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Back in Time: Part 5 (part one of the end)

You almost never sleep now, terrified to go back in time. Eric found out about you going back to his time and you weren’t sure how he was handling it. At first he just told you to fuck off and to stop playing with him. He couldn’t and wouldn’t understand. Even Dylan has been more distant with you. You found yourself always checking your emails and getting sad everytime you don’t see a new message.

You’re in school now. The wide hallways with glossy tiles. The desk put in perfect rows. You made it to the small english room and began to doze off to the sound of the male, monotone voice echoing in the room. You started to feel very heavy and realized you were about to go back in time. You jumped up trying to stay awake. You ended up banging your knee against the desk and had to be walked to the nurse. You told you to lay down for a bit while she iced and bandaged your leg. The overpowerful smell of latex and medicine made you even more sleepy. You couldn’t help but close your eyes and drift away. The feeling of heaviness once again washed over your body, but you were to tired to wake up again.

You were now in the parking lot, around lunch time. Your leg was now completely bandaged up. At first, you just thought you must have tripped off a bit, but then you saw the out-dated outfits and the even more out-dated cars. You threw down your good leg and let out a big sigh. You attempted to run but your leg wasn’t getting the message.

You slowed limped to the big building when you felt and pair of arms wrap around you. You saw Eric’s sharp face and a still small scowl.

“If your ass is going to be jumping through timelines, you could at least not be injured.”

His voice was harsh. Almost like he was scowling a small child. You turned away from his face and looked forward to see Dylan. He let out a smile wave and looked curious at Eric.

“Since when do you help people out?”

“Since today.”

Dylan sounded goofy and joking while, Eric was cool and serious. Eric turned to you and analyzed you for a bit.

“You’re welcome.”

“Oh yea, sorry. Thank you Eric.”

He began to soften up and once again helped you to walk, leading both you and Dylan to the auditorium. All three of you sat on the stage with your feet hanging off. You were actually enjoying the quite when Dylan asked a question you never expected.

“If you know who we are, does that mean more people do as well?”

You looked to Eric, only to see the same curiosity in his face.

“Well, yeah I guess. There’s a fair amount of people who, uh, know about you two. As well as a few other people who are connected to you both ”

The air once again became quite and the space became dim and cold. This time Eric was the one to break it.

“Are we known because of what already happened or… What’s going to happen.”

You weren’t really sure what he meant in that question. He must of realized you didn’t know what he meant because he then rephrased it.

“Are we well known because we did what we planned?”

You began to feel nervous and shaky. You didn’t want to think about what they did and the monsters they will become. You didn’t want to face the truth, atleast not the harsh truth. You didn’t want monsters, you wanted Dylan and Eric.

Eric let out a deep sigh, realizing the answer when you took awhile to respond. You feel cold and empty. Dylan must have known how you felt because he actually put his arms around you and pulled you into a hug. You were shocked as you knew Dylan almost never did that with girls. His embrace was warm and caring, you looked to Eric and he just looked sad and almost defeated. He now realized that he lost. It was bigger than that though. He lost to himself.

Surprise Haircut - Dylan Fluff

Request:  I just saw that someone requested for Dylan where he doesn’t cut his hair but I miss his short hair so maybe he comes home one day and his hair is short and surprises the reader 

Warnings: None :)

Notes: Tbh, I miss it too. I personally think it short hair suits him better 😕 also, sorry this is so short


“Y/n, I’m home!”, I heard my boyfriend of 2 years, Dylan, shout from downstairs. 

“Coming!”, I yell back from the bedroom, that was upstairs. I walk down the stairs and into the living room, in search for Dylan.


“In here”, he calls out from the kitchen. I entered the kitchen and immediately stopped in my tracks, then slowly walked over to him. 

“Dylan… Your hair”, I slowly said, whilst running my fingers through his new short hair. 

“You like it?”, he laughs. 

“I love it! It really suits you”, I exclaimed excitedly, kissing him on the lips. “Why, though?” 

“Because it got annoying getting in my face all the time. And now that it’s summer, it’s just gonna stick to my neck due to the sweat”

“Fair point”

“Exactly”, he laughs. 

Dylan and I ordered in pizza and are currently laying in bed, with his head on my chest and my fingers running through his fresh cut hair once again.


A/N: I know that this was requested, but I can’t find the message, so sorry :-(

Y/M/N -your movie name Y/S/N- your ship name

Like every single interview with Thomas, your name appeared in the questions. It was because you two started off as child actors in a movie together as ‘love interests’ and remained friends afterwards.

“Y/N?” Kaya interrupted, hiding her face a bit, “She just visited the set and I practically scared her.” The cast laughed at that, remembering the scene. “I was excited, all right!”

