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Guardian Reapers

I know I said the next imagine would be about Chibs but I came up with this on the road and ended up writing it all down, so here it is. I had a lot of fun with it.

The sons find out your husband is abusive and help you out.

You were a bartender in Charming and lately you had been bartending for the local motorcycle club, the Sons of Anarchy. Sure, they were intimidating but they knew how to have fun and soon enough you discovered that they were really just a bunch of sweethearts to those who deserved it. You became friends with most of them and you were well liked by the club. They knew you pretty well, or as well as any of your friends knew you.
For example, they knew that you were married but didn’t about the bruises your husband left under your clothes. He was smart about it, he always hurt you where he knew no one would see and he made sure you feared him enough not to tell anyone. He was awful, but the things he had threatened to do to you if you left were even worse.
Last night he had come home drunk and angry, you hadn’t really done anything to piss him off that day but he had made sure you knew he didn’t want you going to any samcro parties anytime soon. He had actually beat up your face pretty bad, which he didn’t risk often. He knew you didn’t like people seeing your face bruised and battered.
You had came up with an excuse to tell the sons to explain why you couldn’t bartend their party that night but you couldn’t avoid going out when your husband told you to go to the store. You didn’t want anyone in the club to see you, it would just cause more trouble but you definitely weren’t known for your luck. It just so happened that Tig and Juice were at the store you had gone to and you hadn’t even noticed their bikes out front.
Tig was the first to notice you. He smiled and waved and you knew you couldn’t run.
“Hey, y/n!” Tig’s grin faded when he got closer to you and saw your face. He put his hand under your chin, examining your face. “Who did this to you, doll?”
Before you could come up with an excuse or Tig could press further, Juice showed up.
“Hey, y/n- Oh god, what happened to your face?” Juice observed, walking up from behind Tig. You looked down, hiding your face. Tig hit him.
“Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean-” Juice stopped himself and got straight to the point. “What happened?”
You looked up at to see both Juice and Tig staring at you, concern in their eyes. That broke you.
“My husband…” You trailed off.
“Christ,” Tig sighed. “How long?”
“I don’t even know. Tiggy, I can’t leave. He won’t let me-” Your voice cracked and you couldn’t hold back the tears anymore. You were sobbing. Tig pulled you into a hug.
“Don’t worry, doll, we’re going to help you.” Tig rubbed your back. “Follow us back to TM and we’ll figure this out, okay?” You nodded.
Juice put an arm around you as he walked you to your car.
“We’re going to help you, y/n.” He told you.

Tara was cleaning up a few of the cuts on your face as Tig and Juice explained the situation to Jax while Happy and Chibs listened in.
“Well boys,” Jax said after they had finished, his expression livid. “Looks like the party’s going to be delayed a little. “ He turned to Happy and Chibs. “You in?”
“Aye” Chibs respond.
“Hell yeah.” Happy growled.
Jax walked up to you, taking your hands in his and looking you in your eyes.
“Take us to your, house y/n.” He said softly. “We’ll make sure this never happens again.”
You agreed and soon enough the fiercest of samcro was following behind your car like an escort. Honestly, that made you feel like a bad ass and gave you the courage you needed as you pulled into your driveway, their bikes behind you.

“What the hell are you doing, y/n!?” Your husband roared as he stormed out of your house. You paled and lost your courage as he marched straight toward you. Chibs stepped in front of you before he reached you. He grabbed your husband by the shirt.
“Not today, you bastard. And not ever again.” Chibs punched him right in the jaw, causing him to stumble straight back into Juice.
“You should never hit a lady.” Juice stated then punched. Suddenly all the sons were surrounding him. He was pushed toward Tig.
“Punching women make your dick feel big? Huh? It get you off?” Tig punched him and sent him Happy’s way.
Happy, being a man of few words said nothing. But he punched him twice and sent him flying toward Jax.
Jax picked your husband up by the collar of his shirt, putting his face close to your husband’s now bloody one.
“Y/n’s going to stay with us for a while.” He warned deadly quiet at first but his voice rose as he spoke. “When you wake up I want you gone. You take only your clothes with you. The house is y/n’s. I don’t want to see you near y/n or in my city EVER again!”
Your husband just sarted at Jax, shocked.
“Did you HEAR me!?” Jax screamed in his face.
“Y-yes sir.” Your husband stammered.
“Good.” Jax nodded and released one of his fists from the front of your husband’s shirt then he knocked his lights out, leaving your husband in an unconscious heap on your lawn.
“Go get some of your clothes.” Jax told you, quickly changing the tone of his voice to a soft one. “We’ve got an extra room at the clubhouse that you can stay in while he clears out.”
You nodded and went to get some of your clothes from in your house.
You threw a bag of your things into the back seat of your car and turned to Jax and the rest.
“Thank you Jax.” You smiled, tears forming in your eyes. “Thank you all so much.”
“No problem, y/n. You’re part of the family.” Jax pulled you into a hug. “If he’s ever stupid enough to show up at your house again you tell us.”
“We’ll take care of him.” Happy assured you.
You grinned wider, happy to be part of the family. You loved all of them and you were so thankful for them. They were your guardian angels. Well, maybe not angels, but they were your guardian reapers.


