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I'm a transmasc person and considering shaving a little bit of fuzz on the sides of my head for dysphoria reasons. I understand shaving is supposed to be different for your face somehow but I don't know how. What do?

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Ok! So go to our faq (our bio/blog description says how) which has a link to our transmasculine recourses, & when you’re in our transmasculine resources you’ll see a shaving link, then click on the one about shaving your face.

FACE YOUR FEARS commentary post!

I love the commentary posts that Toby has been doing, so i wanted to follow suit and give some backstory to the episode! It goes without saying that there will be spoilers, so mute #OK KO SPOILERS if you wanna keep your eyes and ears unspoilt!

This was the first episode that Haewon and I got that addressed substantial main story points! It was a very intimidating episode to tackle, but it ended up being immensely fun and satisfying to work on! Since it’s about getting trapped in a video game, i decided to lean hard into my nerdy videogamey roots and paid a lot of homage to games that left a huge impact on me! 

The Face Of Fear arcade machine:

The arcade machine was in Haewon’s part of the episode, but i couldn’t help making designs for it… and not only did she use it, she made it even better!! She designed the SUPER EXTRA HARD DIFFICULTY version that the machine turns into after Gar bites off more than he can chew!

Dendy’s explanation of how the game works:

I made a little video game overworld map segment to accompany dendy’s explanation of how the Face of Fear game works! This was a blend of three of my all time favorite games: I referenced MAGICAL DROP 3 for the general UI of the map because I love its aesthetics, I referenced the TURBO TUNNEL stage from the original BATTLETOADS N.E.S. game because that was one of the most terrifying and nightmarish stages i have ever played through as a child (a perfect fit for a game that is basically a nightmare given form imo), and i referenced EXOR from SUPER MARIO RPG, because that boss battle had such a huge impact on me when i first played it! Exor still looks really cool and badass to me, to this very day.

Enid’s Fear:

This is probably the most obvious reference, if you’ve ever played Chrono Trigger! It’s based on the climactic Magus fight, about a quarter of the way into the game! chrono trigger has been such a huge influence and helped me shape what my definitions of dramatic storytelling were, so i just HAD to give it a nod, even if its application wasn’t half as dramatic as the source material, hehe.

Rad’s Fear:

I can’t remember for the life of me if it was me or haewon that thought of having rad’s fear set in a room that was just a bunch of rad faces laughing and posturing (pretty sure it was haewon), but i DID draw this diagram of the room’s layout!

I have hit the image limit for this post, so i think i will end this here! There are more references in this episode, maybe i’ll do a part 2? maybe not? who knows! Thanks for reading, all the same! And to those who were saying that the right enid portrait in her fearscape looked a little familiar…


PSA: if your grown ass man is too scared to accidentally brush up against a wrapped tampon, it’s time to find a new man. Your period is natural and shouldn’t freak him out. #RemoveTheStigma #PrettyLittlePSA

@mellorad encouraged me to and helped me set up my own streaming channel! In order to try it out, she got to request a drawing and wished for a Mustang waiting for a date with Elizabeth – I loved the idea (of course).
Woohoo to minimalistic text backgrounds hhh

Mccree totally has to spend the first 30 minutes of being awake in the morning trying to remove himself from hanzos death grip. Its got to a point where his body naturally wakes him up 30/40 mins earlier than he normally did cause of the sheer amount of times hes nearly pissed himself.

Even when hanzo does release him the archer is still half asleep but unwilling to let his cowboy completely go so he sleepily follows him to the bathroom and sometimes to the dinning area.

The first time genji saw this he was so shocked. Even in the old shimada home hanzo never had a half way stage to his mornings. He was asleep and then he was awake. End of story. The younger shimada doesnt even give his bro that much shit about how cute the very dangerous, very strong, very mature shimada hanzo is because hes just so happy that hanzo has found a place… or a person that makes him feel this safe.

Genji also learnt his lesson when he tried to tease his brother about his new morning clinginess and zenyatta brought up all the pictures of genji drooling on the omnic surrounded by teddies and floating harmony orbs to ward off nightmares.

Neither shimada brings it up again.

Sombra sure does though.

So No. 6 has this subtle recurring theme I've picked up on.
  • Shion: "Hey Nezumi, could you do this thing?"
  • Nezumi: "How fucking dare you ask me to do that. You think I do things for you? No. I am out for myself and myself only, and if you want something done do it your fucking self Shion. You're not the boss of me. I don't even know why I put up with you. I don't even know why I associate with you. You don't know anything about this world do you? If you asked anyone else to do that thing you just asked me to do they'd spit in your face. Fuck you Shion. FUCK YOU."
  • Shion: "Ok."
  • Nezumi: "Well if you're going to be A BITCH about it!" *proceeds to do go above and beyond to do thing*
Come Here Little Girl

Word count: 2,366

Warning: SMUT, daddy kink, rough sex, slight bondage

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary/Request: Thank you @thedevilsbestie for your request!

On a hunt, Y/N is surprised to find out in such circumstances, a kink that she has – as is Dean. They try it out when they get back to the motel room.