“To be fair, Kaya wasn’t the only fan,” Dylan admitted.

The interviewer smiled. “Right. You said that she was a celebrity crush when you were little?” Thomas laughed.

He nodded. “Yeah, I remember seeing her in a movie before I started acting. It was one of my favorites, but I was a little hesitant of looking her up. I didn’t have to, because Thomas got her to visit.”

“Thomas, there was some questions whether you really met Y/N on Doctor Who or Y/M/N,” the interviewer asked.

He scratched his neck awkwardly. “Yeah, Y/N and I became friends with Y/M/N. We had to be rather close. She was on Doctor Who before me and apparently talked to one of the directors about me as her friend. When the audition came and I got the part, the director looked at my name and remembered Y/N.”

Ki Hong laughed. “I remember Y/N coming in a TARDIS dress to set.”

“Yeah, she loved Doctor Who,” Thomas smiled at the memory, “Became a little busy to keep up, though.”

“So, are you and Y/N a couple yet?” The question took him off guard, even though the amount of times Thomas has had that question should have made it less shocking.

Ever since Y/M/N, the two of you were considered the cutest couple, even though you were both quite young in the movie. Whenever anyone asked you, you just laugh it off and say that you’ve never had a serious boyfriend before.

Only Thomas knew it, but you had a secret boyfriend. When people started saying how cute you and Thomas would be together, your boyfriend got jealous, trying to make you choose between him or Thomas.

You obviously picked Thomas, saying, “Friends before twats…there’s a rhyme somewhere in there.”

He smiled. “No, we’re just friends. Really good friends.”

“Of course,” the interviewer said politely, “Are you excited for filming again with Y/N?” Once Scorch Trials’ filming ended, Thomas would be filming another romance movie with you. You both agreed that it was strictly professional.

“I can’t wait,” he answered truthfully. The rest of the interview went smoothly.

It was a bit awkward filming, considering it was a romance film. Nonetheless, you and Thomas remained completely professional. The scenes just contained some flirting. It wasn’t until a kiss scene had to be shot that things started to change.

Thomas kissed you, expecting it to be an awkward kiss that the director made you reshoot time after time just for it to look natural. Although, after kissing you, Thomas wouldn’t mind having to reshoot the scene time after time.

The second your lips touched his, something changed. Suddenly, Thomas was almost lightheaded. It wasn’t supposed to be the main characters’ first kiss, so he quickly regain his senses.

Both of your lips moved like they had done it a million times. Even the director thought it was perfect and only requested two more that Thomas was glad to do.

Over the course of filming, the two of you had to kiss quite a few times which made your friendship a bit awkward. Then, the rumors that the two of you were in a romantic movie spread, making things even more tense.

The first time that Thomas kissed you without the cameras on you was when he couldn’t take how different things were. It obviously wouldn’t go back to normal, so why not just completely dive in?

He expected you to push him away, saying that you only thought of him as a brother or a friend, but to his delight, you kissed him back. That kiss was what you liked to call your first kiss, even though it wasn’t your first kiss with each other. It was the first kiss with no cameras.

The two of you agreed to keep the relationship a secret, not wanting all of your private life known. Once the movie started to get advertised, your fans went wild when they learned that it was a romantic movie.

Even the interviewers tried to get the two of you to admit that you were dating. It never worked, though. You and Thomas would just laugh it off as normally and act like it was ridiculous.

Finally, a week before the movie was released in the US, Thomas and you, as well as a couple of your cast mates, flew to America to get interviewed and be at the premier.

“So, Thomas,” the interviewer asked with a smile, “Are you bringing anyone to the premier? Maybe a girl?” The cast ooh'ed at his bewildered face and the audience laughed.

He made a face. “That’d be an awful date. Who’d bring a girl to watch a movie with you kissing another girl?” Some of the girls began cheering and the whole crowd joined in. Thomas looked playfully afraid. “Was that a spoiler?”

“I’m pretty sure that it’s in the advertisement,” you laughed.

The interviewer asked who the cast members were taking until it was your turn. “Ok, Y/N, you’ve heard everyone else’s date. Do you have someone you’re bringing?”

You scrunched up your lips in thought and Thomas couldn’t help but stare in awe. He’s known you for years, and he still noticed new things all the time. “No, it’s just going to be me,” you decided, before turning to Thomas, and turning back to the interviewer, “Don’t tell Thomas, cause then I’ll be forced to sit next to him.” Thomas faked a hurt expression. “Aw, Tommy, you know I love you.” It had slipped out, but it was too endearing to be friendly.

