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Sex With Him Includes...

A collection of smutty, sexual, “13 Reasons Why” preferences of what it would be like to bang one of your favorite boys because why the hell not.

* * * * *

Clay Jensen❤️

- It probably starts innocently, like him, gently flirting as you help each other with homework at his house.
- He asks if he can kiss you.
- “Please do.”
- Every kiss you both have is deep, slow, and romantic, both your hands on his pink cheeks and his resting on your waist.
- You end up doing it on the homework you two should probably be working on.
- He tops.
- He’s the nervous type, so you take it slow.
- He’s not very loud, but you can tell he’s enjoying it by his closed eyes and slightly open mouth.
- It is no doubt that Clay is inexperienced, but that surely doesn’t mean a night alone with him all to yourself isn’t pleasurable.
- You rest one on one your hands on his neck as he slowly and gently thrusts.
- He’s a gentleman and always asks if you’re comfortable.
- “Are you ok?”
- “I am absolutely wonderful.”
- You lay by his side afterward, hand in his, as he fills the air with awkward and nervous comments and jokes.

* * * * *

Justin Foley💙

- The first kiss you both share is messy and graceless, and quickly turns into a hot and heavy make out session.
- The neck biting.. He’s like fucking Dracula.
- He’s definitely the dominant one.
- Lots of dirty talk on his part.
- He’d totally tie you up to the posts of his bed and use you. He’s the kinkiest.
- Out of all the boys, it’s Justin that’s most likely to do you against a wall in an empty closet with a house full of people.
- “Careful.” You tell him, in response to his loud, sexual grunts of pleasure. “If you’re not quiet, they’ll find us.”
- He smirks. “Let them.”
- He always smells like sex afterward, but you don’t mind. So do you.

* * * * *

Alex Standall💜

- He’s sorta awkward at first, especially when he places that soft, gentle kiss onto your lips. But it’s the cutest, sweetest kind of awkward.
- Lip biting.
- He slowly pulls your clothes off of you, making sure you’re okay with it before doing so.
- “Y/N, you are.. Just… Wow.” He says, getting a look at you. “You are stunning.”
- You run your fingers through his soft, bleached hair, gently tugging on it.
- Collarbone kisses.
- He’s tries his best not to giggle like an idiot when your fingers trailing down his pale chest tickles him.
- Trails of red scratches up his back from your nail.
- Short, breathy moans come from his vocal chords. You’re so close to him you can feel his breath on your lips.
- Lots of passionate touching.
- “I love you” Is said.
- Your fingers intertwine and lock with his.
- You take turns being dominant. He’s totally cool with letting you top. In fact, it turns him on.
- In the end, you lay next to him on his bed with your head on his shoulder as one of his strange CD’s play in the background. Deep conversations ensue as you ponder your existence and talk about if aliens truly exist. It’s casual pillow talk for you guys.

* * * * *

Jeff Atkins💛

- He places his hand on the back of your neck and pulls you closer when he kisses you.
- Strip teases.
- “Strip.”
- “Yes sir.”
- He asks you to rip his clothes off of him.
- He cracks up when you rip a hole in his shirt.
- “I didn’t mean literally.”
- Lots of compliments.
- “Damn, I’d say you were beautiful, but even that doesn’t cut it.”
- He calls you an array of different nicknames. Babe, sweetheart, hon, dear, every cute pet name in the dictionary.
- Hickies.
- He’s likes to do it rough, but not if it is too much for you.
- He lives for watching that look of pleasure spread across your face as you orgasm.
- Round 2 in the shower.

* * * * *

Zach Dempsey💚

- He’s the kind of guy that sneaks you into his room at night.
- He’s also far too tall, so he lifts you up and you wrap your legs around his waist so you can kiss him better.
- That kiss. That full, powerful kiss.
- He clears a spot on his desk and places you there as soon as he does so.
- It’s seems as if you two are always in the bedroom, but never in the bed.
- His thrusts shake the desk.
- “You like that?”
- Although he’s a gentleman, he’s got a bit of a daddy kink.
- He’s loud. It’s definitely a turn on.
- He’ll totally nibble on your ear.
- When you have both finished, he’ll take you out for some food- he’ll even let you wear his sports jacket.

bakery au (oldie but a goodie)

Part 1

“He hates me,” Bitty moaned, flopping on his couch. Holster was raiding his kitchen, listening to his rant about Jack Zimmermann.

“I don’t even know what I did wrong! Maybe it was because I told him that he played a hard game last night the first time he came into the bakery? All he does is glare at me and say stuff like ‘Eric, the coffee is too sweet,’ or ‘Eric, you need more protein.’”

“Brah, maybe Zimmermann just has a total resting bitch face,” said Holster as he pulled out a leftover pie from Bitty’s fridge. “Guy seems fucking intense. At least he’s good for business.”

“He keeps on glaring at me! And he comes in, like, three times a week. Orders a coffee and just drinks it in his corner, ignores my attempts at conversation even though, mind you, he has already said some pretty rude stuff!”

“The guy’s a celebrity, he probably has his head so far in his ass and doesn’t care about shit, and also just wants some privacy. Bits, you haven’t been taking pictures of him and posting it on twitter have you?” Holster asked, alarmed.

Bitty gasped, “Adam Birkholtz! I would never!”

“Then just treat him like an antisocial customer, he can’t be the only one going to the bakery who doesn’t want conversation and just wants service and food,” Holster said, dropping down next to Bitty on the couch with two tins of pie.

“I know,” Bitty sighs. “He’s just…so handsome. And he was so nice to Nursey when that fool tripped. And he tips generously. And he’s just so gorgeous, even when he’s glaring at me and speaking in grunts whenever I ask him how his day has been. I just want him to like me!”

Holster navigated the TV to a rerun of Golden Girls and handed Bitty one of the pie tins. “I think that’s your problem. You’re an amazing person, Bits, but maybe you can be a bit too friendly for resting bitch face robozoid Zimmermann. Maybe stop asking him about his day and just let him chill.”

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You show up at Bucky’s hotel door offering more than just your housekeeping services.

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 7918
warnings: AU, nsfw images, alcohol consumption, dirty talk, spanking, hair pulling, oral sex, anal sex, anal fingering

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Stay Professional! Pt. 9

Work AU! Fluff, Angst and Suggestive smut: Jungkook x Reader

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 (10 will be a continuation) 

Summary: It feels like you’re going up against Jungkook in a mind boggling game of Chess. You both made moves that were rather questionable and things you wouldn’t normally do just to spite each other. It was a professional event, yet there were 2 people in the room who didn’t seem to understand that. 

A/N: Say hello to angst angst and more angst~ I plan on finishing up this series soon but ye. Also this chapter has a lot of dialogue. 

