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samon attempting to flirt to his s/o hc?????

omg best boi (also @tatiana)

-terrible. very bad. send it back.
-sits very close (uncomfortably close?) and rests his head in his hand and his other hand in his hip. proceeds to pull a bad face that probs makes you laugh. pulls a shitty pick up line from the internet
-“"so did your face come from Tennessee because your an angel”
-he got nervous
-later after that he does a good flirting but its not on purpose and he doesnt realize he was flirting until he sees you blush really hard bECAUSE OH MY GOD GOKUU THAT WAS SO SMOOTH
-he didnt mean to see he was confused and tries doing it again and it was awful
-he should just stick to Not flirting on purpose???? please? thanks

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Do you have white friends who you think are good at being allies? I want to be a better ally, and I know its not your job to tell me how, but what's the best way to be an ally without talking over the experiences of persons of color?

I do, nonny. I have a number of white friends who are excellent allies because they aren’t looking for kudos. They take correction, they understand that they may not always get it right, and are willing to be wrong. 

In short, they’re willing to put up or shut up. We all have limitations, personal issues that we face, but they’re in essence, different from the problems faced by POC of phenotypic differences.

The best way to be an ally is to listen and learn, nonny. That’s it. And those two things are really hard to do.

I love seeing all your photos. I’m better with faces than names, and it helps me place a face with who I’m talking to, which I love. Soooo, anyway, this is me. It is sunny (hence the eye squint) and BEAUTIFUL here in Midwest US today. I got to sleep in, spend time in the sun with sweet people, and I got sent the best poem ever. 💜 I hope you are all having a great day, wherever you are! ~~ Britt

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Do you have any tips for trying to make cat faces more diversified, but also like... cat faces? ;0;

im not the best to ask on this bc my cat faces aren’t like super different from each other ( @murder-cats is really good at this tho!!) but i can give it a try

a really easy way is to change your face shape (this is the face structure w/o fur)

i tend to use the top 3 most but there are dozens of shapes you can come up with

try and think about the shape of your features too. are the ears tall and sharp? are they small and round? are the ears close together or far apart? how long is the muzzle? how big is their nose? what shape are their eyes?

and obviously the biggest one is fur. do they have a anime hair tuft? what shape is their face fur? are they scruffy and unwashed or clean and silky?

“The best one is if he cups your face. It means he’s the romantic type and you make him feel like he can protect you or like you make him feel more masculine. It means that kissing you is hardly enough because he also has the desire to hold you. The fact that he’s paying more attention to your face and less to your body is a very good sign.”


“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.”  
 ― Ed Sheeran

[Shout-out to @zum-mond for reminding me Duela exists haha!]