The crowd started to go crazy. Your cast members knew about it, but they didn’t expect that to happen. “Now, don’t get your fans’ hopes up,” the interviewer warned, “Are you two seeing each other?”

Your cheeks began to burn red, and the two of you opened your mouths to deny it, by instinct, but nothing came out. He looked at you with a hopeful expression. You broke under the cute silent begging and nodded.

Thomas said with a smile, “Yes, Y/N and I are dating.” The crowd applauded loudly, making you and Thomas look at each other with scared expressions. “And you don’t seem shocked.”

“Why don’t we just go to the next question?” You suggested, remaining calm, while the logical thing would be to freak out. You were an actress, though. You knew how to conceal things.

After the interview, the two of you decided to walk to the hotel, which wasn’t far away. Thomas kept sneaking kisses on your face. “We literately just revealed that we were dating thirty minutes ago,” you teased.

“Yeah,” Thomas agreed, “But now, I can hold your hand in public without people going'Y/S/N! Y/S/N!’.” Within that second, you felt your phone vibrating nonstop. You thought someone was calling you, but actually, notifications were making your phone explode.

You were smart enough to turn off notifications for social media, but you had an alert for whenever you were mentioned in a article, just in case, your agent had said. Then, all the notifications were ‘Y/S/N is Confirmed!’.

“I just can’t believe that our love life effects this many people.” Even then, Thomas was smiling. You just laughed and kissed his cheek before walking back to the hotel, hand in hand.

Nice hoodie you got there Pt. 3 - Dylan O’Brien Imagine

A/N: Sorry I haven’t been writing for some days now. My muse was a little off, I guess. But here we go - third part and they’re slowly getting closer. It sure takes it’s time until finally something will happen between them but I really like how you can feel their feelings growing little by little. Hope you guys like it.

Warning: explicit language (I really wanted to avoid them cursing but under those circumstances I couldn’t help it) and some tough topic I guess. Dylans the hero in this one, but it still could get you a little (I didn’t made this part too long but still)

word count: 2958

part one || two

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Massage (smut)

The sound of the door slamming downstairs alerts you to your boyfriend returning home. You set down the book you’d been reading, getting up off the bed you make your way towards the stairs, but you quickly run into Dylan’s, who just scoffs before brushing past you.

“Hello to you too.” You huff turning back towards the bedroom. Walking back into the room you find Dylan already in a state of undress. His shirt and skinny jeans are in a pile next to the bed leaving his boxers hanging low on his hips.

“Did you not have a good day babe?” You ask quietly trying to ease the obvious tension in the air.

“No.” Is his only response before he makes his way into the bathroom. Soon after you hear the shower turn on, so you decide not to worry about it and just let him have some time to himself. You pick up where you’d left off in your book waiting for him to finish his shower, and before you know it you’re too caught up in the story to notice the water shutting off. You nearly jump out of your skin when you feel damp arms wrap around your shoulders, looking up you see Dylan with his most apologetic look on his face.

“I’m sorry for being such a dick.” He mumbles against your hair.

“It’s alright love, we all have bad days.”

“I know, but I always take it out on you and that’s not fair to you and then I feel like…” You cut him off by pressing your lips to his.

“It’s okay Dyl, I’m not upset. How about I give you a good ole back rub to relieve some of that stress?” You ask pecking your lips to his once more.

“Mmm that sounds amazing babe.”

“Alright, lay down for me.” You say getting up off of the bed, so that he can take your place. Laying on his back, he places his hands behind his head, a cheeky smirk crossing his lips. You stare at his bare chest for a minute too long, admiring how pretty he looked laying there with a few stray water droplets still clinging to his skin.

“You’re supposed to lay on your stomach silly. How can I give you a back massage if you’re laying on your back?”

“I was hoping you’d give me a different kind of massage love.” He gives you a sly wink, his hand running over the bulge in the towel that’s wrapped around his waist. You raise an eyebrow at him, motioning with your hand for him to turn over.

“Fine, fine.” He says putting his hands up in surrender before turning to lay on his stomach.

“Good boy.” You coo teasingly, running your hands lightly across his shoulders. You start to dig the palms of your hands into the tight muscles in his shoulders and back, easing the obvious tension built up in there. Sliding your palms down his sides you begin to massage his lower back. Your hands carefully glide over his skin, pressing firmly whenever you find a particularly tense spot. Low sighs, and small moans escape Dylan’s throat with every touch and caress of your soft fingers. The bulge beneath his towel was growing by the second, the feeling of your hands on his bare skin sending heat all throughout his body.

“That feels so good love.” He says almost under his breath.

