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Do you think Maul is still bugging the hell out of Obi-wan in the Force, even after Obi-wan becomes one with the force too? I bet he is.

I know there’s all that blahblahblah about how Force-Ghosting works, but really: I am totally on board with Maul ghosting it in some form, and being obsessed with Kenobi in the afterlife, because it’s hilarious and we all know that making fun of Star Wars (OUT OF LOVE) is why I am here. 

Like, for Maul’s sake I hope he’s more at peace by that point, but let’s be real: no one ever really gets over being obsessed with Obi-Wan. So, y’know. Sorry, Kenobes. You couldn’t shake Anakin, and you’re not getting rid of Maul. Your Sithly fanclub is coming to the afterlife with you. 

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Who do you think should just get together and get it over with already?

James Potter and Lily Evans! They just have to stop being so oblivious to what is very very obvious to the rest of us, do all of us a favor and get it over with it! You two can be a power couple and even have fanclubs for your relationship (founded by your pathetic friends). @prongsypranks @l-evans

Sirius Black and Marlene McKinnon. They’re shagging, yes. But am I the only one seeing the romantic tension between these two Gryffindors??? @leastnobleblack @mcknickers

Regulus Black and Hugo Mendoza! For the love of Merlin’s beard! If you think you can fool Rita Skeeter with your “we’re friends!” lies, you’re making a grave mistake. You might not be on talking terms anymore but I sure saw it when you two jumped on each other the other day. Sure, go ahead and tell me you were just fighting@alwayspureblack @huggleshugo

Julian Fawley and Alecto Carrow. We see you - or at least I am. You two better hurry up or the arrogant blonde will snatch Alecto away. Yes, I have my sources confirm that the one and only Slytherin Quidditch Team Captain and the Beater Alecto Carrow and the same team’s Keeper Evan Rosier are in fact, betrothed. So you guys may have about two years or so to live this love before the unavoidable end. Live a little! @julianfawley @alxctx @e-rosier

Rodolphus Lestrange and Bellatrix Black. My sources also confirmed these two being promised to each other. So, why don’t you come around and just admit it? You could be the power couple… Such waste. But oh wait… Maybe them not getting together might have to do with a riddle we can’t solve. @rodlxstrange @bellatrixdruella-black

Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Black. Well, look at all the Blacks making this list. None of you have been playing nice, have you? I need to get more on this almost-couple but also there are betrothel rumours I have to yet confirm. Let’s address this issue later, shall we? @lusciousmalfoy @blondexblack

Alexander Stan and Lucinda Talkalot. Let’s be clear, I find neither of these people interesting enough other than being two of the pretties pupils. But we’ve all had enough with the blondie trying to get the girl that we all just want this to be over! Get together, shag, break up. But let this be done with already. We suffered for three years… @alexanderstan @l-talkalot

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Want your own shippy oneshot? Check here to find out how!

Also, want more Steven, Connie, Peedee, and Jeff? Then check out The Connie Maheswaran Fanclub by @coreywwilliams

Author’s note: All the characters within are adults.

Jeff sat on the couch of Steven’s house, trying to relax while at the same time ignoring the flutter in his chest. Peedee was across the room, in the kitchen, poking through the refrigerator and muttering to himself about the slim number of choices.

“Not really a whole lot here,” Peedee said, shutting the refrigerator door. He turned, smirk on his face, “Steven said we could help ourselves to anything in the kitchen, but he failed to mention is that there isn’t anything in the kitchen to eat .”

Jeff gave him a heavy look. “ How can you be hungry right now?”

“Pretty easily, really. I skipped lunch.”

Jeff pursed his lips, but said nothing, looking away.

“Hey, come on,” Peedee said, walking over to the couch and sat next to him. “I know what you mean. This is still kinda… new.” He sat down down next him. “I mean, Steven and Connie have been doing the couple thing for years now. And… you and I have only been doing it for- what, I think we’re coming up on our tenth month anniversary?”


“Right. And we’ve got a… new relationship going. The four of us.”

Jeff gulped. “Polyamory.”

“Right,” Peedee chuckled. “But we’re all together on this now. All four of us. There’s no need to get to worked up.”

“Easy for you say,” Jeff retorted. “I spent most of my life thinking I’d never be in any kind of relationship. And now I’m going from monogamy to polyamory within the course of few months.” Jeff gulped. “That’s like going from the minors to majors within the course of one game.” He paused again. “Is… Is that a good sports analogy? I’m not really sure.”

Peedee, however just laughed. “That’s… not completely apt. I mean, the four of us have kinda been like this for a while. We’ve just made it official now.”

