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jet setting [m]

title: jet setting
member: chanyeol
length: 4k
genre: smut, some fluff

a/n: this… a pwp… but really it’s not my fault park chanyeol attacks someone stop this man (no, don’t)
also this does not involve any planes we’re talking a different kind of jet okay

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You could always tell when your boyfriend wanted something from you.

You weren’t saying Chanyeol didn’t have a subtle bone in his body, it was just that—well, he didn’t have a subtle bone in his body. Nothing about him disappeared; Chanyeol was obvious, present, all the time. And his emotions were as clear to you as everything else about him. When he was nervous, you knew—as did half the others in the room. When he was angry, or upset, or delighted, it permeated the atmosphere, like an infectious disease that touched everyone. And when he had something on his mind, well. The problem was that when it came to it, no one could make Chanyeol talk if he didn’t want to. Not even you.

So right now, as he hesitated on the other side of the bed, pretending to be doing something on his phone but sending you obvious secret glances every few moments, you let him believe you hadn’t noticed anything. You would wait for him to crack.

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Hoetip: never put your face in nudes, and make sure nothing identifiable like a special necklace or something is in the nude too. Doesn't matter if it's for your bf, hubby, or random dudes. Don't be me, who is terrified cuz my ex has my nudes with my face and was abusive. Clean background, nothing above the neck. It's sad that I have to know this though.


Mated Pt 15 // The End // Werewolf Shawn

This is it! The end! Thank you to everyone who has read and commented on this series. I hope you will all enjoy reading it many times over. It’s been an amazing ride. Shout out to everyone who helped me along the way and gave me ideas and inspiration. Special shout out to @pancakeclouds because this fic wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for her and I bouncing ideas off each other one night.  

Summary: You and Shawn are mates. He’s an alpha werewolf. You’re a human. Human’s aren’t usually mated to werewolves, but that won’t stop both of you from falling in love anyway.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10| Part 11 |  Part 12 | Part 13 |  Part 14

One Month Later…

You start getting sick almost every morning for a week and Shawn becomes concerned. He takes off work to stay home with you while you do your online classes. Nausea hits you in waves throughout days but you insist it’s just a stomach bug, that you would be better in a few more days.

A few more days pass and you aren’t any better. Shawn takes you to the doctor. The two of you sit in the exam room after the nurse had you pee in a cup and then took blood. You’re feeling lightheaded and dizzy. Shawn holds your hand, but he isn’t able to heal you.

“Mrs. Mendes?” the doctor looks at the sheet and then to you.

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Lying- Auston Matthews

Originally posted by nylanderhoe

Request: Hey! Love your writing! Could I have a Matthews imagine? Something about a fight? Thanks!!

Warnings: fighting, a swear word, and the leafs winning the Cup. 

Note: I really hope this is what you meant by fight. Also, I am super sorry that this took me a while, anon. :( 

Also, I am sorry if it gets slightly confusing, there are moments where it swithces from the reader’s thoughts to Auston’s. hopefully I made them clear though! 


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Tide Pool

Merman!Jimin x Reader

15.6K of Fluff, Smut, and a teeny bit of angst if you tilt your head to the right.

Warnings: Fingers going places and Mentions of/ attempt of murder.

Thank you Darlings who helped me through this rough writing process! Enjoy!

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Music floated throughout the air around the sand and water.  The wall of beautiful blue water barrels towards the shore, slowly collapsing into itself. The sun laid high in the sky, warming the skin of those it touched. “Surfers, please get ready for the next heat!” Resounded through the speakers.

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The Desire

Fandom: Lucifer (TV show)

Summary: Based on: “Imagine Lucifer not being able to use his little tricks on you because you have no desires,” by @disabilityimagines

Word count: 1,309


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The dim light seemed almost as tired as you were, sitting on a very uncomfortable chair in one of the police’s labs, packing one bag of evidence after another. It was already the middle of the night and your eyes were closing on their own, but you had to finish it in order to send it to another department in the morning.