“I am not doing that. No way!” You shouted through the motel room.
“Come on Y/N this is where he’s going to be and it’s probably our only chance to kill him.” Dean argued. “I have to go too.”
You snorted, “You get to wear clothes though, you don’t have to go in your fucking underwear!”
You had been on this case for the past two weeks trying to find the vampire that was terrorising the city, so of course you wanted to kill the son of a bitch. But the only problem was that he only showed his face once a fortnight at a club downtown. The club looked like your average sort of club from the outside but in reality it was invite only. Not only that but the invites were for men who had girlfriends and partners that would come along only in their underwear (or less) and then, “I don’t even want to think about what sort of stuff happens in that club at night.”

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Punishing Your Little

Punishing Your little is vital and, can sometimes be very hard to wrap Your head around. Deep down, You don’t want to hurt Your little girl because, dammit, she is so fuckin’ cute; but You also feel compelled to teach respect and proper behavior. It is really important to remember that by not punishing Your little, You are doing more harm than good. Every little will test her boundaries, and if she finds that there are none, she will ultimately feel lost, confused, and unloved. She needs to know that You love her enough to teach her how to be Your “good girl”. It is every little’s desire to please her Daddy Dom, and to be praised for doing so.

In the same respect, she is also likely to misbehave (no one can be perfect, even though we try desperately to prove that wrong) and get on Your nerves…often. It is in those moments that Your inner Daddy Dom is called to step up and be the Daddy she needs. Whether it’s bending her over Your knee or privileges lost, You NEED to show her who is Boss.

Men are taught from a very young age, “don’t hit a girl” and “respect women”, etc. It can be extremely difficult when first entering the BDSM lifestyle to wrap Your head around this new taboo way of life. It “is” ok to slap Your girl across the face when she is mouthing off, or pull her across Your knee and spank her until her little ass is bright red. It is finally ok to give in to those hand twitches when she is being rude and back talking to You. People need to understand that a Man needs respect, and without it, He will feel belittled and less than (especially in this lifestyle). How can You assert dominance when she is not respecting You and will not follow orders? Of course, all of this needs to be discussed upon entering the BDSM relationship, to determine each persons limits. Also, remember that it is never ok to abuse her by going farther than discussed, or to ignore the preset safe word. You should always be in control of Your emotions going into a punishment, to protect both Yourself and her well being. You are in a whole new world and way of life. A world where women are itching to be put in their place, and Men are allowed to assert their true Dominance.

By not punishing Your little, You are causing her damage. she loses faith that You are there for her, and she will become confused about who is in charge. We often hear in the BDSM community the term “topping from bottom”. It is my firm belief that the reason this happens is lack of control from the Master/Daddy. When He fails to step up and be the “bad guy”, she feels unsafe and will either become afraid that You don’t care, so she feels the need to protect herself and be the “Big”, or she will misbehave worse by becoming extremely disrespectful, and defiant in the hopes that You will shut her down. Every little needs a Hero, and no one ever said being the Hero would be easy. You will need to step out of Your comfort zone and lay down the law. She needs it, and honestly, craves it. She wants to know that there are consequences and boundaries, so that she can feel safe, loved, and cared for.

Punishment is love. You love her enough to step out of Your comfort zone and teach her a lesson in a way she will not soon forget. Punishment is also a lot of work. There are immediate actions of deciding the punishment. And then there is the follow-through. It is easy to become, for lack of a better term, “lazy”. Lazy Daddies will ultimately have more work on Their hands than a Daddy who is on the ball and administers praise and punishment at the time that it is needed. The lazy Daddy will have a brat on their hands, who acts up over and over. He will be chasing after her, wondering why He got the “naughty little”, and wonders “wasn’t this supposed to be empowering and be more fulfilling?” Both He and His little will never experience the amazing life that can come from a D/s or DD/lg relationship. There is a lot of work that gets put in to make this lifestyle work, but there is also so much to gain for both parties.

So for those Daddies who are struggling to find proper punishments, here are just a few little ones to get You started:


Early Bedtime

Ruler Across the Palm of her Hand

Time Out

Writing Assignment

Slap Across her Face

Eat Dinner Alone


Extra Chores

Loss of Privilege

Cold Shower/Bath

Soap in her Mouth

Loss of Sexual Gratification

Loss of her Favorite Stuffie

Loss of Favorite TV Show or Movie

No TV at Bedtime

Read a Book of Your choosing

Lecture from You

Loss of Sweets

Loss of Furniture

Kneel at Your Feet for Specified Time

Loss of Speaking

Loss of Eye Contact with You

Loss of Touching You

Loss of Clothes at Home

Loss of Internet

Eat Food she Doesn’t Like

Go Out to Dinner but she Doesn’t Eat


Hair Pulling

Sit Outside Alone Until Invited Back In

Tied Up While You Do Anything You Want to her

Name Changed to Something Cruel for Specified Time

Loss of Makeup

Ignored by You for Specified Time

Loss of Dresses

Loss of her Favorite Shoes

Eat and Drink Only Oatmeal and Water


The options are limitless, and can be as kinky or cruel as You choose them to be. Always remember to discuss rules, punishments and safe words. littles, listen to your Daddy…He knows best. Daddies, your little needs You to be the Hero, and to put her in her place. Have fun with this, and experiment to find what works best for you