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The Only Exception (Part 6)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,725

Warnings: language, angst, self-reflection, discomfort, melodrama, mentions of trauma, fire, rescue (of secondary character), sad thoughts. I don’t know. I’m no Shonda Rimes, but, tread lightly.

A/N under the cut.

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The orange

So he always has food around his room, and one day he had this orange sitting by my desk. A few days go by and the orange is still there. I said, “hey when are you gonna eat that thing?” And he explained that he always forgets that it’s sitting there. Then he comes up with the idea of drawing a face on it. Now, he’s a terrible artist, but he actually drew this really funny “I’m done with your shit” face on it.

So everytime anyone in class said something stupid, he’d look at me and hold up the orange, like “are you fucking kidding me” and eventually it turned into just saying “orange”.

A few days ago he threw the orange out because it was getting old, and I was joking about having a funeral for our fallen. Then today some kid in class threw his desk at the wall, screamed, and then walked out. I just looked at F like, where’s the orange. This is when you use the orange. But it’s not here anymore.

Then he asked me to stay after class and said, look I got you something. It was a new orange with a fucking face on it. When he left work yesterday, he went out of his way to go buy me an orange.

He got me. A fucking orange.

You can keep your jewelry, because I have an orange.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Valentine's Day

By @accio-hogwarts-a-history

9.3k words, G rated

It’s Valentine’s Day in Albus and Scorpius’s fifth year. Scorpius is determined, as always, to get his date with Rose, and Albus is trying to work out how to confess his true feelings to Scorpius. 

Thank you so much @torestoreamends for beta'ing and for being so incredibly patient. :’)

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Of Bunnies and Chewing Gum

He can hear humming, something soft and sweet and totally unfamiliar to his ears, he knows he should be outside with the rest of the kindergarteners, it is the first day and his dad had told him it was super important to make friends but.. he doesn’t want too. He doesn’t want to be friends with stupid head Reggie, and Cheryl blossom chews gum even though it’s dangerous, not to mention Archie Andrews had said he’d save him a seat at snack time and he never did. So yeah, he doesn’t want to be friends with any of those people and.. and he definitely doesn’t want to play outside with them for recess.

So he does what he does best, he listens. His mama always said he was the greatest listener there was. He follows the tiny voice all the way down the hallway, peering through classroom doors until he finds the source of the sound.

Two long blonde pigtails are facing his way, a tiny yellow sundress and black flats with yellow bows, he can’t see her face but he can see the fluffy white tail of Honey, the class rabbit. Jughead pokes his head through the door, Mrs.Nina is sitting at her desk looking over paperwork when her eyes catch the tiny beanie wearing boy, sneakily watching little Betty Cooper.

“Jughead! I figured you’d be outside playing catch.” The young teacher calls out.

Jugheads cheeks blush rose petal pink as he shrinks into himself embarrassed at being caught.

“I umm.. I..” his voice comes out shaky and the pretty blonde girl with the pigtails turns his way, her eyes light up when she sees him and she slowly makes her way towards him, still carrying the ball of fluff.

“Hi! My name is Betty Cooper. I sit exactly four desks away from you. You’re Jughead Jones and you wear a very cool hat.” Her eyes are twinkling as she recites the information back to him, holding out the bunny in her arms. “This is Honey, she’s really soft and she makes a really funny sound if you press your face to hers.” She rambles, placing the bunny on a desk and tugging Jugheads hand down to pet the bunny.

He stiffens under her touch but the second his fingers meet the soft white fur he feels himself relax, his nerves lessen and he looks back up at her with a shy smile

“Yeah, soft.” He mumbles

The tiny five year old beams back at him
“I know! And listen, get real close.”

Jughead does as he’s told, he doesn’t think he could say no to Betty Cooper if he tried. Suddenly she’s humming again and Jugheads face is pressed into the bunnies fur. At the sound of Betty’s humming, Honey starts squeaking, a high pitched kind of chirp that makes Jughead smile. When he lifts his face Betty’s is practically wiggling in excitement.

“She likes you! Right Mrs. Nina, if she squeaks she likes you?” Betty is clutching his hand now and dragging Jughead over to the teachers desk.

“Of course! You guys are really great with Honey, what do you say I make you two the official Honey watchers. I know it’s a lot but if you guys can do it together..”

Betty is looking up at Jughead with hopeful childish eyes as her hands grip his shoulder, she’s relying on him, she wants his help. The swell of pride he feels in his five year old chest is new and he quite likes the feeling.

“We can do it.” He answers the teacher firmly.

Betty squeals and clutches his hand in her own, a tingly feeling shooting through both their bones.

“Okay then my little bunny parents, lets show you how to feed her.” As Mrs.Nina shows them the ropes of Bunny watching Betty stands I. Her tiptoes to whisper in Jugheads ear

“I’m gonna be a great bunny mom and you’re gonna be a great bunny dad.” Her breath smells like strawberries and cheerios and it smells so good he just wants taste it. Instead he just mumbles.


By the time recess is over Betty has moved her books over to the empty seat beside Jughead and is organizing her pencil case. He finally gets the nerve to ask the question that’s been on his mind.

“How come you weren’t at recess with everybody else? Don’t you wanna make friends?”

Something saddens in the tiny blondes eyes before she’s shaking her head and grinning again

“I did make a friend. You’re my best friend Juggie.” The nickname spills from her lips so casually Jughead finds he likes it. He likes it a lot.

“You’re my best friend too.. bets.” He can’t keep the crazy smile off of his face as she taps on his spelling book, giving him a stare eerily similar to his mamas.

After a few minutes of working he feels Betty lean over

“Besides.. Cheryl chews gum and that’s very dangerous.” She smiles at him and continues writing.

His jaw drops at her ability to read his thoughts and he shakes his head turning back to his work.


L . O . V . E

A simple pastry chef

pairing: bucky barnes x reader

Plot: The reader is Tony’s pastry chef and Bucky has a crush on her. After a party tony tells the reader to join them because they were playing truth or dare. When Natasha ask her a question she have been dying to ask the team shocked with her answer.

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Bucky Barnes is a very quiet and serious man. Ever since Bucky came out of cryo and joined the team he quickly realized he wasn’t the type of that enjoyed parties, in fact he hated them. He mostly had a problem with the people who attended Tony’s parties. The people he invited were always stuck up people who gave him dirty looks because they knew that he was the winter soldier. He would hear them make rude comments about him which prompted him to give them dirty looks before he’d walk away.

