your face is so unfair

Pokémon Romance

Prompt: Stiles catches your favorite Pokémon, one you haven’t caught yet. So Stiles names it after you

Characters: Stiles x Reader

Warnings: Pokémon Go, not being able to catch your favorite Pokémon?, none

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Relaxing on the couch you were watching Orange Is the New Black when you heard the front door open. A few seconds later Stiles came rushing into your living room, shoving his phone in your face.

“You won’t believe what I just caught!”

You tilted your head back a bit until you were able to see the screen clearly.

“No way!” Your jaw dropped, “Where the fuck did you find a Dratini?”

“In Derek’s loft. It was sitting right on Derek’s face!” Stiles exclaimed excitedly.


You flopped down on the couch and hid your face in a pillow, mumbling “That’s so unfair! That’s my favorite Pokémon and I’ve been looking for it everywhere! The only thing I caught the last two weeks are stupid Zubats and Weedles.”

You felt the couch dip when Stiles sat down next to you, gently rubbing your back.

“That’s not helping, Stiles. I just want a fucking Dratini.”

There was a moment of silence before Stiles tapped your shoulder,

“Sit up, I wanna show you something.”

You groaned but heaved yourself in a sitting position. Stiles held his phone out to you, making you frown.

“Really? Now you’re bragging about it?”

“Just look at it, baby. I named it after you!”

You quickly snatched his phone out of his hands, peering at the screen.

“Aww, that’s probably the most romantic thing someone ever did for me,” you cooed.

Stiles grinned proudly and placed on hand on your neck, pulling you towards him.

Giggling you leaned up, making it easier for Stiles to press his lips against yours. Stiles groaned when you softly licked his bottom lip, eagerly opening his mouth for you while wrapping an arm around your waist to pull you on his lap.

You both were breathing heavily when you pulled back, leaning your forehead against Stiles’.

“Do you think Derek would mind if I come over to check if there’s another Dratini?”


jonathan toews + indignation over penalty calls

“But I didn’t even do anything! Fucking horseshit fucking call.” – Jonny, probably