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Stereotypical (6) second date

Bucky Barnes x reader AU (short series)

Notes: angst, mentions of abuse, swearing, flirting, fluff, Bucky is a hopeless romantic.

A/N: Second date with heartfelt conversations.

“So, you didn’t tell her where you’re taking her? Or should I say, how?” Steve snickers and rolls his eyes when he sees Bucky’s mischievous grin.

How I’m taking her? Really, the mouth on you, Rogers..” Bucky grins triumphantly when Steve’s cheeks turn pink and he rolls his eyes again.

“You know what I mean, jerk”

“Yeah, yeah, punk” Bucky snickers. “No, I haven’t told her that I’m picking her up on my motorcycle. But I told her to not bother with her hair and I texted her earlier to wear pants, just in case she was planning to wear a skirt or somethin’”

Steve snorts when Bucky makes a disappointed sigh.

“What?” he chuckles and takes a sip of his own drink, “I like her in skirts”

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Spandex is for amateurs

Blueliner was pretty cute for a superhero, but then again so was Derek Nurse…

Dex had known his day was going to be awful. Nothing bad had actually happened that morning, but there was that feeling in the pit of his stomach. That all too familiar feeling that meant he’d run into him today, which meant Dex left his place wary of everything and everyone.

He was right to be suspicious.

Dex’s face was pressed down into the disgusting carpet, a heavy boot resting on his back. The boot, sitting heavily on an old bruise, was an uncomfortable pressure that got worse the longer it was there. He crushed the urge to shift and lay stiffly on the ground. It wasn’t even lunch yet and his day had gone to shit.

“Hurry up, Chad! That’s enough for now. We gotta get out of here before-“ 

The Chad at the till let out a cry of “Chad!” as the boot, and attached Chad, flew off of Dex and into the wall. He was wrestled to the ground, quickly cuffed, and Money Chad darted for the bank entrance. Before he made it beyond a few steps, Money Chad was trussed up like his partner. It was over in the blink of an eye.

Honestly, what was wrong with these guys.

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seat neighbor taehyung.