“I’m glad babe.” You lean forward pressing a kiss to the back of his neck. Turning over onto his back Dylan leans up pressing his lips against yours, his tongue swiping across your bottom lip. A groan leaves your throat as he reaches out pulling you onto the bed, so that you’re straddling his lap. His hands slide up underneath your camisole grabbing one of your cotton covered breasts, his thumb sliding over your nipple. You arch your back pressing your chest closer to him, a small moan leaving your throat. His hands slide to the hem of your camisole lifting it over your head, his lips trail down your neck, biting down on your collar bone making sure to leave a mark. His fingers toy with the clasp of your bra trying to get it undone, after a few moments of struggling with it he gets it loose and pulls the fabric down your arms. Kissing down from your collar, he takes one of your nipples between his teeth sucking on it lightly.

“Mmm fuck, Dylan f-feels so good.” You moan biting your bottom lip, your hips grind down against his growing erection. The towel that had been wrapped around his hips was now askew, hardly covering anything anymore.

“You are wearing far too many clothes babe.” He whispers pulling your leggings and panties down your legs in one swift movement, leaving both of you completely bare. His hands grasp your waist firmly, flipping you so that you’re laying on the bed with him hovering over your heated body.

“I don’t say this nearly enough, but you’re so fucking gorgeous baby girl.” A blush rises on your cheeks, bringing your arm up to cover your face, a bright smile gracing your lips.

“You’re just saying that now because I just gave you a back massage.”

“No, you are, you’re the most amazing girlfriend, you put up with me even when I’m a massive idiot.” He leans forward pressing his lips to yours tenderly, his forehead resting against yours. Your fingers tangle in his mess of damp hair kissing him back with passion, his words igniting something inside of you. Your lips move with his feverishly, hands sliding down his back, your nails lightly dragging down the skin if his back. He groans into the kiss when you thrust your hips upwards, causing a delicious friction for the both of you.

“I need you Dylan, please.” You beg eager to feel him inside of you. His lips trail up and down your neck peppering kisses across your soft skin.

“I need you too babe.” He mumbles against the skin of your throat, he grabs his penis sliding himself along your folds, teasingly rubbing the head against your sensitive clit. You thrust your hips upwards again, whimpering when you feel the head of his cock rub against your clit. You wrap your legs around his torso encouraging him to keep going. Not needing anymore encouragement than that he slides his length into your pussy in a quick thrust, but he then sets a slow pace. His hips pull back languidly, before thrusting forward again. Moans and whimpers of pleasure leave your throat with every deep thrust, but you want more, so you wrap your legs around his waist tighter, digging your heels into the top of his bum. He looks down at you shooting you a wink, sinking his length back in at the same slow pace. You slide a hand down your stomach between the two of you, rubbing circles against your clit. Dylan grabs your wrists in one of his hands, pinning them to the bed above your head.

“That’s my job.” He says winking at you as he brings his other hand down to rub against your clit. The hand that was holding your wrists grabs onto your thigh as he starts thrusting into you faster, his fingers relentlessly rubbing around your tight bundle of nerves.

“Dylan I’m s-so fucking close.” You moan, your back arching of the bed when he hits your g-spot on a particularly hard thrust nearly sending you over the edge. Your walls clench tight around his penis letting him know just how close you really were. With a few more hard thrusts and him rubbing circles on your clit you cum around him. Your legs are quivering and a jumble of his babe and profanities leave your lips as your orgasm tumbles through your body. The feeling if your walls begging do right around him and the way his name finds falling from your lips sends him into orgasmic bliss. His thrusts get sloppier as he comes undone inside of you, before they stop all together. After pulling out he told onto his back in the opposite side of the bed his hand reaches for yours, intertwining your fingers. His thumb rubs over three back of your hand soothingly, but his next words are rather cheeky.

“Babe I think the solution to me not being such an idiot is you giving me more back massages.” He says, and you just hear the smile in his voice.

“Fuck off Dylan.” You mumble sleepily, trying to hold back the laugh that wants to escape your lips.

“Oh you know you can’t get rid of me that easily.” He says bringing your hands up to his lips kissing it tenderly. “Sweet dreams love.”

laurenstilinski2000-deactivated  asked:


Dylan plugged his phone into the speakers as you sat on the couch, skimming through your Vanity Fair magazine. The pulsing beat of Sex started to play and you peeked up at him through your lashes, trying not to smirk as his hips started to sway to the beat. 

He turned to face you, pulling his shirt off over his head, turning his hat around backwards as he started to mouth the words to the song. You closed the magazine, propping your feet up on the coffee table and crossing your arms over your chest, settling in for the show you were about to get. 

