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Summary: Bucky and Steve will never let you know that they’re the heads of your booty’s fanclub.

Authors note: It was so hard to find old timey slang for butt. Like we have so many words now I was surprised lmao.

Warnings: None, Bucky and Steve appreciating that cake

  Your jeans only make it halfway up your thighs before they refuse to budge. You groan.

‘And this was my favorite pair too’

You sigh, before peeling off the jeans and rooting around in your dresser for something that you can wear. You never were the skinniest person, especially when it came to your hips and thighs. But then again you never were exactly bootylicious either. So when you became a SHEILD agent you thought your body would kinda slim down into a  svelte mass of lean, toned muscle like the other female agents.

 Boy were you wrong. 

You gained muscle, and a lot of it too. Every single inch of you had at least some definition and your thighs had bulked up considerably. As for your butt….You sneak a peek at it in the mirror ‘I swear it gets bigger every day’ . Since you had joined the Avengers last year and your training had gotten even more intense you swear your booty had doubled in size. Your body was very… in your face nowadays. Wanda kindly described you as ‘shapely’. You pull out a pair of denim shorts that have some slight stretch to them.

You look at yourself in the mirror sighing. ‘ If I get anymore shapely I’m gonna have to buy an entire new wardrobe.’ 

“Pal, why is ya oatmeal always so…” Steve makes a face “…Soggy?”

Bucky and Steve are sitting eating breakfast, at a table that’s situated slightly back and across from the kitchen, next to an open door. Bucky snorts.

“It’s oatmeal Steve, it’s supposed to be soggy.” Steve rolls his eyes but takes another bite of his oatmeal, making a mental note to make breakfast himself the next morning.

Bucky lets out a soft, low whistle. Steve turns his his head, slowly. He knows what that whistle means. He watches as you enter from the other side of the room, cross the kitchen and start rifling in the cabinets. Or rather he watches your ass cross the kitchen and start rifling in the cupboards. You Steve, and Bucky were pretty good friends. You had surprisingly befriended Bucky first, and then Steve. Bucky had been making a good recovery, but was still kind of shy, except around Steve and Sam, and then you. Your sense of humor and openness kind of disarmed him. The three of you would always hang out, watch movies, and talk about anything and everything. But the one thing that Bucky and Steve would never mention is that they both agreed that you by far had the best body they had ever seen. And they were low-key its fan club. The super soldier’s eyes track you as you gather your cup of tea and cheese danish in one hand and exit the room.

“Now ain’t that a beautiful sight to see in the morning?” Bucky says, smirking and sipping his coffee. 

“Yes,” Steve smirks back “As I always say,the lady is truly blessed.”

“Amen.” Bucky says raising his coffee mug. “I mean have you ever seen such beautiful gams on a dame?”

“No,”  Steve pushes back his bowl of soggy oatmeal and crosses his arms over his chest. A devious grin forms on his face. “But that’s not the only thing that’s beautiful.”

Bucky’s grin widens to epic shit eating proportions. “True, Y/N’s a bit broad in the beam, ain’t she?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

 Your voice coming from behind them nearly stops both super soldier’s hearts. They turn, mouths slack, to find you standing in the doorway behind their table, tea and cheese danish in one hand, the other perched on your hip.

“Ah-um-I-um” Steve splutters, unable to form words. Bucky, on the other hand, decides distraction is the best course of action.

“Y/N! Sugar, sweetheart, you look lovely today. How’s that cheese danish? I heard the weather’s going to be nice , maybe we should go to the park?” He exclaims, red slowly creeping up his neck until his whole face is scarlet. You silently look from Steve to Bucky. ‘Well if they’re not gonna spill, Google will’

You pull out your phone and look at it. “Well looks like I have somewhere to be so I’ll see you boys later.”

You turn, hearing twin goodbye’s being called out after you, with at least one voice cracking in the middle.

You retreat back your room and fire up your laptop. Bucky and Steve were always using obscure old timey slang that no one understood. ‘they better haven’t been throwing shade…’ you shake your head. It seemed like they were talking about something physical about you, and not in a bad way. You feel warm and kind of insecure at the same time. You couldn’t deny that the two super soldiers were very attractive.

