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The lips around your finger  (- a Newt Scamander Imagine, NSFW)

inspired by all the beautiful Newt requests I got!  ✿

you and your best friend finally decided to turn your friendship into more

warnings: smut, cocky Newt (yes, this is a warning bc oooh boy)


‘NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWT, I PASSED! I PASSED! I PASSED!’, you screamed at your best friend as you were bursting through the door, crying and laughing at the same time.
‘Baby’, he said calmly with a big smile on his face, ‘what did you expect? My beautiful and talented friend would never fail.’ He hugged you tightly, nuzzling his head in the crook of your neck. You immediately felt all of the tension washing off your body, your muscles relaxed and your hands stopped shaking. It has been a truly exhausting day for you and you were glad that you had such a wonderful and supportive best friend back at home, waiting for you in your shared apartment.
‘I can’t believe that you are working for the Ministry of Magic now, what’s your title again?’, the man asked and his piercing green eyes looked into yours full of admiration.
‘In front of you, Mister Newt Scamander, stands the new Vice Director of Magical Security’, you laughed and put your hands on his shoulders, giving him a quick peck on his soft lips.
‘Well, Miss Vice Director of Magical Security, let’s celebrate this, shall we?’ Newt declared and disappeared into the kitchen.
You used the chance to take your coat of in order to surprise him with the baby pink lace and satin dress you bought for yourself on the way from the office to the flat.
Today was the day. You got a job some people are waiting for their entire life and you had only just graduated a few months ago. You were capable of everything today, even of finally turning those platonic little kisses and that playful teasing into something more.  
Holding a horrible looking chocolate cake on a silver plate in one hand and a bottle of champagne in the other the man came back, almost letting the bottle fall to the ground when he saw you. He didn’t say anything and just did his, oh so loved, smiling shyly and looking to the ground thingy.
‘Don’t you think I’m pretty?’, you asked him playfully and strutted over to the flustered man. He didn’t dare to look up because he knew if he would, he wouldn’t be able to control himself any longer and he wasn’t quite sure what your intentions may be. Maybe this was just a cruel joke, set up by his best friend in order to tease him a bit more than usual. However, he couldn’t stand the teasing and the bit of cuddling anymore. He was sick of it, he longed after something real.
Unfortunately, he wasn’t aware how much you have wanted him to take you in the last few weeks full of sexual frustration. You decided to push him a bit further and scooped a bit of the chocolate frosting from the cake with your index finger. Your big eyes glanced up to him innocently while you were wrapping your pink lips around it.
‘Oh, ooooh no’, he shook his head, ‘th- this behaviour, it can’t be excused, missy!’ he nervously declared in his playful flirting voice but in his mind he had already undressed you and bent over that damn table where he was putting the things in his hands on.
‘Aww but I would love to make up for it’, you told him, your voice even more seductive than you had intentioned. You slowly, way too slowly, put the straps of your dress down your shoulders and let it sink to the ground, revealing to the shocked man that you were only wearing panties and no bra. You took his wrists and brought his arms around your waist. Newt gulped but didn’t hesitate to scoop you as close as possible to him. You couldn’t have been any happier this moment. He clearly wanted this too.
With your delicate fingers you started fiddling with his black bow tie, signalling him that you would rather see it on the floor instead on him right now.
He unwrapped it without taking his eyes off of your body, just the sight of this beautiful girl in front of him was enough to make the bulge, in his now way too tight pants, grow.
He was breathing heavy when you started undoing his button up and you felt so much confidence washing over you making him melt like ice under your touch.
However, suddenly Newt interrupted your actions and put his hand forcibly on yours.
‘(y/n), look at me!’, he said with a stern voice pulling away from you.
Your eyes, full of disappointment, met his.
‘I- I am sorry, Newt, if this isn’t what you want. I just, I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, even dreaming of you and I just realize how stupid it is from me to put our friendship-‘, you stuttered, your eyes starting to water and your mouth didn’t let any more words free.
‘No, no, no, no, (y/n)! This is everything I’ve ever wanted. Please, believe me! I just wanted to know if you are really sure that you want this, that you want me. I don’t want to give you the feeling that you have to do-.’
You interrupted him, pressing your lips onto his. Desperately kissing him hard. He jumped but quickly relaxed and deepened the kiss. Kissing Newt wasn’t new to you, you messed around a lot but this, this was something completely different. It was passionate and hot. His hands pulling at your hair. Your hands around his neck. Moans escaping from the both of you. Him grinding into you. This was everything you ever wanted it to be.
In order to catch his breath he pulled away and you took your chance to attack his neck and plastering it in love bites.
Newts head started to spin and he got dizzy. He put his hand on the table behind him to help him stay on his feet.
While Newt was processing what was going on, you started where you left off and began unbuttoning the rest of his shirt and quickly shoved it from his torso. His pale skin was glistering in the golden sun light that came through the window.
‘God, you look so beautiful, Newt. Do you know that?’, you asked him and didn’t manage to close your mouth. The view was breathtaking. Your comment made him growl and he was so desperate that he couldn’t manage to carry you over to his bed and make love to you for the next twenty-four hours. He was in such shock that the only thing he could do was stand there and look at you in disbelieve. It felt like he imagined an encounter with an angel would feel.
Fortunately, you weren’t fond of him caring for you on this day. You were excited that you could finally show him how grateful you were for him and give him something in return for his otherworldly support he has shown since day one.
Your fingertips were tracing his upper body and you left a trail of soft kisses from his neck down to his pants.
You shot Newt a quick look, hoping for approval.
‘Oh god, yes (y/n)! Please, I beg you!’, he almost whimpered and he didn’t have to tell you twice.
Faster than he could look, his pants were already laying on the wooden floor. You bit your lower lip in the sight of his erected member trying to escape from his navy boxers. You quickly pushed his boxers down and started peppering kisses upwards on the inside of his tights.
Your hot breath meeting his tip, Newt let out a husky moan that made your lady parts tingle and you were glad you were already kneeling in front of him because your legs wouldn’t be able to hold your weight.
Not really knowing what else to do know, due you being an extra virgin, you took his length into your mouth and teasingly slowly rocked your head back and forth.
Newt shut his eyes tightly and threw his head back in desperation.
‘I swear, kitten, if you don’t stop teasing me, I’ll punish you so hard’, the usually so giggly and wholesome man spoke and you decided he had enough of teasing. You fastened your pace and it didn’t take long for Newt to warn you.
‘Hell, (y/n) I’m gon- I’m gonna’, he wasn’t able to finish his sentence because his words drowned in his moans.
‘It’s okay, baby’, you assured him softly and shortly after his warm fluid filled you mouth, which you swallowed, not complaining. Newt was a mess but quickly got himself together.
‘Look at you, you are such a good girl, my good girl. So pretty and pure. So diligent’, he showered you in compliments and brought you up to him. He pressed a sweet kiss on your forehead and you brought your head to his chest, which was still raising up and down uncontrollably.
You were shaking because of what just happened. You couldn’t believe that your best friend just called you his good girl. Your thoughts were racing, you were so happy but oh so shocked.
Scamander, who got a hang on what was going on in your head, tried to distract you and joked: ‘You know, I can now tell everyone I received fellatio from the Vice Director of Magical Security.’ He shot you a cocky grin and you couldn’t help yourself but start laughing and playfully hit his chest.
‘I hate you, Newt!’ you giggled.
‘I love you too’, he responded but his playful voice suddenly got all serious and passionate, ‘actually, I really love you, (y/n)!’
Your heart jumped and ached in excitement and you whispered a small ‘I love you too’ to him.
‘Well after that is from the table, do you want some cake?’, he asked with a smile but you suspiciously eyed the brown dough that looked more like a turd than it resembled something to eat.
‘I know it looks horrible but it’s actually really delicious’, he assured you and you gave it a try.
And it was. It really was delicious.   

