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Window Pain - Part 1

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Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Warnings: cursing, and mentions of cheating I guess

Prompt: this is a cute little series I’ve been thinking about and I’m finally writing it! (i spelled window pane wrong on purpose you’ll see)

Word Count: 1,350

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You set another dish in the sink as you gazed at your reflection in the window placed in your kitchen. You see your reflection staring back at you. You think back on your life, your achievements, and how you got to where you are today.

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Fields of gold (Thor x reader, songfic)

Pairing: Thor x reader

Warnings: Fluff, smut.

Author notes:

  • y/n is your name. 
  • This is a songfic inspired to “Fields of gold” by Sting which is one of my favorite songs, so I’ve been working hard at this and I really hope you’ll like it. 
  • Again, forgive me for any mistake.

Well, it’s a songfic, so listen to the song, you’ll love it.

Reader’s pov

With the wind in your hair you were sitting on your balcony, a beautiful countryside was there, right before your eyes, and it did nothing but remind you of him.
Thor had left about six months ago, you didn’t even know if he was on Asgard or on some distant battlefield, all you knew was that he hadn’t sent you letters in ages and you were so scared.
Your eyelids shut instinctively while your mind was going back to the beautiful moments you had spent together, you looked back to those days when the two of you used to lay in the fields of gold around your parents’ country house, you went there whenever you could since your parents rarely did the same.
Thor had loved that place since you first brought him there, he called it “your little piece of heaven”, the first time he made love to you it was on that golden grass during a summer night.
Your eyes filled with tears and you covered your face with your hands, you didn’t want to cry but you couldn’t help it.

“Why is my queen crying?”
Your eyes raised as you heard that voice and you found him there, smiling widely.
That couldn’t be real.

“Thor?! Please tell me you’re really here. ”
Your trembling voice was so low you could barely hear it, the blonde god slowly walked up to you and placed his big hands on your cheeks, wiping away your tears with his thumbs.

“My love, I’m here and I will never leave you again for such a long time”

Gently he brushed some locks of hair escaped from your elasticband, his beautiful blue eyes were staring at you and he was just so handsome.  

”But how did you know I was there?”

Thor laughed loudly throwing back his head, then he playfully kissed the tip of your nose.
-Hey, I’m a god, I know everything-

-Or maybe Heimdall knows everything- 
You teased him, a giggle escaped your mouth and a few moments later he placed his soft lips on yours in a painful slow way, your hands run through his long hair pushing him closer to you and you finally felt complete.

“I love you so much, Thor. So much”

You murmured those words while resting your forehead on his, your fingers desperately interwined.

“Let me show you how much I love you, my lady”
He lifted you bridal style and went back inside, he didn’t stop in front of your bed though, in fact he took  you downstairs and went out shutting the door behind him. His muscular body was so warm, you felt safe in his strong arms so you totally relaxed, resting your head on his chest. He walked for a few minutes, none of you said a single word, then he stopped in the middle of the field and put you down.

He moved your hair behind your ear once more and gave you one of the most beautiful smiles you had ever seen, then he kissed you again, his right hand caressing you cheek.

“Do you remember the first time y/n?”
He was whispering , it was like he wanted to keep the whole world out of that conversation, it was sort of a little secret between you and him.

“You were so beautiful…”

His fingers left your cheek and went down your neck, on your shoulders until he lowered the straps of your light dress and caused it to fall at your feet, leaving you half-naked in front of him.
“So vulnerable”

You felt your cheeks burning under your lover’s eyes as he continued, you were a little embarassed even though that was anything but your first time. Thor took off his cloak and placed it on the ground before he made you sit on it, following you soon after.
You sat down on his pelvis while your noses were constantly touching, you felt your heart racing as he caressed your smooth face again.

“And your cheeks were red, just like now”

He smiled slightly as you took his hand still placed on your cheek and slowly kissed his fingertips.

“And I felt so incredibly lucky that you were going to be mine.”

He was always so sweet and you couldn’t explain how much you adored it, so you stayed silent, listening to his loving words, your chest barely containing your heart. 
Thor pressed his lips on yours in a quick kiss before taking up what he was saying.

