your face is so unfair

BTS reaction to their S/O blushing a lot

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Jin would feel the need to smother you with kisses every time you blush because of something he did.

“You’re my precious cinnamon roll. Too good for this world, too pure.”

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Yoongi would try to make fun of you but stops in the middle because he might just get a heart attack from looking at you.

“You look like a tommmmmmmmh STOP THIS. It’s unfair to be this cute!”

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Your blushing would be Joonie’s ultimate weakness. He would try to be all serious but the second he lays eyes on your face he has to smile his biggest, goofiest smile.

“That’s so unfair!”

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Hoseok would love your blushing because, to him it means that he can make you feel loved or surprise you. Not being able to make you blush would make him very sad.

“I love your blushing! It means I’m doing something right!”

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TaeTae would keep pinching your cheeks whenever you start blushing. To him it’s the most adorable thing ever.

“Aaaaaaaah, come here you cutie.”

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Jimin would start blushing whenever you blush. So the two of you would just keep blushing at each other’s adorableness until someone snaps you out of it.

“Yah! Stop being so cute!”

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Kookie would most likely tease you about it in a loving way.

“You’re blushing, that means you like meeeee.”

“I’m your s/o, Kookie.”

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The Tutoring Session

Requested By: Anonymous

Could I get a stan fic where him and the reader are studying and then end up kissing and I think that’d be cute but if you want to change it up pal you can

Heyo I was wondering if I could get a stan x reader, like really fluffy? Thanks again!

Pairing: Stan Uris x Reader

Description: You had gotten assigned by your History teacher to help tutor a student after school, only to find out it was the person you despised the most.

Warnings: Swearing, Stan being a lil shit, Inappropriate jokes

Word Count: 2,530 (Once again getting carried away yEET)

A/N: (Ignore the caption on the gif, I couldn’t find one that didn’t have text, but I wanted to use a gif of them at school.) ALSO, this is probably one of my favorite fics I’ve ever written??  It’s so funny to me and I just really enjoyed creating it, plus I gave Stan a different type of personality so he has more of Richie’s because I haven’t really seen many Stan fics out there like that soo :)))

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You didn’t know how you ended up in this situation, or why your History teacher decided today of all days was perfect to torture you. Mr. Clark had decided that you, of all people would stay after school and tutor one of his “not brightest” students. Letting out a groan in pure frustration you nodded, not really having a choice.

You were that kind of student that would study for a few hours, do your homework, ace tests, something the average student should do normally for school. And then you had the other population of students who didn’t do any of that and got confused as to why they were failing, thus forcing people like you to help them, when in reality they should be helping their selves.

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Untouched pt. 4

Bucky x reader

Notes: fluff, swearing, losing virginity, SMUT. 

Summary: the whole team is surprised to find out you’re still a virgin, and the news seems to make you more allegeable to some of the men around the compound. Bucky is no less surprised than the rest of the team, and finds it even harder to keep his eyes off you as he nurses a secret of his own, which he feels obliged to reveal to you after an incident in the training room.

The big moment! I hope I did it justice. :) 

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Cosmic Child [pt 4] (Jason Todd X Reader)

A/N: I took some painkillers and a nap so I’m feeling a little better! I’d written ¾ of this before my surgery so I decided to finish and post it! I had too many good ideas running through my brain for this series so I really wanted to write them out regardless of my bleeding gums HAHA. So here it is!

Jason Todd woke up with you in his arms. You were clutching to him firmly, your face nuzzled into his chest. He hoped his pounding heart wouldn’t disturb you as you slept.

It’d only been three weeks since they found you in their front yard but there was an undeniable attraction Jason felt towards you regardless. You were so naive and innocent, so interested even in the most mundane aspects of human life; but you were also extremely intelligent, your knowledge of the galaxy was so great and the pace at which you picked up on human behaviour was quick.

Jason glanced at the clock and noticed it was still extremely early, he knew no one in the manor was awake yet. Deciding to get a few more hours of sleep, he held you closer to him and fell asleep promptly.

“Todd, Alfred would like to know if- what the-” Damian was about to knock on his adoptive brother’s door only to discover that his doorknob had been destroyed; as though it had been melted but since has cooled down. He frowned in disbelief before pushing the door open with surprising ease.

The youngest Wayne walked into the room casually before letting out a gasp at the sight before him. “Father!” He yelled, waking both you and Jason up, as he scrambled out of the room.

You’d woken up with a start before recalling the incident that happened hours ago. You found yourself engulfed in Jason’s arms, your cheek pressed against his chest. He was warm and comfortable; you had no desire to leave your little cocoon of happiness.

“Good morning,” Jason said, his voice raspy. “Thank you for… everything,” he continued, looking at you with tired eyes.