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Being intimate with cw!Peter Parker would include

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the playlist of the songs that you and Peter make out to

  • being very awkward and clumsy because neither of you are well experienced
  • always making out to music
  • him throwing rocks at your window at midniiiiiight (plz tell me if u understood this reference)
  • and climbing all the way up to your room just to find out that your parents aren’t at home
  • seeing you half-asleep in his shirt (which you’ve stolen from him)
  • him letting out a small whine/moan because you look so beautiful and angelic and at the same time hot and tempting
  • caressing your cheeks with his soft hands and gently kissing you
  • at first his kisses are slow but soon his hands leave your face and are placed firmly on the back of your neck
  • licking you lower lip with his tongue, asking for entrance
  • tugging on his curls
  • small moans leaving his mouth
  • making out to alex turner
  • “i-i adore you angel”
  • sucking on his lower lip
  • “please do that again”
  • him sitting on your bed and you sitting on his lap
  • grinding your hips in sync
  • him leaving open mouthed kisses on your neck
  • hickeys all over your collarbones
  • and then “past lives” bu borns comes on
  • and with his newly found confidence peter pins you to the bed
  • “you’re so beautiful angel”
  • “i can’t believe you’re mine”
  • whispering sweet nothings to each other
  • gently massaging your thighs with his hands
  • helping him out of his clothes
  • “are y-you sure you want this”


The Interview

It was all so surreal. I was sitting there the lights bright in my face so I couldn’t see anyone. This man was asking me questions.

“What is your name?” Natasha, I answered.
“How old are you?” 21
“Are you a virgin?” Not since I was 15.
“Why did you come here?” I came because I want to try something different.
“Strip!” What
“You heard me, Strip,” he repeated. I stood up and pulled my shirt off. I reached behind my back and unhooked the back band of my bra and pulled that off also. I unbuttoned my pants and slid them and my thong off at the same time.

“Nice, you have a beautiful body,” he replied. I’m 5foot 5inches tall. My breast are a 34B. I have a small triangle of brown pubic hair above my pussy. My mons is full and I have a nice slit. My long brown hair stops at mid back. I have large brown eyes. All my friends say that I’m pretty, but I never believed them.

“Are you clean?” Yes Sir, I am.
“Are you on birth control?” Yes, the Pill.
“Good! Wait here. Do not get dressed,” says the man.

I wait for quiet some time before another woman comes in the room. She’s blonde and naked also. She hands me a pair of black stilettos. “They like that,” she says to me before I can ask. She leads me through a side door onto a stage. The lights are very bright. I can’t see beyond the end of the stage. I hear some talking as I am led on stage. In the middle of the stage is a large bed. “This is Natasha. She’s 21 and this is her first time here tonight. Enjoy,” said the naked blonde woman.