“You know, I’m feeling like that right now”

He broke the eyecontact for a moment and you could’ve sworn that he was blushing, anyway he immediately raised his head, kissing you urgently.
His hands were now on your back, searching for your bra clasp and, when they finally found it, he took off your brassiere exposing your soft chest. A moan escaped his lips at that sight and he startest kissing your breasts, your breath got heavier at the pleasant feeling, but after a few seconds you cupped his face lifting it in order look into his eyes.

“You’re still completely dressed, my king”
Your hands moved on his armor, trying to remove it, but it was quite difficult, so he gave you a little help and, when you both were finally shirtless, Thor wasted no time and held you tight, your naked chest pressed against his and your legs were around his torso, keeping him close.
Thor let down your hair never interrupting your hungry kiss, one of his hands was on the back of your neck, the other was holding your hip as he pushed himself towards you, desperately trying to create a friction.
Soon you had to break the kiss to grab some air and he laid you down, your back was now on his cloak and he was between your legs.
He placed his lips on your neck, biting and licking it and you whimpered, feeling a heat in your lower stomach which increased when he trailed his fingers between your thighs, pushing your panties aside. He teased you for a while until his need became umbearable, so he removed his last clothes and your underwear.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this… How long I’ve wanted you, my love”

The sun was going down and his features appeared even more beatuiful in that light as he pulled his messy hair back, then he held one of your hands above your head while connecting your bodies and the whole world stopped at that very moment; you moaned in pleasure, biting his shoulder, your right arm wrapped around his back, you placed soft kisses on his neck and jawline until you reached his hungry lips. He started moving slowly, while both of you were repressing your moans in those deep kisses.

“D-don’t leave again”
You prayed between your gasps and he held your left hand tighter, biting your lower lip.

“Never again”
He breathed those words against your mouth and you felt your pleasure building and building, you involountairly scratched his skin and threw your head back, letting him kiss your neck and breasts.


His thrusts became harder as he understood you were close, you shut your eyes, but you could clearly hear his moans.

“Let go, y/n. I’ve got you”

You reached your climax and he followed you a few moments later, your breaths were heavy as he collapsed on your soft chest and you put your free hand through his hair, still trying to catch some air.

“You know, It’s funny”
He giggled, lifting his head to meet your eyes, your eyebrows twitched in a frow.


He placed one simple kiss on your lips before answering.

“When I was younger I used to think I had everything a man, or better a god, could desire, and it’s funny because now I understand how poor I was before I found you”

New oneshot: Prepare for trouble and make it double

This is a oneshot for @teamrocketfanart. I hope you like it (the last part is a little bit short, BUT (SPOILER ALERT!) there will be a big wedding in my fanfiction “Until all eternity” if my readers want to. The next thing I’m going to upload is the tenth chapter of my longest story “UAE”. Have fun and thanks for your support :)

Prepare for trouble and make it double

Jessie, James and Meowth flew in a high arch through the air, eventually hitting the cold hard ground of an untraveled street surrounded by fancy terraced houses. The magenta-haired woman bobbed up, narrowed her eyes to a slit and tried to recognize the place in which they had landed. Jessie’s head was throbbing, the violent collision had caused a blurry and distorted vision. She staggered like a drunkard towards her team-mates.

„Where are we? This sure doesn’t look familiar to me,“ she wondered while culling her belongings that were spread over the sidewalk. Jessie reached for her ruby red lipstick and her grass-green earrings, stowing them into her leather pouch. James shook his head and sat up. His whole body trembled and he felt dizzy and disoriented. He couldn’t remember what happened before the impact. Why did they blast off again? Did they lose an encounter with the twerps? Did Pikachu give them a sample of his powerful electric moves? James had a quick glance at his partner and looked quite surprised.

„Jessie! What are you wearing?“ he was completely startled by her unusual sight and thought that this was a side effect of a possible concussion.

„What do you mean? I’m wearing my uniform, you fool!“
Jessie snorted derisively and crossed her arms in front of her chest.

