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Big Ego Part 4 - Requested (Michael)


Thank you, that’s so sweet!! Hope you like it!

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“You’re home!”, you yell swinging open the door. All the people in the pizza restaurant look at you as if you’re the world biggest moron. “Sorry”, you say wishing the ground would swallow you up. You look around and look at as much people as you can, making sure you apologize to them all. But chuckles that are coming from the back, claim your attention. You walk to the table still looking round you, sending out sorry’s with your eyes. “Stop laughing”, you sit down.

“Who shouts like that when they enter a restaurant”

“I was being enthusiastic”, you bite to Calum.

“Is my nose still here?” Calum gropes his face. He sighs with relieve when he reaches his nose. “Thank god you didn’t bite it of”, he teases. You try not to laugh. “Oh come on (Y/N), let me see that beautiful smile”, he pokes you in your side. You flash him your teeth, giving him your biggest most fake smile. “Beautiful”, Calum smiles.

“You look amazing (Y/N)”, Michael places his hand on yours and gives it a little pinch”

“Stop the drooling Mike”

“Can’t I just stay to my friend that she looks stunning?” he raises his eyebrows and looks to Ashton.

“Of course you can,” you back up Michael, “but don’t suck up so much.” You tap his hand and smile to him sweetly. “So how are things with our big ego?” you sign with your head to Michael and look at the others.

“Great actually”, Ashton starts.

“Yeah, really good”, Calum adds.

You smile proud to Michael. “Good job Mikey”

“But we have a new problem”, Ashton’s eyes quickly turn to Luke to then look back to you. “We have a little diva in the making”

“Okay, stop with that”, Luke looks at you for support. “If I ask not be we woken up before a certain time, that doesn’t mean I’m a diva. Right?” you just nod. “That just mean I’m a tired boy”

“It’s alright Luke, it’s fine”, you ease him, but wink to Ashton and Calum.

“What was that?” Luke points between you and Ashton.

“Nothing”, you say innocent, blinking your eyes at him. “Love you Luke”, you blow him a kiss.

“Yeah right”, he blows out air.

“See diva”, Ashton points out smirking a bit. Luke sits up, ready to fight back, but you don’t give him a change.

“We can fight about this later, but are you guys free tomorrow evening?” they nods yes, but have question marks in their eyes. “I want to do a Barbie. I have something to tell you guys”

“Tell us now”

“No. You have to be patience Mikey”, you stick out your tongue.


“You’re early”, you give Michael a big hug and kiss his cheek. “You’re good?”

“Yeah great, thought I could help you out”

“That’s so sweet, but I’m almost ready”, you walk to the kitchen, Michael following you.

“Just give me any job really”, he smiles.

“You can grate the carrots”, you point to the counter.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about the last time we saw each other”, he says getting started with his work.

“Me too Mike”

“Your words really left an impact on me”

“I can tell. You’ve really changed. I can see my old Mikey again”, you go over and hug him from behind. “I’m happy to have my Michael back”, you whisper to his back.

“Listen (Y/N), I hope we can go back to how we used to be”, you let him turn in your arms. “I have to say this”, you rest your head against his chest and he rest his chin on top of your head. “(Y/N), I I l lo”, he stops talking which makes you look up.

“Hey babe”, you say happy seeing your boyfriend walk in. You let go of Michael and walk to Noah, who kisses you full on the lips. “Michael, this is Noah. My boyfriend” you can see that Michael is a bit chocked. “Noah, now this is my best friend Michael”

“Nice to meet you Michael”, Noah goes to him and reaches him his hand. Michael is unsure but shakes Noah’s hand. “I’ve heard so much about you”

“I wish I could say the same”, there is something unsteady and rancor in his voice. You give Michael a glare, but he doesn’t seem to care.

“Babe, could you set up things outside?” he smiles, nods and leaves you and Michael alone.

“So, you asked us over to”, he breaks the silence.

“To meet my boyfriend”, you feel guilt build up in you, seeing him crumble, seeing that something is missing his eyes that was there just a minute ago.

“Why didn’t you tell me? How long?”

“I wanted to be sure and not that long. Michael, this doesn’t change anything between us”, you take his hand in yours.

“This changes thing (Y/N). I was hoping that we”

“No”, you shake your head. “I have Noah now, I’ve moved on. I told you that last time”

“I know, I was just hoping that me changing would change things”, he bites his lip, keeping his tears in.

“I didn’t want to hurt you Mike. I love you”

“But not in that way”

“Not anymore”, you say with regret. “Not for now”

“In the future?” his voice his filled with hope. You don’t know if you need to amplify of destroy the hope, only because you’re not sure about your feelings.

“Never say never”