Suddenly, out of the light come five naked men. They are all very athletic and fit. They all have pretty big cocks. They form a semicircle around me stroking their semi erect cocks. One of them pushes me down on my knees. One of the men starts to rub his helmet on my mouth. “Suck Natasha, suck,” I hear voices saying from beyond the lights. I take one in front of me in my mouth. I grab two of the other cocks in each hand and stroke them. The cock in my mouth is getting harder as I suck on him. I feel him swell in my mouth. I start to alternate sucking on the five cocks in front of my face. They are all fairly large with two of them being black cocks. I hungrily suck and stroke all of them. My drool is dripping off my chin as the men force themselves deeper down my throat. “Ack, ack, ack, ack,” I gag as there cocks slam the back of my throat. One man sides his dick all the way down his throat and holds me fast. I gagging on my own spit and mucous as he holds his cock in place. “Ahhhhhhh,” I finally gasp as he removes it.

The men put me on the bed on all fours so my profile is facing the stage. The begin to spit roast me. “Ohhhhh,” I moan as the first cock penetrates me. My moan cut short as a cock is shoved down my throat. My pussy being pounded. His balls slapping against my ass. I feel him pull out only to be replaced by another cock. This man is much bigger. I can tell by the way my pussy stretches. Omg, he’s in so deep as he begins thrusting in and out of me.

The cock removed from my mouth. One of the black men starts to slap his cock over my face. He’s really big. His cock road mapped in big thick bulging veins. He plunges his cock in my mouth. I almost throw up. You hear can hear the crowd gasp as my throats bulges out to accommodate him. Long strands of drool spill out of my mouth and my mascara starts to run. Another switch and violation of my pussy occurs. This cock fucking me hard. My cunt dripping. My juices running down my thighs.

The next black man repositions me. He lays on the bed and has me mount him reverse cowgirl. The naked blonde woman takes his cock and guides it into my raw pussy. He starts to drill me. His big hands fondling my breast. One man in my mouth and a guy in each hand. The last man I service orally switching between the first man.

You can just feel all the heat and sexual tension on stage and in the room. The room is full of moaning as the five men take turns fucking my mouth and my pussy. One by one they switch places. Each of their dicks in my cunt and in my mouth. It feels so dirty, but so so good. Not only because of the five that were using my body as their playground, but because of the ones I couldn’t see watching me get used in such a manner. I have lost count on how many times I’ve cum already.

I was pulled off the BBC. A repositioning. A cock in my soaking wet pussy. Two cocks in my mouth. One man jerking off in front of my face. The fifth man entering my anal rosebud. My body tenses as I feel him pushing inside me. Slowly, he penetrates my most intimate space and pushes past my anal sphincter. This is the first time that I’m double penetrated. I feel like such a slut.

“Humf, I’m cumming,” stated the man jerking off in my face. He ejaculates three quit spurts of hot cum over my face and in my hair.

The two men fucking my mouth yell that they are cumming. I feel the sudden explosion of warm, salty gooey semen in my mouth. My checks bulge as I try to hold it all in my mouth. Some spills down my chin as they slide out of my mouth and shake the last few drops on my face.

The man in my pussy starts to thrust erratically. I feel his cock swell inside me. He pulls out with a loud moan and cums all over my stomach. His semen making a lake in my belly button.

The last man thrusts deeply in my ass. I feel like I need to pee as he sodomizes my ass. My tits bouncing up and down wildly. My head back as I scream, “OMG…OMG…OMG, I’m going cum. Oohhhh fuccckkkk,”

He pulls out of my ass. I cum instantly in a squirting orgasm. He ejaculates his hot cum into my ass gape. Spurt after spurt of his hot cum fills my slowly shrinking gape and drops out of my ass. I am spent as my orgasm continues to rock my body.

The naked blonde girl comes out on stage. “That was Natasha, everyone. Looks like the little whore had a great time. Let’s hope we will see more of Natasha here with us!”

“Well Natasha, was it everything you hoped for,” asked the Man?

“Yes it was,” replied the girl.
“Good! Shall we see you again?”
“Yes,” replied Natasha.

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I am so in love with the dynamic between Barry and Iris now.

They’ve been great all season as a couple but last night felt like everything finally really clicked and they were perfect.

I love that Iris can be assertive with him, yet vulnerable.She can be brave and face her fears but at the same time break down and confess what scares her the most.  I love that he knows how to let her be strong, even when it terrifies him, but he also knows how to be strong enough for the both of them when he has to be.

I love that they can tease each other effortlessly. I love that they can go from being super serious one second to grinning like fools at each other in the next. I love that they show why your love of your life also being your best friend is a beautiful thing.

I love how tender they are with each other. The small touches that both actors add that were absent in their previous onscreen relationships makes a huge difference. The gentleness displayed when Barry strokes his fingers along her cheek to wipe away a tear, or rubs her back when they’re sitting on the couch together adds a level of intimacy that the show has been lacking.

