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Remember me, part 7 - Thomas Jefferson x Reader

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After the ceremony Margaret fell into your arms, looking much better and with shining eyes.

‘I’m a married woman, ma!’ She laughed and you kissed her forehead, your heart bursting with love for your daughter. Your beautiful daughter.

‘Dad!’ Margaret hugged Thomas too, oblivious to the tension in the air and then left to talk to Rosette. You played with the big skirt of your gown, you had to look good as the mother of the bride. You turned to Thomas, making sure you face was emotionless. You opened your mouth to say something but then some cousin you hadn’t seen in years grabbed you and pulled you away to talk to you.

After dinner many guests left, some staying the night in Monticello, you retired to your bedroom. Sally helped you out of your corset and different from other nights where you talked Sally’s ears off, you were silent.

The look on her face was pity, you realized when she was finished and had helped you in your long lacy nightgown and had combed your hair.

‘Good night, mistress.’ She said, putting a hand on your shoulder and squeezing softly and then left.

‘Good night, Sally.’ You murmured just before the door closed. Staring in the mirror you saw a tired woman. You didn’t look as young as you had looked four months ago.

You looked terrible. It was the stress and the depression you had been in the last months.

Someone knocked on the door. ‘Come in!’ You said.

The door opened, revealing Thomas who had taken off his purple coat. You bit your lip, preparing for the confrontation.

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“Shit,” Draco said out loud in the lavatory.

They had snuck into the Slytherin boys dorm. All of the guys were gone it was Christmas. It was your first night together. Draco had never been with anyone before. Being a proper boy he just had never had the opportunity. He was raised in a strict family where very little love was ever shared physically, or verbally for that matter. 

Draco was shaking now. This was important to him. (Y/N) matters and he didn’t wanna mess this up. 

“What if they don’t like me?” Draco shook his head and pulled his sweater off. 

“Draco come back to bed…” (Y/N) says seeing the scene play out 

Draco jumps but is soothed when he see’s your face. You smile and something inside the youngest Malfoy melts. 

This was sure to be a good night.

So I’ve been seeing post of Puerto Ricans, who because his/her skin is too light/dark are not Puerto Ricans…

I want to do a small project on the variety of skin color, hair types and facial features we have.

So I’m proposing something to all of you, beautiful Tumblricans of the World.  Send me a picture of you, were we can see your beautiful skin, hair and face, and I’ll make something (not sure if video or collage) probably in the next couple of weeks.

I think it would be best if the pictures have no filter and the background is a solid color.

Submit your pictures here.

Who’s up for this little protect?


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Keith froze, blood running cold. Purple spots? He let his guard down for five minutes and it was already trying to come back.

He stared at Pidge for a long moment before letting out a nervous chuckle. “I-its nothing, Pidge, don’t worry about it,” he said quickly, focusing on trying to make the spots fade.

“Are you sure?” Pidge came closer.  “They look like bruises.  Did you fall on your face or something?  But the pattern sure is weird…”