your face is of the best kind of face variety

Tummy Rumbles (Wonho x Reader)

Could you do y/n bringing Wonho his favorite ramen after a long day of practice?

I honestly forgot it said favorite ramen when I was writing it but hopefully this will suffice! Also, I couldn’t find out what his favorite ramen was, I researched.

Word Count: 1337

Genre: Fluff

Wonho was whining and hungry. In all honesty, he closely resembled a baby.

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My best friend told me she didn’t believe her cousin when she said she was raped because she wasn’t crying and her face had no emotion. When I told my social worker what had happened to me I felt so guilty because she tried to console me, but I was not crying and no emotions escaped my face. This kind of thinking is harmful. Survivors come in a variety. I understand why you cannot cry, it’s okay I believe you.
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