You open google and type “gams meaning” into the search engine.




plural noun: gams

  1. a leg, especially in reference to the shapeliness of a woman’s leg.

A giggle escapes your mouth. ‘oh my’ you think.

You type the next phrase into Google, and click on the phrase dictionary that comes up.

Broad in the beam


Having wide hips or buttocks

You stare at the screen for a moment and then  recall the overheard conversation. Your mouth falls open as you choke out a laugh ‘Oh my god’

Later that day you find Bucky,Steve and Sam sitting outside. You join them, and they all greet you, but you notice Bucky isn’t looking you in the eye and Steve’s ears are pink. Sam doesn’t seem to notice the tension and dives into a story about sweeping a girl off her feet in the local coffee shop.

“…then she gave me her number.”

“That’s great!” Steve says “You gonna take her out soon?”

“Yeah this weekend”

“That is great,” Bucky smiles “What does she look like?” he asks curiously.

“Man she had the cutest laugh, and those dimples…” Sam pauses, smiling to himself. “She had short dark hair, and was so curvy… damn.” Everyone chuckles a bit at this, and after the chuckles stop you pipe up.

“Curvy? Sam get with the times, you don’t call women curvy anymore, its called being broad in the beam.” You say and smirk at the two super soldiers. They promptly turn bright red, Bucky choking a little bit. Sam whips his head back and forth between the three of you.

“Am I missing something?” he asks.

 Steve clears his throat, holding out his hands imploringly.

“Y/n, sugar, listen. I can explain”

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Can all of Karasuno have shirts about Daichi like Hinata and Kags "If lost return to Daichi" or Tanaka's "One time Daichi punched me in the face" and on the back it says "it was awesome"


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Hiya! ^^ I would like to request hc's about an MC who is a kpop star or part of a group. I imagine they'd all be super surprised to see them at the party! I hope you both are well, and you don't have to do my ask if you wouldn't like to! Oh sorry, I'm starting to ramble again aren't I? Hahaaaa;;;

A/N: IM SO READY FOR THIS, FUCK ME UP (and dont worry i ramble a lot, I don’t think you were rambling sweetheart <3) ~Admin 404


           -He’s a big big fan of kpop

           -Follows all the popular groups and stars almost religiously

           -So when you (or Saeyoung) tell the group what your name is, he’s hYPED


           -You just couldn’t tell him right off the bat that yes, you were that person

           -You decided to surprise him at the party instead!

           -Because nothing is cooler than finding out you’re dating an idol of yours, right???

           -So when he sees you at the party he actually squeals like a little kid because WOW YOU’RE THERE AND YOU’RE AMAZING

           -“YOU KNOW MY S/O HAS THE SAME NAME AS YOU” “Yoosung it is me, I’m MC, I’m your s/o”

           -Poor baby faints right then and there. From then on he’s just always so in awe every time he looks at you. Always telling his friends about you; “Hey did you know i’m dating-” “YES YOOSUNG, YOU’RE DATING MC. THE MC. YES YOU LOVE THEM. YES THEY LOVE YOU. WE GET IT”


           -Yeah he’s heard all the popular groups and stars

           -Has a ton of respect for them all

           -After all, he is a music man himself musicals are different than pop music though zen

           -He’s also a firm believer of “He can date whoever he wants, famous or not”

           -When he’s down in the dumps and you come over to his house to cheer him up he’s really surprised

           -Why is there a famous star on my doorstep?? What do they want?? Are they here to say bad things about me too? whaT IS HAPPENING

           -You have to quickly calm him down and explain that no, you’re just MC and you’re here to cheer him up

           -He’s so confused and stays like that for a solid hour. He talks to you and he’s excited and all but he just…. cannot process that the MC he’s developed strong feelings for is also the famous star MC

           -You’re waiting for him at his home while he brings back some snacks for the two of you and he bursts through his own front door



           -The moment she knew your name, she was suspicious

           -Isn’t one for blindly believing something

           -So she thought it was merely a coincidence that you shared the name of a famous star

           -Except when she saw you in person at the party

           -She kept asking around to make sure that she was seeing you correctly

           -Not to mention she never remembered anyone mentioning the invitation of a famous kpop star???