I love that the way they are now (in some respects) is the way they should have been in 2A. I love that Iris is allowed to voice her fears and have somebody listen to her. I love that she’s not worried and crying by herself because she isn’t shown having someone to care for her. I love that Barry listened to her and he didn’t try and dismiss her fears. In fact, he’s encouraged her to acknowledge her feelings about the situation because he wants her to talk to him.

I love that even though Barry is sure Iris won’t die, he’s not cocky about it. He has had a real bad tendency in the past of being over-confident right up until things completely go to hell and then he’s humbled enough to realize that maybe he doesn’t know it all or he isn’t fast enough. This time around though, he isn’t doing that. He’s sure that Iris won’t die, yes, but I believe that’s because he’s already made his mind up that he’ll do whatever he has to do to make sure that won’t happen. Failure is not an option for him. With that being said though, he’s not cocky about Iris’ life. Figuring out a solution to save her is not something he approaches lightly. He doesn’t catch an attitude when Julian rudely tells him that he’s not fast enough, he won’t be fast enough and therefore he will fail. He just starts calculating for himself and he realizes that Julian is right. Old Barry would have worked to prove him wrong, now he takes the criticism and turns into something constructive that will help save Iris. This ultimately proves that this truly is about saving her and not about him.

All in all Westallen has just gotten better and better and better and better as the weeks have gone on and I feel like they’ve finally hit their stride. They have found the perfect mix of sexy, sweet, tender and emotional and the actors sell it flawlessly.

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For the drabble game: a steve rogers x reader with a "you and I are friends and dont have valentines day plans so we watch movies wrapped in the same blanket and we've always been friends but im just noticing how brightly u smile at cheesy romcoms and how u laugh at the dumbest stuff and wow i think i might love you" (sorry if its long, thanks darling!!)

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It starts out as a joke.

You tell Steve that you’ve got a hot Valentine’s Day date with Netflix, a bottle of wine and a pile of blankets.  He asks if he can be a third wheel on that date.  And somehow, now, on the most romantic day of the year, Steve’s sitting in your apartment, cuddled up next to you under the same blanket pile.

In your defense, it’s cold and you only have a few.

You’re trying to pay attention to the movie and Ryan Gosling and his beautiful face, but you find yourself distracted by Steve.  His laugh every time a character says something funny.  The way he smiles when something particularly romantic happens.

And that’s when you realize you’re in love.

You’re not sure how to tell him, if you should tell him, so you don’t.  You spend the whole night, mere inches from him, willing your brain to focus on the movie instead of the man next to you.

But your brain has other ideas and plans.  The warmth of the blankets and the wine in your stomach put you to sleep.  Slowly, you slump sideways, your head rolling onto Steve’s shoulder.

Steve looks down, his eyes widening, but his lips quickly curving up into a smile.  He pauses the movie and turns the TV screen off, stretching his arm around your shoulder and drawing you closer to him.  

He yawns and closes his eyes, resting his head on top of yours.

It’s then that he realizes he loves you too.

I went to watch Passengers today. I’m not sure if they have this at theatres in the US or other countries, but in Canada we have an interactive app called Timeplay where you can play a trivia and poll game before the movie starts. You play it on your phone and it’s connected to the big screen and you face whoever else is in the crowd watching the same movie.

Anyway one of the polls this time was “Coolest Star Wars heroine” (for promotion for Rogue One) and the iconic Princess Leia took the crown. I just thought it was very fitting and emotional being that she passed away today. It was a small but beautiful moment, at least to me✨💛

burning out his fuse up here alone

anonymous asked: How long until Claire makes her way to North Carolina in your Vietnam AU? I don’t really want to know and I’m dying to know at the same time. It is such a beautiful story.     

Vietnam AU

Claire smiled at Bobby Higgins, who returned her grin and even gave her a small bow.

*Thank you,* he signed.

After four days at Dr. Beaton’s speech pathology clinic, she had picked up enough ASL to understand what Bobby was trying to tell her. Corporal Higgins had barely survived a mortar attack in Viet Nam – costing him his right leg, inflicting disfiguring burns on the left side of his face, and resulting in significant brain trauma. That he was able to walk – with crutches – was a miracle. That he was also able to communicate, in a strange hybrid of sign language and speaking short, simple words, was nothing short of miraculous, testament to the dedication of Dr. Beaton and his team.

Bobby was just twenty two. He would struggle for the rest of his life. But he was stubborn, and determined. And clearly very kind.

“You are so welcome, Bobby. It’s been so delightful getting to know you this week.”

Claire watched Bobby carefully blink, then swallow, preparing his voice.

“M-m-m-may I wr-wr-wr-wr-write?”

She flashed another smile. “Of course! Here – let me give you my school address. I’d *love* to hear from you and I can’t wait to see your progress!”

Scribbling her address onto a piece of scrap paper and tucking it in the front pocket of Bobby’s overalls, she helped him to his feet and walked with him toward the door. His wife Amy waited outside – they had married right before he shipped out, and had two-year-old Orrie to keep them busy. Claire had learned all about them in her work with Bobby this week – and, just like it had been the previous three days, her heart clenched to see the look of ecstatic joy on Amy’s face when she saw Bobby come to her in the waiting room.

Yes, Bobby had a long road to recovery – but he also had a fabulous support system to keep him on the right track.

With a final pat on the back, she stepped aside, letting Bobby cross the room on his own to Amy, and sink into her embrace.