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  • So this is one AU, they all fit together
  • Wonho is Shownu’s best friend
  • They grew up together and have been inseparable ever since First Grade when Wonho saw Shownu sitting alone at lunch and just sat with him and started talking(bragging) about the Yu-Gi-Oh! cards he just won from some other kid
  • He has this stereotypical badboy/player image in high school once he starts dying his hair blue and skipping class 
  • All the girls want him, he’s like this intangible being that just exists in the same place as everyone else and they’re all like ?? how does he exist
  • Rumours about him sleeping around etc
  • Hasn’t really slept with any of these girls(/boys bc some swing that way and would brag about getting some from him, who wouldn’t) but lets them pretend because he doesn’t care enough about what people think of him to correct them (also feeds his ego and he finds it funny)
  • so ‘Monsta x’ is a name the group got which started out as a joke…
  • but …they actually grow to like/use the name
  • Wonho especially, is involved with a lot of … illegal things, to put it lightly
  • Everyone knows that Monsta x is basically a gang so its not a surprise
  • May possibly be currently/have previously been a drug dealer but no one can prove it so …
  • Probably the most badass out of the group, and that’s partially why girls are obsessed with him
  • Knows everyones secrets because he’s more of the acting leader while Shownu acts more of a quiet backbone, so they all come to him with their issues
  • The only one who knows about Changkyun’s family
  • So now onto how he meets you
  • You’re new in town and wow it sucks being the new kid but you just kind of deal with it
  • You’ve moved because your dad is a doctor and he just got offered the position of (temporary) Chief of Medicine at the local hospital because the current CoM is gone for Mat leave
  • But it’s not the first time you guys have moved because of his work so you’re tired of trying to make friends and then having to leave them
  • So you’ve basically decided that you’re not going to even bother, you’ll just stick it out for as long as possible until you guys leave AGAIN
  • You come into class on your first day and have to do the whole introduction thing then take your seat and everyone’s staring at you
  • you catch his attention because you don’t drool all over them the second you walk by them and when the cocky popular girls approach you to try and be friends because you’re cute as heck you just walk past like ‘no thanks ? ya’ll seem bitchy af’
  • and he notices after you introduce yourself to the class, you sit in the furthest seat to the back that’s free and don’t talk to anyone even though the guys (and even some girls) are staring at you
  • Because of his extremely laid back and almost indifferent attitude, Wonho’s known for not really taking any interest in girls, to the point where some guys joked about how he might just be gay (they came to class the next day with a black eye and a busted lip and never spoke of it again)
  • But when you show up and Monsta X notice his eyes linger in your direction for a second too long they start to tease him until his glare shuts them up
  • Minhyuk being the most outgoing one feels bad that you’re sitting alone and not talking to anyone so he goes over to talk to you
  • Kihyun tries to stop him saying that you’re new and his personality is too overwhelming and he should give her time to adjust to the new environment, but it’s too late and he’s already at your desk
  • because you’re on the other side of the room, they can’t hear what you’re saying but all Wonho can focus on is the smile on your face after something Minhyuk said
  • and he’s sure it’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen
Family — Wonho AU | Prologue

A/N: Okay so this is my first fanfic as a monbebe so I’m a little terrified nervous to put it out but hopefully someone enjoys it…I got the idea from a scenario blog I linked below. They have some really nice and creative prompts so definitely check out the blog :) 

Characters: Single father Wonho, Reader, Female OC

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Length: 2270 words

PartsPart One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven

When Wonho’s girlfriend leaves him and their daughter, he turns to you for the help he needs. Based off of Scenario Idea #14 from @scenarioideas

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Objects and Feelings

Summary:  Chris Evans, has been pretty bummed about the things recently happening in his life. And as much as he loves his work and his fans, losing the people he loves because of it has taken a toll on him. It is your duty as his best friend to comfort him.

Pairing:  Chris Evans x Reader

Warning/s:  Fluff and Mild Angst, Mention of alcohol

A/N: I’ve been having this idea swimming on my mind for a long time now, but just didn’t have the time to actually type it. My main inspiration for this came from Jenny’s interview (I don’t hate her) that Chris is the most objectified person in the world and she can’t live that life. And I don’t know, I just find it really sad. ‘Cause Chris doesn’t really have a choice, does he?