           -“Jaehee, it’s me. MC. I helped organize the party, I didn’t realize I had to put myself on the list”

           -You helped whAT

           -Then and there is the moment she realized that your name wasn’t a coincidence and that she had asked planned on asking a famous kpop star to be her partner in opening a coffee shop

           -But she doesn’t treat you any differently, not at all. She just kind of fangirls in silence (until you catch her later at the party)


           -“Are you part of that famous group that’s all over the radio all the time?”

           -I guess that’s one way of greeting me, Jumin

           -When he saw you in person it just solidified his assumptions

           -Doesn’t treat you any different than he would have before, because you’re still you

           -You just happen to have a title as well. That doesn’t change who you are inside, ya know, the part he loves

           -But, the fact that you’re famous and you have no body guards concerns him to all hell??

           -That day on you’re surrounded by more body guards than you can even see

           -He actually admits to not hearing any of your work and you just sit there in awe

           -“Jumin do you live under a rock?” “Don’t be ridiculous, I live up here in my penthouse”

           -He actually buys all your albums and anything you’ve ever made later that day. Falls in love with your music and he’s so cute like he wears your merch when the two of you are relaxing at home


           -Knew from the background check, there’s no be reveal for you this time MC

           -Though he was REALLY REALLY excited that you’re the famous kpop star because he loves your music

           -Actually seen you live before which makes meeting you 10x more exciting

           -He throws in lyrics to your songs to try and let you know that “hey, mc, i know who you are but im keeping it a secret from everyone else”

           -HYPED AS HELL! The person he fell in love with is also the celebrity he had the biggest crush on

           -But that also scares the hell out of him because of his job??? He’s supposed to be in the shadows??? How would this even work out?

           -Despite it all, he still came to the apartment to protect you

           -You expected a big “wow i can’t believe its you” but instead you just got ignored and you’re just left there kinda like???? dude???

           -But when the two of you head out to Mint Eye headquarters, your music started to blare in his car and he couldn’t turn it down fast enough

           -EMBARRASSED AS ALL HELL, he’s as red as his hair and finally admits that you’re his favourite recording artist and has been for years. Even admits that he’s the owner of your fanclub fucking dORK


           - can he even see you

           - im sorRY I HAD TO THROW THAT IN JUST FOR 626

           -Really really surprised to see that you’re the famous MC

           -Actually enjoys your music a lot and has photographed you at a few of your shows

           -Never sold the pictures though because those are personal to him what a fanboy

           -He feels TERRIBLE that you got caught up in all of this, he doesn’t think you deserve the trouble at all

           -When he meets you in person, the first thing he does is apologize profusely

           -After a very long time, and the two of you end up together, he didn’t even realize that one day he wore a t-shirt of yours until you pointed it out

           -Immediately starts to stutter and turn bright red. The gig was up so he decided to show you some of those pictures he’s taken as well

           -He’s your favourite photographer at every show from then on and he’s loving the hell out of it <3


           -Also knew from the beginning

           -He’s not into kpop, he’s into some harder music, forget that MC

           - somebody’s being a LLLIIIAAAAAARRRRR

           -After a while, when the two of you get close, you catch him listening to a few of your songs

           -You never say anything though because if you catch him, he gets embarrassed and just walks out of the room

           -Hates publicity (or the public population in general, take your pick) so he avoids it at all cost

           -But he does think it’s pretty cool that you’ve created music, like he wishes he could do something like that

           -Protects you from his fanboy of a brother who’s always hanging all over you

           - calm down saeran it’s in an idol-appreciation way

           -Literally does not care if you’re famous or not. He has no more fucks to give. None I tell you, none

Jerry’s is a madhouse.

Normally, at this hour, the place is relatively quiet. But as soon as Ransom gave his orders to beat the LAX bros there and claim every single table before those douchenozzles could even get their names on the waitlist, the entire SMH team, along with every single one of their varied fans currently on hand, descended on the place en masse.