Quietly Claire returned to the clinic, now strangely silent that Bobby had gone home. She had learned so much working with Dr. Davie Beaton and his patients this week – the doctor was truly doing some pioneering work, and at Appalachian State in North Carolina, of all places. He had welcomed her with open arms, allowing her to dive right in and learn directly from the very people whom she hoped one day to treat.

Dr. Beaton had about twenty patients at his clinic – the vast majority of which were returned veterans. Several people who had suffered quite traumatic car accidents rounded out the rest of his clientele. He sought to not only study their brains and understand the root cause of their language difficulties, but also to develop a custom program to help them regain their ability to communicate.

In Bobby’s case, it was a mix of speech and ASL. Bobby wasn’t the same man he had been before his injury, but he had clearly come a long way in the six months he had been working with Dr. Beaton. And Claire saw near-identical results with all the other patients.

Dr. Beaton was truly having an impact. Just like she wanted to have an impact, once she completed her education.

Just like she knew she’d had an impact on one man, from Boone, three years ago in a humid hospital in Viet Nam.

No. She had resolved to not think about him until the week was through. Her flight back to Boston wasn’t until Monday morning – leaving enough time over the weekend to…to do what? Find Jamie Fraser? Think about not finding him?

Claire swallowed. Her suddenly shaky fingers smoothed the creases out of her scrubs, heart suddenly racing.


Startled, she looked up to meet Dr. Beaton’s kind eyes.

“I’m sorry – could you repeat that?”

Dr. Beaton was in his late sixties – his research had started with servicemen returning from World War II, continued with veterans from Korea, and now he worked with the boys returning from ‘Nam. He’d done a short stint in Da Nang, where he’d worked with Joe Abernathy and been able to put some of his work into immediate practice for the injured servicemen he’d met.

Claire had taken an immediate liking to him – not only for his skill, and for the fact that he hadn’t cared she was female, but mostly because she reminded her of her dear, dear Uncle Lamb. Lamb, the kind-hearted, scatterbrained, socially awkward elderly uncle who had raised her almost from birth. Whose death had precipitated an existential crisis that had ended up with her hasty marriage to Frank – seeing him as a port in the storm.

Oh, the irony.

Dr. Beaton smiled at Claire. “I was just saying – you are truly gifted with these patients. Especially the veterans – I think it helps that you served, because they can relate to you in a way that’s hard for me to do.”

Claire blushed. “Thank you, Doctor – and again, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the opportunity to work in your clinic. I’ve learned so much, I don’t even know where to begin.”

He sat, and gestured for her to take a seat as well. “I was wondering – would you be interested in attending the campus veterans’ support group? It’s mostly attended by returning soldiers who need just the emotional support – they’re not physically injured, I mean. But as I’m sure you know, the emotional wounds can run quite deep.”

She nodded, and watched him fish a crumpled flyer from his coat pocket and slide it across the table. “Here is their information – I believe they’re meeting tonight, if you’re up for it.”

Claire carefully unfolded the paper. The mimeographed message was simple – peer support, veterans helping veterans. Coffee and donuts would be provided.

Then the name of the organizer caught her eye.

“Murtagh Fraser? Is he a student?”

Dr. Beaton laughed. “Oh he was – but he’s close to my age now. The Frasers have been a pillar of Boone since well before the Revolution – and they’ve been attending App State since it was founded. Murtagh served in World War II and then came here on his GI Bill, but he’s always hanging around in some form or another.”

Why did she feel so dizzy?

“Why do you ask?”

Why, indeed.

“I served with someone at Chu Lai whose last name was Fraser – and his uncle was General Dougal MacKenzie.”

Dr. Beaton was visibly taken aback. “The Great Scot’s nephew? Well, that would be Jamie Fraser. He’s a local hero, you know – won a Purple Heart and Silver Star on the same day.”

“So I heard,” Claire said softly. Was that her voice?

“Anyway – Jamie got out of the service a few years back and comes to the group sometimes with Murtagh. He volunteers a lot in town with the different veterans’ groups – he’s really wanted to give back. He’s got a bit of Murtagh in him, for sure – but also he’s so much like his father, Brian. Brian and Murtagh were cousins, and they fought together in the Pacific. Horrific stuff.”

Claire nodded absently, then rose.

“Thank you, Dr. Beaton – see you tomorrow?”

“Of course – have a good evening, Claire. Alec will be in tomorrow – I know he’s looking forward to seeing you again.”

She nodded, grabbed her coat, and quickly exited the room.

And walked straight back across campus to her tiny hotel room, where she locked the door behind her and placed her hand on top of her racing heart.

He was here. Jamie was here. He could be here tonight.

She wasn’t ready.

She would never be ready.

She couldn’t just…walk in to a room with others. She had to see him – but wanted to do so on her own terms.

For her sake – and for his.

So she yanked out the drawer from the small bedside table, pulled out the phone book, and dialed Information.

“Hello, Operator? I need the actual street address for PO Box 1746 in Boone, North Carolina…”


(So I just realized I spelled ‘taught’ wrong, sorry for the misunderstanding~)

“So, Captain Levi…  Some citizens in the city informed me that here I would have found ‘humanity’s strongest’, but all that I see is just the same little, annoying brat I had to bear a long time ago” you stated, sarcasm dripping from your voice.