Originally posted by jitamin

  • doesn’t understand the concept of personal space && the fact that he’s so tall and basically a tree with its branches hanging all over the place doesn’t help either
  • so when he falls asleep
  • which is like 80% of the time
  • you have to deal with a sleeping taehyung on your shoulder or sprawled over the whole desk
  • and like 
  • at first you brushed him off resulting in him yelping as his head fell onto the desk and he looked so offended and insulted it was kind of cute
  • but now
  • you don’t mind bc he is handsome and somehow its cute b UT AT THE SAME TIME HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO STUDY WTH ???
  • but you kind of cope with it since you got used to it somehow ??? 
  • the other 20% in class is spent with him asking you for basically anything bc he has never something on himself
  • “can i pleasseee get a pen ??”
  • “um…would you mind giving me a piece of paper?" 
  • and so on
  • so you just
  • give in && obey to his every will because how can you say no to this cute face ???
  • but when the person behind you even dares to ask, you will just say no and they’re mostly like ?? why ??? while tae is like :^) and ur just like ???
  • basically, it’s weird sitting next to tae since you’re always short on stuff && confused about your life choices but it’s also kind of comfy 
  • like he is never annoying or late to class && most of the time he shows up ( even if he just sleeps for the whole hour )
  • you don’t even question his weird behaviour since u got used to it
  • its also nice bc you always have some music next to you 
  • the reason is tae will always listen to music when he’s sleeping and it’s not even loud
  • but
  • since he’s so close while napping, you’ll always get to listen what he listens to 
  • tbh it’s such a weird mix 
  • it fits him
  • like sometimes it will be slow ballads
  • then full on hip-hop
  • there is no in between and it’s just like him
  • like he is either doing something really passionately or sleeping
  • that’s how you know him at least
  • however one day while he is soundly sleeping next to you, his head casually on your shoulder while you’re concentrating on thESE GODDAMN EQUATIONS LIKE WHAT IS MATH ???
  • so you were sitting there trying to understand the lesson while absentmindedly tapping your shoe to the rhythm of the song that taehyung’s been listening to 
  • and then you notice
  • that this type of music is so different from the rest ?? like it’s kind of jazzy but so soothing
  • and it’s just instrumental 
  • but you like it even though you’ve never heard it before 
  • so after class you awkwardly walk up to him bc u never rlly talked before after class but it’s cool right ?? 
  • so you just 
  • hi
  • and it’s so awkward at first like taehyung doesn’t even notice you talking to him bc he’s too tall he cant hear u
  • no but srsly 
  • you grow kind of impatient and just lightly tap him 
  • and taetae has a thing for being dramatic so he whips around looking shook af and you just ?? what is this living meme ??
  • you straight up ask him what is this jazz song that he’s been listening to bc you found it so unfitting for his usual choice of music
  • and with straight up asking i mean stumbling over your own words like a mess bc college made you a mess now you live the mess life
  • and tae is too pure he doesn’t even question you knowing his taste in music even though the both of you are barely on first name basis
  • and he just kind of radiates all of a sudden ??
  • and you’re like holy shit what did i do
  • then you’re suddenly dragged out of the room and you want to scream bc what is hAPPENING ???
  • but you stay quiet since you’re interested and he clearly wants to show you somerthing ?? you guess ??
  • so after 5 minutes of strolling over the campus with kim taehyung as your guide
  • you find yourself back in a place you’ve probably been like 3 times ??
  • the official music room of the college
  • and you’re kind of stunned while only looking at everything, not noticing that tae is holding a literal saxophone in his hands
  • as soon as you notice you kind of question him even further ??
  • but knowing taehyung he’s probably just playing around like he does with his other friends 
  • back to the scene where the both of you are in the music room
  • so he just grins his rectangular grin while looking so proud and suddenly he starts playing
  • and you swear
  • your breathing stops for a second
  • reason one is you never heard such passionate and jazzy sounds being played live before you and only for you
  • and reason two is you never expected taehyung to be the person to show you something like that
  • don’t understand this wrong tho like you knew he is more than he seems to be because he’s sleeping 80% of the time and still doesn’t fail ?? lIKE HOW BOI U A WIZARD ??
  • no but you never expected this
  • so you just sit down on the ground while looking at this goof who was literally napping on your shoulder minutes ago
  • and now he is here
  • playing like a professional and giving you a private concert 
  • and when he stops you’re somehow sad bc it was so beautiful and you kind of didn’t want it to end
  • you’re still staring at him completely surprised and shocked with your mouth agape while he’s grinning and out of breath
  • but he looks
  • so content
  • you can’t help but stare
  • and it’s not only the art he produced seconds ago you are so stunned by no it’s taehyung himself bc he literally is art
  • and you’re the one who gets out of the daze first by taehyung jumping into your face with his cheery expression while screaming
  • “AND??”
  • and you’re like
  • omg om omgomg g
  • why is he like that 
  • since you’re not only talking about the music b uuuttt,,
  • anyways he just chuckles and yanks you up to stand again and suddenly he gets shy 
  • “thank you…” 
  • and you’re still like how ?????? why do u do this ???
  • you can’t help it he’s just so pure
  • that’s how you got introduced to saxophonist kim taehyung
  • and you bet your ass he is going to jump into your face after every lesson so you will accompany him to the music room
  • “…..please ?”
  • “ok…”
  • so you always get dragged to the music room after class ends and actually you don’t really mind because through this you get to know him better + you’re able to listen to this a+ fantastic music
  • you find out why he’s always so sleepy in class and it’s basically bc he always works on new music and mostly with his friends who have no classes in the morning 
  • so he forgets to go to sleep
  • and you just kind of face palm but at the same time ?? it’s cute ?? it’s weird ??? it’s tae
  • also you get to know how much of a sucker for little kids he is when you have to take care of your nephew bc your sister is like sry gtg !!! and ur like im in college how should i take care of a child for a day ???
  • and it’s basically illegal but pshhh ur sister doesn’t care
  • so you come to the music room one day with this 4 year old boy who is so shy around you and you just ?? idk maybe tae will know what to do
  • and as soon as you enter the room with this kid tAE ALMOST COMBUSTS BC WHO IS THIS CUTIE RIGHT HERE ???
  • needless to say tae befriends the child so easily you’re like ?? wth ?? i’m his aunt 
  • ur like :^( and tae is like :^) and the child is like :^))))))))
  • bc he literally starts to love taehyung and they’re playing around while you’re watching and ur kind of mad
  • but at the same time you’re happy 
  • because iT’S SO CUTE 
  • so when it’s time to say goodbye, tae’s heart breaks a little since he has to let go of this cute child even tho it’s only been like 2 hours he cAN’T
  • your sisters sees this and is like
  • “well if your boyfriend is so eager to take care of him, he shall visit his aunt more often!”
  • so as the both of them leave and you wave them goodbye you’re so nervous && embarrassed while your sister winks at you 
  • you’re like ??? I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO ??
  • and after that you don’t even talk about your sister calling taehyung your boyfriend because nobody brings it up so you just ?? shrug it off ?? even tho you’re somewhat sad ??
  • until one day tae doesn’t show up to class 
  • and you assume he’s sick because he never skips classes 
  • so then when a week passes without the two of you seeing each other
  • you get worried and start asking around on campus if somebody knows where he is
  • finALLY !!! someone helps you and it’s jungkook as you will later find out, tae’s roommate along with somebody named jimin b ut that’s later :)
  • so you get guided by jungkook to the boy’s dormitory and you feel so  ouT OF PLACE ?? like everywhere are boys or girls who are in a relationship with a guy who’s living here 
  • but anyways
  • you open the door and there is the tree you’ve been missing
  • sprawled on his bed with sheets and empty cups which were once filled with instant noodles covering his body
  • jungkook and you both sigh simultaneously bc honestly ?? he’s such a mess
  • “he’s been like this for the past week.”
  • u just look up to the other tall male and there are literal question marks in your eyes 
  • jungkook just chuckled at you and shrugs
  • “you know musicians….they struggle. even when their muse is right in front of them.”
  • jungkook is like do we have a taehyung 2.0 or why is this girl not understanding what i’m saying 
  • so he just grips your shoulder turns you to tae still being passed out and then back and kind of shakes you 
  • bc what is this rollercoaster of emotions ???
  • taehyung is getting up because the shouting of his roommate interrupted his peaceful slumber so he’s trying to rub the sleep out of his eyes while smacking his lips 
  • and iT’S CUTE 
  • he’s cute
  • and he’s like half asleep as he watches the both of you standing in the door frame 
  • “who likes me ?”
  • so he has enough and just pushes you on top of tae and leaves 
  • pfft not his business
  • the scene was pretty hilarious, not for you tho
  • laying on top of each other in a sea of empty cup noodles and music sheets
  • and ur like chill dude
  • b ut the only thing you get out is ‘hey’
  • and for the next two minutes, you just sit beside each other in silence and embarrassment bc ?? omg what
  • B UT THEN you decide it’s time to spill the tea because you’RE LIKE U KNOW FUCK IT
  • “soiheardyoulikemeilikeyoutooyourehonestlyreallycuteok”
  • and you speak so fast and are basically a tomato but he understands and just grins 
  • so you’re like wha t 
  • and he’s again :^)
  • tae randomly tackling you to the bed and you getting your breath knocked o UT HELP 
  • and the both of you just stay like this for a while
  • however the peaceful silence is disturbed by tae teasing you 
  • “you likeeeee meee”
  • “i can’t believe it either…”
  • and he’s like :^( all of a sudden
  • taehyung starts giggling like a little school girl bc he’s honestly so happy
  • he takes it as an invitation to pepper your face with kisses b c HE’S SO HIGH ON SKINSHIP 
  • and also remeber that he doesn’t understand personal space ? well yeah he really doesn’t 
  • but it’s in a playful manner so just laugh and it’s so lovely and cute
  • and you never had imagined that kim taehyung would ever like you
  • bc honestly he is handsome !!!111 LIKE REALLY
  • even teachers sometimes hit on him
  • and he’s always nice
  • so you’re like h OW COME I DESERVE YOU
  • after play fighting with tae tae you ask where he’s been
  • and he becomes this shy bean again and rUBS HIS NECK AND IS LIKE
  • “i’ve liked you for a while now….and i wanted to confess. but in a special way you know ? i wanted to do it with a song.”
  • ehem moving on
  • you find out that he finds it lacks something and gives you his headphones to listen to it
  • after a while you actually agree with him and he gets kind of sulky like ‘i knew it :^(’
  • b ut you’re quick to interject likE NO NO NO I MEAN IT’S BEAUTIFUL BUT IT DOESN’T SOUND COMPLETE
  • “hm….but why tho.”
  • “ you say it’s a confession right?”
  • you again turning red with the thought and h e nods
  • “well how ab out you singing i mean a confession is kind of through words and i like your voice it would be so ni ce.”
  • at first he looks at you in diseblief 
  • then he’s thinking
  • then finding the idea ridiculous bc what ?? m Y VOICE ?? nononononon i can’t sing 
  • but maybe jimin could sing the lyrics or even kookie ??
  • and ur like n O IT HAS TO BE YOU !!
  • and he whines bc whyyyyy
  • you’re just like you’re the one confessing right ?
  • “right…”
  • then you will sing !
  • at this moment: you: >:^) tae: >:^(
  • b ut you get what you want since you’re so pretty and cute and tae doesn’t know how to say no to a cute face like yours
  • and each of the boys ( whom you got to know while producing tae’s confession song ) agrees and they’re in awe at taehyung’s beautiful && soothing voice
  • at the end you’re like i knew it !! and tae is like yeah ok babe you’re the best
  • and you want to complain but he kisses you so it’s okay i guess ??
  • so then you ask for the name of the song because everyone agrees that it should be put on soundcloud so everyone can listen to it 
  • “(Y/N)”
  • “yeah ?”
  • “no…(Y/N) is the name of the song.”
  • “W A IT NO!!”
  • “why not ? the song is literally about you !! and it is still for you, so its name is (Y/N).”
  • “TAE!”
  • “it’s already uploaded it.”
  • “goddamnit taehyung.”
  • he’s so smiley then :^)
  • after that everyone officially knows you’re a couple because well iT’S QUITE OBVIOUS ISN’T IT ??
  • also the thirst for tae’s voice is real
  • and you’re always so proud of your boyfriend
  • sometimes you don’t even feel worthy of being his girlfriend bc he’s so talented and you’re just ?? well, you’re you nothing more
  • and it’s on one of your date nights ( you both are sitting in the boy’s dorm while watching disney movies) when you start crying
  • “ don’t cry babe,it’s just a movie albeit it’s still sa-”
  • “it’s not the movie, tae.”
  • then you start explaining all the doubt that’s been lingering within your mind these past months of being together and he’s seriously confused as to why you can’t see what he sees 
  • so then he goes on to explain why he fell in love with you
  • “(Y/N). You’re my muse. My everything. Without you, I would have never been able to show my true potential. You were always there to support me and even kept up with my weird antics. You never gave up on me and pushed me to my limits. I love that. But I also love you as a person. I’ve watched you since day one, since you walked into the class for the first time and became my seat neighbor. You’re so smart and nice and always so…perfect. You’re my inspiration. I love you.”
  • and tae doesn’t know what to do ??? like help me ???
  • but you just kiss him all of a sudden and then he knows that everything’s good
  • “I love you,too, Kim Taehyung. Saxophonist, musician, singer or whatever you’ll be in the future. I’ll alway love and support you. No matter what.”
  • but it’s fine
  • because that’s how taehyung is