Number of Words: 1, 134

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anonymous asked:

Hello ^^ I'm not sure if you have a character cap as I'm on mobile and couldn't find a rules page but could I please request first date headcanons for Tsukki, Noya, and Tanaka if that's okay? Thank you very much, I love your writing <3

YES YES YOU MAY:) thank you so much! I don’t think you guys realize how happy your compliments make me<3 and the character cap for hc’s is 5 per request, though the more that you request the shorter the hc’s:)

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-this boy is the definition of tsundere so he’ll probably think you’re cute but will die before he says so

-teases you a lot, though you don’t hate him in fact you eagerly wait for him to say something rude so you can fire back your rebuttal

-you would probably have to ask him out and he would respond with a blush on his face

-“I guess, If I don’t have anything better to do”

-this salty child would still show up at your house super early to pick you up for your date

-you tease him about it and he just blushes and grumbles at you to shut up

-you both walk to a small café not too far from your house

-the walk there seems a little tense but you aren’t as nervous as you thought you’d be

-seeing the usually sarcastic blonde nervous somehow made you feel more calm

-café date!!

-fortunately your usual witty banter is still present as you gently tease him as he opens the door for you

-“wow so chivalrous, you’re just full of surprises aren’t you tsukishima?”

-he returns the favor as you nearly trip whilst walking through the doorway

-“good to see you’re as graceful as always.”

-he orders for the two of you as you find as seat

-you find a table for the two of you before spotting a small checkerboard in the corner

- snag it and lay it out on the table

-he brings back your drinks and one strawberry shortcake, informing you that it was the last piece

-he offers it to you

-how polite

-but no, the winner will take the cake

-you challenge him to a game of checkers

-the winner gets the treat

-he promises not to go easy on you

-you’re winning at first, then he’s winning

-a lot of witty banter being exchanged with each move

-your drinks are being drained but you’re way too entertained to notice

-a lot of time passes as you continue to rematch each other the cake being forgotten in the process

-after about 6 games of checkers and hours’ worth of charming conversation you finally forfeit

-he smirks and makes some smart ass remark but you aren’t having it

-swipe your finger through the frosting and smudge it on his face

-he’s taken back but then he laughs about to wipe it off with a napkin

-kiss it off his lips


-“you had something on your face” you retort slightly out of breath from the kiss and frosting visible on your face

-he smirks at you


-he won but you end up sharing the cake

-once you’ve finished he offers to walk you home

-you two don’t hold hands as you walk but you know he’s happy

-once you reach your door you turn back to say thanks for the great time


-“you had something on your face”


I already did first date hc’s for Nishinoya, so I’ll put a link:)


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-not as shy as asahi but not as confident as noya so it’ll probably take him a little while to ask you out

-he casually mentions that he has tickets to one of your favorite bands

-doesn’t mention how long he’s been saving up to pay for them

-you flip out and are ecstatic to go see your fav band perform but also to go on a  date with your crush

-he shows up at your house and your probs decked out in merch

-you have to catch a train to the concert so you are both rushing to make it to the station on time

-when you finally make it to the concert its packed

- you two have to hold hands just so you don’t get separated;)

-when your favorite band starts playing your both screaming and jumping along to the music

-you may even start singing along off key and outrageously loud but he thinks its absolutely adorable and laughs

-he came surprisingly prepared with water bottles and snacks for you when you get hungry or thirsty

-you both purchase matching concert merch like tshirts

-the concert sadly ends and you realize how tired you are

-gladly offers to carry you on his back

-you excitedly ramble to him every event that occurred during the concert and he listens intently even though he witnessed it himself

-he just likes hearing you talk

-he carries you all the way to the train setting you down on the seat

-you cuddle up against him and thank him for such an amazing time

- he smiles when he sees your eyes close and you drift off to the steady whirring of the engine on the train

-Admin Honey<3


silverdragonms  asked:

Horror movie marathons with UF/US/UT/SF bros. Maybe the really old ones for lols or really terrifying new ones for cuddles.


He’s not into horror movies for the scares because let’s face it, he already has enough nightmares without adding more fuel to that fire.  But, hey, he’s down to watch the old ones with the horrible, cheap effects all day long. Humans have a really messed up idea of monsters, and it’s pretty hilarious to him.  