Bucky desperately wanted to leave the party he was currently attending and was about to ask Steve if he could go back up to his room. He was two seconds away from asking until he noticed you in the crowd. You were circulating the party with the pastries you baked and you offered them with a genuine smile on your face.

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Skating //Colby Brock

Prompt: you go skating with your friend :))

Warnings: swearing

A/N: Leave requests!!!!!!!

Word Count: 1,071

I couldn’t sleep. And my body was so tired. I sighed and finally gave into what I was telling myself not to do. I grabbed my pillow and walked to Colby’s room.

I shook his softly and then after about 5 minutes of failed attempts at waking him he finally awoke and looked up at me with concern.

“Can I sleep in here with you tonight?” I asked and he nodded, moving over and then pulling me into his chest. It felt so natural.



I woke up to Y/N still snuggled into my chest. I smiled and kissed her head softly before trying to get up, being extra careful that I didn’t wake her.

“Noooo.” She groaned and put her arm back around my waist and pulling me back to her.

“Y/N I’m gonna go make breakfast.” I said holding her arms.

“No, stay.” Her morning voice made her slur her words more than she already did, it was so cute. “You’re warm and its cold in here.”

“Y/N aren’t you hungry?” I asked softly as I sat up in the bed, Y/N following with her arms still tight on my hips.

“No.” She said opening her eyes a little bit now.

“Come on I’ll make pancakes and bacon.” I said.

“But you’re gonna end up burning the pancakes.” She groaned and let go so she could stretch her body. I couldn’t help but look down at her chest as she did so. “You know, its not polite to stare.” She smirked.

“I wasn’t.” I lied. “Let’s go, you can make the pancakes if you want but I’m really hungry.”

“Okay fine.” She said and pulled her body from the bed. Her sweatpants hung low on her waist and her hair was all over the place.

I smiled at her then started walking tiredly down the stairs to the kitchen. “Oh look the sleeping beauty’s are awake.” I heard a voice.

It was Elton. “Uh yeah.” I said as I walked into the kitchen, Y/N close behind.

“We’re making pancakes and bacon do you want any?” Y/Nasked him politely.

“Nah I’m good I’m heading out.” He said. “See you guys.” he ruffled Y/N’s already messy hair.

She sighed and began grabbing all of the things we needed and soon we were done cooking.

“So what are we going to do today?” She asked with a mouthful of pancakes. I laughed.

“Well probably nothing.” I said before putting more bacon into my mouth. “Oh my god!” I squealed.

“What?” She asked chuckling from my reaction to my thought.

“I can teach you to skate board!” I squealed with excitement.

“What no.” She said. “I don’t want anything broken.”

“Come on you won’t, I’ll hold on to you until you get the hand of it. ” I smiled.

“Fine.” She gave in. I squealed again and jumped up, scraping off my plate then throwing it into the sink.

I ran up the stairs and to my closet grabbing a black pair of jeans and a dark blue shirt. I put on my clothes and shoes then brushed my teeth quickly before ‘fixing’ my hair.

I finished then I ran to Y/N’s room. She was fully dressed and looked so hot as usual.

“Let’s go.” I said ripping my eyes from her. She nodded and we went out of her room. I grabbed my board off the ground by the door and we left.

“Colby!” She screamed as I let go of her hands. “Don’t let me go no!”

“Okay.” I laughed. “Look you’re doing it, tell me when I can let go.”

“Okay I think I got it.” I let go of her hands after and she began skating slowly. She was wobbling but she got it sorta.

“Shit!” She yelled as the board flew from under his feet and she landed hard on her leg. “Ow it hurts.”

I gasped and ran to her putting my hand on her shoulder and examining the leg. “Are you okay?” My voice was shaking.

“No.” She said softly as she held her leg tightly.

“Shit Y/N here let me help you up.” I said, my voice full of panic. I pulled the small girl to her feet with ease and she began laughing. “What is so funny?” I asked.

“I’m not really hurt.” She laughed and I let her go immediately. “You should’ve seen your face.”

“That wasn’t funny!” I growled. “I really thought you were hurt!”

“Awe I’m sorry Colbs.” She said and hugged me. I hugged back after a few seconds.

“I’m hungry.” She said as we pulled away. I silently agreed and picked my board up off the ground and grabbed her wrist dragging her through the park.

We finally reached the pizza place and my eyes lit up at the sight. “Pizza.” I whispered and ran in, dragging Y/N.


“Hey Colbs.” Y/N said in my doorway.

“Yeah?” I asked as I turned to face her.

“Can I sleep with you..” She asked as she awkwardly leaned against my door frame. I didn’t say anything I just pulled the cover up with my arm and she shuffled over to me laying down.

“Goodnight Y/N.” I said as I pulled her warm body closer to mine and leaving my arm draped over her waist.

“Goodnight, thank you Colbs.” She whispered into my chest. Before I could answer I was pulled into a deep sleep.


“Wake up!!!!” Corey ran into the room dancing. I pulled the cover over me and Y/N and poke one hand out to flip him off.

“Why?” I asked.

“No reason just wanted to scare you guys awake.” He said and walked out.

“Fuck you.” I growled and pulled the cover off of myself and rubbed my tired eyes.

Y/N groaned and sat up with me. “Its a new day.” She groaned. “ugh.”

I agreed with her and we both stood up and she went to the bathroom to shower while I just sat in bed scrolling through twitter.

Thats when I saw a picture of me and Y/N asleep. There were quite a few pictures that I was tagged in of me and Y/N. They all had the hashtag (your names mixed). I desperately wanted us to be real but sadly we weren’t… Yet.

I saved all the photos I seen and soon decided it was time to get up and get dressed.


You and your boyfriend go on a date to the beach to watch the sunrise.

  • kang dongho!!!!!!!
  • this was meant to be fluffy but took a more romantic turn idk
  • for anon: “dongho as boyfriend?”

You watched in amusement as Dongho tried to smooth the blanket out on the hot sand, small particles of sand flying into his hair and face.

“(y/n), can you pass me the basket?” He asked, diving to keep one of the corners of the blanket down on the sand. You obliged, passing over the picnic basket that Dongho had packed.

For some reason unknown to you, your boyfriend Dongho had insisted that the two of you go on a date at the beach, and you obliged, wanting to make your boyfriend happy. It was worth it to see the proud smile that he got when he’d successfully laid out your blanket, patting the spot next to him.

