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tw for sexual harassment, but how would the guys react if they were out with their SO and they come back from the bathroom or something to find their SO being harassed by someone who's getting a little closer than they should? I'm sorry if this makes you uncomfortable

Let’s see how many beatings I can fit into one post.



  • Whoever’s harassing you isn’t harassing you for long
  • They’re too busy getting thrown through a wall one-handed by a big angry hog-man
  • Doesn’t care if he’s causing a scene in a public place; he usually does that just by being in a public place
  • He checks to make sure you’re okay, then goes to pummel the guy to a pulp
  • No one’s willing to interfere because Mako’s terrifying as all fuck and, y’know, a few bystanders think the creep deserves it
  • After he’s done he wipes his hands clean and proceeds to silently fuss over you
  • Brushing his fingers lightly through your hair, gently feeling your arms and body for any bruises or signs that you’ve touched or hurt
  • Then he simply picks you up and hauls you home to vocally fuss over you and pamper you
  • Apologizes for leaving you alone several times, as well as grumbles about people like that creep being one of the many reasons he hates society


  • Again, the creep’s not bugging you for much longer after Jamie notices
  • He’s on the guy in a second
  • Marches right up to the guy and decks him in the face, then catches him by the shirt collar before he falls to the ground
  • Proceeds to threaten to fill every crevasse in the man’s body with dynamite, then keep him locked up in a shed like that for a special occasion
  • Like a firework party
  • Then he shoves the man, who stumbles and curses, away
  • Then he finally goes back to you to confirm that you’re okay
  • When you assure him as much, he continues on with the date or activity as if nothing happened, though he’s got a tighter hold on you than usual
  • You get extra stolen gifts and special gentle cuddles when you two get back home


  • Manages to keep his cool but just barely
  • Slowly saunters over and gets all close you, wrapping an arm around you while putting him between you and the creep
  • Then he gets close into the guy’s face and uses his free hand to show him the precious Peacekeeper he’s hiding under a long jacket
  • He just quietly threatens the guy
  • “Now you better be gettin’ along before you start up some real trouble, ya hear?”
  • Needless to say, the guy backs off
  • Then Jesse hugs you close to his side and takes you to your favorite place to make you feel better


  • Anyone who sees a buff robo-man coming their way at even the most leisurely of speeds better check their blessings and make sure they haven’t done anything in the past five decades to make someone send of ninja beast after them
  • So, I mean, when the guy creeping on you backs away a little bit when they see Genji marching over to your side, they’re not the dumbest person alive
  • But they’re still a creep and they’re going to suffer for it
  • Genji walks right by you and up into the guy’s face, and then keeps walking
  • He pushes Creepster back a fair way, until he eventually hits something to stop him from moving farther away
  • Then he gets a face-full of emotionless Genji (which is terrifying, let’s face it), who’s letting every threat he can think of go
  • Threats of him, his family, his entire clan hunting this guy down, even if he runs forever and literally falls off the face of the earth
  • He’s not a fan of his past but he sure as well will use it to terrify a shitty man back into his place
  • Then he thumps the guys back against the wall and walks back to you
  • He takes your arm like a gentleman and leads you out of there


  • Tbh, what he does is pretty simple
  • His dragons are just as protective over you as he is
  • So he just walks over and wraps his arms around you from behind
  • Rests his chin on your shoulder and looks the man dead in the eye after asking you quietly if you’re okay
  • Then his arm starts glowing and there’s a very vague reptilian shape made of blue light encircling his arm
  • Oh, look, there’s two of them now and the shapes are gradually getting bigger as the light slowly gets brighter
  • Of course, he doesn’t acknowledge this and just keeps giving the guy a deadpan stare, who’s now fidgeting and glancing at his arm every few seconds
  • “So, can we help you or are you going to leave my partner and I alone now.”
  • He does not phrase it like a question but as an order

Soldier 76

  • He literally just walks up to the guy
  • Puts a hand on his chest
  • Lightly pushes him back
  • “Unless you want your lights knocked out, you better be getting your ass out of here.”
  • And if the guy decides to push back, Jack keeps his promise


  • He doesn’t do much right at that moment
  • He asks you to confirm the guy is harassing you, then he decks the man in the face in a knock-out punch
  • Then he takes your out of there
  • However, once you’re in the safety of home and relaxing, he goes back to hunt down the douchebag
  • The man shows up on the local news missing a couple days later


  • He’s a pleasant guy, so he’ll start out asking pleasantly
  • Carefully sliding himself between you two and asking him to leave, as he’s making you uncomfortable
  • If the man persists and tries to move forward, Zen puts a hand out, stopping the dude from making any headway (dude, he’s a robot; you bet your ass he can stop you with one hand)
  • Not to mention the orbs around his neck are whirling a bit faster and glowing lightly
  • “Sir, I asked you to leave. I will not ask you again.”
  • If the guy still doesn’t move, he gets a little push that causes him to fall on his ass (again, robot = stronk)
  • Then Zen lightly slips an arm around you and escorts you out


  • All he has to do is walk up and whoever’s bugging you will stop and run for the hills
  • If they’re really stubborn (and are one of those people who thinks they can take an old guy, even if it’s a 500+ pound old guy who has several visible battle scars), they run off with their tail between their legs when he picks them up by their torso and quietly growls a threat into their face
  • Then he goes back to German teddy bear Rein and sets up to finish your date/whatever activity you guys have been doing


  • He gets a little rowdy but doesn’t actually put up his dukes
  • He puts on a scary face (yes, even our precious frog bean is capable of doing such a thing for someone he loves) and gets a bit pushy with them, trying to get them to back off
  • If they get pissy enough to swing a punch, then he kicks their legs out from under them
  • Then he grabs you and starts to leave, hollering that if they try it again they’ll get a lot worse
  • He buys you your favorite treat to make up for the incident, all the while apologizing profusely for leaving you alone and allowing that to happen
Living With The Bay Boys

Pairing: Daveed x Reader x Rafa

Requested?: Trizz decided to post this vague little scenario and my brain wouldn’t leave me alone until I wrote it so, yes (sorta)

Prompt: “Fluff prompt: Reader is roommates with Daveed and Rafa. Has to put up with their random shenanigans and video recordings of said shenanigans. Comes home from work one day to see them napping together.”