„Dis is not yous uniform, Jess,“ Meowth put in his two cents. He made a stab at standing up, his knees were wobbly and he clinched to James’ arm to find his footing.

Jessie looked down at herself, carefully examining her dress. It was navy blue and speckled with white dots. The cut of the dress was elegant and reminded her of a picture she had seen in a vintage magazine. Her hands moved upwards, frisking her hair that was worn quite sleek and smooth, with a slight wave at the front. Her outstretched fingers passed gently over a scarlet red headband that was made of plastic. Two pearl earrings adorned her porcelain face. Jessie flashed a smile.

„Pass me your hand mirror, James! I want to admire my immortal beauty,“ she snatched at the item and looked at herself in the mirror.

„Truly unique!“ Jessie was really carried away by that pleasant sight. A flawless complexion and perfectly painted kissable lips. She was a feast for the eyes.

„What does this portend? Where are we?“ James asked, visibly frightened.

„Look over there!“ Meowth pointed at a poster stand only a few meters away. Team Rocket got back on their feet and walked up to the adverstising board that was lit by a streetlamp. There was a picture of a man with blonde hair and a pompadour. He grinned ear to ear, his fingers sliding over a piano keyboard. He was wearing a striped suit, his name was Jerry Lee Lewis. Jessie didn’t notice anything unusual at first glance. He was probably putting on a big concert in the city hall of this inconspicuous place, but James caught sight of the date and let out a scream. He couldn’t belive his eyes.

„It says the concert takes place tonight at nine o’clock,“ he swallowed hard.
„What’s so bad about it? Why are you flinching? You look as though you’d seen a ghost“, Jessie scolded

„Take a look at the date,“ he said with a quavering voice, pointing at the big brown number on the yellow background, right behind Lewis’ ears. Jessie and Meowth pushed their friend aside and stared at the ciphers disclosing the present year: 1957.Meowth’s jaw dropped, Jessie jumped out of her skin. She stepped back.

„How’s that even possible? Did we do some kind of time travel? Is this a feeble joke? Who wants to frame us?“ she worked herself up. James spotted a wrinkled piece of paper on the sidewalk. He picked it up and tried to smooth out the single pages.
He checked the date in the top right corner of the newspaper that confirmed their journey to the past.

„Pinch me! Maybe, this is just a dream and I’m about to wake up,“ Jessie asked and Meowth acceded to this request, but nothing changed. They were still standing next to the poster stand, unsettled and suspicious.

„This could be a test,“ James assumed. „They want to put us through our paces, they want to check our exercise capacity and see whether we’re able to deal with the pressures or not,“ he considered. Jessie was by no means convinced of James’ theory.

“Or maybe, we’re just victims of a mass hysteria,“ Meowth whispered.

„Maybe we’re no longer ourselves,“ Jessie presumed with regard to her superficial change.

Why would they send the trio back in time? This was a mystery which had to be solved.

Suddenly, they could hear footsteps coming closer. An elderly woman, clad in swamp green, called for a certain Lady Jessica.

„Quick! Go hide behind the bushes, we must not be seen together!“ Jessie ordered. James and Meowth jumped headfirst into the dense scrub and took cover. They peered through the brushwood in order to observe the scenery. The woman walked up to Jessie and grabbed her hands.

„I was sick with worry, Lady Jessica. Where have you been today?“ the elderly woman wanted to know. Jessie had no idea who that lady was. She had curly vermilion hair and steel-blue eyes.

„I was busy,“ Jessie answered, trying to come up with a credible excuse. The woman began to wipe the dirt off Jessie’s dress. „Look at you, totally soiled and your hair is more than tousled. We need to fix this before you’re going to meet John,“ she explained. Jessie’s eyes widened.

„Who’s John?“ Jessie asked, giving a jerk as the woman bored a metallic bobby pin into her scalp. She was coarse and didn’t handle Jessie with kid gloves.The elderly lady laughed out loud.

