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Rick x Negan x Reader threesome!

(Request: This is crazy.. but could you please do a reader rick and negan threesome?)

Note: Enjoy!!

Warning: smut, anal

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You leaned your head against the windows in one of Negan’s trucks. You were driving to Alexandria to pick up the supplies they owed you, but all you could think about was Rick. You had felt so sorry for him during the line-up, mostly because all you could think about was how big his cock must feel.

“You alright (y/n)?”

You looked to your side and saw Negan eyeing you suspiciously.

“I’m good, why?”

“You have that look on your face” he said with a big grin.

“What look?” you asked curiously. You laughed when he smiled at you and gave you a wink. “You got that aroused look on your face, I can see how dark your eyes have gone. You want some dick?” he asked, cockiness dripping off of his voice.

“Shut up” you rolled your eyes, hoping that he would carry on assuming you were getting aroused over him.

You continued in the car for another half an hour before you finally pulled up to the Alexandrian gates. You stepped out the truck and swung your rifle across your shoulder. You watched as Negan called out to Rick, letting him know of your presence. You were standing behind Negan when Rick appeared at the gate. His eyes immediately fell on you and you noticed them change, they then flicked up to yours and you winked at him.

“Don’t make me ask” Negan said, he had some seriousness in his voice but there was always a hint of amusement.

Rick said nothing as he opened up the gates and you could see some of the group walking over.

“You all know what to do so get to it!” Negan shouted at you and the rest of the saviors. You all started to walk to different houses, storming in and taking what you wanted. You approached one house and you heard footsteps behind you.

“Wait! That’s my house” Rick said, out of breath. You continued to walk up the steps to his house and you opened up the door to find a young boy and a baby inside.

“Carl, take Judith and wait outside” Rick said, stepping out of the way so Carl and Judith could pass.

Once they had left Rick shut the door behind him and stared at you. “I won’t take a lot” you giggled innocently, walking over to the cupboards in the kitchen and looking at what was there. You made sure to wiggle your hips as you walked, pushing out your butt as you stretched over the counter to reach for stuff.

“Hey Rick, would you mind helping me out? I’m too short to reach that” you said, almost teasing him with your cute voice. He hesitated before coming over to you. You could see it in his eyes, he wanted you just as much as you wanted him, but since you were on the ‘bad side’ he would never make the first move. As he reached up to grab the can of beans you looked at his arms, veins just visible on his skin and his muscles reacting to his movement. He handed you the can and you made sure that your fingers brushed together. You looked up at him, seeing him already staring at you when suddenly his lips were on yours, and the can had fallen to the floor. You moaned into the kiss as his fingers dug into your waist, and you wrapped your hands in his curly hair. You broke away from the kiss so that you could start to take your jeans off, Rick doing the same and fumbling with his belt. Once you were both naked from the waist down your lips clashed together again, and Rick moaned into your mouth as his tip started to rub against your wet slits. Rick lifted you up and sat you on the counter, the material feeling cold against your bare ass. You wrapped your legs around his waist, bringing him closer and forcing him to push inside of you. He didn’t take his time as he pushed his full length into you, not stopping to let you adjust. He thrusted into you wildly, letting out grunts against your neck where he left rough kisses.

You heard the door open and your eyes grew wide as you stared at Negan in shock. Rick immediately looked behind when he saw you weren’t concentrating on him and he quickly pulled out of you and moved away.

“Negan-” You started but he raised his hand to silence you. He started to grin, and you didn’t know if that was a good sign or a bad one.

“Would you look at that! Ricks getting in on all the action without me!” Negan laughed and approached you, starting to unbuckle his belt. Rick said nothing as he looked to the ground, trying hide his erection from Negan.

“This aint the time to be scared Rick! Carry on with what you’re doing, just one thing, I get the back door” He winked at Rick and then at you.

You giggled at Negans words but Rick was a little hesitant at first. You jumped down from the counter and led rick to the sofa, Negan following behind now in only his shirt and jacket. You pushed Rick down on the sofa and straddled him before lowering yourself onto his cock. He tried to hold back a moan but the pleasure was all too much. He leaned his head back as you continued to bounce on him.

