your face is really unfair

ITS NEVER TOO LATE! (Andy Biersack Imagine)
{Requested by anon :3}

A/N-I really do not like writing anything with the S word in it no matter if it happens in the imagine or not, but the request sounded pretty cute.

It was a very dark night, you were sitting on your bed alone in the your dim room, the only source of light was comming from the moon in the black sky that was shining through your window.
You could clearly see the specks of light on your carpet. Apparently thats all your eyes could look at. In fact, this wasnt the first night where you just stayed up and sat in the dark. You probably even lost count, the reason why you stayed up for so many nights was because you were surprised. Surprised that you made it another day without doing what you were planning on doing to yourself.
For months now you were considering taking away your own life, you didnt really have a particular reason why, actually you had some reasons, but you just had those thoughts going through your head for a while now. And your sadness did not help either.
Every day you would think that it was your last, but somehow, you always ended up doing nothing. Maybe it was because you have one speck of light in your darkness, and you knew just who that light was. Your boyfriend Andy.
Everytime you were around him, it was like you came out of the darkest tunnel ever.

But even though he always managed to put a smile on your face, your smile would quickly fade away when he left your side.
It was like you walked back into that tunnel, because you just had no one else to keep that smile on your face.
Your parents were always unfair and fighting all the time, your friends would never really be there for you, sometimes you wondered why you would even call them your friends.
And your family just wasnt family to you, hell you might as well be strangers, because thats the way you would always treat each other. Life would be complete hell if it wasnt for Andy being around.
It was way passed midnight now, your eyes now turned to your clock on the desk, four in the morning, you grabbed the pills that were next to the clock and just focused on them now.
You traced the top of the bottle with your fingers.
“Guess not tonight….” you whispered. You placed the pills back on the desk and finally fell asleep.

The next morning, you woke up and the sun was now the one shining through your window.
You sat up in your bed and rubbed your eyes to clear your blurry vision. You yawned and flinched when you heard something bang against the wall, you quickly got out of bed and rushed outside your bedroom.
Your eyes widned a little to see a broken vase on the floor, you walked over and picked up the pieces, then you heard shouting comming from your parents’ room.
“I am sick and tired of you doing this to me!!” you heard. Some more yelling was done and then you heard,
“Well fuck you you son of a bitch!!”
Then some more brutal language comming from the both of them.
You couldnt hear anymore of this, your home life was a total disaster.
You went back inside your room and locked the door, a tear went running down your soft face, you couldnt believe that from the moment you open your eyes, misery begins to take over.
You just couldnt stand it anymore, immediately your brain reminds you of the deadly bottle you had on your desk.

You lifted your head and saw the pills just sitting, as if they were just waiting for you to take them.
You shook your head at first because you thought of your boyfriend, what would happen if he found out his girfriend that he had so much love for is dead? You couldnt even begin think how his reaction would be.
The shouting of your parents became even louder, you grabbed your hair hard, you felt like ripping it off your scalp, things were just getting way worse.
You marched right up to your desk and grabbed the bottle, more tears ran down your eyes, you were about to open them and then suddenly,
“Bzzz..bzzzzz” your phone was vibrating loudly.
You snapped back into reality and put down the pills, you saw the caller ID and immediately your face lit up when you saw Andy’s photo.
You swiped your finger on the green button and placed the phone against your ear, “H-hello?”
“Hey (Y/N), I didnt think you would be up this early.”
“Well…my parents wont exactly let me sleep.” You tell him, looking at the door.
“Why is that?”
“ mom and my dad are…having a really loud conversation.”
“I see, well anyways I was hoping, maybe you want to come over to my house later on?” he asks. That was most definately an opportunity you did not want to pass on.
“Of course, want me to go now? I’ll just get ready.” You say.

