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Muse - “No Skills”

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ANOTHER HEIGHTS REFERENCE TITLE i know guys it’ll make sense the further along we get (unless ur already onto me)

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summary: man, he was cute. right? he was so cute! he was sweet and tall and so so so cute and his name was… oh my god what was his name?

word count: 3150+ lmao

warnings: swearing bc i’m a sinner and even more motherfucking smiling (lin’s smile makes me weak in the knees and that translates in2 my work sorry about it)

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Title: Sunsets

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Request: Could you write and imagine where peter and the reader have gone into nyc & its later in the day and they go for a coffee date and then walk around central park as the sun starts to set? just something totally fluffy lmao thank you :)

Word count: 860

A/N: All i can say is FLUFF!!!

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“Peter hurry or we’ll miss espresso happy hour!” You shout making your way into the small apartment you always find yourself in after school.

Today Peter promised to take you to your favorite coffee shop down in the Central Park area, Birch Coffee “okay okay, let’s go.” Your adorable boyfriend laughed as he walked out of his room and to the kitchen where you were waiting.

“Finally! Let’s go.” You slip your school bag back onto your shoulders and head out the door of the small apartment.

“Hi, can i get a double shot espresso with a pump of vanilla flavoring and my boyfriend here will have the same.” you smile at the cashier while she rings you up. “Alright your total is $8.75.” you handed her a ten dollar bill Peter had pulled out of his wallet for you.

“You didn’t have to pay.” you blatantly speak to Peter as you grab your change from the cashier and make your way over to the usual spot the two of you sit at. In the corner of the room right next to a window that has the best view of the park.

“It’s the least i could do for my girlfriend.” Peter lightly grabs your hand kissing your knuckles causing a bright pink shade to spread across your face. “So whats on the agenda for tonight?” you ask while you and peter set your bags down on the ground next to your chairs.

“Well first,” Peter motioned at the inside of the coffee shop “Coffee and studying for that Spanish test tomorrow and then I know you love watching the sun set on the hill by the cotton candy vendor sooo,” Peters eyes made contact with yours “I brought a blanket and some snacks.”

You gasped loudly earning a big smile to come across your boyfriends face “I can’t believe-Yes oh my- yes peter!” Peter let out a small chuckle before you could continue you heard your order being called, “I’ll get it, you get your books out and start on Spanish.” you’ve always wanted to have a cute study type picnic in the park ever since you were young and saw it in all the romantic chickflicks  and now you had the best boyfriend ever to do it with.

“I can’t believe you’re actually letting me have my movie picnic with you.” A blush crept onto Peters face as he set your drinks down on the table. “Well of course, anything for the best girlfriend a guy could have.”

You quickly set your books on the table and grabbed your Spanish sheets from your binder, “Okay, lets get started.” you took a sip from your coffee before beginning.

“Right here is perfect Peter.” you sigh, your boyfriend has been obsessing over trying to find the best spot but for you. “I really don’t care where we sit, as long as I’m next to you I’m okay.” you smiled seeing Peter finally set his bag down and pull out the blanket he talked about.

“I just want this to be perfect for you.” He laid the blanket out over the grass. You took your flip-flops off and plopped down on the blanket pulling Peter down with you. “We made at the perfect time.” You whispered as Peter snaked his arm around your waist pulling you closer to him “Yes we did.” you smiled looking over at him to see that he was already staring you, “Peter the view is over there.” You pointed out towards the setting sun, “My view is right here.” Peter leaned closer to you and gave you a quick kiss on the cheek before getting up.

“Wait where are you going?” You stick out your bottom lip slightly “I’m gonna go grab some cotton candy really fast.” you watched your boyfriend jog over to the little cotton candy stand and place his order, Peter always loved watching the cotton candy getting made while you just sat there with your mouth watering at the sight of it.

You turned your attention back to the setting sun, this was defiantly better than studying at home.

“Here you are M'lady.” Peter waved the cotton candy in front of your face “Oh why thank you, good sir.” you played along as you plucked a small piece from the giant mass of candy. “I’m glad we came here.” you happily sighed leaning your head on Peters shoulder “Me too, Y/N.” you felt his hand trace circles on your arm, causing you to snuggle in closer to the boy you felt so lucky to call yours.