„You little jokester! John is your fiancé and tomorrow, you’re getting married,“ the woman exclaimed, ramming another barrette into Jessie’s hair.

„I’m getting married?“ Jessie was more than astonished.

„She’s getting married?“ James and Meowth whispered in unison. This was a major piece of news. „Who would marry a prickly character like Jessie?“ Meowth wonderd, casting the branches aside to obtain a better view of the curious events.

„Of course, you are. He’s a splendid specimen! You’ve greatly exceeded the nubile age, it’s time to marry you off to a decent and career oriented gentleman who cares for you and who offers you the possibilty to live a worry-free life!“

Jessie was blown away by the description of this man called John. She imagined him being tall and buff because he was working out every day. He had dark hair and chocolate eyes, an overwhelming smile, money and stocks in abundance. He was well trained, strong and a self-starter. He would shower her with compliments and gifts, provide her with an unlimited credit card

„I’m ready to meet my future husband,“ Jessie got into raptures, linked arms with the elderly lady and left her team-mates behind.

Meowth wanted to take the initiative and follow Jessie and that woman, but James held the he-cat back.

„Jimmy! What are yous doin’? We need to stop her,“ he shouted, baring his sharp claws.

„No, Meowth! Haven’t you seen the overjoyed expression on Jessie’s face? She was delighted with the thought of John. Who knows, he could be the right guy. She’s been dreaming about a regal wedding for so long and now, there’s the possibility to put this greatest wish into reality. We shouldn’t detain her from eternal happiness, let’s go,“ James stood up and ran deeper into the forest.

He couldn’t tell Meowth that Jessie’s decision had hit him especially hard. James was convinced that she enjoyed lving with Team Rocket, living with him. They’d spent so much time together. He had always tried to please her. James rememberd countless episodes of their common adventures. Jessie had protected him from the Ghost of Maiden’s Peak, he remembered her soft smile in their hot-air balloon when he had decided to choose Team Rocket over money and wealth, or her encouraging words in the shipwreck that threatened to take them down into the depths of the ocean. James always thought that he wasn’t all the same to Jessie, that he made part of her life and that she had found a loyal and trustworthy friend in him. There was this song playing in his head, he recalled the lyrics that described their relationship right on the mark:

You were the rain falling on my skin
Yeah, I was dying when you pulled me in
I was your rebel and you were my girl
It was us against the world

But apparently he had been deceived in Jessie. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, she was gone. Jessie was about to meet John, a paragon, a doer, a man of the world and very likely the complete opposite of James.

Jessie was led to an old manor with a grey facade and dark green window shutters at the end of the street. The Team Rocket-member spotted three figures behind the curtains. She recognized a woman with an updo and two men sitting at the table, sipping tea or coffee out of tiny ceramic mugs. The elderly lady, called Patricia, opened the entrance door and yield to Jessie. The young woman entered the manor and was welcomed by a man with short white hair and a giant moustache. He bowed down in front of Jessie, linked arms with her and guided her to the kitchen. There was a man sitting with his back to the agent and the woman behind the curtains proved to be a lady in her late 50ies, wearing a pastel yellow high waist Vivien swing skirt.

„Jessica!“ she exclaimed and ran up to Jessie in order to hug her and place a tender kiss on her cheeks. Jessie kept calm and wasn’t trying to get away, although she felt anything but comfortable in this position.

„Look who’s here,“ the woman smiled all over her face and Jessie was more than impatient to finally meet her future husband, the man of her sacred dreams. He stood up and turned around, that’s when Jessie experienced the strongest horror in her life.

John looked exactly like James, the same eye colour, the same lavender hair, they could definitely pass off as twins.

„Good evening, Jessica,“ even the voices were identic. Jessie was quite shocked. John reached for her hand and kissed it. She giggled and blushed deeply, unable to cope with this situation. Jessie began to laugh hysterically.

„This is a joke, right? Where are the cameras? You got me,“ she chuckled.
„James, you’re such an idiot,“ Jessie clipped the man standing in front of her. John was perplex. Why did his fiancée Jessica act like that, completely out of sorts? She couldn’t calm herself, it was too much.

