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Flock Together

Part 2

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Summary: Steady as they go, Revali and Reader are learning. 
Word count: 1773

Ever since the failed pursuit of the shrine in the snowy lands, things between you and Revali seemed different to put it mildly. Surprisingly, your difference of fighting techniques melded perfectly together, but that should be expected as train fighters the instinct was engraved. He was still proud just as much as you were, but since the talk on the cold night, he had been trying his best not to be such a jerk and vice versa. Everyone of the group started to mention how refreshing it was the verbal arguments have stopped. Princess Zelda poured her gratitude and concerns when you both came back after the incident. At the time you would have readily agreed with her and say it really seemed as the two of you had bury the hatch.

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Danny and Danielle riffing each other like dumb siblings tho
  • Danny: *rambling about space* and did u kno that Uranus has rings
  • Elle: YOUR anus has rings
  • Danny: That was dumb, ur dumb
  • Elle: Space is dumb
  • Danny: *GASP* HOW DARE U
  • Elle: fite me nerd
  • Elle: Good 'cause u ugly
  • Danny: that was uncalled for
  • Elle: your face is uncalled for
  • it kind of just goes downhill from there
Natural Feelings By TEN


Going to school in the morning and working at the local Starbucks at night. That’s all you ever did. Until you peak the interest of a weird stranger that frequents your coffee shop late at night.

AU Where you have no idea who Rap monster or who BTS even is.

Rap Monster x Reader ( a little bit of everything, with eventual smut )

Chapters: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / Final

A/N: popping this out now since I written it as soon as I posted the 4th chapter. This chapter does have smut, There is a warning mark if you don’t want to read the smutty part just skip to where it says “end of smut” though it has a few key points within the smut part. This will be ending in the next chapter or so with an epilogue, so enjoy it while it lasts! 

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A Thing For Psychos (Derek)

Requested by anonymous: Can you write an imagine about Derek (for Eden) that they have a fight over Kate and he turns to a wolf but Peter saves you and Derek apologizes when he’s calm?

Hopefully this is good. Haven’t really done this in a while so it’ll take some time to get back into the swing of things. Let me know if you like it!