“You’re welcome,” you responded with a yawn.

A moment passed with neither of you moving away from each other; both Jason and you were unwilling to leave the comforting presence of the other. However, eventually, Alfred’d called everyone down for breakfast so you had to break away from him.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Jason said as he stood by his bedside and stretched, his shirt lifting up to reveal his bare stomach; a sight that made you look away and blush. “Dick, his friend and I are going out for dinner later, do you want to join us?”

You felt a rush of excitement, realising that you hadn’t stepped out of the manor ever since you’d arrived on Earth. You then nodded in response, a joyful expression on your face.

Unfortunately, your excitement as short-lived as Bruce was extremely against letting you leave before discovering the full extent of your abilities. After Damian’d informed him about the doorknob, he instantly contacted the League, updating them on your now much more dangerous status.

“I’m sorry (Y/N) but I can’t let you leave unsupervised until we discover the extremity of your abilities,” Bruce said during breakfast, feeling a tinge of guilt once he saw your crestfallen face. He knew it was unfair to keep you indoors for so long but he couldn’t risk you hurting yourself or others with powers you didn’t understand.

“But she won’t be unsupervised,” Dick spoke up from across the table, mouth full of cereal. “Jason and I will be with her the entire time.”

“That’s not very comforting, Dick.”

“C'mon Bruce,” Jason said, looking at your disappointed expression, “it’ll just be for a few hours. Look, we can even get her some new clothes since all she has now are from Babs and Steph.”

“… Fine, but only for a few hours. Tomorrow I’ll bring (Y/N) to the League Watchtower for some tests.”

After breakfast, everyone went ahead with their respective plans, leaving you alone with nothing to do.

You sighed in boredom as you sat on the couch in the empty living room. All the others were in the Batcave, discussing some recent crimes that’d happened in Gotham.

You’d known about their vigilante personas just a few days after arriving on Earth, they’d decided to spill the beans after you discovered the Batcave by accident. You had walked in on Dick and Tim changing out of their respective outfits. It was an embarrassing moment you’d never forget; since it was technically your first embarrassing moment.

Out of sheer curiosity, you decided to go to the Batcave, hoping that you could observe how the boys did their jobs. It was rather fascinating to you, this idea of secret identities and vigilantism.

As you entered the underground lair, you could see Dick sparring against something humanoid but not exactly human. You walked closer, joining the rest of the men by the side who were watching the fight. It was a robot that, from what you could tell, was totally destroying Dick.

“What is that?” You asked your adoptive human father, standing between him and Jason.

Without taking his eyes off of Dick and the robot, he replied, “it’s something Alfred and I created. We’ve implemented all the fighting styles we could come up with into the robot. It’s virtually impossible to defeat but it’s really good for practice- end match!” He yelled at the end as Dick fell to the ground, bruised up quite badly. The robot responded instantly and stopped moving.

As he left the arena of sorts (a large square of safety mats on the floor), Jason went in and took his place. Your heart started to race, but for what, you didn’t know. Was it excitement? Or fear?

Regardless of what you felt, you watched the fight anyways. He did rather well, a lot better than Dick actually, but the match had just begun and you spoke a little too soon.

A good seven minutes passed and you could see he was faltering, he was good but not good enough. He was valiant, though, just like Dick, and kept fighting.

“He seems to be doing a lot better than last time,” Bruce Wayne commented, side glancing at you, “I wonder why.”

Bruce then turned to Tim and whispered something to him, you could’ve heard it if you wanted to but you were too focused on watching Jason. You did notice, however, Tim walking over to you. He looked rather nervous but before you could do or say anything, he hugged you. He was a little taller than you, so your view of Jason was suddenly obstructed. However, you could hear him suddenly grunting and gasping a lot.

He was distracted; but why? You managed to catch a glimpse of him, he was on the ground, about to get punched in the face by the indestructible robot.

Running purely on instinct, within a split second, you’d managed to escape from Tim’s grasp and shielded Jason with yourself.

You could feel time slow down as you held your hand up and starlight emitted from your fingers. This time it was much brighter and felt much more deadly. The metal hand collided with yours and it disintegrated into dust instantly. The dust looked familiar to you; it was the remnant of stars after they died- stardust.

Everyone in the room froze.

Jason was still behind you, on the ground, eyes widened at your sudden appearance and what you’d done. You were breathing heavily, hand still glowing with pure deadly energy. Dick, Tim and Damian’s expressions all looked the same; shocked and slightly fearful. Bruce Wayne simply smirked.

