedai’s popularity is…(bitter laugh)


Takao The High Spec Kareshi, Beware, your fave could never, when will your fave, etc. Such a flawless little sassy being.

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i never noticed before that charles had a tear in the cuba scene oh god HE CRIED FOR ERIK I CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD.

YES he is full on crying! The first tear falls when Erik says I want you by my side:

And then another tear when Charles says oh my friend

And then Erik blinks back his own tear that’s about to fall (from his left eye… or on our right)

Erik let a tear fall earlier when confronting Shaw as well!