You let out a quick puff of air from your cheeks as you scoffed at Jungkook’s immature behaviour. The roll of your eyes indicated your frustration at the situation you were put in: the person you had genuine feelings for did turn out to be what you despised most- a detached fuck-boy with too much money in his hands. You couldn’t believe your eyes, more like- you didn’t want to believe what you were seeing. 

Jungkook smirked at your reaction, it was exactly what he wanted to see- you riled up with jealousy. 

Essentially, it was your fault that Jungkook reverted to his old-self after you left him for Jimin. You still managed to look like you actually enjoyed Jimin’s company and that really pushed his buttons, buttons he didn’t even know existed as he’d never gotten this attached to anyone before. Although it was unintentional, you ended up playing along to Jungkook’s new declared war because you were caught up in the moment- and that’s exactly what Jungkook had planned.

Things were about to get ugly when it really shouldn’t, at least not in this professional environment. But you’d be surprised as the power of jealousy… and how it can persuade people to act rashly- rather, stupidly.  

He was clearly trying to make you jealous even though it’d be proof that your words to him were correct- about him being a fuck-boy but he didn’t care at that point. He just wanted your smile to belong to him and only him but since that wasn’t the case, he didn’t want anyone else to have it. Not especially Park Jimin for he knew that he did not deserve someone like you. 

Jungkook’s assistant looked a little flustered by the sudden contact. The most they’d physically interacted was only their first handshake. Jungkook was far too busy to pay attention to his new assistant but he did know for a fact, he didn’t like her very much because of her nagging. That didn’t matter to him though, she was the perfect chess piece to bring you down. Jungkook’s genius plan was to flirt with his assistant to get you riled up. But of course, the stubborn Y/N definitely wouldn’t back down without a bloody good fight.

A new burning feeling started to eat away your stomach. You felt as though bile crept it’s way up your throat as you almost immediately wanted to throw up at the sight of Jungkook so close to this random girl you immediately deemed ‘annoying’. 

“Lead the way, sweetheart.” He placed a swift kiss on the back of his assistant’s hand, making sure to shoot you a smug expression whilst doing so. 

Fuck! It was that nickname! You remember how shook you were when he first called you that. That was when all your feelings started to form. From that one simple little word. And now he was casually throwing that word around to this chick he hardly knew. Of course you were mad. 

“Let’s go back to our seat, Jimin.” You boldly linked arms with Jimin who seemed to freeze under your touch. You clinged tightly onto his arm as you made sure Jungkook saw you press your chest into Jimin’s side. You snickered inside as Jungkook’s jaw immediately clenched at the sight. 

Two can play the game. 

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nameuser311  asked:

Hi there Sir, I was curious about your very first experience getting your ENTIRE cock into someone's throat. Who it was? What it felt like? What went through your head? Did they enjoy it too? Any other thoughts you're willing to share would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure your fans (I mean fags!) love hearing the juicy details. Thanks in advance, Sir.

It was with a guy I met online. A cute Asian twink, slim and sporty with a shaved head. I invited him over to suck my dick and take some pics and video. He loved my huge cock, couldn’t get enough of it, and it looked beautiful being grasped in his hand, huge throbbing erection swaying in front of his face. Longer than his whole head. I had him turn around to suck it in 69 position when, with a loud gulping noise, I felt my cockhead pop past his tonsils and all of a sudden he was swallowing my whole length. I gasped, he moaned inarticulately around the fat cock jammed in his throat, it was amazing. I made him repeat the trick many more times that night.

Ever since then I’ve been obsessed with boys who can swallow it all. It’s not easy, but if you put in the work it’s worth it.


ღ 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 ღ

Are You Trying To Seduce Me? (Charles Xavier x Human! Reader)

Warnings: Fluff, smut, some language? 

Words: 3,428

Originally posted by randomimaginesx

Deep breaths y/n…

Deep breaths… 

Deep… breaths… 

Taking a necessary breather, you walk over to the handsome professor in the white long-sleeved buttoned down dress shirt, dark brown vest and black pants. You really had been staring at him ninety-nine percent of the night - he was just so beautifully gorgeous and perfect you couldn’t understand how a man like him could even exist. 

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Fixed [Giriboy]

Originally posted by honggiriboy

Artist: Giriboy | Word Count: 1.975 | Soulmate!AU (9/?)

Soulmate!AU – Everyone has a timer that countdowns the time you and your soul mate will meet on their wrist. The timer can be broken accidentally and not.

This one was from a very very long time ago, it probably has been sitting on my ask for a month:( I’m so sorry it was so late, anon, but I hope you’ll like it<3

p.s I’m running out inspiration nowadays:( *sighs*


By now, after years of living on Earth, you felt like your life wasn’t really doing worse at all. You enjoy the times here in college, although at times it can get overwhelming, to the point where you just want to rip all the hair you have on your head. Everyone was surprisingly nice to you, and it made college way better. And you didn’t mind working part time, squeezing it in the free time that you have. The extra money you get from work was giving you lots of use. To sum it up, you were flowing smoothly through this transition era from a college student to an adult that’s going to jump into the business world. And you were more than ready to get out of university.

Just that, even though you’re content with life, there was one thing that was out of place. It was your ability to fix broken soul mate timer that everyone has. Since the timer can be broken, some people in this world can inherit the magic to fix the timer again. But when you use the magic, it could tire your body out, so you would use it only at emergencies. And during the whole time that you’ve lived with this power, the amount of times you healed someone’s timer can be counted with the fingers on your hands.

Your phone suddenly rang, snapping you back from your trail of thoughts. Glancing at the untouched gadget at the table, the reminder said that you had work in an hour, reminding you to get ready. You really didn’t want to get up to work today, the sofa just felt so comfortable and you really didn’t want to move. But seeing the uniform hung on your door was enough of a reminder for you that you really needed to get to work.

As you slipped outside of your apartment, you hoped the café won’t be busy today. The weather was good, the sun was out but the amount of clouds painting the sky helped shield the hot burning sun. The walk to the coffee shop you worked at was pleasant as well, as the wind caressed your hair along the way.

You arrived just in time to take over your friend’s shift. The café was empty right now, but you were sure it would bustle again with customers soon. You then get onto your work by grabbing the empty cups and glasses, and lounging by the counter to clean everything up. Just as you were being absorbed by your work, the bell placed at the door chimed, and you turned around to greet your first customer today with a smile.

And your heart raced seeing who it was.

Over the few months that you’ve been working here, there was a frequent customer that dropped by everyday without fail. You still wonder how he manages to catch you on your shift during his every visit, but you didn’t mind having him around. He was the most amusing and intriguing guy you see during work.

You really didn’t know what made you feel very interested towards him. He manages to always make you laugh by the weird nicknames he gave for his order, and you have yet to know his name even until now. He has a really funny way of talking, but it felt like music to your ears, you grew to like listening to him talk. Or was it his big glasses or his cute appearance? A part of you were curious of how it would feel to run your fingers through those parted black hair of his.