“Let’s end today’s training,” Bruce finally spoke, ending the silence. He gestured at Dick, Tim and Damian to go back up to the manor before he, himself, walked towards you and Jason. He kneeled down, taking a bit of the dust and rubbing it with his fingers. “This isn’t metal, not anymore,” he looked at you, “what is it?” He didn’t look angry, as you’d expected, but rather very intrigued and… impressed?

“It’s stardust,” you replied, throat suddenly very dry, “it’s what happens to a star after it dies.”

He nodded before standing back up and offering a hand to you, you shakily accepted his assistance as he helped you up. Jason got up, as well, an indescribable look on his face.

“I’ll talk to you about some stuff later,” Bruce said to his second oldest son, “but first I’ll need to tell Alfred his robot just lost a hand,” he chuckled. “No hard feelings, (Y/N),” he patted your shoulder. Then he left, leaving you and Jason alone.

Jason coughed to clear his throat, “so,” he said as you turned to face him, “you saved me, again.” He referred to the night before. He looked happy, staring at his feet, but also a bit… awkward.

You stepped closer to him before hugging his torso, you were still shaking with shock and nervousness. You were dangerous; you scared yourself. He wrapped a hand around you, you shuffled a bit closer, brushing against his upper thigh, when he scrambled backwards.

“Are- are you alright?” You asked, fear rushed through your veins, did you hurt him? Was he scared of you? You could feel a moistness in your eyes; your heart constricted painfully. “Did I hurt you? I’m sorry, I didn’t-”

“No, no!” He replied, his face was now contorted with worry, “you didn’t hurt me. I’m fine, I just-” he struggled to choose the words he wanted to say. He sighed before approaching you, “I’ll just be brutally honest… I was turned on by what you did and now I have a problem I need to fix with an eternal cold shower.”

Secrets {Part 1} // Eddie Kaspbrak

Word Count- 1698

Summary- You’re Stan Uris’ twin sister, and you two are as close as can be. That is, until you start dating one of his best friends behind his back, and go against his number one rule; no dating his friends.

Warnings; N/A

A/n; This was getting hella long and I still have a lot planned for this so I’m making it into two parts, will try to get part 2 out ASAP!

Requested; Yes! 

req; can you please do an eddie imagine? maybe one where the reader is one of the losers’ sisters so they date in secret but they all accidentally find out?



“Why can’t I go?” You asked, incredulously. It was a typical sunny day in Derry; blue sky, scorching heat. It was the perfect day  to go for a swim. Your brother had asked for the two of you to go out with your friends to the Quarry, and without a second thought, your father had agreed for Stan to go, but not yourself. “This isn’t up for discussion, young lady.” Your father said, sternly. “But- This is so unfair!” You argued, your face visibly showing your anger. “I said this isn’t up for discussion! Just go to your room, Y/N!” Your father snapped, and with a huff, you did so, slamming the door behind you.

“For fucks sake.” You whispered, throwing yourself onto the bed. You grumbled to yourself, rolling over. “Why can Stanley go, but not me?” Normally, it wouldn’t matter that much, as your father knew the boys well and didn’t think they were bad, but when it came to swimming at the Quarry with a bunch of teenage boys in your undergarments, he had his limits. Even if Beverly would be there, she didn’t have the best of reputations among the town, either. You understood he was trying to protect you, but it didn’t mean you were happy about it.

The sound of something hitting against your window made you turn in surprise. Walking up to it, you jumped when the same sound echoed through your quiet room. You saw it clearly now; it was a rock, but who’d been throwing them? Furrowing your brows in confusion, you slid open your window and peeked out, scanning the yard until your eyes fell upon a certain short brunette.

“Eddie?” You asked, peeling your window open ever so gently. The boy had a huge smile on his face, and motioned for you to climb down. You looked at your door with a hesitant glance, and smiled sadly at the boy. “Can’t. Dad won’t let me out with you guys today.” Eddie frowned, but you were quick to finish. “It’s alright, though! You guys go ahead and have fun. I have a lot of homework to catch up on anyways- we can’t all be as smart as my brother.” You attempted, and failed, to convince him. He shook his head, rolling his eyes.

“Y/N, you and I both know you want to come, so get your ass down here or I’ll haul mine up.” You blinked, a bit shocked, before biting your lip. “What about my dad?” You asked, unsure. “Stan’s distracting him, obviously. Hurry up, dammit!” Most people never would have really taken Eddie for such an impatient, demanding person, but you knew Eddie. You wouldn’t have thought it of him either, but you’d known him for as long as you could remember.

Sighing in defeat, you ever-so-careful climbed out of your window, jumping and landing on your feet with ease. It wasn’t as if you hadn’t done it before, you’d done it hundreds of times, but the last time you’d got caught, well, let’s leave it at the fact you were certainly not willing to go through it again. Still, you trusted Eddie, and besides, Stan wouldn’t let anything too bad happen to you, nor would the other losers. They were your family, and they had your back.