Words: 1.5k+

A/N: Welp, Trizz, this is all your fault. This was supposed to be a drabble but…couldn’t stop myself. This is the first fic I am posting that @helplesslylins didn’t proofread for me. I am nervous. 

Tags: @daveedish @daveeddiggsit  

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Rafael was laying on Daveed’s bed, pencil in hand as he tried to write down another verse for a song he and Daveed were working on. Daveed was to his left, nose into his notebook as he scribbled down a line but ended up ultimately scratching them out with a frustrated groan.

“I can’t fucking think of anything.” Daveed tossed the notebook onto the floor along with the pencil.

“Take it easy, Diggs. You can’t think of anything when you’re frustrated. Take a break or a nap or something.” Rafael suggested, watching his best friend flop down face first on the bed.

“Maybe you’re right.” Daveed sighed, yawning as he adjusted the pillow.

Rafa spun the pencil in his hand, glancing over at Daveed and smiling lightly. He shifted so his notebook was on Daveed’s back, using it as a makeshift desk. He was writing another lyric when Daveed spoke up.

“Why are you writing on my back?”

“It’s harder than the bed.” Rafa stated as if it was common sense, continuing to write.

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The Labyrinth Chapter 19

Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU
Pairing: Reader/Jimin
Length: 6.2k
Summary: Finding an injured boy collapsing in front of your house, you decide to help him, only to find out he’s associated with some underground business. After that fateful night, you surprisingly find him in the new class you had just transferred into.

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

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Finn Balor x Reader

Requested by @nickysmum1909

#21: This is, by far, the dumbest thing you ever done.

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“You can open ya eyes now love!” Finn beamed from one ear to his other. When Y/N opened her eyes hundred of thousands of lego peaces were scattered in their yard. It took her a moment to realise what lay infront of her feet. In between of dozens of candles there were precisely arranged legos that displayed the lettering ‘Marry me?“.

"Finn!” she squeeled into her sleave covered hands. She looked stunned on the ground, then to Finn and finally back to the lego covered grass, “Are you serious?” she asked uncertain.

“Of course, Y/N. I love ya and these last two years showed me that I want to spent ta rest  of ma life with ya” he lowered himself on his knee, “Y/N Y/L/N, would you do me the honor and take me as your husband?”

This is, by far, the dumbest thing you ever done.” she blurted out softly shaking her head. “This looks so expensive, it was expensive, wasn’t it?” The big smile on her face irritated Finn. This was definitely not the reaction he expected. Was she going to dumb him? His face fell imediatly.

“W-what do ya mean love?” he chuckled nervously, “O-oh, y-you don’t like it?I- I’m sorry.. I just thought it would be kinda cute but still romantic..” he began to ramble when she cradled his face in between her hands.

“Finn, love, I don’t like it. I love it! And I love you and it would be the greatest honor to be called your wife.” happy tears were flowing down her cheeks. Finn let out a breath he had hold.

“Oh dear god, and I thought you’d say no.” he reliefed sighed, gettimg up in a swift and pulling her tightly against his chest peppering her face and head with kisses.

“I’m sorry, I was just so shocked. This was a misfortunate reaction of me.” she giggled against him.

“You’re making me the happiest man on earth right now.” he smiled down at her, “Ms. Balor.” those words sounded divine in Y/Ns’ ears.

“You don’t know how long I waited to be called like that!”

Giggles (Dan Avidan/Reader)

Second Giveaway prize! This time for @grumpygubbins! Hope you liiiiiike!
W/C: 1,298
Summary: Far too long after you’re stood up for a date, you decide to give up hope and call it a night, but not before a handsome stranger who can’t stop laughing (and making you laugh) jumps in and fills the empty seat across from you. 

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anonymous asked:

Companions being asked what's the dumbest thing they've said while trying to flirt with someone? (Love your blog btw!)

Thanks lol

Companions answer what was the dumbest flirty thing they did/said (for a truth)

Cait: “I once said ‘You’re so hot, that I’m gonna need a stimpack!’”

Codsworth: “I don’t flirt, thank you very much!”

Curie: “Oh! I once grabbed a man’s pants, because I thought he was hiding a weapon…” She covers her face and blushes.

Danse: Sole interrupted him by saying: “I’m taking this one! He once told me that I have nice ‘Butt cheeks’”. Danse closed their mouth in embarrassment.

Deacon: “You like my new face? I’ll change it if you don’t!” He laughed at himself…

Dogmeat: He couldn’t reach a male chihuahuas butt…

Hancock: “I told a girl: ‘You’re like a drug. I want to do you 24/7’… she slapped me and left…”

Macready: “‘Do you breathe oxygen? We have so much in common!’ … remember that one… Sole?”

Nick: “Uhh… well, this is embarrassing… I once said ‘You turn my software into hardware’…go ahead, laugh…”

Piper: “I once flirted with someone through an interview… the whole diamond city read it…”

Preston: “I once tried to impress a girl by saying that I am ‘A minute man’”

Strong: “What is flirt?! Why humans use weird words all time?!”

X6-88: “Are you my meat? Because I want to beat you…” He really doesn’t understand flirting…

Maxson: “You turn my Brotherhood into Steel……” He was secretly proud of that!

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REQUESTED BY: anonymus

PARING: William Magnussonx reader


NOTE: SORRY, this is a bit short :(


Being William’s girlfriend wasn’t always an easy thing: the whole school was in love with him, every single girl was drooling while looking at him or Chris. Of course you were jealous, you just didn’t like showing it.

– He is so hot!

A blonde girl who was waiting for the class to start was staring at him and telling to her friend. You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms, waiting for the teacher to call the students.

– I heard he has a girlfriend.

The other girls said and the blonde one puffed.

– Seriously?! Who is her?