Grabbing a medium cup and a marker, you faced him with a bright smile, ready to just write his name for today and get his order done. You had somehow memorized his order by heart, and he knew about this too.

“I’d like the usual order for me, please.”

“And what is your name for today, sir?”

“It’s Siyoung.”

You nodded and scribbled his name on the paper cup. But then, realization dawned in you as you read the name you’ve written on the cup. Cracking your head to him, you stared at him in disbelief, eyes wide and mouth hung slightly apart. He looked like he was trying to hold his laugh as amusement filled his eyes, as he gave you the money to pay for his drink.

“Is that your real name?” You braved yourself to ask while dropping the formalities, and he gave you a nod with a small smile on his lips.

“Yes, it is my name.”

The smile Siyoung had on his face reflected on yours too, as you turned your back from him to make his order. You could sense that Siyoung was moving to the end of the counter, while humming to a song and tapping his fingers to the wooden counter. You bobbed your head along the tune, enjoying his humming that sounded so angelic. Was he a singer? Maybe, you never heard someone that can hum with a really smooth voice.

“Your voice sounds really nice.” You didn’t even shy back as you complimented him, while placing his drink on the counter. He released a chuckle and muttered a soft thank you, as he gripped his order and took a step back.

Siyoung looked like he was ready to leave, but then he stopped in the middle of his track, as if he was stoned for a second. His eyes were wide as it was focused on something that was on the counter. Your eyes followed where his gaze was directed, and you were taken aback to see why he was so shocked.

Your soul mate timer was broken.

Giving him a sheepish smile, you pulled your hand back and scratched the back of your nape nervously. Siyoung wasn’t asking questions to you at all, yet he was shooting them at you from his eyes. It was like question marks were all over him, he was confused.

“I got it broken a few years ago,” Your laugh came out dryer than you thought, “I was one of those people that wanted to go against faith.”

Siyoung didn’t respond much as he hummed in understanding. He then set his cup down and showed you his right wrist, with his timer in the same condition as you, broken and unable to count his time down.

“Mine’s broken too,” Siyoung sighed, “I can fix yours if you want, but you have to promise me you would wait for your soul mate.” He opened his palm, initiating you to let him hold your wrist.

But you were the one turned to a stone this time. Once again, Siyoung was able to shock you again, and you’re really not believed the words that slipped out of his lips just now. Your mind was still trying to process how the stranger that you saw everyday for this past few months actually posses the same power as you. Because you have been looking for someone like him all along, and you needed someone to fix your timer.

After all, even if you have the magic to fix timers, you couldn’t fix yours. And it goes the same for others who had the magic as well, so you all had to heal each other as well. An idea popped inside your head, as you can turn Siyoung’s timer back to normal, and then he can fix yours as well!

“I’ve been looking for someone like you all along!” You groaned, “Where have you been in my life?”

“Sorry, I didn’t see sooner that your timer was broken. Today was the first day you wore something that wasn’t long-sleeved, that’s why I was able to see.” Siyoung chuckled while pointing to your uniform, as he was right. You were wearing the new uniform that wasn’t long sleeved like before.

“I can fix yours as well, actually,” You were grinning like a little kid getting a birthday present, “So why don’t you fix mine, while I fix yours?” Siyoung’s eyes light up like the Fourth of July, there were fireworks blasting inside of him.

“I really should have known you sooner, (Name).”

“Yes, you really should have told your name sooner.”

You held out your left wrist where your timer was and Siyoung showed you his right ones. As you both got a hold of each other’s wrist with your free hand, you both closed your eyes as the timer glowed with a white light under your palm. After a few seconds, the light dimmed, and you both let go of each other’s wrist, and the timers were back to normal, counting down and doing the job.

“It worked!” You cheered in glee, “Thank you so much-“

But then, you halt back the thank you that you were going to say to Siyoung, as something serious have unfolded in front of you. Siyoung was gaping in confusion as he watched his and your watch countdown way too fast, the digits slowly moving towards zero faster. Your eyes were wide again in horror, scared that you had messed something up when you were using your magic. The timers then clicked to 00:00:00, and then it light up again, the bright light stinging you and Siyoung’s eyes to the point that you had to cover them with your other hand. When the light have died down, you peeked from your fingers to see that the timer have disappeared from your sight, and so does Siyoung’s.

“What does this mean?” You croaked out, bring your hand up to caress it softly, as the timer that was attached all your life had disappeared all of a sudden.

You weren’t unfamiliar with the view of two timers disappearing. But you and Siyoung’s timer disappeared right after they got fixed. You really don’t know what this means, and you were staring at Siyoung, waiting for whatever answer that he was going to say.

“We’re soulmates,” Siyoung breathed out in shock, “I think when we got our timers broken, our time for to meet had stopped counting down. And we were probably supposed to meet sometime in the past, but since our timer was broken, we didn’t get to meet each other. That’s why the countdown was so fast, because we should have met a long time ago.”

Yes, that was the logical explanation that you’ve heard. But somehow, the explanation he said went inside from your right ear and then out through your left ear, you suddenly forgot about what he had side. But right now, Siyoung was leaning very close to you, and his eyes were darted down to your lips. You felt your heart beat faster as you inched closer, and Siyoung moved as well, claiming your lips with his and lacing his fingers with yours tightly.

So this was why you had an attraction to him, he was your soul mate all along.

But the kiss didn’t last longer than you thought, as you had already broken away from him while gasping for air. You suddenly felt like lost a huge amount of your energy, and was holding onto the counter to steady yourself. Siyoung was alarmed and he then held your shoulders, while crouching down to let his eyes meet your tired ones.

“You okay?” Siyoung gasped seeing your face turning pale, and you nodded as an answer while trying to chuckle at him, an attempt to wipe away the worried look on his face.

“This happens to me a lot when I fix someone’s timer, as I can’t control my powers well.” He nodded, understanding the reason clearly.

“Alright, let’s get you home now.”

“What?! But I just got here, Siyoung!”

“Let’s just spend the day resting at bed, I don’t mind.”

“Fine, but you’re the one that’s talking to my boss.”


Originally posted by verygood-climax

“Here, have some of this,” Bobby said as he took some meat and placed it on your plate after noticing that you’ve been spending most of dinner picking at your food. “You haven’t eaten much, do you not like the food?”

“Oh no, the food’s great I just…don’t have that much of an appetite…” You told him, letting out a meek smile.

“You sure?” He asked again, getting more concerned as he wrapped his arms around you and rubbed your arm gently.

You nodded, taking another bite of your food to reassure him and he patted your head with a smile before carrying on with his meal.