You had barged into Levi’s study without even knocking, causing the Corporal to glare hardly at you. The (H\C) woman had been rather sassy and rude, but in his eyes you had never been more beautiful and charming; your (E\C) eyes glittered with excitement and mocking spirit, while you put your foot on the Captain’s desk.

“And I see the same, old, sour spinster I had to listen to a long time ago; is that a wrinkle I see on your face?” he smirked, satisfied with his remark. He would never admit it out loud, but he had missed you, very much so.

“Well it might be. Or it’s just your sight getting worse and worse because of old age” you smiled with mirth and smugness. Back to the old days, the two of you had shared the same kind of arguments everyday, never getting bored of bickering like an old married couple. He had missed that part of you too.

You sat in the chair in front of the man, crossing your legs and planning on testing your long lost student just a little more.

“So shorty, I assume that you’re still the same cleaning obsessed moron you have always been, aren’t you?”

“Yes, just like you’re still the same pathetic old hag you’ve always been” 

“Well I’m happy to hear you say that because starting today I’ll be residing here and now I know for sure that this pathetic old hag won’t be sharing a room with you”

“Tsk like if I would let that happen”

“Oh and who exactly are you to tell me what I have to do, brat?”

“I’m the reason you’re here, aren’t I?” he smirked again thinking about the good old memories he had shared with you.

After all that was just their way of flirting

RFA + Saeran are watching a horror - movie with MC

Uhm… So everyone was making headcanons, so decided to make one too, i hope no one minds hehe :^)

- He wasn’t sure if he was for it or against it
- He want’s to be so manly and hug you when you’re scared
- But at the same time he’s scared af
- You chose to watch “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
- oh good god no
- if there’s one thing Yoosung hates more than cheaters on LOLOL or Zen bragging about his (beautiful) face, than it’s massacres
- you could almost feel how he was trembling throughout the whole movie
- poor yoosung
- At the end he was pressing his body against yours
- You tried to comfort him, because he was rly scared
- That didn’t work
- Calling Zen didn’t work either
- He couldn’t sleep at night
- He also refused to be left alone
- Since he started making non-human sounds every time you left the room
- You made a silent promise to yourself to watch “My little pony” next time

- Movie night with MC!
- Hooray!
- Gets super excited about every time, since he gets to cuddle with her under the same blanket
- of course he chooses a horror movie to watch
- he doesn’t want to miss the chance to be the knight in shining armor for his princess
- is actually way more scared than yoosung is
- you decided to watch “the ring”
- Zen actually screamed a few times
- It was way scarier than the whole movie
Throughout the whole movie Zen said stuff like “don’t be scared babe” since of course he wasn’t scared at all
When the scenes changed and the screen got dark he always mentioned how good he looks
- When the movie ended, you two were too lazy to stand up from the couch and you just slept there (not because bot of you were too scared to stand up)

- She is always excited to spend time with you
- Especially when it comes to watch musicals movies with you
- “… What do you mean by “we’re not watching Zen’s musicals tonight” ?
- Tonight’s gonna be tough
- You chose to watch “Final Destination
- You didn’t even pay attention to the movie
- You were to distracted watching Jaehee
- It may sound mean, but she is so cute when she’s scared
You were hugging her all the time, which made her feel alot better
- When the movie ended you made some coffee for the both of you
- After a long long conversation, when it was 5 am, the decision to go to sleep was made
- That was almost as scary as when Mr. Han almost made her make a project about why cats should also go for president
- But she definitely did not regret it, since the time she got to spend with you was so precious

- He was quite surprised that you wanted to watch a horror - movie with him
- But he wasn’t agains it
- On the contrary, he was actually for it
- Since he wasn’t really familiar with this genre
- “… we’re just gonna watch it on TV, alright?
   But i can j-
   Jumin, i know that you can book a cinema for ourselves, that’s no the issue here”

- This time you wanted to watch “Sinister
- It seemed that he was quite bored
- He even checked his phone
- But you were scared af
- So he decided to entartain himself with cuddling you and calming you down
- Because the movie contained a shit load of jumpscares
Seriously how can someone watching this movie keep a calm face this friggin’ long
It was quite enjoyable for him
- Since you were clingin onto him the whole movie and he thought it was somehow cute
- He decided that this was not the last horror movie for the both of you

•707/ Saeyoung
- He’s lost
On one hand he loves every second spent with you no matter what you do
- But on the other hand
- He hates horror-related stuff more than anything on this world
- You needed more than an hour to convince him
- “C’mon, Seven! It’ll be fun, i promise! You’re even allowed to take your Elly plush toy with you.
     Can we at least keep the lights on?
- The movie didn’t even start, but he’s already trembling
- You almost feel bad for hime
- You were watching “Saw” (Srsly MC wtf is wrong with you)
- He was screaming literally everywhere
- Not even sure if he was really frightened or just screaming “in advance”
 Throughout the whole movie you were cuddling him
- You even tried to comfort him
- Tried.
- After it (finally) ended, he left to the bathroom
- You were not sure if he went there to cry or not
- And being the prankster you are, you decided to scare him
- You immediately regreted it
- He screamed and just
- Left the house
- You never ever watched a horror movie together again

- You weren’t sure if he was amused or bored
- Because as you were watching “Mirrors” he just kept that emotionless face like you were watching some cat food commercial
- He actually laughed a couple times???
- He could see, that this movie was scaring the shit out of you
- So he tried to comfort you
- No need to mention cuddles, because you were already pressing your body against his with all force
- And as the movie went, he, feeling that you were scared, sometimes kissed your forhead
- And it helped.
- Do i need to say that after this movie you were scared to look into a mirror?
- Since you were to scared to sleep, you two were just cuddling on the couch
- He waited till you fell asleep so that he could leave, because you wouldn’t let him
- He’ll make sure to make watch another horror movie with him again.