You were angry, both Hales could tell that from a mile off, even before you stormed into the loft. “Kate? Kate fucking Argent? All the people to fall in love with, and you picked her?” Both of them started to say your name, trying to calm you down. “No! I am allowed to piss about this! Why didn’t you tell me?!” Derek let out a heavy sigh and rubbed at his forehead. “I didn’t think…” You nodded your head and crossed you arms. “You’re right. You never think Derek.” Derek scowled and turned to glare at you. “Hey that’s unfair.” You let out a humph and pursed your lips at him. “You know what else is unfair? Not knowing that your boyfriend fell in love with a psychopath and eventually finding out through Stiles. Stiles.” The name hung in the air for a while. You were seething, waiting for Derek to respond. Peter did instead. “Honestly this doesn’t seem that big of a deal. You know now, isn’t that all that matters?” He turned to you, trying to mediate. You rolled your eyes and shook your head. “That’s not the problem here Peter.” “Then what is the problem?” Asked Derek. You turned to face your boyfriend and closed the distance between the two of you. Your answer was accompanied by little jabs to his shoulder. “The fact that you didn’t tell me.” He murmured a stop and you did for a few moments. “What else don’t I know? Do you just have at thing for psychos? First Kate, then Jennifer, any more I should know about?” “You’re making your way onto that list.” He grumbled. Your face dropped and turned into a glare. “That was uncalled for.” Said Peter, continuing on with his attempts at stopping your fight. “Peter stay out of this.” You snapped. “Yeah Peter, stay out of this.” Derek mimicked you and your glare grew. “You know what? Fuck you Derek. I’m out.” You threw your arms up and stepped away from him. “Wait what?” Spluttered Derek. His voice was quivering with anger. “I said I’m out. Don’t want to become a psycho now do I? Better leave before you turn me into one.” As you said all this you turned around and headed towards the door. Peter moved to in front of you and you tried to walk around him, thinking he was trying to keep you there. “Peter move out of my way.” You grumbled. He grabbed your arm and yanked you back to face Derek. Derek was staring down at the ground, chest heaving. You glanced at his hands to see them dug into his palms, blood dripping from them. “I thought you said he had it under control.” You hissed, stepping closer to Peter. “Well nothing had made him angry till now.” Hissed Peter back. Derek’s head flicked up and he stared at the two of you, eyes glowing and face fully transformed. He let out a growl and moved towards the two of you. “Derek, don’t.” You said, voice still angry but trying to be firm. “Oh yeah, talk to him like he’s a dog, that’ll help.” Muttered Peter. You scowled at Peter, dragging your eyes away from Derek. “Like you’re doing anything! That’s the thing with you Hales! You don’t ever do anything!” A growl issued from Derek’s lips and sent goose bumps up and down your body. They weren’t the good type of goose bumps. No, they were the ones that meant you were absolutely terrified. “Go outside.” “No.” “Please. Go. Outside.” You glared at Peter and he shoved you to behind him. The moment he let go of your arm he withdrew his claws and shifted. “Outside! Now!” He barked. You were still debating whether or not to listen to the older Hale when Derek began running towards the two of you. That made up your mind. You sprinted to the door and pulled it closed behind you. You stood there, trying to catch your breath and gather your thoughts, listening to the two Hales battle it out. Eventually a howl issued from one of them and then there was silence. A minute later and Peter was at the loft door, pulling it open and checking on you. “You’re still here.” He stated. “I had to make sure you two didn’t rip each other to pieces.” You muttered. You went to leave, knowing they had finished fighting, when Derek called out your name. You took in a very deep breath and shook your head before turning into the loft. He was sitting on the floor, leaning against the back of the couch. His shirt was ripped and he was bleeding a little, but it was nothing that wouldn’t take a long while to heal. He stared up at you hopelessly and you looked back at him, arms crossed and expression expectant. “I’m so sorry.” The words fell from his lips in a hopeless jumble and you couldn’t help but soften. “Derek…” He nodded his head and looked down at his hands. “I know. I should’ve told you. I did fall in love with Kate. But I was a silly teenager.” You nodded your head and looked him over. “And what about this anger? I thought you had it under control.” Derek shook his head miserably. “No. No I don’t.” He murmured. You let out a heavy sigh and sat down next to him. “Well then what are we going to do?” You asked. Derek looked at you with wide and hopeful eyes. “We? You’re not leaving?” You closed your eyes and shook your head. “Not leaving, leaving. But I might need to stay away till you get everything under control.” Derek nodded his head eagerly and watched you as you opened your eyes again and let out another sigh. You rested your head on his shoulder and let him intertwine his fingers with yours. “I’m sorry.” He murmured again.

A fateful bet (part 4)

(Draco x Reader)

Your tactic had actaully worked. Draco hadn’t bothered you for a few days now and you thought maybe, just maybe he had forgotten about the yule ball as well.
Your dreams were crushed however when Draco caught you after class.
“So you’re ready for tonight?” He said with his evil smirk. No, no I’m not ready. Not at all.
“Can I say no to your kind invitation to accompany me?”
“I’m ready then.”

You were in your room getting dressed for the ball. Someone was knocking at your door very loudly. You walked over and opened it furiously. You weren’t in a particular good mood, having to go to the ball with Draco.
“Well, speak of the devil and he shall appear..” You mumbled more to yourself than Draco. He was looking you up and down with curiosity.
“Uh, can we go or aren’t you finished yet..?” He started, “…You look nice.” He continued a bit embarrassed.
You raised an eyebrow at him. Draco making a compliment, that was new. If he wasn’t such a dick all the time maybe I could actually like him.
“Thanks, let’s go.”