You walked over to Eddie, and the two of you glanced around, guaranteeing the coast was clear. Eddie quickly pressed his lips to yours, pulling away almost immediately. He pulled you into a hug, whispering into your ear. “I miss you. We never get any alone time, anymore.” Frowning, you pulled away. “I’m so sorry, Eds. I know this sucks, but we gotta go. Stan’s terrible at distractions.” Eddie sighed, but followed you anyway. You could tell he was hurt, but Stan couldn’t find out about the two of you.

It went against every rule in the book, yet it was such a common, stereotypical romance; the girl fell in love with her brother’s best friend, and the two date in secret without the brother knowing, with fear he’ll disapprove and risk losing their relationships with him.

It wasn’t that you didn’t want to tell Stan. Damn, you wanted to so bad. You two told each other everything, and you were as close as could be. He wouldn’t admit it, but you knew Eddie was dying to tell Stan and Richie as well; they were his best friends, after all. You knew how Stan was, though. Overprotective of you. He’d always been like this, even when you two were young. You remembered it like it was yesterday.

“Y/N, you can’t date any of my friends.” He’d told you, out of the blue. The two of you were on the swings in your backyard, rocking back and forth gently. Of course, you were both only 8 years old at the time, and it meant absolutely nothing to you. “Boys are gross, Stan! They have cooties!” You’d replied, sticking your tongue out at him. He sighed, and looked at you, seriously. “I’m serious, Y/N/N. I don’t wanna see you hurt. It would be even worse from my friends.” “I’m serious, Y/N/N!” you mocked, giggling. Stan sighed, the serious look unmoving from his face. “Fine, mr Grumpy! I won’t date your friends!” “Promise?” “Yes, Stan. I promise not to ever, EVER date any of your friends!”

If only you’d realized then how hard it would’ve been, maybe you wouldn’t have made the promise to your brother. Maybe you would’ve been smarter, had you only been a bit older, wiser. “I can’t make promises I can’t keep, Stanley.” If only you’d said something along the lines of that, you wouldn’t be flooded with the guilt you felt to this day. You didn’t want to have to break your promise to Stan. You tried so, so hard to push away your feelings, until finally, you couldn’t anymore. You knew if Stan found out, it would break him. The thought of breaking him, broke you.

As the two of you passed the window, you ducked while Eddie signalled Stan, to which he nodded, bidding your father goodbye and meeting you two outside. “Let’s get going then, we’ll be late.” Stan said, as the three of you walked down the driveway. “Dad’s gonna notice if my bike is missing, Stan.” You frowned, you knew Stan hated when you rode on the back of his bike. Stan pondered this, knowing you were right. “You can ride with me.” You both snapped your heads to Eddie, who was blushing bright red. You almost thought he would expose your entire relationship.

Stan looked unsure, before Eddie clarified. “I mean, I know you hate riding with another person, and I don’t mind.” Stan looked to you, and you nodded, indicating you were okay with it. “Alright, but don’t try anything with my sister, Kaspbrak.” He teased, but there was a serious tone to it that scared the both of you, just a little. Gulping nervously, you waited for Eddie to climb onto his bike before following suit, loosely wrapping your arms around his torso as he took a deep breath, following Stan as the three of you made your way to the Quarry.

Upon arrival, you were greeted with the Losers Club and the guilt of being with Eddie, though still present, was watered down and pushed away. Beverly, who was the only one who knew about your relationship, had raised eyebrows when you’d pulled up, arms wrapped around Eddie. She ever-so-subtly looked from Eddie to Stan, indicating her question evidently. You shook your head no, and mouthed “I’ll explain later”, to which she nodded.

The two of you stripped down to your undergarments, and without another word, both jumped off the ledge. “Holy fuck, how do they always do it without giving a shit?” Richie asked, dumbfounded. Even after all these times, he and the others still found it amazing that you and Beverly both jumped without hesitation. He and the others had their eyes trailed on the water, where you and Beverly had surfaced and were splashing each other, smiles bright on your faces. All except one; Stanley. He was too busy death glaring at Eddie. He saw the way Eddie’s eyes were trained on you from the moment you began to strip. None of the others seemed to notice Stan’s glare, however, and one by one, they all jumped, leaving Stanley standing alone. He shook his head at himself; neither you or Eddie would do something like that. He must’ve just looked at a bad time. “C’MON, STANLEY!” You called, and Stan sighed, before running and jumping off the cliff.