She asked, she was bothered. Her friend shrugged.

– I don’t know, but don’t worry: once a fuckboy, always a fuckboy, he will be free soon enough.

She reassured the blonde girl and she smiled. That was definitely too much for you.

– It just so happens that William is my boyfriend and I can’t believe I just witnessed the dumbest conversation ever.

You said catching their attention. The girls blushed and looked at you in shock: they were so embarrassed. You kept staring at them and you must have been very angry, because you made them leave.

– Babe.

William’s voice made you turn around; your boyfriend opened his arms and hugged you, you crossed your arms around his body while he kissed you on the forehead.

– Were you arguing with the girls?

He asked caressing your face; you moved your hair from your face and looked at him.

– Why do you think so?

You asked in confusion, he laughed and looked at them; the girls were now staring at the both of you from the other side of the hallway.

– Just their scared af faces.

He simply answered and you shrugged.

– They were saying bullshits.

You said and your boyfriend nodded.

– What kind of bullshits?

He asked and you bit your lower lip. Deep down, you knew why you reacted like that: that was your biggest fear. You knew William’s past as a fuckboy and, when you started dating him, you promised that you would have never let his past define him. You loved him and you knew he loved you back, but sometimes you still felt insecure, like you could lose him.

– They said that you will always be a fuckboy, and you will be single again shortly.

You admitted looking down. William tensed for a second, then he grabbed your chin and made you look at him in the eyes.

– Y/n Y/S, I am in love with you. Why would I mind fucking the whole school when the only thing I want is right here and is already mine?

He simply said and you smiled, William always knew how to say to make you feel loved. You kissed him and crossed your arms around his neck. He caressed the skin of you back while he tangled his tongue to yours. You run your finger through his hair and licked his lower lip. He smiled on your lips and gently caressed your check.

– William Magnusson, I love you so much, you know that?

You said and gave him another quick kiss, he smiled moving a lock of his hair from his face and looked at you with that look on you face, like you were the most beautiful thing on the Planet. That look made you wonder why the hell you listened to that girls and let them doubt you about your amazing boyfriend, that look was everything.

– Not as much as I love you.

He said and smiled, you caressed his face.

– I’ll never doubt about you again.

You said and his eyes shined, that was what he wanted to hear.

Into The Unknown

ask : Can you do a request with Nico using 5, 32, 49? Thanks!

Um, fuck yeah?

prompts :

5. “I’m going to take care of you, okay?”

32. “This is, by far, the dumbest thing you’ve ever done.”

49. “I may be an idiot, but I’m your idiot.”

this is so empowering I love it

also, sorry if it’s shitty (also for the title too I just- fuck sorry)

“Are you mentally ill.” Nico asked you, watching you wide eyed. You cracked your knuckles, before picking up your sword, twirling it in your hand. You looked at him, smirking playfully and pushing your messy, (h/c) hair back out of your face.

“Technically, yes. But, not now.” Stretching, you looked at you boyfriend, as he watched you, dumbstruck. His facial expression changed quickly, him furrowing his eyebrows as he pushed his mousy black hair out of his face, holding it back.

“You’re telling me, that you’re about to go into the Labyrinth, by yourself, and you don’t think that’s crazy?” Nico cocked his head slightly. He dropped his hand from his hair, and crossed his arms. “Do you know anything about the Labyrinth?” Nico asked, and you scoffed, raising an eyebrow at your boyfriend.

“I’m a big girl, Nico. I know what I’m doing, and frankly, I’m offended you don’t have more faith in me.” You pouted slightly, crossing your arms. Nico rolled his eyes, dropping his arms.

“Of course I have faith in you. This is just, by far, the dumbest thing you’ve ever done. And you’re best friends with Percy ‘Does Dumb Shit For A Living’ Jackson.” Nico raised an eyebrow, and you laughed, stabbing your sword into the ground.

“I’ll be fine, di Angelo, don’t trust me?” You wrapped your arms around his neck, and Nico’s face bloomed a light shade of scarlet, as his hands found their way to your waist, his nimble fingers gripping it slightly. Nico smiled slightly, clenching his jaw and turning his head, focusing his gaze on the Big House.

“Of course I trust you.” Nico finally turned to face you, raising an eyebrow. “The fact is that you’ve never been to the Labyrinth before, so you don’t know what’s down there.” Nico spoke, and you scoffed.

“Listen, sweetheart, do you know what’s down there?” You asked, and Nico grumbled under his breath, pulling you closer, so your hips were against his.

“Nobody does, Y/N. It always changes. Just, be careful.” Nico warned, and you laughed, snorting in amusement.

“I’m never careful.” You said truthfully, and Nico groaned.

“Then I’m going with you.” Nico spoke, and your eyes widened, as you pulled away from your grasp.

“What?! No, you can’t!” You spoke frantically, and Nico stepped forward, furrowing his eyebrows. He cocked his head, crossing his arms.

“Why not? I’m the son of Hades, I’m good with underground places-” You cut your boyfriend off, gritting your teeth.

“Please Nico, this is my one chance to prove to Chiron that I’m good enough to go on a quest. If you help me, he’ll think I didn’t do anything. I’m sick of being treated like I’m less then other people because I’ve been here for less time.” You plead, grabbing your boyfriend’s hands. Nico watched you curiously. He didn’t want you to go alone, but he also didn’t want you to get mad at him for doubting you. Deciding your wrath wasn’t one he wanted to deal with, Nico let a soft sigh escape his lips.

“Fine. If you’re in there for more than two weeks, I’m coming in and finding you.” Nico spoke, and you giddily jumped into his arms, hugging him tightly, sending him stumbling back as you wrapped your legs around his torso.

“Thank you!” You repeated five times, between each kiss you pressed against his lips. Pressing a hard kiss against his lips, you buried your fingers in his messy black locks, smiling into the kiss. Pulling away, you smiled at your boyfriend, his dark, lidded eyes landing on you. “I love you.” You smiled, and so did he.