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A/N: i hope you liked this imagine list thingy ~ might turn it into a series upon requests ^^ but for now, have a nice day ♥ requests here

{Reaction} Biting EXO’s shoulder during sex

Hiya, not sure if you do this kind of thing, but could I request an exo reaction to you biting them on the shoulder whilst trying to keep quiet during le sexy time

Note: Yeah I do this kind of thing… I am trash. Tbh I need to soak myself in holy water after writing this jeez (I’m trash for Minseok okay, please don’t judge me) I think I enjoyed writing this more than I should have ;) (BUT NAUGHTY ANON REQUESTED IT SO IT’S OKAY!) either way, I hope you enjoy. Fighting!~ Mami

  • Warning: This is smut themed, and swear words are used in some sections. Read at your own risk.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by bane-niki

Chanyeol moaned in pleasure as he felt you teeth clench on the skin of his shoulder. He’d been trying to get you to moan for a while now, but apparently you were much better at getting noise out of him rather than the other way around.

Chanyeol: “Fuck, why are you like this? Not that I’m complaining.”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by babyi12

Kyungsoo knew that the two of you needed to be quiet since the others were all in the other room, listening out for any blackmailing material that they could get. But Kyungsoo is clever, and doesn’t make much noise. But when you bite his shoulder to suppress your moans, he can’t help but moan himself.

Kyungsoo: “I don’t care if they hear, ah- that feels good Jagi.”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by baek-sehun

Moaning in front of Baekhyun is only going to inflate his ego by about ten times so it’s always best not to, so when you bite into his shoulder during sex, he finds himself in the moaning mess himself.

Baekhyun: “Ah Jagi- your mouth works miracles-”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by chanystic

Sehun had kept reminding you to stay quiet in the bedroom, knowing the others were scattered around the dorm and could walk past and hear something at any moment. But when you bite him on the shoulder, he moaned loudly, contradicting what he’d been telling you all along.

Sehun: “Dammit, do you recon they heard that?”

{y/n}: “I don’t care- don’t stop.”

Sehun: “Well, since you asked so nicely.” *Smirking, starting to care less and less if the others can hear.*

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by glamourpcy

You and Yixing are having some nice intimate time alone, full of passion and love. That all changes when you bite his shoulder. His eyes turn dark and lustful, slamming you down on the mattress beneath him he turns into something much more dominant and fiery.

Lay: “Do that again Jagi, I dare you.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by jongdaeonly

Once you bit his shoulder, he groaned loudly, making him more passionate and quicker as he moved inside of you, the biting only encouraging him to pleasure you harder.

Jongdae: “You’re so hot, Jagiya.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by brendaunicorn

Okay so Minseok is going to find you biting his shoulder cute and all, but this man isn’t going to let you get away with not moaning. No, for not moaning, he’s going to punish you, he’s going to make you fucking scream.

Minseok: “Better start making noise Jagiya, or Daddy might just have to get a bit rough” *look what you have started - Kim Minseok should be illegal*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by taosmut

Biting at his shoulder is only going to make him more dominant. He’s going to move your face away from his neck before planting his face in your neck instead, kissing and sucking until he gets the moans you’ve been trying to suppress.