“I never want to leave this moment.” Peter whispered into your hair before giving you a gentle kiss on your forehead. “Me either.” popped another piece of cotton candy in your mouth.

“Thank you for being the best boyfriend ever. I’m so happy I get to call you mine.” you looked up at Peter to see him smiling down at you with the kindest eyes, he leaned down giving your lips a quick peck and in that moment you decided that you could never let Peter go, he was the one and you never wanted to leave his side.

DAY6 Imagines: Once/Twice Series’ Special Chapter (1)

Read: Once is a coincidence. Twice is not. and Once is enough. Twice is too much. first before reading this :)

“How was it?” he asked you with his usual big smile.

You went to the backstage right after their performance. They’re really finally getting some recognition now. Slowly but surely; getting there… at the top. They’re schedule is getting busier, being filled with some guesting and interviews.

People around showered them with compliments while you just smiled softly at him. He somehow pouted and looked away. You caressed his cheek and made him face you. “It was stupendous” You smiled “No matter what you’ll do; I know you’d always do great.” Your hand, from his cheek, went to his hand, stroking the back of it softly for assurance. “Because you’ve always been and you’ll always be. I believe in you”

“Hey, Bob. I think I’m getting a toothache from too much sweetness here” You heard Jae commented at your back “Shall I go see a dentist?”

Brian threw his face towel to Jae “You need to see a psychiatrist”

You chortled as you remember when your friends found out about you. It was three days after the night at the seaside promenade. They weren’t surprised as you thought they’d be.

“Oh. So you guys are a thing now? Finally?” Jae queried when he saw Brian walked to meet you half way and held your hand to walk with you on your way to the usual tree.

Apparently, all of them knew how much Brian likes you. It was just you who were being stubborn to not believe it. But the thing is, it’s not really official. You both wanted to take it slow. Despite wanting to show the world that you got the man of your dreams, you somehow want to protect the friendship. You didn’t want to rush and ruin what you’ve built on the process. Besides, they’re really getting popular now. You don’t want to be showered by bashes and hate by his fangirls.

Few weeks before another school year starts. You’re in a fast food, standing at the counter waiting for costumers. You got yourself a summer job. Just when your thoughts wandered to what Brian is doing, you heard your co-worker giggled with another worker. From the corner of your eye, you saw her fixing herself so you turned to look at her. She was looking straight as her hands were busy tucking her hair behind her ear; pressing her lips together and brushing them with each other.

You know those gestures real well. She’s gonna flirt with someone. You shifted your gaze back in front when she greeted a costumer, only to find a striking soul beaming at you. From having a deadpan face, your lips instantly curved to form a smile.

“Good afternoon, Sir.” You couldn’t conceal your happiness “May I take your order?”

“Yes, your heart, please” You felt your blood rush up to your cheeks as your heartbeat doubled. A scoffed from his back was heard “Oh, wait. I already have it”

You heard your workmate gasped beside you and it was followed by an ‘aw’ from the man in front of you. His head was hit by someone behind him.

“This is her workplace, stop flirting” Sungjin chided as he stepped forward to take Brian’s place. He instructed them to find a table as he order. The boys obliged. Brian winked and mouthed ‘See you’ before he finally walked to find a spot.

“Was that guy your boyfriend?” asked your workmate after Sungjin left the counter with their food, with the help of Jae.

You turned your head and saw her hopeful eyes. This is one of those moments when you wish he is. You couldn’t answer yes because your relationship is not yet there; you couldn’t say no because you don’t want to lift her hopes higher. You responded with a smile and thankfully, costumers came in.

When your shift ended, you went straight to their table, not wanting to be bombarded with questions you can’t and don’t want to answer.

“What are you guys talking about?” They turned their head to look at you and Brian instantly grinned at the sight of you. He moved to give you some space to sit beside him and when you did his arm draped around your waist right away. You felt your cheeks heat up but fortunately, nobody noticed you blushing.

“We’re gonna take a break from school” Your eyebrows furrowed with what Sungjin has said.

“It’s kinda hard to balance everything” Dowoon added.

“But Brian’s gonna continue though” Jae remarked “He’s the student model type of guy anyway. He can pull through it”

You shifted your gaze to Brian, turning your head to see him. He was already looking at you with a tight smile, arm still on your waist, he wrinkled his nose for a second.