“I think I like it better when it was just unspoken…” Jeff mumbled. “Less stressful…”

“Maybe in the short term,” Peedee shrugged. “But if we’re going to do this, then we all need to be on the same page. Just so we don’t cross any boundaries.” His brow furrowed slightly. “Unless… you just don’t feel comfortable doing this. If you don’t then-”

“No, it’s not that. I want to, it’s just that…” Jeff trailed off, however he didn’t get a chance to finish his thought.

“Woo! Oh, man!”

Bursting through the front door with an energy that Jeff could barely comprehend, Stevonnie came sauntering into the room, laying their large, pink sword next to the door and a bubble floating in the palm of their hand. Within was a teal colored gem.

“Sorry for running late, guys,” they said, lightly tapping the bubble, causing it to disappear. “Turns out, those ruins weren’t quite as deserted as Pearl and Garnet had thought.” They chuckled gleefully, causing Jeff’s cheeks to flare with color.

“So you had a busy day then?” Peedee asked, giving Jeff’s shoulder an encouraging squeeze.

“Something like that. It wasn’t too bad, to be honest,” they answered, shrugging. Stevonnie had grown right along with Steven and Connie. The fusion now towered over just about everyone, save perhaps some of their fellow fusions. They walked over to the couch, sitting in between both of them. With barely a moments of hesitation, Stevonnie wrapped an arm around either of them and drew them close, planting kisses on both of their cheeks.

However, the way Jeff instantly tensed up made it abundantly clear that something was amiss. Their arms still gently around their two partners, “Is something wrong? I didn’t do anything, did I? Or Steven and Connie?”

“Jeff’s not one-hundred percent sure about this,” Peedee answered simply.

Stevonnie blinked, before splitting into their two components. Both Steven and Connie looked over at Jeff.

“Jeff… If this doesn’t feel right, then we’re not trying to force you,” Connie said gently.

Steven nodded. “Yeah, right. We want this to be about… you know. Love. But if it doesn’t-”

“No, that’s not it,” Jeff said, a firmness settling into his voice. “I…” He swallowed, bracing himself. “I do love you. All three of you. This is all just… a little overwhelming.” He looked over at them, Connie closest to him, then Steven, then Peedee. “This is all really new to me. Peedee was my-… first. And that was only eleven months ago.” He looked down into his lap. “I’m just afraid I’m going to mess this up and ruin it for all of us…”

There were several moments of silence, before Peedee said softly, “You’re not going to ruin anything, Jeff.”

Jeff shook his head. “You say that, but-”

And then, there was a feeling Jeff hadn’t felt before. The feeling of three pairs of hands all holding his one hand.

He looked back up, rubbing his eyes dry with his free hand.

“You’re not going to ruin anything, Jeff,” Peedee repeated earnestly. “We’re all in this. Together.”

“That’s right,” Connie said. “We can go as fast or slow as you want, Jeff,” Connie said. “This is about trust and love. Always.”

“So you don’t have to worry. If ever feel worried or uncomfortable, you can tell us. We’d want you too,” Steven urged. “Trust and love.”

Jeff could feel his face burning and eyes tearing up. “I… I love you. All of you.” he laughed, wiping his eyes again. “This was a good idea. The best idea.”

“I dunno,” Peedee smirked. “Those chocolate chip waffles Steven and I made yesterday were pretty great.”

All four of them laughed, the tension that had been in the room evaporating.

“Come on, guys,” Steven said, his giggles dying away. “Group hug.”

They all gathered around Steven, Jeff doing his best to wrap his arms around all of them.

This was a good idea. The best idea.

It feels right.

Jeff shut his eyes tight as the familiar pink glow began to wash over him.

ize interview teaser - jeonghan

you must feel more idol-like when you finally get to have a name for your fanclub.
i think that would be really great. i would think “wow” when everyone’s holding up the same lightstick. i i would be really touched. i might even cry. i think it’d be really nice to see that many people holding the same lightstick to cheer on for seventeen.

trans by mountean
t/n: this interview must have been held before the fanclub name and lightstick were created.

swj fanclub event (yokohama) (day ii) (part ii) ♡ 151027

during the fanmeets, taemin accidentally spoiled that shinee’s fourth japanese album will be released sometime around january 2016 (in time for the start of their new tour). he also spoiled that they may possibly perform at another dome venue next year as well / that they’re in the process of trying to look for and secure venues. (source)

151103 shinee world j official fanclub event day 3

Minho: It’s a period film…
MC: Do you have a mustache?
Minho: I do, I do. My hairstyle is also different.
Onew: Are you bald? LOL
Minho: I’m not bald!
Jonghyun: Please look forward to it, Minho’s baldness.

credit: @ririshineeminho

Minho said that he’s done with his drama and is currently filming for a movie. Since it’s a historical film, his hairstyle is different from his usual. Somehow, the members started chanting, “bald, bald, bald~”

When Key was talking about his musical, the other members are still going, bald? bald? and Key said, “I’m not bald!”

credit: @takap510
translation credit: @keihissi