“You’re such a dirt girl, aren’t you?” Negan asked, coming up behind you and kissing your neck. “I knew you wanted some dick, I could see it in your eyes” he laughed into your neck, sending goose bumps down your skin. Between Negans dirty words and Ricks moans, you were getting closer to your release.

You felt Negan begin to push his tip into your ass, stretching you out. You were used to his size though, you did this every two weeks or so back at the sanctuary. As he stretched you out he let out a deep moan, moving his body forward and wrapping his arms around your waist. You started to moan when the two men were thrusting in you at the same rhythm. Rick started to rub his fingers against your clit, sending adrenaline coursing through your veins. You leaned your arms on Ricks shoulders and rested your head in the crook of his neck as he continued to leave kisses on you. You noticed Rick was kind of a more romantic guy in bed, whereas Negan was a straight up animal, pulling your hair, whispering dirty things in your ear and just fucking your brains out.

“I’m close” you moaned. At this Rick’s finger movement sped up and Negan continued to pound into you fast, bringing along your orgasm a lot faster than usual. It took over your whole body, there was no warning sign as your eyes hazed over, all noise was blocked out and you could only concentrate on the pleasure both men were pushing into you.

Once you had finished your high both Negan and Rick came, Rick quickly pulled out of you and you jerked him off until his warm liquid spilled onto your hand. Negan finished off inside of you, staying still for a couple of seconds as he rode out his high. You got off of Rick’s lap and collapsed on the sofa next to him, watching Negan put on his boxers and jeans. He walked over to the counter and threw your clothes at you, telling you to hurry up because they were ready to leave.

You quickly changed and left Rick with a kiss on his cheek. “Until next time!” you said, walking out of the house and following Negan to his car.

Five minute ficlet (NSFW)

“I seriously only have five minutes,” you moaned as he slammed you into the wall, lips on your shoulder, your collarbone, your throat.

“I only need five minutes.” His laugh was a self-deprecating rumble.

“I might need more than -” you paused as his hand slipped into your knickers, “oh.”

He ran his fingers along your folds, slipping his thumb between them to rub your clit. He applied just enough pressure that your breath caught, and he pulled his gaze up to yours, an arrogant smirk on his face.

“What was that?” He winked. You felt him tug at the front of his pants and let out a satisfied groan as he slid into you, pulling one leg up around his hip as he started thrusting into you. His hand moved across your hip, grabbing the flesh of your ass for leverage as he pounded against you. His lips found your collarbone again, and he was nipping, tugging st the skin with his teeth.

Suddenly you felt that familiar tightening in your belly and as his hips ground against you, the first wave of a cascading orgasm. His hand moved from your breast to your mouth to prevent your cries from being heard in the hallway, and you felt his abs tense as he grunted out his own orgasm.

As he pulled out and fixed his clothes, he checked his comm.

“Four minutes, twenty-three seconds. You’ve got thirty-seven seconds to get the red out of your cheeks, sweetheart.” He winked, smoothed down the front of his uniform and left the supply cupboard before you could retort.


genre: fluff

summary: hyunggu is your new neighbor

a/n: for my girl @pentagon-fics | I actually read through this before posting so there shouldn’t be like spelling or grammar issues, but if so, I suck sorry

Originally posted by bbykino

“Ugh, finally.”

You groaned as you set down the heavy box that you’d packed to the brim. Why you insisted on having so many shoes you’ll never understand. And why your new apartment’s elevator decided not to work the day you moved in, you’ll also never understand.

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Camera [a Barry Allen/Sebastian Smythe smut]

a/n: i have an e2barry request; i’ll do it tomorrow, i just HAD to write this

WARNING: Smut (threesome, kinky)

“Can you fuck him with the strap while I watch?” Sebastian asks, focusing the camera on your perfect waist while you peel the tank top off. Slowly, he darts to your face, seeing the glare you’re  giving him. “What? You know I love watching!” he says defensively, turning the camera on Barry’s abs. “I’ve been such a good college boy…” he pouts, stepping towards his husband.