He laughs at just about every cheesy scene and points out whenever you can see a zipper in the costume or something that you’re not supposed to.  Sans could be the Cinema Sins narrator of bad horror flicks.  If you encourage him by laughing, he’ll only talk more, so keep that in mind if you actually want to watch the movie.  If you get scared by any part or jump, he’s going to tease you mercilessly for days, but he’ll still let you hold his hand.



It doesn’t matter how bad the effects are, Papyrus’s bones are still rattling.  He’s offended by the depictions of monsters, and he claims, “NO WONDER HUMANS WERE SO SCARED OF US!” during his first zombie flick.  If you watch something truly terrifying with him, be prepared for him to somehow crawl behind you on the couch.  You’re going to pretty much be in his lap while he wraps himself around you as a human-shield and hides his face into your neck.   He’ll have nightmares, so be sure to watch something light-hearted afterward or else you’re going to spend the night having to talk to him and keep him company through the night because YEAH, HE’S NOT SLEEPING. NOPE.  DID YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENED TO THOSE TEENAGERS THAT DECIDED TO SLEEP?!  THEY WERE FOOLS!


Red’s the one that suggests the horror movies, and he’s good at finding the creepiest ones that are sure to scare you.  He wants you to be terrified and clinging to him so he can be the one to comfort you.  Well, that, and he wants to laugh over the face you make, the way you tense up when you just KNOW there’s about to be a scare, or the little involuntary shriek that escapes you when something jumps out of the shadows.  Sans, on the other hand, is infallible.  None of the movies scare him, and if he’s not laughing at your reactions, he’s laughing at how stupid the actors are.  


Edgy isn’t amused, but since it’s something you wanted to watch, he complies.  He doesn’t get the point of the movie and doesn’t find it scary.  After all, he’s THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE PAPYRUS, and NOTHING IS MORE TERRIFYING than him.  If you want to be scared, you could go off into the woods with him, and he’d give you a proper fright.  He starts off with his arms crossed, but as the movie goes on, he’s slowly relaxing and actually getting into the plot.  He doesn’t even notice if you get scared, jump, or even press into his side.  He’ll absently hold your hand, sure, but his attention is elsewhere.  He ends up screaming commands at the actors and getting SO PISSED OFF when they don’t listen and die anyway.  How did humans ever win the War in the first place?!  


Oh man, he’s terrified but trying to be brave, and it’s adorable.  You have to explain to him that’s they’re human actors, or that it’s just CG special effects.  Much like UT!Papyrus, it doesn’t matter how low the budget was; he’s going to be scared of what’s going on.  He’s trembling, but he keeps offering to let you cuddle against him if you’re scared because he’ll keep you safe.  It’s actually because he needs the cuddling for protection, but he’ll never admit that.  Throughout the movie, he keeps pressing his face into your arm and trying to stifle his gasps or shouts.  

Yeah, he’s not sleeping tonight either.


Stretch is fine with watching horror movies.  If you go for an old one, he’s going to make fun of it–and heck, if you go with the newer ones, he’s going to crack jokes, too.  The plot, the decisions, the costumes, the cheap effects; he catches every little detail.  He’s not as relentless with it as UT!Sans is, however.  No, Stretch does it to make sure you’re having a good time.  If you’re scared, he’s happy to hold you and lighten the mood by poking fun at it.  If the movie’s terrible, you can both crack jokes.  Either way, his arms are around you.  

But it should be known that if you jump when he’s not expecting you to, he’s probably going to jerk and curse under his breath.  It’s not often that he gets scared.  


He demands only the best horror movies, and if they suck, he claims he’s going to punish you.  And please don’t turn that into a pun; it’ll only piss him off.  Sans is secretly hoping that you’ll be terrified and clinging to him the entire movie so he can gloat about how well he can take care of you/protect you (and because he actually finds it adorable/kinda-sorta-hot when you’re scared because hey, that’s his thing), but.. he actually ends up getting kind of freaked out.  He thought he had seen plenty of terrifying things in the Underground, but HOLY TORIEL, it’s HUMANS that are the terrifying ones!  Do they really do those kinds of things to other people?  Are they really that sick?!  