„Jessica, is everything okay with you?“ he asked her, caressing her hand as she was still laughing herself to tears.

„Stop calling me Jessica. Who’s the brain behind this? Meowth?“ Jessie wondered.

„There is no Meowth. What is wrong with you? I think it’s the edginess that is driving you crazy. You can’t wait to marry me,“ John hugged Jessie and gently fixed a flyway hair.
She immediately released herself from that tight embrace.

„Stop it! It’s not funny! Why are you doing this to me, James?“ Jessie was slowly getting annoyed.

„Sweetheart, my name is John,“ he confirmed. There was only one way to prove her theory. Jessie reached for John’s trouser pocket because she knew that James stored his crown cap collection in there, but she grasped at nothing. This wasn’t a prank, she was really facing her future husband, looking like that pathetic guy she spent so many years with.

„May I talk to you privately?“ he asked her. Jessie nodded, gradually realizing that John meant business. She followed him to the kitchen and he closed the door behind them.

The kitchen was extremly colourful, but looked old-fashioned. She spotted stainless steel counters, which blended beautifully with the warm quality of wood and plaster surfaces throughout the room. There were a classic red espresso coffe pot, a scale, a magnetic kitchen timer, a set of three storage containers on the tray and a few milk pint bottles ready for use, eggs were frying in the pan.

John wrapped his arms around her waist. „You’re going to be the perfect housewife, spending hours over a hot stove, cleaning the house and windows and feeding our children,“ he smiled softly at her, but Jessie flashed her eyes at him.

„Get your hands off me,“ she yelled, pushing her fiancé away.

„Do you really think I’m going to be that dependent and naive dolly who prepares breakfast for her committed spouse? Listen to me, my friend, the only thing I’m going to do in this kitchen is slamming that roasting pan right into your face!“ Jessie was red from anger.

That’s not how she imagined her marriage. She was a headstrong woman, the leader of her former trio, the dominant and strong-willed person, but this was 1957 and powerful post-World War II propaganda encouraged women to seek husbands, settle down and have babies. Women who enrolled in higher education often did so in order to improve their domestic skills, but Jessie was a rebel and she wouldn’t let John or his family lower her to a level of a mere kitchen utensil. Jessie was emancipated and a feared Team Rocket-agent. No one was allowed to mortify her, she clearly called the shots.

The grip on her shoulders grew stronger. „You’re going to obey me, Jessica. You belong to me,“ John whispered with a threatening undertone. „There is no way back. Our parents agreed on this wedding and now it’s our task to please and not disappoint them,“ he added. Jessie tried to release herself from his firm grip. She fought tooth and nail against his arms, eventually able to break away from John.

Patricia stepped into the kitchen and witnessed the discrepancies between the couple.
„What’s going on?“ she exclaimed, observing Jessie running for cover behind the cooking island.

„You can’t force me to marry him!“ Jessie shouted, she was all churned up inside.

„You can’t buck the trend, it’s your duty to become a good housewife and mother, so don’t be reluctant to enter into marriage,“ Patricia impended.

The elderly lady and John began to slowly walk up to Jessie, trying to calm her down, but the Team Rocket-member was faster, pressed the door handle of the rear exit and rushed out into the cool night.

Jessie began to run as fast as her legs would carry her. She got past countless lighted row houses and a well-groomed park. Thousands of thoughts circled endlessly in her mind and developed into a torment. Why had she always been unlucky in love? John wasn’t the first man who tried to change her manner. She remembered a guy called Sebastian who had tried to turn her into a submissive and obedient woman without own will. She remembered Toni who had exploited her to such an extent that she began to feel disgusted with herself. Men were known to bring bad luck. A disappointment followed the next. She always caught a Tartar, she struggled to swallow the tears which choked in her  throat.

Finally, Jessie stopped in front of a bar and set foot in it. The pub was crowded. Men and women were high-spiritedly dancing, drinking and celebrating. A band played some wild Rock’n’Roll-music and had to watch out for flying bottles and glasses. The magenta-haired woman cleaved a way to the bar counter and sat down on a stool. She ordered a strong drink and reached for snacks and peanuts in a little black bowl. At first, she didn’t even notice that someone approached her, until she felt a soft squeeze on her shoulder.