Abruptly, the Warbler presses his lips to Barry’s, tangling a hand behind his head. Barry notices that the camera’s angled down now. Oh that sneaky- “Bas!” he scolds, covering his manhood as Sebastian and you giggle. “Not funny.” he huffs, climbing onto the bed. You jump on top of him, knees on the sides of his legs. “We aren’t using th- don’t. Don’t give me that look.” he grumbles, pointing at your pout. “The strap is for Sebastian when I’m not here.”

“Yeah, but-”

“It doesn’t have to be just for me, you know.” Sebastian grins, plopping in a seat next to the bed, refocusing the camera on you two. Sighing, the speedster puts the strap on you, flopping down on his back, short locks bouncing. “Yeeeaaah! That’s my husband and wife!” he cheers, shifting the angle of the camera on his crotch. “Look, I’m already hard… Okay, get on with it, babes.” he bites, palming himself.

Both of you roll your eyes. Steadying yourself on your knees, taking ahold of the strap. “You sure this is okay, Barr?” you ask, biting your lip. After a minute, Barry peeks at Sebastian with the camera, then back at you, grabbing your breasts and nodding. “O-kay! Fuck!” you hiss, groaning when his thumb flicks across your nipples.

Slowly, you push the plastic dick inside Barry, making a blissful gasp drop off his lips. Sebastian groans from his spot, gripping himself hard, pumping up and down. “Move, move, move.” Barry repeats breathlessly, bare toned chest rising and falling rapidly. You obey, snapping your hips back and forth, making both your husbands whimper. “Y/N! Oh my god!” he pants, pushing his face into the pillow.

You smirk, tossing a wink at Sebastian while you grab Barry’s dick. The speedster grunts, thrusting up into your hand. “Y/N…Fuck, you’re so hot!” Sebastian shouts, bucking into his own fist, watching Barry firmly grasp your boobs. His thumb brushes the tip of his cock as he tries to keep the camera steady. A low, throaty moan escapes his plump pink lips when he squeezes the base, continuing to pump. “Babe, babe, babe, do- ah, do the thing with your thumb… Then you’ll cum with me, right, B? We’ll cum because of our wife?” he swallows, shaking the hair out of his eyes.

Thrusting hard into him, you copy Sebastian, flicking your thumb across Barry’s dick. His mossy green eyes widen, adam’s apple bobbing. “Cum, daddy.” you purr into his ear, earning matching moans from the boys. Sebastian yelps, throwing his head back as his hand becomes sticky with his cum.

Barry pants, letting go as you thrust again, body vibrating slightly. His abs are covered in sweat and he peeks up at you with hooded eyes, light brown hair matted to his forehead. “Was that good?” he slurs, grinning sleepily. You giggle, nodding as you undo the strap. “Good. What about you Bas?” he asks, flopping his head to the side to gaze at your husband.

“This is-” Sebastian gulps, pointing to the camera, “This is definitely going in my ‘when horny’ file.”

Reggie x Reader: Playbook Princess

Warnings: swearing, fighting, sexual mentions
Requested: yes
A/N: this is before Jason’s death.

*your POV*

I rolled over to look at Chuck’s face. What? I immediately sat up, earning a pounding headache. It was 11am and I scrambled out of his bed, picking up my clothes on the way and walking to the bathroom, locking the door behind me to take a moment to breathe and think. Memories flooded back to me of the previous night; shot roulette, flip cup, beer pong. My partner? Chuck. I ended up so shit faced I slept with Chuck. Holy crap. My blood began to boil, it had only been 4 days since Reggie and I had broken up and last night was supposed to be a night to let loose and forget about Reggie, not sleep with his team mate!

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anonymous asked:

A tiny question.. could you maybe do a thing where Gaara and Naruto (seperate from each other) react to you always covering your eyes with sunglasses until they fall off by accident and you reveal a blind eye?


