your face it's amazing


-he’s the most protective teddy bear ever

-being one of the only people who can get a rare smile out of him

-he gets so embarrassed by his love for you though

-like he’s supposed to be this tough guy and then he’s a puppy when you’re around

-lingering touches because every touch could be your last

-everyone getting adorable-overload when they see you together

-sharing a tent/room

-him being a human heater, seriously that boy is hot

-his hands are huge also so when he cups your face for kisses its amazing, or when his hands are on your hips, or just any time because hands

-hugs where he never wants to let go

-he’d never want you you go on dangerous missions though, unless he was there to make sure nothing happened

-he would not trust your safety to anyone other than himself

-sometimes he’d get you flowers from a nearby field

-or just any present he could manage

-he’d be a hand holder

-the happiest anyone ever sees him is when he’s with you

-private conversations in deserted corridors

-stolen kisses before missions

-yeah he’d be a face grabber for kisses

-sometimes you two have a day where you just lay in bed and try to forget everything else

-being good friends with Octavia

-Bellamy adoring you for being good friends with Octavia

-she’d constantly be bugging him about asking you to marry him

-he’d find little treasures, maybe a ring, and he’d ask you

-he’d always find cute dates for the two of you (because nothing but the best for his queen)

-him reading late at night while you sleep on his chest

-finding books for him because you know how much he loves to read

-him telling you stories about history

-reading in that voice of his to you while you try to fall asleep, his voice being the last thing you hear until you sleep


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Alya’s Matchmaker Senses™ were tingling. 

Dark Cupid / Dislocœur


Way to ruin the moment, Alya -_-

bedhead ereri and morning kisses!!
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H A N K   V O I G H T
↳  2.03 “The Weigh Station”

“Remember hearing about purgatory? I mean, if you weren’t paying attention, it’s… it’s a way station between heaven and hell. It’s like this place. Heaven, for you, is upstairs. […] Hell… It’s a place we call the silos. About a 15-minute drive from here. Where do you want to go?

Guilty || Keith Kogane x Reader

Request: “ 4 and 9 with Keith? I love how you write, please don’t stop 😸😻” & “I was thinking about 22 with Keith. Idk haha 🙈❤”

Prompt No.4: “Aww you’re acting like you actually care!”

Prompt No.9: “I had nothing to do with that mistletoe being there.”

Prompt No.22: “Stop putting mistletoe everywhere!!!”

Being away from Earth was already hard enough but when Pidge quietly said that it was officially Christmas back home, everyone’s mood came crashing down. Coran and Allura could not really understand why but it seems from all of your long faces that they didn’t even want to ask.

Lance was lying on his back on the couch and plainly staring in space, Hunk with his feet up the table, Keith holding his Galra blade in hand, Pidge with a photograph of her and her brother in hand, Shiro pacing the room and you, sitting slouched on the sofa.

After being so tired of moping around, you got up from your place and walked out the room. You could hear Coran in the other room probably struggling with something. Poking your head in, you saw him trying to drag out a rather heavy box. But what caught your eye was a little smaller box lying at Coran’s feet and its contents seemed like…. Christmas decorations?

You slid next to the box. “Coran where did you find all this stuff?”

“Hm?” he distractedly said, still trying to get a proper hold of the giant box. “I saw this at one of the stores at the space malls or whatever they’re calling it nowadays and it was on sale! The shop owner also gave a really good price so I just decided to buy it.”

A grin made its way to your face. “Coran you are amazing!” You grabbed the box and dashed out of the room.

Coran struggled with the weight of the before his knees gave away from beneath him. “Thank you.”

You burst into the gloom room and skidded to a halt right in front of Keith, dumping the box at his feet. He raised his eyebrows up at you and you held up your hands, mistletoe in each of them. “So apparently, Coran has a stash of Christmas decorations.”

And those words were enough to bring everyone running to the box. Their faces shone with excitement as they raided the box, pulling out various Santa hats.

“Hey give me one too!” Keith exclaimed, seeing the layout in front of him.  

“Aww,” Lance said in his most fake voice ever. “You’re acting like you actually care!”

“I do care,” he huffed. “Just as much as everyone else here does.” He started to scan the room for you as you had suddenly vanished out of sight.

There you were, in the corner putting another mistletoe in its place when clearly the trail of mistletoes behind you were not enough.

“Stop putting mistletoe everywhere!!!” Keith said exasperatedly.

“Whaat? I just want a high probability of getting to kiss you.” You grinned.

Keith turned red at that, unable to say a word. He stumbled towards the door and heard Lance clearing his throat behind him, prompting Keith to turn around and look at him. Lance without saying a word just pointed at the top of the door with a smug look on his face from where he sat on the couch. Keith looked at where he pointed where his gaze was welcomed by another mistletoe hanging there.