The rest of the day flew by, chicken fights occurred while you and Eddie supervised, lots of splashing, Richie making a comment or two about you and Beverly, and now you were laying beside Beverly, suntanning quietly. The boys were all staring at the two of you, both girls knew. Their gazes flicked between your two bodies, except Eddie’s, which stayed on your beautiful body. You and Eddie had been careful all day, up until this point, or so you’d thought. It just so happened that Stan had kept an eye on the two of you after his speculations that morning, and he had been right. You two were obviously much closer than the others; Stanley already knew this, because you and Eddie had always been quite close, but it was different. He saw the way Eddie looked at you, and it made his blood boil. The worst part of it all? You looked at Eddie the same way.

“THAT’S IT!” Stanley screamed, making the entire group jump, staring at him in shock. You and Beverly shot up, eyes blown wide. “What the fuck, Stan?” Beverly asked, taking off her sunglasses and squinting at your brother. “Why don’t we ask Eddie and Y/N, Hmm?!” You glanced at Eddie, then back at Stan. “What are you talking about, Stan?” You asked, a fake-confused tone hiding your nerves. “What am I talking about? Oh, I don’t know! Maybe about how you and Eddie are dating in secret, behind our backs?”

Audaces Fortuna Iuvat

Fortune favors the bold.

Harrison Wells x Reader

Words: 3376

A/N: I should put a gif of Harrison Wells since, you know, but seriously, this fits so whatever.

Originally posted by awesomewweus

“Oh my god.” Cisco said, jaw open, still in shock.

“I know!” You replied, eyes wide as you took in the scene before you.

“Oh my god.” Barry echoed, his hands in his hair, trying to process what he was seeing.

“Holy shi-”

“Don’t finish that sentence, Jesse,” a voice rang out over your intercom, momentarily reminding you that Caitlin and Harry were still listening in.

“But… look!” Jesse whispered, gesturing vaguely to everything in front of you.

“It’s… insane.” You finally decided, unable to choose just one word to describe what you were seeing.

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Pokémon Romance

Prompt: Stiles catches your favorite Pokémon, one you haven’t caught yet. So Stiles names it after you

Characters: Stiles x Reader

Warnings: Pokémon Go, not being able to catch your favorite Pokémon?, none

A/N: Prompt found here

Originally posted by mtv

Relaxing on the couch you were watching Orange Is the New Black when you heard the front door open. A few seconds later Stiles came rushing into your living room, shoving his phone in your face.

“You won’t believe what I just caught!”

You tilted your head back a bit until you were able to see the screen clearly.

“No way!” Your jaw dropped, “Where the fuck did you find a Dratini?”

“In Derek’s loft. It was sitting right on Derek’s face!” Stiles exclaimed excitedly.


You flopped down on the couch and hid your face in a pillow, mumbling “That’s so unfair! That’s my favorite Pokémon and I’ve been looking for it everywhere! The only thing I caught the last two weeks are stupid Zubats and Weedles.”

You felt the couch dip when Stiles sat down next to you, gently rubbing your back.

“That’s not helping, Stiles. I just want a fucking Dratini.”

There was a moment of silence before Stiles tapped your shoulder,

“Sit up, I wanna show you something.”

You groaned but heaved yourself in a sitting position. Stiles held his phone out to you, making you frown.

“Really? Now you’re bragging about it?”

“Just look at it, baby. I named it after you!”

You quickly snatched his phone out of his hands, peering at the screen.

“Aww, that’s probably the most romantic thing someone ever did for me,” you cooed.

Stiles grinned proudly and placed on hand on your neck, pulling you towards him.

Giggling you leaned up, making it easier for Stiles to press his lips against yours. Stiles groaned when you softly licked his bottom lip, eagerly opening his mouth for you while wrapping an arm around your waist to pull you on his lap.

You both were breathing heavily when you pulled back, leaning your forehead against Stiles’.

“Do you think Derek would mind if I come over to check if there’s another Dratini?”

Temporary Affairs

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 

Chapter 14. For Better or For Worse

“I’m not marrying him,” you said firmly.

The coffee mug fell from your mother’s hands, shattering on the table.  Coffee spilled across the cloth as your mother desperately tried to clean up the mess. 

“What?” your father asked.

“I’m not marrying Kim Jongin.  Ever,” your voice trembled. 

“_______ah, do you know what you are saying?” your mother asked. 

“Yes, if I was not clear enough.  I will repeat myself.  I will never, ever marry Kim Jongin,” you spoke.  Your knees wobbled. 

“Did you guys get into a small argument?  You were fine a few days ago.  He even came over during New Years,” your mother tried to downplay so that your father would calm down. 

“I don’t care if you want to or not, you are marrying him,” your father said sternly as he got up to leave. 