Unfortunately, the chaos of the situation didn’t leave much room for negotiation on seating arrangement. And of course Dex ends up squeezed into a tiny table for two with Nursey.

Dex scowls down at the bowl of creamers that a part of him wants to start stacking into pyramids like he used to do whenever he was dragged to diner breakfasts with the grandparents as a kid. Nursey just casually peruses the menu like he doesn’t have it memorized, and like he isn’t very obviously ignoring the D-man across from him.

Are they fighting? Okay, they’re always fighting, stupid question. But Dex is having a hard time remembering what this newest one is even about.

Their knees knock together under the table, seeing as it wasn’t designed to be shared by two long-limbed men over six foot. It’s not either of their faults, but Nursey huffs like it is and sets his menu back down onto the table roughly.

“I think your fanclub has a seat free at their table if you’d prefer it,” Dex mutters.

“You trying to get rid of me, Poindexter?”

“What gave me away?”

Or,” Nursey smirks and raises an eyebrow the way he does whenever he thinks he’s found just the right William Poindexter button to push that will get a good reaction. “Are you just jealous?”

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we are all liars

in which eijun and kazuya are both in denial and pining like clueless idiots

“You’re one nasty bastard,” Eijun says.

Kazuya takes the insult completely in stride; it isn’t something new coming from Eijun’s mouth after all. He loops an arm around Eijun’s neck and tugs him closer, pulling Eijun flush against the hard lines of his body. A corner of Kazuya’s mouth twitches when Eijun reflexively struggles against his hold – though it’s obvious he’s not really putting that much gusto to wrestle away from Kazuya. “Who’s the one asking for extra practice today, hm? Learn to be nicer if you want something, brat.”

“I bought you the stupid salmon onigiri you like this afternoon.” Eijun scowls up at him, his fringe parting in the middle of his forehead and revealing annoyed, brown eyes that were previously partially shielded by his hair. “That’s nice enough.”

“What about my coffee and slice of cheesecake?” Kazuya asks, a lofty lilt in his tone. He continues resting his arm on Eijun’s shoulder, who’s by now given up any semblance of resistance as they make their way to the clubroom. 

Eijun scrunches his face up in distaste. “I’m not part of your fanclub, Miyuki.” 

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Bucky Barnes

Skewered- You’re a doctor for the avengers and when Bucky comes in with a hunk of metal in his side you find that it’s not his injury that’s making you sweat.

Roses - Where Bucky Barnes hates you and you hate him or where Bucky Barnes only has eyes for you but you have eyes for someone else

Coffee- (sequel to roses)

Steve Rogers

Sketchy- Steve’s been crushing on you for a while but is forcing down his feelings….Well all that  tension has to go somewhere… and it manifests in his sketchbook.

Steve and Bucky

Shapely- Bucky and Steve will never let you know that they’re the heads of your booty’s fanclub

Cha Eunwoo for Ceci (2017 March issue)

How do you feel becoming Ceci’s cover model?
I feel extremely good. I really enjoyed myself whenever I filmed for Ceci. That’s why today I thought to myself that I should work hard and hoped for the shoot to come out pretty but becoming the cover model on top of that, I’m happy. 

Going through your many schedules, do you still harbor a greed for (obtaining) licenses? Have you perhaps given it a shot?
I challenged myself to get a driver’s license and am left with the final course. I passed the written and skills tests and even sat in for the practical test lessons. Driving isn’t hard and I enjoy myself whenever I drive.

There’s always a smile plastered across your face whenever you talk. Have you been like that since you were young?
I didn’t realise it myself but the members said that how I smile resembles my dad. But my eyes always disappear when I smile (laughs). So because they can’t see my eyes when I smile, I’ve had a lot tell me that I should open my eyes a little. That’s why I kind of want to fix it.

It’ll be a year since ASTRO have debuted once it’s 23rd February. You must be feeling incredible?
There are honestly so many thoughts that come to me. I’ve had many new experiences and when I look back, there are also regrets that remain. There are also a lot of events that I feel proud about and am thankful for. We’re a year into our debut and picked things up while experiencing just this much so I realised again how amazing are the careers of our seniors who started way before us. A long extent of time is definitely not easy and I felt how they really are of a whole other level.