Keith spun to look at you, with the most ‘done’ expression on his face.

“I had nothing to do with that mistletoe being there.” You defended yourself but your smile giving you away.


A/N: I know this fic sucks but I promise I’ll do better next time.

A summary of Vicbourne
  • Victoria: Lord M—
  • Lord M: *thinks* oh my god what is it are you ok do you need something can I help I'll do anything for you I will legit stand on this palace's rooftop singing the entire opera Hamlet if it makes you happy I just want to make you happy and see you smile you have such a beautiful smile and I love your face it's so gorgeous and you are such an amazing human being I would walk over hot coals just to stand here next to you also I am madly in love with you lets get married
  • Lord M: *says* Yes Ma'am?



fun with fatality;

01. last man standing - people in planes // 02. black sun - death cab for cutie // 03. if i lost you - shiny toy guns // 04. i’ll follow you - shinedown // 05. time is running out - muse // 06. nothing’s fair in love & war - three day’s grace // 07. we won’t back down - escape the fate // 08. sick sick sick - queens of the stone age // 09. hold me in your arms - the black keys // 10. willow - said the whale // 11. burn the pages - sia // 12. middleman - bright eyes // 13. david - noah gundersen // 14. maybe they’re on to us - needtobreathe // 15. up the wolves - the mountain goats // 16. grazed knees - snow patrol // 17. the apocalypse song - st vincent // 18. nuclear - mike oldfield // 19. skyfall - adele // 20. welcome home - radical face

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inspired by whalehuntingboyfriends​‘ fic, the great sealand takeover


Seriously, darling…

  • Aries: I admire the way you always stand up for yourself and others, it's amazing... Like your face and your personality, even though you can be a little bit of a jerk at times.
  • Taurus: I would bet all my money that you are going to be super successful one day because you always put 100% into everything you do.
  • Gemini: You're legit incredible, even though you bother me from time to time, I couldn't ask for a better friend.
  • Cancer: Our relationship isn't the same as it used to be and it bothers me that I feel like I honestly don't care about you anymore.
  • Leo: You crave attention and that's great and all, but remember YOU AREN'T KANYE WEST, he's a Gemini for pete's sake.
  • Virgo: It may seem like I hate you, but in reality you're one my favorite person in the world. Thank you always being there for me and not flipping out when I'm in a bad mood.
  • Libra: I hate you but I like you because you seem so nice and you're almost perfection, but you'd probably kill me in my sleep.
  • Scorpio: Hang in there buddy, life gets tough, but remember you are tougher. You have people that care and are willing to help if you just let them.
  • Sagittarius: You're the type of person that I think I could NEVER EVER hang out with, but after a few internal debates I decided you're pretty cool so hopefully we can and will be friends for a long time.
  • Capricorn: I have a constant debate with myself over whether I hate you or not... Please help me make a decision, you're good at those things.
  • Aquarius: You've done some things in your life that weren't the greatest, but don't worry you still have many years to make up for your past mistakes.
  • Pisces: Do you ever meet someone and you feel an instant connection with them? You're that person for me, like a sister I never had or a drunk cousin I probably do have somewhere.

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Klaroline Fanfiction Quotes Event

A few of my favorite drabbles and authors:


request : omg I find your work absolutely adorable! can you do Dad!Mingyu please?

argghhhhh thank you 0///0  [sorry I’ve been away for so long :(]