Entering the great hall you saw the decorations that had been put in place. Snow was coming form the ceiling and everything was lit in a pleasant dim light. Not too bright or dark. Music was playing and people were dancing already. You fetched yourself a drink and made your way to a table with Darco.
“Do you want to dance..?” He asked suddenly.
Well, your bet would be over tomorrow so why not have a bit fun. It was the yule ball after all and even if Draco had practicly forced you to go with him you could still enjoy it.
“Sure why not?”
You went to join the others. Draco took your hand in his and rested the other on your hip. They played a slow tune and to your surprise he actually was a good dancer. Probably one of the things you had to learn as a Malfoy, you thought.
“Can I ask you something?” He whispered into your ear.
“You just did but please go on.” You answered sarcastically.
“Do you really dislike me that much?”
That question took you by surprise. You had expected something stupid like ‘I’’m sure your happy you lost our bet aren’t you’ or ’why are you staring at me.’ Because that was what you had been doing the whole time you realised just now. Staring at him.
“Uhm, well…. you have quite the talent of making me dislike you or everyone else for that matter.”
“So you like me?”
“I didn’t say that.” You rolled your eyes at him, “You do realise you’re a jerk, right?”
“Hhm guess then it wouldn’t surprise you if I did something stupid.” He said while bringing his hand behind your back and pulling you closer. You didn’t understand what he was doing until it was too late. He crashed his lips into yours, capturing you in a kiss. You didn’t resist at first, it felt nice and he had caught you off guard. Your heart started to beat faster and your head began to feel dizzy.
Snapping out of your trance, you got rid of his hand and slapped him across the face. He looked stunned for a moment. You ran out of the hall, making your way back to the dungeons. Your heart was still beating like crazy and you didn’t know what you were feeling exactly.
“Y/N, wait up!” Draco called behind you. You stopped and spun around to face him. “That was uncalled for you know.” He said.
“Your face is uncalled for!” You yelled at him.
“How mature, really.”
“Fuck you.” You said before vanishing into the dark halls.

Stuck Sledding

Dipper was awoken from his slumber very spontaneously, by a force he had known of for thirteen years.

“Morning, Mabel…” groaned Dipper.

“Good Morning, Smarty Farty!” cried out Mabel. “Ready to start our first twenty four hour day in Gravity Falls?”

“As soon as the pounding in my head stops…” replied Dipper.

“Nope! No waiting around!” said Mabel, yanking the warm covers off of Dipper’s bed. Despite this action, Dipper didn’t budge.

“Dippeeerrrrr,” whined Mabel. “How am I supposed to enjoy the morning without spending it with my Mystery Twin partner?”

“How am I supposed to enjoy the morning with all these noisy new guests in our second home?” retorted Dipper.

“Dipper,” said Mabel, growing worried. “Why won’t you give any of these new guests a chance?”

“Because, Mabel! Because!” shouted Dipper, bolting up to a sitting position with both hands in the air out of exasperation. “I gave Bill a chance! And my reward for giving him a chance was abandonment from my body for almost a whole day!”

“Really bro?” said Mabel, hands on her hips. “Do you seriously think that because you gave the benefit of the doubt to one of the worst beings in the world, then that automatically means all other monsters will do the same thing as him?”

“They could!” shrieked Dipper, shakily bringing his arms down. “How can we know for sure that they wont try to kill us in our sleep!?”

“I dunno, by talking to them?” said Mabel sarcastically. “They seem to get along with Frisk.”

“I don’t want to hear anything about-!” started Dipper, before remembering what he had promised to do today.

 “Ahem. Okay. But you have to remember that it could be a ruse! Like the Slow Loris! What if Frisk is actually a shapeshifter, and plans to stab us?!“

“Being threatened with a knife kinda pales in comparison to getting your memory wiped, or your body possessed,” pointed out Mabel.

“I just can’t help but worry that none of them are what they seem!” said Dipper.

“Then give them all a chance!” shouted Mabel.

“Alright I will!” admitted Dipper.

“That includes Frisk,” continued Mabel, crossing her arms.

“Fine… I’ll try…” humbly agreed Dipper.

Mabel smiled, helping Dipper get off the bed.

“I’ve got a good feeling about them,” said Mabel.

“You get a good feeling about anything that comes up,” argued Dipper, smiling nonetheless.

“Duh!” said Mabel, “I have to! For all the times that you don’t! Now let’s go get breakfast. I wanna be ready as soon as I can so all three of us can go sledding!”


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scuba123abc  asked:

*puts whipped cream in hand* SMACK CAM!

Ayato: OI! what on earth did you hit me with…. what is this? whip cream? *whips off face* HEY GET BACK HERE *smacks it on your face*

Laito: bitch-chan….. that was… uncalled for.. did i anger you?