“What food did you pack?” You asked, snuggling into the hoodie that Dongho had lent you. “Coffee?”

“Coffee’s not a food, (y/n),” Dongho teased, passing you a thermal mug nonetheless. While you had decided to go on a beach date, you figured it would be better to beat the crowd of families and their screaming children, opting for waking up early and watching the sun rise at the beach instead.

“Having fun yet?” Dongho asked, lifting up his arm for you to snuggle underneath, already knowing that you preferred that position. You leaned against his body, letting yourself watch the waves lap up against the shore.

“I wouldn’t say fun,” you said with a smile, leaning up to kiss him, “more like relaxation.”

You spent a couple more minutes in relative silence, Dongho munching on some toast and you sipping your coffee. Despite it being summer, it had been hectic for both of you, Dongho busy with work and you stressed over an internship you’d managed to secure.

“When does your internship end, again?” Dongho asked, glancing down at you.

“Two weeks,” you replied, reaching over to intertwine your fingers with Dongho’s.

“I’ll take you to a nice restaurant when you’re done,” Dongho said with a smile, “I know how much it’s been killing you, and I also know that you won’t treat yourself, even though you deserve it.”

“Ey, what did I do to get such a caring boyfriend,” you chuckled, kissing his cheek as you squeezed his hand a bit tighter. Dongho laughed in embarrassment, still not used to your compliments even after almost a year.

“You deserve all the care you get,” Dongho replied, watching as the sun just barely cracked the horizon, a select few rays piercing the velvet blue sky.

The two of you sat in relative silence, just watching in awe as the sun rose, slowly but surely, the dark inky blues of the sky turning into pinks, oranges and purples, then slowly rising, the clouds making way for clear skies.

“I’m glad we’re here,” Dongho said quietly, hugging you to his side a little tighter, “we don’t get enough time to ourselves.”

You smiled, leaning your head on his shoulder, “this is nice,” you agreed.

“Actually,” Dongho paused, pulling away from you to reach into his pocket, “I have a question for you.”

You stared at Dongho in horror, “Yah, Kang Dongho, please tell me you’re not asking me to marry you.”

Dongho stared at you blankly, a key in his hand, “well, no, I wasn’t.”

You cringed in embarrassment as Dongho burst out into laughter, burying your face into his shoulder. “It’s not funny! I got really scared, I mean, you reached into your pocket and said can I ask a question!”

“There’s a million questions in the world I could have asked you,” Dongho retorted, still chuckling a bit, “well, the romantic moment was ruined—no thanks to someone—and I was going to ask you if you wanted to move in with me.”

You took the key from his finger, examining it.

“We’ve been dating for almost a year, and you really do mean a lot to me. I want to be able to make sure you’re okay and safe, and you practically live at my apartment anyways,” he explained, ears turning a bit red. You smiled at his thoughtfulness, taking out your keyring and carefully adding it to your existing set of keys.

“Thank you, Dongho,” you said quietly, leaning up to kiss him. “It means a lot.”

tbh i have a bunch of requests before this one, but i really can’t think of anything for all of them,,,,, ashdjskfsd send help pls

also i was watching nu’est mtv diary (?) and i forgot how dorky that group is lol;; they were portrayed on pd101 as like the serious hyungs but in reality they’re just a bunch of dorks,,,

Maybe this is a weird request but how the boys react if their s/o tends to chew their skin on the inside of their mouth, cheeks, and/or lips? Thanks for everything guys! I love you all

Of course, thank you for appreciating our work! We love you too! And jeez, if this ask isn’t relatable…

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • he really wishes you wouldn’t.
  • your human body was made perfectly, you shouldn’t be picking it apart like that!
  • he understands that bad habits are difficult to rid yourself of, but he simply cannot let this pass.
  • a human should never bite away their own body!
  • every time he sees that familiar little bump in your cheek, he flicks your face.
  • and it’s actually insanely annoying.
  • more annoying than you ever could have imagined.
  • but it’s for your own good, he says!
  • besides, kissing rough lips has never been an interest of his.
  • eventually, the flicking becomes so annoying that you actively try not to bite your mouth around him.
  • only around him though. you don’t stop completely.
  • but from now on, you decide that you’re not the only one with an annoying habit.
  • every time he wraps his arms around himself, you flick his face.
  • he is utterly appalled.
  • how dare you.
  • after about a week of this, he finally agrees to leave you be, albeit begrudgingly.
  • success!

Amami Rantarou

  • he actually doesn’t mind at all!
  • he likes the way your lips are always a little scratchy, it’s your signature kiss!
  • and besides, what should it matter to him? you’re not hurting anybody, and it’s just some loose skin, you’re not really hurting yourself either.
  • sometimes when he sees that familiar face of the dip in your cheek and the pull on your lips, when he knows you’re biting at your cheek again, he’ll poke your cheek, just for fun.
  • and because your reaction is adorable, of course.
  • but all in all, it really just doesn’t faze him too much.

Ouma Kokichi

  • he thinks it’s really funny, the way your face scrunches up like that when you’re biting your mouth!
  • he teases you for it whenever he notices you doing it, but is a little disappointed when he doesn’t get much of a reaction out of you.
  • he always cracks a few sly comments about the roughness of your lips when you kiss, which does get a little annoying after a while.
  • but actually, after somet time, he kind of starts to develop the same habit.
  • and he blames you entirely! you didn’t tell him it was contagious!
  • you tell him it isn’t, he picked it up on his own!
  • he still blames you, regardless.
  • he doesn’t like how scratchy his lips get, so eventually he coaches himself out of it.
  • you’re on your own again now, he’s not getting sucked into that!

Shuuichi Saihara

  • he’s a little concerned, but only because he thinks it might hurt and doesn’t understand why you do it.
  • you assure him that it doesn’t hurt at all, and you just do it out of habit.
  • well, as long as you’re safe and healthy, he’s okay with it…
  • he’s a little conflicted on your lips though.
  • he’s not sure he likes the roughness, but he doesn’t mind enough to actually bring it up and turn it into some big problem.
  • he does a little research just to make sure you’re safe, and can’t seem to find any problems, so he simply ignores it.
  • so in summary, he’s pretty okay with it.