Imagine walking on eggshells around Coulson for fear of screwing up again.

**Sequel to “Imagine being new to Coulson’s team and screwing up for the first time.” [x]**

This time, you weren’t able to stand tall and firm in front of Coulson. You were shaking, your breath coming in choked gulps. Blood trickled down your arm, gathering thickly in your palm before dripping from your fingertips.

“I’m sorry, sir,” you practically sobbed, hiding your face with your good hand. “I tried to save them, but-” your voice broke and you let out a moan of pain.

Coulson’s heart ached for you. He had never seen you this, well, broken. You had always been good at putting on a strong face. You had always driven yourself hard, especially since the last time you had made a mistake. You had been so careful to do everything right, to do your absolute best at all times and now this had happened. A little kid was dead because you couldn’t save them. You had done your damnedest and even had a bullet wound in your arm to show for it, but you still hadn’t been able to save them.

“Hey, hey,” Coulson took hold of the back of your neck gently, pressing his forehead against yours, “This isn’t your fault.”

“Sir-” you whimpered, tears leaking down your cheeks.

“Shh, shh,” Coulson soothed, pulling you into an embrace, careful not to jostle your arm. “You did everything you could.”

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Being Sam’s ex and the Winchesters find a hunt in Hells Kitchen and then Sam sees you with Matt and gets all jealous. (request by @crazyfangirl345).

That was a long time since you left the Winchester. Especially Sam. You had left Hunter’s life, after Sam had left his soul in the cage, and began to make mistakes, many, if not to say anything else. You had found some time after his fall, and tried to stay with him, to still love him, even if he had changed. But you had reached your limit.

You went in Hell’s Kitchen, so as to hide you and make you forget. But the hunter instinct was quickly returned, and you were doing small hunting within the city. It was during one of these hunts that you met Matt.

As the months passed, you had helped, and had even moved in together. You cured his ailments through your hunter experience, and he helped you sometimes on some cases. To both of you, you were literally being cleaned from top to bottom of Hell’s Kitchen demons.

Besides, you work in a small coffeshop as a waitress, not far from the office of Matt and Foggy and regularly soak your boys with caffeine. You start to get used to this little quieter sedentary lifestyle, and even love it.

“Hi, hot stuff !” you say, while Matt and Foggy come in the coffeeshop. They head to the counter, then you already start to prepare their favorite drinks. Foggy gently flirts with you, while Matt watchs it, laughing softly.

In the same time, Sam and Dean Winchester, together again, until the end of the world, were in New York, for a case. After this long drive from Kansas, Sam expressed the wish to leave baby, and go walk his long legs, drink coffee before going to the local police station as agents of the FBI.

The two brothers went into the first cafe they found, that is to say, they have seen the worst of the world karma, yours. And the first thing that Sam saw, was you, speaking and flirting with this two pinguns. And he got more and more angry and jealous about it.

The first thing he made, when his soul came back, was to try to find you, his love. But he couldn’t. To his mind, you left him, you were possibly dead, and he couldn’t support the fact he may have loose you, like Jessica.

But that was all the problem, he couldn’t remember everything he made to you, he doesn’t know that you were with him, to make your best to help him. And, now, to you, it was too late. 

You gave to Foggy the reglement of their order, and their coffees. Matt leaned forward, his hand touching yours, while he muttered you something about a chase to your ear, something he had noticed about one of his more recent cases.

But for Sam, you look like a couple in love, him whispering to you tender sweet words in your ear, like himself used to do. He clenched his hands at the point to get white knuckles, staring at the scene unfolding before his eyes, and felt his heart break. Dean was near to him, trying to talk to him and make him react.