Tao: “Let me hear you, Jagiya.”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by amaxing-yixing

Yeah, don’t even try and hide your moans from Suho, because he’s going to get them out of you one way or another. As you bite his shoulder he’s going to moan himself before moving harder, feeling you up more aggressively and pressing kisses along your body, desperate to hear you call his name.

Suho: “What was that? I can’t hear you, babygirl.”


Originally posted by baekthoven

Luhan doesn’t care about the time or place, if he’s having sexy time with you, hearing you moan is a given and he’s not going to let you get away with it otherwise.

Luhan: “Moan baby, or I’m going to have to punish you.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by blondejongin

This is Kai we’re talking about now, not Jongin. His dancing hips are going to be put for good use here, pushing a moan out of you if you want to or not.

Kai: “I thought you said you didn’t want to moan Jagi? But guess what I just heard? Was that another one?” *smirking cockily.*

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by perfectioninthreeletters

He’ll slow down to drive you insane, doing everything he can to get a moan out of you. He moans himself as you bite his shoulder, not wanted you to stop but wanting you to moan at the same time. But Kris isn’t a stupid guy, he knows how to get what he wants, and he also knows how to send you into a bubble of pleasure.

Kris: “Should I let you finish?”

{y/n}: “Y-yes”

Kris: *Smirking* “Then beg for it, baobei.”

Pool Party

Pairing: Mark Pellegrino x Reader
Word count: 1,805
Warnings: Smut. Semi-Public Sex. Oral Sex (Male). Cussing. Drinking.
Written for my 2,000 Followers Celebration
Requested by: Wished to remain anonymous / Prompt: Swimming Pool / Quote: “Where are your clothes?”

Thanks @lucis-unicorn for helping me out when I got stuck.

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The Set Up

Characters: Bones x Reader

Summary: Bones and Uncle Jim take Joanna to her favorite candy store, and Jim and Jo decide to set Bones up with the reader, the owner of the store.  requested by @yourtropegirl

A/N: okay guys, this one was SUPER fun to write, and ended up being super cute <3 so joanna’s like 7 here, but i really don’t know anything about her…and i know that in AOS, Bones doesn’t have a daughter, but we’re gonna pretend he does…

A/A/N: okay, i just realized the request said AU…and i didn’t write this specifically as an au, but i guess it could be read as one? Sorry!

Warnings: none, just an incredible amount of fluff

Words: 2363

tags: @yourtropegirl @outside-the-government @feelmyroarrrr @jimtkirkisabitch @malindacath

You huff and stand with your hands on your hips, taking in the mess in front of your small candy shop.  The wind was vicious this morning, and just after you’d opened it had knocked down your chalkboard easel sign and the trash can.  Wrappers fluttered in the small breeze, and you contemplated leaving the mess, but your conscience threatened to strangle you if you did.  You sighed and straighten the trash can, then hurry to gather the candy wrappers and parchment paper sticky from candied apples.  You try to shove the paper back into the trash, but just succeed in frustrating yourself when the sticky sugary mess clings to your fingers.  You hold back a cry of frustration and finally shove the mess into the can and stalk over to the fallen easel sign and violently set it back up.

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anonymous asked:

jack with a crush on librarian david au

I’m trying to put this as my first work ever on ao3 but it won’t let me login I’m not sure why. 

Thanks for the super cute prompt, tho! The rest are to come I’m writing these in between cleaning. 

Jack thinks he’s smooth. David accidentally flirts. The boys are dumb. 

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mexicanmedstudent  asked:

Trimberly prompt: Each time Kimberly smiles at Trini, the latter trips or breaks something. Please :)

Trini was fine having Biology with Kim. What she was not fine with was getting put into the same Chemistry class as Kim the next semester.

Kim insists that they be partners, and Trini swears that one of these days, when mixing some dangerous chemicals something is going to go terribly wrong if Kim keeps smiling at her and touching the inside of her wrist.

Trini’s halfway through a lab with Kim patiently reading out the directions as Trini grabs a beaker, and some liquid that their teacher warned them to be careful with.

“Hey, wait a second,” Kim tells Trini just as she’s about to pour the liquid into the beaker, “Don’t forget your safety goggles.” Kim says with a smile as she pulls them over Trini’s eyes gently.

Trini can feel her face heat up instantly, and she nods dumbly as she stutters out a small thank you. She manages to pour the amount of liquid they need successfully.

Kim smiles at her again, and oh my god, Trini knocks the beaker off their table and her goggles are splattered in liquid.

Kimberly just laughs, a sound that should be illegal (only because it makes Trini want to do something ridiculously stupid everyday) and as Trini fumbles to pick up the shards of glass, she hits her head on another table, knocking over the beaker that was on that table.

Once Kimberly calms down enough to help Trini clean, she just gives Trini another smile as she says, “It’s a good thing you still had your goggles on, huh?”

Trini’s just thankful that she didn’t do anything stupid for a third time in the span of five minutes, like cut her hand on one of the shards of glass.

(She misses notes in her last two classes of the day because all she can think about is the way Kim smiles at her)

That was only one example but Trini totally runs into an open locker one day in the halls as Kim laughs at one of her jokes

Timothy McVeigh’s thoughts on his death sentence, or in his words “state-assisted suicide.” These excerpts are from the book American Terrorist: Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing by Lou Michel and Dan Herbeck.

For a man entering a super-secure prison to await the death penalty, McVeigh seemed markedly, almost wilfully, unconcerned. Anyway the wind blows, doesn’t really matter to me, he thought, recalling the line from Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” On a personal level, McVeigh would welcome death; it would be his crowning achievement. The government he reflected, would be doing him a favor, ending a long march that had turned hollow in the final years. His execution would be a relief.

“I’ll be glad to leave this fucked-up world,” he said. “Truth is, I determined mostly through my travels that this world just doesn’t hold anything for me.” But as the weeks rolled by, the isolated hours he spent in the four-cell special disciplinary unit at Supermax provided time for self-examination, and he would come to realize that he was not immediately suicidal. “I figure, why not take a few years in retirement. Sit in my cell; write letters, make peace with everyone. What does that make the death penalty, if that’s what it is?” In McVeigh’s opinion, it was nothing more than state-assisted suicide. “I knew I wanted this before it happened. I knew my objective was a state-assisted suicide and when it happens, it’s in your face, motherfuckers. You just did something you’re trying to say should be illegal for medical personnel.”