He grabbed the tv remote to use a microphone and you tried not to laugh, you really did, but he was just being so adorable that you couldn’t hold it in. His long fingers slid down his muscled torso, all the way to his dick and he grabbed himself as he got into the song. 

You shouldn’t be getting turned on by this, he’s acting like a complete fool, but that’s what made you so attracted to him. The stupid, goofy shit he would do just made you tingle all over. 

You crossed your legs, pressing your thighs together to help with the throbbing that was getting worse by the second as he serenaded you. He came to stand beside you, throwing one leg over both of yours so he was straddling your legs and bent his knees, rubbing his dick against your legs. This was not helping your situation. You reached out and slipped your hand into the waistband of his shorts, pulling him closer so he was kneeling on the couch.

 You reached up, wrapping your hand around the back of his neck, pulling him down in a hot kiss. You slipped your tongue into his mouth and he groaned at your sudden assault, dropping the remote on the floor so he could cage your face between those gorgeous hands of his. He pushed you back into the couch, hands sliding down your body hungrily, needing to feel all of you that he could. 

You moved to lay down, pulling him with you and his body slid between your legs, his cock already hard, pressing into your ready and waiting heat. You reached into his shorts, noticing he wasn’t wearing any underwear under the thin gym shorts, wrapping your hand around his length. 

“Oh fuck, baby, I did not expect you to get this hot over me singing to you,” he mumbled against your skin as he kissed down your neck, sucking and nibbling your heated skin. 

“You’re singing a song about fucking, what did you expect,” you giggled and he hummed against you.

His hand slid down over your breast and down your stomach to your little black shorts, his fingers slipping through the side, swiping at your wetness. 

You grabbed his bicep as he pushed one finger inside you, teasingly slow, your back arching up into his body as you continued to stroke him.

The song ended, but you both continued to tease each other completely unaware of what was coming on next. You both stilled when the sounds blasted through the speakers and you tilted your head, narrowing your eyes at him.

“Really, Dylan? Fucking Waterloo? I didn’t even know you liked ABBA!” Again, you tried not to laugh but failed miserably.

“ABBA is fucking great! Shut up!” He laughed, pulling away to get up and turn the speakers off. He stopped before he reached the stereo and turned dramatically and started singing along to the song. 

You put your hands over your face as you died in laughter.

This is a message that I addressed to family and friends on Facebook who are going to vote for Trump. (Because I have a few.) And I know this is going to totally open me up to death threats, insults, and all sorts of anonymous abuse from hardcore Trump supporters too, but I have to make the effort. Wouldn’t be the first time, anyway.

And I know this is a long shot (mostly because those people have unfollowed me for being a liberal and a feminist,) but this is a last ditch effort.

Anyway, I’m asking you to reconsider, and if you’re here already, then just hear me out. 

A vote for Trump is a vote for every guy who stuck his hand under my skirt when I was a kid (and your daughter’s skirt, and your wife’s, and your sister’s, and your Mom’s.) It happened a lot, by the way. A vote for Trump is a vote for “grab them by the pussy.” It’s a vote for Brock Turner and every other rapist. A vote for Trump is  a vote for rape. He bragged about it, then 12 women came forward and said “Yes that’s exactly what he did to me.”

You may have blocked this out, but Trump is going on trail for raping a 13 year old girl. I want a real answer right now: Why is that less concerning to you than someone using the wrong email server?

This is a watershed moment for this country: everything hinges on what happens Tuesday, and this race is inexplicably tight. I don’t get it, because Trump is an outspoken racist and white supremacist. A vote for Trump is a vote for the KKK. They endorse him, and no amount of his “I disavow” means a damn thing. He says that because he has to say it. Most of Trump’s followers are alt-right, which is a group of white supremacists.

Kids in school today wonder how a person like Hitler every came into power. This election is the answer. Trump voters, some of you have kids and some have grandkids, or will someday. And everything is on the internet now. I can tell you, from having talked to grandchildren of people in the Nazi party: They will be ashamed of you. Your grandchildren or great grandchildren will be the kids in the classroom hanging their heads when people ask, “How did a person like Trump even come into power?" 

I’m not addressing those among you who are gleefully and openly racist, those of you out there giggling and saying, "Ha, that doesn’t make him a bad guy!” I’m addressing those of you who just aren’t thinking too much about it, who are saying, “He’s just not PC, that’s all!” Because that’s the farthest from the truth and if you really look at all of the things he’s said and done, you’ll see that. A vote for Trump is a vote for white supremacy.

A vote for Trump is a slap in the face to LGBT people in your sphere, and yes, they probably exist in your sphere, even if you don’t know.