He keeps asking you if you’re scared and telling you that it’s okay if you have to hold onto him.  It’s clear from the slight tremble in his voice that he’s the one that’s freaked out, but you could always show Mercy and cuddle the poor guy.


Papyrus is down for whatever horror movie you’d like to watch.  No matter what it is, he isn’t scared, though he finds the movie monsters to be a little weird.  Is that really what humans thought of monsters?  No wonder the humans that fell were so freaked out.  He likes watching the zombie movies the best because he finds them pretty funny–the gorier the better.  None of it really phases him, but if you’re scared, you can cuddle into him anyday.  He’s going to take advantage of the situation, and each time you jerk, his hands slide down.

He might even try to make a bet with you to see if you can find anything that’ll make him jump.   Spoiler alert: you can’t.  

Nothing Personal - Smut

Originally posted by teen-wolf63

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader, mention of Stiles/Malia
Words: 2595
Requested by Anon: can you do a imagine where stiles and the reader are best friends and she likes him and he’s dating someone else and accidentally says the readers name during sex and realizes he’s actually in love with her. and she tells the reader and the reader confronts stiles and they confess their love for each other and you know you could add some smutty at the end if you want.
AN: This got funny. Also thanks to @toppunks for help with the title and the usual Scruffy Hoes for the banter at the end and in the middle. Enjoy!

Malia stalked up to you in the hallway, leaning against the locker next to yours, a sour look on her face, which was a normal expression for her.

“What’s up, buttercup?” You asked, shoving your books in your bag and slamming the door shut.

“Broke up with Stiles.” She glanced down at her cuticles, a look of disinterest on her face.

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Yoongi Scenario: Tension

Request: you should do #6 for yoongs from the Valentine’s prompts. Nothing too sexy though ah he.

“You like my dress?”
“I’m gonna like it a lot more later, when you take it off”

Genre: Fluff is a bit of a stretch but it’s not smut so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Warning: Some language, some suggestive themes

“Y/N! You’re early!”

You stood outside the BTS dorm clinging to your red trench coat to keep you warm. Namjoon was the one who had answered the door, and he stood there with his shirt not even buttoned all the way and his hair a mess.

“Are you just going to stand there or are you going to let me in?” You said, shivering. “It’s freezing!”

Namjoon stepped aside and let you inside. You’d had a pretty stressful week, both at work and in terms of your relationships, and you wanted nothing more than to spend a night at the club dancing your cares away. When you called your friends, the members of BTS, to see if they wanted to come along, only the older members seemed interested.

When you walked further inside you could hear Jungkook, Taehyung, and Jimin hollering away at the TV in the living room, probably playing video games. Sure enough, each one of them had a controller in their hands, and had barely noticed you’d walked in.

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You are never here when I wake up.

Nor when I go to sleep.

You haven’t been here for as long as I can remember, but I always thought it was just the way it was meant to be. I never asked for much, just love. But apparently, it was the hardest thing for you. And I am not sure if you ever loved me sincerely, Minhyun. I wish you would, but my late night crying over the phone while you were busy singing under the neon lights didn’t matter too much and all you could do was whispering sweet nothings over the phone from the other side of the world. You always said it was me who you would come back to and even if the world is against us, you said you will be next to me. But Minhyun, didn’t you realize you were the only one who was against me?

“I don’t think this is right.” You said while watching me pack my bags. “Why are you doing this? Am I not enough for you? What do you want me to do?!”

I didn’t answer. I just threw the rest of my clothes in the dark navy colored suitcase while you pulled them out again one by one. You grabbed my wrist and my name escaped your lips as a soft murmur. Your voice was shaky and you couldn’t do anything else other than biting your lower lip in an attempt to keep the cries you have been hiding from me muffled inside your throat. As I looked at your face, something felt different. And I am not sure if behind the dark circles hanging under your eyes and the pile of sleeping pills lying around the night stand, you were the same Hwang Minhyun I fell in love with.

“Please stay. I can’t do this without you, Y/N. I beg you.”

Your tears finally came to life when you spoke the last sentence. You were sobbing loudly while hugging my waist and I knew that if I stayed any longer I would forgive you. But not this time. I can’t afford to lose myself one more time just to mend your broken heart, Minhyun. Even if I wanted to… every inch of me is urging me to leave and to forget you were ever part of my life.