“I love you too.” He spoke, setting you down on the floor. You picked up your sword, and picked up your bag of nectar, ambrosia, food, and water, ready to walk into the Labyrinth, when Nico grabbed your hand. “Here, take this instead.” He handed you his Stygian Iron sword, dark as the dead of night, as it seemed to suck the shadows around them. It glowed with a faint, sinister purple light, as you took it from Nico’s fingertips.

“Really? But-” You glanced down at the sword in awe, remembering all the impossible feats Nico has accomplished with it. “Nico I don’t deserve to use this.” You held the sword easily in your hand, feeling it’s power beneath your fingertips.

“You’re using it. It’ll help you, I promise. You’re a strong girl, Y/N, and even though you’re an idiot for going in by yourself, I have faith in you.” Nico spoke, the hint of a smirk pulling at his lips.

“I may be an idiot, but I’m your idiot. I’ll be back Neeks, I promise.” You pressed one soft kiss against his lips before stabbing your own sword into the ground in between his feet. Clutching Nico’s sword in your fingertips, your knuckles grew white. Chin up, Stygian Iron sword in hand, and your other hand wrapped around your backpack, you marched proudly into the Labyrinth, determined to find it’s exit.

Counting, you figured a week has passed by. You haven’t sleep in three to five days you thought, you sorta lost count as soon as you stepped in. You let the purple glow from the sword be your light, as you stumbled down a narrow hallway. “Please let it be something like bunnies or something? Something nice?” You plead aloud, knowing damn well no god or goddess will ever answer your pleas.

A growl came from the end of the hallway, and you smiled bitterly. “No bunnies. Great.” You muttered, as the sphinx herself decided to crawl out of the shadows. You gritted your teeth, watching as she crept closer. Your eyes dropped slightly, before you forced them open, dodging last minute as the sphinx jumped at you. Slashing with Nico’s sword, a rush of adrenaline surged through you, as all the shadows seemed to melt into the sword.

You viciously stabbed down, a sea of gold exploding from the sword. The sphinx was dead, and you continued walking, gritting your teeth, adrenaline and the little food you had keeping you awake and alive. Your mind screamed at you, was it even worth nearly dying to prove to Chiron that you could go on a quest.

Doubt filled your brain, and you fell to your knees. Hot tears welled in your eyes, and pissed off, you stood at your feet. “Shut up. I’m gonna do it.” You scolded yourself for even thinking about quitting. You were Y/N L/N, daughter of (g/p), a warrior, a demigod. You weren’t going to give up.

Whispering a prayer to your godly parent, you trekked on, the glow from Nico’s sword lighting your way once more.

Nico found the opening before you did, waiting for you to walk out. His fingers were tightly wrapped around your sword, knuckles white, as he eagerly watched the opening, alone. Chiron stood a few feet behind. “C'mon Y/N.” Nico grumbled beneath his breath, drumming his fingers on the hilt of your sword.

You stumbled backwards into the doorway, and Nico’s breath hitched, your backpack was ripped up, still on your back. Your shirt hung off you in tatters, exposing your sports bra, and you slashed down at a flock of harpies. Taking two out, a cry from the depths of your chest escaped your lips, as you jumped up and stabbed down, sending three to Tartarus by stabbing Nico’s sword through their heads in one swift stab.

Shaking the gold dust off the sword tiredly, you turned, eyes brightening as they fell on Nico. “Nico!” You spoke happily, pushing the rest of your adrenaline through your veins, as you bolted towards the son of Hades.

He caught you in his arms, and stumbled back. Both swords clattered to the ground, and ragged breaths escaped your lips, as your injuries finally caught up to you. Nico looked down at you, tired, beat up, but an aura of power and death surrounded you. “I knew you could do it.” He smiled, and you nodded half-heartedly.

Nearly falling asleep in his arms, Nico picked you up bridal style. “I’m going to take care of you, okay?” He mumbled softly, and you nodded slowly, gripping his shirt in your fist.

Nico eyed Chiron as he passed. “Got through the Labyrinth by herself. That enough to let her go on a quest?” Nico grumbled beneath his breath, carrying you towards the Infirmary.

// reader is a bad ass bitch, just like all of ya //

- nez

Daddy Daughter Day: Tom Holland x Black Actress

Requested:  How about one where tom as has to do his daughters hair without reader there to help him, cause she on location or something. And he wants to spend the day out with the little one but he was threatened by reader to not let her baby go out looking a mess. 

Tom was asleep until he felt a foot pressing into the side of his face. He woke up and looked over at his daughter and smiled. Her body was tangled in the lush covers, he moved his body and fell back asleep. 

“Daddy wake up!” The voice of the little one shrilled in his ear. “Huh?”

“Wake up!” See started jumping on the bed and tossed a pillow at him, “Lee, can you calm down.” He grumbled, quickly grabbing her legs and catching her. She giggled as he placed small kisses all over her face. She rested her head on his chest, “I miss mama.”

“Me too darling, me too.” You were away on set, filming for a highly anticipated movie while Tom took care of your 5 year old daughter, Leah. “What do you want to do today babygirl?” He asked. She shrugged and played with his hair, “Do you want to go to the park?”

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imagine #5

character - Gally

words - 905

warnings – Sexual content

description – Part 2 of this imagine as requested by @dontbethatshank

Originally posted by mxnchurixn-plums

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That Too

*Requested: I reblogged a prompt list from @mazerunnerstories and numbers 6 and 13 were requested so here they are (Newt).*

“Y/N! Y/N!” you heard and turned around, coming face to face with the blond haired Glader, second in command, serious but funny, and totally the number 1 hottie on your list.

You realized he was drunk as the shadows from the bonfire moved around his face.

“Hi Newt,” you said and smiled at him. He wrapped an arm around your waist and leaned in close to you.

“Do you think the Grievers are scared of the dark?” he asked and you laughed at his slurred words.

“That is the dumbest shuck question I’ve ever heard in my life,” you said and Newt pouted. You wanted to kiss his lips so badly. You two had been flirting on and off since the day you came to the Glade, and you just wanted things to move on already. You always hang out, you two know you have feelings for each other, so what was the point in waiting?