Having experienced a year (yourself), you would naturally develop a sense of respect for the people who have accumulated their own time before you.
Yup, that’s why I’m determined for us to really become a team who our juniors would want to take after when they see us hitting our own 5, 10 year mark. 

Having debuted and going through promotions, is there anything that you’ve come to learn about yourself?
My stamina and ability to adapt is good. Even in a situation where I feel really tired and burnt out, my stamina that’s been stored away somewhere shows itself. Especially when there are things I need to accomplish the next day, I’ll always think it over before going to sleep. Then preparations for what I have to do the next day speeds up for me. There’s the bit about not being able to sleep because of the nerves but I’m doing image training. Though when I’m tired and become sensitive, everything shows on the outside. Even if I don’t say anything, I make it obvious like a young kid would. When I think about it later on, I feel sorry and see it as my ownself being immature. My dad has always told me to be good at mind control but I think I’ll have to pay more heed in the future. 

After reading your interview about being deeply immersed in your emotions when you film for a pictorial, I got a grasp of how rich you are in emotions.
My younger sibling’s a ‘cold city guy’ kind of style. When I was young, my family would gather amongst ourselves whenever it’s the weekend and we’d all watch a movie together before sleeping. Even though we’ll bet on who’s able to stay up right till the end, my dad would always fall asleep first. My younger sibling would go to sleep if he found the movie boring and only I would watch till the very end. He wouldn’t cry even if we watched a sad movie, only I would show my tears so I did get teased for that. My father would always look at me and say that I was rich in emotions.

Your personality’s warmer than your younger sibling’s.
But seems like my brother’s felt a lot of things as he lived alone in China. I went to the airport to welcome him when he came back to Korea at the beginning of the year and he was crying as he hugged me. Previously on a radio program, there was a corner where we greeted our family members and JinJin hyung cried as he talked about his mum. I thought I’d end up crying too so I talked about my brother and he said that he’s watched the video dozens of times. 

ASTRO’s special album is slated to be released soon and I’m anticipating your fanclub inauguration ceremony too.
I’ve always asked my company when would our official color be settled, when would they be putting out more goods and I think we’re seeing things move along one step at a time now. When Sechskies and Shinhwa seniors made their comeback, it looked really nice how their balloons in the official colors were being waved about. (As he takes out his fanclub’s official card from his wallet) I can show people now too. I’m happy since we can strengthen the bond with our fans.

That’s true. Because it’s not everyone who can pull off holding an offcial fanclub inauguration ceremony.
If up till now ASTRO has shown a bright and zesty image then in our new album, we’ve embraced a slight transformation. Like how a boy matures. We were also fascinated as we filmed for the music video since it was a different concept. So I’m anticipating how the fans would receive it. The album also includes a fan song in which we personally wrote the lyrics for. We’re preparing a choreography for it too. Our album and the fanclub inauguration ceremony, I’m looking forward to it all.

Lastly, are there any words you’d like to leave in Ceci magazine? Anything is fine.
MJ, JinJin, Cha Eunwoo, Moonbin, Rocky, Yoon Sanha, I love you, ASTRO! Let’s win a no.1 on music broadcasts in 2017. Chairing!!

Scans by: WinterDaisY1204

Translations by @99pmh​
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Jake Mckenzie Fanclub?!?!😵💕

That’s riiight…You heard it from here, folks! Me and Jess also known as @mermaidwarriorqueen have been thinking about starting a fanclub about your favorite snarky pilot, Jake! Now much like the Zigzaggers fanclub, we were thinking of creating a blog page that includes everyone’s talents for Jake. Fanfiction, artwork, funny photoshops, whatever you like!😊 Just remember that if you want to join, either contact me or Jess for us to write you down and get everyone settled. Or just reblog saying that you’re interested! PSA: ANY ARTISTS WHO ARE WILLING TO CREATE A BANNER FOR OUR BLOG PAGE WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED! ALSO WE’RE BRAINSTORMING A NAME FOR FANCLUB. COMMENT BELOW IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS😊Thank you guys so much for listening and have fun!!😘💕😘💕😘

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