Sam looked at the two men in suits to go, and you, back to work. His feet moved him to your counter without his will. Dean, meanwhile, was following him backwards.

You return you with a smile on your lips, ready to serve your future customers, when you see your ex and his brother approaching, the figure both discomfited and annoyed. You’re frozen on the spot, dozens of memories back in your face.

“Good morning, sirs,” staying professionnal,”what can I do for you ?” Sam also stood frozen, tears starting to reach his eyes. He whispers your name, and tried to reach your hand on the counter.

You back up your hand, as if his mere touch had burned you. You turn to Dean, ready to take his order, even if you know exactly.

“(Y/N)”, tries Sam to talk to you, he shakes his head slightly, taking his spirits back. “I’m happy so see you’re okay”. You continue to ignore him, preparing their coffee. “He looks like a good guy”, trying to make you react. Your back stiffened. “I hope he makes you happy.” You raise an eyebrow, but did not respond, then you put the two cups on the counter, and extend them to them.

“Yes, he does.” you respond, looking him in the eyes. He still looks sad, and tries to ask you. “Can we talk a bit ? Together ?” You rob you, feeling uncomfortable, still thinking about what he did to you. But on the other hand, he seems to be so sorry.

You hear a little cough behind you, and you see Matt “watching” you and the boys, deviating Sam with his cane, to be placed in front of you, before him. “Sorry to interrupt your little.” he makes a little break, speaking to you three, and more particularly to Sam. “conversation, I forgot about the case this morning.” He tells you, smiling at you, and handing you the folder with informations about the possible next hunt.

Leaning over the counter, he kisses you on the cheek, before saying “tonight”, and walks away, Foggy waiting outside.

For the duration of the exchange, Sam was holding his breath, seeing what he isn’t and that he wanted to be, behaving tenderly with the woman he loved.

A small smile still lingered on your lips, and you took the payement from Dean, and speaking to him. “Are you here for a case ?”. Dean nodded. “Don’t worry, we’re working on it.” You turn to face Sam, “I accept to heard your explanations, and you will hear my point of view. I’ll decide if I forgive you or not, and wathever my decision will be, you will have to accept it, without a word. I don’t want to live what you made me live again. Deal ?”


New Girl - Stefan Salvatore

Request: Hi, can you do an imagine with Stefan from tvd where the reader is new to town and know one knows her because she’s always in the woods writing in her journal writing stories and always has headphones and one day he sees her in the woods and tried to talk to her, you can choose the ending. Sorry if it’s not too detailed, but thank you!

Pairing: ReaderXStefan

Word Count: 2.2K

Authors Note: Hey! TVD is my all time fave! Who is you favorite Character? Mine is Kol ( when he was in it haha) or Kai because lets face it he is just ahggg 😂. Thank you so much for requesting, I hope it was something that you imagined! Love you all ❤️


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Mystic Falls was an interesting place… Full of wild rumors about Vampires, Werewolves and Witches. Which all turned out to be true…

You had moved from a small, quiet town to live with your aunt Kelly; to get a better education at the local school. In reality it was just you and your cousin Matt in the house, but that was fine by you. Matt was one of your closet friends whilst growing up.

He knew how to cheer you up if you were down or how to make you laugh like crazy. He even knew your ticklish spot. All in all you got along like a house on fire. You and him seemed to be the only humans in this town.

You were currently strolling around the square looking for a book store. You had been inspired to start a diary of some sort, after your friend Elena told you about how writing helps her with keeping her humanity in tack. She said being a Vampire sometimes made you forget the most basic human feelings or thoughts. You really liked to write little stories that would link with your reality, so you had decided to give it a go.

It seemed like fun. Eventually a store comes into your sight, with cardboard cut outs of characters from the latest bestseller. You headed inside to be greeted by the smell of stale coffee and that strange smell that old, worn books have. It reminded you of you’re Dad’s office back home, he would work for hours on end to finish up accounts and papers. Only ever leaving that room for a refill on his coffee or to make a sandwich.

You wandered the isles of the store, scanning the shelves till a burgundy, leather note book caught your eye. It was beautiful. You freed it from in between the other books on the shelf, to get a closer inspection.

It had a golden clasp on the side that clipped to front, sealing the book closed. A small length of pale blue ribbon was visible from the top of the spine, a book mark to keep track of the progress. It was perfect!