“Y/N! You’re not listening!” Newt said and you brought your attention back to the cute boy with his arm around you.

“Sorry. What were you saying?” you asked and he sighed but smiled at you.

“You’re cute,” he said and you chuckled.

“Yeah?” you asked, and enjoyed the act of teasing a drunk Newt.

“Yeah,” he said and you felt him pull you in even closer.

“I’m in love!” he shouted and some of the other Gladers turned to look at you two.

“You’re drunk,” you said, blushing at the others.

“That too,” he said and you laughed, leading him towards the hammocks so he could sleep it off.

“Y/N, do you like me?” he asked and your heart sped up.

“Sure I do,” you said, letting him sit down in his hammock.

“But really like me?” he asked and you smiled at him. You could tell him here and now, but he probably won’t remember it tomorrow morning.

“Because I really like you. It’s so close to love that I’m scared,” he said and you seemed to see a bit of sobriety in his eyes.

“Yes, Newt, I really really like you,” you said and leaned in to kiss his cheek. You were so close to his lips but wanted both of you to have clear and sober minds before doing that.

“So close to love that you’re scared, like me?” he asked and you looked him in the eyes and truthfully nodded.

He smiled before lying down and closing his eyes.

“Goodnight,” he said and there was a small pang in your chest. You wanted him to stay awake and sober up and tell you how he really feels, but knew he would fall asleep instantly.


Trust Me [Lafayette x Reader]

Length: 2483 words

Genre: Angst/Comfort

AU: Modern Time

TW: Physical Abuse / Verbal Abuse [If you need anyone to talk to, I’m always here!] 

You waved to your friends excitedly, holding a cup of tea in your hand. “Hey guys!” They all said their greetings, making space on the table for you to sit down. You sat between Gilbert and John, bringing your drink to your lips and tasting the warm tea. 

“So I heard you got someone on the side, Y/N,” John said, nudging your arm a bit once you lowered your drink. 

“What? Where did you hear that?” you laughed, shaking your head.

John shrugged. “Is it true?“ 

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anonymous asked:

Can you write soulmates au with the matching tattoo? If yes then can you write a scenario where iwaizumi and reader-chan are best friends, knowing each other since they were childrens and our quiet and introverted reader slowly falls in love with him, but they aren't soulmates. And she doesn't believe in soulmates or true love, because of her parents. And iwaizumi secretly falling in love with her but he found his soulmate (sorry for being specific)

Iwaizumi’s such a cool cucumber all the time even though he’s like, perpetually fiery, so I just gotta make him stumble at something in life. This is 7k of undiluted shame and rambling, but I hope you like it. :) Thank you for waiting!

[Edit: I am SO SORRY that I completely forgot that it was supposed to be a matching tattoo instead of just a soulmates thing. I am an idiot. Tell me if you’d like to read what you actually asked for and I’ll write a drabble to make it up to you.]

You spoke in a voice
like pure-white porcelain… the smell of winter.
Within my heart, a silently raging storm
rose up, along this darkened path.
Then twinkling stars fell down from overhead…
So immersed in them,
I was nearly brought to tears.
                      - orion, Yonezu Kenshi

In a world where everyone wants to know who they’re made for, or who’s made for them, you’re an odd specimen. There’s sexual orientation, and then there’s sexual orientation, and yours is ‘realist’. Your mother never lets up for a single day, telling you that it would be lovely if a girl your age would bring a nice young man home for dinner once in a while- and it’s okay if it’s a girl! It makes you feel a little sorry about your state of affairs each time, and it stings your eyes when you have to tell her that you don’t want to rush things, despite the world’s certainty of its affairs.

She understands, and there’s a soft sadness in her eyes that makes you rush in and hug her until she forgets all about soulmates, or the emptiness of your fingers.

“Your father and I were a terrible match,” she used to tell you each night if you asked about the little red thread tied around your pinkie, and why hers is broken. “I mean, we gave it a go-” and then she’d look at you and press a wet kiss against your forehead, “-that’s how we had you, my little gem, but it was never for us.”

“Why is it broken?” You’d still persist underneath the covers, and she’d sigh a long, weary sigh.

“Because we broke it. And then I found your stepfather, and here we are.” She’d look at you with that longing, hopeful expression on her face, and you’d stare right back with the wide eyes of a child listening to a fantasy story. “You’re happy, aren’t you?” She asked this every night before she left your bedroom, and each night you’d tell her the same thing.

“I’m happy, mummy.” You’d reply, and she’d start to smile with a loud sniffle. Then that was it, each night, you’d be tucked into bed without further ado and you’d drift off into dreams about finding your own prince charming, just like your mom had.

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You're You - Joe Sugg Imagine

Summary: You begin to doubt yourself when Joe’s ‘fans’ take it upon themselves to point out that you’re a little different.

Word Count: 1533

Warnings: None?

Author’s Note: This particular piece is very important to me as the request came from a person who is extremely special to me, and I wrote the character traits as being quite similar to hers. So this is for her, because she matters a lot to me even if I’m a shit friend and we never see each other because we’re lazy and live almost four hours apart.

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For as long as you could remember, you’d loved tattoos.

Growing up going to heavy metal gigs, it didn’t come as any surprise that you managed to emulate that style of fashion, and the body modification that came with it. You had gotten your first the day that you’d turned eighteen, and had amassed quite the collection over your body in the following years. It had never bothered you that sometimes people would cast disapproving looks your way on the street, some people just didn’t like tattoo’s and that was their problem, not yours.

Things changed after you’d met your boyfriend, Joe, though. Suddenly you were consciously choosing clothing that would shield your tattoos, brushing off questions from your friends and family when they asked when you were going to get another one, all because of the attention that Joe brought with him everywhere he went.