„Jessie?“ a male voice said. She turned around and stared into two emerald-green eyes. James was standing behind her, slapping on a faint smile.

„James,“ Jessie wrapped her arms around his neck, still fighting to hold back her tears.
„I’m so glad to see you,“ she whispered. Meowth jumped on the bar counter and sat down next to his team-member. James realized that something was bothering his best friend. He returned the gesture and pulled her gently towards him.

„What’s wrong? Don’t you like your future husband?“ he asked her. Jessie didn’t want to show any weaknesses, she who always proclaimed that feelings were for wimps, but she reached a point where she could no more get a hold of herself.

„It’s terrible!“ she whimpered. James took a napkin and wiped her tears away.

„Tell me,“ he surprised her with his caring side.

„They want to force me to marry a macho. He’s so convinced of himself, he wants me to be a hausfrau, he wants me to cook, clean and watch after our unborn babies. They want to break my spirit and I cannot permit that! I’m a strong person, James, and I don’t want anybody to hector me! I’m independent, I’m a feared Team Rocket-agent, for goodness sake! I don’t want them to prey upon me, that’s just not my world. I do have an own will, I do have objectives and no one is going to demote me to a mere kitchen utensil! The problem is that there’s no way I could escape this wedding, it’s settled and there’s no chance to take off and bunk,“ she unburdened herself of her tragic situation. James could relate to her concerns, something similar was waiting for him if he would ever turn back to his parents and his domineering fiancée Jessiebelle. That’s why he wanted to stay out of marital matters.  „And the worst part about it is that he looks like you,“ Jessie sobbed.

„Well thanks,“ James felt a little bit offended by her remark. That’s when Meowth got the perfect idea.

„Wait a minute,“ he looked at James and scowled.
„Yous said that he looks like Jimmy, why don’t yous replace ya future husband with him?“ the scratch-cat proposed, pointing at James. Jessie raised her eyes.

„That sure could work,“ she considered. James blanched and loosened his collar.

„No way! I’m not marrying you,“ his voice was shaky. He swallowed hard and began to sweat.

„Where’s da difference, Jimmy. Yous two are acting love-love all da dime,“ Meowth replied, convinced that his fraud would bear fruit.

„But, but Jessie and I are just friends,“ James stammered, scared at the thought of entering into marriage. One part of him was able to acquire a taste for a sincere relationship with Jessie, for he had developed romantic feelings for her over that past few years, but the other part strived against this idea. He was afraid that Jessie would turn out to be an even worse partner than his dreadful fiancée and that he would suffer for the rest of his life, servile and abulic.

„What about da hugs, what about yous holding hands?“ Meowth broached the subject again.

„Purely amicable,“ James set the record straight.

„And what about that incident at the waterfalls? Don’t you remember?“ Jessie tried to jog his memory. James thought back to the night in July when he and Jessie had made out under the moonlight. Both had been squiffy and excited.  After emptying a bottle of cheap wine, he had taken the initative and crushed his lips on Jessie’s. James had kissed her in the most passionate way and she fell for his display of affection. It had been a memorable but unique moment.

„Blame the wine,“ he replied with no guilty feeling.

„Come’on James, please! Do me this favour. It’s just a fake marriage, the only thing I want to do is deceive them and restore my well-deserved freedom. We exchange our vow rings, take some pictures with the guests and disappear in our hot-air balloon as soon as they turn their backs on us, please“, Jessie begged. Normally, she wasn’t the person who would call for assistance and help, she was convinced to solve all major problems on her own, being tough and self-confindent, but tonight was different, James and Meowth had to bail her out.

„What do you want me to do, Jess?“ James was anything but pleased with the idea, but he had realized that his best friend was in need of support.

„You two have to kidnap John, tie him to the heating, steal his suit and the rings and get ready for the ultimate ploy,“ Jessie explaind, rubbing her hands.