You hurried over to the counter and paid for the book, purchasing a pen from the pot on the desk. After thanking the sales assistant for the change you made your way out.

Grabbing your phone, you plug your headphones in… Blasting the latest music you had gotten off of iTunes. You start towards the woods. The woods was a nice, quite place where you liked to go when you wanted to be alone.

After stepping and tripping on multiple logs and tree
stumps, you finally settle down next to a big oak tree. You pull out the book and pen from your grey messenger bag and begin to write.

Your thoughts and ideas spilling out, your hand making fluent motions, delicately across the yellowed pages.
You were so deep in thought that you didn’t notice a dark figure approach you.

Stunned by the sudden appearance of a person, you pull out your headphones and close your journal.
You look up to inspect the stranger only to be greeted by a devilishly handsome guy. He looked oddly familiar. He was looking straight at you, he cleared his throat, breaking the awkward silence.

“ Hey, you must be Y/n, I’m Stefan… Stefan Salvatore” he finally says in a clear, velvety voice.

“ Hi… Stefan” you say trying to compose yourself. How on earth does he know your name? Oh God he isnt a stalker is he?! Your mind began to race… You didnt know this dude and you were in the middle of the woods… Oh God!!!

“ Hey are okay? You’re heartbeat is racing” he says concern casting over his eyes. He moved to sit down next to you against the tree.

“ How do yo- wait what? How would you know that?” You stammer slightly moving yourself away from him.

“ Well I can hear it” he says with a smirk. You just rolled your eyes, he obviously wanted to play games.

“ Yeah and I can walk on water” you say opening up your journal and continued to scribble down the stories. Completely ignoring the hot guy sitting next to you, his eyes burning into your body.

“ Im a Vampire… Thats why” he chuckles, pulling out his phone to check the time.

“ Wait…” You say looking at him, catching his eye to signal you were being serious. “ you aren’t going to kill me are you?”

“ Who do you think I am?” He says whilst putting a hand to his heart acting like he is hurt by your comment. “ Look I’m not Damon, I would never hurt you”  

Damon? Now that rings a bell.

“ Damon.. As in Elena’s boyfriend?” You say setting your journal down.

“ Yes… He is also my heartless brother” he says grinning “ don’t tell him I said that” he chuckled.

“ So you’re the famous Stefan Salvatore hmmm? ” you mumble, your fingers fidgeting with the ribbon in the book you were holding.

“ I guess so” he grinned looking down at hands.

“ How did you find me out here?” You question, looking around.

“ I hope you don’t find this creepy but I followed you , I have wanted to talk to you since you arrived here but I never had the chance” he says quietly his hands fidgeting.

“ Oh… Why would you want to talk to me?” A hint of curiosity in your voice. As you take the opportunity to explore his face. He had an amazing jawline, sharp and angular; it really structured the rest of his face. His big green eyes darkened as they met yours, making you shiver.

“ Matt told me you love to read..” you nodded in agreement, motioning for him to continue “ and I happen to have the best library in Mystic Falls” he grinned.

“ And your point is exactly?” You frown, making him chuckle.

“ Well I just wanted you to know that you can come by anytime if you fancied reading anything but the complete rubbish, which is sold in the local book store” he explained, keeping strong eye contact, making you very flustered.

“ Thats very nice of you, but I wouldn’t want to intrude” you reply quickly.

“ Honestly it would be a pleasure… Nobody appreciates written masterpieces anymore” he says, placing his phone back into his jacket pocket.

“ Would you mind if I took a look at your collection?” You ask, opening your bag to place your journal inside.

“ Not at all, my car is only 5 minuets away” he says in a happy tone as he stands, brushing the dirt from his black jeans.

“ I don’t really know you that well… Can I trust that you aren’t some sort of serial killer?”  You mutter as you stand, flinging your bag over your shoulder in the process.

“ Well I did have a ripper stage, but that was way back in August” he slyly grinned. You moved to playfully punch his arm. Making him laugh hysterically.

“ Oka- okay I promise I am not going to hurt you, You see that necklace around your neck? I made Elena give that to you. To make sure you are safe here” he says after composing himself. You glanced down to the beautiful silver necklace you had been given.

“ Hmmm… Well I suppose I will just have to trust you on this one” you smile as you bump shoulders with him as you pass, heading back down the trail towards the parking lot. Stefan almost instantly by your side in a steady pace.