“Appa…” you called out then criticized, “Please.  You can’t use my marriage as a means for your business.  That is so unfair!”

A slap landed across your face.  Your palm pressed against your cheek as it throbbed.  Beside you, your mother’s hand shook in fear. 

“________ah, how dare you talk to your father like that!” she lectured. 

You burst into tears as you got up from your kneeling position.  Instantly, you stormed off to your room. 

“You are marrying Kim Jongin and you will marry him as soon as possible!” your father called after you.

Slamming your bedroom door, you slid down the wall, collapsing onto the floor like some unwanted trash. 


Due to your sudden outburst, the wedding was moved from May 20th to February 14th.  For the entire month, you begged and pleaded, kneeled and cried but your father was adamant about using your happiness as his source of financial stability.  Jongin called you all day everyday until you were desperate enough to rip your SIM card into pieces. 

Three days before the wedding, you went on a hunger strike.  You refused any food that came remotely close to you and locked yourself in your princess room.  By day two, dark rings formed under your eyes and you had no energy to even lift your body up, much less walk down the aisle.  A sad smile crept onto your face when you thought you succeeded.  However, on the night before the wedding, your father broke the door down.  Doctors and nurses rushed in securing an IV drip onto your wrist.  You thrashed around, trying to rip it off but they sedated you.  Your eyes rolled back and your body fell limp against your bed.  The last thing you heard before knocking out was your mother begging your father to let you go. 

When you woke up the next morning, you were still dizzy and weak but alive enough for your father to push you to the church chapel.  You refused to get dressed so some workers forcefully stripped you.  Crying, you covered your exposed body with your arms.  As they tugged on the corset straps, you coughed uncontrollably.  Your mother motioned for the maids to step out for a brief moment.  She placed a hand on your shoulder. 

“_______ah, my precious daughter.  Please stop fighting,” she begged. 

You sobbed, “I loved him I really did…but I can’t marry him”.

“Please, _______ah.  You know your father’s health is not good.  Last night, he fainted when he saw your pale face,” she tearfully spoke.

“W-what?” you asked, shocked.

“I understand that it is not fair that we must use your marriage as a way to keep us financially stable, but it is what it is,” she patted your arm. 

Turning to the mirror, you saw the bone that protruded out on your shoulders.  Your complexion looked like that of a ghost.  Blinking away tears, you nodded to your mother.  She sighed in relief and left. 

With shaking hands, you held your breath and tightened your dress.  The extra weight of the gown caused you to stumble backward.  Shaking your head, you grabbed onto a rail to steady yourself.  Quickly, you placed your headpiece on.  The veil cascaded down your face like waterfalls.  Soon after, the makeup guru came in to darken your pale skin and hide the bags under your eyes. 

Outside, the wedding bells began to ring.  You stood up from your chair and walked to meet up with your father.  Your mother’s words were true.  He had aged a decade in less than three days and you swallowed in guilt, feeling like you were the worst daughter on this planet. 

“Appa, sorry…” you apologized. 

Tears welled in his eyes but he blinked it back.  Your arm looped through his.  The Wedding March began to play.  You took a deep breath and walked toward the aisle, beside your father.  As the church door opened, you saw Kim Jongin for the first time in a month.  He was still as handsome as ever, though obviously agitated and much thinner.  With eyes staring back to yours, he watched you as you dragged your weak body down the aisle.  Your father took your hand and placed it onto Jongin’s outstretched palms.  Immediately, the bipolarity of temperatures caused you to flinch back.  You were burning up a fever and Jongin was as cold as ice.  Gazing around, the room spun and you almost collapsed over if it hadn’t been your husband’s strong grip on you. 

The preacher spoke words of introduction but all you heard were loud ringing noises in your ear.  By the time you had to say your vows, you were practically leaning your entire weight against Jongin.  He looked at you worriedly. 

“The groom will now say his wedding vows”, the preacher man spoke.

You both turned to look at each other. 

With his hands tightly holding yours, Jongin began, “I, Kim Jongin, choose you, ________ ________, to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part”.

Tears fell down your face as you desperately tried to believe his words but you couldn’t.  You just couldn’t.  But even though you couldn’t…from the soreness of your wounded heart, you knew you had no choice because you were in love.  Because love made you do stupid things. 

The preacher rambled on and on but you couldn’t concentrate enough to comprehend what he was saying. 

As Jongin squeezed your hands, you tearfully said, “I, ________ ________, choose you, Kim Jongin, as my lawfully wedded husband.  I promise to love you for today, always, and eternity, to accept you for who you are and to cherish you no matter what the circumstances are, to listen to your words, and to trust you with my heart, through sorrow and success, for all the days of my life.     