Kanato: OW! HEY-… oh it’s whip cream! *licks*

Reiji: …………. (your in danger now)

Shu: *jumps awake* HA WHAT THE!? HEY! don’t you run away!! get back here! why did you do that!?

Subaru: ohhhh your about to pay!… big time!

Camping - Michael Clifford

Request: Hi hello hey there can you do a Michael imagine or smut (idk whatever ur imagination wants) where we go on a camping trip? And were both completely clueless about actually camping? Haha idk I think that’d be cute. Thank you in advance :-)


Okay I usually take a long time to complete requests but this one took me even longer because I am a horrible human being and I’m so sorry love honestly I had no inspiration for this until like an hour ago I hope you like it love I hope it makes you smile. Xx

this is just a short little blurb, it’s not smut or anything, but I can always continue it if you wish. :)

Rating: PG

link to my [new] masterlist - x


not my gif xx

“God, you don’t even know what you’re doing.” You shook your head, laughing at your multi-coloured boyfriend, who was currently kneeling on the dirt trying to pretend like he knew how to put up a tent. His tongue was sticking out of his mouth in concentration, and you laughed at his stubbornness.

Michael had promised the two of you a weekend away, where you wouldn’t have to worry about paparazzi or his bandmates or anything else. It would be you, him, and the earth. Naturally, you thought he was kidding at first. Michael was not the outdoorsy type. He preferred ordering pizza and takeaway to foraging and hunting and playing video games to hiking. He wasn’t much for physical effort, so to see that he’d put so much into this camping trip for the two of you, you were surprised.

“Well, do you? Because if so, feel free to interrupt me at any time and help out.” He snapped sassily, flipping through the instructions while holding a peg in his mouth, since his hands were full.

“Sorry,” You giggled, you hand flying to your mouth.

In all honesty, you were happy he’d planned this out for you. There were times where he certainly wasn’t the most attentive of boyfriends, whether it be the new video game he’d bought for himself or the song he was currently writing. You really couldn’t blame him, his every moment should not be spent on you. But it was nice of him to plan this weekend out, to want to spend time with you without any sort of distractions. Although, you did miss your bed, quite frankly. There was nothing like warm fluffy covers and unnecessary amount of pillows that consumed your shared bed.

“Hah! Look! I got it.” He proudly proclaimed, standing up and parading around his mediocre tent like a model showing off a new car. It looked fragile.

“Are you sure we can both fit in it?” You laughed, looking at it.

“We’re going to, because goddamn it I worked hard on this piece of shit.” He walked over to you, draping an arm around your shoulder. “See? I told you, babe. We’ve totally got this camping thing down. We’re pretty much experts.”

“Really?” You laughed.

“Yeah. Now, how about we try out the tent?” He smiled coyly down at you, clearly stating his intentions. You rolled your eyes and smacked his arm.

“Michael you promised we’d go on a hike together.” You stated.

“I most definitely did not promise that.” He shook his head. “Why would I promise that? No.”

“Please, Mike?” You pouted. “It’s just two kilometres, up to the waterfall.” He groaned in response. “It’ll be really pretty…” You continued. “For me? Please?”

“Fine, fine.” He sighed. “But if I get bitten by mosquitoes -” He started.

“I’ll fix you up.” You promised, taking his hand and leading away while ignoring a comment he made about you being his personal nurse.

The hike started off on a hill, much to Michael’s dismay. He groaned as his hand latched on to yours, you forcibly pulling him up the steep rise. He complained for a little while, before shutting up somewhere along the way. The trail was beautiful. Green vegetation all around, moss covered trees and a few patches of intricate flowers.
Michael was mainly quiet, save for a few comments about his “extensive” knowledge of nature, like pointing out which way was north based on the moss on the trees and if the plants on the edge of the trail were poison ivy or not.

“Wow, you just know everything about nature, don’t you?” You snorted as you continued to lead up the path.

“Yeah, pretty much. I mean, look at me. Don’t I seem like a completely qualified expert to you?” He teased, throwing an arm over your shoulder as he caught up to your pace. “Are we almost there?” He added.

“Yeah,” You responded. In all honesty, you weren’t sure how far away you were, until you heard the sound of rushing water.
You walked a few metres further and there, in front of you, sat a gorgeous waterfall, sitting atop a deep, luscious lagoon.