You were at the dorm having a year end dinner with Bobby and his group members that they had painstakingly prepared together and as much as you wanted to join in the fun with all the laughter and jokes that were going on at the dining table, the queasy sensation that had been going on in your stomach for the past week was still bugging you, causing you to be a little quieter compared to usual. Bobby didn’t think of it much when the boys pointed it out to him thinking you were just tired, but after seeing you rush into the bath room and throwing up for a few times, they were starting to get worried.

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anonymous asked:

What about companions reaction to sole bringing home an orphaned baby? ( sorry if this one's kinda lame I just love cute stuff with kids )

Oooo I just love this prompt! All the fluffs! :3 Of course I can do this for you!

I’ve gotten a few requests in so far and am really excited to answer! I’ll try to get at least one request out a day, maybe more depending on the length of the answers.

I’ve seen how some blogs handle the platonic/romantic thing, either by doing strictly one or the other, or by making up two scenarios for both (which seems like a lot to do for me personally). To remedy this, I’ve decided that unless I state at the beginning that the prompt will be either strictly platonic or romantic, all reactions will begin platonic. You can stop at the bold //// to keep it platonic. After the //// will be a romantic continuation. I’ll only be giving romance options for all romance-able characters + Nick + Deacon + X6-88 (Because honestly I can’t resist that toaster detective). Please let me know if the //// bothers you or if you have a better solution, but for the time being we’ll just try it out.

Deacon: “Hey there agen- woah! Uh, where’d the kid come from? You know I don’t do emotional baggage right?” Sole rolls their eyes and tells Deacon that they found the baby beside his deceased parents. “Man, tough break little fella. But you know what, I can tell you’re gonna be alright because believe me, if I got to choose who was gonna adopt me, well, you couldn’t find yourself a better parent if you tried. Let me tell you about our old Mac Daddy General here, they’re kind of a big deal…” Deacon spends the rest of the evening telling the baby amazing (if not totally truthful) stories about Sole. //// Sole rests their head on Deacon’s shoulder as he spouts off nonsense to the kid. Once Deacon realizes his audience of two has nodded off for the night, he retires from his storytelling to lean his head on top of Sole’s. “You sure are something else beautiful, bringing home a baby and all. I couldn’t have been a luckier man if I tried.” He mumbles before falling asleep himself.

Danse: “Er, soldier. Is that… a baby?” Danse doesn’t really know how to handle this situation. Of course they can’t carry an infant around with them across the wasteland, but they also couldn’t just leave the baby where they found it. And Sole just looks so infatuated. “Well, I suppose we can take care of it until we hit the next settlement, but then we really should leave him there with a nice family.” Sole looks a little disheartened at his statement, but solemnly agrees. Danse pats Sole on the back and walks on, but not before giving the baby a quick glance. It smiles at him, and he can’t help but smile back a little. //// After Sole’s arms had gotten tired, Danse held the infant for a few hours and had grown more attached to him than even Sole had. He can barely admit it to himself that he doesn’t want to give the baby up. Sole notices Danse contemplating the baby and leans up to his ear to whisper, “We could be a nice family.” Danse can’t disagree.

Cait: “Oi, what’s this then? A baby? Y’know, you really do pick up the strangest things in the Commonwealth. This might even beat the time you scavenged seventy rolls o’ duct tape. Tell me, what’re ya gonna do with a baby?” Sole shrugs. They offer to let Cait hold the kid. “What? No! I ain’t holdin’ no baby! I wouldn’t know what to do with it.” Sole thinks of an idea. They spread a blanket out on the floor of the house they’re scavenging and gently lays the baby down on its back. “What’re ya doin’ then!? Ya can’t just leave it here! Oh, you want me to entertain it for a while? Ergh, well, I guess I can manage that.” An hour later Sole finds Cait sitting over the baby and making silly noises at him, making him giggle. //// Sole sneaks up behind Cait and watches her uncharacteristically make a fool of herself for the baby’s sake. They make the mistake of laughing at one point and Cait whips her head around, red-faced. She brings her hand up to slap them, but Sole catches her by the wrist and presses a quick kiss to Cait’s lips before she can do anything about it.

Curie: “Oh, a baby! How wonderful! Oh you must let me hold him, he is so precious!” Sole smiles and gently places the infant into Curie’s expecting arms. Curie’s grin is a mile wide as she lifts the child to her face to give him Eskimo kisses. “Don’t worry little one, I will take care of you! How amazing you are to have survived out zere wizout your parents oui? You’ll grow up to be a fine young man, I can tell.” Curie is just so elated. She thanks Sole for letting her have this one splendid moment between bouts of having to crusade for the Commonwealth. //// Sole, overwhelmed by the cute, sprinkles chaste kisses all over Curie’s cheeks. Curie blushes furiously and wishes she could hide her face in her hands, but she’s still holding the baby.

Nick: “What’s this?” Nick watches Sole approach him with a wriggling mound of blankets. “Ah, went out and found yourself a little one didja? Heh, cute little thing.” Nick watches the baby for a few moments, and the baby quiets down, chewing on their hand, fascinated by Nick’s glowing eyes. Not breaking eye contact with the infant, Nick says to Sole, “Hey, uh, partner, mind if I hold him for a second?” Sole happily hands over the child to Nick who carefully cradles him in his arms, mindful not touch him with his exposed hand. “Hey there sport. If you turn out to be half the person your new parent is, then you’ll do just fine.” //// Nick looks up admiringly at Sole who simply smiles contentedly back at him. Nick gently lifts their chin with his finger and takes a long but chaste kiss from their lips. Breaking it off, Nick grins. “Yeah, they’ll do just fine.”

Hancock: “Well, well. I guess we’re just taking in any old strays now a day eh?” Hancock says to the baby in Sole’s arms. Sole pokes him in the arm a little harder than necessary and tells Hancock to be nice. Hancock smiles a lopsided smile at Sole and then tickles the baby under his chin. He smiles at the touch and Hancock chuckles. “That’s a better reaction than I get from most people. Heh, I think I’m gonna like you kid. Keep it real.” Hancock then proceeds to give the little man a soft fist-bump. //// “Well love, it seems like we’ve added one more to the freak show. Poor kid didn’t even see it comin’.” Sole giggles and puts their free arm around Hancock’s waist. Hancock chuckles and leans in to kiss their hair.

MacCready: MacCready feels his heart lighten up at seeing Sole with a kid in their arms. It reminds him so much of Duncan and all he left behind in the Capitol Wasteland. He suddenly feels a need to hold the infant for a minute. “Hey, mind if I hold him for a minute?” Understandingly, Sole allows MacCready to remove the baby from their arms. MacCready smiles and strokes the baby’s cheek with one of his gun-roughened fingers. The baby grins toothlessly and turns his head closer to MacCready’s hand. After a moment, MacCready feels a well of emotions start to build inside him and has to give the baby back to Sole. Sole gives him a sympathetic glance and scoops the baby up. MacCready has to turn his back for a few seconds to gain his composure. //// Sole places a comforting hand on MacCready’s shoulder. He turns around and throws his arms around Sole’s neck, being careful not to squish the baby. “I’m sorry to get so emotional on you.” He mumbles into Sole’s neck. They hush him and gently kiss his ear.