You looked up to see your husband’s face swamped in tears.  Shaking, he slipped the wedding band onto your hand.  You took his hand and held it against your chest before placing the ring onto his finger. 

“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride!” the preacher spoke. 

Instantly, Jongin cupped your face and he kissed you desperately, like none before.  Through your tears, you kissed him back with just as much passion.  Because even if he didn’t love me…it didn’t and never will stop me from loving him.  The crowd cheered.  When you parted lips, you almost fainted, yet again, but your newly wedded husband knew enough to hold you tightly. 

“Oppa…” you whispered as he stroked your face. 

He kissed you a few times again and you clung to him until you had no more strength to even hold on any longer.  As soon as the pre-session ended, you collapsed into your husband’s arms. 

“_________ah.  _________!” he called, shaking your weak body. 

Instantaneously, he lifted you up.  You closed your eyes to stop the vertigo from escalating but it does not help. 

“O-oppa, I’m really dizzy,” you weakly say. 

As you discovered your heart racing, your breathing turning labor, and your vision blurring, you felt a smile curl onto your lips for even if you died this moment, you got to experience the beauty of being in love and now officially being Jongin’s wife.  You were satisfied with just that…  A tear rolled down the corner of your eyes, dropping onto Jongin’s hands that held tightly onto your feeble frame.   

In a resting area, he gently placed you down on a sofa.  Taking off his blazer, he wrapped it around your bare shoulders.  You began to cough uncontrollably.  Jongin got up for his seat but you pulled him back. 

“Don’t go.  I’m scared,” you whimpered.  Because I’m selfish and I want you to stay with me just a little longer.    

“I was just going to get you some water,” he coaxed, stroking your hair. 

You shook your head, which only made you dizzier.

“Okay, okay.  I’ll stay.  Shh…” your husband said, holding your hand to his lip. 

Struggling hard to stop trembling, you ended up wheezing for air.  Jongin rubbed the sweat from your temples as you burned up with a high fever. 

“We need to go to the hospital,” he informed and began to lift you up but you stopped him. 

“No.  No.  No.  We need to be at the wedding reception tonight,” you murmured.

“No, we are not going with you like this,” Jongin firmly replied. 

Despite the expected vertigo, you still violently shook your head.  Tears brimmed on the corners of you eyes and you begged, “Oppa, please…I need to do this”. 

Jongin closed his eyes, no longer being able to watch you suffer like this.  You lifted your hand up to caress his face.  He held onto your hand. 

“Oppa, thank you for taking me as your wife,” you tearfully whispered before your body depleted of energy and your hand fell to your side. 

“Jagiya!” your husband screamed, shaking you conscious. 

Your eyes weakly opened again and you jolted upright, coughing convulsively.  As you were semi-conscious, you recalled a medical professional walk into the room, hooking an IV drip to your wrist.  Jongin continued to stroke your forehead, worriedly. 

“Oppa…” you heard your voice call out.  Please don’t leave me yet. 

“I’m here.  I’m right next to you,” he frantically answered, holding tightly onto your outstretched hand. 

Your body slumped back down in relief.  Leaning over, he kissed you on your forehead.  His kiss felt like an ice cube melting on a fireplace.  You shivered and he lifted the blazer to cover you more properly.  Though your eyelids dangerously swung, you tried your hardest to stay awake, cherishing every minute, every second you still had left with the man you foolishly gave your heart to.  But the medication was slowly making its course throughout your body and gradually the darkness welcomed you into its embrace.    

You dreamt of happier times.  Times when you two used to bicker, times when he used to wrap you up in his warm jacket, times when you fit perfectly into his caress like a puzzle piece, and times your lips met, spilling out subdued feelings and emotions. 

When you were awake again, it was already pitch black outside.  For a brief moment the darkness was so alike your dream that you hadn’t realized your spirit had returned back to reality.  You stirred in your sleep and jerked up when you remembered that your attendance was needed at the wedding reception. 

“Jagiya, be careful,” you husband warned. 

“Oppa, the wedding reception…” you spoke, your voice now much stronger thanks to the much-needed rest. 

“Don’t worry, it hasn’t started yet,” he replied, rubbing his thumb over your cheek and neck. 

You sighed in relief, slouching your sore body back against the sofa.  Your husband stared at you for the longest time before slowly leaning forward to give your lips a gentle peck.  You stared into his eyes, trying hard to decipher his inner motive but all you saw were utter sincerity.  So you made the decision to accept him back, even if it was a lie because you weren’t brave enough to lose him nor live a life knowing that he had taken your heart captive.      

“You always make me worry about you,” he whispered, gazing back into your big, round eyes. 