“Y/N please forgive me! I will do whatever it takes, just don’t leave me.”

I found myself laughing at your words. All in vain, I thought. I heard those promises for over a hundred times in the past year and it always made me weak. It made me forgive you, it made me love you, and it made me fall for you again. But then again, all that I wanted from you was love and you couldn’t give it to me. You preferred receiving and weren’t much of a giver when around me. And at first I understood because you needed compassion and affection in your job, you needed to feel loved, but you turned shallow and egoistic, but somehow something kept stopping me from leaving until today.

“Minhyun, do you love me?”

You seemed surprised at my question and just looked me in the eyes. Even when crying you were beautiful. And you have always been beautiful even with sodden eyes and chapped lips. Your lips are moving, but there is no sound coming out so we just continue to watch each other in silence. Your sobbing finally broke it and when I tried to move away, you held me tighter. I sat down on the bed and you placed your head in my lap whispering “don’t leave” over and over again like a mantra trying to protect yourself from the outer world. My hand passed through your hair and you grabbed it quickly and kissed my palm. I offered you a faint smile and raised your head with my other hand. You took the opportunity to cup my face and kiss me hungrily as if your life depended on it. My lips didn’t move, but that didn’t stop you from trying again and again to kiss me. I pushed you away while taking my suitcase in spite of all your yelling and cries. I opened the door, but stopped half-way to turn and look at you one more time.

“Minhyun, do you love me?”

My voice was calm in spite of my teary eyes as I waited for your answer. You were on your knees watching me blankly as hot tears rolled down your cheeks.

“No. I don’t love you, Y/N.”

Running from the truth.


Requested:  A one shot where the reader is a magic P.I. and the end up running away from an active crime scene and Graves pursues them, traps them and then holds the charge of the scene. 

Requested by: the awesome @anonymousglitchingowl I hope it’s good. It ended up being tweaked a bit by mistake, but I still hope you like it :)

Warnings: None

Word Count: 2520

You don’t know how it got to this point.

How it got this far.

But it did.

After years of working as a magical P. I. And seeing all the terrors you’d seen, you saw too much. You’d seen so much and you knew you couldn’t go back…

No matter how hard you tried.

No matter how far you ran.

The magic you’d seen that night had been evil. It had been dark, cold and unnatural. It had scared you to your very core and no one understood that. No one understood what you’d seen or why you decided to turn your back on everything.


Including him.

The very wizard you knew you couldn’t outrun. A wizard who’d found out where you were after months of hiding. Hiding in New York city was difficult to achieve, especially with the trace Macusa had put on every single person who worked for them, but you had managed to hide for eight months. Hiding in plain sight, but tonight was different.

You could see it in the sky, the way the lightning struck in the sky above you, the dark navy colors swirling as you stood there. You stand with your hand pressed against a broken window pane, eyes trained on the sky.

You don’t know how you figured it out, but you knew you’d been found. It was as if you could feel it in your bones. Your (e/c) eyes widen when a shaking bang comes from overhead, your eyes finding the ground in front of you.  The old house you’d found in the oldest neighborhood in New York City had been your home for a mere two hours, but as you looked around now, you felt as if you’d been there forever. It was as if time was standing perfectly still, your eyes seeming to find the faint silhouette of men and women wearing long trench coats, their wands showing because of the lit tips.

Your heart seems to skip a beat at the sight until you hear the faint whisper of his voice. A faint command that paralyzes you the moment you hear it.

“Close down the area…”

He rasps from a building across the room, his body emerging from the shadows to the moonlight in one swift movement. His coat seems to trail behind him like a cape, his sleek hair catching the light.

“… I’m in charge of what happens to her next.”

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Your Imperfections (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

Request: Yes

Summary: Reader is trying to end things with Sebastian because she thinks that she isn’t good enough for him.


There were always doubts in your head. A little voice that would tell you that you don’t belong no matter how much you tried. Sometimes you could ignore that voice, especially when you were surrounded with people who loved you. One of those people was Sebastian and around him, you found your home. A safe place where you actually saw your worth. Still, you had your bad days even next to him, but he understood because he really cared.

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