your faves are irrelevant

For the love of all that is holy in this world please stop talking about dex as if he was in any way important to the plot of this episode

lol can people shut the hell up? emma and killian are getting married. they are the main couple. emma is the main character. it’s her story. they will get focus and promo for their wedding. they deserve that and more. this isn’t about your faves. 

  • monty green: [indirectly murders jasper's girlfriend and hundreds of other innocent people including children because he had no other choice]
  • jasper jordan: [is heartbroken and tormented and just as traumatised as everyone else because he's a human kid with emotions who had to see maya die in his arms]
  • jasper & monty: [are both suffering in their own way and trying to deal with the grief and the horrific pain of what happened in mt. weather and even before that]
  • jasper jordan: [confronts monty in his outbursts of grief-stricken anger and obviously resents him for being responsible for the death of the girl he loved]
  • monty green: [yells back at jasper because he is also in pain and that is how people argue sometimes and how they deal with all the pent up feelings]
  • idiot part of the fandom: wow jasper just... n eeds to sh ut thell up..... .. like sto p... being a dick to m onty like.... ... you have no right to b e dead inside???? onyl monty is suffer ing. why can yo unot.... SEE THAT.. . . five stages of grief what i s that i??? anyway SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!1

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A Tuna stan just tried to argue with Otto and insisted that rebirth BC is Dinah Drake. I'm feeling second hand embarrassment for Tuna and her stans. Imagine your fave being sooo irrelevant you argue about her existence with someone who actually works on those comic books. smh

The really funny thing is that those same two or so people (not saying Tina Stans have two fans, just saying it’s two specific people I see on Twitter) were talking about LL fans being so desperate for Rebirth Black Canary to be DLL to keep her “relevant” and how we’re just mad because DC is apparently so focused on DD now… but then I go to their pages and they were messaging the creatives behind Green Arrow Rebirth like… daily, begging them to tell them if it was Dinah Drake in Rebirth. And then when Otto posted that it was DLL, they went into meltdown mode and were like “am I supposed to just take his word for it when it’s clearly Dinah Drake?” LIKE?!?!?! Benjamin Percy (the writer) has favourited tweets where people say “Dinah Laurel Lance” and I saw no tweets of him favouring “Dinah Drake.” The truth of the matter is, most people who have read the comics thought it was “Dinah Lance” as in “Dinah Laurel Lance” and the only ones desperate to change the reality of the situation are the ones who want to give Tina Fake relevancy. It’s not the other way around. So awk for them. 

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Also whom is trent reznur lol idk who that is.

grammy winning artist, oscar and golden globe winning composer, invented marilyn manson. better than your trash irrelevant fave for sure. she needs to fix them botch surgeries 

anyway…. next time i see one of y'all compare your flop ass irrelevant fave attack on titan to berserk i’m gonna need a cheque of $500 mailed to my house as compensation for the trauma

The sign's reactions to someone insulting their fave 😰

Moon ~ your initial reaction

Sun ~ your internal monologue

Aries: LMAO and who’s your fave? Boring and irrelevant that’s who

Taurus: My fave raised me from birth and I would die for them

Gemini: You’re right. They’re trash and I want to marry them anyway so fck u

Cancer: Let me stan in peace… like I’m not hurting anybody…

Leo: Stop you’re insulting them. And me. Stop

Virgo: Oh my god… why are they bad?? #problematic? My fave?

Libra: Look everyone has their own opinions and I’m gonna like them whether u do too or not! Peace!

Scorpio: You’re literally so wrong it makes me cringe just thinking about how wrong you are about everything

Sagittarius: Hey hey hey woah there I just like their stuff alright

Capricorn: FUCK you!!!

Aquarius: Okay… you have to admit they’re talented though. It takes a talented person to know one, haha. Jks. I only like them bc no one else does

Pisces: Why do you love to Attack me

lmao the next time you call an older kpop group “has-beens” or “irrelevant” just remember that your fave newer group would kill to be even in the same room as them

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tbh while I love beys appearance on lip synch battle a part of me was like this is sooo beneath her especially after Paula had come out there like this is something a struggling artist would do not an icon makes me think her Adele jealousy is real

How was appearing on a show for literally less than thirty seconds performing HER OWN SONG beneath her? Some of us knew that she was going to be on Lip Sync Battle LONG before we knew Paula was going to be on, so that doesn’t make any sense… 

Also, this whole “Bey being jealous of Adele” rumor needs to be buried ASAP. I don’t know why y’all love to try and throw dirt on Bey, but it’s stupid af. Bey has NEVER said ANYTHING bad about Adele, and vice-versa. Adele even said, the one person she loves more than her child is Bey, so I honestly don’t even know WHERE or WHY this jealousy rumor began. Maybe it’s the other fan bases that are jealous of Bey’s success but that’s not Bey’s problem at all.

Lastly, struggling artist? You are aware that she sold literally MILLIONS of copies of her FIVE CONSECUTIVE GRAMMY WINNING ALBUMS, as well as having CONSECUTIVE HIGHEST GROSSING TOURS, including but not limited to I Am World Tour to TMCSWT (aka one of the highest grossing tours of a female… EVER) to On The Run (aka the second highest grossing tour of all time bringing in over 100 million in 20 days), as well as being one of the most awarded artist OF ALL TIME. 

If she’s struggling, then your fave must be in danger of falling into irrelevancy. 

Miss me with ALL your insecurities and your bullshit. 

in my dream I went to see cap 3 and the woman taking everyone’s tickets was asking trivia questions about the cap movies before she let anyone in

and i was like. cool. i know the cap movies i can do this.

her question for me was “which bath scene was your favourite?” ??? who tf takes a bath in captain america. nobody. wtf kind of question is that? ??

i think i made something up about a steve shower scene and she let me in