Piper: “Aw! Blue! Who’s this little fella!” Piper reaches out and makes grabby fingers at Sole for the little bundle in their arms. Sole chuckles and hands over the baby boy. “Ooooh! Who’s a precious wittle button muffin! You are! Oh, hey, uh… you gotta pretty strong grip there little buddy. Woah! Don’t put my finger in your mouth! You don’t know where it’s been! I mean- uh, not that my hands have been anywhere dirty, but still! Oh no! No no no! Eugh. Okay, slobber time’s over, time to go back to Blue. Blue? Blue! BLUE GET BACK HERE! YOU CAN’T JUST DUMP THIS BABY ON ME!!!” //// After handing off the baby to someone responsible, like Preston maybe, Piper hunts down Sole who is currently fleeing for their life. Eventually Piper tackles them to the ground! Hovering over them she pants, “If this –huff- is any –huff- indication of our relationship –huff- then- !” Sole breaks her rant off with a kiss.

Preston: “Oh my goodness, who’s this little cutie?” Preston asks Sole as they show off the baby. Preston takes the infant from Sole without bothering to ask, but Sole just laughs and goes with it. Immediately the baby starts crying, and Preston looks a little panicked. Sole just motions for him to rock the infant. “Oh, right.” Preston says. Soon he’s pacified the baby and is beaming down at his cute little face. “This is why we do it General,” he says, “This is why what the Minutemen do is important. The better we make the Commonwealth, the better life this little guy will have. To me, that’s worth it all.” //// Sole thinks that Preston will make a good father one day, and doesn’t hesitate to tell him so. Preston flashes his teeth with a grin and adds, “I think I’ll make a pretty good husband too.” He kisses Sole to prove his point.

X6-88: “I hope this will not distract you from your appointed duties sir/ma’am. Taking care of an infant requires a large portion of a guardian’s time. Maybe you should find someone else who is willing to adopt it.” Sole totally ignores X6 and hands him the baby without warning so that they can start a fire in the fireplace of the run down house they were hunkering down in. X6 sits perfectly still for the rest of the night while he and the infant examine each other’s faces. He doesn’t mention finding a surrogate parent again. //// Sole snickers at X6 when they wake up to find him still holding the baby. “I suppose we do not have to discard the child somewhere after all.” After a few quiet moments, he grins a small but sly grin. “Does this mean that now I am Father?” Sole throws a pillow at him and rolls back over.

Codsworth: “Ah, sir/mum. Is that what I think it is?” Sole nods and introduces Codsworth to the infant. He fawns over him immediately. “It is so nice to have a little one around again. I know he doesn’t replace Shaun sir/mum, no one ever could, but, I would love it if you would let me lend you a hand in raising this child. It would be a nice to have an addition to our family, wouldn’t you say?” Sole nods affirmatively and with a sad smile, patting Codsworth on his round body with their free hand. Codsworth uses his claw to gently pull the blankets up to the baby’s chin.

Strong: “WHAT IS THIS? LITTLE HUMAN? LITTLE HUMAN IS WEAK. LITTLE HUMAN NOT SURVIVE LONG IN WASTELAND.” Sole explains to Strong that yes, babies are weak, but the older humans take care of them until they are strong enough to take care of themselves. Later, Sole has to hold back laughter as they see Strong carrying around the baby in a forward facing backpack looking like a proud parent. “STRONG KEEP LITTLE HUMAN SAFE UNTIL LITTLE HUMAN STRONG. THEN STRONG WILL SHARE MILK OF HUMAN KINDNESS WITH IT.” Sole says they think he already is.

Dogmeat: Dogmeat just adores the baby. He loves to lick his face and tummy to make him giggle, and a night he curls around his little body to keep him warm. If Dogmeat doesn’t like you, you can be sure you won’t get within ten miles of the kid because Dogmeat will let you know you’re not welcome. Dogmeat can’t wait until the child is old enough to run around and play fetch with him, and he showers the baby with old toys he finds as he trots around the wasteland.

The Teacher Named Daddy - Jimin (Smut)

For a lovely Unnie who sent me a request and a message a while ago, here you go @xxsaskia1xx 