Like McVeigh, Kaczynski preferred the idea of execution to life in prison. But when Kaczynski made his preference public, McVeigh thought his fellow prisoner had made a big mistake—particularly since Kaczynski was seeking a retrial. “Ted messed up,” he said. “They’re not going to want to seek death now because they know he’s being tortured with life… They won’t give the opportunity for the death penalty again, either with a federal retrial or a state trial. If one is serious about it, you should never show your hand.”

McVeigh wanted to find a way to tell Fortier that he wasn’t upset at him for testifying. He figured that Fortier might be blaming himself for McVeigh’s receiving the death penalty, and he wanted to tell him that it was his own doing. But in the end McVeigh couldn’t bring himself to speak so openly about his carefully calculated plan to have the government execute him. He feared that by making it known he had sought “a deluxe suicide-by-cop package” it might somehow hurt his chances of realizing it. McVeigh could only hope that his easygoing manner would let Fortier know he did not hate him.

Tsundere... (Park Woojin) Pt. 3

Summary: School AU with Park Woojin and many many other produce 101 (season 1 and 2) contestants.

Author’s note: sry i havent posted in so long lool also idk why this is so funny to me but i have to listen to kdrama OST’s to write these or else i get writer’s block LOOOOOOL also this is the LAST PART bc im not rly feeling this series anymore and i have 0 motivation to continue it.

Part 1  Part 2 Part 4

Part 3: Cherry

Your perspective…

“Yah Park Woojin!” 

As you laughed, Jihoon came over and wiped the frosting off of your nose with a napkin. “I think we’re all kind of done with this food fight now, let’s clean up!”

After everyone washed up and the kitchen was clean and the snacks were in the oven, you guys decided to watch a movie. You were the last to come out of the bathroom and saw everyone already sitting in the living room. There was one spot next to Somi and one in between Yoojung and Woojin.

“Sit here,” Yoojung patted on the empty seat next to her. “You’ll be right in front of the snacks!”

You settled in and Yoojung threw you a pillow and the two of you shared a blanket. “What are we watching?” you asked.

Jihoon popped some candy in his mouth before saying, “let’s watch a horror movie!”

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TMNT Boyfriends: Blushing.

He’s Blushing:
Raph was in the gym lifting weights when you came down for a visit. It was one of those days where you were just feeling affectionate and cuddly. So who better to see them your bara boyfriend?
You made your way to the gym and saw him in the weight bench, sweaty and focused. You leaned against the wall and watched his muscles move, smiling a little.
“Hey, you.”
He glanced over and gave you a crooked grin.
“Hey, tiger. Come to watch the gun show?”
You laughed, shaking your head in amusement.
“I was feeling lonely, so I came for a visit.”
“Did ya now?”
He set down the weights and came over.
You looked up at him said
“You’re so handsome.”
Raph looked at you, taken aback for a moment.
“What? You really are handsome. You’re all big and buff and your eyes are gorgeous. And I love your smile.”
Raph felt his face heat up. He had never thought that he was even midly attractive, not in the slightest. But to hear you talk about how handsome he was…that made him feel so freaking great.
He smiled and leaned down for a kiss.
“I love ya, Y/N.”
“Love you too, hot shot.”

You’re Blushing:
“Raph, have you seen my notebook?”
He looked up from the tv and saw you leaning over the couch as you peaked between the cushions.
“It’s red, with a gold little latch. Have you seen it?”
“No. I’ll go check my room.”
You thanked him as he made his way to his bedroom. He pushed around his things and looked under the bed. He has seen you with the book before, but he wasn’t totally sure what it was for. Still, you seemed pretty upset and he figured you were worried about it.
His hands brushed against something and he pulled out the book. It was open, your handwriting scrawled in black ink. He read a page and read it, smiling as he left the room. He found you looking under the couch, your hand sweeping underneath.
“So, I’m so sexy it’s practically illegal, huh?” he asked.
You shot up, your face turning red. Turning around, you looked at him with wide eyes.
“You read that?”
“Just a page, darlin’. A pretty descriptive page.”
You took the book and hid behind the red leather. Raph smirked and sat back down on the couch.
“You should see what I wrote about ya, tiger. You’d really be blushin’ then.”

olicity || ao3 || gen || fluff & angst || 923  || more fics

summary: prompt: Felicity has a tattoo that’s a not so subtle reminder of Oliver (thank you @yellowflicker09011996) based on [x]
a/n: reminder that anita made me do it

Felicity tried in vain to take a picture of her back. Her tattoo was still fresh, kind of red and angry, but she wanted to take a picture so bad. She was going to text a picture to Thea before Oliver got home. He had been out all day, helping with the Hoffman’s third backyard barbeque that week, then he volunteered to bring the snacks to the little league game, and then he was going to the store to get groceries for dinner. While he was playing his suburban role, she went into the city to… well originally she was just getting out of the suburbs to relax, but she passed a tattoo parlor.

She hated needles. Like really hated them, so how she ended up laying face down with a strange man stabbing her repeatedly with a needle, she would never know. It was so impulsive, but she was happy with the finished product. A little arrow on her shoulder blade; an outward reminder of who held her heart.

It was super cheesy wasn’t it? Whatever.

“What are you doing?”

“Ack!” Felicity fumbled with her phone, dropping it on the counter. “Nothing.”

“You’re standing here shirtless in front of the mirror,” Oliver said with a hint of amusement in his voice.

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you smell like home | n.y.t.

word count → -1k

genre x au→ fluff

member(s) → yuta x reader

Originally posted by chocosicheng


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saltyditty  asked:

can you make a fic about JD meeting veronicas family, like her family in michigan from your past fic :"00? (you don't have too if you don't wanna!)

Sure I can! I had a fun time writing this and I hope you like it too! I like drama and comedy so I hope it’s both of those!!!!! Enjoy!

Read the last one here!!!!

“Ronnie… Ronnie it’s fine.” JD tried to take her hands away but Veronica kept fussing over him. “Why do you keep trying to fix my hair?” He asked.

“I just want to make sure you’re… okay…” Veronica bit her lip.