A day with Naruto was never uneventful, and this meant there was quite a lot of jostling, which was okay with you. Anyone who wasn’t okay with that probably wasn’t suited to being one of Naruto’s loved ones. However, in this moment, the playful shoving got rather too rough for your liking. Not because he hurt you, but because he happened to knock off the sunglasses you always wore. You scrambled to pick them up and replace them but you weren’t fast enough to hide your eyes from Naruto.

He peered at your face, unabashed. “Whoa – what happened to your eye?” Naruto asked, his voice audibly uneasy. His words were blunt, but you knew it wasn’t Naruto’s intention to come across as insensitive, so you didn’t treat it that way.

Your heart pounded as you struggled to find the words you wanted to say. “I-I… I’m blind in one eye.”

Naruto accepted this immediately. “Oh,” he commented, looking deep in thought, “That must be pretty rough.”

“Please don’t think of me any differently,” was all you replied with, anxiety practically oozing from you.

At this, Naruto looked genuinely confused. “Why would I? You’re still the same old Y/N to me,” he said, a grin appearing on his bright face. Relief spread through you, and you beamed as he threw an arm around your shoulder.


You picked up your treasured sunglasses and replaced them as swiftly as you could, but one look at Gaara’s troubled expression told you that you hadn’t managed to keep your eyes out of his view. You said nothing, and waited for Gaara to approach the subject.

“Y/N, I don’t mean to be intrusive, but… is your eye okay?” The expression in Gaara’s voice made his concern obvious, and your palms began to sweat. You must have looked distressed because Gaara continued, politely. “You don’t have to explain anything to me if you don’t wish to. It is your business, after all.”

“N-No, it’s okay,” you responded, cursing the stammer that left your lips. You inhaled gently.

“Take your time,” Gaara told you gently, covering your hand with one of his own as a comforting gesture. It did its job, and soothed you somewhat.

“I’m blind in one eye,” you clarified, and Gaara nodded understandingly as he listened intently. “I don’t show people. I don’t want anybody to think of me differently for it. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier.”

“Don’t apologise,” Gaara reassured you. “This doesn’t change my opinion on you, Y/N. You’re very close to me, and nothing can change that.”

“Thank you, Gaara,” you said with a smile, feeling as though a huge weight had been lifted from your chest.

-Admin Will

catsplosionxd  asked:

2A Bendy?

“hey there cutie!… wait. Boris is my best friend, so hes the cutest!.. Im pretty cute too, so im second cutest… let me try this again *ahem* Hey there third cutie.. am i saying it right?”

bendy.. stop.

“Oh! Oh! wait! i got one! yooooooulookbetterthanjoey. umm… you like dancing? cause im a tutu dancing demon!-uhhhh you look sweet?… whats sweet?.. uhhhh your… face features are realistic…?”


(X3 i loved doing this one. all i could think of was Bendy attempting and failing at pickup/flirt lines XD)


It’s Complicated- Part 2 (Jason Blossom x Reader)

Request:When will part 2 of “Its complicated” come out?💕

Word Count: 2254 (oops)

Warnings: A few swear words

A/N: So my internet came back on but it’s slow as frick but this does mean I can work on new parts for other imagines :D

Your last lesson was PE but your brain was preoccupied with what Carrie had said. “We’ll see.” before going to her class. Those two words nearly got you hit in the head multiple times, made you not register a word Jason said to you has he drove you home. You got out of the car, and shuffled to your door without saying goodbye to Jason. You felt his arm snake around your waist, tugging you to face him. “Hey, what’s up? You didn’t say a word on the drive home and now you’re not even saying goodbye?” He asks. You couldn’t bear to look up at his face, ashamed that you were worried about a girl breaking you up. You shook you head, eyes staring at your shoes.
“I’m fine, it’s just been a long week and I’m ready to sleep.” You say. Jason pulls you into a tight embrace before kissing you on the forehead.
“I’m here if you need to talk okay, I’m always here and I can come over in a heartbeat if you need me.” He says before kissing you on the cheek, waving goodbye and getting in his car, driving to pick up Cheryl from cheerleading practice. You shuffle into your house, glad that your parents had to stay back at work today. You slowly climb the stairs to your bedroom and dropped your bag on the floor before collapsing onto the bed, drifting off to sleep.

