your face should be hit with a shovel

Sayings (Castiel x Reader)

#7: “Sweetheart. What did you bury in the garden?”

No matter how long you had been with Castiel, it still scared the living daylights out of you when he would just pop into your room without any warning.

This time was no different.

When your beloved angel appeared at the foot of your bed, dirt all over his trenchcoat and skin, and holding a shovel, you screamed.

“Cas! You scared the shit out of me!” you exclaimed as you sat up.

“It didn’t work, Y/N.” he huffed, his voice low and gravely.

“What didn’t work?” you asked.

“I went outside and buried it in the garden,like you said. But nothing happened.” his shoulders slumped.

That was when you started to worry, “What are you-”

“But Dean was still angry with me, so I thought that maybe I hadn’t dug deep enough.” he cut you off, throwing down the shovel.

“Sweetheart. What did you bury in the garden?” you asked, your hands slightly shaking as you placed it on his forearm.

“Your hatchet. You said that I should end my fight with Dean and bury the hatchet. I thought it was supposed to help.” he looked up at you, confusion written on his face.

“The hatch- Oh.” you were hit by realization, then you couldn’t stop yourself from laughing. It was just too good.

“I don’t understand why you are laughing.” he furrowed his eyebrows.

“It’s just a saying, Cas. ‘Bury the hatchet’ means to end the fight. Talk it out.” you finally managed to say when you had stopped laughing.

“Oh.” was his reply. He stood there, covered in dirt and looking a little sheepish.

Not caring, you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him in for a hug. You smiled when you felt his arms settle on your waist.

“I’m going to need my hatchet back, though.”

If you have a pet that is an obligate carnivore, but you don’t feed it meat because you think it’s wrong…

I hope you know that I would like to hit you in the face with a shovel.