You walked to your locker, feeling stiff and almost worried about this after school help Mr.Park had offered to give you. You grabbed your biology text book out of small blue locker, sliding the cold silver key to the left and removing it, the door successfully locking. You walked upstairs and along the corridor until you came to his class room, the brass handle was screaming out for you to open to door, so you followed it. “Oh Saskia! You made it!” Mr.Park spoke, a smiling appearing on his face at your appearance.  He had red hair, which framed his face allowing it to appear slimmer and evolve a cute fringe flick in there too. He was supporting a tight white shirt and a black tie, along with some black suit trousers and slightly pointed black loafers. He removed his circular glasses and name tag as he moved closer to your desk. “I love your hair colour, it really suits you” he said sweetly, “Thanks sir, It’s called cosmic blu/black” you spoke, enjoying telling him about your new choice of colour. “Any recommendations for me?” he said jokingly, “I think you’d suit orange hair!” you blurted out a little to quickly, like you’d been thinking about it. “Oh really?” Mr.Park said, shrugging of the misleading conversation. “Just a thought…” You said, attempting to hide your blush. “So what was the question you needed help with?” He asked moving closer to you, “This one, ‘Explain why the body reacts in different ways, depending on situations.” You spoke, reading the question to him, he moved closer. “Saskia, I’d like to show you an example of this…If you’d allow me?” He questioned, you had no idea what you where getting into, but you had admired this man since he started working here, so you nodded your head as you gulped. “Stand up for me” he spoke, you both stood up. “turn round” he spoke, you turned to your back was now towards him. You felt his arms snake around your waist, you shivered at the close contact, you had dreamt of for years. “Now,” he whispered sensually in your ear. “If I where to peck small kisses onto your neck” He spoke, as he began kissing, “and say… I added in a bite” He said biting your neck slightly, making you jump slightly. “See, a reaction, now if I where to…here” he said trailing one of his hands to your breast, earning a moan from you. “Another reaction.” He spoke sensually, “Do you get it yet? or shall I keep going?” He asked, whispering in your ear You knew it was so wrong but you where love sick and needed a release. “K-keep going…” You stuttered, attempting to find your lost breath. “Now lets see this, close your eyes.” He said sternly, you immediately done as you where told. “Imaging me, laying you across this table, kissing every inch of your body, as my hands massaged your boobs, then I slowly remove your, little lace panties, before sliding one of my long, thick fingers into your dripping heat, imagine me moving faster and faster, adding more fingers and curling them to his the perfect spots, imagine once you’ve orgasmed me using my tongue to clean every inch of you up, then imagine me stretching you out, like you’ve never before experienced. Imagine feeling yourself fill up around me, as I thrust into you with all of my strength, making you orgasm over and over and over until you struggle to walk for a week or even more.” He whispered in your ear, heating your body up like never before. “Now shall we see if that got the reaction I expected?” He asked as he trailed his hand under your skirt, he slid a flinger deep into your folds, sliding your lace panties to the side. Pulling out you saw a clear/white residue on his finger. “As I thought” He spoke, as he tool his finger into his mouth, tasting your juices. You shuddered at how much this man turned you on. He spun you round, lifting you up so you where perched on one of his desks, he walked away from you, turning the lights off and locking the class room door, the light of the sun giving you just enough of a light to see each other clearly. He placed a hand on each of your closed thighs, gently moving them open and standing inside them, he took his hand up to your face, stroking your cheek lightly as you looked him in the eye. He began to unbutton your shirt, popping the small white buttons, one by one, slowly revealing your lace white bra, making your bust look fantastic. He then removed the shirt and tie from your body, starting next on your skirt, he pulled on the elastic hem, dragging it down slightly, just enough before it fell all by itself. He pulled your shoes off, followed soon by your thigh high socks. There you where, sitting in front of your teacher, who you had crushed on for years, in your lingerie. “God, you’re so beautiful” He said, trailing his hands from your shoulders to your thighs. He leaned in for a kiss, which you gladly accepted, it began with small pattering of pecks on your pump lips, he then trailed his hands to your waist, of course your hands snaked around his neck pulling him closer. He began opening his mouth into the kiss, so you followed along, once he could feel you soften sightly he slid his tongue from your bottom lip, into your mouth as you tasted every part of his. After the long make out session he began trailing kisses down your cheek, then along your jaw line, getting lower to face your collar bones and lastly the tops of your plump breasts. You moaned into his shoulder as he bit down on your new found sensitive spot. He kisses further down, going to unclip your bra. “You need to loose some clothing before we continue” You spoke, with sudden confidence as you pulled his tie off, unbuttoning his shirt to reveal his deeply carved six pack. Followed by an indescribable V line. “Like what you see baby?” He smirked, beginning to kiss you again. Unclipping your bra. He began to massage your breasts as he kissed you, he removed one hand and placed it on your thigh, gently trailing it up and down, getting closer and closer to your heat. He lay you back, as he slid your soaked panties off, “You have to be very, quiet or we’ll get caught” he said, you nodded towards him, he slid a finger over your folds, feeling you twitch under him, he slowly slid a finger in, twisting and curling it, you began to groan softly. “Shhh baby, quiet time” He spoke again, kissing you in an attempt to drown your moans. He added two more fingers, curling round, hitting your sensitive spot, you could feel a clenching sensation in your stomach. “Wait, Mr-“ “Daddy. It’s daddy when we’re doing this he said. “D-daddy, I feel something” you said, never having felt an orgasm before. “Its normal, just let that feeling go, cum for Daddy, Princess.” He spoke as you released over his fingers. You tipped your head back, relishing in the magical movement. “Now lets get you cleaned up” He said leaning down, bringing your legs over his shoulder as you seen his red hair disappear in between your thighs. You felt his plump tongue inside you, he tongue caressed your walls, making you shudder and stifle a moan. He leaned closer, whispering into your ear “I’ll pull out before I cum” sending chills down your spine. He undone his belt, followed by his zipper then finally his boxers revealing his hardened member, large and throbbing. Begging for its release, he slowly slid into your tight walls, making you quiver. Once you had adjusted yourself to his size you gave him a nod, telling him it’s okay to move. He slowly rode his hips gently into yours, creating a rhythm you guys began to moan, trying to remain quiet yet proving very difficult. He began to pick up the pace as you tightened around him. He let you release before, pulling out and cumming all over your stomach, you stammered a breath before he scouped the liquid from your stomach with two fingers, “suck it” he said. You looked at him questioningly before taking his fingers Into your mouth and tasting him, you know you should’ve hated it but it was as if all the thirst you had ever felt in the world had been quenched. “You’ll taste a little more next time princess. But for now, we should get you cleaned up and home.” He spoke handing you your bra, shirt, tie skirt and socks. “Yeah” you spoke, getting re dressed. “Saskia; I know it’s not much to say but; I do really like you and I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.” He said serious and sincerely “thanks Mr Park” you spoke; feeling strange about the name. “Call me Jimin out of school” he said happily. “Okay, thanks. Jimin.” You spoken as he fixed his tie and reapplied his glasses and badge. “Here’s my phone number, in case you  have anymore…questions” he said joking/sweetly. You laughed slightly walking over to the door and unlocking it. “So see you tomorrow? Third period?” You said smiling. “See you then Saskia” he spoke as you exited the room, walking down the hallway, thinking only about Park Jimin.  

Je Ne Parle Pas Anglais ((Part Two))

@blue-child-obsession-expert​ asked: Je ne parlez pas part 2 please! I just found it and it was awesome and I would love to continue reading it. Thank you!

A/N: I highly suggest reading the first part of this to fully understand what’s happening. I’m thinking like maybe one or two parts more??? I’m sorry for my bs work, I just really want to write some holiday fics so I can get them out in time and queue them up. Part One right here!


TW: badly translated french ((if anything is blatantly wrong let me know im just a beginning french student)), swearing, nakedness, yelling, stealing.

AU: Hamiltime

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

Here you were:

An immigrant who couldn’t speak english falling in love with best friend of the man you had just stole from, being hugged to his chest like you were oxygen in a room full of water.


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No, no, it’s my treat.

100 Ways To Say “I love you” 3/100

Member: Jinyoung x Reader

A.N. Finally back to writing!! If there’s any grammar problems I’ll fix it later. Enjoy!

You know those mornings where you kept snoozing your alarm and it got to the point that you slept through all the other alarms and when you fully woke up, it’s almost 8:20 and you realize you have 40 minutes to get ready and be in your philosophy lecture? Yeah it was going to be that type of day. Rushing to put on pants and that questionable white t-shirt and not knowing wither it was clean or not but like that matter you had to get to lecture. You just put on body spray and it’ll smell like it got out of the wash. It was a good thing you lived on campus you can just walk to class. The bad part was that were you lived was on the other side of the campus and it would take a good 15 minutes for you to walk there. It was now 8:30; you shoved your notebook, laptop, phone and chargers in your backpack and started to haul butt to get to lecture.

You could skip lecture sure but that professor doesn’t post the notes online so you had to be there if you needed the notes for the quizzes and tests. You pulled out your phone to check the time and saw that you weren’t going to make it in time for class. So you decided if you’re going to be late you might as well get coffee to stay awake in class. You walked to the coffee shop that wasn’t too far from where you were. There were only two or three people in line when you arrived so it shouldn’t take too long for you to get your drink.