A week after, your summer job ended. It was your last day yesterday so today’s a lazy day. You’re just lying on your bed with nothing to do when your phone vibrated. A notification from Instagram that Brian has posted a photo. No one knows you turned on the notification from him, not even your friend. It was a collage of his four selfies. The weather is real nice. Do u want to go on a picnic with me? You silently read the caption. And just how fast you clicked the heart button, that’s how fast your phone vibrated for another notification.

So u’re coming?

You arched your brows with his message.


U’re coming on a picnic with me or not?

You let out a soft chuckle and slightly shook your head.

Why are u asking me tho? Ask someone else. Ur question was for everybody anyway.

You raised a brow because of another notification with Brian mentioning you in a post. It was the same post, only that the caption was edited. It has now your Instagram username on it.

Im asking u

You replied with a smiley emoji and he sent few more messages you didn’t bother to answer and picked up Jae’s call instead. It was a video call. He was walking with Wonpil to a convenience store to buy some ramen and he asked you to come because Brian was sulking a bit. You planned on going anyway, you just want to surprise him a bit so you didn’t care opening your inbox on Instagram again.


You’re sauntering to where they at. You could already see them and you instantly smiled just by the view of him smiling. He positioned himself beside Sungjin and tried to lie down but just when Brian’s head was about to touch Sungjin’s leg, he brushed his head off away. You chuckled and shook your head thinking how Sungjin hates skinship. They were all laughing as you pace faster to them.

Your heart melted seeing Brian’s face glow when he saw you. He held your hand and guided you to sit on the mat carefully. As soon as you’re seated, he rested his head on your lap. He’s still holding your hand, he intertwined your fingers together and rested them on his chest. You unconsciously moved your other hand to softly stroke his hair. You saw his lips moved to form a small smile. He likes it.

You looked Sungjin who let out a small laugh saying how Brian wanted to lie down on his lap because you weren’t there. Jae was narrowing his eyes. He hates PDA and there were a couple of times that he really wanted to hit Brian for being so affectionate. You chortled softly as you looked down to see his angelic face only to find out he’s already fast asleep. You chuckled again.

“That’s one of Brian’s, a.k.a. Young K, the master of all trades, talents” Jae commented “Falling asleep anywhere so fast”

That’s true though. For almost a year of being close to him, you’ve witnessed him falling asleep with just a blink of an eye.

Few hours passed, he asked you for a walk.

“Yeah, go away lovebirds” Jae shooed you both away

“Let’s have dinner together, okay?” Wonpil yelled

You were walking hand in hand when your thoughts start to wander. Is it better this way? It somehow doesn’t make a difference because we already seem like a couple. But I’m afraid if we’ll be official, I’ll start to ask for more; I’ll be selfish and greedy and I don’t want that. He’s already having a hard time with school and the band.

“You okay?” You suddenly got back to your senses “Do you want to go back? Are you feeling sick?”

You smiled to assure him “No, I was just thinking about school”

He groaned “I’m jealous” You arched your brows “I’m with you, we’re even holding hands, but you’re thinking about school. Can you not think of me alone?”

You chuckled and you don’t know how much it affects him. It’s like a sweet harmony he wants to play on repeat.

“I’m always thinking of you though”

He just smiled and you both continued walking. You had random chitchat when you stopped near the river. A few number of girls passed behind you but moments later, you heard a delicate voice saying ‘excuse me’.

You turned to face the owner of the voice only to see her cheeks as red as tomato, mouth agape, gazing dreamingly at Brian in front of her. She stuttered in asking if he’s Young K and when he answered, she asked if they could take a picture with him.

Your jaw dropped when she handed you her phone. You blinked twice to recover and bit your lower lip. You took one for each of them, and they were three. And another three shots for group photos. You were biting your lower lip harder than before that you almost said ‘ouch’ aloud when Brian’s arm was on the girl’s shoulder. Fortunately you didn’t. You don’t want to show him you’re being jealous. Besides, it’s normal. Aren’t they being recognized slowly? Yes, this is normal.

You took a deep breath to calm yourself as you showed a tight smile when you handed the lady’s phone back to her. You felt your heart skipped a bit when Brian instantly draped his arm around your waist. When the ladies said their thanks again, he even pulled you closer to him before waving at them. They turned and whispered to each other. I bet they’re asking each other if I’m his girlfriend.