“ So who is your favorite author?” He questioned reaching a beautiful red car. Opening the passenger door and motioned for you to take a seat.
As soon as the car door was shut he was already starting the ignition.

“ I would have to say Jane Austen, what about you?” You say quietly. Pulling your bag closer to your chest.

“ See that’s a difficult one… I love you choice by the way Austen was a phenomenal author… But I would have to say Charles Dickens seen as though I met him on my family trip to England in 1866” he glanced at you and smirked then returned his focus onto the road.

“ Wait… You MET Charles Dickens?!” You say with excitement “ What was he like?”

“ He was what you would expect really, a creative old man that had a way with words that made you really think about how the world really is” Stefan replied with a smile. You nod as you listen with interest.

“ We are here” he states as he hops out of the now still car. You look out of the passenger window only to be taken back by the beauty of his home and garden.  You had gotten here quick, you thought to yourself. You quickly were pulled back to reality when Stefan appeared, opening your door.

“ Malady ” he says in a British accent whilst bowing. A smile hovered on your face as you stepped out.

“ Thank you good sir” you grinned back, curtsying to play along.

“ This way” he says leading you to the doorway.

“ Welcome to the Salvatore Manor” he grins, opening up the door and pulling you inside. The interior of the house was even better than you expected. The polished wooden floors, expensive looking rugs and portraits of what you guessed to be family members, all looked perfect.

“ Would you like something to drink?” Stefan asks as he wanders over to a wooden table full of what looked like alcoholic beverages.

“ No thanks, I’m good” you mumble.

“ Well the library is through there” pointing out an archway “ I will be through in a moment” he says clearly as he pours himself a drink. You nod with a shy smile and make your way towards the library.

You were stunned by the amount of books that were on the shelves, they covered every available wall. Leather books lined in volume order, there was no modern books that you could see. You didn’t mind so much because you had a huge love for the classics.

“ Impressed?” Stefan mumbles from behind you, quickly you turn to see him leaned up against the archway, sipping from his glass.

“ Very” you smile returning your focus to the thousands of surrounding books.

You plop your bag down on one of the nearby chairs and wander over to the closest shelf. You read each of the  name closely, till eventually you discovered your all time favorite novel Pride And Prejudiced.

Your hand quickly plucked it from the shelf, moving your hand over the leather cover. Tracing the golden, engraved letters on the front. From what you could tell it was a first edition.

“ You can have that if you want” Stefan says as he appears beside you.

“ Oh- no I couldn’t,  thank you for the offer bu-” you were cut off from him placing his finger on your lips.

“ No buts… I insist” he whispers, his eyes darkened again.

“ Thank you… I will look after it like my life depended on it” you mumble against his fingers, making him chuckle.

“ You are something special Y/n” he grinned, removing his hand from your face as he brought his glass to his lips. You attention was suddenly drawn to them, they were plum and very pink. You quickly snapped your eyes away before he could notice you staring.

You move your attention back to the books stacked on the shelf in front of you.

“ Hey, my brother is hosting a huge party for Elena’s birthday tonight, would you like to come?” Stefan questions as he takes another sip of his drink.

“ Sure sounds like fun” you grin, suddenly your phone beeped. You rush over to see who it could be.

From: Matt

Hey, Y/n where are you? Me and Tyler are at the Grill, want us to order your usual? :p

You quickly respond with I’m on my way.

“ Hey, I’m sorry but I have to go… I was supposed to meet Matt and Tyler at the Grill for lunch” you stutter as you place the heavy novel you were holding into your bag.

“ No problem, would you like me to drop you off?” He asks politely.

“ No, no I can walk but thank you for the offer and the book”  you smile in return.

“ Well I guess I will see you at the party tonight then?”  He mentions as you both make your way to the hallway.

“ Yeah, I guess” you laugh nervously, stepping out of the door. Turning to face Stefan.

“ It was very nice to meet you, and thank you so much for the book” you say in a soft tone.

“ It was a pleasure to meet you too and you’re very welcome” he smiled down on you.

“See you at the party Salvatore” you say as you begin to walk down his drive.

“ See you at the party Y/L/N” he shouts after you.

You grin to yourself as you plug your headphones back into your phone. You were going to have to be careful around him… Or maybe he was going to have to be careful around you…


Simon Baker in Sex & Death 101 (he’s just so pretty in this movie I might gif the whole thing….)