You were just scrolling throw your social media accounts while the people before you were ordering and paying. You kept looking up to see if you needed to move up but you couldn’t help but notice guy in front of you was kinda cute.

“Okay sir a tall Americano, that would be $2.25.” The cashier said to him.

“Let me just get my wallet.” He did the pat search for his wallet on his back pockets. By the look on his face, you can tell that he’s about to start panicking because his wallet wasn’t in his back pockets. He started to rummage through his backpack and still couldn’t find his wallet. The clock is clicking and you still had to go to your class.

“Uhm excuse me” You interrupted “I can pay for him and I’ll a grande Americano and two muffins to go. One blueberry and whatever he wants.” You handed the cashier your card and awkwardly smiled at the boy as you walk to the other counter to get your drink and muffin.

“Thank you didn’t have to do that you know.” He gave you an apologetic look.

“It was no problem. You always have to do something nice for someone.”

“Well let me repay you. How about lunch or dinner today?” He didn’t even know your name and he practically asking you out on a date.

“You don’t have to do that. It’s okay.” It’s not like you didn’t want to go out with him but you don’t want him to pay.

No, no, it’s my treat. And my name is Jinyoung just in case you needed to know so you can say yes.” He gave you a convincing smile.

“Yeah sure okay. Here’s my number.” You grabbed a pen from your backpack, scribbled your name and number on a napkin, and handed to him.

They handed your drinks and muffins rather quickly and so with that said goodbye as the both of you went out of the coffee shop quickly and both hurried to your lectures. Maybe today wasn’t going to be bad like you thought.

Circles [Jaebum] |2|

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Thanks for the explosive positive feedback I got for the initial chapter of Circles. I will continue this series. Thanks for loving it so far!

Circles [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

So, here’s the situation. I have my best friend, Jaebum walking towards me, who I thought was going to be on a bus. Then, I have the supposedly old childhood friend, who is a complete weirdo behind me, that somehow found me in my neighborhood. What do I do?

I gulped in frustration, “Jaebum!” I ran towards him as I put up a feign smile, running towards his arms.

“Hey,” he hugged me, “I knew you would walk today, so I wanted to join you. But it appears that someone else did too.”

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                                          Inauguration day


“Come on Y/N. It’s just for few hours, please” your dad begged you  

His best friend’s family were inaugurating an institute they created today, and since your mom wasn’t here to accompany him, he asked you to come with him. You finally accepted, you had nothing else to do so..

“Thank you honey ! Let’s prepare ourselves”

You went to your bedroom, looking for something to wear. Apparently, medias and celebrities will be present (their family was famous, you never met them, but your father knew them well), so you had to be class. Mmh… This will do for tonight: a beautiful beige short playsuit with black lace at the back. You wore beige heels, perfectly matching with it, and took a black and gold purse. You put your hair in a pretty bun, and did your make-up. When you were done, you went downstairs where your father was waiting.

“Waw…You’re splendid honey” he complimented. You rolled your eyes

“Oh dad..  Let’s go please haha” you said playfully

You jumped in the car, and headed to the institute. At your arrival, a lot of photographers, journalists and others were here. You exited the car, and started walking towards the entry. A guy was being interviewed by journalists, and you had to pass behind him to enter the place. You followed your father that went straight to talk with another man.

“Oh ! Y/F/N ! How are you man ?” this guy yelled as he saw your dad, and hugged him.

“I’m good, I’m good ! Congratulations for the institute ! You remember my daughter, Y/N ?” your father said touching your shoulder. 

“Oh my… How she’s grown ! She became a gorgeous young lady” he mentioned. You didn’t know him, but apparently, you’ve already met before.. 

They were talking, and you were just standing there, waiting. You were looking around, and your eyes met this guy’s ones. He was still talking to medias, but he kept looking at you for a moment, smirking. You were just like, hypnotized. What did he want ? You got out of your thoughts, and looked away. More and more people were coming. It was a big place tho.. It must have cost them a lot. 

“Ah ! Neymar, come over here !” your father’s friend called, but you didn’t pay attention, still looking around. “Let me present you my son. Neymar, this is my dear friend Y/F/N”

“Hello Sir, nice to meet you” you heard this guy say. When you turned to see his face, you realized it was him.. Again ! 

“And I present you his daughter" 

He looked at you, a small grin on his lips, and stretched his hand for a shake: “Nice to meet you” . You blushed as hell, and stretched your shaky hand. 

Neymar.. You already heard this name before.. but where ? He quickly left to welcome other people.


Your father followed his friend, and on your side,  you were visiting the institute. It was so big, you almost got lost. His face was everywhere: this Neymar. You finally found something that jogged your memory. He was a football player ! Neymar was a football player. Of course ! You saw his name on these boy’s jerseys in your school. So he was that famous ?

When you stepped outside, a buffet drew your attention. You took a drink, and started eating some appetizer. A group of girl wearing Chanel, Gucci and others were looking at you, up and down.. It made you feel really uncomfortable. 

“Don’t pay attention to them.. They only live for their daddy’s money”  your heard next to your ear. Neymar.

“Don’t you too ?” you questioned ironically. 

“Not really.. I’m a grown man. But I still like when he tell me a bed time story ” he joked. It made you laugh. 

You looked back at these girls, they were rolling their eyes, some of them were shocked. 

“Sorry.. But, I didn’t catch your name earlier.. ?” he asked

“Y/N ”

“Pretty name” he smiled 

“Thank you..” you thanked timidly

                                                   * * *

You talked for a long moment, and you discovered that he wasn’t the type of player that keeps talking about football or about how famous he is. He was pretty cool, you liked him.. 

“What about go-” he started, but a singer cut him off

“Neymar, Bro ! This song is for you ! Enjoy !”

He laughed and looked back at you.

“Wanna dance ?” he proposed

“Oh, I don’t dance sorry..” you replied embarassed

“Come on.. I’m sure you do” he came closer, and whispered: “ I don’t know either" 

You both laughed, and he took your hand, pulling you to danse. It was a brazilian song, you didn’t really know how to dance. You tried to move your feet in rhythm. He gave you an encouraging glance, and took you by your waists. Normally, you’d push him , but it felt good actually.

You felt that everybody was watching you two; he noticed that and whispered: "Just think about me, we’re having a great time together ah ?" 

You nodded, and continued. It has illuminated your day.

                                                    * * *

At the end of the day, your father joined you to go back home. 

"You’re ready ? We can go ?” he asked you

You were looking around, trying to find Neymar. But you didn’t find him. Maybe you were nothing for him.. Whatever.

“Yeah.. Let’s go” you answered a little upset.

You arrived at the car, and when you were about to enter it, you felt someone touching your hand. The person had put something in it. When you turned, you saw it was him.  

“Thank you for coming Sir ! Hope to see you again soon” he said to your father, and he winked at you, closing your door. 