„I think I’ve got no alternative left but to meet your request,“ he sighed and hung his head in discontent.

„Thank you,“ Jessie wasn’t actually averse to marrying James. Sure, there have been wrangles and they’ve delivered fierce blows to each in the past, but on the whole, he had always been loyal and attentive. James nodded silently and he and Meowth set out for a nocturnal abduction.

It didn’t take them long to track John down. Jessie had described them the way to the old manor, and her future husband was sleeping in the beautifully equipped sitting room. Meowth used his claws to make a hole into the giant glass window and the Team Rocket-members tiptoed stock-still to the dusky pink couch, trussed John and shut him up as he began to scream and shout.

„Hmm, there are some similarities,“ James looked at the lavender-haired man, „but he can’t hold a candle to me,“ he determined.

James threw his doppelganger over his shoulders and he, Meowth and the unfortunate soul left the building as quickly as they had come. John tried desperately to stand up to James, but the agent pulled the ropes and silenced the braggart. Meowth switched on the torch and searched for a suitable garden shed to lock the future spouse up. They pushed him into the small cottage, took off John’s last piece of clothing, snatched at the vow rings and padlocked the doors.

„That was the easy part of Jessie’s plan,“ James sighed, the rings in his hand. Both were silver, the smaller one had a tiny diamond on top. ‚Jessie would love it,’ he thought and stowed the box in his trousers.

It was the day of the wedding. Jessie was wearing an ivory gown with floral applique with a sheer tulle panel at the neckline and a dreamy ball skirt. She applied some mascara and lipstick to stand out above the crowd. James was already standing on the altar, nervous and with sweaty hands. Meowth bore him company, dressed in a neat dark brown garb, a flower looking out of his breast pocket. Then the time came, the music played and Jessie, her face covered with a veil, walked down the aisle. The priest welcomed his protégés, thanked them and the guests and introduced the purpose of this gathering. After the opening blessings he asked Jessie and James to turn face to face to each other and to express the sincere promises to each other. James took out a note from his trousers and began to read the lines:

„Jessie, my partner, my companion, my safe haven,“ his voice was shaky. „We’ve been togehter for so many years,“ he choked, took a deep breath and tried to concentrate on the words written on that tiny little piece of paper.

„I can’t imagine a life without you,“ he was more than close to tears.

„Thank you for,“ James sobbed heart-rendingly, not able to talk anymore. Jessie grinned under the veil and caressed his cheeks.
„It’s okay,“ she whispered, so that only James could hear it.

„The groom is terribly nervous,“ the priest joked and everyone laughed out loud.

„Let’s skip this part, okay?“ Jessie suggested and James nodded in agreement.
„We both know why we want to stay together,“ she added, reaching for his hand.

„John, do you take Jessica to be your wife? Do you promise to be faithful to her?“

„I do,“ James replied.

„And do you, Jessica, take John to be your husband?“

„I do,“ was Jessie’s answer.

James took out the rings and placed the smaller one on Jessie’s finger. „Jessie, take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity.“  The priest observed the scenery and eventually pronounced them as husband and wife.

„You may now kiss the bride,“ he said. James leaned in and was about to place a tender kiss on Jessie’s lips and then she woke up.

Jessie was sitting bolt upright in her bed. She glanced over to James who was still snoring and asleep. It had only been a dream, she didn’t have to marry John nor James. She was back in the presence, far away from the 50ies, far away from strict rules. ‚That was a strange dream. Why would I want to get married to James?’ she asked herself. Was this really only a dream or possibly some undisclosed desires?

Title: A Few Missed Calls
Fandom: Marvel
Word Count: 660
Characters: Charles Xavier x Reader
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: None
Notes: Based on an imagine by @imaginexmen.