You didn’t care that Joe’s name brought a reasonable amount of notoriety with it, you had met him backstage at an awards show after all. You had never been bothered by the celebrity that he brought with him, because you weren’t with him for that, you were with him because he was Joe – he was a dork and made weird faces in the background of other people’s selfies and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

No, it wasn’t the fact that Joe had a following that bothered you, it was just a handful of his fans that bothered you. As soon as it became public knowledge that you two were an item; when you started making more frequent appearances in his snapchats and vlogs, then the somewhat psychotic girls that followed his every move had something to say about seemingly everything that you did. Within minutes of you appearing in his snapchat that first time, they had tracked down your Instagram and own private snapchat accounts and you went from having a few hundred followers on Instagram to having thousands. And they all had something to say.

You usually just ignored the rude and unnecessary comments that would appear under photos of you and your friends on nights out or cute pictures of your cat that popped up on your feed sometimes. However, sometimes things went too far, and you couldn’t always just brush it off. Naturally you had never told Joe any of this, fearing that he would want out if he thought that you couldn’t handle a relationship with him, and he was one thing you were not willing to lose. So you pushed it down and pretended everything was perfectly fine.

You tended to stay out of Joe’s videos where you could, but had agreed to be in a video titled ‘Couple vs Couple’ with Oli and his girlfriend, wherein you both battled to see which couple knew each other better. You and Joe had ended up losing to the pair by a measly two points, but it had been a fun afternoon. You had known Oli’s girlfriend from long before you’d even met Joe and the rest of the buttercream squad, as they referred to themselves, you had actually been the one to push her and Oli towards each other, seeing as both of them were quite shy and non-confrontational.

As per usual, the video had blown up on YouTube, reaching over a million views within twenty four hours of being posted. While most of the comments seemed to reflect the humour of the video and how competitive you all were with each other, there were more than a few comments that were less than complimentary over you and how you didn’t look quite like the other three. The more you ruminated on it, the further into the comments you read.

You didn’t need them to point out that you were different to Joe and the girls he’d been linked to in the past. You knew that you were a bit different to the girls that the rest of the boys were generally linked to as well. You could recognise that you weren’t as clean cut or smooth around the edges as Joe’s sister, Zoe, was, and your skin wasn’t as unmarked as the rest of the boys who had adopted you as one of their own. You weren’t the only one with tattoos though, Jack had a fair few and Caspar had recently gotten one as well, you didn’t understand what was so bad about them.

You were so deeply invested in the comment section that you didn’t even hear the front door of your apartment open, nor did you hear your boyfriend’s voice calling out for you. It wasn’t until he appeared in the doorway of your room that you were pulled from your reverie.

“Babe!” his voice snapped you out of your self-deprecating induced daze, your eyes flashing up to him in alarm, before you plastered a large fake smile on your face. “What are you concentrating on so hard?” he chuckled as he crossed the room quicker than you would have liked, with you not being quick enough to shut the page you were on. “Are these the comments on my new video?” he asked curiously as he pried the computer out of your hands, not without your resistance however.

“I was just seeing what they were saying …” you trailed off awkwardly as you absentmindedly scratched your nails against one of the tattoos on your upper thigh. You hadn’t intended for Joe to walk in while you were doing this, nor were you planning on being 127 pages deep in the comment section.

Joe let out a soft sigh as his eyes flitted over the words filling the screen, his heart breaking for you as he read the awful words that people who claimed to love him were writing about the person he loved most of all. He turned his head to look at you, unsurprised when you didn’t lift your eyes to meet his, he wondered how long you had been dealing with this on your own and why he hadn’t noticed before now.

“They know nothing,” he told you softly, enjoying the way the corners of your mouth quirked up at the reference to one of your favourite shows, “Seriously, nothing that they say is even close to being relevant, love,” he said as he wrapped an arm around your waist, tugging you into his side gently.

You finally lifted your eyes to meet his, and were happy to see only the purest sincerity shining in them, but something was still eating at you. “They’re not wrong though, are they?” you pointed out, tugging the hem of your oversized jumped down over your thighs subconsciously, “I stand out when we go out as a group, I’m not like you or Zoe or any of the others, they make a valid point, I don’t exactly fit the mould of the girls you usually go for …”you trailed off, wishing that you could somehow go back in time and prevent this conversation from happening.

“Is that what you think?” Joe chuckled lightly, his thumb rubbing circles into your hip gently, “that you don’t fit in with any of us?” he asked, his laugh only growing when you nodded slightly. You elbowed him in the ribs and crossed your arms at his response, making him wrap both arms around your waist and pull you into his lap.

“Babe, we’re a gang of hooligans, none of us fit in anywhere. Conor makes dumb faces and Caspar’s naked all the time, Josh is a giant and Jack thinks he’s ripped, Oli gets into a strop if someone spills his tea on him and Mikey laughs too hard and too loud about the dumbest of things,” he grins as you begin to smile a little bit.

“Furthermore, I didn’t ask you to be my girlfriend because of your tattoos, I asked you because you’re you,” he emphasised, cupping your chin in his hand as he dragged your face up to his, “those people on there,” he started, gesturing to the computer that lay abandoned on the bed, “they don’t know you, if they did, they’d know that you’re the sweetest, kindest, most hilarious person in the world; don’t be ashamed of who you are just because of what some of the jackasses on the internet have to say,” he finished up, relieved to see you still looking at him with a shy smile on your face.

“Your tattoos are a part of who you are, and I love who you are,” he murmured softly, leaning his forehead against yours, “besides, why on earth would I want you to be like my sister?” he snorted, making you pull back and shove his shoulder, laughing loudly as you crawled off the bed, making your way out of your room and hearing him shout behind you, “Oh come on babe! This person just said that you and Y/F/N are just cover ups until Oli and I get married!” he called, making you snort in laughter at him.

People were gonna say whatever they wanted and that was their choice, but they didn’t have any power over how you felt about yourself, that was yours.

“Those are glasses.” 

Tooru lifts an eyebrow and rests one hand on his tilted hip. “So attentive, Hajime. Yes, they are.”