“What’s going on, Ronnie?” JD asked. Veronica sighed and slumped down in the car seat. They had pulled over for a slushie stop.

“I’m just a little worried is all.” She sighed, stirring her slushie. “My parents are great, don’t get me wrong, but my aunt, uncle and cousins are… less great.” She sighed. “It’s not that I don’t love them they’re just… so judgemental!” She cried.

“Woah, this is all new.” JD smiled. Veronica made a face.

“I should have told you but I was afraid you’d back out.” She admitted.

“Come on, I deserve more credit than that, darling.” He laughed. “How bad can they be?” He scooted closer to Veronica.

“They’re rich.”

“Mac is rich.” JD reminded. Veronica shook her head.

“Mac has a lot of money, that’s one thing. But rich is a personality trait.” Veronica explained. “Mac is sweet and lovable, so she’s not rich. She’s just loaded. Somebody who’s rich is condescending and think they’re better than everyone and… This part of my family is rich!” Veronica cried, throwing her hands up. “And I don’t want them to judge you, or be mean to you or make you feel bad… maybe I should just put you in a little bubble for your whole life.” She joked, leaning on his shoulder.

“I do not want that.” JD assured. “Darling, I’ll be fine. I’ll be nice and polite and totally out of character and it’ll be fine. Okay?” JD asked. Veronica smiled and nodded.


“Veronica! Oh how wonderful to see you again! We’ve missed you so much!” Her aunt Sandy hugged her at the door. Veronica put on a smile and hugged back.

“Hi it’s good to see you too.” She tried to show excitement. Sandy pulled back and looked at JD.

“And is this the boy my sister has told me so much about?” She asked. Veronica nodded and Sandy gave JD a hug. He tensed up a bit and tried not to squirm. He wasn’t much of a “physical contact” person with people he didn’t know. But he tried to act “normal”. Sandy pulled back and smiled.

“Not much of a hugger? Oh well, come in!” She motioned.

“She seems really nice.” JD whispered to Veronica.

“Don’t fall for it.” Veronica huffed to him. JD followed the woman into the kitchen where a large family waited for them. They were all across from each other and seemed to go quiet when they saw JD and Veronica enter. A girl who seemed to be a few years older than Veronica looked up at JD and motioned to who looked like her sister.

“Him.” Was all she said. A few other people nodded and Veronica seethed.

“This is what I was telling you about.” She grumbled.

“So, JD we’ve all been eager to get to know you.” Veronica’s uncle Neil spoke. “What do you do for work? I assume a boy your age has a job.” He added. JD nodded.

“Yeah I work at a pawn shop in town. Right by school actually.” JD smiled a little. “You get some sketchy people trying to buy guns illegally but it pays good if you keep your mouth shut about what goes on in the back.” JD continued, speaking like this was a normal dinner table conversation. Veronica face palmed and her whole family stared.

“Oh… well isn’t that…” Veronica’s grandmother tried to find a word but she just trailed off. JD pressed his lips together, just now realizing he should not have said that.

“Sorry…” He rubbed the back of his head. “I don’t really do this sort of thing often so I’m not sure what I should and shouldn’t say…” He blabbered. Veronica just patted him on the back to get him to stop rambling.

“JD’s got a really outgoing personality!” She cut in. “It’s one of the things I love about him! In fact he was so forward when he gave me his mother’s ring, isn’t it pretty?” She asked, showing the group the ring that was hanging from a necklace. It was a sort of tradition, and once they decided to get married the ring would go on her hand. But as for now they thought they were too young and we’re just waiting for high school to end. But they both knew it was coming.

“He gave you his mother’s ring?” Sandy asked. “Oh isn’t that pretty… but a second hand ring doesn’t exactly scream ‘romance’, now does it?” She asked.

“This ring is actually really important to both of us, aunt Sandy.” Veronica told her. “And I’d rather have it than the pebble Neil bought you from KMart.” She hissed. The entire room went dead quiet and JD shrunk down with wide eyes.

“Excuse me?” Sandy asked.

“I’m just saying that your ring’s total value is the same as the ones kids get out of gumball machines. So maybe you should remember that before you judge somebody else’s choice of jewelry.” Veronica told her.

“You are such a brat!” Veronica’s cousin snapped.

“I’m a brat? You judged my boyfriend before he even spoke to you guys! And sure he’s a little weird, he doesn’t meet new people too often but I love him! And If you guys can’t even try to get along with the person I love then I don’t think you love me.” She continued. “This was a bad idea, let’s go, JD. I don’t know why I felt like I needed their approval.” Veronica huffed, and walked out the door, expecting her boyfriend to follow her. But he stood in the kitchen for another moment.

“I uh… thanks for uh… having us?” He shrugged. “I… I’m going to take this.” He said quietly, and reached out to take the pie off the table. “See you guys another time.” He backed out, but came back a second later. “I’m also taking this.” He said, taking a candle stick off the table, and leaving the house. “Ronnia wait!” He called to his girlfriend.

“Did you… did you steal a pie and candlestick from my relatives?” She asked. JD looked in his hands.

“Yeah… the pie looked really good and the candlestick looked expensive.” He explained. “But that’s beside the point… thanks for sticking up for me. I’m sorry the dinner went lousy. He smiled and Veronica gave him a kiss.

“No, it was fine, you were there and that’s all I really care about.”

RIVALS [ peter quill x reader ] 0.4

a/n; this is so fun to write. the different perspectives…ugh it should be illegal for him to be this hot. this chapter makes me happy.
next chapter will be the last!

summary: Some things are just obvious from an early age: you and Peter were meant to get along no better than a cat and a dog. And not the modern spin on a cat’s and a dog’s relationship either (none of that Disney fun-loving BS). No, we’re talking about that good old fashioned thirst for blood, spite and rivalry.Only that your situation really was Disney like. Which is ironic, since you’ve been raised to spit in anyone’s face that even mentions the name ‘Starlord’.

words;   2297

warnings: a bit of swearing, but what’s new?


intrusive thoughts.