On the road, you opened discretely the paper he gave you. “It was a super day, here’s my phone number (just if you want me to teach you how to dance) haha xx”. His message made you giggle.

“Why are you laughing ?” your father interrogated

“Oh no nothing.. I just remembered something" 



Days after days, months after months.. you and Neymar became really close. You were seeing each other in secret (hiding from paparazzi and medias, but most of all, from your parents. You didn’t want them to know about you because you knew how they’d react). 

"Listen Y/N, I can’t stand it anymore.. We can’t continue hiding from our parents. It’d be so easy if they knew about us" 

This made you think.. You were scared about this idea, but he knew how to reassure you. 


*A few months later*

Neymar’s family had been invited to dinner at your house. It was the day Neymar wanted to tell them about your relationship. When they arrived, you greeted his parents, and his sister, letting them coming in. When he entered, you smiled at each other, acting normally. 

During dinner, you were sat on a side, next to his sister (that was really nice, you quickly got along), and he was at the other side, between your father and his father. Everything was going well, despite the fact that you couldn’t stop looking at each other. 

Nobody was talking now. It was the perfect moment.. You were really scared.. What would happen if they didn’t accept it ?! 

"Hum.. I wanted to tell you something important” Neymar started, a little nervous.

“We listen to you” you mother said. She then looked at you.. Omg ! She knew ! She obviously knew about you and him ! Your eyes widened. She gently tapped your knee under the table, and smiled, acting like nothing happened. 

“Well hum.. I have been knowing your family for almost 3 months now, and I really like you, I respect you very much" 

You father smiled to him, waiting for him to continue.

"And I wanted you to know that you, Sir, and Madam, that you have a wonderful girl. She’s cute, funny, and very kind. What I’m trying to say is that.. I love her, I love Y/N.. And she respects you so much that she was afraid to tell you that we are together.. So here I am…”

Your father’s face instantly changed.. His father’s one too..  

After a long silence, his father talked:

“I.. don’t know what to say…. Y/F/N ?”

“I don’t know either.. It’s..” your father started, but he couldn’t finish his sentence

You had to speak.. You had to say something. 

“Dad… I love him too, & I… I really want you to understand that you raised me well. You and mom. I know what I’m doing, and you know this family better than me. So what is the problem..?”

He gaze at you, then at him, and said:

“There’s no problem.. But Neymar, let me warn you, my daughter is-”

“The most precious thing you have this world. I know.. I will treat her like a princess. She was raised by a queen and a king after all” Neymar pronounced.

It made your heart melt, you had tears of joy in your eyes ! Your father nodded, and took him in his arms, tapping his back.

“Well, my dear friends.. Cheers to our lovebirds !” his father screamed, rising his drink up.

They all laughed. You looked at Neymar, he mouthed you “I love you”;  you blew him a kiss, and you all rose your drinks. 

“Cheers !”


Requested by Anon. I hope you like it :S

Sorry if it’s no good … I didn’t have much ideas

Just a little reminder 😊

If you’re a 50+ year old man trying to get a hot, ambitious, spirited 21 year old to vacation with you, try not to offend her by being a cheap, creepy, pedophile. Don’t suggest she “fly Spirit because they have the cheapest flights.”


First of all, she will be offended. Secondly, she will laugh in your face. She won’t hesitate to send you multiple “😂” emojis because you tried it.

She flies first or business class on every flight, especially to go see old ass men. When she flies internationally, she flies on business elite. London, China, Aruba, Cancun, Jamaica… Shall I continue?Don’t ever underestimate her, and don’t get it twisted sir. There are NO discounts in this arrangement.


Secret Love (somewhat based on Little Mix's Secret Love Song)

“So Calum how are things going with the lovely Hailee nowadays?” The interviewer asked as the brown eyed boy tried to force a smile.

“It’s good. Yeah she’s great.” He said smiling a small smile.

You watched as he glanced over to you with an apologetic look.

You gave a small smile letting him know it was okay.

You frowned as you watched Hailee come and link her arms with his, holding his hand and snuggling into him.

He looked at you and turned away, smiling for the cameras as she placed a kiss to his cheek.

“So Hailee it appears things are going very well with Calum” The interviewer giggled.

Hailee smiled big. “He is kind of amazing.” She said causing your blood to boil.

Calum looked down and smiled, embarrassed.

You could feel your teeth gritting as you watched the two of them.

You and Calum had been dating for months now but his management had set him up with the gorgeous Hailee Steinfield for PR. You hated the situation but understood why no one could know about you two. Hailee was a sweet girl, even if sometimes she got a bit too into character.

The interviewer walked away and you walked to the back of the building, knowing that Calum was watching your every move.

You stood by the brick wall outside of the building that the party was at and waited.

“Are they gone?” You heard Hailee say-the voice getting closer.

“Yeah I think so.” Calum said.

They came into view and your heart started racing.

“Alright. See ya later.” Hailee said giving him a quick hug.

“Be safe. See ya tomorrow.” He said.

She giggled. “Yeah don’t forget we have a dinner date at the restaurant down the road.”

“Yeah. Can’t wait.” He said stifling out a laugh.

She waved goodbye and Calum spotted you.

You gave him a shy smile.

“Baby! Baby!” He said as he ran toward you like an excited puppy dog.

He slammed you against the wall and his lips met yours in a fiery passion.

His hands grabbed your head and his kiss deepened.

“Fuck I missed you so much.” He said through kisses.

Your hands found his hair and pulled and tugged causing him to moan outloud.

“I missed you too Cal.” You said through kisses.

He pulled away and removed a piece of hair from your eyes.

“You look beautiful babygirl.” He said smiling at you.

You blushed and kissed him again.

“You did so good on the red carpet love.” You said praising him.

He shrugged. “I wish you could’ve been with me.”

“Me too.” You said honestly.

He gave a small smile and kissed your lips again.

“Hey is that Calum?!” You heard a fan yell.

“Fuck. We’ve got to go.” He said annoyed.

“I’ll see you later.” You said trying to find the best exit strategy.

“I’ll call you baby. I’ve got your ride waiting out front. Be safe and let me know when you get home safe.” He said giving you a look of sadness.

You nodded and you both took off running in different directions.

The ride home was a quiet one. Neither you or the driver had anything to say. You were too busy in your own head anyway.

You said your thanks to the driver and opened up the door to your apartment.

You went to your bedroom and laid down face first into the mattress.

You sighed and grabbed your phone from your pocket.

You smiled to yourself and curled under the covers. You drifted off asleep dreaming about big brown eyes and plump pink lips. 

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Dave: … youre just too damn cute to resist vantas

My seventh photoset of pictures from Anime Midwest 2015! These are from Saturday. Please let me know if you know anybody in my pics, I’d love to tag them. Many more to come!

Dave Strider: me

Karkat Vantas: heaven-smeelink