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       ​Everyone has heard of those parents who absolutely lose their minds at their childrens’ sports games. You were just about willing to bet that no one had ever truly seen such a parent until they saw your husband. Charles was almost always composed and level-headed, so much so that you were struck dumb when he began shouting and cheering at your son’s first soccer game. Your daughter gawked at him with wide eyes, then climbed onto the bleacher behind you to whisper in your ear.
       "Does Daddy always do this when he watches sports?“
       "I don’t know that he ever watches sports, sweetie.”
       She stared at him for a moment as he cheered so fiercely that his face turned slightly red.
       "I think you’re probably right.“
       The game continued, with you keeping a hand firmly on the back of his chair to prevent him from going out onto the field when the referee would call the occasional foul against your son’s team. When halftime came, you left with your daughter to get both your husband and your son water, as they both looked like they needed it. They then sat with their heads on your shoulders until the game resumed, and the brief bit of serenity as destroyed.
       Thankfully, Charles was cheering for almost all of the remainder of the game, a sight which was far more pleasant than him yelling “Oh come on!” and “You have got to be joking!” His face would light up and a huge smile would break across his face as he clapped so hard that his hands were surely stinging. The cheering continued until your son was going for the ball, and a boy from the opposing team tripped him, causing him to stumble. He managed to not fall, but the ball was lost to the other team.
       You were quite certain that if he were able, Charles would have marched across the field and told the referee specifically why a foul should have been called against that boy, and specifically where he should cram the flag he held. However, his incapability to storm over there did not prevent him from screaming.
       "I believe the ref should check his voicemail, because it seems he’s missed a few calls!”
       You didn’t hesitate to smack him hard on the arm. He turned to you, his mouth opened to say something, but he quickly closed it when he saw how annoyed you were. He calmed down fairly quickly when he saw your ‘I’m going to toss you a toaster when you’re in the bath’ look, as he called it.
       "You’re going to tell me to shut up, aren’t you?”
       "Unless you’re going to cheer, I don’t want to hear another word from you. If you get me kicked out of our son’s game, I will leave you here.“
       "Fine,” Charles muttered, sounding every bit like an annoyed teenager. After a few minutes, he exhaled and put his arm around you, looking far more relaxed than he did before.
       The second referee thankfully called a foul against the other team after they talked it over for a minute, and the game then progressed. Not much later, it ended after your son made the final goal for his team, and they won. You and Charles both cheered as loudly as you could, as did your daughter, who sat on Charles’s shoulders, waving the little pom-poms you got for her.
       The car ride home was quiet, with both kids half-asleep in the back, and Charles holding your hand that wasn’t on the wheel, tracing circles on your palm. The silence was broken when your little girl’s sleepy voice reached your ears.
       "I wanna play soccer.“
       "Do you want Dad to have a heart attack?” her brother replied, raising his eyebrows. You laughed, and Charles smiled.
       "I probably could’ve handled that a bit better, couldn’t I?“ he said softly. His question was answered by every other person in the car.

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“You’re scared of me… aren’t you?”

Not exactly the line, but I got it close. ^___^ Also royalty AU.

Steve did not know how long he sat in the tent.

The devil woman had put him there, scowling as she tied his hands to one of the posts. She left without a word but Steve was not a fool. If he tried anything else, she would hunt him for sport.

The tent was lavish. It was taller and broader than any other tent in the encampment, the thick canvas walls and ceiling keeping the sun at bay during the day and the cool wind at night. In the middle, there was a fire blazing and on the other side, he saw elaborate bedding, large furred blankets and silken sheets on an elevated platform. There was other furniture; a desk and chair, a separate table.

It was a sparsely filled space but the things that were in it spoke of station and money. This was the tent of a royal. The royal, the warrior-king of the northern mountains. Soldier of winter. Shadow of death.

He had many names, this king, and Steve knew them all. He’d heard many terrifying stories of the Soldier over the years and all of them played in his mind now, each painted in gruesome detail by a wretched good memory. By the time the flap to the tent was pushed aside again, he’d lost track of the hours to his own fearful imaginings.

It was not the devil woman coming back, however. It was a tall, broad man dressed all in black. Weapons strapped to his side and thighs, hands gloved, face covered in a mask. Steve’s heart thundered in his chest.

This was him; this was the warrior-king.

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