Kaito Momota

  • he does it too, so he really doesn’t care too much!
  • in fact, he thinks that little quirk makes you a better couple!
  • he really likes your scratchy kisses, he thinks they’re really cute and they make him think of you all day after!
  • he’ll totally squish your cheeks if he notices you biting them, but all in good fun, of course.
  • he has no intention of ever trying to break his habit, so he doesn’t expect you to either.
  • he has a few bad habits, and this one is pretty harmless, so he doesn’t really see a need to get rid of it, and neither do you!


  • he’s really, really confused.
  • human skin comes off that easily?!
  • he tries biting his own cheek and lips when he first notices your habit, and gets no results.
  • no synthetic skin is leaving his body any time soon.
  • he didn’t realize human skin was so fragile!
  • he tells you that you need to stop, or it’ll all rip off and you’ll have no skin left!
  • you can’t help but laugh, even though he’s clearly concerned for you.
  • you promise him you’re not biting off your entire cheek, just tiny insignificant pieces.
  • he’s not entirely convinced, but he decides to give you the benefit of the doubt…
  • but that doesn’t mean he won’t be doing some research into this later.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • gonta is concerned!
  • you should not be biting yourself! you’ll get hurt! does it not hurt?!
  • you quickly promise him that it doesn’t hurt at all, because he looks pretty frantic!
  • he’s relieved to hear that though, gonta would never want you to be hurt!
  • he doesn’t mind your kisses at all, he actually thinks they’re very cute!
  • and he’s used to kissing rough things. many bugs and trees have gotten kisses from gonta!
  • you tell him he should not compare kissing you to kissing a bug.
  • but he promises bugs are very cute and he likes to kiss them just as much as you!
  • you don’t know how to take that.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • the rough kisses are a little weird but he really likes them, they’re your trademark for sure.
  • he doesn’t really mind your habit, everybody’s got some bad habits, no shame.
  • he doesn’t really understand why you do it, but he also doesn’t ask.
  • in fact, he never actually acknowledges it at all…
  • whatever, he doesn’t feel the need to, who cares?
  • it doesn’t change who you are, so it doesn’t affect him.
  • besides, if you called him out on that, there’s a million things you could call him out on in return.
  • so he’ll just keep quiet.
tommen baratheon: come up for air

ANON REQUESTED: Can you write a tommen x reader fic where the reader was in a relationship kind of like daenarys was in season 1 where she didn’t love her husband and she was very uncomfortable and he touched her all the time and crap, but then she meets tommen and they are betrothed and they fall in love and he’s sweet because he knows how scared she is?? Sorry this is rlly specific and if the prompt sucks ily

notes: took me a while to get to this, so i’m sorry!! hope u like it!

my requests are closed! you can still send in, but it’s up to me if i could write it or no. thank u so much!!!



Run as fast as you can, until your lungs burned, until your legs hurt, until every step has you crying, until you are so far away. 


But yet you still unmoved in your position. He was here, again. Night after night, and you couldn’t change it. Night after night he would creep up beside you in the bed you shared, thinking that because he is bound to you through marriage that you didn’t want, he has the right to roam every inch of your body even when you screamed “No.”

His hands roamed up your waist, his body angled up from his propped elbow, looking down at you while you close your eyes, thinking of possible ways to end this. End this marriage right now, but no matter how many thoughts are there, they weren’t enough to keep him away. You never wanted, you never wanted to be the daughter sent off to marry a lord just to have her family benefited. But you did it anyway, for your family, for them to stop making you look like a mare, shipped off of to every lord who would ever want you.


Yet his hands were still on your body, and he pounced, his lips at the side of your neck, and you struggled. You don’t want this. “Please,” you struggled, “No.”

His hands were now on your throat, and you clawed, seeing him so angry. “Try,” he whispered against your ear, “try to stop me.”

And you did.

You didn’t know where in the world you got your strength from, but you pushed him off. Pushed him off the bed, and you scurried to the end of the room, and you watched him thunder towards you. Step by step, until you hanged an inch or two above the floor. His hands gripped against your throat, tighter by the seconds. He laughed when he released you, and his hand hurried again to your throat, and he pushed your night gown away, and it’s all happening again.


The sound of him groaning, clenching his face up when he thrusted in to you, used you, and you were there, crying softly, begging the old Gods and the New or even the Faith of the Seven. The Mother above, the Warrior, or even the Stranger. Anyone of them.

So after that, you left. Never turning back, it was just you and a blade. Making sure to leave your wrath behind you.

“Lady Grey!”

It was a voice you have never heard of, and so you turned into a corner, and into another, until a hand hovered above your shoulder and your blade was up to their neck, and it was just him.

Tommen Baratheon.

You’ve only seen him once, a year or two older, his eyes green, bewildered from the knife on his neck. Sighing, you removed the knife and placed it back on your hip.

He cleared his throat, his face flushed as he fixed his disheveled blonde hair. “Is Lord Eris Grey with you?”

Your eyes scanned the surroundings, eager to see if someone is listening and you shook your head realizing that everybody hears and listens. “No,” you said. “He didn’t want to be on the… trip.” You sighed internally, a trip? Really?

“Lord Grey has written to us,” he whispered. He looked down, avoiding your widened eyes, “He has said that our Lady Grey would be in King’s Landing if she ever… visits.”

“When has Lord Grey written?”

How can he know where you were? Nobody knew, not a single soul.

“Two days before. He awaits your immediate return-.”

Your knife was up again his throat, “Immediate return?,” you laughed. It was really funny, and you imagined your husband’s face on Tommen’s. “I will never return.”

He pushed you away gently, still a knife to his throat. “He insists you to be returned to him otherwise-.”

“Try telling that to me again,” you whispered as you placed pressure on his neck, enough to nick the soft skin. Tommen gulped, reaching out to your shoulder. His eyes softened, as you realized you were crying. From anger, to this hate, to the name that you carry, the innocence reaped for your family’s dream.

You slackened your hold, and you released the knife, letting it clatter on the ground amidst the dirty roads of King’s Landing. You pushed Tommen off, resting your back against on the other wall. Tommen’s guards stood behind, until Tommen looked at them to tell them to go away. The clattering footsteps echoed away, and it was back to the busy streets of the plaza.

“Lady Grey,” Tommen called, gently. Softly.

“That’s not my name,” you sniffed. And then you laughed, looking at Tommen.

“Lord Grey wants you home,” he continued, whispering. “He wants you safe.”

And you lost it.

All your tears were falling, the shakiness of your palms, the anger, the rage, and you screamed. “Safe?!” You screamed at Tommen, “You know I’m not safe there.”