A vote for Trump is a vote for every Adam Lanza, every Dylan Roof, every Timothy McVeigh, every angry white male mass shooter who goes on a killing spree because society tacitly accepted their racism, hatred and rage, and then handed them weapons of mass murder. Trump has literally said he wants guns in schools.

All I want to do is send my son to school next year without having to worry about that. It’s not fair. Perhaps you’re thinking it won’t happen to your kids or the kids of anyone you know. That’s what they all thought.

When you vote for Trump, you’re telling the young girls in your life the kind of behavior YOU think they should accept from men. Grab them by the pussy? She’s too fat to rape? LOL boys will be boys, thats just locker room talk, right? What kind of message does that send to girls? That’s what your Trump vote is telling them: Suck it up, bitch, that’s what you should expect from men, and if you don’t want to get harassed or assaulted, maybe you should get a different job (which is what Trump’s son literally said.)

You don’t have to like Hillary. You’re not going to have her over for dinner parties or whatever. You don’t have to think it’s all right that she used the wrong email server or said some shitty or careless things in email (like you haven’t?) We all have, and, yeah, we’re not all running for president, and a president should be careful - and after this, I’m sure she will be.

Trump had no idea why he shouldn’t use nuclear weapons. Trump has no clue how a bill becomes a law. He doesn’t even know how to run a business without losing $1 BILLION dollars. He doesn’t pay taxes and he thinks that’s “smart” and that YOU are stupid for paying your taxes.

But mostly, yeah, Trump is going on trial for allegedly raping a 13 year old girl (that will be after his trial for fraud this month._ And then he will probably face trial for the 12 more women he assaulted - unless he silences them, like he did to the girl who was 13. Didn’t you know? She was going to state her identity yesterday and tell her story, but she got death threats.

Think about what your Trump vote is telling the women in your life. Think about what your Trump support will look like to your grandchildren and nieces and nephews.

That’s all I’m asking, and i know this is a long shot, but really: just think about those things before Tuesday.

Thanks for hearing me out.

Dylan Sprayberry| Couple's Day In

“Dylan!“ You yelled up the stairs.

A faint “yeah” was yelled in reply before a face emerged from the shadows. “What do you need babe?”

You looked up at him, a devilish look worn on your face. He groaned, closing his eyes and throwing his head back, immediately knowing that he was going to be dragged into another one of your plans.

You scoffed, offended at the unstated accusation, “It’s nothing bad!”

He rolled his eyes, “Okay, yeah, sure.”

“I promise! Just get every pillow, blanket, and throw you can find, and meet me down in the living room in half an hour.”

“What are you up to?”

You sighed, “You better just do as I say, Sprayberry!”

“Okay, fine,” he said, stomping off to find what you told him to look for.

“Love you!” you yelled up at him.

The faint noise of him saying, “Yeah, yeah” made their way to your ears, making you smile.

You made your way into the kitchen, preparing food for the two of you.

“Dylan!” you yelled, “Your thirty minutes are over!”

“I’m in the living room dummy, I have been for the past ten minutes.”

You scowled at his relaxed position on the couch, “You could’ve come and helped me, you know.”

He looked up at you, a smirk on his face, “Well, I didn’t want to intrude in your dance party.”

Your hand connected with the back of his head, generating an “ow” from him, “C’mon, just help me make the fort.”

Dylan stood from the couch, bending over to grab a blanket and shaking it out. You left him, walking over to the dining room and dragging two chairs behind you. “Okay, I got the chairs, let’s start making the best fort ever!”

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Who do you think I am? -REQUESTED

You ran over to Dylan’s house, tears streaming down your face. When you got to his porch you gave a hard knock, but then the crying took over and you just fell to the ground.

Dylan opened the door, saw you and sat down beside you.

He didn’t say anything; he just wrapped you in his arms letting you cry on his shoulder.

Once you finished crying he asked, “What’s wrong? What happened?”

Suddenly you became very angry, “My parents’ stupid divorce. And they want me to choose who I live with. That’s the dumbest thing in the world. Quite frankly, right now, I don’t want to live with either of them. They’re both acting like children and they aren’t being fair to me. And I thought they had been doing better since they separated. They’ve at least been good about dealing with things about or around me. But tonight, out of nowhere, they want me to decide!”

Your sudden burst of anger slips away, leaving fresh tears on your face.

“It’s not fair,” you whisper.

“I know, I know,” Dylan says. Then with a smirk, “You could always live with me.”

You give a small laugh, “Yeah that’ll work.”

Dylan grabs your chin, and the mood changes suddenly. He brushes the hair from your face and wipes off your tears.

Then all of a sudden he’s leaning down, swiftly meeting his lips with yours.