Aaaaand it’s done! Whoever yoe are, thank you that you read it till the end, it really means a lot to me *0*
i hope you enjoyed it as well as i did and i hope you all have a great holiday c:

Memory Lane

Summary:  You are writing your wedding vows, when your mind take you to a few memorable moments of your relationship with Steve.

Words: 2815 (Officially the biggest thing I ever wrote .Every fic that I wrote about Steve is bigger than the last one.)

Paring: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Flashbacks in italic. Fluffy and Smut (oral sex and unprotected sex be safe kids.) You might want marry Steve and know about the 5 date after this.

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Have you ever wonder what was the exact moment you fell in love for someone?

You look at your fiancé Steve sleeping so peacefully by your side. His eyelashes are resting in his face and he has a small smile on his lips. Your hands start to caress his hair and he pulls you closer nuzzling you in to his chest.

You remember when you met him. It had being so awkward but at the same time you felt a connection that you never felt before.

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“Klaus, give it back!” you whined reaching up, trying in vain to reach the novel he held above his head. “Now, why would I do that love?” he asked with a teasing smirk, making you want to crush his beautiful face and melt at the same time.

It was Klaus Mikaelson after all.

You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t had a few daydreams about him. That charming accent, his dark blonde hair, those enthralling blue-green eyes. He was the perfect package.

“Klaus, I’m warning you. Give it back or else-” “Or else what?” he interrupted coming a step closer, with the book still being out of your reach. He looked at you with intensity in his pools, calculating your next move, challenging you to move forward and take what belonged to you, taunting you.

“Just give it back Nik” you sighed raising your hands in surrender. “I’ll tell you what. I will give you this book back if” he placed the book in front of his chest to give emphasis with nothing but mischievousness dancing in his eyes and a devilish smirk on his face.

If?” you raised an eyebrow with curiosity in your eyes.

“If you have dinner with me” he finished, gazing at you intensely awaiting an answer. Your smile vanished and you looked at him more seriously. Biting your lip, and looking up in his eyes boldly. Trying to find a trace of a joke or something, but no, the only thing you saw was honesty.

“How do I know this isn’t a trick?” you asked after a while with a playful smile on your lips. He gave a deep chuckle, flickering his eyes downwards with a grin.

“You don’t. Call it a deal with the devil if you’d like.” his lips turning slightly upwards. Damn his pretty face.

“Alright fine. Dinner, tomorrow night” you said trying to hide the fluttering of butterflies in your stomach which seemed a little too obvious. “Good” he started coming closer.

Your heart started to beat fast due to nervousness as his eyes flickered down to your lips and you could feel his hot breath on your face. He looked up again, locking you in his stare filled with longing and fondness. He started to move towards your ear breathing on the shell of it making you gulp slightly, with a small shiver running down your spine and your throat dry.

I look forward to it” were the last words you heard after which you felt something in your hand and a gust of wind blowing in your face. You blinked, looking down, only to see your novel in your hands that gave you a free ticket to a date with your crush.

Monsta X Reaction #15 - They see you without makeup for the first time

anon asked: monsta x reaction to seeing you without makeup for the first time 

Hyunwoo: He didn’t even notice because he focuses on your personality. “What you’re not wearing makeup…? oh. don’t you look the same with it on?”

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Hoseok: “Jagi, you’re beautiful with or without makeup. I don’t know why you waited so long to show me your bare face. You’re still beautiful“

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Kihyun: “You’re still so pretty? The way you avoided letting me see you bare-faced made me think you were hiding something from me” *laughs* “Sweetie you look just as good to me”

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Hyungwon: “I’m always less confident without makeup too. If you still love me without my makeup then you know I’ll still love you without yours too.”

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Jooheon: This boy is too busy being crazy for him to be judging you if you decide to not wear makeup. He loves you regardless and if you can love him too, that’s all that matters.

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Changkyun: He’d be like Shownu and probably not even notice that you aren’t wearing makeup. “Okay but…. you look the same? You’re still pretty.”

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A/N: I think they would all love you regardless and still think that you are beautiful

@women over the age of 25, 30, 45, 55, 75+:

You are beautiful, wonderful, interesting women who deserve to be fully fledged members of society and deserve to be defined by WHO you ARE and not by your face, body, amount of children, sexuality etc. You deserve to be treated with the same dignity and personal respect that older men drown in, and I want you to know that even though 15y.o girls on Tumblr don’t think you’re important, I do.

{let me see you} a Sebastian Stan one shot

It’s smutty-ish. I’m really not that good at it.