“He insists, Lady Grey.”

You were silent, calm and you pushed your tears away. “Call me by my name, Tommen.”

He looked away, but he moved towards you. “Lady Grey,”

You scoffed, and after a while, he called you by your name.

And it feels so foreign. And it makes you want to cry, because it should feel comforting. It should be like the sun on your skin, the feeling of his hands on your waist as he touched you first. It should be like when you inched his shirt, laughing as he placed a kiss on your forehead. It should be like when those very hands to be on your hips, arms, face, those soft hands on your body. And when he said your name, he toughened himself again.

The unfamiliarity clouded your eyes, and you nodded. “I’ll go,” you whispered as you kicked the knife away. He clasped your arm, and he turned you around. Tommen’s eyes scanned you, his lips parted when he saw you crying again, his hands on fire when he touched you.

“What did he do to you?”

You turned around, meeting his eyes. So fierce, and the only thing that you could define as home. “Everything.”

“I don’t want to go home.”

She said it over and over again, she even slammed her hands on the table. The room went still and Lord and Y/N argument heightened the tension. Lord Grey was untouched, unnerved, just staring at her.

Tommen wanted so much to do to her. To protect her. To finally see how much of a monster she married. To see how after all these years, she is still the name beating in his heart. Tommen stood, his chair scratching the ground and she looked at him. There was such intensity, and he wanted so much to protect her. And if even going against tradition, against everything. He is going to do it.

“I have the power in my name to disregard the marriage,” Tommen said. “And after I’ve done that, she will never step foot in your household. Not ever.”

“She is named Lady Grey for a reason,” Lord Grey sneered.

“Would you want to be a nameless lord after you step outside this door, ser?”

Grey stood up, taller and older than Tommen, but he stood his ground. Tommen looked up at those nasty eyes, and he stared. “I am warning you, Lord Grey.”

Grey sized Tommen up, and spat at him. The guards rattled and you were on your feet, but Tommen was faster. He has Grey by the collar, and with every breathe he has, his touch grows tighter on Grey’s shirt. “Leaver her be, Lord Grey.”


You touched Tommen’s arm, and he looked at you. With such fervour, he stared at you, like it was jus the two of you. You clutched Tommen’s arm, enough for him to drop Grey on his face as he couched up. Your hand slowly made its way on to the side of his neck, and to his cheek. “Tommen,” you whispered again, and he leaned in to your touch. It was just like the old days, where everything was painted nice and kind, away from the proems and it was just the two of you. The history between you two remained unknown to the others and you felt him ignite something in to you.

The guards left with your husband between them and was occupied by you and Tommen. He cupped for face, and slowly he brought you to him, and his lips were now slowly caressing yours.

“Come up for air,” he whispered against your lips. “You’re drowning and I want to help you.”

“You should’ve done that before,” you whispered. He should’ve stopped your marriage, he should’ve taken your hand, he should’ve been the one who took you upstairs in the bed you could’ve been sharing. But none of them happened.

Tommen opened his eyes, and hurt and regret were painted on them. He kissed your forehead, “I love you,” he said. “I love you, I still love you.”

Now, you were crying, because after all these years, those were the words you’re dying to hear. From him, from those lips, from Tommen. Every night those words were the one you kept dreaming about, and it was just Tommen.

“I should’ve stayed with you,” he said. Tommen was shaking his head now, walking away with his hands going up and down his face.

He continued to mumble on, continued to walk, and he only stopped when you touched him again. He smiled, an answer to your smile. “Tommen,” you said, searching for his eyes that you could drown forever and he would be the one to catch you, “I love you.”

You don’t know what happened, how you were now against the wall with your legs wrapped around Tommen’s torso. How his lips kissed yours, slowly chafing up yours, and how his mouth nibbled on your lower lip, just like he used to. The kiss was intense, and then it was shy. He’s taking his time to meet your lips, and he pulled back, slowly putting you down. He stared down at you, and he leaned in again, this time so much slower, and he cupped your face, and everything stopped.

It was just you and him.

Sleep in my sweater P8

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Pairing: Sam x reader
Characters: Sam, Dean, the reader
Warnings: light swearing, angst, fluff, hurt!sam, hurt!reader, mention of drugs
Word count: around 1,000
Summary: The reader has some decisions to make about Sam, and Dean helps her decide exactly what to do. 
Tag list: @amanda-teaches  @myplaceofthingsilove  @spectaculicious@bambinovak  @bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@padackles2010 @mamaredd123 @milkymilky-cocopuff @iwantthedean@zeppo-in-a-trenchcoat @spntrista @d-s-winchester@just-another-busy-fangirl @winchesterprincessbride@waywardjoy@supernaturalyobsessed @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname@sandlee44 @fangirl1802@kittenofdoomage @evyiione @winchestersmut@purgatoan @mogaruke @therewillbeblood @megansescape @taste-of-dean@leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid  @scarlet-soldier-in-an-impala@deathtonormalcy56@wildfirewinchester @notnaturalanahi@jensen-jarpad@impalaimagining@fangirlextraordinaire @itseverythingilike@jesspfly@love-kittykat21@mysteriouslyme81@mrswhozeewhatsis@aiaranradnay@supernatural-jackles@girl-next-door-writes@spnsasha@27bmm@spnfanficpond @amanda-teaches@myplaceofthingsilove@spectaculicious@bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@spn-imagines-to-feel@spn-ficfanatic@cleverdame@saxxxology@jensen-jarpad @keepcalmandcarryondean dancingpanda137

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-Great Expectations- (part 5)

Pairing: Alex/reader

Warning: Cursing. You getting disappointed. 

Notes: I hope you’ll like this one, and I hope you’ll still like me after reading this. If there are some grammar mistakes please don’t mind. English is not my first language. Kisses! 

Part 4:

Tagging: @sliceofparadise @imaginesparadise @float-autumn-leave @ladymelissastark @meikolia  

I never realized how traumatic it is when someone jumps screaming on you when you sleep. At least not until this morning.

Cassie entered in my apartment and tip toed to my bedroom to wake me up…in her way. And, of course, I screamed so loud I think everyone who lives in the building have heard me. Well, good morning world.

‘’What is wrong with you?!?!?!?!’’ I screamed at her while trowing pillows at her. She was just laughing hysterically at me because ‘’my face looked so funny’’. How does your face have to look when someone scares the crap out of you? I calmed down after a few minutes, then she came closer to sit on my bed.