You really want to take it slow. But being like this without a label is kinda frustrating. At times you are contented, more than contented even. But at times like this, you get frustrated.

“Sorry about that”

You showed him a small smile and nodded “It’s fine.” You smiled again “It’s normal anyway. And I must really get used to it. You’ll be known by the world soon, and a sea of people would want to take a picture of you. Shall I apply to be your official photographer?”

He grinned and shook his head and pulled you closer again, kissing you at the top of your head. He hummed a song and swayed you for a bit.

You let out a comforting sigh and looked up to him “How do you even exist? I thought there’s nobody perfect in this world?”

He chortled and reached for your hands “I’m not perfect; just perfect for you.” He raised your right hand; the back of it met his lips. He softly caressed it as he put it back down, still not letting go of it.

You narrowed your eyes at him before you laughed and hit his chest with your other hand playfully. You wrinkled your nose as he let out a soft chuckle seeing you do his signature move.

“Seriously though…” You trailed off and lingered your gaze for a while at his image “Soon there will be countless of girls who’ll swoon over you”

He shrugged “Well, Bae starts with B and so does Brian.” You cracked up at his remark “Doesn’t your name start with M?”

You knitted your brows together and gave him a querying look “What?”

“You’re mine

It wasn’t a question but a statement of declaration. You just stood there; stare was locked with each other’s for what felt like forever until his gaze shifted a bit lower. You gulped knowing where he was looking. You felt her fingers move in your hand as he softly pressed it while leaning closer. It was the longest minute of your life, anticipating for something you know will happen. And it finally did. You slowly shut your eyes and felt butterflies flying wildly in your stomach as his soft lips brush with yours. It wasn’t that long. Neither too short. It was just right. Just right.

You felt shivers down your spine when you felt his soft breath as he slowly pulled away. His gaze instantly met yours. He caressed the back of your hand once again.

“You’re mine” he repeated.

You’re breathing became so uneven as you felt your heart pounding hardly to your chest as if it wanted to get out. You let out a breath as you slowly nodded. He pulled you into his arms for an embrace as he kissed the top of your head and whispered something that made your heart beat even crazier.

“I love you”

Special Chapter (2)

Guardian Reapers

I know I said the next imagine would be about Chibs but I came up with this on the road and ended up writing it all down, so here it is. I had a lot of fun with it.

The sons find out your husband is abusive and help you out.

You were a bartender in Charming and lately you had been bartending for the local motorcycle club, the Sons of Anarchy. Sure, they were intimidating but they knew how to have fun and soon enough you discovered that they were really just a bunch of sweethearts to those who deserved it. You became friends with most of them and you were well liked by the club. They knew you pretty well, or as well as any of your friends knew you.
For example, they knew that you were married but didn’t about the bruises your husband left under your clothes. He was smart about it, he always hurt you where he knew no one would see and he made sure you feared him enough not to tell anyone. He was awful, but the things he had threatened to do to you if you left were even worse.
Last night he had come home drunk and angry, you hadn’t really done anything to piss him off that day but he had made sure you knew he didn’t want you going to any samcro parties anytime soon. He had actually beat up your face pretty bad, which he didn’t risk often. He knew you didn’t like people seeing your face bruised and battered.
You had came up with an excuse to tell the sons to explain why you couldn’t bartend their party that night but you couldn’t avoid going out when your husband told you to go to the store. You didn’t want anyone in the club to see you, it would just cause more trouble but you definitely weren’t known for your luck. It just so happened that Tig and Juice were at the store you had gone to and you hadn’t even noticed their bikes out front.
Tig was the first to notice you. He smiled and waved and you knew you couldn’t run.
“Hey, y/n!” Tig’s grin faded when he got closer to you and saw your face. He put his hand under your chin, examining your face. “Who did this to you, doll?”
Before you could come up with an excuse or Tig could press further, Juice showed up.
“Hey, y/n- Oh god, what happened to your face?” Juice observed, walking up from behind Tig. You looked down, hiding your face. Tig hit him.
“Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean-” Juice stopped himself and got straight to the point. “What happened?”
You looked up at to see both Juice and Tig staring at you, concern in their eyes. That broke you.
“My husband…” You trailed off.
“Christ,” Tig sighed. “How long?”
“I don’t even know. Tiggy, I can’t leave. He won’t let me-” Your voice cracked and you couldn’t hold back the tears anymore. You were sobbing. Tig pulled you into a hug.
“Don’t worry, doll, we’re going to help you.” Tig rubbed your back. “Follow us back to TM and we’ll figure this out, okay?” You nodded.
Juice put an arm around you as he walked you to your car.
“We’re going to help you, y/n.” He told you.