Fuck. That’s the only word he can think of to describe just how seeing you standing with nothing but a towel in front of him made him feel.  He sighs heavily, running a hand through his hair as he tries to collect those thoughts that were going ramped once you finally did leave, looking just as sour as when he had showed up, and he stares into the edge of the white tiles. Fuck. How did he manage to control his cool when you looked at him, so openly, with nothing but a towel? If he really wanted to, in his mind he could shed that towel and –Fuck. No. No. He can’t. Not now. You are in danger, hell, in big danger if you came to him, plus your mom died and imagining you naked is disrespectful. Sort of. Not like he can help it.

Another agonizingly heavy sigh.


Did you hurt his feelings? Is he mad? Why do you care so much? These questions take turns in annoying you and out of sheer frustration you bite on your nails without much thought. You sit on one of the free seats as Gamora pilots Peter’s spaceship and tries to make conversation with you. Really now, you can do better than a few plain remarks and dull replies, but you can’t help it. After a while of talking – you honestly can’t recall about what – Gamora gives up seeing as you are terribly distracted. A knowing smile ghosts on her lips, but you fail to notice it too. She turns her head softly to say something to Rocket and you fidget, releasing a curt breath before falling deeper into the comfortable seat. Man, you just have to ruin everything, don’t you? You and your stupid fucking ego. He was just kidding around; he of course didn’t know how much that locket costed and just how important it is to you. This is Peter, silly, flirty Peter and you just had to take out your insecurities on him.

Maybe it’s the no-shirt thing that distracted you from coherent thinking. No, that’s silly and you shake your softly as a confirmation, not caring if anyone else saw. You slept with him, after all.

Wait no. No. No!

A new image rises in your mind, one you have as much luck in controlling it as the sudden heat rising to your cheeks – which is none. The precise feeling of his skin, his cologne, the welcoming warmth all stick to you, making you pleasantly tingle and you glance away from the big window to stare somewhere, anywhere, as if that would help you shake the feeling of being close to him. The things he says, the strange look in his eye…Could it be? No! Dear God no! This is Peter Quill!…

And yet, why do you feel so torn? So on edge? This is definitely not because of the fight, you had plenty of those back in the day and it always blew over fairly quickly. Why does this feel so personal? Intimate? You have no clue what to do, but you can’t keep sitting here and waiting for a miracle to happen. What do you want to happen? You don’t know either, and with that clarification you spring into action and stand up, a bit too suddenly and you stumble forward awkwardly. When you turn your head you see Gamora raising a brow at you and Rocket contemplating whether to involve himself with your meddling or not. He decides on the latter and with a light shrug, more to himself than you, he goes to construct some new weapon. The ship will be landing soon after all, best be prepared for whatever is out there.

The crew notices. Well, at least Gamora does. She notices the stinging silence between you and Peter. The heated look you give him from time to time, as if you want to say something but can’t, something is holding you back and each time you looked at him you wilted a little and turned away. Peter was different. Colder. He didn’t look at you at all. Didn’t try to catch you gaze or approach you. He was strict, to the point. A few jokes managed to squeeze through but they seemed forced. Gamora doubted Groot or Rocket noted this tension, an obvious statement that something not so pleasant had happened between the two of you, and even if they did she didn’t think they cared all that much.

This needed to stop, though. And needed to stop now.

It’s hot. Insanely hot on this planet and you release a soft breath, suddenly dizzy and clumsily you find your footing only after a moment. You dig your metal hilted boots into the sand and feel your feet cool. The air sticks to your skin, kisses your shoulders in red spots and collects dew on your cheeks, cupids bow, the arch of your brow and flat of your forehead. You wipe off the sweat and continue walking, not wanting to stay back. A soft breeze blows past you, but it’s anything but cold. Five suns mockingly shine and burn in the sky just above you.

You left Groot in the spaceship. Rocket proudly trots next to Peter with a gun bigger than his form in his hand. Gamora lags behind, making sure to pace herself evenly with you since you are the only one having a hard time. You’re not used to this kind of weather, nor carrying heavy machinery (unless you needed it to make more machines, screw some screws, melt some metals). Girl-code: no woman left behind. You truly appreciate Gamora’s dedication to help you out, even if it’s seriously nothing but slowing her step and keeping you company. You know that if she wanted she could lead this little expedition with no trouble at all. You smile at her. She smiles back.

Girl-code: sharing problems is mandatory.

Her eyes trail Peter’s back and she’s lost in thought for a moment. You follow her gaze and glare fiercely, feeling frustrated and tired and indeed of a shower again, but this time with no Peter even near the bathroom. She notes the sudden spur in your step, fueled by anger no doubt, the straightening of your back and the thinning of your lips. She leans in, barely though, the corner of her lip quirking as she asks, “What happened?”

You snap to her, “What?” There is confusion in your voice and your brows knot together. She motions to Peter. You blink. You sigh and your shoulders slump. The machinery in your hands slides in your palm and in a moment of panic you catch it, feel your muscles strain and you pull in close again. There is a pause. “That obvious, huh…”

“Yep.” She nods, “You know, since we landed here to meet that creep for you and all, I thought the two of you would be at least talking. Calling each other names…The silence is a bit unnerving.” Her face falls still. She’s hesitating. “I’m just…” She looks away from you, afraid you’ll see right through her, “I’m just worried, I guess. About him.” She says with such tenderness you almost think a gun fired and the bullet went straight through you. You tighten your hands around the machine you carry and purse your lips, your eyes glazing with untamed anger and, dare you dub it, betrayal? So much for girl-code…

Gamora doesn’t look at you, merely watches Peter, tries to catch a snippet of what he’s saying to Rocket yet is still deep thought, “As much as I don’t want to admit it…He’s my friend. “

Oh. You deflate, the anger in your chest doused with just that. You frown. What the hell is going on with you? You wonder and trail the line of footprints Peter and Rocket leave behind and they stride forward. “And I care about him. Don’t tell him I said so, thought.”

“I won’t.” Your words come out a bit forced, but she doesn’t mind, possibly doesn’t care.

“So…What happened?” She asks again, this time hoping for a sufficient answer. You think.

“We had a fight…It was pretty stupid and unnecessary.”

“Aren’t all fights stupid and unnecessary?”

When she puts it like that you feel even worse. Noting the shift in your mood, she leans in more, her voice dropping to a whisper, “You know…I haven’t seen Peter smiling like that in a while. Not that you’ve been staying with us long, but when you first showed up…It really made him happy.”