‘’Y/n, I really don’t know how you’re gonna act when you find a boyfriend. You’re always so grumpy when you wake up. There will be no morning sex, and morning sex is important for a healthy, stable relationship.’’

‘’Trust me Cassie, if my morning started with sex, I wouldn’t be so grumpy.’’

The brunette in front me just laughed at my words, then got up and went to the kitchen with a ‘I’ll make us some coffee.’’and then reappeared on the door with a ‘’But really Y/n, your face looks really funny when you scream.’’

‘’GO MAKE THAT COFFEE!’’ I threw another pillow at her, but she was quick to avoid it.

I had no other choice than to get up, because if I don’t do so, she will come back with another traumatic experience for me. I wasn’t in the mood for it. I checked my phone to see what time it was. It was 9 a.m. That’s like…the middle of the night. ‘Ughh’ I sighed in frustration.


‘’You slapped him?’’

‘’Yes, I did.’’

She was looking at me with that ‘Bitch said what?’ face.

‘’I think you need to be slapped.’’ I rolled my eyes.

‘’Cassie, I only did that to show him not to mess with me. And although, the slap wasn’t hard, he was just shocked because he thought I was going to kiss him.’’

Her mouth hang open.

‘’YOU WERE GOING TO KISS HIM? ‘’ she screamed.

‘’Yes Cassie/’’ as always I wasn’t able to finish that sentence because she interrupted me.

‘’But, you didn’t kiss him. Instead, you slapped the poor guy. And then he still told you to call him after that? Wow, he must really like you.’’

I smiled at her words. The thought of Alex having any kind of feelings for me made knots form in my stomach, and she noticed that.

‘’You really like him. Don’t you?’’

‘’I don’t!!’’ I squealed like some animal.

‘’You do. Even if you don’t want to admit it.’’

I felt my cheeks burning. Actually, my whole face was burning. But, I didn’t want to admit it.

‘’I can’t like him. I know him for like, what, 4 days?’’

‘’It doesn’t matter how long you have known him. He makes you smile the way I haven’t seen you smile for a while Y/n. And that, as your best friend, makes me very happy.’’ the tone of her voice was soft, and her face wasn’t telling a different story.

‘’I don’t know Cassie. It’s worrying me.’’ I finally said.

‘’What is worrying you?’’

‘’Nothing. It doesn’t matter.’’ I told her off, and she understood that I didn’t want to talk about it, so she changed the subject.

‘’You’re seeing him again tonight, right?’’

‘’Yes. Btw do you think I should invite him here, or is it better to go at his place?

She thought about it a little. ‘’Depends, are you comfortable with him coming here?’’

‘’Yes and no. I don’t know.’’

‘’Then don’t. Instead, go at his place, so after you finish the series, he can walk you home and you can spend more time with him.’’

‘’ You’re a genius.’’

‘’I know.’’

We both laughed at that and changed the topic. But in between collections of moments where we would just drink our coffee in silence, my mind constantly went back on a special pair of piercing blue eyes.

‘’Okay Y/n, you’re gonna call him now, and act natural. It’s just a call, don’t be nervous.’’ I was giving myself this pep talk while searching for his number on my phone. ‘’Okay. Let’s do this.’’ It was ringing for a while. It made me think he was not going to answer. But he did.

‘’ Hey Y/n. What a surprise.’’

‘’Hey Alex. Why are you surprised, you gave me your number to call you?’’ I was confused.

‘’I honestly thought I was going to be the one to message you first again.’’

‘’Oh…Well, I don’t have a smart answer for that.’’

We both giggled.

‘’So, about tonight’’ he started ‘’I thought you could come at my place, and I could order some pizza? Or you want something else?’’

‘’Yes, and yes. Pizza sounds good.’’ I was satisfied.

‘’I have another proposal.’’

‘’Tell me?’

‘’You let me try, and guess what your favorite pizza is. But, if I do, I chose the reward. And I promise it’s not gonna be something that you’re gonna be uncomfortable with. Okay?’’

Not bad. And I was probably going to win this time, since he probably thinks my favorite pizza is the one I ate the first time we met.

‘’Okay. ‘’ I was confident about this.

‘’I’ll text you the address. I have to go now, see you soon Y/n. Bye!’’ he sounded pretty confident too.

‘’Bye Alex!’’

He hung up.

 Cassie was still at my place, and she was watching me the whole time while I was talking with Alex.

‘’If you aver that you don’t like him, why are you smiling so much now?’’ she asked me, amused by the situation.

‘’Well, I guess it is because I DO like him?’’ I said, shrugging my shoulders.

‘’I knew that, I just wanted to hear you say it.’’ I rolled my eyes.

‘’Bite me.’’

‘’I won’t, but Alex will.’’ Oh, no she didn’t.


 I was standing in front of a black door with a number 10 on it. Rechecking the message with the address on it, I gained confidence to finally knock. After a couple of seconds I heard the door unlock and a familiar face appeared in front of me. He was wearing gray sweatpants and a simple white t-shirt, and suddenly I felt so overdressed, since I really put effort into finding the right outfit for this.

‘’Hey gorgeous.’’ He smiled. It was terrifying how I grew into loving that smile in a short amount of time.

‘’Hey Alex.’’ I smiled back, aware that my cheeks were burning. My whole face was probably turning red, but I tried to ignore it since I didn’t want to make things awkward.

Alex stepped aside so I could come in. The inside of his apartment was very nice. It was very simple, but stylish at the same time. And it was pretty tidy too, which was a surprise, I expected it to be messier. Much messier.

He had everything prepared for our little marathon. Even the pizzas were there.

‘’The delivery guy came like a minute before you.’’ he said when he noticed where I was looking.

‘’Good. Then, shall we begin? I got a lot to catch up.’’

‘’Yeah, you do.’’ he laughed, and then we made ourselves comfortable on the couch. I put the box with my pizza in it on my left, Alex was on my right side, our arms and legs touching. I opened up the box to start eating my pizza and I was surprised. He was right. Again.

‘’How did you…You asked Jordan, didn’t you?’’ The blue eyed man turned his head to me.

‘’Yes.’’ He sounded very satisfied with himself.

‘’It’s not fair.’’ He rolled his eyes.

‘’You never mentioned any rules, so I guess there was nothing to be broken. I’ll take my reward later. Eat your pizza now and stop looking at me with that ‘mad child’ face expression and start enjoying this.’’ and with those words he turned on the episode.


