your face reaction is priceless

BTS Reaction to accidentally kissing you

I figured I might as well do the same ones for all of the groups, haha

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Seokjin- He’d be shocked af at first. Since our dear Seokjin here, is quite mature and reserved. I feel like he would instantly move away and be apologizing for his mistake and that he didn’t mean to do it. While you would be just laughing at his reaction, cause his face was priceless ‘‘Your face! It was priceless!’‘ and Seokjin being himself, he would obviously try to say something witty back ‘‘Was? My face IS always priceless’‘.

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Yoongi- Since Yoongi is Yoongi, he would make it to be not a big deal, even if he was going crazy in his head because of how this was actually his fault and how did that even happen. So he would quickly try to end it all by just flat out saying ‘‘Sorry, my mistake, I didn’t mean to do it’‘. While you were still shook at what had just happened, he would still be trying to make it all end quickly, so he doesn’t get embarrassed ‘‘I mean since its not a big deal let’s just forget about it for now’‘.

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Hoseok- Don’t even get me started on his reaction. This boy would make it out to be such a big deal, he’d be overreacting and everything. Even if he was making it out into a overly funny thing, he would be just as shocked as you were ‘’Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Do you want me to have a heart attack?’’, he’d highkey like it thought, since his had a crush on you for a long time.

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Namjoon- Our leader over here would also highkey like it. His mature though, so the most important thing to him would be your reaction and how you are feeling. Since he cares too much about you he would respect your feelings and when you tell him that you’re completely fine with what just happened, dear god save yourself ‘‘That wasn’t even a kiss, want me to show you a real one?’‘

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Jimin- This fluff ball, would get so embarrassed and shy. He would be a shy, giggling mess, all while he would be trying his hardest to apologize to you ‘‘I’m sor-’‘. While he would be having a breakdown, you would be just quietly looking and smiling about how adorable can a human being be.

(You’re Jungkook in the picture).

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Taehyung- Tae would be so incredibly sweet, nice about it. I mean, of course it was your fault with you being the clumsy clutz you are, but Tae would just smile and tease you at how shy you got ‘‘Are you ok? Why is your face so red? Do you need my help?’‘ and obviously, you were still dying.

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Jungkook- With Kookie, I think it could go in two different ways, the most likely situation, I think, is him getting embarrassed about it and trying to end this all quickly ‘’The weather today is nice?…….. Isn’t it?…..’’, but his method would be bad, because it wouldn’t really work that much, he would kinda just make it more awkward.

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