You can’t control the smile that cracks the cold facade, can’t control the blush that pinches your cheeks and has nothing to do with the horrid temperature, can’t control the sudden leap your heart makes nor the dancing step you took. You look away quick, your fingers curl on a strand of your hair and you push it behind your ear, looking straight ahead. Gamora watches you and you know she realizes just how unexplainably happy she made you, lifted the weight off your shoulders and let you breathe easier. With a pleased smile Gamora leans out and doesn’t bother you for the rest of the journey to Tom Tokos house.

The said man is a fidgeting mess with crooked glasses and untamed white hair. You find his small secured home in the middle of the desert, where Peter insisted it was, and the two men greeted one another with a firm hand shake and a passing snarky remark. They are friends or something along those lines at the very least.

“This might take a while…” Tom Toko insists, lifting his eyes up from the computer that quickly scans millions of billions of names. You had requested a fake pass to get into Terra. Tom Toko, upon Peter’s approval, got to work in an instant. For it though, he needs all the details he can find about you to craft something new. You had offered to share as much information as he needed, but he just scoffed and waved you off – the computer will do the job just fine, he insisted.

You tick an annoyed brow. And me telling you wouldn’t ‘take a while’? You muss, but refrain from commenting. Instead you come to look out the window into the mountains of sand. A few specs hit the glass. It’s airier in Toko’s home, cooler, the walls are thick and the sun barely reaches you over the roof. Tom mumbles something about getting the four of your drinks and leaves the living room. It buzzes with working engines. The computer dots off names with a strange popping sound. Gamora takes this opportunity to rush Rocket out the door, insisting that she saw something he could shoot at. He’d been craving to test his toys out for a while now, so he didn’t even question her.

The silence hangs heavy and you swallow hard. You feel Peter behind you, watching your every move, every curve of your body and count the drops of sweat on your shoulder. You feel self-conscious and you almost want to spin on your heel and gouge his eyes out. Almost. It feels nice in a way. You don’t exactly mind it. You want to mind it, you just imagined gouging his eyes out or at least calling him out for staring, but you soon grow accustomed to it and you make a decision to lean on your side more, sway your hips. Why? You don’t know.

You tilt your head to the side and out the corner of your eye you see him; his eyes roll from your ass and meet your gaze a bit too slow. A smile pulls on your lips, though it’s not menacing, not coy; it’s gentle, kind. It’s the last thing he figured you’d do after catching him checking you out. “I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry. For earlier.”

He has a hard time figuring out just what the hell you mean by ‘earlier’, but when he does he hums and pretends to be completely engrossed. To tell the truth he had already forgotten about your argument and it wasn’t what caused him to give you the cold shoulder. It was the fact that he couldn’t look at you normally anymore. Couldn’t talk to you anymore without thinking of you differently, in a way he shouldn’t. He didn’t want to force his growing affection onto you, didn’t want to drag you into his mess of feelings. You turn to face him. You are better at being just a friend. He doesn’t want you to be just his friend, more than anything in this world right now, he wants to push you just a bit closer to that window, feel your hot skin, your lips smashing with his as your fingers tangle and play with his hair. But he can’t. Rejection would be too great. He couldn’t recover.

He smiles, masking everything that’s boiling in him by glancing to the dirty tiles. “All is forgiven.” He says. It sounds too heavy, too raw for his liking, “Sorry for being a dick.” He adds to lighten the mood and it works. You crack a smile and shrug.

“It wouldn’t be you without the great amount of dickishness, Starlord.”

He didn’t catch on at first, he was about to say something snarly when it clicked in him and his heart dropped to his abdomen along with a twinge of arousal. Startled he looked up at you, saw you smile so beautifully that his throat went dry.

Shit, just how hard did he fall for you?


Banana Pancakes / Steve x Reader

Originally posted by captainbootycall

Imagine (Steve x Reader)

Imagine that you are making breakfast for the team after a mission, and Steve comes in after working out, seeing you dancing in your pajamas.

Word count:2014

Read at your own risk.

- Written by Kat -


Music filled the kitchen of the Avenger’s tower. The night before the team had taken down another HYDRA base. Considering how tough a mission it had been, you decided to turn off all of their alarms and let them sleep in giving you time to make them all breakfast. It had worked too, everyone had stayed asleep long enough for you to get up early and start cooking, well it worked on all except one, who slipped out before even you woke up.

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meiosis2  asked:

Hi! 49 for Royai if you want :)

Muchas gracias. 

This is very short and sweet. I hope you like it. 

49.  “Your voice is sexy.” - “Your ass is sexy.”

OTP Drabble Challenge from @prompt-bank

Roy smiled as Riza burrowed under his arm. There was something very endearing about drunken Riza. He didn’t get to see her very often. Her cheeks were flushed, her hair was askew and her eyes were sparkling.

When he turned up on her doorstep with a bottle of wine, he thought she was going to send him away.

It was their first night back in East City after their operation in Ishval. It had been a tough, being back there, but all had gone as well as it could.

Tonight there was lightness about them, like the burdens had been lifted from their shoulders. They both knew it was a temporary respite, and so it should be, but tonight they were going to enjoy the calm together.

With his arm wrapped around her and his fingers playing with her hair, they could almost be a normal couple. Just a normal couple having an evening in instead of a two officers illegally fraternising.

There were a lot of things Roy had to give up, but being with Riza was no longer one he would tolerate.

“Have you ever noticed how everyone thinks I’m your nanny?”

“Been listening to gossip again?”

She turned in his embrace so that she was facing him, “Am I bossy?”

Roy’s eyes widened wondering what caused her to settle on that topic. “You’re not bossy. You just have exacting standards, I like that in a lady.”

“Hmm - do you now?” Her tongue slipped out and licked her lips. “And what else does General Roy Mustang like in his ladies?”

“There’s only one lady,” he replied. “I’m not sure if you know her.”

She smacked his chest, and he smirked.

“Tell me what you like about this lady.”

“You are the only one for me,” he whispered. “Your voice is sexy. You-”

“Your ass is sexy,” she interrupted.

He raised an eyebrow. “Is that why you followed me, Lieutenant? You wanted to check out my nice tight ass.”

“Not the only reason, but I admit it’s a perk.”

“I feel so violated.”

Riza rolled her eyes.

 “I suppose I better give you some space then,” she teased.

“I have a better idea.” Roy pulled her onto his lap.