“Wow,” You muttered. Water rushed and cascaded down the waterfall and split ways, one going left and one going right. A crossroads. Flowers were all along the watered riverside, and a few deer were drinking at the water before being startled by the two of you and scampering away. Frogs and crickets could be heard from anywhere within earshot, and grass and cattails swayed in the wind. You’d never seen grass so green or water so blue. Better yet, there was no one around for you to have to share the view with. It was just the two of you and the beautiful waterfall, the gorgeous elegance of the water and the soft grass and dirt moisturised by it.

“It’s alright, I guess.” Michael shrugged, a laugh behind his tone. You looked to him.

“So is your face.”

“Alright, that was completely uncalled for.” He laughed, taking his revenge by tickling you all along your sides. You laughed until your stomach hurt, and you pushed him away. The two of you had somehow ended up on the grass. Michael was on top of you, making suggestive faces at you before you laughed and pushed him away.

“Look around you,” You gasped. “Look at this.”

“Sorry, I was captivated by this beautiful sight in front of me.” He winked.

“Smooth.” You laughed.

Silence enveloped over the two of you, but nothing really needed to be said. He held you tight as you watched the sun go down. The reflection of pink, orange, and yellow on the water and the sound of hushed whispers of the outdoors surrounded you.

“Who’s the best boyfriend ever?” Michael whispered in your ear.

“You…” You smiled, leaning into his chest. He kissed your neck, leaving little tingles like little bells everywhere his lips touched his songs.

“Don’t you forget it.”


sorry this took me so long, love! xx

Stop the Rain: Part 1 (Castiel x Reader)

Request: Hi, I love your blog!!! Do you think you could write a super sweet and fluffy Cas and female reader (y/n) fic? Like them discovering they have feelings for each other and attempts at dating and relationship things? :)) thank you soo much!!! — anon

Word Count: 3,165

Author’s Note: Here is the song I used as inspiration and so subsequently the song that is featured! It is ‘What a Wonderful Thing Love Is’ by Al Green.

FYI, ‘expressionless emoji’ is the one that looks like this: -_- It’s Apple’s description of it. I would’ve thought it’d be, like, annoyed/exasperated emoji or something. 

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He’s Back

Today Liam was coming back from his tour. He made me a romantic picnic by the beach. We ate and talked, occasionally kissing and saying ” I love you” to each other.

Liam drove me back to his place since no one was going to be home, leaving the house to ourselfs. Liam picked out a movie for us to watch, halfway through it, I told him that I needed to use the bathroom, I stood up and walked to the bathroom. I didnt need to pee, I just wanted to check out my reflection. I fixed my curls and straightened out the shirt that as tucked into my tight skirt. I wonder how Liam managed to keep his hands off me this whole time.

I walked back to the couch, sat down and began to feel a bit sexually frustrated. “Liam, wheres the remote?”

He pointed over to the side table to his left. “Do you need it?” he asked, reaching over for it.

“No,” I stopped him, “Let me.” I got on my knees on the couch and bent over his lap, aking sure he got a good look at my ass as I reached over.

“Fuck.” I heard him say huskily as his hand travelled up my skirt, lingering on my ass.

“Mmm, Liam.” I sighed as his hand travelled up and down my leg, I looked over my shoulder at him, “Stop teasing.” I heard him chuckle as he unzipped my skirt, pulling it down to reveal my lacy thong. Good thing I wore sexy underwear tonight.

Liam started rubbing my clit through the fabric. I moaned breathlessly. “God, I love your ass,” he slapped my ass making me moan even louder. “You like that dont you babe?” he slapped my ass again, making me moan even louder this time. He chuckled and pulled me back up, having me straddle his waist. He started kissing my neck while I unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his amazing body. He caught me staring and laughed, “Baby, are you sure you want this?”

I nodded, he grinned and lifted me up from the couch. He held me from my ass, I wrapped my legs arounds his waist and my arms around his neck as he carried me to his room.

He closed the door with his foot and laid me gently on the bed, He took his pants off, leaving him in just boxers. We cam back to hover above me, he took my shirt off and began kissing me from my neck to the skin just above mt bra. I bit my lip, trying to force myself not to moan. Still kissing my skin, Liam expertly unclasped my bra, throwing it on the floor.