Being apart is hard. Sometimes we go months without seeing each other. Touching, kissing. Thank God for technology.
It took her awhile to warm up to the idea. She felt shy, embarrassed. “I can’t,” she’d say quietly, covering her face. “Come on baby,” I’d tell her, “you’re not shy when we’re together,” I smiled. “It’s not the same,” she told me as I leaned in closer. “I just wanna see ya, doll,” I cooed as she gave me a small smile, “I miss seeing you, seeing your body.”
After a few times, she warmed up a little more, let me talk dirty to her, eventually undressing for me. One day I called only to connect to her being totally a naked for me, a big grin on her beautiful face. “Holy shit, frumoasa,” I whispered as I leaned in to get a better look. “Happy birthday,” she said with a smile and I laughed. “Yeah, happy fucking birthday to me,” I said quietly as she gave me a small giggle. “Since it’s your day,” she began, “you can have anything want.” God damn.
“Anything?,” I asked her with a skeptical look and she nodded. “One condition,” she said as she pointed her finger at me, “if I have to get myself off, so do you,” she finished with a wink. Oh, no problem. I nodded and slipped off my shirt and pants. “All of it,” she told me, so off the underwear went, too.
I took another long look at her, my mind racing, imagining all the things I wish I could do to her. “I need you to touch yourself, babe,” I told her, “I need to hear you.” She looked at me innocently and whispered, “yes, daddy,” as she slid her fingers to her folds and let out a loud moan. That was all it took for me to grip myself and move my hand slowly up and down my shaft, letting out a moan of my own. “Use your fingers, babe,” I panted, “pretend it’s me, say my name.” She slid her fingers inside and began to pump in and out while moaning my name, over and over, like a prayer.
I knew I wouldn’t last long, so I slowed my pace as I watched her throw her head back as she came hard, screaming my name. She came down from her high slowly and she leaned over so that she could watch me. “Faster,” she breathed as she watched me stroke myself, “come on, Seba,” she whispered, “come on, cum for me. Let me see you.” Her words pushed me over the edge as I stroked myself furiously, desperate to find a release. She kept whispering to me until I came hard, moaning her name loudly.
“Jesus, dragă,” I panted as I grabbed my underwear from the floor, “you’re fucking amazing.” She smiled at me and said, “happy birthday, Iubirea mea.”

Avengers Preference - Mornings

He’s usually up before you but when you go down and see him he says “So you wake. Morning gorgeous.” Pulling you towards him and planting a kiss on the top of your head.

You wake up at around the same time and he always hugs you murmuring “Good morning, (y/n).”

One of you usually wakes the other up. If you wake him up he always mumbles “If I didn’t have you to wake up to I don’t think I’d ever get up.”

He’ll wrap an arm around your waist and murmur “Good Mornin’ Princess!” a little too loud to let you sleep.

Loki always turns you to face him when he wakes up, smiling at you. “There’s my beautiful queen.”

He takes a while to wake up but when he does he likes you to be the first thing he sees. He doesn’t say much but “Good morning” but his smile says it all.

He’s usually awake before you but doesn’t want to disturb you by getting up so usually just gently strokes your hair murmuring about how much he loves you. The first thing you hear each morning when you wake is usually something like “Your smile just makes me so happy. I could watch you smile all day.”

Whenever you try to sneak out of bed to get breakfast, Natasha will wrap an arm around your waist and pulling you back to bed. “You’re warm. I reckon it’s your hotness.” She smirks.

He makes you breakfast each morning since it only takes him a few seconds. When you get up he’s already at the table. “Ah! Sleeping beauty! I thought I might wake you with a kiss!” Then he’s in front of you in a flash, his lips on yours.

Antagonizing// Mark Tuan

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Pairing: Mark Tuan x Reader

Genre: Idk, angst maybe? you decide because i have no idea

Summary: Mark begins to get jealous after all of the boys stare at you.

Author’s Note: Okay, but who would ever object to jealous Mark? No one, that’s who. You’re welcome. 

xoxo Sara

It was obvious, from the every beginning that you two liked each other. You two spent nearly every moment together, laughing and giggling, texting even while you were on the same couch, and face timing when you were at different houses. He wouldn’t hesitate to make you blush by calling you pretty and gorgeous and beautiful, every word in the book to get your heart to do backflips. If someone couldn’t see that you two were practically all over each other all the time, then they must be oblivious.

Which is exactly what Mark thought.

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Cuddling with Abraham Ford would include :

(Wooo more prompts! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Him not letting himself being the little spoon despite you offering to hold him

-Him usually either having you on top of him completely or under him

-Him occasionally playfully wrapping his legs around you and telling you that you’re trap with him forever

-Him sometimes hugging you tightly and just shaking you to wake you up when you would fall asleep because he wants you to fall asleep at the same time as him

-Him turning you to the side to lay side by side and face to face just to talk about your day

-Him stroking your hair occasionally and causally mentioning that you’re beautiful to him

-Him pulling you close to him by your waist until your touching noses just to make you smile and laugh

-Him draping his leg over you, pulling you closer to him and joking about how you’re making him hard

-Him enjoying the feeling of your arms wrapping around him while he holds you and telling you about it

-Him telling you goodnight before falling asleep soundly while maintaining his firm grip on you