“S-sorry…” you quietly apologized, looking down on your hands in guilt.

“But I want to spend the rest of my life worrying about this clumsy girl, who likes to trip on flat surfaces, has a stomach of a five year old’s, and doesn’t ever know when to stop talking,” he confessed. 

A few teardrops fell onto your wedding dress.  Jongin tenderly wiped them away with his thumb.  You held his hand to your face, inhaling the warmth of his skin against yours.  A meager giggle escaped from your lips, through the tears.  Biting your lip, you tried your hardest to hide your foolish grin that began to creep on your face but failed miserably.  Oh what the heck… You stretched both your arms to cling onto your husband’s neck.  His arms slid around your waist as you two wrapped each other in a tight embrace.  Slightly turning, he lovingly pecked your cheek.  You snuggled into the crook of his neck. 

“Ahem,” someone cleared her throat at the door. 

Reluctantly, you separated from your husband to see whom the intruder was.  She was none other than your mother-in-law. 

“Omma…” Jongin complained, throwing his head back in frustration. 

You smiled sadly at his reaction.  At least he wants me enough to feel angry? 

Bowing, you greeted, “Omunim”.

She walked over to you and patted your hands. 

“________ah, how are you feeling?” she asked worriedly.

“I’m feeling a lot better.  Sorry for making you worry, Omunim,” you replied. 

She patted your hand again and asked, “Do you think you can go to the reception?”

You nodded but Jongin furrowed his eyebrows at you. 

“Are you sure?  Don’t force yourself if you don’t feel well,” she reasoned but you nodded again. 

“If anything, Oppa will be right beside me,” you answered then turned to your husband, “Right, Oppa?”

His lip smacked into a thin line and he looked at you unimpressed but didn’t complain any further.  As you stood up, you realized your brain was still a little hazed but you blinked a few times to ease the symptoms.  Jongin reluctantly let go of your hand so you could follow your mother-in-law to get dressed for the reception party. 

Changing into a light blue empire waist gown, you smiled at your healthier reflection.  Your skin tone appeared a lot warmer and your cheeks blushed a sweet pink, even without makeup.  The makeup guru looked at you with a pleased expression and you bowed at her to thank her for her hard work.  As soon as you stepped out of the changing room, you encountered your worried husband leaning against the hallway wall.  Immediately, he straightened himself up and smoothed out his shirt.  He is so handsome.  _______ah, let’s just pretend everything is real.  You threw on a grin.  Walking up to him, you helped him fix his tie.  His fingers laced over your hand. 

“How is this even fair?  Men change into another shirt but look exactly the same.  Girls change and they look like a whole different person,” you jokingly whined to pick up the tensed aura between you two. 

“You’re still the same beautiful goddess to me,” Jongin said with a serious tone.

You paused your fidgeting of his tie to stare into his deep, dark eyes that replicated the twinkling stars in the mist of a galaxy.  Do you really mean it?  Or are you saying it to mess with my heart?  Because, you win, Kim Jongin, you win.  Even if you don’t mean it, I’ll believe it.    


Sighing and blinking back tears, you shyly fidgeted with his sleeve and murmured, “I knew you were trouble…” 

“What did you say?” he crooked his neck to slyly look at you, before pecking you on the lips.  I’ll believe you…even if you don’t mean it.    

Closing your glossy eyes, you tiptoed and placed you lips against his.  He bent over and pulled you closer to him.  With a shaky whimper, you wrap your arms around his waist, clinging onto this moment as if it was the last.  Smiling, he teasingly licked your lips, causing you to shyly blush.  You flirt.  You slapped his chest playfully while he pulled you into a hug.  With a contented sigh, your arms curled around his waist again.  Maybe, you could find happiness with this man.  Maybe he did love you.  At least, I’ll keep telling myself that…because that’s all I can do now…

“Jongin-ah.  _______ah,” Jongin’s mother called and motioned for you two to go over, “It’s time to go in”.

Your husband threw his head back and whispered, “Omma is such a cockblock”.

Laughing, you intertwined your hands into his and dragged him to join your mother-in-law.         



a/n: Gahhh angsty chapter >3<  BUT THEY’RE MARRIED.  YAY.  Break up didn’t last at all…but so sad just when the girl started to believe that Jongin loved her…now even though they’re married she doesn’t believe him o(╥﹏╥)o

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Hi, I wonder if you know how ridiculously pretty you are it's so unfair??? like was your face crafted by Aphrodite herself?? am so unsure how someone can look like they just crawled out of a disney princess movie????!??


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>> You cling to Karima and bury your face against her. It’s so unfair that your own creator let you get your ass kicked among all the other things they’ve done to you. Clearly they just want you to suffer.