His kissed trailed down to my stomach then down to my thighs, He left sloppy openmouth kisses on the insides of my thighs, teasing me some more. “Liam, stop teasing!” He smirked and played with my underwear, “Shop at Victoria’s Secret I see…” I bit your lip and felt your face get hot, “You know it.” I winked and he smirked again. His cold hands ran down my body and stopped at my hips. He pulled down his boxers.

And there it was, his cock. Long, wide, and very much aroused. I sat up and looked up at him, my eyes were probably begging for permission to touch. He smirked and nodded proudly. I stroked up and down his length, he hissed in response. Damn, he was the perfect size. And I mean PERFECT size. Considering he’s a sex god and all, you would expect it. I noticed with every stroke you made he grew harder and harder. I looked up at him, his head was tossed back and his eyes were probably closed shut. His jaw line looked even more amazing from this position.

I smirked and ran your fingers around his tip, his body trembled with excitement. I laughed and laid back on the bed. He looked at me with disappointment, “You’re done?”

I raised an eyebrow at him, “What? You were expecting more?” A devilish smile curled onto my face.

“Well, um…yeah. I was hoping you kinda well…”

“Sucked you off?” I finished his sentence, smirking.

“Nahh, I think I’ll let you sit and wait…”

“Oh, so you want me to wait, huh?” an evil smile curled onto his lips. “Fine then, be that way…,” he parted my legs and rammed in. Full forced, no warning at all.

I felt your eyes tear up a little as I let out a loud moan. He felt even bigger inside. He wasn’t moving, he was just there, inside, still. It began to ache, I wanted to feel him enter and exist; fast and hard, slow and gently, didn’t matter at this point. I squirmed a little in desperation.

He smirked again, “If you’re gonna make me sit and wait, I’ll do the same…” He said huskily.

I bit my lip hard again and released a soft moan. “Not. Fair,” I managed to get out while squirming a little more.

He held my hips down and leaned down closer to my face and smirked more, “Oh it is too fair.” He kissed you tenderly, I kissed back; wrapping my legs around his lower waist, pulling him in deeper.

I pulled away and moaned softly. He was deep inside of you now, you could feel every single inch of him. He smirked and started kissing your neck, his hand ran up my sides and played with my breast.

I were on the rise to climax. I could feel him throbbing inside of me. I knew he wanted me as much as I wanted him. Suddenly he moved, it was very subtle though, hardly enough to meet my standards.

I groaned loudly, needing him to thrust. Seriously, demonstrate those pelvic thrust or something! Then he pulled out, sadness ran across my face, “Why’d you pull out?” He didn’t answer, just smirked and rammed into me again. I screamed in pleasure.

He went fast and hard, every now and then he would pull out slowly and ram back in. I was enjoying every single second. It hurt a little every now and then, but pleasure would quickly cover the pain. This was the sexiest I have ever seen him. Sweat was dripping off of him and onto me.

I dug your nails into his toned shoulder blades and clawed him, he let out a grunt, “Damn baby,” he mumbled. I were just about to cross the bridge of coming when someone opened the door. He stopped, mid way inside of you, you held your breath.

I got on your elbows to see who rudely interrupted this amazing moment. You looked and saw Harry, eyes wide, face redder than the color itself. “Uhh…we’re home…,” he said quickly leaving and slamming the door after him.

I looked at Liam who had the same expression as me on his face: embarassment. I laid back onto the bed and covered your face with me hands. He slowly pulled out, “Well…that was….uncalled for.”

“And rude, don’t forget rude,” I said looking at him.

He chuckled, kissed me and slammed back in, I screamed, “Almost there baby?” I moaned, my back arched, Liam kissed me passionatly as we both began to climax, Liam pulled out, laying next to me and covering me with the bed sheets.

I layed on his chest, “My vagina hurts now.”

I looked up at Liam, seeing him raise his eyebrows, “Damn, I’m that good?”

I laughed and playfully hit his shoulder.

“I love you,” he said, placing a kiss on my head.

“I love you too,” I mumbled into his chest before I fell asleep.