 ‘’No wonder you’re always in a good mood. You get to be so moody while working.’’ We both laughed at that.

‘’Nothing but happy days.’’ He says, now looking at me with a huge smile on his face. The next thing he did got me frozen in my place. He started leaning towards my face, his eyes now focused on my lips. He stopped then, our lips just a few millimeters away.

I could feel his breath on my face. I could hear his breathing getting uneven the more he hold on like that. I could sense how he moved his right hand to put it next to me, probably to give himself more balance. I could sense the tension of the moment in the air. I could feel my heart racing in my chest. I think Alex could too. But he wasn’t doing anything. He wasn’t moving, and then he did.

But he didn’t move forward. He didn’t kiss me, and only God knows how I wanted that to happen. He moved away, and he was holding a slice of my pizza in his right hand. This was his way of getting revenge for last night. And damn it, this hurt more than any slap ever would.

‘’I think you realize why I did this.’’ he finally said.

‘’Yes.’’ I said, with my voice sore, like it was the first time I ever spoke. I felt my whole face burn, mostly from embarrassment. He knew I wanted him. He knew, but he moved away anyway. But then again, that’s what I did last night. But I still got mad. How could he do this?

‘’This slice is my reward. And you learning something out of this would be a bonus.’’ he was looking at me. He was waiting for me to say something.

‘’How didn’t you get mad last night? Because I am mad with you now.’’ were the only words that came out of my mouth. 

He left out a heavy breath.

‘’Because, in that moment, I came to understood that you didn’t act like a bitch because you are one. You acted like that because you got hurt before. Because you were tired of people playing you. But this, right now’’ he made a circling gesture with his free hand ‘’is me showing you that you should respect me. Believe me Y/n, I had no intention in hurting you. But you have no right to hurt me like that because someone else did that to you before. You have no right to do that. You could have just told me, but you didn’t. And I let it go the last time, but I don’t wanna be treated like a fool.’’ His voice was calm, like he was talking to a little child. And that made me feel worse than I was feeling already. He was so understanding, and I wasn’t deserving that. I was wordless. I was looking at him with pure shock.

‘’I don’t want to hurt you Y/n. I would never want that. I just want you to trust me. I understand it will take time, but I’m not giving up on you just yet. You fascinate me, from the way you walk, to the way you talk. And if time is what you need from me, so I could finally call you mine, that’s what I will give you.’’

He was looking at me now, patiently waiting for my answer. I didn’t know what to say. I just wanted to kiss him right now. Because he deserved to be kissed. A thousand times, and it wouldn’t be enough for me to express how I was feeling right now. 


He was confused. ‘’And by that you mean…?’’

‘’Okay, like, ‘Okay. I’ll give you a chance.’ and ‘Okay. I’ll give myself a chance to be happy.’ ‘’ I finally said.

He smiled, and put his left arm around me, bringing me closer to him. He kissed my forehead, and then turned his head to the TV to put on the next episode. I closed my eyes and rested my head on his shoulder. God, how I loved his scent. He always smelled so nice. He smelled like…home.

I opened my eyes when the opening music started playing, implicating that the episode was starting.

when you tell him you can’t go out with them because you ship him with another member (Kihyun & I.M ver.)



Kihyun stares at you, a little disbelief. He wasn’t going to lie that he had expected you to say yes to his ‘do you want to go out with me?’ but heck, you definitely made the term ‘expect the unexpected’ real to him.

“What do you mean?” He asks, still confuse.

You frown, crossing your arms like a boss. 

“What about Wonho?” You tell him, making him furrow his eyebrows angrily. 

“Did he ask you out?” He couldn’t help but to be upset. What kind of friend was Wonho to take you out when he was the one that had always crushing on you– 

“But I like you both together”

“What do you mean… ‘together’?” Kihyun’s voice become high pitched, starting to be amuse at your statement.

“Wonho and Kihyun, Kiho, I ship you both together, that’s why I can’t go out with you –”

“Are you being serious right now?”

“Yes, Kihyun, ship is a very serious matter” You answer him, your smile slowly become playful. Kihyun looks at you more, chuckle in disbelief. 

“I can’t believe this…” He rubs his temple, frustrated by you. You let a small laugh before slinging your arm around his neck to bring him closer to him.

“I was just kidding, Yoo Kihyun” You say, pecking his cheek quickly and dashes out of the dance studio, escaping from his angry scoldings.

“What a silly girl…” He whispers to himself, finally smiling happily.


“Changkyun, I’m sorry but I can’t”

Changkyun looks at you, his hand unconsciously places on his neck, feeling awkward at the situation. 

“Do you have someone… else?” He asks, his confidence in his voice left him, after you rejected his proposal for you to be his girlfriend. 

“Jooheon…” You start off, “You’re not meant to be with me, Changkyun”

“So is Jooheon meant to be with you?” His tone become rough, harsher. You stay quiet before shaking your head.

“Jooheon is meant to be with you, Changkyun”


“My ship is very important, Changkyun –”

“What is this… ship?” His mind gets dizzier by your words, his eyebrows raise, waiting for your explanation.

Jookyun, that’s your ship name and as shipper to this Jookyun ship, I can’t be your girlfriend”

Changkyun’s mouth falls open slightly, couldn’t mutter any words. He tries to process everything you just said, but when your smile become a cheeky one, he knew you are playing around.

“Was it really worth it to joke around with me?” He says,half upset, half relief.

“Your face was really funny, Changkyun, all confused and serious” You point out, holding in your laugh.

“You’re so dead” He grit his teeth, trying to calm down. You chuckle seeing his reaction, as you pat his cheek lightly.

“Stop being grumpy, at least I didn’t actually meant it for real, although you both would be really, really cute –” Your lips shut close by his lips suddenly, melting you with a soft peck.

“So are you still thinking about your ship?” He lets you slowly, as his smirk creeps on his face.

Fairy Tail GO! Ch. 52

Rated T. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: Lucy was having fun playing ‘Pokémon Go!’ when she accidentally put herself in harm’s way. Luckily a pink haired boy saved her just in the nick of time. A ‘thank you’ lunch helped spark a new friendship between them, but Lucy got more than she bargained for when she realized the boy she befriended had a complex past full of dark secrets. Fortunately for him, Lucy won’t be scared away so easily. Modern High School AU. Slight Angst/Drama/Fluff.