You’re slightly surprised, but you don’t stop him. It’s a sweet, gentle kiss.

“Sorry…I shouldn’t have done that,” he says pulling away.

“No it’s fine…it was…nice. Um…kind of…out of the blue…” you stutter.

“You…liked it?” he blushes.

You pause, “Yeah. I guess I did.”

“Like you wouldn’t mind if I did it again?”

“Who do you think I am? Some type of slut? You need to buy me dinner for action like that,” you tease.

Granted you’re surprised that he kissed you, you’ve been friends for so long. But you’re more surprised at how much you liked it, how much you wanted there to be more. You didn’t realize you had feelings for him like that, but you did realize that now that they’ve been turned on, they weren’t going to die down.

"So you’d maybe, like, go on a date with me?” he asks sheepishly, only masked with a smug look on his face.  

“Yeah,” you smiled.

Worth fighting for -,lh

I dont really know what’s going on. I showed up at this party and the next thing I know I feel dizzy. I try to walk straight but it is really hard. I don’t get it though I only had one drink and I am know for handling my drinks. Luke hemmings the president of his fraternity the one that is throwing the party sees me walks to me. “ hey y/-” be fore he could finish my name I fall straight into his arms luckily. “Whoa y/N are you alright?” I take a deep breath. “No I feel funny and dizzy and I can’t walk and I need to get home.” I slowly explain. He looks around then narrows his eyes at one guy “did Dylan get you a drink?” I look at the guy named Dylan “maybe it is hard to remember.” He picks me up bridal style and takes me to his car. And that is when everything got fuzzy. -next morning- I wake up in my bed and look around. All I remember is drinking then falling on luke. Did I fuck Luke? Did I drive? Shit what the happened? I get up and head to the living room where I see Luke’s leather jacket but no Luke. I see and hear the door opening them luke walks in with some Starbucks. “Oh thank god you are awake.” Luke sighs then sets the cups down and motions me to sit with him. I awkwardly sit and give him a funny look “hey Luke no offense but why are you here and what happened did we-’ He shakes his head no really fast ” we didn’t fuck. Not that I wouldn’t want to but shit let me restart. I think Dylan Sage put something in your drink. Sometimes he puts really hard liquor but this time I think he put pills or something. I saw you stumbling so I went to check you fell I caught you and then I got you in my car and you passed out. Your keys are hanging out of your pocket so I grabbed them and got you in to bed. I didn’t think you liked coffee so I got you hot chocolate from star bucks.“ He reached out the cup and smiled. I took the cup and got a sip. Warm hot chocolate on a fall day this shit is my favorite. ” how do you know I don’t like hot chocolate? Or where I live? Also thanks most guys would have took advantage of me.“ He face grew red and he stated rubbing the back of his neck. "Well. Ashton told me where you live and he also told me you didn’t like coffee.” Ashton is like my best friend I use to baby sit for them and we became friends. And we happened to go to the same college which was awesome. “He tried to fight me on who got to take you home but you were already in my car so I won.” I let out a small giggle “yeah sounds like him.” I smiled and him and he smiled back shyly. He eyes wondered to me lips. He slowly leaned in but then he snapped out of it and grabbed his jacket. I awkwardly shifted and took a sip of my drink. ,“well I think I should go… The guys are probably wondering where I am and start thinking things ” he ran out the door. Then walked back in. “Hey y/N do me and you a favor and stay away from Dylan he is a bad guy.” I nodded my head and he walked out. -about a week later- “Y/NNNNNN!” Ashtin yells from outside me door. I ran and open the door pulling a giggling Ashton in. “What the hell is wrong with you Irwin?! I have neighbors!” I whisper yelled. “Get dressed.” I look around then back at him “why?” He draggs me to my room and closes the door on my ad holds it from the other side. “I am not letting you out till you are dress in something pretty and ready to go have fun.” I gave up for two reasons. 1 he is hella lot stronger than me and 2 hanging out with him or his friends is really really fun. I put on a skeleton ribcage print sweater that was a midi type sweater the barely covered my belly button and showed off my collar bones and had long enough sleeves for sweater paws (most important). And a pair of light colored high waist jeans with ripped knees and a pair of rose vans. I let my hair do its own thing and wore small cat liner and a nude lip. I banged on the door. “Ashy let me out!” He was silent “are you in sweats?” “No” He opened the door and tossed me my keys. “Why am I driving?” He laughed and got in my car. “Funny story my car broke down and the general store so I walked here. Well you needed to be our anyway. You barely left and Luke is asking about you.” I drove.“why is he asking about me?”