“Glasses,” Hajime echoes. “Which means you see better now.” He’s starting to sound a little bit like a parrot, Tooru thinks and can’t keep himself from snickering. But instead of scolding him for it, Hajime just stares at him as if he’d just stripped naked and tried to dance on the table (hey, that was just once, okay. College is a crazy place.) 

But suddenly, just when Tooru is about to wave a hand in front of his boyfriend’s face, Hajime jolts. “Okay. So. Yeah.” And strangely, he turns away from Tooru and lowers his head. “That’s fine.” 

“Sure as hell doesn’t look like it,” Tooru says and raises his other brow as well. What is up with Hajime? Maybe he thinks Tooru’s ugly now? Oh God. The sting inside his chest is ice-cold. “Don’t you like me with glasses…?” 

“No!” Hajime whirls around, cheeks burning, and it looks like he’s shielding his face from the sun because he holds his hand up really awkwardly. “I just. You always look good. I just. I mean, you see better now, right. Uhm.” 

This is getting weirder by the second. Tooru grabs his boyfriend’s hand and peels it off his face. “Come on, I can see something’s bothering you. Are they that ugly - put your hand down, what are you even - wait.” 

And somehow, it hits him. Tooru lets go of Hajime and his eyes widen. No. That can’t be - or can it? Hajime’s face has taken on the colour of a sunset, and he rubs his neck, staring to the floor. Tooru swallows, hard, and gently takes his hands. “Are you - why won’t you look at me?”

“Because maybe you won’t find me attractive anymore.” 

Tooru blinks. That is - “…the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.” He sighs, and lightly presses his forehead against Hajime’s. “Look. Hey, look at me.” And when Hajime does it, Tooru smiles, soft and mischievous. “I know how you look when you come, and I know that face up close. I know you drool when you sleep. Glasses won’t change how much I love you.” 

“You honestly turn every love confession into an insult.” Hajime gently punches him into his ribcage but still grins, and then he snatches the glasses right off Tooru’s face to kiss him, lifting his head up high to reach him. 


“How much baby?” You heard a man behind you. You spun around, heels making a click, and faced the scum behind you. He wasn’t alone. The moment the two men saw you their eyes sprung open.

“Forget it,” his friend started, “you know who that is? That’s Cottonmouth’s girl. You be the dumbest fucker around tryna buy that girl.”

A small giggle escaped your lips at the mans knowledge. Puckering your lips a little and swaying your hips you walked up to him until you were inches apart. You smiled and leaned into kiss the man but just as your lips met, you landed a harsh smack across his face.

“His name ain’t Cottonmouth. It’s Mr. Stokes to you.”

Cole Fluff

“Okay, I got two double cheeseburgers, a chicken sandwich, one mango smoothie, one Hi-C, one Sprite, 3 apple pies, 3 large fries, and a 5 piece chicken nugget.” You say as you place the large McDonald’s bag and sodas on the table. The boys flock to the food, savagely shoving fries into their mouths without so much as a thank you. “Um, excuse me, where is my thank you?”

“Thank you!” They say, muffled by the food they were shoving into their mouths.

“Whatever…”, you mutter under your breath. Cole, however, hears this and plants a kiss on your cheek.

“Thank you, we were starving.” He says with a kind smile. He has such a gorgeous smile. You smile back.

“You’re welcome. I know once you guys start working you don’t want to stop.”

He smiles and opens his mouth to say something but is cut off by Dana. “Ay, Y/N, let me teach you how to do autotune.”

“Okay!” You say, giving Cole an apologetic shrug. He shrugs back in response and continues to eat his food as you to sit with Dana. You try to squeeze onto the computer chair but find it is not meant to comfortably seat 2 people.

“Dude, just sit on my lap. This is super uncomfortable.” For some reason the first thing is glance over at Cole, but he isn’t paying attention. Hesitantly you shift so that you’re on Dana’s knee. He sighs with relief. You glance back at Cole again and this time he is looking. And by the look on his face, he is not happy.

“Stop it, Dana!” You say as he tickles you mercilessly.

“Admit defeat!”


“Admit defeat!” He says still tickling you. You run away, peeking at him behind the couch.

“Stop it!” You laugh.

“Could you two be anymore obnoxious!?” Cole shouts over all the commotion. You and Dana stop playing around abruptly. Gabe looks up from his phone, startled. Cole never raises his voice. He looks so incredibly frustrated.

“Cole, we were just-”

“Just what? Annoying the shit out of me? Honestly, I am trying to make a beat and you can’t stop acting like a stupid girl for a second and sit down!” He shouts again. You are taken aback. He’s never spoken to you like this. Gabe stands.

“Yo, Cole, chill. They were just playing.” He says.

“Yeah, Cole, chill.”

“All you are is a distraction! You run around looking pretty for us, you’re just entertainment for when we’re bored. Just get out.”

“Why,” you choke on your tears,“ why are you being so mean? I didn’t do anything. Why are you talking to me like this, Cole?” You say as you feel yourself starting to cry. Something washes over his face as he sees how badly he’s hurt you.

“Wait, Y/N-”

“I’m leaving. ” You say, snatching your purse and shoving your way out of the the studio as quickly as you can. As you reach the exit you see that it is now raining, and Cole had been your ride. You groan internally. Did he really mean that? That you were just there to entertain them like some type of monkey?

“Y/N! Wait!”

You roll your eyes, “I can’t exactly leave.”

Cole glances behind you. “Oh. ” he turns back to you. “I’m sorry I yelled at you like that. I just-”

“Do not talk to me like that ever again. I am your best friend not your showpony.”

“ I know, I won’t, I won’t.” He says shaking his head as if he’d made the biggest mistake of his life.

“Then why did you?”

He opens his mouth then closes it again, he shuts his eyes furrowing his brow as if he was flinching away from something. “I was jealous.”

“What? Why would you be jealous of Dana?”

“Because…” He trails off, stopping himself from continuing.

“Because…?” You question mercilessly. You were still very angry but something about him made you a little more forgiving. You, of course, know why.  And suddenly he pulls you close to him, one hand cupping your face, the other at the small of your back. He hunches over and kisses you softly, like a whisper.