Tara was cleaning up a few of the cuts on your face as Tig and Juice explained the situation to Jax while Happy and Chibs listened in.
“Well boys,” Jax said after they had finished, his expression livid. “Looks like the party’s going to be delayed a little. “ He turned to Happy and Chibs. “You in?”
“Aye” Chibs respond.
“Hell yeah.” Happy growled.
Jax walked up to you, taking your hands in his and looking you in your eyes.
“Take us to your, house y/n.” He said softly. “We’ll make sure this never happens again.”
You agreed and soon enough the fiercest of samcro was following behind your car like an escort. Honestly, that made you feel like a bad ass and gave you the courage you needed as you pulled into your driveway, their bikes behind you.

“What the hell are you doing, y/n!?” Your husband roared as he stormed out of your house. You paled and lost your courage as he marched straight toward you. Chibs stepped in front of you before he reached you. He grabbed your husband by the shirt.
“Not today, you bastard. And not ever again.” Chibs punched him right in the jaw, causing him to stumble straight back into Juice.
“You should never hit a lady.” Juice stated then punched. Suddenly all the sons were surrounding him. He was pushed toward Tig.
“Punching women make your dick feel big? Huh? It get you off?” Tig punched him and sent him Happy’s way.
Happy, being a man of few words said nothing. But he punched him twice and sent him flying toward Jax.
Jax picked your husband up by the collar of his shirt, putting his face close to your husband’s now bloody one.
“Y/n’s going to stay with us for a while.” He warned deadly quiet at first but his voice rose as he spoke. “When you wake up I want you gone. You take only your clothes with you. The house is y/n’s. I don’t want to see you near y/n or in my city EVER again!”
Your husband just sarted at Jax, shocked.
“Did you HEAR me!?” Jax screamed in his face.
“Y-yes sir.” Your husband stammered.
“Good.” Jax nodded and released one of his fists from the front of your husband’s shirt then he knocked his lights out, leaving your husband in an unconscious heap on your lawn.
“Go get some of your clothes.” Jax told you, quickly changing the tone of his voice to a soft one. “We’ve got an extra room at the clubhouse that you can stay in while he clears out.”
You nodded and went to get some of your clothes from in your house.
You threw a bag of your things into the back seat of your car and turned to Jax and the rest.
“Thank you Jax.” You smiled, tears forming in your eyes. “Thank you all so much.”
“No problem, y/n. You’re part of the family.” Jax pulled you into a hug. “If he’s ever stupid enough to show up at your house again you tell us.”
“We’ll take care of him.” Happy assured you.
You grinned wider, happy to be part of the family. You loved all of them and you were so thankful for them. They were your guardian angels. Well, maybe not angels, but they were your guardian reapers.


Imagine walking on eggshells around Coulson for fear of screwing up again.

**Sequel to “Imagine being new to Coulson’s team and screwing up for the first time.” [x]**

This time, you weren’t able to stand tall and firm in front of Coulson. You were shaking, your breath coming in choked gulps. Blood trickled down your arm, gathering thickly in your palm before dripping from your fingertips.

“I’m sorry, sir,” you practically sobbed, hiding your face with your good hand. “I tried to save them, but-” your voice broke and you let out a moan of pain.

Coulson’s heart ached for you. He had never seen you this, well, broken. You had always been good at putting on a strong face. You had always driven yourself hard, especially since the last time you had made a mistake. You had been so careful to do everything right, to do your absolute best at all times and now this had happened. A little kid was dead because you couldn’t save them. You had done your damnedest and even had a bullet wound in your arm to show for it, but you still hadn’t been able to save them.

“Hey, hey,” Coulson took hold of the back of your neck gently, pressing his forehead against yours, “This isn’t your fault.”

“Sir-” you whimpered, tears leaking down your cheeks.

“Shh, shh,” Coulson soothed, pulling you into an embrace, careful not to jostle your arm. “You did everything you could.”

Gif Credit: Coulson