You jolt awake to your Mum calling out your name. You groan and roll over on your back. “Yeah?” You yell out to your Mum. You wait for a response. When none came, you groaned and pulled yourself out of your bed and went down the stairs to your Mum’s study. You knock and opened the door slightly, sticking your head in. Your Mum looks up at you and smiles “Hey sleepyhead, do you mind going down to Pop’s and grabbing some dinner. I do not have the energy for cooking tonight and neither does your father.”
“Yeah, sure thing. Just the usual?” You ask. Your Mum nods before getting up and passing you some cash to pay for dinner. You thank her and make your way out of your house and into the car.

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anonymous asked:

hello! happy birthday! can you do a reaction of bts to their girlfriend who looks cold and do not speak much, is a person nice. and with a voice voice cracked but soft at the same time? (idk if you understand, thank you.)

thank you so much, you’re too sweet!! i’ve had a pretty good day so far :)
and i understood just fine, don’t worry! i hope this is okay for you (i kinda split the personality traits up so each reaction wasn’t exactly the same, i hope that was alright!)


  • you were one of the sweetest and most kindhearted people he’d ever met
  • that was one of the many, many reasons he loved you so much
  • you weren’t very talkative, but he didn’t mind
  • he thought people talked too much, anyway
  • jin learned to read you in other ways
  • he could take one look at your face and know exactly what you were thinking, how you were feeling
  • he always made an effort to make sure you were comfortable, because he knew you wouldn’t always speak up if something was wrong
  • he was very protective of you and wanted you to feel safe and loved 110% of the time
  • jin was your security blanket


  • your personality was one of the reasons he got along with you so well
  • he knew what it was like, getting judged for being silent or looking pissed off all the time
  • he didn’t understand why it mattered so much if someone was quiet
  • (in his opinion, it would do some people a lot of good to keep their mouths shut once in a while)
  • in general, yoongi preferred to observe, but that didn’t mean he didn’t care
  • you understood that more than anyone else he’d ever known


  • your supposed aloofness was what drew namjoon to you in the first place
  • he liked a girl who played hard-to-get
  • as he got to know you a little better, he learned that there was so much more to you than your cool attitude
  • you were warm, and caring, and would do anything for someone you loved
  • as you exposed your true personality to him, he could feel himself falling deeper and harder for you
  • he knew he could easily be with you for the rest of his life


  • when you and hoseok first met, no one expected you to hit it off the way you did
  • how could they?
  • you were so quiet, and hoseok was, well……. hoseok
  • people would always joke about how you made a rather odd couple
  • you were quiet, and seemingly disinterested, but hoseok knew that wasn’t true
  • the truth was, you cared a lot. about, like. everything.
  • you were just too shy to speak up sometimes
  • hoseok knew this, and he always made sure to take the lead in conversations if you seemed uneasy, especially in unfamiliar company


  • you and taehyung balanced each other out perfectly
  • taehyung could be a bit wild sometimes, and you could calm him down like nobody else
  • you weren’t very talkative, only speaking when you really had something to say
  • taehyung liked this about you
  • it made everything that came out of your mouth seem that much more worth listening to
  • (everyone agreed that taehyung spoke enough for the both of you, anyway)


  • he swears that he fell in love with you the first time he heard you talk
  • your voice was so cute to him
  • you spoke in a low, hushed tone
  • one that may have been ignored by some, but demanded his attention
  • quiet but not quite timid, you always gave off the impression that whatever you were about to say would be very important
  • and jimin hung on your every word


  • you had always been a quiet person
  • that didn’t mean that you were mean, or in a bad mood, or any of the thousand other things people accused you of on a daily basis
  • sometimes you just didn’t feel like talking
  • jungkook understood that like no one else ever could
  • the two of you could sit in comfortable silence for hours
  • only for it to be broken by jungkook pulling a silly face, making you snort and giggle in that soft, girly way of yours
  • he thought he could never get tired of making you laugh