Read Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60

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Chapter Fifty-Two: Walkathon

Lucy waved goodbye to Virgo as the maid drove away. She dropped her off on the outskirts of the park, so Lucy had to walk around to find out where she needed to go. She cursed herself for not asking Natsu beforehand where they were to meet up.

Before heading into the park, Lucy did one final glance over herself. She wore a light blue polo shirt with ‘HK’ embroidered over her left breast. Normally she would wear it with most of the buttons undone, but today she could only spare two.

Otherwise she risked someone seeing the hickey on her shoulder.

The thick collar did well to hide it, but she kept her hair in a low pony tail, hanging over her right shoulder as well. She hoped that would be enough coverage to hide Natsu’s mark while also letting people see she was wearing the Pokémon earrings he got her.

A smile crept over her lips at the thought of Natsu marking her. When first meeting him she never thought he’d be capable of doing something so intimate, at least not with her.

Lucy felt cool air brushing against her lower thighs and shins. She wore a pair of light jean shorts because the weather channel said it would get hotter later on. It was only morning when she arrived.

Lucy didn’t bother putting on any make up today since she was bound to sweat. With her wallet in one back pocket and her phone in the other, Lucy was ready to go.

She took a step forward to begin her journey through the park. People flooded the area within the first twenty minutes of Lucy walking. She didn’t know how many of them were there to walk and how many people were just spectators or family members.

Lucy looked up at a sign, realizing for the first time what the walkathon was for. It was for diabetes. She nodded as she turned her gaze away from the sign. She was about to give up and just text Natsu to see if he was there yet, but she stopped when she caught a flash of pink in her peripherals.

She quickly turned to see if she could spot it again, but to her dismay it was gone. She followed where she thought the person would have gone, but that only resulted in her getting turned around a few times.

Finally frustrated enough, Lucy pulled out her phone to call the boy in question. It rang twice before he picked up.


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Quit Playin’ (Daehyun)

You rub your eyes, the bright computer screen was starting to make your eyes sting. One hand still on your controller and both eyes still locked on the screen, you reach into your desk drawer for your eye drops. It was now Saturday night or was it morning? You’d already lost track of time. You always came home on Friday, after classes, and would lose yourself in a weekend of gaming. Daehyun rarely came home on the weekends so you used it to fuel your gaming needs. You could hear your teammates shouting at you for help as your eyes watered from the drops. 

“Hold on!” You shout back into the headset. 

“Hey… You’re a girl?” One teammate asks. 

“That’s not important, you’re getting your ass kicked! Pay attention!” You rub your eyes again to clear them of the artificial tears and resume your raging. The front door starts to rattle and Daehyun makes his way inside. 

“Babe?” No answer. He makes his way to the bedroom, completely exhausted from the week. When he enters he sees your special blackout curtains drawn and the harsh light from the computer harshly lighting your face. “I’m home.” He sees your eyes glance over at him, you flash him a quick smile, then return to your game. 

You scream, “to the left!” You sigh angrily when your team loses, throwing your headset on the desk and leaning back in your seat. Daehyun takes this as an green-light to come hug you. “What are you doing home on a Saturday night?” 

“It’s Saturday afternoon…” 

“No, it’s definitely…” He moves to the curtain and pulls it open in one motion. The bright light floods the room and your have to shut your eyes because it hurt so badly. “Close it!” You whine, covering your face with your hands. “I didn’t expect you to be home,” you pout as Daehyun closes the curtains.  

“So you want me to leave?” 

“No! It’s just that I entered this tournament since I thought you’d be gone. I can’t just bail on my team…”

“It’s fine. You can just finish up and we’ll have the rest of the weekend.” 

“If our team keeps advancing we’ll be at it until Sunday night.” He nods. “Sorry…” 

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll just wait for you to finish.” He kisses you and escapes to the bathroom. You smile apologetically, but return to your game which was generating new brackets. 

“Sorry, guys. My boyfriend just came home.”

“Your boyfriend? Quit kidding around. Gamers don’t have romantic relationships,” one snorts.

“Well, not with your attitude.” You retort. 

“Send a picture! There’s no way you have a boyfriend.” You roll your eyes and quickly send a picture of you and Daehyun on your last anniversary. “Damn, you’re cute. How about you be my girlfriend? He doesn’t seem like the gamer type.” 

“How about you stop being a pig?”

“Wait… Isn’t that Daehyun from B.A.P?” The other boy asks. “You photoshopped this, didn’t you?” 

“Get on your webcams, assholes.” You pull up video chat on your second monitor and the two boys are there staring at you. “Oppa! Come here.” Daehyun exits the bathroom, patting his hair dry with a towel. He tosses the towel on the bed and crouches over to look at the screen.

“Oh, shit! That’s really him!” The second boy gasps, “I’m a huge fan!” He waves and Daehyun waves back awkwardly. 

“Why are you video chatting with strangers?” He turns to face you, “why don’t you ever video chat with me when I’m on tour?” He’s clearly jealous, especially when he realizes you’re in your semi-revealing nightie. He quickly moves in front of the webcam, obstructing the other boys’ view. 

“Hey! Get him to move!” The first boy’s screams are deafening, even Daehyun can hear them despite your headset being securely on your head. 

“I told you. It’s probably your pig personality that you’re still single.” Daehyun’s jaw is clenched tightly when he pulls his shirt off and puts it on you. You complain about it being warm and damp from his shower, but accept. “Ah! Oppa, move! The game is starting.” He picks you up and has you sit in his lap. You don’t complain, already focused back on the screen. At some point, you complain about his shirt and take it off. He responds by draping his arms around your shoulders so he could cover your cleavage from the two boys. 

The two boys are distracted by Daehyun glaring at them and when he starts to place light kisses along the back of your neck. After a while, he chooses to rest his chin on your shoulder, asking you random questions to distract you. Who’s that? What’s that? When are you going to finish? I’m bored. A couple of times he actually bumped your hand, causing you to miss the target and die once. You whined at him, but he thought it was cute how you reacted. Even your team was surprised. You were usually swearing like a sailor by now, but they figured you didn’t do that because Daehyun was with you. That continued for the next 5 hours.

“Tell your boyfriend to get out of the screen! He’s distracting us!”

You laugh, “even I’m not distracted, what’s your excuse?”

“Oh? You’re not distracted?” Daehyun mumbles, taking your headset off. 

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