. Ashton shrugged and rolled down the window. “I have no clue he pulls me to the side and ask if you are alright.” I small smile went down my face then turned to anger. “Roll up your window it is the middle of freaking October and it is cold!” We pull into this “abandoned” building but a couple years ago some of the university kids turned it into a cool hang out. During fall and winter it doesn’t get used much it is mainly for summer parties and spring because the school has no idea it is here. Ashton walks in and there are about 10 people including Calum, Michael and Luke. I have never really spoke to cal or Michael but since we both hang out with Ashton we meet. Same with Luke but something is different this time. Luke gets up off the couch and walks toward me then turns away awkwardly stumbling over his long legs as he does. I sit on the couch next to cal who offers me a drink but since my last experience I said no. And watch people mingle and smoke their cigarettes. After a while of dull Michael jumps up with his newly empty beer bottle “lets play 7 minutes in heaven!” There is an even mix of yays and nays. “Oh come on that’s a kids game.” One girls says. “Well I am a kid at heart and it is an excuse to makeout with you lovely ladies.” All the girls laugh. “You do realize there are more girls then guys right?” I point out. “Yeah we need another guy!” Another girl whose name I don’t care to know says. “I’ll play” Dylan sage says walking in. I look at Luke who tenses up and walks over to me. “Yay now it is all good!” Michael yelled then sets us up Luke is across from me and Sage is two people over. After a couple rounds it is Dylan’s turn to spin. Luke tenses and stares at me as Dylan takes his turn. The bottle barely misses me and goes to the girl on my left. As they get up to go sage whispers. “I was really hoping it would be you.” In my ear. I shoot him a disgusted look the look at Luke ant smile. Once he sees I am okay he loosens up. I wait and wait and now it is Luke s turn. He spins and this time it points at me. As we get up Sage puffs “not fair Luke is getting my girl.” Luke moves to him and Dylan stands so they are eye to eye “just because you drug her drink doesn’t mean she is yours.” Dylan laughs “just because you played the hero doesn’t mean she yours either hemmings.” I squeeze in between them my chest to Luke. “Hey hey I am no ones but my own now stop it.” Dylan smacks my ass" what ever you say baby.“ Luke looses it and punches Dylan in the face. Dylan turns and swings right back getting the corner of Luke’s left cheek. The boys jump in and stop it before it is gets worse and I take Luke to my car. "Sit” I say as I open the passenger door. He quietly sits and I go and get the first aid out of my trunk. “This might sting alittle might wanna grab something so you don’t move.” I say move to where I was in between his legs. He looks me in the eye and grabs my hips. “Does this work?” He smirks. I nodded and start to put on the disinfectant. He hisses the first time then gets use to it. “Why did you hit him?” He looks at me “I don’t like to see assholes taking advantage of pretty girls.” I smile the place a band aid on his cut. “He is right Luke I am not yours and you are right I am not his. You dont have to fight for me.” Luke’s smile fades then he stands up still holding my hips the leans in and whispers “you are worth fighting for and I am going to prove it.” He sits back in the seat and just the door. I walk over to the driver side and open it. “Luke what the hell are you doing?” “It is only 8 and the sun just set it is perfect time for night time shenanigans. Come on take me somewhere fun.” I reluctantly get it and start the car. It was a short drive to a playground no one uses that has toddler swings. Those swings are like giant car seats. I can fit into them and for some reason are fucking awesome. I get out and jump on possible on of the last merry go rounds (in case you didn’t know they are banned now) “push me” I tell Luke. He smiles and spins me around then jumps on and holds me and the rail. I feel like time is slowly. We are going fast but it just feels like me and him. I sme then kiss him on the cheek and run and climb up the play set and slides down the slide and Luke is right there at the end. He picks me up over his should and spins me around. He places me in the toddler swing and pushes me. “Luke stop!” I laugh “I am going to fall out!” He stops and lets me out. “So Y/Ns idea of fun is being at a playground at night.” He states ad he follows me to the regular swings. I laugh “yeah it is. I came here last year during finals to unwind and he is always empty and I like it.” He faces me and grabs my swing and lightly pushes. “Surprise it isn’t gone yet.” I look at him and smile “me too. But that’s the fun part. Every time I come here I get to act like an idiot because I never know if it will be gone tomorrow.” He leans down and kisses me. He sits in the swing next to me and we spend hours talking about anything and everything. I check my phone and it is 12. “Hey we should go I got work tomorrow.” He frowns then gets up and walks me to the car. I drive him to his house and park little bit away. “I had a really fun time actually” he jokes. “Me too.” He leans in an kisses for the second time tonight. He gets out and closes the door and motions for me to roll down the window “i ll see you tomorrow night.” And walks away before I can say anything.