“Because I love you.”

“You love me?” you say, shocked. He had never…  but with sudden realization you realize he had. Glancing at you and smiling, always kissing you on your forehead and cheeks, always wanting a hug, never getting angry at you even when you did the dumbest things. How long had he?

“I love you, I love you, I love you. I could say it a million times, and it would always be true.” He pauses, studying your face. “Do you…?”

“Yeah,” you smile. “Yeah, I do.”

I do 5sos smut/imagines/preferences too!

“Seventeens reaction to other members signaling him tips on how to ask you out. ”


To be completely honest with you Seungcheol would not be able to keep a straight face, plus he DOESN’T need help asking you out because he’s the most confident bean ever! He’s going to keep his cool until he sees the members trying to gesture at dumb things like holding up chocolate hearts, teddy bears, posters on what to say, etc. After seeing the members gestures his cool exterior would just crumble and he would be a smiling and giggling mess without a doubt. Yah…I-I can’t do this right now..W-we have to reschedule this because I-I can’t stop laughing~” 


Jeonghan is as cool as a cucumber when he’s asking you out and he’s definitely not going to be phased by the boys making stupid looks at him. He is focused on one thing and one thing only: You. He’s trying his best to not look like a fool or you’ll reject his offer to go on a sweet sweet date. Even if Jeonghan does slip a chuckle it’s only because he’s secretly nervous about spending alone time with you. Will you the movie with me tomorrow night..? ” 


Joshua is the type of boy would wants to look cool, sometimes is cool, but normally comes off as a doof. In this situation he’s being a complete doof because one he’s asking the girl of his dreams to gO on a date with him, and two his brothers from another mother are making the dumbest faces at him and he can’t take anything seriously right now. The boys will honestly make or break this chance of him going out with you. During your face to face Joshua honestly can’t help but giggle and chuckle making you even more than confused. He stops his ask in the middle to confess that the boys had been trying to help him ask you out.  To be honest…the boys are behind you trying to help this


At this point he’s so sick and tired of the boys trying to do this every time Jun gets even near to a girl. Jun is honestly just trying his best to avoid eye contact from you and the boys because if he looks at the boys he’ll get annoyed or laugh; if he looks at you he’ll crack under pressure and just melt into a puddle of ice cream. Please don’t look behind you…” 


Honestly Hoshi is so nervous at this point he’s willing to do anything to help his nervousness go away or just copy what the boys are signaling him to do. So what does this child do? He’s kind of jamming out to little tunes in his brain to try to chill his nervousness and also look a little cute to make you laugh. The more you laugh the better sign of you saying ‘Yes’ to his movie date offer~ 


He seems like the type who is cool no matter what, but this kid cracked when he saw his brothers doing dumb gestures and kissy faces. Like did they really expect him to kiss you while he asked to go on a movie date ? That’s honestly moving a little bit too quick in his personal opinion and mine as well. Wonwoo just burst out laughing in the middle. C-Can this another time?


Woozi currently has no patience for these boys and as he’s speaking with you he’s trying to shoo the boys away with his eyes, but they don’t seem to ever listen. The boys would begin to get on his nerve and he would blatantly just  ask: Can..we just do this another place..? The setting isn’t right..haha


Seokmin is secretly taking small bits and pieces of what the boys are doing and putting it into the situation and things are working out perfectly ! He can tell your really into it by the giggles and chuckles that you are giving him. After scoring the ‘Yes’ from you he’s going to give the boys a big thumb up for the help and of course a huge thank you. 


Instead of taking any of their advice like his hyung Seokmin had, he’s going to wing it. However he doesn’t allow the boys to distract him by sending them a thumbs up showing that he is confident and able to do this by himself. I mean Mingyu is a big guy now and he can do things on his own! He will still forever stay a smol giant though hehe. 


Instead of having the boys show up and surprise him, he give them all a talk before stating what he’ll do and when and that it’s best for them to stay away. Even though he is taking this harsh a approach to the boys, he does of course take any type of advice now from the boys and plans to maybe use some of it when asking you out. 


(For the record none of these kids should be dating or asking anyone out) 

Seungkwan doesn’t even give them a second stare once he spots the boys except give them a quick ‘OK’ sign showing he knows what he’s doing. Plus having the boys here will surely mess up Seungkwan by making him a thousand time more nervous. Luckily the boys listened to his plead and back off the situation a little bit. 


(For the record none of these kids should be dating or asking anyone out)

Honestly Vernon is offended that his brothers would think he needs help in asking out a girl, but at the same time he can see where they are coming from. He is indeed one of the youngest members of the group, but at the same time the kid has a lot of game. He basically ignores the boys for the rest of the week because he’s salty about them trying to interfere.


(For the record none of these kids should be dating or asking anyone out)

Being the small child that he is you would think he’d listen to his hyungs, but on the other hand of course not because he’s a little hyper munchkin. Instead of watching/hearing out his hyungs pleas, he takes his own routine and uses his sweet baby charms to ask you out. Dino has no problems giving you the ol’ eye smile. 

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Hey, I like you

Summary: College AU- Jungkook calls you in the middle of the night to meet up for advice on how to ask out the girl he likes.
POV: 1st person, friends with Jungkook (BTS)
Genre: I don’t know what this is, or where it came from. Fluff maybe?
Word Count: ~2,700 (One shot)

We need to talk.

The text message popped up on your screen just before you were about to set it down for the night. Your phone was plugged in, already charging your battery that was only at 28%. You were in your pajamas, your hair was still damp from your shower, and your breath was minty from just brushing your teeth. You were set for bed, not feeling ready to meet up with a friend.

This wasn’t just any friend, however, this was your Jungkook, the boy you considered your best friend, though neither of you had said those words aloud. You had only met a year ago, but he was for sure the person you felt most comfortable with, the one that knew about your dorky side and never judged, because he had his own.

I’m going to bed, you sent back, sliding under the covers so you wouldn’t be tempted to give into his inevitable pleas.

But I really need to talk. Tonight. Please.

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