  • “I-I’m going to be a D-Dad ?”
  • “YeS mingyu, thats the 7th time you asked me”
  • borrows all the baby books he can find
  • his no.1 priority is that you are safe,comfy,healthy and most importantly well fed
  • brings you to all the buffets he knows about
  • literally shoves food in your face
  • ‘‘ BABE try this steamed fish !! its amAZING plus I heard that it’s good for the babys brain with all the omega oils and stuff “
  • [ gets like a bite of everything from the buffet for you ]
  • doesn’t want you to even move
  • pesters you to sit down when you want to do anything
  • “Oh Y/N would like this, oh and maybe a little bit of this but hey how could she not try this ? its her favorite bUT she is eating for 2.. I BETTER GET HER MORE :) “
  • always gets you so much food
  • “honey, you’re eating for 2 now and if you ever mention that you’re getting fat and ugly I’ll finish all the food”
  • loves you despite your slight roundness
  • you complain for days about your current ‘situation’
  • even going to the toilet is hassle [ duck waddles to the loo ]
  • never forgets to compliment you about how radiant you are and you’re positively glowing he’d be like “GIIIIIRRRRRLLL is THat a new bb cream or face mask you’re using because DAMN you’re looking even more beautiful with each passing day”
  • that boy and his glib tongue Some pls stop him
  • waddling everywhere with your belly
  • this lil shit will sneak up behind you and go : ‘ QUACK QUACK ‘ and you would hear a boyish giggle as much as you would like to chase him and give a much deserved punch in head  but you can’t
  • takes advantage of this and laughs at you as you pout while waddling angrily toward him as you try to reach his head
  • “that’s ok my little munchkin I got you “ 
  • kisses your forehead as he lowers his own to get flicked by you, “ HEY that really hurt oWwwWWw :(  kiss it better Y/N “
  • [ pouts 4ever until you snuggle with him ]
  • “see that wasn’t so hard right ? where’s my kiss ?“ you were about to give into him until nature called you, “mingyu gimme a sec I neeeed to pee right NOW”
  • being pregnant wasn’t so fun, from the slight mood swing that happened occasionally, the urge to pee every 5 mins, cravings, morning sickness to the contractions were a bit of a downer but you couldn’t wait to see your mini mingyu
  • you wondered how your baby would look like, would he have my nose or his dads ? OH or maybe mingyu’s eyes and with them your little romeo would probably sweep all the babies in the nursery off their feet or maybe blanket
  • when it was time for you to deliver, mingyu was so worried like what if something happened to YOU!!OR!!!THE!!!!BABY?!
  • seventeen has to calm him down by talking some sense into him before he starts babbling more nonsense, they have to strap him in between minghao and dino to let him absorb some of the pure happiness and light that they emit
  • but who am i kidding, they’re all really nervous about you and they baby the entire hallway is filled with them
  • the boys and mingyu hear little cry and you can hear from your ward that they were screaming ‘‘ WE’RE UNCLESS “ while mingyu rushes in to check up on you
  • “ Hey bab- oh,” he couldn’t help but smile at you he was so grateful you were okay his heart ached after looking at how tired you look, well giving birth isn’t as easy as pooping “ rest well Y/N, thank you for marrying me and giving birth to our child even though I’m a little annoying love you Y/N” 
  • you can spot the boys squishing their face onto the glass window to catch a glimpse of their nephew, they were trying to whisper but ended getting shushed by the head nurse and ended up getting shoo-ed away
  • “ well we weren’t talking THAT loud that lady was mean “ dino pouted until he saw you getting wheeled out by mingyu “ NOONAAA HEREE ! “
  • [ ends up getting shushed for the 14785th time ]
  • soon after the boys left, mingyu took your hand in his and intertwined your hand together, “I wonder if our baby will look like a tiny squashed potato ? “ you were so close to knocking him out with a kick but he dodged it
  • “ Y/N I was kidding I know he’ll be absolutely be adorable since his parents are already deadly good looking oh and you too “, OK THiS WAs iT you were going to kick him in the nuts
  • you saw the nurse waving toward you holding a tiny buritto your baby
  • “ here, don’t be scared just hold him here it’s ok Mr Kim you don’t need to feel scared”, she said smiling while I held the baby as mingyu just stared at him with loving eyes
  • days had passed and you and mingyu were getting used to having a new addition to the family but for some reason he seemed a little scared to hold your son 
  • he was fine with playing with the baby, feeding him HeCK he was really good at changing the poopy diapers aka death bombs 
  • “ hey mingyu, you want to hold him while i go grab a shower ? “
  • “ U-um Y/N I need to tell you something “, he gently holds your hands in his and you try to make eye contact with him but he was trying to avoid you gaze “ baby, mingyu, you know you can tell me anything right ? “
  • “ I’mafraidtoholdthebabybecauseI’mworriedI’lldrophim :(”
  • you assure him that he will not drop the baby unless the baby was covered in butter which most likely would not happen [ you hope ]
  • when you come out of the shower you see your giant beanstalk craddling your lil bean in his arms humming him to sleep 

ohhhhh my gawwwwdddd this was soo long but I’m so sorry for not being active these few days believe it or not I’ve been having writers block aj.daskajd this took me 3 days to write :(( but I’m pretty happy with it, hope you like it

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I See Fire pt. 2 - IndiaRussia

Summary: It’s clear that Misha is having a hard time focusing on anything else but you. Even his coworkers notice the change. You can’t figure out how someone as amazing as Misha is being so kind to you. And then, you happen upon a certain TV show…

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Words: 3294

Warnings: Language; slight angst

Author: Micah

Author’s Note: Yes, there’s smut on the way, I just wanted to turn this into an actual story. So sit tight, you’ll get what you’re asking for, I promise!

I See Fire masterlist

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