“Yeah of course, I’ll go and pick you up in a bit.”
“Awesome.” you said, the smile returning to your face.
“Okay I love you, cant wait to see you.”
“I love you too Andy, later.” you hung up the phone and immediately got your clothes together. That one phone call saved you.
Moments later after you brushed your teeth, got out of the shower, put on your makeup, fixed your hair and got your outfit on, you were relieved to see that nobody was in the house when you walked into your living room.
“Mom?!…dad?!” you called out, no answer, “Thank God.” you muttered to yourself.
You head your doorbell ring and ran to the door, there stood your angel, all dressed in black, the only other color were from his blue eyes. His gorgeous hypnotizing eyes that were all for you.
A clear and bright shining smile that formed on his beautiful face when those blue eyes caught sight of you.
“Hey there.” you greeted, looking up at him since you were so short next to him.
His strong and long arms tenderly wrapped around your waist pulling you close to him, he didnt say a word, he just proceeded to kiss those lips of yours that he was so hungry for.
“Hey baby.” he whispered when he leaned away, leaning his forehead against yours. You felt so at peace with him, you had even forgotten about the horrible fight your parents were having.

“You ready to go?” he asked sweetly as he stroked your cheek.
You smiled and nodded as a response.
He kissed your lips once more and grabbed your hand, “Lets go then.” he says.
You were about to leave with him but then you remembered something,
“Hang on I forgot my sweater in my room.” You said.
“Thats okay I’ll get it for you.” he insisted.
“Okay thanks love.” you tell him.
He smiles at you once more and leaves to your room.
He finds the sweater on your bed but then he spots something else, something that really caught his attention when he happened to glance at it.
He approached the bottle of pills you had, and meanwhile you were in the living room, that is exactly what you remembered.
Without a second thought you ran as fast as you could to your bedroom, only to find Andy already looking at the bottle in shock.
“Shit…” you muttered.
“Andy…” you spoke in a shakey tone as you slowly walked to him. “What the hell are these for (Y/N)?” he questioned.
You stood quiet, trying to think of a good excuse but you failed.
“Answer me!” he demanded.
“They were to kill myself okay…” you confessed.

Andy became super shocked and speechless, he did not know what to say except for one word,
“Because my life sucks, my friends are not my real friends my parents are too busy fighting all the time to give a shit about me…” you trailed off and began to cry. You couldnt help it, the huge lump in your throat became bigger and bigger the more you explained.
Andy held you close the pills still in his hand.
“(Y/N), I know life is hard, but you shouldnt punish yourself for it this is not your fault, Im sorry youre going through all of this but dying in not the answer baby, look at me.” he says lifting your chin up, you were shocked to see his eyes watery, looks like just the thought of the whole thing terrifies him.
“I dont ever want you to think about killing yourself again, please dont ever think about that shit again, I would go crazy if I were to lose you, Im here to let your feelings out, Im your shoulder to cry on, this isnt going to help you!” he says holding the bottle to your face, causing you to cry more, he was now teary too.
“Tell me what to do, I’ll do anything to make the pain go away.” he beggs holding you tighter than before.
You shook your head, “You do that everytime I see your face Andy..” you whisper.
You nodd, “You always make the pain go away.” you assure him.
He hugged you and went to tossed the pills down the sink of your bathroom. You didnt fight him, you thought it was good that he did that.
When he came back he pulled you down on your bed to sit next to him.

Andy placed you on his lap carrying you and rocking you back and fourth. Then he started humming a familiar song to you then he started to sing to you Never Too Late by Three Days Grace while looking into your pretty eyes.
“Even if I say It’ll be alright Still I hear you say
You want to end your life, Now and again we try
To just stay alive, Maybe we’ll turn it all around
‘Cause it’s not too late
It’s never too late.” he sang. He wiped the tears from your face and rested his head on yours when he was done singing.
“Andy..Im sorry.” you cried.
“No honey, you have nothing to be sorry about.” He assured you.
“But I scared you..”
“Its alright, the important thing is that youre still alive, and Im gonna do everything I can to keep it that way.”
“Can you stay with me tonight?”
You chuckled and nodded, “Of course I can.”
You were drifiting off to sleep, for the first time in a while you slept peacefully not even thinking about the death pills.
“Andy?…”you muttered.
“Yes baby?”
your eyes were now closed but you smiled once more when you said the words..
“Thank you for being my light…”

(Survive life my loves, you can do it ❤️)